The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1948
Page 8
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EIGHT BI/TTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MIM lot cou*cutlr« IB- Wo lie UUM'PW Un* par d*r 12c UmM p«r UEM p*r d»r ...... &c llmei p»r Un« p**r d»y 7c 13 llmM p«r LlXL* p*r d*y *c Month per Ua« We Count Hv* ftverag* word* to th» hue Ad oraer«d for thrc* or *fx Hint* and •topped b*for« •Kplniton will tx charK- •d for lh* number of time* lh« *d »D* yMrod and ftdju*iin*nL or bill m*dt. AU OlMiVLfl*d AdT*rU*lng copy »Ub- •UtMd by penon* jrwldlng ouuldt of tb« dty muxl b* Accompanied by CMU. ftatM m*y b*> trial Ijr computed from tbe *bor« tabl«. AdTtrtlsloc order for lrr««ul»r inier- tioni t*kc« tn# on« tim« r»tr. No r*»pon*lbility wlU b« u**.. fax •or* th*n on* Income* LBMrtioa ai AU *di *r« restricted U> their propei clu«litc«ilon, ityl»> and lyp«. Tbe Courier rewnr** tb« rUtht 10 edit or reject any ad, * tottructUm. Tnin«d Pre.oilc*l Mur• *re In demand—full or innrv time, JCujr t» le«rn »l horn* with Wiyn« p!«n, No high ftrhool or praviaui experience necessary. O«l free Information, Wnyne School of PmcllrAl Nun- Ing. Hot BO cio Courier Ntwe. S.B-pk-lO Insurance On FARM AND HURUKBAN Properly peclftl low rme jir^niUiniB. fire, wind* storm, tornado. All roverHKe. by Ar- Bale. lh*- 2394 rm, rnao. roverHKe. y kan**» l«g&t rnoerve cotiipnnleB. Ba «nd nny losfie* tuiLck, Write Blyl V11U Agency, or PHONR riELD 23 Aportm«itC For Rent Two phone room furnished Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN BlilVIOI STATION lialn A Dwl3lan Phon» U563 Don't endanger jo\ir TK Uy with Uultl «!rw— BUY l,KE TIRES Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W» ran fill all your ne«d« Get Renuln* parU from our com- Jilet* line. «LL18 POOI.B. OWNER * OPERATOR South Hlchw»T 81 >t StcrU Mo Phon« StMi* t» ilU2-ck-tr Protection against all INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance. 0LEKCOE HOTEL BUX). IK W ASK ST Income Tax IT YOU NEED ASSISTANCE on Til me your income TAX, pieMe «e« me ftt ROOM 21, LYNCH BU1LD1NC5 ULYTHKV1LLE.AHK or le!eplion« 2l>40 ailer B p in Several years experiei. '• with inter. rml HcTi-nue Depai tin out, Fees will tie In Line with local account ntittv Ebb K. CnrEOn. 12 30-cX-3]15 Laundry HOME LAUNDHY. See MR\St1Le Hnr- ^.sK. Highway 61 N. Ilehlntl liuetinn- n'K (Jrocery. ailfl-plt-3]19 We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. 'Loom PERSONAL LOANS AlltomonllM nature--conmker-rurnmire. Quick, ptl- vdle (serTlce Personalized attention Come In or telephone. 293K. GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 1ZI W Ajn St. Blrtherlllt Ark IJM-clt-tl Money to Loan you n*ed m lo*n to repair or.rc el? No dn Do odel? No dnwn p»ymeDt. . no red tup* FHA APPROVED RAT« ASK FOR DETATI-S M< I MAIN PHONE MO I lllS-ck-U Max Logan, Realtor Are You Driving a Junk Heap? We Con Make It Like Hew! If you think your old car will have to do another year or two, H will i>uy you to drive H in for x complete mechanical checkup. We'll ^ive you a FREE «stimat« and when our mechanic's are through, you and yoifir OLD oar will glid* along like NKW1 We also have a specialist in body work, using the famous FOKD-AITKOVKI) mclhnil of correction. We refinish old cars every day to a new-like iiislre. Nothing like refinishing at Phillips! BRING YOUR CAR TO OUR COMPLETE FORD-APPROVED BODY SHOP! Phon* 3034 Lynch BuUrtlni . Ark. •-»3-cit-tr Expert Radiator Repair for Less W« hATB th» bMt In radiator r«p*lr «]Ulpai«nt cur trained men boll •ui mntl repair your rmrilitor for Ttlu Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillipg Tractor Co. DOUOLA* LAWBON. UH Phone 3171 8 » cfc M Building Material LUMBER For Sale 1 If you own your lot, have a little money, will furnish cou lumber to build your home. At mill, Camp Moul- tri» Drive. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 2-18-ck-3-18 SPECIAL Do your own work and save. Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you may need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Real Estate Loans r. H. A. LOANS B<7,, HOME LOAN! FARM LOANS COMMERCIAL LOANS f. H A.-G. I LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 313 W WALNUT PHONE 23B1 l,2a-ck-3;28 Money To Loan On farm land or city property. We also buy notes.. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building. Musical Merchandise 5th at Walnut Dinpang I'hone 4453 for Sale, City Property Four room houw, ' lovir lo«. rurnT- nr», cows, hogs ind chlck»n>. Auolr Howard «nd re»bo<ly, Prld« Addition Six room houee, 1025 W. BycAmora Apply Howard and Frtbody, PrlcJe Ad- Illlon, Jia-k-lO MONDAY, MARCH i, New three room hoiiw lurnlnhed or ulurnlMi.-il on North Tenth Bt . Nortb. of OohL«'« Etor*. Jim Harry ' Orocery «tor« nod mttt m«rk«( with hou*« »ncl lot. J. W. Ooforth, I3«ll 314-pk-4!4 Duplex, one side now rented ,o man and wife for $42 per month. Owner occupie« other side and will give quick pox- session. Price $9,000. $4,000 cash, Iwlance FITA. See or call I H. C. CAMPBELL OFFICE 120 S. SECOND PHONE 4446 or 2930 "I have no sidelines" 3-6-ek-10 For Safe, Misc. New Coleman 0)1 heater. Go&tf baby abtnctu. Call €79. Jj^-pk-9 h's CASH REGIS- j TKR. Practically new, call 801. 2-27-ck-tf For Sale OU> NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE washer. Phone 2135, 710 Ash 3.B-pK-15 Nlr? fryrr llrorrry. 125 , fat hens. At P;:rcell'B Lilly Hlreet. phone 3SK2 Male-Femaie Help Wtd. Typewriter 1038 Poii[l;ic two-rtoor. not a blctn- | Isti in ihc llnisli. Sl\ KOOCI lues. KOOC! uptiolsttiry. brand new I'oiulac motor. 1750. Call 4973. Charles Ford. 3;4-ck-7 TYPEWRITERS Royai, Smitb. Coron* and Keuilng- lou Portable. DON EDWARDS The Tyuewrltei Uau M. Second at. Pujao 338J Dogs, Cats, and Pets Registered cocker spaniel pups tor Me. Apt. 5, Air Bnse, photic 3057. Hftve one uli\ck thorunnh-hrctl enow pupple left. 405 N'. nroailu-R [llione 3309. 3;S- formers Column One youns Jersey cow. will n tew rtnys. Phone 3300. be treMl 3.B-ck-10 NEW SPINETS FARMS WANTEH Farms any slzo in North Bust Ar- kansa.q and South Kast Missouri Cash buyers Quote price to srll. Write Blythevllle Agency, phone 2^H4. 2 26-pk-3 26 EAST TERMS. AS TEARS TO PAT Phon« 4489 Box 659 Blytheville, Ark. 3-3-cMl LONG A3 TWO Recordi • Sheet Music • Estey Organs i 100 MILI8 PRXE DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Store 316 S. Second — Phone 422! Blytheville, Ark. Notice Why spend nioner- Bwnp with i FLbert Hutrmnn'fi Swsp Shop 40- Main Phone 859 10112 ck Petrsono/ Business Property for Rent For Rent: For *1QO a month or wovilcl Garage, service station, six room house, all outbuildings one acra of ground. All modern. mSS^ USl ^M Ior " TCivrs - A » lools rurnishcd \Veldlng equlpmcni Just out or city Limits on Highway No 1 Robert Ward, Telephone 7F11 Route 2, Paragould, Ark. SELL WHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds, Pvrsonaf HKARU the In addition rugs. Finn Foam cleans palmed s\ir- lace perfectly. Deal i-auu i\ntl Wall- rnper Store. 109 E. Main Sticei. Phone 4 " y - 3.2-CX-42 Per Snip: IfM) hnsHcl soy brans. OK< rnrlcty. clean nti<) pure. W. F r.uns- lOrcl, Clear Lake, Btythccltle. Hoiitp 2 3 2-pk-O For Sale, farm T w o and tlirce-fourths acres on Highway 61 opposite Camp Moultrie. Goofi site for 'or factory. Price ?7,000. See or call H. C. CAMPBELL OFFICE 120 S. SECOND PHONE -14.16 or 2930 "1 have no sidelines" 3-G-ck-10 240 ACRI5S goocV land. Four houses, three barns on I good gravel road. Five miles from Blytheville. Price ?;HO acre. Johnny Ma IT Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone 4111 3-8-ck-4?8 We are now accepting applications lor nsMMnnb book keepers and Oen. o/flce KirJs, Necessary nuallflcatlonB arc in least a lilph acliool graduate [na.lorlni: In bookkcepliif- or nccountln^, preferably with some practical exper- ti.'iicp Must liave a natural ftpptluirte Cor itnnrr.s and llRht riciail work. Av- crn^e typist. P. B. X. exprrlcnci- help- In I Please npply In person to Mr, Kesler. Montgomery Ward. 3iS-ck-10 Help Wonted, Female Serrntnry. Must be able to take dtc- tation, type nncuratcly and do general uflice work, m answering please give n«(\ provlons employment, education, relereiirps and salary expected. Work- IIIK ron tin Ions \vlll be ])leasant. with old. reliable firm. Write Box BN, c'o courier News. 3;8-ck-JO TEACHERS WANTED Thrct positions pftylnj: xip to *500 per month (or summer vacation In c-micatlonal advisory aervlce which your training and experience equip von to do. One local position, two In nnothrr locality. Qunlirirntloi^s 2R to 5fJ. wliUf. 3 years tenchlnc e\t>pnonce, ROO<t record and reputation. Write 1m- rnrrtlfttply In coiifLrtcncc, clvinc; n«e, c ^. nnrlc IICP and phone, rcrsonul con- lAicncfi Briangcrf. Box BNt c'o Courier Soy — Tak« at look at my Car! I'll bet it's the best looking and best running 1942 model in town. Most folks think I'm driving a new cor. $•• that ftllow? Fri«nd of mine. Ht't proud, all right. So am I. Yoy t «« a coupla w««kt ago h« wai asking my ad- vie* about what to do with hit old bus. Said it had juit about played out... Didn't think it eoutd b« fixed, so I told him h«'s crazy. . . . Told him to take it to Sullivan- Nelson Chevrolet Company and talk with them about having it reconditioned throughout and a new paint job. Yei, that's the same old bus he's so proud of now. Folks, when it comes to fixing cars and trucks right, you can't beat those boys at Chevrolet. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Successor to Loy lich 2 Wreckers Phone Texaco Products 578 24 Hr. Service Seiberling Tires Help Wanted. Male Man with car Tor Ifi daytlmfi hours werxiy to ex pint ii ttalnlng program nviillnble under GI Bill of RlglHs. Sli salary ami (into nUownnce with oppnr- tunity to cnrn double x and triple for SitilKfaciory work. Write V. P. IJept , American TpcJnnlCRl Boclpty. 860 E, 5Sth. Ch) '37. • 3[B-pli-3 Private Rooms Bedroom. 314 N. Ninth. Phone 2333. Bedrooms. M',1. Nice bedroom. 310 W. WMnut. Blytberill. Hotel Phone In. Men only. 2;20-clc-a,20 Bedroom. conTenlent Heat. Phon« 3325. 611 nath. nteam Mtiln. SUPERINTENDENTS AND PRINCIPALS A few openings for the .smmner T«- cMlon, paying qualified person $1.000 to 51.BOO selling ftnd scrvlcini; thn new Complon's: CJlve TuJl Itifonnntlon nhont self lor rotiflclcntLnl iicrsonnl Interview. >'. K. Conipton -k Company. 1016 Whtt- ncy Huitdlliy. New Orlr-ans 12 r.^ Cotnlorlabl. bedroom lor rent. Call Room with bath, shower and garage. ABRAHAM'S TOURIST COURT. S. High- wav 61. 3-2-ck-9 for 27, In 1947 101 Rr \Vltliout disc January <-qiil|)njeni. Used t sprint;. Now Imve "npw nittlvniors RO u-Uh 11. It IB surplus rcnilrjmrnt dnd pood ns new. For pain at tnlr prlrp Tor snler One pair of horse mulct ix years otrt. welsh about HCW each Three miles West of Go&nclt on eravel '"-Her C. Maxwell. 3;S-pk-0 For Sale —Cily Property NEW AND MODKRN five rooms and bath equipped with automatic hot wafer heater, floor furnace, beautiful hardwood floors, serccncd-in back jiorclt. Locnlcd in new residential subdivision. Can be financed at 'l'"<\ NEIGHBORHOOD G R 0- CEKY, few steps off Main _ Street. Will sell fixtures, in- ror saif—iTont mounted mo and,'ventory stock. Building can ^ e leased at i'air rental. A going business, A-l proposition for ambitious man FIVK ROOMS AND RATH in good condition on .Missouri Avenue. Can be financed. DUPLEX located in hisrh Strayed: Onn blrvck horse nuile. 15 hands high. 15 years ok!. Ui\y mnr^ nnue. same acp, nick In mnne. Got out Hftturday nlRht. Ctill 3-J43, Jarlc Hah- erteon. Route 3. Box 25. 3.5-pfc-12 thrcp bottom hunters (or John DCCTR I tractors. Jamtn \V. Pcrr. 1 mile- F^s or Sieclc. Phone 67. 35-pk-i: For Sale, Cars & Trucks An RgRrcRSlVB younp man to aell muse fn nil shin E», electric appliances and vacuum cleaners. Selling time will he clivuicrt between the store ami niak- Intr oxiuldc calls. A .serviceable car Is necessary. Snlnry nml com million. PLpn.-ie anplv In person to Mr. l,ash- broc*c. Montgomery Wnrtl. 3 R-ck-3 ! 10 witn kltchm prtTlIegcs. 817 chlctca- ftwb*. . 313-px-4[8 Lost and Found Lost— Black: kit or telephone tool* In nclnlty or High School. Call Mr Horr | 28VI, Reward. ,1.S-plc-3jlo Skiers Crowd Up NORTH CONWAY. N. H. (UP) — During a 10-day period, nearly 60,000 skiers were countcrt on the unions Cranmore Mountain ski rails. FOR SALE: — In perfect sh&pt p.m One A-modpl Forrt Call 79J arier 4:00 '3A CHKVHOI.ET Sedan A-l tlon. radio anrt heater. Mr car, priced reasonable A }i 621 Walnut. Phone 3580. If Florists AZALEAS— Finest varieties and col- ore, ,5c each: also larger alzcv Send price list. AZALEA Barksdale. MemphLt. Tor d«»crlptlTa Foods Reach for Hart's Bread. . Ji-cx-tr Household Goods you nase sometuin? yea and can't gel rid or ....... ,,.., Huflmim'a Swap Stlop. phone 859 w* 1 Mam, l|S-cfc-Tt you ooti't try r:i-:rrt 41 Chevrolet Tlve passrnccr. New motor, new tires, heater. Priced to sell. 119 Lake St. rear. 35-pk-12 omll- pcrsonft! \VRllace. 3 l-pk-7 19-11 Ford Tudor, radio and beater, new paint job. rubber. 19'U CMC three-quarter ton pickup truck. Cattle rack with it. '•12 Jlercury four door se- tt. New paint, good lives, radio and heater. Bargain. LEJ5 MOTOR SAt.KS Phone 519 3-3-ck-tf Plumber If you need R licensed plumber or expert ttove repair work done, call Hnriy Meyers «l KMbb»rd Hardware 1.30-ck-tt Photography Venetian A now In sioclc Readr- Bllni " DCTl Fa ">tstoY. n. nhoa* H9) THE NAME l> Clllllson't for the besl In photographic »orfc. Call H377 ror a portrait appointment, or 2460 arter o p.m. ror "on the spot" coverage, ncoe Hotel. 3jl8-ck-3i1S Let us convert your Coolerator ice box to an electric refrigerator wilh a unit made especially for the purpose. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 213 W. MAIN ST. J-6-ck-lJ Services R. I.. FHERMAN Faml ana Papcrlijnglng, phone 2835 Sewing h,^ TS K' , BU CR!.ES, Covered butlons, Per Al™. 0l » m *"^ to ordcr ' "« N" : isi» iS « S S; 5 117111 Crorder. Phone 353», (Of N. Fifth St. 2:20-p):.3-2l) Sewlns altrrallons. Mrs. B.isDy. *» S. rranXlln. Formerly with Joe !«»» Want For Sale, Cars, Trucks We'll Deliver'Your Jeep Today Call 1:3 lor K oVmonxtraUon to<!ay We want lo show y«n the real comlort i or rlrtlnc In onr of our now family mode] .loeps. Yoini be nlea:<r<t at the price 100. rOOLE MOTOR COMPANY. KI.L1S POOLE. OWNER AND OrER\- TOR. STEEI.K, MO. PKONK STEKt.E 36-,-k-lJ class neighborhood. Low tax and insurance vale. \Vill net S"'. Medium down payment will handle, can finance balance at 4^». MODKRATK - F'H I C E n lionse on two larjje lots. Kental property on rear. ?;io()0 cash. Can be converted into good paying rental property. See or call: MAX LOGAN Political Announcements The Courier News tins been uithorlzed to announce the follow- cancliclatrs. subject to the Rcneral city election. April 6: and he Democratic Prlmarj-, July 20th and AtiKiist 3rd: FOR AMtERMAN (Sccnntl W.lrrt) J. L. Uociiri N'abei* (Firsl W.irr!) Harry Taylor L. C. (Bntii Po.sey Jr FOK C'rrv CI.I-RK' W. 1. i Him Malin COUNTV TKKASIIRER Frank Whitworth COUNTV COURT CI.KRK p;li7,abi'th Blytlie FOK CORONER E. M. HOLT FOK COl'NTY ASSKSSOR Herbert T. Shippen Realtor Lynch Building Phonf 203-1 Trade Ins on KaJsev-Frazer A\utomohilcs T>ate Model llr-ed Cars l!o; :ir>l this I91fi Model CHHYSLEK (loor snlan vvltli mdlo. htatrr ilrlro cr. seal <1>vrrs. with IOM- mlk Tcr>- clean Yon II have to car to appreciate It 19;i9 model Ford, lu-o door 1917 KRlser, four rtoor j-rdsn ^-ith •CM covers. K-r beater «nd >ir ron- dtuoner. Kew Hres. Kxtra clean car TTIK "Gf MOTOR CO. Your Kaiser-Frazer Dealer N. Highway 61, Phono 21 !2 Immediate Povsc'sMon moms and hnth In brv L tiou on Chlchasawba co-i nmied. (.JOCM! con<H!ion Moclrtn Klvr Roonvs PI Kentucky. IJiitnnr s;a,s (u ; In bark porch (;Aruse ; "rni5. liomr Is b'taitirull [\nd in lirst class i-ondUloi pof-srsslon (or qtilcX salr. W> have ? R v c ra I o 11 u»r r -<i\le. It wo don L vu-, ^nt. we «-lll rind it for Modrrn five •sldpntJnl i;rc- ^iplotely tvir- iid hnin on "it. i5 c re c n rd - HU r- flumes r what you >ou! arc or Johnny Miirr Real Estate H'2 S. Seoul:,! 1'liono -11.11 Kussell I'hcine 807 3.S-CH-15 Vi'HTM.1. *2000 111 -lock. DwlBht D. CM cishop tor sate, oi business. l^r>;e lot wixh and city \vatcr in ncs priced 51700 St. I.c.iclivllie »cr \\-lih llvlnR HUpmcnt ntid u nl Hives. Mo. 3.8-PH-15 Holland. Mo. 3.5-pk-12 two bulldlnps both bullclliiKs tor both. Lois 2.11-plc-^.l Carolyn Street. 2iIl-pk-3 fc lS ATTENTION MR. C L. PERRY, formerly of th« Blytheville Raltc Company, ie now with m ma General Radio and Appliance Repairman For the best In Radio Repair and Applianc* tenanc* call us at 3450. % HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY PIANOS New and Used Music Instruments Repairs & Supplies Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs BROOKS MUSIC STORE WE'LL KEEP VOUR CAR RUNNING TILL YOU dAN/E THAT NEW CAR (N YOUR GARAGE' 107 E. Slain Phno« 811 ChcmlcaHy d«lint«d cotton w«Ml (fermlnat* quicV^r. plant i »nrl plow lh« .wnw w«*. R*du« choppinj r\pcnst «nd grow mor« colton. STATF. CKRTlFlCn VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). * I 1 . L. No. H, per M Ib. ba» »!«.•» Sloncvillr 2-n, per Ml Ib. han ll.H RoKilcn 41-B, prr M IV tw| II.** Other varlellcx Half ,(. Hair Illihred) P«r M IK but 10.M Sloncvllle 2-C. per M Ib. l»|t )».*• Cokcr« 1M Will ResisUnt, ftr M ». t>*f !*.« j Paula, per M Ib. b>[ !••*• Empire. p»r S* Ib. b«» -l*.l* Come r« and pUrt jamr order or ««4 I0«r mpplf Io4»j. Bl.VTHEVIIXr, SOYBEAN CORP. ion* 8Mi BIylhcvill*, Ar*. Ph»n« »S» DOLLARS ARE HARD TO COME BY EASY TO LOSE ... LET US 'HELP YOURS GO FARTHERI We KNOW your auto dollar will go further if you tak« advantage of » regular expert check-up «t Langston- Wroten. II stands to reason that minor car ailment* caught quickly, inexpensively, will never become bif repair bills! Pamper your ear and stretch that budget, we'll help yon! FOR REAL BUICK SERVICE SEE— 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY *DJAU sss FOR SERVICI SEE THE NEW U.S. ROY AL A1RRIDE AMERICA'S FINEST TIRE VALUE

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