The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT m.YTHSVfLLB (AMU COURT** NE1 OCTOBCK 4, It* Miff America to Appear At Charity Grid Game MEMPHIS. Term.. Oct. 4, UJPi- Barbara Jo Walker. Miss America of 1841. »'«» scheduled trxtoy to appear between halves at a charity football game in New Orleans on Oct. 1). She will be presented Rl Ihc Sus- ar Bowl clash hr-Uvren the Ran- rfnlnh Field Air Force and I'm: Chrlsll Navy teams. Tnc : heine t>)ayed 'or Ihe bene- prM " tt " ltu °" 0n '" *" Ntg,o Sought in Killing . Th« legislators are Rep. Bob | Qf Kf1OXw"e Cab Driver *iler .of Pulnskl County und Rep Hjrrt»t Long of Woodruff County. 2 Legislators Hit Ousting of Independents ~ FATrrTTEVIUJ. Ark., • Oct. 4. (UP)- TWO liate legislators now the university of Arks declared that the pro- read out" of Ihe Demo- The Big Blow Both are veterans w IH »r.r KNOXV1U.E. Tenn., Oct. 4. tUl-J World W«r _ A m , n)umt wlw on today for ..... » Netro man who shot and killed lays he believes the mde- J viwalltd Ffn |s, »> driver, pendent* should not be barr'ri , |Wi . |nomin)! ( O i] 0 wlnK an ar- inm running In Ihe coming Demo- i • • „ , BIC critic- primary or be barred froyi >• pef|U (ather o( the party. | -.,. ,-,n\ Although thl. Is the pen»Uy for ; * bdomfn Uie penalty for thoM who oppose, party candidates "In an election, Rlley said Ihe 'rule outht to be changed. 'A threat to Invoice the rule «- jatmt Crlltenden County O. I. independents lias been made by Coun> Judge Cy Bond. However *•• critical of Bond's position. • "The letter of the Democratic Rule* in Arkansas support Judge Bond'* statement," Long rteclartd. i'However. the present political stt- untion Is Arkansas is such that » strict enforcement of these rules In clearly contradictory too the spirit 0? the rules — » spirit t-lilch looks to party wltdarlty and fair play' in elections." Co-Op Ousts Fulton Lewis RICHMOND. Va.. Oct. 4. (UP) — Radio Commentator Fulton t/eivls -Jr.. today was expelled Irom the Southern States Farm Cooperative by unanimous action ot the board of directors. SEC General Manafter W. G. Wysrn- said the commentalor and Maryland gentleman farmer had two children. In [he chest and and Mas pronounced dead when taken to a hospital. Two «'hitc irovs witnessed Ihc shooting. They .said they vshcil over and knocked the Hi-urn down after the shflollnn but then lurnert their attention to assisting Ferris. They put Ferris Into his cab and look him to the hospital. Ernest Collins, dfl.vinc a crulsmi: cnl> heard the shot and followed the' Ferris taxi to the hospital. Meanwhile. Ihe Negro escaped. ft, 11, and George Hohman, 8. fill In where nature wind subsides in Cleveland. The miniature boats Donald James, left, leaves off when wit._ - arc something new for yougsters with » y«n for tailing where there is no water. _SlAl"_A?QTC_B._ CCMr^ -ll»ed Car" R.iokrl Knu-ht LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)—Ncbrnsk' moior car dealers are artoptine n plan desicned to curl) the rnnoK resale of ne.-.r ears at abovc-lls! prices. Purrhasei-s v.ill be required In s!cn rnntrnels that they will not resell their new p.ulomcniles wllhh) six months. A $401 penalty Is Pro- vk>rt fnr violation, act?d rrnirary lo the best Interest ot thr nvou« by aVtacklnp. the CO-OP In a series of broadcasts. i It was Ihe first such action In Die 25-yenr history o! the IS-man 1 board of directors. CHIROPRACTOR vour nervous ,,-slrm h In tune with naturo's «„,«». yon well. Consult a chiropractor about your health iirobleins. Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncuroealometer Service Dr. Torsten Lindcuist ' HlyUicvillo, Ark. • CO*R. 1M7 IY HEA MHVICE. IMC. T. M, «tC- U. fc PAT. Off FKBCKI-KS & HIS FRIENDS By MERHH,!, BLOSSEH --- AMD WORE TO STA'; AWAY FROW MVRTLE. 6: COMPLETELY / "Don't you think someone else ought to teach him? After all, you were only second string center at Princeton!" YANMH .THE i BUM; l WAS QUITTING AN.W He DOESNT SCAGE ' ME.' PERISH TME I'RISCIU-A'S 1'OP Bv VERMEER &K! •'And ilnn't tri ve nle anv °f 'hat something-mnsl- h;ivo-hai)|)fiu'(l-lt)-(lie-mo!<)r line ... 1 happen to knmv Ilial couldn't happen 'cause SEAY MOTOR "O.MI'ANV juil <t new motor in your car!" 'ook at them! iust put c/e3n c/othes on them/ 'ome times / think they de/iber-ate/y ry fo see how much work they make for me! \ to remember they're / VIC FLINT MSCUArvl. O'MALI-KY and RALPH LANE Bv DERN STIU: v i prrty. Mnpps " h?T *nrt <t*tr Ten was served: the first amenities been disposed of and was all eninc very nicely. I lap felt Ihc stricture about her hear; ease a little. • • • »y tha Ihc following messenger '•-.n Hint, briskly. nil settled." she : hall we all go loj'.clhcr? Joyce ami 1 are'4 aljoul the first—n few dny< '-rlicr. if p<>:«" '?. Vou nre Koins . .1 come duwn'v.M'.h 11 -•'-•••—-d chccruhly. "And X "O.EFORF. noon - 1 "* morning, a 'florist's arrived v:ilh a huge box filled with white and rose and lavender 'stocks, and a potted gardenia, white with blossoms, with here and ' there » small cone-shaped green-white bud. The card, of -"•course, was George's. Pink- cheeked and bright-eyed, Happs "arranged the stock in a low hiarh - bowl lor the top ot the bookcase -;;* gardenia went on the table. A caterer's man brought in tins aandwiches and be«ulifully iced cakes, and when Happy wa dressed and ready for her tea party, she stood in the doorwa) and tried lo imagine herself atranger. getting a first glimps of the room; and she had to adm t. st it was cheerful md co?.y. Promptly at four-thirty the Har rells arrived. George, Happy in her simple, green crcp frock, a matching ribbon n he hair, greeted her warmly. Resid him stood a woman not quite tall as he, slender and gracioi with .a delicately made-up fa that gave the lie to her while ha and £ xirl perhaps a year youns than Happy, blonde and ^ Vi a chuuoy young face. Mr«. Harrell was pleasant, ami Joyce was rs '_ ; r^iid [11;... . ;'o » puppy- When the guests had yielded up ttveir wraps and were seated.'Timmy made his entrance, so much . : on his best behavirr that Happy "I'VE been telling Happ she should see Gu:;le ^. . lime," said George casually. "Why not?" answered Mrs. Harrell. Perhaps there wns Ihc faintest trace of rehearsal in Ihc way they spulce their lines, but Happy not disposed lo notice i' Vhy .iol come and .--penil a ... , ilh us. Miss nrandon?" Happy caught her brc">''' '"'' ;r eyes Clew wide, b peechless with surprise. "Please do. Happy—gosh, 1 don't- ant In call you Miss Brandon." -lid Joyce eagerly. "We ronH ave fun. It's not bad :.. uale in February." "You graceless imp! C.uale. in 'ebruary. Is heaven!" said Ccorg'. ternly. Mrs. Harrell lavished. "1 always thought, when 1 lived New York, thai February wns he absolutt last straw I had grown so weary of winter, and it ecmed so long. And then when my husband chose to retire and go lown to Guale to live. 1 found February the very nices. month o( the year. A.ft^r the cold and the blealcness—" She shrusgcd li-ht- ly an:' put down her empty teacup. "We would he sn hn—>v if you ocu' ; conic, Jui. r-.\]->py «-;>s hard at work rctyp- •*••*• ir)R the fir" 1 r 1 --" <'f his hnnk when ' S; ; ' - ">- xv n rniiiK. "Mow wns Ihc pink tea-fight?" lir- si. cd j-.ulilely as h= dior""' 1 nlo his favorite chair and tchcd liis lonR ICRS out. "Oh. St?ve. it was O ...nd! They. : so nice—" "Well, why sliutiluii't Uiey uc?" : -lortcd. • ,'licv Iv ••" ---••'-•' TI^" lo spend a inont! she said •lly. "Hi, they have?" '**" "Wuuld you minri if I wenl?.'J I" .-Py ^^'kcrl impulsively. "V; v ;K^I; 1 got to do with Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 104-4 Chickasawba THAT ONE WE NEED NOT DISCUSS.REMEM- 6tR YOU 5QUGMT tr FOR RATS.' Eventually Praper Curtain would te.ll me where to Una Anita Wadham- but not now. roto TOU Acru/ULY T» of COURSE.' WRfTE THAT 5TUf F IN \ CRITICS HflVE BEEN THF PAKR ABOUT flBGUS |HOK5£WHIPPED FOR ANB ANITA WADHAM •THE PIAY1S A REVIVAL AND SO IS THE tEAD. JEAN ABSUS, A GREAT ACTRESS HI Hf* WytSME'U. IOVE rHATO, |S BEGINNING TO SHOW SIGNS OF WEAR. NO 1NSENUE.TH1S GRAND OLD LADY OF THE THEATER • WASH TllURS Bv LESSLIE TURNER 6UT-BUT VOITRE HOT THKl! TELL'y OUC ftSSOCIKTiOW Happy!" hc.^^^u "Plea. Jc;.ce. George said nothinj;. I— '.... vy:« added his own plea. lappy put up trembling and pushed the tumbled curls back from her face and laughed unsteadily. "It's—it's Ihe loveliest invitation I've ever had. You're marvelous to ask me—I'd hy-c^t," she stammered. Mrs. Harrell smiled wnrmly "Well, after all, thr-rc is a sort of rumor Koin? around that you n: my uofs, that I work for you." "Not for me. Happy—with me!" IP snapped ;il her. ami then went curtly. "When were you plan- on Kuinfi?" "They want nir ;o .,.^.iu t'cb- y with them." "Oh. if you're going to lie ;u\^> f. pel'"'" 11 *" n n " •Only .' "i l-'cli- "Voii tionrstly think that once lir's got you down ihcrc he'll ever let you gel awav o"- 1 !!!? H^"--. \vir innocence .. .. .* make IIAC ;.L "U weep." Happy's checks were scaric'^ her t;. hot with re.scntmcnt. "I was invited to spend Fcbni- ry. I'm not 'the man who came to dinner' ami stayed two vearsV she fla. . "»/t tuui.-c I .. conic b: :." lie norliu'd. "Well, it's possible, I suppose." lie said carelessly. "My agent hns been trying to get me to siiz" up for a. lorl'r? t.vir. I'll tell thr t.lokc he ci.n m..k>: it for Ivclmi;.: FARM LOANS At Lowest Rate of Interest Quick Service A. F. Dietrich ' United Insurance Agency IfO S. 1st St. Ingram Bldg. 16 MO M VIUE FOR CHWTER. MOW! CNUO 15 UlSN 3EAIOU4 WAN, WHO DO MOT TRUST "Cut HERE. UNDER. M.REWW I W(«H MOU THIS HOME-BKtWCKPf SNAKE M THE GRPiSS. MWJM TWS. TIME I . TEIVTH HI* TO- HEY! * RED RYDER By FRED HARMAN Concrete Culvert-tile Slrr* 10" to 36'* {RHnfnrcrd or Non-Krlnforccd) Chtaper a-nrt l.oustr X.aslinjt than any otlirr Rridge Material. Concrete titiiU for Sanitary rrlrj—Conrrett Septic Tanks. A. H. WEBB HWT. fit »l State I.lne Fhtine Blyllirvllle 114 Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hooplei Out Our Way By J. R. Williams OH, A MOUSE RUN UP THE CHAR AN' 'ST1D OF T*KlW SHORT CUTS THIS B1& FATHEAD FOLLOWS P TH 1 MOUSE. A1,I,EY ()OI> Bv V. T. HAMIJN HAW FAT CHANCE: BUT ECOULDN BE IN ANY MOKE TKCUBLE EAOy SOT MEjtN. TEtUK FOLKS I BEAT ~>DU UP AN MACE YOU WALK HCMe TUSOUSH TH' ABDUCT1CN-. _ AND HiS RESCUE ME.' HOOTS A NO HKU HIU1OIKS KDGAU MARTIN I. UUW HV VtfcS OFf '. VVC5W \-\VCt CRf\^ 1 ftVS 1 Gt\ « ft KICVC \^> l yttTUl i CftWT COtU THE TW&O TtWA - I'M TWS- ^>\iS ?OR W-t OttWW* .

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