The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1<M8 Russians Obtain Big War Plants Czechoslovakia!! Grab Gives Industrial Empire to Soviets By William K. McMeiumln United Press Starr Correspondent WASHINGTON. March 8 (UP! — The Communist coup in Cwdioslov- akie lightered Riga's urip 0:1 the vast Skoda Indus!rial empire — an European arsenal in two world ^Military experts said that, for all practical purposes. Russia has been getting what it warned from th<! Ekocta. works since the Red armies mni'chod tlirnuch Czechoslovakia during World War II. The, men here who mute it their business to estimate the war potential of Die Communist ami nnti- Cominunist spheres long since had \vn'ten off Fkoda as a ]>ossible potential asset to :he West. The Communist .seizure of power a fortnight P-CO nailed down the cslimate they said. The Skoda works consist of 35 big plants which produce Jusl about everything irom ploughshares anrl lr.T:lors to .small arms nmintmUio.l and cannon. From 1932 to 1037. when Hitler's lesions took over. Skoda produced H per cent, of lhe world's armament exmrt.s. Hitler expanded it. Skoda np.s not changed over eti- lircly to peacetime production c.l farm, railroad anrl other industrial euipmqent. Even now. it has orders for armament* from Russia, Iran, Sweden. Argentina, Yugoslavia nnd Switzerland. Infnrmcd military sources said the Zbrojovku plant at Yselin alone manufactures 25,tO!).000 niunds of 7.02 ammunition. S003.- 000 printers. '300.00f> rounds *tf 20 mm. shells 2fl : OCMt rurki'l bombs and 10CO Brcii r.uiis mnnllily. Skoda's industrial production, including farm machinery, railroad locotnotlves and rolling stock, has been soitlg largely to Russia since the etui of orWId War II. ^^/::cchos!ovakin's cliief strategic BLYTHEVILU3 (AHK.) COURIER NEWS Roadside Barley Patch Judges Named For Election in Caruthersville To case England's food shortage, an experiment is under way in Middlesex to raise barley on a mile-long strip along the hifihwny. Above, a workman uses n miniature tractor plow. If the experiment proves a success, other roadside projects are expected to spring up throughout the nation. Three Irish Lumbermen Find Gold Coin Hoard Buried In Rabbit Burrow •DUBLIN, Mar. 8. <UP>-Three i collection was dated 11)51. II Irish woods workers, aided by a a Cromwdlian unit, valurd at Ihe family of rabbits, have uncovered time at a sovereign. It was still a hoard of gold coins believed bur- bright, Indicating it had been ied by an Irish Army paymaster buried snou after 1 minting, when Oliver Cromwell invaded the I The hnarcj was found In what Emerald Isle three centuries ago, \ was called lhe -pale" area of Ire- It vui.s reported ycsl.-rday. | land. Ijcyoncl which Catholics ircrc The hoard, tentatively valued at i prohibited to (jo In Cromwell's lime Seeks Blood S8.COO but worth much more at present day gold prices, was found in tlic woods near Port Arlington, 40 mllc.s west of Dublin, last week. The three men who found the coins—Joe Clark. Joe Mahcr anct Mike Daly—were awarded S1.20G each for surrendering the coins to the Nalionnl Museum. Clarke and N'ah"r said (hey found lhe hoard when they saw a rabbit drop something at the mouth of Its burrow while they were passing with a load of timber. I The\- investigated and discovered } that the rabbits ivere houseclenn- Ing their burrow of gold coins. on his orders. Dr. W. O'Snllivaii, coin ex|>erl of (he National Museum, said It was highly probable that the hoard was buried by the treasurer of Hie Irish Army which retreated before Cromwell. Some of the coins were of Kalian. .Spanish. French and English origin. Three of the most valuable- coins were pistoles, struck in Dub- Investigation of Sinking Of Natchez Is Scheduled GRKKNVlI.l.K, Miss.. March II. . JD—The Co, Guard schedule:! ' a hiaring here loday to Investigate the sinking of the towbont Nate-he^ in which 13 crewmen lost their iive.s near here Thursday night. Tlie bodies of 10 crewmen are missing, believed (rapped in the urn-boat on the bottom of the Mississippi River. Three bodies wcr: recovered. The lowboat .sunk after it swept against a concrete pier ol lhe Greenville Mississippi River PAGE Uses Pressure Mo,. Marrli fur the uniiunl oily election April (ith. hnve been nnnu'd by the rity council. They are: Ward 1 Mrs. Lillian Collins, Guy llusletlde, J. W. On vis uncl Andy Shaw. Polling pliH'C-CanHheisvlllj Mjtor Company, on Ward Avenue. Ward 2- Cecil Hook. Harry Mul- Uiurc. Mrs. Dennis Cain nnd Jcssv Johnson. i'i)lUii B place-City Hall, l-'asi Thud SlYecl. Ward :i—Albert I.awson. W. M. Orysler, tx'X CilKlliilli anil Minion Harrow. Polling place — Wiiktins Plumbing Cti.. Walker Avenue at Kasl Mill sued. Waul -I l''i ed Hrnli-y, Jen* Kingsbury. John Ciallinvay uncl I/'.s Aclair. Piillllli; lllaci—I'lliinon's Cumin'.', Wind Avenue. Sunn 1 |nl» is being stunMl in conlcsls k'r the vnrlous offU-es, with three filed lor nvo si-hcwi board iinsls. '1' scckinK the posts are Mrs. Jessie Markey and Mrs. Luke VanAusdall, incumbents, nnd Ralph ]!aker. W „ by only one opponent. Muck rJecly, a member of the city pollre force, H I.. Tmslcy, city colleelor, did not seel; rc-elccllon to this offuv. anrt two have linnuunccd as cau- tlidnles itn lhe post. They are Itos- roo Coker, World War I velerail, nil I Toolic Daird, World War II vet- Mnl« Seniile fro Imlie III] District. Jsmcs K. Young, nlso of fltUKll- vllle. already )ms Minounced for (he position now held by Eric C»v- lni>ss ol Yellvllte. Tlxi district U comprised of Yell mill Pope counties. Cnvimvi.1 lias Jiot IwilcaM whether he will seek reclwUoa, ^ Electric eye* control nib«r w- calalors In. France. Th«. lUt« op- crate only when someone hai< boarded them, Ijicntejliinl tieiieriil GreR{niM. Ri\- vnnenkov hns paid a seven-minute visit n> nnlaml's President .hihn K. Pim.Mklvi to illsetlvs Marshall Stalin proposal that Finland enter into u defense pact, with Ihe Soviet Union. His visit to Pan.slUvl «us iruarded in Helsinki, us Kiemhti-oi ilrreil io 35 YEARS uf "know how" electrical service ami maintenance. FACTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS It It It Electrical — It Is Pagan FAG AN ELE CTRIC ruuan COMPANY El Dorado Littl. Rock West M.mphi. Your Nearest Pagan Service Plant :nlph ]!aker. ! in Helsinki, us Kremlin-oi dvml Io Incumbent chief of 1'olice Albert | impress tile Finns thai Stalin would Yalkei is beln^ opposed thus hit' Inook no ileluy in tin answer to hi:; " ••"' •• ..- i posal. <NKA TeleplmUu i Seeks Seat in Senate J21 Men Rescued From Motorship On Reef in Ocean ROCK. Ark.. Mnivh II. llnlley. Jr.. o| liu.wi-ll- tiled his forriipt ]irnc- with Keerelury ol Klnli: nit a candidate fin- tlir . t The borty of Editic Austin, 21 yen old Negro tmv.shny of Memphis \\\\ MOxnul Uircc miles souili of ti down into tiny coins to pay oft the military o. f that fl.iy. Each of lhe pistoles Is worth ,,iit ...L.I v,,,,,i,,, „. Kum t,,.,,.,. ^. s - . n i ; .j,n si.tco us a collector's Item Bing. they found humlreris of coins , sinc( , „,,,,.<, .,,.,, O]l| n(n( , Mm ^ in a pile with a few remnants of believed to be In existence a wooden box nearby. Mike Daly came in for a share ' — of the reward the next day when lie investigated deeper and found Said in Inao-Cnina another 51 coins. The most recent in the Voongsfers Find Parents Dead in Murder, Suicide importance lie, 1 ; in its industrial nnd mineral resources. It possesses basin raw materials and power re-sourcc.i for extensive industrial development. Besides its rich iron ore deposit nnd .steel industry with an output, comparable to the Sa?.r Basin. Czechoslovakia has rieposil.s of uranium, basic ingredient used in product.ion of atomic energy and atomic fcombs. All of the output- i>I Czechoslovak uranium wells has been going to Russia. The EDviet Union, according to informed source. 1 ;, wants to Us Czechoslovakia's Industrial potential to I'olanci. Hungary, Romania. Yugoslavia, A'bania nnd Bulgaria to lorm an economic unit mclcpend- enL of Western Europe. But for her own basic munitions production, Russia fs concentrating on pi;uits deep in her interior. PARIS, Mar. fl. <UP>—Two American women were killed yesterday near Salcon, French Indo-Chlna. the French press Agency reported today. The agency Identified the women as Jenne Skewes, director of Ihe United Slates information Service in Indo-Chlna and Lydia Ruth James, secrelary Consulate, in .SmV -Both were shot and killed about 7 p.m. while driving a Jeep on the road from Saigon to the ntr|x>rt. They were a mile more than MEMPHIS. Trim., Mar. B. I UP I —The sight that faced 13-year-old Lester ningnmnn and his younger sister Shirley made them retreat. But police took over reconstruct- ,'" cy . " C1T ,. a |""e more than a ing the crime ' Inl ' e ' r °m the city when they were As usual Lester ami Shirley had pone to the movies on Sunday. Returning they found the door to their home locked. When the door was forced Kenneth and Mrs. Maurine Bingainan were in bed. each shot in the hciid. - shot, the agency said. Pis-a-Day 1 MADISON. Intl. MOIiKIIKAl) CITY, N. C., March B. lUP.i— Coast OlKirdsmen rescue.1 all 21 men fiom (he sdirken moloi- ship Nor;<>lk loday. braving Unu-r- ilig \vave.s whlnh lip|>ed out llleir breei:hcs buoy and nearly swamped rescue, vessels. The survivors were taken to :i hotel here after 2-t hours aboard Ihe stranded vessel, ugnnuid on p i reef one and a half miles ulf the. I North Carolina coast. The Const Guard said none o[ : the ai men required medical ntten- lion. vVii'ither crew nieinber wnr. i hauled through Ihc crashiiiK surf yesterday belore jwior visibility nn:l surging sea [nrccd dnririB Coast Guardsmen to nbatldon the rescue efforts. - "^ L A huge breaker .snapped the life- lo the American j | in( , i ot || ly between the Norfolk nirl a Coast Guard lifeljoat after 13 men were taken nlf the vessel. The huge wave, nearly swiunped the resriie. boat. The water-sonkeil Coast Guardsmen and survivors rushed Io shore, while fresh tretv.s -vlruggled ::i stretch a new breeches buoy. When rescue vessels headed Out Police said It «-a.s murder and suicide. A note addressed (o Biugaman's j brother Roy, of Renter, Mo., said: "Roy, take it all. Sh was untrue." lf ali f»r™«-to«d thr ex,^i P n Glfford Hansel, the meal sho,t:. K e would be Motl.hiB but talk. Hansel I know ns "Ws-a-tlny Hansel.' Read Courier News Waur Ails. (o1 ' 1 ., witnesses said ! he The ship war, in sight of shore. Cuurlct Kcws Want Aits See Our Beautiful Display of EASTER CARDS Als Curds for llii'th<ln.ys, An- iiivcvsuripH, CoiiRi-iit illations, »r just Lo any "Hello." DBEIJlfcS UNI:| Hrnf/ir; Jimmy Gilmorc, Chirngo Icuke- niia v-ictinr \\"ants an unusual present for his I8th birthday May 6. He wants blood. lie lias hnd 58 transfusions in the past t\\-o years and doclars say. he will need at [cast 20 more. Jimmy says his relatives nnd friends have given all they can. Billings Naspiial, Chicago, is handling the donations. HEADACHE fait bcrjuie ifi liquid. Jli £ I'fcmV^Hl tfc!l - cnts *'* al '"<*y dii"lvcrj pj'tn. It also loolhti nerve tcn- m due to Ihe piin. U^c 'yai<iuectftI.10c,3Qc.60c. &*&°**^ ^^ ^ the "new look" found you "short" in the wardrobe department? Does } our pocltetlioofc always srcm empty Istcly? Why not join the fire-Easter parade to your SINGER SEWING CENTER—and Imn to make your own clotlics. It's f.isj- and economical, too. In fact, )<>» ailaally m,:kc ,i Jrca alnlc learning. Telephone or come in and see us today. SPECIAL EASTER CLASSES ARE NOW FORMING 2-HOUR LESSONS $ |Q at your SINGER SEWING CENTER 414 West Main St. Phone 2782 Power story of the year (Laid in. a Com* in and hear how this sitenf, super-smooth Packard delivers more power . , , with amazing n«w economy! Let Us "Cow-Tow" Your Car! Your cnr in mir hands will (five plenty of SMOOTH driving. Henri for our NASH service lodny and li'l us tunu-iip, overhmil nnd pcrk-up your car for (he busy sprinR days aheari. We feature Grail* "A" mechiinlcnl repairs! You Make a "Righf Turn" Wh«n You Drive in Here! SHELTON MOTOR ^.^L COMPANY 119 Watt Ash St. Phone 44M COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE P ACKARD calls it "Safety-sprint" power . . . and \vhcn you drive thi.s £rcni »c\v ci^ht you'll agree — it's out nf f/tts itorltl! Here*A" the highest news in Packard's 48 years of historic power experience. Here's power to thrill you in three important ways: N«w imoofhncul Smoother than any of the famous 1'ackards of the past. Reasons? Slower piston speeds . . . streamlined fuel distribution. N«w r«iponiiv«n«iif Instant-responsive reserve power that breezes you around other cars, fust highway trucks and busses .. . into the clear. Ntw •conomy) Result of new "free- breathing" design ami higher com- pressfon ratios, f Icrc's new efficient y that iwti'c pou-cy per gallon — efficiency ihat gives you uji Io 111% more economy,' Don't miss seeing (he most efficient Packard cier huilt! Visit your 1'ack- ard <lcalcr now! ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE f^ckard MOTOR SALES CO. Inc. Walnut & Franklin Phone 3524 OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS t Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Hundreds of field tests prove tlic new l'ire.iton« Champion Ground Grip Tractor Tire cleans up to 100"- more rftcdively. pulls up to 62% more, lasts up In BIT- longer and Klves a smoother ride. IVi!\n nny other tractor tire, No broken center tire can duplicate Hits performance! The greatest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the farm on rubber! Tk« new, record-l PiivMone Champion tractor tin, enciiMnd for m»ij^»m itTmtmLi !«• oa *K «orf» conertie to soft ami. TW> cwrwrt, Tripfc xni m>ke *e tve • in >•!. I Ik *«<,

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