Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on April 8, 1968 · Page 8
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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 8

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1968
Page 8
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8 ·--· Fitchburg Sentinel, Monday, April 8, 1968 between you 'n' me By M U R R A Y OLDERMAN The Masters means it's a time to relish again the azaleas and dogwoods in full bloom at Augusta, Ga., l -atid-Tvetrifyoifcan 1 t4)e-therer-etiff-Robertsrhe-major domo of golf ing's biggest social event, has arranged a special treat for the home viewer-- his concentration is now disturbed by only 11 commercials. . . . It used to be 18 for. 2 '/a hours of weekend telecasting a couple of years ago. Auto Racer Jim Clark Is Killed HOCKENIIEIM.-C-ewn a.ny (AP) -- The auto racing world paid tribute today to Jim Clark. who was killed in a crash Sun- Too Many Ifs' For Prediction Augusta National course- will not heal properly until the following summer, because of the Bermuda grass fainviivs. ~ A uctoi vin the Masters iS'supposed to set a golf- DI up for the icst of the year But Gay Brewei, the ^67 v v i n n e t , wasn't so sure of that foi awhile In the 13 weeks following the Augusta classic Gay's highest achievement on the touinament tiail was a pair of ties foi 13th place He made it all up, though, \vhen he skipped over to England and grabbed a $55,000 first pn/e in_the unofficial Alcan Golfei of Hie Veai joust,_ - - Political note -- Ton) Gola, the old pio basketball--DI t i n n e d legislate), is squnming because Richaid Nixon has the Republican nomination all to himself so fai Tom, a Pennsylvania state congressman, broke a 10-yeai Demociatic stianglehold on his Philly dist j i c t Xow hes up foi I B election and figuies that Nixon on the top of the ticket instead of Rocfcefellei, uill ha.\e him looking foi another job , . It s hue that Blvin Hayes got $5,000 fiom the San- Diego Rockets befoie he signed his contract to play he got the money while he still had eligibility left'al Houston The Rockets focwaided that amount to the "Big E" \\hen. he was about to come out to San Diego to talk contiact with them Thev must get used to ex- havagant tiavel advances around Houston -- -On the inonev subject "Will Chamberlain vull i aise hell it a guy welshes on a $5 friendly bet But he dropped a quick giand in a fuendly blackjack game on a 76ei trip the othei day and didn't bat an eyelash The vunnei was a Philly playground dnectoi T h e majoi league cut In the tiavel rostei from 28 to 25 w h e n the teams go into the fust part of the season means moie than a paucity of playing talent to someone like 'Eddie StaiVky .of ' t h e White .Sox. In the old davs \vith the Dodgers he noted the club would cim a do?cn piteheis at least, and Leo Durocher had them aiound ' so they could help out in fights ". . . Ciedit Lam Zeidel the combative defense man, w i t h good m a i k e t m g sense Aftei 14 sliaight seasons in the hockev nunois he piepaied a biochure trying to pettdle his sei \ices to the National League And the Phillv FHeis bought his sales pitch . . . Between you n me \\hen Jesse Owens heaid that his Beilm Olympics documental v was meeting sales i esistance in the South he suggested that they show the negative in that maiket-- "and I'd be the only white mafiin the show, ' . The 32-year-old Scot, winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1965 and twice world driving- cham pion, met death in the rain at the Hockenheim Motodrom when his Lotus Ford Cosworth s.kidded on ,vvcl asphalt, HTscar,-speeding-along at 174 miles per hour, tore through a fence and lu'l a tree, after turn ing over, several times. Doctors at the nearby Heidelberg .Hospi tal, where he was pronounced dead, said he had been "killed in stantly from a broken neck and compound fracture of the. skull A bachelor, .-Clark won a record'25 Grand Prix races arid Was champion in 1363 and 1965. Three.of his-.-Grand Prix victories tame, injhe U S, Grand. -Prix: at Walkihs Glen; N Y the last one in 1967 He set record by winning seven Grand Prix races in a row in 19b3 Jim Clark may well havo been the greatest dnvir of all time;''-'...-said Wilfred Andrews; chairman of the Roval Automo · bile Club in London 'Clark was unquesliotiablj the greatest racing dmer in the world ' said Andv Granatelli in Indianapolis--Gxana tell us-presh dent of the company which sponsored Clark's Lotus cars in: 1966 and 1967 and for whom Clark was toliavc driven in the : IndN 500 this jear 1 Clark s body will be flown to Edinburg Scotland where the funeral Hill beJidd Wcdntsdav 1 longshots. Now Ihe Triple Crown winner --BOSTON-fAP-)----A-year-mgol--Ellsworthf-obtained-with-Oliv--- Carl Yastrzemski drew polite'er from Philadelphia during Ihe smiles or friendly laughter;winter, is being counted u|Kn when he predicted the Bostpn'to take up much of the slack lied Sox would win the Ameri-jwhile Lonborg attempts to re- can League pennant as 100-1 gain flexibility iii his left knee, injured in a skiing accident last December 23. --Bespite-the-Red-Sox'-S 13~ev~ make any predictions on" Ihe hibition game record, Darrell 1968 flag chase Johnson, the new 'pitching "You just can't make aay coach, is confident his.hurlers predictions on hovy w e l l do at ibis-time,'-i-Yaz said-while .waiting for his turn in Ihe batting cage. Sunday -during.-! workout, at Ferns av Park '·Last .year ,1 knew for sure the laie'nl'was there," he said. '.\Ve had Tony -- Conigliaro .and Jim lonboig heallhv and readv "T Hunk our pitching "is "a lot belter than most people think," Johnson said;' "Ellsworth; Jose Santiago Gary waslcvvski, Jcr ry Slcphensou and Ray Culp have been great this spring and our bullpen is going to be all right.' J think : .we're, going to at the start Now (lungs look f 00 i ' R i ol 0 { people " bad for Tpnv and Lonboig m a v r Manager Dick~Wi!!!ams miss the first month. ' You just can't lose a. plaver like Tonv and not feel it He won' a lot of .'games' 'for. us .before be was hit b\ that pitch d.ered. (lie Jiltchersjoj.epqrt tor a 10 a in \\orkout today Other plgvers were given the choice of practicing or taking the day off. last jcar And lonborg is onej. A full scale drill is scheduled of the best pitchers in the for luesda) afternoon before gqmo 'the club takes off for Detroit Jil We. lias e loo man\ its lo a chartered plane make a sound prediclion -- bull" 111 guarantee that w e l l be OaU H i l l I I ihoolmg for it all again ' w d K n l " ^" v " Ready For Sox Opener Boston Red So\ pitcher, Dick Ellsworth, left and iitjit fieldt r Joe Ldhoud as thqj chat dmmg a \tarl-otit at Fcnwdv Park on Sun dav Qlsuftrthls slated to pitch'tlifRed So\ -regular Mason opener at Detroit Weduesdaj Lahoud a 39 s ear old left handed hitter from Danbutv Conn, and the onl^ rookie on (lit. Red Sox-s'quad will, play against! right-handed' pilUung'saT(]'~manag'er Dick "Wtllums - (AP \\ncphoto) Celtics Preparing SPORTS SPOTLIGHT 'ellics relumed lo Ihe practice :ourt today in preparation for heir. delayed ' second.: meeting vith the Philadelphia 76ers in he National .Basketball .Association § Eastern Division pla offs _1he Celtics were given an un expected dav of resl Sundav as Ihe second game', scheduled-for Boston Garden vvas postponed until Wednesday-.night because of t h e ' ' d e a t h ' o f Dr. Martin Luther King. The. third game'if the best-: .of seven final series is sel forjc-reensboro Open Golf Tourna i Philadelphia Thursday n i g h I [menl set for |ndav an Inlerna with.the-fourlh in Boston Sunday.afternoon: Sports World Mourns Death Of Dr. King Jr. 44 homers and in runs,, butted in en route to the AI/s Most Valuable Plajer Award last season pionounced himself fit foe the start of the 1988 cam paign I T felt tired during most [spring training in Xlonda be cause of the travelling on the banquet circuit in the w inter ' he said 'However 1 regained Bv THE 'Athletic activity '-continued at a virtual standstill-today' as the sporls community lomed the rest ..of the .nation in: mourning Hie. dealh of fir, Martin Luther Tile funeral for the slam civil rights leader will bo hdd Tues dav in Atlanta and few sporls. evenls will be held until after Ihe services The Greensboro Open already has; been postponed twice--Friday because-of rain and-Sunday iii deference to (lie --memory of Dr.; King. bitioti games Sunday were can celed with.the exception of the Cl.evelanil-Los. Angeles Sa'n Diego; Calif. There was no action Sundav The I os Angeles Dodgers said in major league liotkt\ and Ins they : would decide today, onjkelball. whether to postpone their" ISa I The National Ifockev League tionaf -League .baseball''.opener, at'home .Tuesday, night against Philadelphia The Phillies have playoffs resume Tuesday night with Chicago at Now \ork Montreal at Boston.and Los An, t «,,,«.,,. said they will not plaj, at the geles at Minnesota Philadel Exceptions included the fmallrisk of forfeiture and fine _ Iphia plavs at St Louis Wedncs ' tvvo rounds of. .:the Greater Pafs' Exhibition Slate BOSTON (if -- The Boston launch their pie season sqhed "The rest will do us good,' tional Hockej League plav off at Muskcton Mich and an Amcr ican Hockc\ Lta^ue playoff at veteran Sam Jones said ^'providence R I tonight Some Patriots have onlv one date left lo fill foi an exhibition game before the itart of the 1968 Ameucau Football league sea ·son: Ihe Patitols announced ing (lie weekend they dur will ule against the Saints at New Orleans Aug 10. Other exhibi lion games mclud^ New York Jets at Richmond V a , Aug 17, the Miami Dolphins at Jack sonville Fla, Aug 14, and the Philadelphia Eagles at Harvard Stadium Sept 2. Bruins Learn From Bosox BOSTON l$i League apparently have leained a lesson m the Red Sox' loss of " The" Boston day thai players"vvilfnol be per milled lo participate in danger sports during Ihe oft sea Jim. Lonhorg "because of a ski ing accident last winter General M a n a g e r Schmidt of the Biums said Sun son He baried goalie Gerry Cheevers from playing lacrosse Mill and winter John McKenzie from bronco ridiffg in rodeos. Indians Promote Kurtz -bAN DIEGO, old Kurtz a 24 year old right- hander with Pawutckel of the Eastern League the last two was promoted Sunday to fhe pitching staff "of the Cleveland Indians, W. Va. Gefs 7 Footer JIORGANTOWN, W Va WI - "We don't haVe a, uniform lo fifi i m,' '"AVafefs~q ui ppe"d p' buf we're happy to be in a position --We s-t-"~Virginia'--University's Bucky AVateri, has realzied a basketball coach's dream Wat cis has, lecruited a player so large lhji£ there s no uniform m stock to fit )nm The addition of 7 foot, 235 pound ^like Hetz of Garr«tl, Ind High School was announced) 111 * a loday. lo have lo get one Hetz racked up a per game average of 2 pc-ints and 17 rebounds last season before suffer bniken bone in his-leg | midway through the year Luneriburci Golf Leagues Planned LUNtNBURG -- The park department is sponsoring both a Men's Golf League and a Couples Golf League, for all nevV and former players in these groups Registrations for both of these Leagues- will be accepted up to Apnl 14 The Men's League, for persons who are residents or ate em ployed in town, may join by cont.icting John Durant, Robert Okermaim, 01 Robert Moisan Registralioil as two men learns i? preferred but nol necessary. Regislralion for the Couples League, Scotch Foursomes, may be msfde with Mrs, Robert Okerman, Mrs .tames Plunkett, or- Mrs: -Robert 'Hale';, in. addition to chairmen Daniel Craffcy and . I,avvrfcnce ··Wcllerlcn. Plav for both of these leagues' will be at the Maplevvoad Golfj Course on Northficld Road. Fatal Fly The bloodsucking A.t r 1'c a n .seise fly, vvhiqh is responsible 'or Ihe spread of Ihe often fatal disease Of human sleeping sickness, is a parasite powerful ;nough to Jtilf a horse with Us jilc. do'n'l like.back lo back games but'If'we'-can 'Win Wednesdav everything Will - b e 'fine:/ We'l let Thursday take care of it self Philadelphia won the Fastern Division tille during Ihe regular season! but lost '· ils" home': c'our advantage against the Celtics IB dropping a. 127118 decision in fhe series opener last Tri laj ·John' Havlicek who led a! scorers with 35 pomls in the firsl game, was hil m Ihe ee b a slray elbovv However Ihe blurnness cleared and Havheek horse' racing also was .on tap. The' other.-18 major, league clubs will \V ednesdav open the season .Three: games, including the presidenlial opener in Washington' origmalh were scheduled todaj Six had been set for luesdaj All of Ihe final baseball e.hi vvas given. a. medical ...okay fore working out Salurday .be Bowling Tonight Putnam Street W T Grant, 5 30 Ladies, 0 45 Garage, 8 45 Hub Townsend Women, 6 30 Weyerhaeuser Tower, 630. Ernie Townsend, 6 30 Standard Girls, 8 30 CellU-Plastics, 630 Hub, 8 30 Ton of Fun, 8 30 , Hub Jewels 8 30" Mason Leommster Hospital Nurses, Massachusetts Electric," 6 30 Borden jGhejnjcal, jj 30_^ __ j "Ceomirfsfer Teachers, 830. Union Products, 8 30, T V. Mates., 8 30 Recreation Happy Group, 6 30 Plastic Manufacturing, ~8 30 how they're going to hit Although satisfied wilh his de lensE, Smden had kind words only for John McKenVie and Derek Sanderson among Ihe brvvards as the entire learn rested at home Sunday -"We didn't play well at ahV' ie said "Oh, vVe missed if chanqg}, hut the big thing is hat vvejhav'eji j t m been sjtatjng^ "'McKenzie is~~lhe onty~foi- vard \vlio has looked good Herv F e Filion^ Sadler Werner, iTuciep Fontaine Norman Daup iaisq and William Mver won Sanderson-has--lookcd--gooB--mj-both-ends ot-lhe-daily double PRCTICE MAKS PERFECT JONESBORO, 111 (AP) -- jnda Phillips volunteered for a fallout shelter management course sponsored by the Union County Civil Pefense Unit* As part of the alert, a simulated lppendectomy_\vas carried out Six hours later she was rushed o Union County hospital--to un lergo the removal of; her anpen \ dix, j PROFESSIONAL W R E S T L I N G LEOMINSTER REC. CENTER GIRLS', TITLE MATCH ALMA MILLS MAGGIE SANTIAGO SEMI-FINAL DUKE SAVAGE BIG'LUKE OPENER SWEET DADDY WATTS CHRIS VI RELKAS Tickets on sale at Rec. Center. Ring vSlde $2.00 General Admission $1.50. WEDNESDAY APRIL 10, 8-30 P.M. Rugged Workouts Planned For Bruins day night my strength gradually and now I feel strong " 'ioung Joe Lahoud a Dan hury, Conn,! product who. .will be 20'next : Sunday,' is expected to plav right field rt placing Conigliaro whose career mav be' ended, by .poor-vision. Conigliaro suffered a cracked left cheekbone and a se.rious.eye in? jury when struck bv a fast ball thrown bv California s J a c k Hamilton last Aug..18. Lahoud is due to'start against right handed pitchers Ken Jlar relson normallj a first ba^e man and Gene Oliver a catch er b\ Irade but capable of fill ing in at first base or the out field, -also Avorked out in right in Sunday's practice. Southpaw Dick tilsvvorlh a veteran of eight National I cague seasons has drawn the The American Basketball As 'opening game pitching assign The fu st tvvo golf tournaments of the season Were htld at the Oak Hill Country Club o\ei the weekend , On Saturday Ttv IBJiole full 'handicap sweepstake event vvas vvoirbj Earl Hatch with a score of 891970 Tom Vincent was second with 84 10 74 followed bv Lou Scalzulli at 942074, Wit Litvvinick.vvith 20-5-75;' Don Stu- 'art'-at 9014-76; .'Charles. 'King with'95-19-76 and Ed Lord -vvilh 92-1G-70. On Sunday 'a two-ball, best- ball-.hliiul ..'draw, -full .handicap tournament was .won by the team of Bob Ostman and Lou Scalzulli 'with' -a net score of 63. Dave -Farrier'ahd .Jake .Marcy were .second- with 64.- ' Tied for. third :place" were the teams of. John -.Au'buchoii and- Ed,. Lord' 'jand 3 en Biissicir and Roy P'eontak :,66. ·: Jo.e. Stevens and bd Bovce were in fouitii place with 68 sociation playoffs gel under way again Tuesday -'night.- vvilh New. Orleans sit Dallas.. Pittsburgh is at Mlnnesota-.Wedn'esday. Postseason plav in tin. Nation al Basketball Association re sumes-vvith Philadelphia-at Boston and San'.-Francisco, at Los Angeles Wednesday 'night. ment at''Detroit Wednesday This is mv first opening as signment ' the 28 ear old left bander said I never got the chance while with Chicago and Forest Named Hockey 'Star' U1IVCH.LNDON - Don Forest of Lunenburg was .named goalie of the .'AlL-S.lar hockey, tnam In-' Lhc .Clark. Memorial Youth -Pro.- gram ·at.-ari'i'awa'ttl.s. banquet: which -was attended bj 70 persons on Saturdav night here the Phillies in the N a 11 o n a 1 Forest pla\ed for the Oddo league 1 his is quite an honor,Delia Santo team during the and I wmt to make the best o^season and allowed an overate it ' ot just one goal per contest BOSTOA (AP) -- The Boston Bruins, smarting from a blister ng tongue *1 ashing bv Coach Harry Smden had their backs to the wall todij m then fust appearance* in :the ; National Hockcj League s Manlej Cup ' playoffs in'nine. The Bruins were whipped ver ballj b SindSn Saturdav night after thtv dropped a 5 3 dc cision in Montreal B ivmg the Canadians a 2 0 game lead in the, best of seven Eastern Di vision semifinals 'We lost a game ·we should lave, won " S i n d p n said 'Tliej're going to work as Smdcn admitted that tin in a bit of a slump' not playing as Bruins are and. are teanl." ' We lost our drive something I never expected," he said thought the drive would pick up m Ihe ..plajoff?... Hovyevei,. 1 p confident we ban come back ' An observer noted that tin Bruins nmv are faced vvith Un task of winning four of f i v e games to advance in the plaj offs That s one vvay of looking a it, but I'm not interested," Sjn den said "As far as I'm con cerned, we're afced with win hey've never worked before -- 'lung a game Tuesday night Wi and they re going to hit. And c a n t do anjthmg until vve win spots, but the other forwards laven't been moving' thai one .Siriden. planned a r u g g P i wortolit for the Bruins in mid morning today in preparation for games at Boston Garden Tuesday and Thursday nights The Canadiens, planned I practioe-at liome and then f] to Boston later in the day during 1967 harness ra9ing at .Yorikers -Raceway: THIS BEAUTIFUL AWARD-WINNING POOL Can Be Yours You Owe It to Yourself to Own the Best. . . 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