The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1947
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCT015KK 4, 1047 U.S. Navy Relies, On Sunday Pilots Admiral Commends Men Serving in Ready Reserve Units By MAUREEN OOTHLIN d'nilcd Press Staff C'orrp.s|nmclinit) WASHINGTON, Oct. 4. <UPi- Ki-ar Acim. Irvins M. McQufoton, spcciiil adviser fol 1 thr. Nnvy'.s Air Reserve, snid today tl>;it tills country's hopes of success la another emergency rest largely with her "Sunday pilots.'* McQuiston referred specifically to 1,000 'hot" filers who went from World War II into the Navy's ready reserve. They're still hot cnnu<;]i, he said, to "mobilize this afternoon If Ihry had to." "You can't have national .^eeur- ily without aviation," McQuiston said, "i\nd naval aviation couldn't exist without these boys." Ninety per cent of them were combat pilots, according to the admiral. Now they spend their weekends losing eiLjht hours-a-mnnth thine tune at 22 air stations scattered over the country. McQuiston said 87 per cent of the pilot personnel quota is filled but the Navy wants still more fliers. It wants to sot up reserve programs at Akron, O., Buffalo, N. Y.. Louisville. Kv., and Portland, Ore., where there are heavy potentials of reserve pilots. According to the best estimates, the proposed expansion would take another $5.000.000 in the Navy's 1?49 appropriations. "But," McQniston said, "it's !ho most economical way to Ret national defense." The air stations are set up on existing landing fields. A croup of pilots use one plane. flyin» it in shifts. In case of war, part of the reserves would be assigned to combat duty immediately, he said. The rest would he used lo man the reserve fleet as soon as it could lie brought out—a matter of atom 30 days. Meanwhile, the Navy's much lar£- •cr corps of voluntary reserves would vo into intensive trniliin«. The voluntary pilots get two weeks of training a year under the present program. Tile ready reserves are a lightly . knit force. Although they Ket less training Ihnn Ihe regular Navy fliers, McQuiston said, they are organized into squadrons that parallel (hose of the regulars. Bankers Behind Truman's • Plan to Help Europeans LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Oct. 4. i UP) — Arkansas' Bank Commissioner Tom Leggett says America's bankers are solidly behind President Truman's program to help Europe to help itself. He has Jmt returned from the National Bankers Convention an:l discussions with banking and ari- mjnistra.Uoiv. leaders . in the capital. And he says he is convinced that tile nation's - leaders are fully conscious of the dangers of an economic upset and are .doing some sound thinking. MOB | A. P. and L. to Block Government Power Plan i.vrn.K HOCK. AIR., 01. 4. lupt O. llamjllon Mtxsr.s. president of Ihe Arkansas Power unit Unlit Company, lias placed his flun s^uatc- ly in I In- path of what he terms 'a noveliimeni phii to Miriah/f (h,; pmvrr Industry of the Himthwest." Moses lold a ^roup of t-aMern II- naiK'hd wiUcis in I.utlc Hock yos- lerday thill Ihe Soul liwc.strrn Power Admlnl.stiinloii will conilnue 10 try for Cnllure.ssionul fimd.s to expand Ihimi^hnul (hr .Simtl>\vtv;l. Jonesboro Transfer and Storage Company, was lo be removed to atn11' Hospital in Little Roclc today for a 30-dny incnlnl examination. Ho has been held In CmlgliFad County Jail on A first, degree murder charitc In connection with Ihe dual shooting in hl.s offic« ot 30- year-old Nefro Ralph H« was committed to the Mote Hospital on an order ;e*t«rdar *f Circuit. Jud4« Zal B. Haitian «f Blythevillt. '. , , v Read Courltr New» : rd that Ins linn \v ill also inlhieiice Conniessiona« llvit he lo ny aclinn. Tlu* wvuns wi-ie in Ark'.vuss us part of a tour of a new nationwide S.VDflO.OOO.Ofll) power plum comlmr- I loll program. Tlu-y \n-re comliictecl !lii»ui:h 1ln- sitr ul the A, P. ml t 110,000 kilowatl unit now llnjer construction In Niirlll Little Hock. Montague to Got 30-Day Mental Examination .lONKSItOHO, Ark., (VI. 4. (UP) --WalUT Montnruc. W. owiliT of file RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typw Kxeepl Cancer) DRS. NIES&NIES ninlo SM Main, Hlylhtvllle, Ark., rtwM NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law offices of r.eno K. Iliad- Icy have been mnvcd to -111 W. Main. (Amiss street from Mmil- iifiy WurdJ Vital question for Ihe V/c.slcrn Powers is how to Imll Hussiu's "imperialistic" expansion. This limp .shows how the USSR IKIS prown from Ihe four republics of the. original Soviet Union in 192-1 to liic present l(i repulilies, Viirious territorial additions, find areas where Soviet influence is paramount. The republics rnii^e in si/.c from the relatively small Ai-nicnkui slale (11,580 square miles) lo llic huge Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Heptiblic, vrilh well over six million square miles, more than twice Hie size of continental United States. The Htissiun hear is clawing at (ircece. H il falls to Communists, Turkey and the vital Near East oil areas are thrcaleuetl. State Geologist Refutes Arkansas Bauxite Report KITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Oct. 4. lUPt —State Geolo.eist Harold Foxhall was planning today to notify the Bureau of Mines that it is mistaken in its findings on the bauxite situation in Arkansis. Specifically. Foxhall wants to correct a statement made by C. A. HiShman of the Bureau, who said in Washington. D. C.. that Arkansas' bauxite is low in quantity and quality. Poxhall termed the low-izrade re- porl -'propaganda." and a.=ked "if our ore is. low rate, why is il used by cvcrv aluminum plant in America?" Week Set Aside For EmpSoymerst Of Handicapped Wit)] Arkansas bos inn ins to observe "National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week." oncour- at>iiit; nous '.vns pi\'on tiu- ( today in amunmmncnL of ilu- Division of Vocation;*! RohiihiHuuion ihnt 567 ]nen itiul \voinen of woi-kini^ uyc '.vitii physical or mental impairments h?.rt bf'rn pj rpnLcii lor nnrl have made jroori on jciljs cUiL'in^ the 1947 fiscal ycur. Thru- ca.srs IKIVC heeii markfci "," A. S. Ros^, : director, announced. • Tlie .sla:r riiic-tov ncld^tl that 110 j other handicapped rc.sidrm^ WVIP \ prepared for- and plutod in jo-)'< i dtinng thn 1H47 fiscal yep.i and Mini these iK'Ocifd only to cumpU'ie ;i period of iidju.stmcnt IjeloiT they :\lso would be fully loluibilitntffl, Another 42 \vcrc ready lor Job plnctv inctit, he said. "Ail in till, 19-17 wris thn rnosl BUC- cc-sstul year in the hi.story n) civillnn rrhnbilitntion iiv Arkiinsas," Hnss said. "Not only did the number of rehabililntion.s inciT'ii^c during 19-17, but the year was marked by n record volume of necessary .^ei\'ices I'or the di.sabled, There \vcre, lie Paid. 1574 pi)\\sica] exriininalions; inr-di cal, sursiical, ])syclilaivic and IKJ^- pital care for 4G8 disabled men and \voinon; artificial apph;m:\>s such as lnnb:5, he-army aid l)raeL'.s; COHU- snfing ami puidanct! for 33S3 pci'- .som; training for jobs Ln schools. on-lhe-job. by tutor or through correspondence couisr^.s for 753 persm:.v mninteiiance nnd transiiorlatioii during rehabilitation for 32J persons who required this type of 11- j nan;nal assistance; necessary tcois. equipment and license. 1 ; for 32fi in- Divorces Early IMslchcs Expensive CHICAGO (UPi—Matclira ramn hisli ir. tlic early 1800s -liemil fn'lr cents n scrntrh. The Encyclopaedia Britnnnica says the "mntch" consisted of n hotilc containing sul- phuiic acui cocnbined \vith splints tipped with potassium chlorate, s«- j:ar and sjlini arabic. Cash Balance Declines, I State Treasurer Reports LITTLE ROCK. Oct. •!. (UPI — i T]lc Stntfi of Arkansas spent SG.500.- 000 more than it took in ciurins; September, State Treasurer J. Vance \ Clayton announced today, I Receipts for the month totaled ! -$6,276,000 compared with expenditures of SI2.818.000. Clayton Fairt S'1.500.000 in school apportionment warrants, payment of hk'liuay bond interest, and highway and maintenance costs accounted . for the heavy withdrawals. i The state ended the month with a total In ail funds, incliidim: ,«;ifr- keeping anil trust nrcnimts of j'a: 775.000. The rash talnMrc .jn tlie | treasury on Oct. 1 was S'll.SOO.onn. Divorces granted hero recently were ID the following: W. W. Smith vs. MsigKic- Sue Smith; William A. .Slandiferd v.s. Geneva Standiferd; Jinncs Knead vs. Anna B. Knead; Cm I is Taylor vs. Jessie Mae English Taylor; Ciily T. Linsman vs. Alieue])iin. i-'iaiKT. 1 , .Sandroi-k vs. Elliott J. Sandrock; Dorothv Haglc.v vs. E<1- u;ir B Unglcy: Daisy White vs. Hirks Wiiite; Dorothy chase vs. Francis; Mnry Hancy vs. Charlie O. Hnm-y: Carl Sanbcrg vs. Miirciiri't Sunbcrc: Richard Skiles vs. Mary .M. Skiles. Tommy W. Danes VK. Janlcl D:ivic:s: Violt-t, Gamble v.s. Virgil Gamble-; EMher E. Adams vs. (iroige Adams: J. C. Llpscomb vs. Etta'nmb; GCCIIKC F. Bis- liolf vs. Blanche Bisllolf; John Hal! vs. Fninkic Hall; Jack Clark vs. Masllnc Clark. Lloyd Chester Crriicliifs vs Margaret Crcceliu?; John Gcornc Ciaqucr vs. Margucf ite Ciacitler. laniiys Overtoil v.s. Roy Ovcrlon; Ernest O. Necdham v.s. LurleilD H Ne.eaiiam; Miunim Williams vs. Comer Williams: Anna, L. Geurian vs. Jnnics 1. Cieurian; Jo.sie Mae ' Johnson v.s. R Johnson; Gerald T. Warren vs. Virginia Warren; E-lmi j Wrteht vs. G. W. Wright; La von- | da Chitnian vs. Gene ciiitman; Ixill i SUITS v.s Gcan D. Sipes; comalcla Blltscss vf. J. C. Burgess. Ni-iv Suits Mlcil .^u:ls for divorce tiled \veie by: Edith Laverne Asiiley v.s. Harry J. ! Ashley: Maclrtie Williams vs. Waller Williams: Anpeleiic Robinson vs. Harry Robinson Jr.; Helen Wai icn v.s. Donald F. Warren; Hessie Marie Vito v.s. Patrick Joyce Vi:o: Hazel Harrison vs. Homer Hiuison. Hliby Taylor vs. VrcA J. Taylor; Ruby Stantord vs. Clyde Stanford; Darn Lor Jolly vs. Thomas Madison ,Iol!o\'; Cirt'lrude Slaviyiitcr vs. Andrew Garland Slaughter; Lcalcr Cunningham vs. J. B. Cunningham; Glcnda TurnlK>\v vs. J. T. Turnbow Jr. R. B. Martin vs. Oma Jane Martin: Thomas J. Staytou vs. \V,inda Stayton; Betty Lou Tiiompson vs. Biily W. Thompson. Tri-State Group Seeks Expansion Of Trade Policies M KM PHIS. Term., Oct. 4, IUP1 — Plnn.s \\cre underway loday lo speed Hie tlevcloi>nu'iil of n nnw era o( trl-slatc trnde (oliowiiiR the- forninlloii of ft nine niiui coiiimit- Ice coin|iMcd of representatives of i throe major nri;anlMlioii.s In 'fi-ii- ncs.sce. Ml5Si.s5tpi>t nnd Arkijnsris. | The committee wns formed la j meet the "chnllenue" Involved In j the new n^iiculturnl. liuhislrln! nnd j economic period developing In the ' Memphis trndins ,-\ren. i The groii|>s Involved wore Ilir- Memphk Chnmbcr of Commerce, '• the Delta council of MlMissippi i nnd the Agricultural Coimcll of i Arknimns. Ertch nninetl three lilem- i liers lo the committee. • i Elli.s T. Woolfolk. Jr., president i of the Dcllft Council. siiRse.sted; formation of the nciv horty to eope ! with problems ot the developing ' Ern. Formally desiRiiated as the "Aren I Development Advisory Committee,", "'c (fronp chose W. K. Anderson, ' Jr.. of Clarksdale. Miss., a* chulr- mari. Judges V> I.ejirn l.:i\v KVANSTON. 111. lUr'( AlMlll 1') trafllc court Jiuli;es nnd prosecutors plan lo t:o back Into llu- t'luss- IWIIII Uli.1 Illll, Tlu'5' Will ITRl.Stl'l 1 on Oct. 13 at Ihe NortlivvrMrrn UnlrelMIy ];i\v schnol £1)1 n hvr- day cojlierenciv The hli-n is lo miikt 1 them licUer acriuaiutetl witii ?<iun.l ]>rinclple,i of iriilllc law cnfurcc- menl nnd cimrl iiilmini.Mramn. Save a Little— Have Much! liifo liisui'inu'c is n fnrtuuc . . . uixl wln-tlu'i 1 it policy l.s it\adosL »r .smnll. cvorybntly buys It un Llii" nisliillincu! pi:nt. E. H. (Eddie) Ford l.yneh ItiiiltllnE I'l i'* »lls. 'IKd Itn, 3IH5 50i I.iimi'iale SI. Illyllirvlllr <li-in-r;il AiiU' l.lfc Ins. (,'o. i>y the • Oo/.en • Pound • linshfl llo sure Mom «cts n ifood nupply Qf.Julcy lijio up|)le.i lit time for school! lliltlni; nnd ('iniiilnr Aplili-ii $;.00 & (3.00 hu. Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 K. iM:ilu RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 1 DAV SERVICE OK ANY MAKE OR MODEL, RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. ' PHONE 2642 \V« call for and Deliver FRED CALL1HAN lectrical Appliance Co. Aulhorlltd Motorola Kadi* S»lt« and Strvlct 10« South Flr.l HI. For Dependable ' RADIO I REPAIRS | Phone 578 j \Ve Pickup mid Deliver | LOY EICH | Chevrolet Co. | 301 W. Walnut SI. ! Knjoy our drllclmis. select, wrll- cooked lonils . . . swlllly. murlc- ously served! Hvcrylime you dine nut I rent, yourself le. nmxlmum pleasure ut, ininimum prices! JOHNS CAFE •10!) West Main SI. I'l e :il>IH) Army District Engineer At Memphis to Retire I MBMPHIS. Tcnn.. Oct. 4. (UP) — Col. Edwin p. Lock, Memphis' district engineer, announced his retirement rrom the Army today. effective Oct. 31. j Col. Lock's retirement comes at • the end of 29 years of continuous military service. He has been In command or the Memphis district only six months. ^ . , Colonel Lewis H. Footc. now ex-1 ecutive officer of the Ohio River Division with Headquarters at Cincinnati, will succeed Lock. j Napolion wns born on Imprisoned on Elbn, and St. Helena. Corsica, died on '1'no dind Tn He True NEW YORK (UPt—Mayor Wiliiam O'Dwyer opened Ins eyes in. li'naxrment when he heard what Harry W. Goepre!. head of the Uoininicrn Republic's tourist blir- "'"™,'"!;!" r:1 "- hncl to sn >'- Thc republic, Goeg- cel said, is huildiii!; o.OOO four and five-room homes to fell for 51,300. rind owners will have 2(1 years to pay [or them, free of taxe,s and Read Courier Neu.s Want Ads jUncomforlafolc sliocs nre •*cicnlifically widened <>i~ • lengthened here with (lie Jlalcsl of modern machines. l\\'c do not injure the J shoe's construction — the • ivork is done with e\;icl-o • i:jf care. ° v H-flLTCRS QUnLIT.Y SHOC SHOP •rtZI W. MB IN ST. Dial 2231 Tor Free Delivery on All Staple ami Fancy Groceries Quality Meats Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman Henley GROCERY WPS( .Main SI. Last Saturday llic cily no]ice nrresled 12 pc(i|de for puhfic drunkenness. There are probably more arrested for drunkenness (linn all other causes combined. There have been 51 felonies cotmniHed in .Mississippi County in I!) 17. iV.ery one ol these 5t persons was cither drinking or drunk. The Honor K;UI C (ells us it is all ri^hl In drink temperately, yet the temperate drinker is the dangerous criminal. The drunk in (he gutter at least docs not harm any one else. Our highways are not safe hocanse of drinking drivers; American homes are being broken tip liy the thousands because of ltt|tior; Our jails arc over-run with drunks; Kvery year the liquor ganj; drains millions of dollars from our national economy. Let's out-low PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE This ad paid for Ity the Mississippi County Minslerial Alliance ONK washer that ran bi TWO. Washes clothes am rilBhe* »t ti%» fl^V nf . ,lial lo do,.) ^ n OK tmich o( a »in K l control and rou'rr IRONING. No bacLch. no prenmnr rtowTi...GliKiiron'ii motor does nil the work Fold* np ... rolk twKlgr fro w room. Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply •119 West Main SI. Phone R2S the Now Open All Day—9 a.m. 'til 1 a.m. Breakfast Served 9 a.m. 'HI Noon LICIOUS Cooked With Hickory Charcoal Steaks - Fried Chicken - Seafood All Kinds Sandwiches Plenty of Parking Space Call Us For Football Results Scores of High School Games at Home and out-of-town, available at the end of each quarter Phone 4341 276 So. Division St. Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Star* Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second SI. Blytheville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring t Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 5(10 N. Kiflh St. UlythBville, Avk. Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • SurpUn Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes 8t* m for khi rf.rj hot hi Arm? surplus RhnM. Nmrly TMW—K*- (mill—To Ik Rebuilt. Hinll»4i for uU. Quantity FrlM Anll- ahlc. EAST END 112 Lilly Street 'A Block South K»*t HAIRY VETCH nnd Common Rye, Oalft, Wheat and B*rtejr KccH . . . Ready for Fall Seeding New and Factory Reconditioned Soyh*an Sack* Blytheville Soybean Corp. \\. Main Phone 856-57 BLADDER IRRITATION Thousands ll.ivi- Found llelief in llic Natural Miiiiiitnin Valloy Alinnriil IVjilor from famous Hot Hpi inus. Arkansas. A ]iure, soothing aid in rrlievmi: iiritataon of these delicate orpins, helpful in .•.tiniulalini; klilney action and eliminntinK .syslemic v.a'-tes. IJiictors ha\ e |ii escribed this pica.snnt water for over fifty years. Order a case today. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Dlrl^om Bljthetllir., Art. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wafer Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Winter raim and inowi call For ihoo in good r«p»ir. Good iolei and h««l» prevent colds ...iav« doctor billi. B* pr«par»d . . . check all your ihoti HALFORD'S SHOI SHOP 106 So. Second St. fOR *f*t M&tCUKY SMIttCl *UH*n see you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dmtor Phone 3J79 Blylheville Ark. . 112 Walnut 9t G Genera/ Contractors DIRT FOR SAL Phone 517 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Your Source of epcndalilc Service PETROT.KUM 1'RO DUCTS OfftM at Omrr

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