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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 8, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE 1-1IK OOM1NAN-I VOL. XLIV—NO. 293 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Dally Newi Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhcville Herald OK KORTUKAS'I ARKANSAS AND SOUTKEAS'l M1SHOUH1 JM.VTllKVn.l.K, ARKANSAS, MON'DAY. MARCH 8, 19-18 Finland Agrees To Discussions Asked by Stalin if, Military fact to Get Consideration Along With Friendship Treaty HELSINKI. Miu-ch 8. <UP) —President Juho K. Paasikivi announced today the government has agreed to Marshal Josef Stalin's proposal to negotiate a Russo - Finnish friendship and military pact. Paasikivi said he iiad -recommended negotiations begin in Moscow. It was understood the majority of Finnish parties, who did not want to negotiate a military alliance, proposed the Moscow site for [car Communist demonstrations might be touched off during any conference here. The rovcrnraenl's decision was made at a momentous cabinet meeting today. It was understood AsrarUns and Social Democrats held out against negotiations to the end. Paasikivi then sent a note to Moscow through the Russian smbassa- dor here. His announcement later today indicated he hart confirmations Moscow had received the note. A government spokesman said Finland would appoint n .joint government-parliament delegation to handle negotiations. The first violence of the Russian treaty crisis occurred yesterday ••when Communists broke up a mect- r»Jng at which Ernesti Hcntmicn, leader of tile small radical party with 3.000 members, spoke against the treaty. The Communists also tried to kick and beat Huntencn. Spontaneous Outbreak Hentuncn attacked the Russian proposal bringing laughter from the crowd with his pointed remarks. The laughter stopped suddenly, however, when a dozen Communists leaped to the platform and assaulted Hentunen. Hentunen cried for help and police guarding the platform stepped in. They whisked Hentunen from Hie scene in a police car. The police chief took the microphone and or- deied the crowd to leave quietly. In 15 minutes the square was deserted Hcntunen's coat and shirt was torn, b-ot- otherwise he• was-unhurt" Police said they believed the attack THN PACKS Czechoslovak Party Mergers Sought by 'Reds' PRAGUE, M.-ircli g. (UP)—A move to merge the Czech social Democrat Party wilh the Communist Puny has started In the Bohemian industrial town of Lcilmeritz, reports reaching Prague said today. Tlie Leltmerilz. chapter of the party passed a resolution appointing a coordinating committee for close cooperation with the Communist, party in that district and recommended that the central executive do the same. If, later on. the situation appears to require it," (he resolution ' 5-Nation Treaty Takes Form for Western Europe Fifty-Year Alliance May Be Ready for Signing Wednesday By Herbert Klnjr United Prrsi Staff Correspondent BRUSSELS, March 8. (UP) — A i-j.i • ^railing committee today bCK.'tn .should I Pulling into [Innl form a five-nation treaty upon which a union nt Western Europe is expected to be formed eventually. Diplomatic quarters said a 50-year economic and political alliance of Britain, France, Belgium, Ihe Netherlands and Luxembourg would lie ready for signature by Wediicsduy night. Seven of the 12 articles which will comprise the alliance were being dispatched to the drafting com.- "^ ,,^, J1U in<:3i:iii tu mittcc to be put Into definite form, the national assembly this week a I jt was announced at a press con- the central executive .,..„,.„. enter into negotiations lor a merger with tiie Communist Party. The Prague radio indicated other political developments might oe at liand with reports that President Eduard Benes, In seclusion In his Summer home at Sezimove Usli. had received Premier Klcment Gotluald yesterday. No further details were given. Communist Minister of Justice Alcxcj Capaickc. meanwhile, announced Ihsl he would present to the national assembly this week i government law legalizing all measures taken by the action committees. The action committee of Ihe Peoples Party announced that it had expelled eight prominent member.* and other cases are being considered. Some of Ihe members expelled already have lied and others are reported under detention. than to be spontaneous rather planned party action. Observers did not believe the incident was too serious. Hentunen has little political stature and in the past has been frequently embroiled with authorities lor inflammatory speeches, which he gives on any pretext. Leading party members continued to confer all day Sunday on the Russian treaty proposal and a full cabinet meeting was called for this afternoon to consider Finland's answer to Premier Josef Stalin. De Gaulle Seeks Arms From U.S. French Communists Protest Speech by Fiery French Leader PARIS. March 8. IUF>—French Communists planned new demonstrations today in the wake of a speech by Gen. Charles dcGaulle In which he called upon the United Stales lo arm a Western European union against the spread of Communism. Such a union, De Gaulle said in a speech at Compiegne yeslerday shoula include Germany and Aui- tria, Prance's traditional enemies , De Gaulle said that France shouH be the moving spirit in such a I union to counter Russia's "bid for I domination." He said lie was pro- pared to lead France into such a .project.;^ soon as conditions permit carr.vln»- out the necessary responsibilities." The union should be armed citric United States under a program as precise ai.d cx.-.iicil as tnc Mai-shall plan for economic rehabilitation of Western Europe. De Gaulle Icrenec. The committee expected lo draft the text of general economic principles first. Todays meeting of Ihe main dele- galions wa.s devoted largely to economic portions of the treaty. Tho question of extending defense clauses to the colonies was nut, raised. Polilical clauses ol the treaty were said lo have been left vague on purpose, but to contain provisions for mutual assislancc "in the event of external political infiltration. British and French diplomats .snid the military aspects o! the trcaly would not provide for a military alliance in the lechnical sense. C'laii.v.s- iiould lie so worried, they said, as to leave room for spceifi-.- military details lo be inserted. The diplomats spcculaled tlisL slandardlzation of military equipment and training might be discussed later this month, probably during the visit here of Field Marsha! Viscount Montgomery, chief of the British imperial staff. Natchez Pilot Tells How SINGLE COPIE* FIVE CENTS Wrapped in a blanket, pilot Walter I. liass <>[ I1 H - rJalche-/. talks with a police officer and reporters after lic-hiR hmded In Circ.-nvhlr, Miss., scene of the river boat tragedy which look between U and 20 lives. luhlei Studios, Inc., proto via NBA Tcleplmto.) Income Taxes (Must Be Paid ,By March 15 Three-Way Accident Causes Arrest On a Charge of Driving Too Slow A three-way traffic accident involvlnn two cars and a truck one mile north of Burdetle on Hluhiray fit Sntmdiy i,f B ht cause Ihe arrest of two lilythevilli! men, one or. an unusual charge. Western European Taft in Warning Against Possible Waste of U.S. Funds on ERP Program COLUMBUS, O., March 8. (U.P . —The united States is committed now to aid European recovery for only two ycnrSr Scn Robert A Taft, R., o.. said today. Taft. here to meet with Ohio OOP leaders laying plans to fWit, Harold E. StasserTs bid for prcsj- dcnlial delegates from the state said Ihc next Congress would ha ' said. The __ iwi _ would unite a population of'250000- CCO people and a large amount of material re-sources, he said. Du Gaulle spoke before a crowd of 10.000. He seemed tired and the croivd displayed little emotion. Following hLs 35-minule speech ther-i! were a lew cries of "Dc Gaulle to power." * "It Is necessary that the effort of Old Europe and that of America K joined to put our poor world back on its feet again," he said. Jews Praise Tolerance Shown in Fund Campaign Harry H Lerfich. general chairman of the United Jewish Appeal campaign in Mississippi county today said that "the magnificent support by jews and non-Jew, - - _ residents today had. only a week left In which to file their 1947 income tax returns and estimated income lor 1348,-. the latter only 'if they make more than W.OOO per year. The Internal Revenue office here, , In the Lynch Building hi the 300 I block on West Main, will remain open Saturday afternoon. A zone deputy collector of the Arkansas District Internal Revenue Service will be In the office here to aid in preparation of income deadline. returns until Mar. 15, tile 19 Flee Prison Camp; Nine Quickly Captured ATLANTA. Ga., Mar. 8. IUPI — Slale police joined today In search for ten fugitives from „ DcKalb County Work camp, still i at large after a mass break of 19 prisoners .Sunday. Deputy Warden J. M. Pickens said most of lhc men still at large, Including four white men, were serving terms for murder or armed robbery. The prison camp at first said 21 men made the break but later scaled the figure down after III Municipal Court this David* Cochran was found not sillily on i charges of operating a motor ve- | hlcle with defective brakes and | charges against Frank Warren for operating n motor vehicle too sloiv- ly on a public highway were dismissed by Municipal Judge Graham ' Sudbliry. The Iwo men were arrested by State Policeman Clarence E. Montgomery following the accident, which Involved cars driven by Cochran and Warren and a truck owned by James McBride, also of Blytheville. According to the officers' report of the accident the car driven by Mr. Cochran. a 1040 Mercury convertible five - passenger coupe, crashed into Ihe rear ow Warren'-s car. a 1331 Chevrolet coupe, as M". Warren prepared lo slop to offer .".id to Mr. MvBride whose Modc-i A Ford had str.llcd on Ihe roadside. Says Brakes Kalli-il Mr. Cochran's car then carrxined off Ihe Warren aulo and struck the truck, llle officer staled. Mr. Warren tesllficd thai al the lime of Ihe accident, his car WHS traveling a! niinroxlmatcly 15 miles per hour and that he did not see cur approaching from rear. Mr. Cochran testified that he ap- -plied brakes to his car immediately " j before sinking lhc Warren vehicle but that the car failed to respond. /»| "I I t i j >i Child at Manila Fatally Injured Two-Year Old Rides Tycycle Into Path McKellar Wants U.S. to Act Now To Stop Soviets Tennessee Senator To Support ERP and Defend West Europe ») Jiihl) !„ .Slrrlr Uullnl 1'irss Staff Coi•rrsilunilrnt WASHINGTON. March 8 UJ]«>- Scn. Kenneth McKellar. 1).. Venn today called on the United stales lo serve nollcr on Hn.-v.slu Uml one morr Soviet, aggir.ssloti In Europe menus war. McKcllin- told lite Senate in (lie second woek of debate on (| u > Kur- opran recovery pvoKiuiu Dim t|ii> United Slntc.s should "Hike the ] ( -,u|" in ilcfcndhm Kuroiwan nations who art- si 111 free. The- lil-yeur old former m-nnie president, said the Communist coup In C/xThosloviiklii and Hcu-ii-t pris- -suri! on Finland huve prompt,>d him to his i-Ailler opposition In Hr sixikr oul shortly after Si-c- ri-Ury of Slain Oi-nrfif C. Marshall unit Ills („,, aili-lscrs |,,. ts , m . »»)' aplH-llll-ll til llmisi- .S|)i-:iki-r Jost'llh W. Murilii, .Ir.. For sprt'ily fiMiKrr.wlnnul up|irimil n[ Hir t-'KI*. McKellur in-(jfcl Unit Ainnicnii armed forces bo put in fiijhtlni; condition at once "willi one distinct piniiase In view; "That II llns.sln lakes uvcr 1111- olhcr nation or alU-mpts lo (In ,n our nation will lake Ihr lend Ui (letcnillng ihiil nnllnn mid nil ot the oilier free nations o[ Europe." He suld Hiisslu si mi ,] t i i,,, | M , L Night Club Bums West of City With Loss of $45,000 A vtml-jHle still sm.mliliTCil luilny behind the fire-flatten- rd Hilp of tliu KBC Club on West Ili K h wl , v 18, leveled early l«st iiiiclil l.y a $.15,000 Maze of umlctorminctl origin. Tiny «•(!!•(. no customers in the nighl clvib but the fire brolu! oiil only » t«w miiiulcs before it WHS scheduled to open lor Ihn iHtfiit. 'I'lu! I'iro. stiii-tod itljoiit 8 o'clock. — * Only Iwo |>crsoi>« were present when the b!a/« started. They w«r» Albeit Kiein Ritd his wife, Ella, Klein. n<! |j a caretaker and sh» worked «l Ihe club as a waitress. The club was owned «nd operated by K, n, C'lillwood. Mr. Klein notified the Blylhcville H™ l>eiwilmcnl and two truck* rushed to the fire. The blaze was well under way by the lime they iirrlvi-d and because of the lack of wnler mile could b« done. Using booster pumps on the trucks, firemen kept Ihe fire Irom spreading lo storerooms and living quartern behind tho club; rlr« Hydrant Mile ^way A.sslslnnt Mro chief Horace Walpole sni<l today'the nearest tire hydninl. Is on aist Street, a little more limn u ,,,ji e {,.„,„ lj)e ,,|g|, t TJio Inifjc Imtnc building, which housed both n restaurant as well iwi Ihe nlKhl club sccllon, burned to Share in Estate Lost to Hospital Supreme Court Rules Against Institution In Hot Springs UJI') t-otir|. In the 'LK HOOK, Ark.. Mar n.— T| lr Arkaiisus Sni'in-ine niloii lodtiy ihiil K not hosplinl ,-,,-,|,| hol S | llu .i, $91.000 ,..Mnlc of an .IKC.I AiiRiislu, (.In,, nmii lulinltu-d us n sii|)]iosrdly iiullitvnl. pnllrnl. The suiii'cme court nfdnni'd n Cinrlniul County Uli'cull Court decision thiil. the $01,000 in u. s KOV- ernmelit lionds (MiiHed Inlo Ihr \fn N. I.evi Momorial llos|illiil in a sullciisi- by .inscpli liulile lust •• \r lind no|. been ivlllcil lo the In.stl- l ill Inn. The supreme mini hiindcd down i should l;<- put „,, | a inuiiiliiimu nplnlon, written by slie uiuleiiiike.s to ' ^I'lcf .lusllec CM ilfln Smith, rejccl- IKHILI! lllat ,, .,,,(; inllun ulh.L'.S 1O ' — ••-• • o .. . lake over any more Kurapran t n - I '»« 'hi! liosptlul's etfml lo e'lalui rltory ue are nt. the .service ol these "'" nt «><'- . nations mid will lielp them maintain their Individuality and ttii-l;- tmlL'ix'iuli-nce." UeclurlnK Hint he wns "a peuce- lul mnn," McKcllnr said lie believed Itussla wns prcpiuins! lo nmkc war on Ihe Unlteil stales ami lake over other European slates In juld to her streiiRlh. "I Ihlnlc we ouuht In look the facts squarely In the late," ha wild. McKellar milt) Soviet pressure In occupied. Ciemtany, Greece, Itaiy, Czcchoslovnkla and Finland imuio It "apparent that IliLs.sla-s definite plnn ami purpose Is lo take ov.-i 1 the remaining nations of Europe." broiiRhL tlie Ixiiuls lo Hol nprlniiit l:i one of two sull-c.iws which he was ctm-ylnp, alonjj wilh the Kroiiiid In less Hian an hour This morning, only flrc-twlslcd nibble littered the silc. Fivo brick chimneys wore the only portions or I tie slruclure left sliuidlng. Mr. Chllwood said this morning that the fire represented an estl- maled S-lft/XM loss lo him. Tho bulldlnn wns only parllally Insured he salil. If he rc-bullds. he said, It will b« cm a smnllcr scale. r. Klein was alone In th« bulld- • • ' ^""j"i^, HLIMIJ; wnn - - ivu. ivieni was alone In th« build paper union conliilnlng fond ami ] IIIK anil found Ihr- blaw after smcll- fare i ricycie into r-ath — Of Backing Automobile Guerrillas Fire On t^robcnv f?sr . . . . United -- —. O .«o v. ul ,.fl nave , ,„„-„*„„ determine whether or not Amer ' ° ° 1 "' ca » 1 P : »iBn is proof ot i radio lean aid to Europe would continue tolerance and benevolence that • Nin more than the two year period. The Senate leader and presiden- a closer check. | Lookout notices for the escapees'™ termed were broadcast on the stale patrol Both cars suffered considerable In dismissing lhc .slow driving charges agnimt. Warren, Jmluc Graham pointed out (bat the regulation governing the minimum r:\tc of speed stated that, officers arc authorized to enforce lhc regulation by directions to drivers and only in the willful disobicdencc lo Ihe provision and refusal to comply with officers directions can lhc acl a vlolnlion. -...^. ^.to.ut.l- llal candidate declared that the foreign aid program now before the j. Senate for debate was hardly the ^ Marshall Plan any more. The Senate lias "thrown the stale Dcparl- rnenl plan out lhc window." Taft said. He noted that the Smaic pro posal eliminated Ihe four-year aid ccmniitment, substituted OCO.OOO one-year program for overall SIT.obo.OOO.OOO proposal and set up a new agency to administer Ihe plan. Taft warned (hat lhc expenditure of American funds lo aid European recovery and fight communist expansion could be wasted. "Whatever you do, if it is wisely done and well done, will just speed up their recovery," Taft said. "If u isn't well done it will be wasted " exisls in this county.' With the campaign a week oil. there is cause toe for confidence that the $15,000 county quota will be reached, be said. The national campaign for 5250,000,000 is (he greatest United Jewish Appeal Inurichcd due lo the emergency existing In Palestine today. Mr. Levitch said. The funds will be used lo transplant displaced persons from Eu- j radio network. le negro convicts were recaptured within five hours after the 13 men sawed through the bars of a kitchen window al Ihe camp and escaped over a high fence. New York Corroi damage as a result of lhc accident but the truck was only slightly damaged. No one \vas injured. MANILA, Ark., Mar. «—A 23- monlhs-olri Maljlla child died early this morning 'of injuries received when tie wris run nvrr yesterday by a car backing out of the family driveway after he apparently darlcil behind it while riding a tricycle. He was Kcnnv Matthews, son of Mr. and "Mrs. kcimclh Miilthews He «-».s 23 months old yesterday. Services for the child will be rnn- duct-d at 2 p.m. tomorrow at liie Methodist Church in Manila by lhc Rev. P. M. Sweet. IJurlal will lie In Manila Cemetery. Mis.s Lilly. Davis. M. a school teacher ot near Lcnehvlllr, was identified as tin: driver. Rhc was vfsUiiig the Matthews at Ihrlr home prior to Ihe accident. Both the parents nnd City Marshal Lee Baker of Manila agreed It was nn unavoidable accident. Following the accident. Ihc child was laken to nation's Clinic In Manila, where he died nl I ::IO this morning. The child, Mississippi Comity's third traffic victim this year, survived only by his p.-ircnt's. Howard Funeral Home Is charge. Mar. . May . - «5JW.- rope to Palestine ami to ,d Pale - Julv for th» lininn. in ,„•„!,...! ,!,„ »,_,.. , __., ^_. Two Motorists Forieit Bonds; Third is Fined and One man was fined «5 and costs .. _ prolcct the Holy Land, he explained. Oct. Dec. open ... 3-102 ... 3«6 ... 3333 ... 3032 ... 2080 high 3402 3425 3346 3C44 2388 low 3350 3352 3281 22«) 2942 1:33 p.m. 3355 33.52 3281 29D1 294J $35.23 ill Municipal court this morning on charges of driving while under the influence of liquor. Clifton Bcvill was assessed the fine after pleading guilty, and Arthur Lovelavc and Red Thornlon forfeited boiids. A Ira Grammer forfeited a $5 bond • -n court Ihio morning on a charge *m driving without a drivers d- ccnsc. A hearing on a charge of speeding against J. Tyrne was continued until Saturday with bond set at $15, Council Business Just Routine, Mayor Soys The Cily Council will hold its monthly meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 in City Hall. Mayor E. R. Jackson said today that no special is- sue.5 art Kheduled for discussion. Ports of MidWest Buried Under Heaviest Snowfall of the Year The temperature in Blytheville dropped below the freezing point last night with « low of 31 recorded by n. E. Blaylocfc, weather observer, while in other parts of the nation some areas were burled under lhc heaviest snow blanket of the year and snow and sleet were reported as far south as Gcorgi-i. + Lows of 26 to 32 degrees were prc-1 nounced that il wns re.-idy lo rush small landing craft Into any areas threatened by floods. The surplus licted for Northeastern Arkansas id two others forfeited bonds ot| tomorrow with Tuesday cloudy and 15.23 in Municinai rmirt iv,i, „,— slightly warmer. Yesterday's maximum was 58 degrees. The United Press reported snow fell In Upper llcv England and flurries were rcporlcd over lhc Upper Great Lakes region. The Weather Bureau said thai temperatures In tlie snow-burdened boats are fitted for both evacuation work and carrying relief supplies, floor] experts said. Temperatures in Northern Georgia and Tennessee continued a slow climb well above freezing and melted off the last of Ihe sleet and ice which snapped Irccs and telephone ,,. ,7 • , - '*- »"«w-.juiucii<.u VM.L^U aiiKppca irccs ana tcicpnonc Midwest and Plains States would j polos. Atlanta, recorded 41 degrees begin rising late tonight and Tucs-1 above zero early todav day. I «->- — •- - Tlie rise was expected to be gradual, however, lessening the threal of serious floods. Snow on the ground had built «p to wore lhan 3« inches in the northern MidWesl and flood ex- prrl.t warned that rapid mrltinn would send many small streams and rivers over their banks. Tlie Pacific Gas and Electric Company, ordered Industries in California to shut down operations 24 hours per week to conserve dwindling power supplies. The weatherman said thai no precipitation *as in sight to end the state's winter drouth. Minot, N. D., wns the coldest spot in Ihe nation with a reading of 11 A-. , ••"-" «-»MH3. . in iuu iiniion wun a reading ol 11 .l* s> Wis ' h * d M '" ches i dcsrncs b * Iow Mr °- Cold 8lr hovered ™ , , BrOUnd <»«l Duluth over Nebraska and Kansas where ? ", C v° S - ! temperatures ranged from five to le, th« government »n- J ten above zero. U. S. Soldier Wounded By Russians in Vienna VIENNA. March *- 'Ul'i—The U. S. provost marshal's ufflcc reported that an American soldier wa.s- shot nnd wounded seriously early loriay by a Russian guard in an incident ••deliberately provoked by lhc Russians." "Without doubt the Russians aie cle.irly at fniilt In this oni-." Col. Bernard tntrlcss. u. S. provost marshal, snid. The name of Die soldier was withheld pending notification of Injured Electrician Shows Improvement M-.rvijj Ch;un;jion of Ilnylt. Mi.. 2C-; cr.r-old Ark-Vo Power Co. liucv man who received severe elcctric-al burns Friday, was reported In "fair' condition todav at Walls Hospital ; where he is being trrr.tcd for burns on his hands, face, chest and lett knee. Champion was injured near Hcering, Mo., when he came in contact with, a 6.90D-volt power linn while working with a Ibrcc-man crew repairing a burned-out trans- loi iner. ATHENS, March 8. (UI'l-Nows- papcrs here reported lodiiy Ihllt Orcek guerrillas shelled a United i Nnlions Balkan invcsiigatln K Com- i mlllee imxi war Hie Noilheni bur- ; dei of Miu-fdonln, bul no damage and appnrriitly no cnsuiill.les re- suiled. 'Hie press iillrlbiiled lhc report ! ol Hie stirllliiK lo Kovorninonl sour- , (.-(.'S, wlilcli In turn quoted advices from Salonika. The exact londlon (if I porti-rl arliUury net (on and dctiill.i were lacking. Weather lodiiy Arkansas forecast: Fair and tonight. Scattered Irost wll'i temperatures 2B lo 32 In and extreme N'oith portion lonlghi Tucsdny, partly cloudy and slightly warmer. Minimum tills morning— 31 Mnxliiium yesterday— 58 .Minimum .Sui). morning— 34 Maxlininn Saturdiiy— 4fl Sunset today— 6:02 Sunrise tomorrow — fi:10 Precipitation, 48 hours lo 7 today — Trace Tolnl since .Inn. 1— 13.60 Mean IcmpcraluiT 1 midway tween high and low) — Normal mean for March — 51.'2 table utensils. fltilllc arrived in Hot S] during [he. ]<vn racing meet. Smith's opinion snld tiiat ; his urrlvnl by Inn. Ilnlllc n I with n laxl driver over Ihe .„.„ ! and w:is taken to police hendqunr- | lers where he was booked as a vagrant. The following morning Die alllnt; mnn \viis nivcii u medical examination nnd his Illness was dliigiuscrt as El.slhma. Taxi Driver Wilbur Ragsdnli' testified Hint niter IryliiK to find a room for lialllc, at .. ._ Hum $1.50 per day, he tool*- 1 In -the hospital. . .. .Several employes of thit^ Ilrllh In.stllntlon Ir.stlfled * Halite Icild fjupl. Hcglmi K,,,,.,„, that If satisfied 'regarding the nature of lhc hospital's liunmtillnr Ian purposes, he would assist It (Il nnnrInIIy." MKs ICnplau snld she assumed he was spunking of s:ifil! which rinliie rnri-led. The envelope coiUnlillliB Ihe bonds wns not discovered u/illl utter Ills ili'iitii. 1 The hospiUil, however, (]tiolccl ' portions of linlllc'., will In show that he Intended [or his estate lo m> to charity. HiilllcVi will named as trustees two cousins, Jiiiues and Tom Bailie, i or Augusta. Ihe cltl/.ens and Sou- j Ihrtti National Hank of Augusta, | nnd a friend, and Instrucled them to USD their discretion in distributing the money. Ing smoke, Mr. Clillwood said. Mrs Klein, In- said, was in the couple's living quarters In the rear of tha club 1 when the fin- sliirted. Mr, Klein had Just placed a call to Ihe Fire Department when Ilamcs alp through power lines and thi- Hunts went out, Mr, Chitwood said. The telephone lines burned ibroiiitli shortly afterwards, lie said Fire .Slarla In Cenltr of Club The blaze apparently began, Mr . Chiu-Mid salri, In about the center I of lhc building, on the-side where lhc danco floors were located. Th* origin of thfi blaze remained un known toduy Mr. Chitwood tald in ttort a.m. Realtors to Meet The Blytlicvillr Ken] Estate Board Soybeans (Prices f. u. h. Chi Mar May low CIO Launches Attack On Knutson Tax BUI WASHINGTON. Mar. 8. rUPI — The CIO lodny denounced the Housc-npproved Slj.riOO.QOO.OUO In- t-ome lux reduction bill us n "Inx I slcnl for lhc wealthy and n slab hi ' lhc back lor Ihe poor." Slnnlcy II. HuUrnberg, the union's assistant research director, outlined CIO opposition lo tlie lie- pnbllcJin-spoilsorrd bill in a slale- im-nl prepared for delivery to the Scmile Klnnncc commlUcc. '•With nil o( the force and vigor of tile CIO ivc urge llih commit- In' In inject . lhc Ktmison bill," br said. "II l.s and dlscr iinlnntory in favor of lhc wriiHhy at tlie expense of the JKIOI-." * Appioximaloly ?1|80 o worth Uiljlcs utid iioollu were destroyed nnd nearly 600 chairs were lost in He WHM. he said. About half of ho chairs were of uieliil and therr twisted frames were among the lew pii'ci's of dlsllnRiilshable debris left on Ihi.- scene today. Mr. Chilwood said he was at tlie liowlniif alleys he operates on East Main Street wJicn the' fire started. Ihe building w as nearly destroyed when he arrived, he said. •niciv were living quarters tibovj the club, c.cimplcd In the past by Mr. and Mrs. Chitwood and Ills fnmiiy. tic said they had moved into town during lh c cold weather Hits wliucr, however. The tilijlit club portion of Hie building had been remodeled and expanded to Include a second dance floor last, summer at n cost of $1,000, the owner said. . ( ' "'ft ........ JV ,-KVIII 'Jl - -., ,„_ .......l. Kin- iiurlcss said the soldier proh-; will hold Us inonllily meeting nt 6:30 Rbly would lose an arm as a result tomorrow nighl al the Fly-Inn at of lhc shooting, but was expcclcd the Municipal Airport. E. M. Terry, to recover. , secretary, announced today. Tell of Russian Coup Mr. anjl Mrs, Jim Smith, Houston. Texas, who loll of the Russian coup Czechoslovakia in a copyright slcry which Is beinR released by United Press. Mr. Smilh was acting vice president or Ihe International Union of Students and rcslfmrd because he s?.id the Communist C7.ech government prohibited free speech and assembly. (NBA Tclcpholo.) Dewey and Stasten Face Tests In This Week's Party Primaries HV l.YI.K (I. WILSON I'nllcd Press Slaff C'nrrrsiionrtrnt WASHINGTON. March B. (U.P.I—The flrsl of ihrw preferential primaries which could make or break a couple of Republican presidential candidates takes place Ictnorrow in New Han.ixshirc. Gav. Thomas f.. Uewey or New York opposes former nov. Harold E. Sti^seii of Miniie.sota for N'cw Hampshire's eii;ht delccntt-s to me He- piiljlic.-in N:iiimi!il Coiiv<-nll«ii. A split dcli-E:itlon is cxp,.-cli-d. liut it SIU.SMTI bn-ak.s rv,-n ,,r belter hi- wil] have K m-n Dcvvcys ciiiidulacy « blnc:k eye in tiic-ir fiisi 01111:1, + Dewcy and Slassen will collide and In Nebraska where his name again in Wisconsin's April 6 pri-j was entered without his wishes bc- niary. Gen. Douglas MicAlthllr is ing consulted. a lliird entry llterc. On May 21 Tho Ohio 'primary takes, placci Dewey and sttissen will batlle once. May 4. Slnssen will oppose Taffs :A Blytheville Insurance Case Heard in U.S. Court Seven Dlylhcville men were in Jonesboro today In connection witn an insurance claim suit brought against insurance companies as a result of a fire tasl year which destroyed Harry Frllzlus' dry goods store on West Main street. In addition to the plaintiff, Mr. Frit/.ius, and his altorncy, W. Leon Smith five others were in Jonesboro where the cuse Is being heard in Federal District Court. T.try are Chief of Police Charles W. Short, Deputy Sheriff Erwin Jones. Fire Chief Hoy Head, County Assessor Do.vlc Ilentlcr.'ioii and -Inn Siiiothcrmmi, Blytheville planter. T.'ii.s- suit involves nearly |22,C09 in in.siuaiice claims. Grain Prices Open Weak on Chicago Mart CHICAGO, March 8. (UP)—Grain prices dropped today as uncertainty developed over government flour purchases. , Wheat opened 2 to 3'i cents a bushel lower on tlie Chicago Board of'Trade. Corn was on* -'•» to 2*; cents, nnd oals were down >•, lo I cent a bushel. I The hog market opened weak to SI lower at Chicago, and 50 cents _ _ , lower at Indianapolis. New York Stocks 2 p. m. Stocks j ,. Siasscn will oppose Tuft's- more in lhc Oregon primary. favorite- .son candidacy on the sen-! Xiner ~Tobaero" Dcwcys strategy is lo make; alor's home grounds with one dele- Ancontla Conocr" Ihroe primaries Ihc show case of j gale-at-largo candidate nnd several' Both 4i«-i his prc-convention campaign. Knur; district candidates. I rnrvsW years ago it was his whopping vie- I Taft and his followers shouted: Coca Cola lory in New Hampshire followed by, anguished "foul" «-),«, siassct. do ! OcT Electric ipcctacular success In Wisconsin cidrd to Invade Ohio, but the youn^ Ge Motors iToV'^S nonSe 1 ; ^aT ^"""'^ »"« "" ^ ^*™^«<«" nt Chicago, i Nelmiska's Hcpubliean primm-y Is j Inl-Harvester If Dcwr.v di'inon.strale.s clear sii.: a rrec-for-all beauty contest under! North Am Aviation periorily In New Hampshire. Wis-1' misplces of a bi-parlisan committee; Republic Steel cousin and Oregon this year hls'whleh enleicd seven Republicans. '• Hndio chances will brighten and the pros- They arc Dewcy, Taft, Sla.'scn,I Scccny Vacuum' iccUi of other hopefuls will dim. i M.icArlhur, Sen. Arthur H. Van-1 Studcb'aker !en. Roljert A. Tafl will not contest! deuberg of Michigan, Speaker Jo-! Slaudard of N J ... hose three stairs. He apparenlly; sepli W. Martin. Jr., c f Massachu-iTexas Corp UPS decided to limit his primary setts, and Gen.—"rS.l Warren ot ppr^Prd activities to Ohio, his home state,'California. |U P .Steel !'!!.'!.'" . 150 5-8 . 62 1-2 . 31 1-3 . 31 3-4 . 55 . 165 . 32 3.4 52 3-8 . 50 . 13 1-8 84 3-4 11 24 1-4 8 1-2 15 3-8 't 3.4 '<2 l-\ M 4 3-4 K 3-«

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