The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 1948 __j . __ __ ___^_^___^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ oi'i intiv IUL.C {A OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS £GAD,MR.CftNfJoN.'VOt) SUGGESTED S&O AR6 A"STft,R 8W.L PLOVER!" MUST HfcVE SHIPPED OVER VOUR NAtAE IN TU£ BOX SCORES \\!UII_e WE'RE \VAITIMG FOK , MAV I ASK VllTH SUGGESTED N01UING,MlST6R~l TOLD YOU I AM A STAR BALt STUFF? ARE VOJ BE OR JUST FLAVIN 1 ? IS THAT 1'H' WAV TO GAK6LET , 26 GftA«,aS FOR SWAMP CUV .631 ! — I'D A-D05E 6ETTEC, O^LV OUTA TOlfiT it-1 (Me GRftMM&R EQOALLV VOELL- Georgians to Use Killers to Refute Lynch Law Heed RE1DSV1LLE, Oa.. Mar 6. (UP) —Two accused killers and their women companions, uhiskert away to the state penitentiary for safe- Keeping after thejr capture, will Ije returned io the scene of their crime publicly and under only limited guard today to prove "there is no danger of mob violence" in Oebr- gta. In a bold move to counteract President Truman's demands for anti-lvnch legislation. Qov. M. E. Thompson ordered the men returned to the aroused town of Swainsboro where . they are accused of shooting to death an agent of the Georgia Bureau of Invesllira- tion. Rl I c jt CL -L ^ BY ION£ SANDBERG SHRI8ER. By lone xmdoerg bhriber DISTRIBUTED BY MCA SERVICE. INC House Committee Gets Bids on Roll Call Device LITTLE ROCK. Ark., March 8. (UP)—Bids on installing an automatic roll call system in Die House of Representatives were opened by * house committee here yesterday. The American Signal Corp. of Milwaukee, Wis., submitted the lowest overall bid totaling »59,995. A hid of $61.000 was submitted by the International Roll Cull Systems Inc., of Richmond. Va. The committee »-ill meet again next Friday to sward the contract Rep. Carroll Hollensworth of Warren, Chairman of the group, snid that both bids were well under the $70,000 legislative appropriation. Money for the system Is being raised by a. tax of two cents per gallon on all liquor sold In Ahkan- ' SAS. President Intervenes WASHINGTON, March «. (UP) — President Truman yesterday herirl- ed off. for at lent 80 days, a threatened »trike »t the huge Oak Ridge, Tcnn., atomic energy laboratories. 4| In keeping with the government's ^>lfcy of no strikes in essential industries, Mr. Truman announced, that he would step Into the dispute by invoking for the first time the national emergency provision of the Taft-Hartley labor law. Porto Rico KILN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones 4677—29S6 Buck Meharg Produce Ml E. Main 81 For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris Printing Co. Tilt; STUltVl Ann Rn.rrufl la Ife hrd vrllh a «lrk aratlncW. Aflrr ItuKk. arr hunbimd, hrlnKa up her • iiplirr nnj puiuFirra krr • bit. Ann dri-ldri, .ar utimr havr hrra rrnr.y r. r irlli*r Ilial dfiy (• hnrr I'IIM* Itif.-J hi>r*HI wuTiipimr In lirr »ivn huutrhold wnnlr . in murder brr. llccauxt klip bin) ilUcuvrred irni an far idle* ui fccr nrw HltTa, ik« alalrca** ai Tophill wna Mlerp and •Iliiucry . . Bfc-HDHr l»r MWjnKlHK IjrhlKe «»«r INC ravine In Ike Karden ka4 cul- Iniihrtl. klllliiK l.ukf ih» Kiinlrnrr . . bri-ciuxr hrr tyiu-trrller • ** crashed from ri cloict »hrll. »»r- rowly nil*Hltix hrr . . Ann an* tlirn! chr ill Irriiorin addfTiK It all • 0 In mounting; trrTor. Now. •*- ufe a*r«l«, ••« rcffcct* that a«« bad JlnmlH«ed Runh and l.niirl«, »rr Itt-jrenr-old »uirr. from Ihr «u»pvct lUi •Iniulir l»rcnn« -he tvuuldn't In neriu-ll belirve rllher NB«l»1niu. nnd Tommy. Lnurlc'a Bnnce. bcc«UN« ••« coald flnd •• Motive. And .bt had tdlnllr.lly «Enre<l Hindi, brr ol« friend nn< kov»rKac*t. ir«B[rd r« kill her tnrrrlf brranvr *hr (Ann) WN» Ikr only prrftnn irhn Lnm nbuat nn old enllricr HCniidnl Itlnila had lit-^n Involvrd In. .Vow ahr r«c«U» Knmronr pl»r wno aim knrw ahoat II—Kelly Wlnlon. Ku.b camr. „ la bay aroodnlrhl ta Ann. >ay* kf'll Klrep In iar nrxt room •• hla • •nrlnji won't her* her awake. . . . Mrzf IhlBK Ann know*, her brad 1* uurMinx. »kr find* II ulf- ficult to oprn hrr ryr«. u . . tarn- Ink on thnl blXHtrd Una flrcplacr.* «hr hrnra Knah any. She rccn*;- nfcea Kfndn aa ahr rrcalfiH con- Something click.' In her rtoiided mind. "Whatever h«- ranir of Kelly Wlnlont" ahr a«ka. "He wnn killed nf Ohlnnwn.** Rind* rcnllea. The tear retBma. XII J^USH came bock with the whisky. Laurie said excitedly, •She talked Rush, but not sense. She asked about someone I never heard of before. Do you think jh« knows what she's saying?" "Shes coming out of an anesthetic," Rush said. "Just as though she'd had an operation. She may not be rational for a little while." Wasn't she rational? "She asKcd me about a boy we knew in school." Rincla said quietly. "That's all. Just -about a boj we knew in school." That's all. That's all 1 asked. Arfbut a boy named Kelly Winton. "Probably association of Ideas," Rush said. "She saw your fnce, Rinda. and thought of school. Probably seemed a natural enough question to her. .How about that whisky! Will you h»ve some?" A natural question. Well, ot course, she thought with some Irritation, of course it was a natural question. I had to know, didn't IT So 1 had to ask, didn't I? Only what did I want to know lor? If I could remember. . . . 'Look, Ann." Rush said, and she (elt his arms go around her wnist. "I'm going to help you gel to your (eel. I'll hold you but help if you can. Try and help, Ann; try and breathe deeply so you'lJ get air Into your lungs. The sooner we get Hie gas out of your system the quicker you'll feel better." He lifted hei to her feet and for the Brat few step» he all but carried her. Her knees buckled iind there was a ringing In her ear*. The? gnj. The sooner we get the gas out of your system . . . that was it , . . That was what? Did the gut have something to do with the question she'd asked RindaT IT was an endless road she walked with Rush, one step liter another, one breath after another, and finally she Begged them to let her stop, let her lie down again. They iid. They covered her with the blanket, tucked It In all around her. and brought her more black coffee which she drank. And then she spoke aloud, distinctly, and she had not known at all that itie wu going to say it She said. "Allison." "What—7" Rush was perplexed and then he glanced across the couch at Rinds and his face cleared. "Yes. darling. Rinda'i going to marry/ Don Allison, remember? W«'r« joins to the wed- ding." In an nside to Hltxia m .aid. "She seems to have you o« he brain." And Ann snld. equally distinct' y. "Hob Allison." Rinda gave a little sigh. A vcrj 'iltle siyh nnd maybe only Ant icard It. Then Rinda said, "Bob was Don's younger brother, Ann." She closed her eyes and leaned ler head back. She'd never fell no smarl in her life. So cunning. Oil. Hindn had been clever. Clever as could be. Only Ann was leveret. They thought it wai another accident. Thn' was it Another accident. v But she knew better. She knew someone had come to her room iflcr she was asleep. Someone who had crept around quietly, closing the windows, turning on he gas, so that Ann would nevei wake up again. • • • [JINDA had done that. Because Rindn was going to marry Bob Allison's older brother and only Arm now. in the whole world, knew that liirida had been saiiint vvilh Bob the day he drowned, ^robably Don wouldn't marry .lincla if he knew that. She clutched Rush's hand. How would she find wordi to leU him he horrible things Rinda .iad been doing to her? Could she make him believe her? She'd have to. He returned the ordure of her fingers and said, "You'll feel better soon, darling." "Of course." jhi Mid quite clearly. "Of course 1 will. I do. I do already." "It's funny about gas," Rush said. "It can come mighty close to finishing you oil but once you're on the road to recovery it's only • matter of a couple of hours." "Rush—Rush." Ann said hoarsely. "Rtnda came into my room—" Rush nodded. "Sure she did," he said emphatically. "Thank your -lucky start for that She snelled (» and she found you and dragged you out oi that room and roused the whole house." He smiled warmly at Rinda. "Rinda was a girl scout, all right, angel pusi. Rinda saved youi life." * (To Be Continued) Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Size T. L. MABRY « MISSOURI ST. ra. 5*27 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has asked for that amount— it i* the answer tc higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! 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