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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 4, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTHBAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI > VOL. XL1V—NO. 165 Housewife Holds Answer to Acute l^ood Situation United States Must Halt Price Spiral* And Help Europeans Blylheville Courier Blylheville Dally Newi BlytheTllle Herald Ululwlppl V»ll»y Leader BiATHRVIl,l,K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBKR 4, 1S1I7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS (By United Press) Covurnmcnl experts salrt today ;hfll tucked somewhere In her purse, iht America!! housewife holds the mswer to whether the United Slates •.an teed Europe and yet keep prices Irom skyrocketing higher. U the family budget-makers re!use to buy fancy cuts of incnl. President Trutnfln's "save a barrel In Grid Thriller on Haley Field Bgr GEORGE CLARK CMlrifr N«wi Sport* E4lt*r The Little Rock High School Tiftrt op*n«i thtlr Wd for Ui'ir second straight stutt crown lut night by Uktnf *. h»rd-to«tht U to 3 victory from the Blytheville Chick* before «n overllowlng crowd n Haley Field here. It was the fifth consecutive ;«ir+ that the powerful Tiger* have held (he Chicks scoreKs* «nd it was their seventh victory in the series of 10 K Rlnes that the two teams have played. But this time &amey On Mound! Officers Run Against Blank Wall r * * .In Search for Tennessee Slayer For Dodgers in 5th Series Game i the going was somewhat rougher ' than It has been in previous years , as . the scrapping Chicks battled their heavier opponents all the i way. i Even Ihough Ihey ended up on i the short end of Ihe score, the Chicks' showing against the high... . i touted Tigers drew loud applause •f grain" program probably can be; f , )cl fo) , owe ,. Si and lt was the Miniled. the experts said. If Ihey ,.„, 1)clicf among the tanjl (nat auy the choice foods, the program: lt Tl . ihe lurned ln „ ^ Ufr per . probably will fail. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton F. Anderson assured the food In- iustries today that the adminis- rration had no "compulsory ration- U.S. Rushes Plan [o Feed Europe ing formance In this contest than Ihey have in any previous game this year, Two S(ars on Sidelines Working without the assistance of program up its sleeve. The en- two backfield mainstays, Harold lire food conservation campaign will \ Traylor and Jack Elliott, the Chicks lepend on the voluntary waste-less fought gallantly against the heavy ' ' ' ' food drive. "There ivould be little use In trying compulsory rationing if the vol- ary program falls," he said. "But 'won't allow myself to believe that '» roluntary program will fall." Government food-price, officials and grata market leaders continued their fight over grain markets. W. Averlll Harrtman, secretary of commerce and chairman of President Truman's rabinct committee on food, said margins for purchasing; *raln on exchanges should be doubleil. His blast was the second within odds. Their makeshift backfield consisting of Donald Huey. Dennie Gentry, Mose Simon and R. C Allen, with occasional help (rom Captain Billy Wayne McFarland turned in good performances 01 both offense and defense as dii all seven members of. the forwar wall. But. the breaks were against them and these breaks accounted for tw of the Tigers' three touchdowns. Success to Hinge On Voluntary Aid From All Americans »T CHANT DFLLMAN United rrew Staff Correipomtent WASHINGTON, Oct. «. ITJP) — i The administration appeared today [ lo be. fttafclng all its hopes of meeting Europe's critical food needs on : the voluntary cooperation of ituil- : vidu»l Americans. KTOWAH. Tcnn., Oct. 4. (U.I 1 ,)—Fill offlixrs and local police to- lay probed the booby-trap murder of Former sherlll T. Burkett ivlns ivlth a single strand ol wire their only apparent clue to the killer. Ami one officer said li« doubted they would ever find "who did It .mless somebody gels drunk and talks" Ivins, a member of the "Bloody McMlmi" County nuchuie ounlort Manager Shotton Shifts'from office lust year In a GI revolt, died yesterday when hit car was Hurlers Just Before Time for Game NEW YORK, Ocl. 4. (UP>—Mllll- ager Burl Sliotlon of the Brooklyn Dodgers changed his pitching plans today and sent Hex Barney, a strong-armed right hander who. usually has trouble with his control, against the New York Yankees in the tlt'.li giune o! the deadlocked world series at Kbbcis Field. Barney, who won five sanies while losing two for Ihe Dodgers during the regular season, faced Frank I Sped Shea, (lie freshman rlRhl hander who won the opening game of the series, 5 lo 3. Barney appeared briefly In the second pump which the Yankees won, 10 lo 3, yielding one hit and one base on balls In one and two. ,. , - thirds Innings. Any return to wartime price con- j , ., trols and rationing-tor the present 1 B «™ c y w " s » surprHc selection. at leasts-seemed out of the qu-s- ! Sliotlon had Indicated previously olown up by explosives wired to Ihe starter. Sheriff Knox Henry, who led the* bullet-ballot balile wlilch knocked out the- McMluu machine In nearby Athens In August, loin. tmmcrtlMr-ry culled In the Kill, lie IhouBht it miRhl liuve liven ut\ Aimy twud mine that killed Ivlns. The PI3I look fliiKVi'urlut.'s, which an agent said wcie "smeared" on [.sections of the car's hood and grill, • and prepared lo »cnd a lliln strand of \vlii 1 , lont? oljvious clufi rcunxIninK from the blast, to their laboratories. However, the FIH ntients snld lln-y covild linve "no Jui'lsdlelUiu" In II"' ease unless II was fnnnd Hint KO\'- eriunent explosives were used. | Find Only a KlnKle Chie Henry said the main clue lo Ihe \ killing was a wire which had ap- Poles Blame U.S. For Greek Issues DM Committee Hears Accusations of Domination in Athens parently been used lo conned the booby-tnip Ijomb wllh Ihe Mailer I of Ivlns' cm- a 1911 Forel coupe. \ V'rlcmls suld Ivins had driven U\ Athens Tlnn-Mlay and returned late LAKE SUCCRHS. N. Y-. Ocl. 4 IUP)--Poland branded the Untti'ri Hind's lodny the lustlitalor of iron- blv In Gicece. charging (hat American officials have dictated Die si'.' of the Greek nrmy and the makeup of the Athens government ii •ftirrylni; out (lie Truman iloclrlne. i Or. O^cnr l.ance ol Voland i.olc the UN General Assembly's jxilllica lhc Educational Unit Of New Church To Be Occupied Tlie First Christian Sunday School will occupy the new building for the first time tomorrow. It was niinomiccd today by Iho nev. R. S. linlKl. pastor Although the new sanctuary ij not complete, most of the educational facilities arc ready for me. It will be two wecVs, and perhaps longer before tlm first worship service enn be conducted In the nt'vv sanctuary. Tomorrow also murks the lieghi: ring of the .Sunday School year, and will be observed ns Rally Da. The new building, located on the me lot as Iho old one nt the corer of Sixth and Main Blrcels, akes possible u completely Kt'flded hool. Promotion of pupils was •Id last Sunday ami the school is been ic-organlzed In prcpar- llou for use of the new facilities, te llev. Mil'. Hnirri Mid. At tlip, morning worship hour, iere will be special observance of World Wide. Communion Siuv.'/y". 'tie program for Oils church '111 also be launched nnd ])'/ Igcs lade In support of the budget. His statement was made as Amcr- njs U1H.M, was IJle SeCOJlU Wlllllll a , <">-'l ^i,i..~'..'. T.--O-... »-• - . " ...AMA/MA u t I r I Keek, by a cabinet officer. Earlier: be Uietr chief offensive weapon as extra 100,(XXXOOO bushels ol grain this week. Anderson said a new U>ey racked up 11 first downs .to for Western Europe, ilidlng-margin system nut into ef- the Chicks five and rolled off »3 i . Meanwhile, Charles Luckmnn. feet bv the big grain exchanges last yards through rushing to the Chicks chairman of President Truman's Yankee S to 3 triumph. Shortly after mld-seiisuu he wixs out fancy grades of meat, skimp a i out for seven weeks with a sore little on" lard and perhaps IOICRO I arm but he finally worked out lhc quality brands of liquor (o save (.n '• stiffness: nnd It no Ioniser bothers him. Barney will l>e facing Fi'nnk rolled Off M i .Mpamrhilr CI,Rrlr 5 I.urkinail. I < S 1' M ' ' Sh ™' lhc cock - v ''•'•»"""«» The capital City boys scored In I icans were asked to get along %vith- nll periods but (he-fourth when the Chicks defen;* looked Its best, Their excessive weight proved to Monday was "not enough." Harriman's statement brought an Immediate retort from J. O. Mc- Clinto'ck. president of the Chicago Board of Trade. McClintock again' denied "margin speculation" had tauscd prices to rise. He said prices K'ould remain high as long as de- kiand is high. "Punitive margins would have no on a blocked punt by quarterback (fleet other than to restrict the mar- Kcrmit 'Tracy ' on the Chicks 22 ket and harm Its usefulness in this yard bom- of crisis." he said. ~~ The President's elvilia new food committee, scheduled meeting with representatives ot the nation's beer manufacturers to see what they can do to help out in the food conservation program. Distillers Co-operate A large segment of the distilling industry agreed yesterday to quit using wheat for alcohol and reduce consumption ot other grains by M ! per cent lor the remainder of the line. The ball bounded off of \ food crisis. This might hove an car- Tracy's forearms into the end > ly effect on blended whiskey sup- zone where jack Wilkins, the Ben- j Plies, one industry spoksman said, gals' left end covered it. Floyd I At th same, time, the Publicker In- Few rasses Complelfd And they held the edge in passing too. completing four tosses in 16 tries for 78 yards while the Chicks were completing only two out of 9 for a "net gain of 11 yards. The Tigers first touchdown came about midway of the Initial period right hander who won Ihe Sec BASI'.llAM. on I'ace 10 i Almond's kick for the extra point I was short and the Tigers led 6 to 6. Their secpnd score came in the food conservation committee speeded Its efforts to line up voluntary support of the program to save food. - , .,, .. After receiving a pledge from 60 early momehts of the second period , Industry s progtp ser cent of the nation's distillers to after.* combined air-ground at- adequate.'-Publl« *op' using wheat and cut down use tack tlRrt moved the boll from tlielr sidlarles offered lit other grains by 50 per cent °*n 40 to the fflythevlllc 29. gut grain of any Charles Luckman committee chair- B1 " Wright, the Bengals' stibsti- nan, hustled oft to a conference Ulte "S^ halfback hit right end rill th dustries. Inc.., which claims lo produce about 30 per cent of the nation's liquor Yale Students Face Charges After Rioting NEW HAVEN. Comv, Oct. 4, (UP) —Five Ynlc ftUidct\ts \vpve \uidex- flrrrst todny following a two-hour riot,m which uliie hirfd u norly » ^•^i --^ ^.i .!'' •- *. f -f'~- I3nb Dnclds, n coal company PNOCU- I nn( | live. hearO (lie roai- three blocks . luvay nncl ]nr^d l<i the 1 .scrnr. • HP snld he found Ivlns n\i\i' !>ul I a l>luody muss \vHh one nrni i>nd ICR l)nrxi;inc hy ohrccis nnd hLs chcsL shir.hrtl by s^rp\ h\mV;s ot the cnv. Unclcis Mild Ivlns ^n.sppcl "my car fty.sL .blc\v up" (incl railed aver und dtcd, j Ivins' slx-yf;u'-<ild]!. Uiin- ny, wns in llio car init inlratnlonsly oscai)c'd wilh only n bud ens«: of ^hock. Tlic hlnsl piuk-ct n lonp und bloody cin-pc-]- for Ivins who Imd n record Its Bnlkim PrttcUltcx. t-l\^rsccJ Mint the Wcs-Urn cmuUrit hnvp uiuicvtnken the dljilonitit' bntllp of (be nnlknm In tlic U hcciiiiM 1 I hoy "feared the conse qncnrc.s of n Irnnsfer of power to the dcinocrntit! forces" In Greece. 1/inRc nsild Orcixt BrlUin bcgn Wcstprn Interlc-tC'nce i« Ctvcccc nn the, UnlU'd Stntes ".-iutcecdcd t Uvltlih" when U launched the $400 OQQ.flOt) Tnnimn old program fo Grci'cc r>]id Turkey. He quntrd Greek new.'.pnpt'fs to Hint Ihe Amer. .., his claim nf Hyit\t Jtistiflnblc kHUuKS us i\ U.S. ; \ cnn ejnba.ssy in Athcits (lie- prohibition dllU'CL' tincl drnuty mar- • taied Hut rccpni cliunBC In t)ie Greek shul ami as fnrtucr McMlun County j .• i nvcvnmet\t «n<l thcvl Dwlght Cli'ls- shcrlfr. | wold, adtnlnlstrnLoi- of the '1'nunnn Wtlln. d YiuuKiugh, Kiiuxvllle ' tJoclrlne atd lo Greece, hnd ricter- N'ews-Scntlncl reporter, wrote thnt; mlnpil how big I he Greek <\vn\y Lvlns could hnvc been killed by p.nyj '.voiikl become. one "ot 1,000 cneinltis" lie niiic^'' ns i Sarr as t lenity Jjinfr, oner «« a liw enVorcrmeiJt officer i:ncl-Lh;it, \itirr!ran, fuihl hr t-iiidil I lie person who pvcpiucd-llic booby : .mdcrsl anil bow the pr«Mcm »f trap probnbly \vnri "i\ rehitue of An : "llireal to the Indimpendrnci> *nil V'^aln?^^^^ • •;-~\*t*t ****** * ~ )e Gasperi Due Confidence Vote Observers in Italian Affairs Predict- Bar* Majority for Premier ttOMfl O<:(. 4. fUP)—Premier Al eido tit? Gasper! prppiircd n person 1 , reply today to violent Coi.inuinln and l.eHwhiK Socialist nltfick.i upon him nnd nnnounccd lie would, do- liver It. In the assembly tonight. Juit bnlove vniinp sttuls on motiom ol mm-confidence In his government. De GJa.sncrl, who put the Com-«; ftiid LrftwiiiR SoetulisLs out nf his cnbtnrl IS v\ F c«'ks ago, WHR ox- ppclctl lo recclvo n vote of conll- dence. nlthoURh IDs mnjorjly umy lie fiinnll. Even so, lu ,vrt.s cxiicclcrt to brlnji rncinbor.s of Giuseppe Sum- B»t,'R MotlpvuLe SoclviUsl Party tuvl Ihc Rtipliljllcnn Pnrty Into his ci\li- tion of the .emergency. Anderson said he was convinced Cooperated in the voluntary saving program. Meanwhile, in New York state. Oov. Thomas Dewey watched the price of chuck beef climb from S4* lo ?46 a hundred pounds rise to S5I > hundred pounds, and then formed a state food committee to help meet i "food crisis" In New York. Purge Demand Wins Cheers Among Britons BR/GHTON. Ena., Oct. 4. lUP>— almost S.OOO members of the Brit••Vi Conservative Party In annual eonfercnce here today cheered a demand for a "communist purge" in Ihis country and the dominions. Tho legelates shouted down attempts by the chairnmn. Mrs. Henrv lr ;-*oriiyo]d-Strick]anrt, to choke off ^viic discussion of commiinisnT witli- out a vote. Finally they subsided *hen. she promised to call a spe- tial resolution on the subject at the Una] conference session tomorrow. The attack on the Communists jome at the end of a debate on a resolution calling upon the Con- wrvative Party to "declare » policy lor furthering the empire's econom- c and political unity." Andrew !X>untaine of Norfolk tioved an addendum to put the par- tr on record as favoring « policy tor "finally routing out the ever- ncreasing subversive foreign in- !luence within our own country and the dominions overseas." "In recent years the very Io\mda- lion of los'alty lo king and country, »f honor and of patriotism has been ioudly disowned on every hand." fontaine said. Cries of "hear, hear" rose through the convention hall. "There Is an ever-increasing Com- wiunist influence in the Socialist •rganizations in Great Britain and We Empire." he continued. and the Tigers led 12 to 0 ! untary cooperation of the peopli Traccy Intercepts Chick Fas* | and on their willingness to boycott An intercepted pa'ss by Tracey i the blacic market, on the chicks 35 yard line set the j Fear KetHrn t* Controb stage for the Tigers' third and) other adminiBtratton officials final touchdown In the early part | have expressed fear that a return of the third quarter. Tlie pas3 was ; to price controls and rationing from Huey and was meant for end Billy Bob Elliott but, Tracev leaped high to take the toss and raced all the way (a the Chicks' six-yard line before being stopped. Don Pu- qua, the Tigers' left halfback, scored on the next play on an end sweep. Once again Almond's Wet for conversion was no good and the score read Little Rock 18, Blythe"" 0. tion last Slight which gnlnrtl initial momentum during n football rally. The officers finally dispersed the mob by employing football tactics —flying wedge which split the ranks In two. llf^Kfe In the first trial i'Tira claimed nnd the iictlon "lo discover thnt the UnlU-ri Siivlcs resulted in n mistrial. Tlie Ivins resolution f-siibmlUud nl the st.irt mill Dunn fmnllirs had lii-i'ii re- of the Greek debute) for settling ported "f'.'iidhiK for years." j this nmtler holds that Albnntn. Jltll- One observer sakl (he? IvbiK-Dunn feud had nothing lo do with the Cll started in a street. A lari;e part of the crowd broke when the hose was unleashed. Most seriously Injured was student John Galbrnlth, Toledo, O.. who was reported in "fnir" con- would result in t widespread black \ <""<>» ">"*>' w»h a possible skull rtfarket in food which might outweigh any savings. The steps a!rc*dy taken by the administration would save between 166,000,0*0 and 23S.OOO.OOO bushels of Also called in were firemen loj^-evolt and doubled thn • Hie bocib.v- iubrlue a bonlirn which stlidrnls | lrn]i yinyin^ hml anyillinu to cio with the- GI uprising, either. Once dui-inp Ihe Ivins stormy career he trailed two suspected boot- tcgsei-.s before they sunbushcd him and left liiin for (lend. I/iml historians say the ruccetl ex-sheriff re- f:ninc<l fonsf!rjList\c.s.s, (rre|)t up to ic was their cabin and killed lliem both. scarce grain if everyone partlcipat ed fullv " Sc» CHICKS on Fate II For New School Site Additional Land Bought Purchase of three lots on the sile wlected for a new high school here »y the CiliBens School Building Association was announced today. The three 40 by 126-foot lots cov- ir approximately one-fourth of an icre and were purchased from Ce- 0 K. Meadow.s. The lols are looted in the North central portion if the South half of the sile. Approximately seven acres of the nearly 20-acre site remain to ns »urchaicd. Steele Air Field Is Turned Over To City Officials The Surplus Army Auxiliary Air Field located West of Steele. Mo,, had been turned over to that city by the government. Mayor Charles Bates announced today. Tlie 640-acre field, used during the war as an auxiliary field of the Blytheville Army Atr Base, will b« converted to A municipal airport. Mayor Bales said. Plans are being m&de by tht City of Steele to erect a community house on pa rt of the property. Funds Tor building the communUy center will obtained through planting SCO *crea of the Eield In alfalfa. A com m i t t*e com pcxse d of tw o men each from the Rotary Club. Junior Chamber of Commerce, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the City Council will aid the city In managing the airport. Burton Flying School, which has been operating on the field, will Mayor Bates said. continue to use the properly, The field has two runway*, each 4.000 feet long and 100 feet wide; nlrje taxiways: marking, lighting i and drainage systems, and tn sur! rounded by approximately 30,000 feet of fence. It was built by the government flt a cost of $1,500,000. fracture. Galbraith said hit by a policeman's club. One policeman, John Canning, hit by a thrown beer bo tile, \vus taken to New Htiven Ho.spitai with facial injuries. The Injuries of KPV- erol others, most of whom required so- Anderson said between 130.000,000 f stitches, -were described as "not and 300,000,000 bash els of gram [ rious." could be saved by cutting down on Webb Hilhcrl. Jr., 20. was arrested livestock feeding The distill era' ac- tor reckless driving. He told police tion will eave possibly another 35,- ! other students rocked hts nutomo- 000000 bushels between now anc\ bile, cruising him to lose control, next July. Other students nrrcsted were John These figure* do not reflect **v- , D. Buckley, IB. charged with drunk- ings which might be effected , enncss; nnd Richard E. Wiles, Jr., through Uuckman'i appeal to house- > Paul Smith, and Bruce T. Daniels wives to cut back on meat, butter, ' charged with breach of peace, eggs, cheese and poultrj. . Traffic was blocked as the riot- Government officials emphasized crs swarmed downtown. * throwing the consumers hold the real key to "Yule bombs" of sopping wet USMLO the success or failure of the pro- paper. Trolley poles were pullrri gram. If they continue to insist on down and their guide lines cut, 1m- lancy foods *t high prices, farmers ' mobilizing n cars. One auto probably will go on using grain to | was stripped of hub caps and othrr provide" them, it w*« A»id. accessories. forfeits $35 Bond City Attorney Dismisstf Coses Against Cob Driver Charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident filed last week. . against Delbert Anderson, Blythevllle cab driver, were dismissed on motion of the City Attorney in Municipal Court yesterday. The charges were filed after an accident nt Walker Park fairgrounds Sept. 27 in which A. T.. Harper of Blytheville suffered Jurors in Glass Cage Deliberate Fate Of Girl and Fiance Tried for Murder SANTA ANA. C«l.. Oct. 4. (U.P.)—The six men and six women jurors who heard 1» weeks of testimony and argument today debated over the fate ot Heiress Beulah Louise Overell, 18, and her fiance. 3eorge (Bud) Gollum, 11, accused of murdering her wealthy parents. The Jurors were given the case, an hour delivering an earnest yesterday and retired to their ho tel at 11:52 p. ni. after debating 40 minutes without reaching a verdict gumeiit in favor of her stand. Tlie jurors were st'T at ctitK when thev went to dinner, but Gen. Eisenhower Back On the Job In Washington SAVANNAH, On,, Oct. J{. i U.P-> —Orn. 13wight O. Eisenhower end rd n (on-ilny fishing vacation today and returned to his desk at WfishiiiKton. At. FI prcs.s confcrrncc before his dppar'iurc Eisenhowei 1 : i 1. Paid tribute lo U. Gen, John i C. \jf.c. Mcdilorranoan tJicrtleJ": commrinder, ns a "iic-rfcct poldlt'r." i I/-C was rebuked l>v HcvL}»p:>! Itnwnul Writer Robert C Runrk fnr rtllCKrd brxitn] Irrrv'mcnt nf GIs in his command. i 2. Eafcl Dint no erra' ronntry would deliberately provoke a war tnriny. ^. Admitted Umt U;P Unllrd Slatc.'i i?i not prrnarcd to fipht, nt the prcsnU Timr "no drnmcratic in tion is ever prepared to fi^ht." •I. finiri he thought the proplrof Ocrmnny and I^ancc werr floin^t nil llicy c^n to help ihrnvi^lvt-r. dtiriiiR thr current economic crisis hut the "cheapest investment" ihe Un it ed Sta t PS ra n now ma kr- tn Ei:ropo Is Hie STG.OOO.OOO.tKK) .stop- K^P aid prn«ram. 5. Refund to nn.swor a rjiin^Uon 1 Jin wnuM ncccpt n. presidential iKuninatinn. Kniiu nnd Vu^oslavla nro tbn.itreal. powers wliich arc meddling in Greece." LiiiiKi' said U "remains a mysLory to tnc" how the UN Security Council's nnlknn.1 InvtsliefttUHS CoimwlK- fiton hnd AIT! ml nt ULU Iliulln? liiat the three Northern neighbor* of Oix'cce were rcspoiwlblc for the .strife in lhc corner of Europe. Tim comiulJuion'A rinditiRs tire the bnsls for the United SUtes atlcmpt to pin the blnnii: on tnc Soviet RntcHUes and have the 61-nfttion Gcncrnl Assembly dlspnich R UN border-wiiteh to the Dnlknns for K semt-pcrma- nrnt tenure. The Untied Stntei, It ww understood, may be ready to .soften I'.f proposed resolution on the GrccK case in view of opposition which tins ricveloiwd nmonK many UN members to its stiff terms, This wa« learned amidst rtpnrls that Assembly President Oswaldn Arnnha uf llraxll—ncrlniisly concerned al the continuing deterioration of American-So vtr i relations and their paralysis of Iht .-isscnibly—will nuike nn iillrrniil : lo Krt IM>OI great powrr* lo back down at least n littlr frum NiHr , extreme, positions. Inct. Tlie Issue boiled down lo Wc.stcrn- stylc democracy versus what the Communists and I/?ftwlng Socialists consider democracy. For the lasL three wtflks, IhioiiRli the general confederation of labor, which they al, they hiwe been ncertllng Ian Democrat DC Gnnperl tlic greatest campaign of and a'gllnEfon In'Italy's'hls- .' i Today'there was n lull In the agitation. If DC Gnspcrl wins the vote ol confidence, some officials expected II to be started up again In preparation for the. Oct. 12 elections, which v.'lll give the Communists and Lcftwlng Socialists another chance to overthrow De Gasperi's government. In nJ^embly debate last nl^hl, Francesco Nlttl, one of Italy's elder statesmen, told the Leftists that their criticism of DC Gnspcri as a "slave" of the. United States wns "false and unjust." "II Is not possible to govern without the Christian Democrnt-s, just as one cannot govern without help Irom America." he snlrt. "This reality everyone iniisl, lecognlzc." That had been the essence of the leftist argument: that DC Gasperi was letting his government be directed by the United States in return tor American help. Tlio Leftists did not suggest where else Italy might turn for food. Pedestrian Dies Of Injuries in Auto Accident Blytheville Man Reported Held Under Bond After Tragedy Albert Wosloy McNabh, 5B- yoitr-olrt Wilson farmer, wns killed insliiiilly early last n IB'it when ho was reported o liitve been struck by s car s lie was walking along 1 litfliwny. <>1 nt Oi'iver. 'Plio cur was driven by a man believed to be 0. S. Hol- ison, Blylhoville real estate jr'Mil. Mr. Rollison was said o be in O.sceolu totlay, where nvcsli{;iitioii oC tlie accident N tinder \vi\jr. First Invcstlpixtion of the accident. Mlulsslppl County's llth Iraf- fic falnllty this year, was conducted by Deputy Sheriff Billy Bowen. accoi-dltu: to the O.sceola sheriff's of [ice. Dowcn WHS unavailabln today, liowevev, and few details of the accident were obtainable here. The shcrtft's ntflce In OsceoSa raid the Dlytlicvllle man wns arrested there and brought here for booking. However, a check nt the county Jail hern this morntns revealed no record ot such an arrest. The dejid man's wife, Mrs. Zora McNnbb, 'old the Courier News tins morning that her luisbnini had Just arrived from BlytheviUc on n. Greyhound bus ant] was walking homo when the accident happened. She said that an unidentified Ncnro was the only witness. The Kesro said Ihe car which struck Mr, McNitbl) was traveling n.t a. l\1ph rate of speed, Mrs. McNabb reported. Hotly Taken to OficeoU An undertaker at Swift Funeral Home in Osccola, which Is handling lunera} arrangements, Indicated that Mr. McNabb wn.s killed Instantly, The nccMcnt occurred shortly after 0:30 p.m. Mr. McNnbb wns struck U) front of the Lowranca Store in Driver. Mrs. McNabb nlso said that the Blylhevlllc man drlvini; the car wns accompanied by his wife. Mrs. Rollison was also reported to be in Oscebln this morninK- Service* for •ilh-. McNabb will b«.. held tomorrow iifternoo'n at th«' Baptist ohurch In Wilson. B\u-lnl •will bo tri-Bnscett Cemetery.- ' In addition to his wife,' Mr". Mc- Nnbb leaves c two sons. Curl nnd Hugh' MoMabb. both of Wilson. Mississippi county 'Coroner Auslin Moore, nt noon today snld he hnd not been notified of the fatal accident. Truman at Work On Food Message To Nation Sunday WASHINGTON. Oct. 4. (UP> — ( Prc.s!dcni Truman, nursing A slipht sore throat, worked In his study im: nunL-L UJJIUH ^ nnt, ,.1...^.. ^ today on the food conservation There was virtually Illlle prospect Typhoon Moves In Direction Of Philippines TOKYO. Oct. 4. (UP)—A raglnff pacific typhoon, with winds of HO miles nn hour at the center, wns approaching the northern Philippines today. Army weathermen warmed. ' Formosa and Marcus Island also were nlertcd for the typhoon which was named "Pauline." Weathermen predicted the storm would be more violent than its twin sister, "Olive." another typhoon raging to the East. Tile typhoon "Pauline 1 ' was reported blowing at n speed of 13 knots toward the Philippines. It was located Friday nlsht at n. polnS BOO mlte.i East-Northeast of Manila. pursue its "warmongering" charge i was going. Deliberations were resumed this, lhcy | BU ghcd and chntiert paily. M nn :i n I : n ~ f morning. Superior Judge Kenneth j Ihcir tcmlx;rs apparently mended. fYluniia *-'O"5 R Morrison planned lo keep the; w hcn (hey returned to thr- ju:v SpOHSOfS Air SnOW Jury in session until midnight tn-j room to rcsumc dcllboravimv;. Aircraff from the Niiva] Air St.i- ntgVvt and t^Kln tomorrow ntRUt If; necessary In an effort to get A j verdict. The jurors wer« obviously re- j ]E«ved to receive the c*s« »nd end their manj weeks of listening to The courtroom was pa-"k'"d with newspapermen and rurioi through th£ lonp ni«;ht Imuis. Twice the Jury .sent courtroom for exhibits Once, not long lief ore miclri^lH. the Jurors filed in and thft jml«?e nnd defendnnts. with oporsinK attorneys, were brought inio court, for readi ng of some f 11:1 li er i n - struction.s. The six men and M.< women I jurors will decide whether the testimony thut w»« sometimes sen- sationftl and sometimes boring They appeared happy MA they filed Into » nenrby room to begin deliberating. Thej eo«M to IMWTI plainly thmih ferr> ptet« |I«M wln- rtolrk !• th« courthouse wlnx wthrt they wt-rt qvarlrred. but their T*le«« emrid not k* heard. Scon alter they entered the room, an apparently heated argument broke out. Spectators and nmvspnp^rmni lion nt ATillhiRto]]. Tr.nn.. and P-St stood ouuslde the jury-i n^in win- Meliter plnnes of the Air National dow throughout the rvrnUisr w.-nr>.- Guard will be feiiuml in an nir ing for signs of how the bat'Ic show Oct. Ifl at FIcctnnn Field .it Manila, Thr air sho wis bolnjr'sponsored hv (he Manila I>ton<; Club and pro crcds will c" tnio the Manila Com into the Ptf'V to study. nRtilnst' the United State.-;; the. Unit ori States fs determined to force the Soviet Union tn the. wull an every major outstanding Issue he- twccn them nt, thn assembly. American willliiKncss to make A com:es,sion on its Greek resolution — nlthounn definitely not decided— came significantly after Belgian Premier PiMil Henri Sppak hart H IOIIR tnlk with Secretary of State George C. Marshall and then delivered an Impassioned defense of US. nnd policy In Greece. Despite YiiROslav hcckliiiB nnd interruptions and cries of "libpl" and i "calumny" and "false testimony." Spaak Mippoiicd to the hill the U.S. plan for a "watclidoR" coniinif»slon j , in Greece but, like 1-Ynnce. opi>ose<l On* U. S. ulan lo brand YvigosLavlft, ' Bulgaria and Albania nggressors. Spank, like his French colleagues, does not believe thnt the evidence of Ihe UN Investigation supports n . the Regression charge—the most sc_ 1 rious accusation thnt can be made under the United Nations charter. Acrobat ies, forma linn flying and a paiacliutf jump will bn Included in the alv show. Lion Clnl) mo tube is will conclurl. : nn advance snle o[ tlckel-s, to cost S2 eacit. ! Mcintx?rs nf the Lion.s Club in [ rhnrxc of the show are O. O. Stivers. | Hob I./)we, F. C. Ficoman, Byrt Me- | Henry. A, K. MrCull^y and M I. IX Sherid. Two Jurors. » man and a wom-lsto!*al young heiress and her lov- an, «ap«rentlY were siding against er "fatally beat her paren'.f. anil; the remaining 1O. The two sat at ( then blew up the family yacht '.o one end of the room and the re-t hide the crime. maining 10 f.lusUrtd at the other. i Morrison spent, nearly two houv 1 — ,.-. _. „.,,.„.,...„ .,,... ^. t ,. . Occasionally one of the 10 ap- 1 reading his Instructions allnr Henry Hoyt forfeited a $35.35 bond, fractured left wrist. A third charge, i proached the Isolnled pair and! Prosecutor Eugene D. Williams, in . »..«i.i_.< ^ ----- ^,- -------- .... seemed to . be trying to convince] the shortest of six attorney,' ?mn-' scattered blowers and Unnirtrr- them. • mitlons, asked the Jurors ;o «nri showers rxtreni" northwest por- The woman juror stood bfforf Oollum I" I he rhmil:i'i' and linn :nr]^y. SliRlil temiwratiirr I the majority group for mortg than imprison Miss Overell ;'or We, t chatiRcs. Municipal Court this morning failure to report an accident was iFhen he failed to appear to answer: Kslcd m an arrest warrant for I charge of driving while under Amlmon but was dropped before ;he influence of Intoxicating liquor, the hearing and not docketed. AUK A^•. < l^S— Partly cloudy In day. tonight and Sunday, widely Worm Weather Returns Warm weather continued here vf,sterci;iy ;us the morrury rlimbod 1 J "> a hi:'h o[ B7 (iof-fors. areoi-riinp Vn Robert K. Blnylock. oflidnl weather obsci ver. Lo\vrst icmjiornUire recorded dvir- iiiK night WAS G2 degrees. N. Y. Cotton NK\V YORK, Oct. «. U!P' - Clnsr [:rtn. open liiph lo\v cl'V.f \mr 3094 ^I0ft UOBl! 3101 i May 3083 3000 307') 3i»0l July 3038 3044 3031 ^W4] (>ct 3104 31H 300" 311"! IXr 308* 3W1 Wifi 3 W j • S|Xl« C106C 3116; up 4. I mcssnge ho will tfcHver to the nation by rail to toinorrmv nl$^,- Wliltr 1 Flonsc Secretary Charles G, ROM said Ihe PvwUlcut's throat Irritation wn.s not serious and u'onkl not interfere with the broadcast. "The pre.iklent has a little roxitjlinf-M hi his vo1':e nnrt a bit nf a SOIT throat." Ross reported. "It's unthltiR serious." Row salrl Mr. 'rriininn'R sl>ecch from Lhc White House ovnl roam, on a program sjwnsorcd by his ciltaon'. 1 ; food coiiimlttce at 9:30 p.m. CST., u-oulcl be Iclcvi.sctf. is the lir-st television broadcast from the White House. Mr. Truman had no official ca!7- or.s nno" pKnnncd n o.utet day. He hoped to have his food message which probably will run about five minutes in length, completed to- nipht. Others speaking on the 30-vnin- ule broadcast over all networks are to be Chnrles Lur,kman, chatv- mnti o^ the Citf7cn's Food Commit tcr; Secretary orcnmmercc W. Av- crell Harriman, Secretary of Agrl culture c'f'Uon I*. Anderson and from New York. Secretory ot Stale George C. Mnrshall. Stocks Are Irregular On Saturday's Market NRVV YORK, Oct. 4. <UP1 — Stocks were Irregularly higher today as the New York Stock Exchange resumed Saturday short sessions:, after the four-month Sumner hollriay. The last- previous Sat- iay session was on M-vy 24 A few slocks were Individual firm pots. These included Gar Wood irefeiTCcl uj> nearly five points to now high. A few weeks as*.> it vas disclosed that the Ftslier Bro- rjj or automobjlc. body farno vere ncgoUaLing for a financial in- crest in the company but ftnal plans have not yet been announced. Airs. John Barriger Dies in Home of Son Mrs. Ninft Barrtgor, 68, died early tliis morning nt the home of hci snn. Dr. Russell Wcrt. with wlio« ;.!;r had made lier honie lor pjst three iiiouths, Hurlnl will be tn Lnngsbiirg. Mloli Othrr than Dr. Wcrt .*c is ,iur lived by her husband, John Bnrri per of Biythevlllc. and two broth rrs. ¥,. E. Case nnd O. B, Cast, hotl of FliiH. Mich., and a sister. Mrs Mfv G^'nan ot l.jnsinc. Mich. Cobb Funeral Home Ls in charge. Italian Count Announces Gift from United States ROME. Oct. J. (UP1 — Foreign Minister Count Carlo Storza, announced to the Italian Assembly today that the United States haS officially renounced her peace treaty share of the Italian fleet and that the American share would be allowed to remain In Italian hands. Gunman Obtains Jewels Valued at $250,000 NB;W YORK, Oct. 4. (UP) — PolEce reported today that a lona gunman had robbed Mvs. . Ss\rl Hilton of jewelry reportedly valued n! SMO.OOO In her swank Upper East Side apartment. Premier Resigns COPENHAGEN. Oct. 4. (UP)— Knut Krlstcnsen resigned as premier today after the radical liberals teamed with the Social Democrats and win K mo- lion of non-confidence, 80 to 66, In the lower house of parliament. He asked King Frederick IX tfl call a general election, which, 11 was expected, tht king vould set for October 28.

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