The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBX oooiun raws oo. M. W HAUiES; PuuUflo JAUE8 L. VERHOEFF, Editor fAUL D HUMAN, Adv«rttJn« Uwiic*r aok N»tlon*J Advertltin* RepiwenUUre*: WtliM* WiUnet Co, N**-Vork, Chicago, Detroit. AtUnt*. Mempttt PublisnM Evetjr Afternoon Except Sunday totem u Mcood class nutter it the port- < BiythevlUe, Arkansas, under act ol Con. October 9. IS 17. Served by the United Prcu SUBSCRIPTION RATES: *j carrier to the city ct Biyihevllij or any •uburban town where carrier lervlcc li maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month By mall, within a r»-ilus of 50 miles, «4.00 per »e*r. 13.00 fcr six months. 11.00 fir three month*; by mall outside SO mile tone, 110.00 per rear payablt In advance. Meditation Thou hul thewed thy people hard (hints: *>>•« hjut made us to drink vine of ailonlshmrnt —Psalmi 60:3. K • * The Lord gets His best soldiers out of th« highlands of affliction.—Spurgeon. Barbs Tons of dirt circulate in the air ot our big cities —»nd how thn scandal mongers love to listen to It. • » * Yount (olttri soon will be out U tike "the cake"—and thfy'll do U slice by slice. * • • It is estimated that $30.000,000 was spent for valentines. It always has been costly to say, "Please be Mine." • * » Lot* of folks are already turning a garden •ver In their minds. And that's where it will end. » * » A sponger Is a fellow with a proposition that Tton't hold water. Coup in Czechoslovakia Embarrasses Third Party if the only reason for Premier Stalin's postwar policy is fear of American "imperialism," it is unlikely that iie would have okayed the Communist coup in Czechoslovakia. 1C he hud any regard for the American third party that would guarantee peace by giving him free reign, he probably would not have embarrcssed that third party by this aggressive act. The third party lias every reason to be embarrassed. For President Benes gave the Communists as free a rein as was possible and still preserve a semblance of parliamentary democracy. And the -Russian-directed Communists showed their appreciation by seizing complete control of the Czech jjovenimeni. There was a bit of window-dressing to justify the Communists' action. But even they didn't seem to take it very seriously. The Communist-led police searched the National Socialist Party headquarters for several hours on the first day of the uprising and "discovered" documents supposedly revealing a conspiracy of armed revolt against the state. The Communists' subsequent actions were not what would be used to quell a revolt against the status quo. In the first place, they destroyed the status quo They did such things as turn the legal owners out of factories and other business places and. replace them with national manager" This scarcely comes upder the head of defense measures. There seems to have been no i.iito opposition to the Communists in c.echl slovak,a so long as they operated within the framework of the republic and permitted some democratic freedoms As President Benes said, "It is clear to me that socialism is a way of lite desired bv «fl overwhelming pan of our nation ;, But he added, "I believe that with *>. CM hsm a certain measure of fl - mlom *"«"»'* «a Possible, a..d that these are "tal to all in our national But that did not square with Com policy. It was not enough to vote an Slovakia ,s no m,,re means of ensuring peace U wems to us that Czechoslovakia', . change to Mr. ^1,1 ld a. £S"' ?" far he has « the chaJtenge b y saying, « It is . to know what 'the truth is , Vom press can endure the insult. But the in- •ult it no answer to give the voter* whose support Mr. Wallace is seeking. A policy of .softness and subservience cost Czechoslovakia her freedom. Would the same policy satisfy Russia and preserve freedom in the rest of Europe i'f the United States should adopt it? That is a question which iUr. Wallace must iui- swcr honestly if he is to justify Hie claim that his political gospel holds the key to world peace. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Springboard? SATURDAY, MARCH 6, The Payoff The congressional passion for investigation continues unabated. Now Democratic Senator Lucas wants to investigate how a Republican-controlled committee intends' to spend its money in an investigation of how the executive departments spend their money. Social Security Payments Payments of old-age and survivors' insurance under the Social Security System should be Increased. Climbing prices have srmrply lowered the purchasine power of the modest benclils provided by the Government's social insurance. The time has plainly arrived for raising the monthly checki to retired workers and their dependents. As Lewis Merlnin of the Brooking Institution has pointed out, In his book, "Relief and Social Security"; One cannot read the literature on social insurance systems without appreciating that their sixrlal and economic utility may be almost completely destroyed by changes In the levels of prices and wages. While that slagc Is nowhere near in tile United Slates, the mere listing of the present payments makes the desirability of their revision sc!t- eviclent. The highest benefit allowed a single man who is insured at Die age or gj years amounts to $t-UO a month. Actually, the average payment on June 30, 1947, when the last national survey was made, came to $24.10. when a retired worker has a wife who Is also 65. the maximum for the two is set in law at SG6.60. In practice, the payment to the pair averaged $39.20 * month. And for i family, the top permissible monthly figure Is $85. while the average given a retired worker with two or more children was found to be $47,90 Translating these payments to a weekly basis makes their meagcrness still more apparent Fortunately, things seem to be moving toward laislng the hencllti Labor organizations are not alone m advocating an increase. Life-insurance executives who havs specialized In social security lecommcnd higher payments. A short time ago the Social Security Board in Its annual report urged lifting the benefits, and now Harold Knul- son IR) . chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, indicates some Improvement may be undertaken this spring. As originally written in 1935, the Social Secur Hy Act planned much smaller pensions for the present lime than are mw being paid. Tne 1D39 amendments had the effect of raising the earlier- year benefits materially and lowering the long- range ones to compensate. A further boost Is now necessitated to help hundreds of thousands of the elderly. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. 'op' in Capitol Rotunda Needs Final Paint Job; Cost: $20,000 Nichols f re « Stuff Correspondent THE DOCTOR SAYS . WASHINGTON, March 6 (UP>""^ 5120 ' 000 '^"^ In 1877, Congress decided it waj t ,,sicr to give in th -•""»« the man Coiwcss on paint. There we're to .. — — ( v , i,,,_, t \%t;re i be ID panels, nine feet high and to Alttr Danger Period babies who live lod arc just as healthy as those wh norms Truman Action Weeks Ago Iy Congressman to Change Line Up With Wallace Bv Pptpr Frisf^n r_.. .._, ... . . By Peter NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA) - Sen ilen H. Taylor of Pocatello, 'Ida decided to be a candidate for Vice- President on Henry Wallace's third Party ticket against the advice of his <amily, his friends and his staff members. Two months ago the ex- go e ex- »> me nrsi Harbingers. Concress- smger of cowboy songs had made man Robert F. Rich (R., Pa ) biist- hls m '" lt o _ -- — ~~.-~.uj owugo iJrtu mane his mind to have nothing to do with the Wallace movement He had a statement to that effect all written out. He carried it around in , waiting for a good op. . to make it public. Then on Dec. 30 Taylor read in the pi- i pers that Truman was dropping! Dean James M. LandLs as .hair- man of the Civil Aeronautic.-; ! Taylor blew up. He tore un > for relaxation now and then. That's Puclry's Bustin' Out All Over Spring conies early to Washington, but Ions before the first robin, why the bookkeeper's job was installed. Aides say it enables him to set out a lot more work, congressional poets have broken out as ;he first harbingers. Congress full-size Infants. ConsequenTly few months or a year or vo they catch up with large,' infants. of premature" 1 ! ° f '' cd H dn! > dcatns e ?t <" ^""('o^improveme'n'tl "part of the problem can be met by trying to reduce the number of prematurely born infants. Part can be met also by further ste^ aimed at improving the chances of living for these tiny Infants. * * • QUESTION: Would It be harm- fu for a patient to use epsom dSfetesV JmU * e <""" »» ha. ANSWER: Diabetes should be treated as indicated ^ one ' ordlabc '^. and should i j ' se not be . , fre " tlcntl >' and regularly, ei- ed out the other das •• with a rhymed comment on the European Recovery Program, ft was a takeoff on the popular "Too Fat" polks. Congressman George Mae,R.. mcrce Committee. This was zeltinz funny, or was it? »««"* Senator Flanders finally asked' "What do you do with your time when you're not testifying, Mr. Sec- • retary?" Replied Harriman- "I nre- in i~ ~_i ; •' '""* "-^"'""v, c pai'e statements for my next an , """betes or anything else pearance." '" It's Investigation Two lu One The amount of time which Cabinet officers must spend before con, gressional -committees is little ap- [ preciated, even by congressmen. Secretary of state George c Ma up yards and yards of ropes and supported them with pulleys. Then he had himself hiked up the 58 feet to the zone banding the rotund-i, and went to work. For three years 'as a flmillar figure to tourists as he swiped away. , But Bnimid! was aging. When he h™L l e Job hc was 12 and hi » biush hand was shaky; His foot unsteady. As he was working on the seventh panel iPenn making a treaty with the Indians) he fell from the scaffolding. His injuriel were said at the time to be slight but he never went up there again.' A month after the fall he died Congress looked at the unfinished symphony h, color and put th« "" ser .°, n , Jhe only man it knew one" "pli " Kh "'? J ° b ' That wa * There was a scallywag, that Cos- H 5?T , Whal do 5 '°" SU PP°« h « did! Instead of going ahead imi- added »i i Cartoons. o auuuiu DC «»v* : iiLsutrtiu oi gome a in the indi- tating the great one he s*"* -o not few cm-lycues of hL, own own aroons the treatments yet. Very little of his stuff matched s i, n ,,w „„, v,. that ol the master. In fact to the Yet It All Happened You wouldn't have believed it II. 10 years ago he most reliable, prophet then operating had told you; The the total income of Arkansas people at that lime around a half-billion dollars, would zoom to one and onc.thlrd billions: That farm income would shoot up from less than 200 millions dollars to over 500 million- That the nation! government, which collected ess than eight million doliars of taxes in Arkansas millon's aB °' * OUld '" 10 S ' ea " "* scoop " 1 * ; >" "» That the state government would hoist iu tax collections from some 25 millions a year to 65 All of those things have happened-an astor- iMiing change, our Arkansas today is a far dillcr- tnt plac, from what .t was 10 years a B0 . It nas 8-uncd in many gralilyi,,,, «-ays-i Iot ably in its striking industrial Br0 wth. Less pleasant to think about is the rise of iiv-in* ,„„. _.,,, .,.- . . . edk h^n"^ o^Sh^'nls lot with Walla e. Ti ,v toW f n , would be the end of hU poiUicai career, but It didn't do any good • - • • Secretary of Defense James V Forre-stal has installed a high bookkeeper's desk and stool in his new office in the Pentagon. The desk Is old-fashioned In design, but strictly moderne In its metal construction composition top and lighting effects. It doesn't fit in very well with .. . second speech which was"Inside information? We never heard of that " ' ™ ^ " 18 lhal they know7 " rose for a 15 1 shall has "gone to _____ ». _____ _-... " 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — Marion Milner who atten"ds"Ar- times since Congress c the special session last Undersecretary Robert „. ^ )flu and Ambassador Lewis Douglas were up even more, in connection witn European recovery. Secretary of | Agriculture Clinton Anderson has ! ant secretaries and bureau chiefs i nave made 28 appearances. Undersecretary of Commerce William C the "Hill" "nine k . ansa - s College. Jonesboro : ame back for th ^. wee ^ nd here ' ' November. /-'I Altar Society of the A. LoveLt . o e Congress of 1880 it looked silly One legend is that Costaggini died Another is that he got the sack, which is more likely. At any rate, he left the 26-foot gap. which is stil! there. A dozen or so Congresses since have suggested doing something about it After World War I. Congress hired an American, one Charles A. Whip- I .' "* v~u,,ln.n.e VTdlllam U. When Secretary of Comincri-c j Poster has had to shuttle between Averell Harriman was called before ! slx different House investigations'of a congressional subcommittee in- ', 'he fuel shortage. When the fa--t instigating high price.s, he was un- | 'hat six investigations of the same ahlf? tn fini<;>i Itic t neHn-*^,^,. „• ii._ t.liintr nnUm «n _* n__ able to finish his testimony at i,,c first session. Sen. Ralph Flanders ot Vermont asked the secretary if he . .,.,.,, o,,u, couldn't come back next day. Har- \ termined Congress is to riman consulted a calendar. No, he i bottom of this thing'." The point <-_, i ! **<ii(.m.rtii, vuc vjijHues A. Wmp- spem i p]e to brush up some battle scen&5 . 'h ' He rubbed away for a time on what Misses Mary Saterfield and Katherine Pierce of Memphis are guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Afflick and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech. heart bid, which left the decision to West whether to play the hand at six hearts or at five spades. The opening lead of the three 6f to get at the ther clock, shir* bell, oil painting* and old prints of historic military moments. But it adds to efficiency Working at his big mahogany flat-' top desk, sitting in a too-comfor- able swivel chair, got to be tirin-f Not enough action. The secretary wanted to do some of his paper work standing up. pacing the floor ter that? No, he had to testify before another committee on housing. Three days later? No, he had to testify before another committee on taxes. Well, then the fourth • The fifth day? No. hc had to ap- j pear before the Interstate Com- ' than one club In his hand. Reasoning further, declarer knew that North did not have the king and - «• ,"" officers I queen of clubs, otherwise the king : publicly about this , would have been opened ._goes with the job. It's | North was a good player. In his . 5UBBested thilt " lc Treasury De- P. artmfcnt look ">rough its convict Mes for a money forger anri SCE if any of them could copy Brumidi. That didn't work, either. Rep. Jenkins' idea now is to fill the gap with a painting honoring the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur. It would cost 420,000. Some think the whole tiling ought to be done over for the «ake of matching patterns. That would cost, ah, a million, maybe. And that would hurt old Brumi- di. He did his painting for less than $8 a day, plus eats, dcmocrat!c . double he could not have counted IN HOLLYWOOD BY ERSKIXE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent *••••••••••••*••••«••••• (NEA) _ Tilc ' " OV C a " n "°"«'"»"wng"thV'jitiidiM IOVKI™ „,.„ .,,, !o »e careful how they film New *ork Bowery scenes HOLLYVVOOD, _ nic Browing pa'ias of television are par- , *• i-"".<-.j->. uuuuic MU uuuui IIUL nave -', , law y ers all[ l techni- on a club trick. Therefore, aec.arer cal experts who have to prepare | reasoned that North must have the data for Congress say that their ace of diamonds and kin-of hearts lf,T. WStJ !.h ,•£ l " forn ' ati o n are -and North must believe the heart '«'*•« »hat they were before the j suit wouldn't break. Based on this logical deduction a good declarer playing against a good opponent would lay down the queen of hearts after winning the " MeKENNW ON BRIDGE 00,^ "p^ »r We - F ™ S * r < l « C * ' u ,' or!d '" is tho firsl - anti-ccnsorshi|) j B J William E. .tlcKcnncr ' . y - rt mnkc 5 heroes out of mo- ' lV l )rocluccrs - 'Such imagination!) onto " a5 bccn '»^™ d onto our earnings. U 's dangerous to keep Uxes nd , P ,T"" UtC " Wa8 "' Mlar ' CS3 """™es »«d in total, local. stale a]ld ,, aUona| , h . .head o, earning, Onr federa, taxes are „ times »hat they *crc 10 scars as o. Ad ° P ' "'"""" CCU ' e r e d h,, , / lcv '« - ~ . ~• .--^..o.ui, oil; I atlehng the confused footsteps of movies in their infancy. I've been or the last few days and there's an amusing anecdote everywhere you go. One Los Angeles station televised tennis matches at the Pan Pacific Auditorium. Owners fo television sets started calling (he station. They couldn't sec the ball. II was completely washed out bv.',.., . '- — ••••••' ••"• • ' • u - v title role in an Italian film based 'on the life of Mnchiavein. Writer Jerry Steclcn says thai with the grnin market jumping up and down, it's about time tor Hollywood to announce a film titled. "The Great Grain Robbery." Hough |)nff first trick. North should cover, and the trick would be won tn dummy with the ace. Now the spade suit should be picker! np and declarer should lead the six of hearts. North would play low and the deuce should be played from dummy. f)ftf>rt ' T* 10 " tne whole heart suit could be \sl ten 'nicked un and the onlv trick rip- j picked up and the only trick declarer would lose would be the ace of diamonds^ the bright television lights. .lack Ktcwart was dimliug ;t j dramatic show for (derision.'lie needed some tog. It wiu, a foggy C'.llifornL, night So he ju-,l op'- encd a window In the television studio ami let tile foe rail in. J;irk l;ilrr .s:ilrt. "The real fug al- niosl looked like real fop-" Another Los Angeles television America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service _ , ' Most experts will tell vnii n lrt ,r Danny Thomas has „ bid f ,- om would rather play a Mam contract Acternn Films income to play the against a,i expert player rather State Education Board To Fill Two Vacancies LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 6.— <UP) — State Education Commissioner Ralph B. Jones today announced the resignation of A. B. Wctherington as superintendent of school transportation in Arkansas. Wethcrington resigned to join it Little Rock Life Insurance firm in a public relations capacity. Jones said a successor would 'at named by the state Board of Education meeting here Monday. The board also must fill the position of director of teacher education vacated when T. M. Stinnett joined the Arkansas Education Association a* director of publications. Read Courier News Want Ads. Darryl Zanuck has big plans for comedian Allan Young...u. f. Is grooming rugged-looking Howard —ARKANSAS DEMCX3RAT. SO THEY'SAY Th, Republican, m congress are approach,,* it (the ,or,d c ,,is, with . . . humamurianHm ' a *i.i£,^.vo ^liAJllllll^ 1 UK« CH-llJUJVJJlg MOU'SVfl station uses a scries ol title cards. | Duff tor a top budget western They : UP animated for the trie-i June A'lyson got Into a scene in vision ramcr.i by a m.-^ running Dick Powell's "Pitfall" but you til T.I through a washing machine ! won't see her. She's an offstage u "' 1Rcr ' ! voice saving, "There's a man wait- A Cleveland television station: ing out- here to see you." needed a title card. They line up ! ' '• Mme block letters and laid them on a piece of black velvet on the floor. A man climpcd up on a .stcpladdcr and photographed the letters. In New York they tell about a frllow hired by a news sydlcate In develop some television slums. Nof in the .script: "I'm tlrlipht- ril that iny hiBb.ind-to-bc, Collier VOIIIIR. can't cook. Notliiny; is so terrifying ns a limh.ind who Is superior in the kitchen."—Ida I.nninn. Credit Lancaster with ths A A 4 ¥ A J 9 7 South Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 432 * 10 863 2 + Q 10965 Tournament— E-\V vul. 5* 6* Opening—* 3 North Pass Pass Pass Pass Double Eut 44 5» Pass '>• --"...i -,-•.-• ••',i,,i .^(n,no, | V^IULH' isllll. l-irt III il.llvl Wllil lilt ' ••^— When lir: arrived for wort: he put! most phenomena] film rise hi re- than , wr-ik niavrr r- a big sign on his desk. The sign cent years. Loss than two vcars aso „? L,.l c , a ,..? la A. r For B° 0(1 V^V- •- • "»' •«• ""ir. , It fj ,. v ; ,.,,/..,. ,^..L.Iv,t.ii,,, tiint « UL- It] 1C-- n\g sign on his desk. The sign | cent years. Loss than two years ago ron , ll: - hr was appearing In his first play •fcvcrylxxly has two Jolu these after dorfinsr Ol khaki Now In days. UK own—and television." | partnership with Harold'Hccht, he Sorry, No Pictures " .nd ^ Strraemls ov 6 ,id oier-advertised. The Iron curtain could P -.rated by the force o, a bc.tcr m, than t ri are Mill »lavlnu at rach other A photographer at Giro's tried to (tcl them tonclhor tor a hand-s.liak- hiR photograph. They rcluscd.... Milton IJtrle hiun't Riven up his Him rarerr. He'll .star In a Columbia film to be produced this summer hy Connie Boswcll's husband, Harry notnm. crs have logic for every "pass" bi'd or double, while »'c»k!piavers often don't. ' head^'his'own'p^Cicin.'c^ipa;;; 1 ^ '^ ^" d fo [ ™f™^ • _«j ...m i— ..'j-j,_ .1,- r-.i_^.. nr i o 1 * 0 " pw.ici mil make the coii- U. S. Judge - • -•" - •- • j ntn\i.-> ui^ wnii |/n u\iiiv,ikj>; LUill|iany i>rVVl nllfni- TI-I!) 1 01,-R casslnt and Xavler Cugat ! and will make "Kiss the' Blood Off i ?,„, ^', "'" n '" a ° I 1 -e Mill BlarUii at rach other A : Mv Hands" with Joan Ponraliw ns ' ™^.. a .?. al ' Isl . <1 . not ." cr !rood : My Hands" with Joan Fontaine as his leading lady. Ham Goldwyn is toying with a World War II sequel remake of "Dark Angel." for Dana Andrews and Teresa Wright. I The Isle of Man is the native "" is one of the 'IKO has received nine loan-out 1 Making'of mo ffei's for nobtrl Ryan since hc oldest hoboes of ...„..„,,,„. for an CXscar ..Art- There are 2,025.001) registered mo there'i tor vehicles in Great Britain. -Iaycr nmht miss against a weak one ' first a word about the biuclln?: East bid hearts over West's bid of one spndc, and bid hearls again over three diamonds When West bid fours hearts, East's four spade I birt was not a .sign-off, u indicated sVa^ve'ivearts' cue^ shoeing ^e I and at he same ? mild slam try East ne milling a fell that he, HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured U. S. jurist 10 Get up 11 Thoroughfare 13 Horse's gait H Military assistant 16 Grafted (her.) IS Part of "be" 19 Equal 20 Him 21 Unnspitated 24 Stagger 26 Redacts 28 Endures 29 Feline 30 Roman bronze 51 Crinkled fabric 33 Expert 36 Unusual 37 Blackthorn fruit 38 East Indies (ab.) 39 Cicatrix •13 Registered nurse (ab.) •(4 Girl's name 47 Facility 48 Native ot Latvia 50 More sorrowful 52 Brads 54 Tie is a federal district — judge 55 Migra!« ,_, VERTICAL 1 Golf teacher 2 River islet 3 We 4 Jump 5 Green gem 6 Above ' 7 Symbol for neon 23 Storehouse „„ 2I Pipes 8 Compass point 9 S A.n.f , 9S 0 I -^ Al ''sts frame 42 Lease 40 Dray 41 Whilr i'«nnc 10 Bearing weapons 12 Anesthetic 13 Story 15 Id est (ab.) 17 Lampreys 22 Daintier 27 Sainte Cab.) 28 Sheep's blent 31 Indian 32 Train tracks 34 Harbors 45 Membranous 46 Bustle 48 Prevaricate W Wapiti •toLnnvas shelter 51 Dutch (ab.) 33 Soothsayer 53 Area measure a e I had gon« lar enough with hU Ilv«

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