The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1D47 BLt THETILLB (AUK.)' Nazi Industrialists a Factor \In Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power \And Assault on Whole World (Editor's note: How German in- • armament works will be Itie third I dvistry borame involved so deeply group of industrialist* to go on trial I in the aggressive march of Nnzism j at Nuernberg. They were indicted that its leaders earned Hie label i In August and trial is expected to start soon. "Kmnp." lie said, "was an itxcius- of Nazi war criminals is explained I in the following dispatch. It ts "'* second section of a two-part i"- : trial empire within Itself wiih Icrvlew with Thomas J. Dodd, Hie .long and sordid history oL war- chief American prosecutor oj the j making. Gustav Krupp was^in ear| Nazi leaders.) My supporter of Hiilcr, and the al- \m BY WH.MAM ». CI,AIIK |liancc between Krnpp and Nazism CTilted Press Staff Corrrsroudcnl : \vas broken only by Hie force of i allied arms in May, 19*5." i It was Gusiav Krupp and Farben, Dodd clMURert who "backed Hitler Hie way. Without them, Nazism • would neve have become a great ! power." LEBANON, Conn.. Oet. 3. (UP) •—The prosecution of German industrialists AS vv.u criminals "Is wholly justified" brrausc of Mx-ir "partirlpalion in tlic plunder and exploitation of territories under lh* Nazi yoke," according to Thomas .1. Dodd. t He presented the evidence which ; | sent the Nazi government leaders to the gallows, and prepared tin: i '. case against industrialists now on i ' trial or still to be tried. j "Capitalism, as such, is not on trial at Nuernberg," he said today in an exclusive interview wilh United Press. "The industrialists now on the dock at Nuernberg have not been indicated as industrialists. These men have been indicted , because they committed war crimes and crimes against the peace of the world. "No provision in the laws governing the trial of war criminals ex- ; empts th? r e men as a group from trial. In the absence of such an exemption and in the fnre of the strong evidence of their guilt, .ve ( from Garland sve would indeed be negligent were i Mount Ida. jttnot to bring tlym to trial." | McLaughlin said he asked the ^foodd charged that the Indus- ; change because he wanted "a fair trialists, particularly !. G. Farben, : trial in surroundings not prejudlc- "lendcrcd a major contribution m : ed against me by such bitter poli- the rearmament of Germany, mak- ' iical hostility." McLaughlin To Petition Venue Change HOT SPRINGS. Alt., Oct. ?, <UP) — A long and involved Ida. was expected today when the slate formally charges former Hot ' Springs Mayor Leo P. McLnughlin ; nnd his three co-defendants with bribery nnd official misconduct. In Garland Circuit Court Monday. The ex-mayor announced through his attorney C. Floyd Huff that he would seek a change of venue circuit court to PAGE Blind Faith Crackdown On Russian Visas Recommended WASHINGTON, Oct. 3. (UP) — State Department, officials vtura debating yesterday whether '.o criik- rtown on visas to Russians In view of (lie Soviet refusal to permit 11 senators to visit the 0. S. Embassy In Moscow. Officials said a further linilta tlon on visas to Soviet citizens rp- |)oared to l» the only practical ir- lallatory step the United Slates ! could take. If It was decided to lake Any notion a(«!l. vvoutrt be., the best I., proposed to President. Trn- pointed out that It probably would n that (tie number of Russian?)' further slfaln U. S.-Soviet vela- admitted (o Hie United Stalr.s be i lions nnd perhaps would result li limited to the number of U. S. additional restrictions by Russia Hurricane-Raged States to Receive RFC Financial Aid WASHINGTON, CM. 3. (UP) — The Rcconstruclloi] Finance Corp. announced yesterday it is prcpiu'e.l lo give Ilnlnclal nld to victims ol tlic recent hurrU'iiiic! which swi'in (lirousli F'loriilu, Mississippi iiiul Louisiana. RFC Omlnnmi Jolni D. Cloodloo authorized RFC oflircj al Jacksonville, Fla., nnd New Orleans, Ln., nccept application* for disnstpr re- tiabllUatfon. Emergency (trlrt olIl not sure, however, whether Ihls course. Thc\ citizens allowed to enter the Soviet. Union, other Senate members Most officials agreed It. be useless to send ol the Appropriations Committee protest to Moscow. in tide similar vecommcnclntlon.s. I iinvc twice n?Jcrlcc! U. S. Slate Department officials' \vero thai Hie vlsu.s be Issued. new note of The ••ill be opened nt Wrsl Palm Bench, i •'In , and Onlfport, Miss., two ol ic liurdcsl liil towns. A representative of the Qiillporl Emergency field office will be stu- tloneil nt Hay St. Louis to handle applications Irom the Mississippi area West of the Buy of St. I/outs iclBO, until repairs cuti be made tin 1 highway budye over' the Hay of St. Louis. HFC luis Invest iKi'tcH'8 looklnii OUT conditions In the devastated urcn nnd nddlllonal emntji'ncy o(- lico.s will be oiirned 11 they nre found tr ,,; lu'cf^iiuT. Wanted Old Steel Bed Rails 1 to 1000 T. L. Mabry J423 E. Mo.-Phono 3627 ing her capable of waging aggressive war by rendering herself sufficient in crucial war materials," The Farben works, whose lop- flight officials nuft' are on trial, he said, "developed the Haber-Bos?h process for fixation of nitrogen from air. thereby making Germany self-sufficient In nitrates. "Farben also developed the hydro- cenation process whereby coa! could be converted into lubricating oil and gasoline, enabling the Wehr- machb to plan and prepare Tor aggressive \var, based on the rapid movement o[ Lauks ami idvcvaU. Farben also \vns instrumental in meeting Germany's rubber needs through the discovery that synthetic rubber could be obtained from coal. Made Use of Cartels, Too "But. Farben was also assisting the German war effort in many other ways. Farben used the international cartel as an economic weapon in the preparation for. aggressive war through trade pene- trat!•-••. political propaganda, the colk A ,n of strategic information about foreign; Industries! nnd the weakening ol other countries by crippling production an'd" stifling research. "I have "noted ivith particular interest the charge in tho 'indictment with respect to Farben's activities in the UniVtd Stales. The imiii:i- mctit charges that: "through its jfertel arrangements, Farben re- ^Idcd the production within the United States of strategic products including synthetic rubber, magnesium, synthetic nitrogen, tetra- zen, atabrine and sulpha drugs.' This phase of the prosecution's case has, to my knowledge, not yet been presented at Nuernberg." Dodd said that many of the seized industries of occupied comuri-,\<> were Jewish. He cited tue SkoclT.- WetzJer works, a major chemical concern in Austria as a "typical case." Dodd said he expected the Farben trail would last about a year. Scon to be brought to a closp, he said, was the trial of , Frederick Flick, which started last Spring. Flick, comparatively unknown to the German public, said Dodd, "was a dominant figure in the steel industry and a close friend of Herman Gocring. Through his connection with Goering, he participated ex- Prosecutor Sidney S. McMath replied that he would protest the venue change 01 the grounds that Garland County would bear the ey.pen.sR of transporting witnesses io and from the Montgomery County seat for possibly a month. "I am convinced that Mr. McLaughlin can get a fair and impartial trial in Garland County," ; McMath added. j Meanwhile, the Garland Circuit , Court scheduled the trial of former I City Attorney Jay Rowland on ! nine bribery indictments as first i of the four. Tlic second is the trial of Ed Spear, former special de- I puty county assessor, on one indictment charging robbery; then George : McLaughlin, the? former mayor's - brother, on one indictment chavg- \ ing that lie received public funds I U which he was not entitled; and ; finally McLaughlin. on 15 charge? i of bribery and official miscon- 1 duct, *o/ice Station No Place To Slap Your Wife FORT WAYNE, Iml. (UP)—Waler Kamphues. 32. will be more :arcful where he Is when he picks & fight with his wife next lime. Polic'b reported that an argument led to physical violence when he Kamphues were going home in i cab early In the m or m n g, Th »j :ab driver stopped under the po- ice station windows. The desk sergeant said police came out the door In time to see Carnphues slap hLs wife. Topper, a six-ycar-otd wirehaired terrier, whose owners flew him from Detroit lo Washington for nn operation lo restore his sight, sits unflinchingly al Ihe Abbey Hospital for Animals in Washington after a cataract was removed Irom his right eye. Similar surgery will be performed on his other eye. He's owned by- John C. fironning, of Detroit. Central and South American Indians called the rubber tree "cau- [ichu," or "the weeping wood." Leib said. The AM VETS, American Veterans of World War II. opened thetr third annual convention yesterday with a pica to the nation In "help the veterans help themselves. 1 ' Last Two Big Days 1,KG10N I'AHK CAiUJTHKRSVll,, MO. Saturday, Oct. 4th Homecoming Day A Big Day of "Happy Days" lliirvosl Celebration, Festive Fall Festival, and Hilarious Homecoming Entertainment for Everyone. Sunday, Oct. 5th Visitor's Day The SIIOO.OO Amerii-nn l,ojrion IK'iliy is t One of (he Mmiy llni'i's To lie Featured On The HiK Speeinl Cro^nim Knr Oul-of- ('ounlv Visitors. Free Grandstand Acts Each Afternoon & Evening Featuring Specially I'hnmcd On the Mile-long Midway Wonder Shows of America 35 I)otilile-l,cnj;lli Hailway Curs liiiles Shows (!nnu'K AMVETSMayAsk For lnves*ioafrion Of Steel Industry •• COLUMBUS. O.. Oct. 3. (UP) — Joseph H. Leib or Washington "behind-the-scenes" .figure in na-! linnnl politics, said yesterday he would ask the nntional'convention of AMIVETS, to which he Is a delegate, for a resolution demand.- ing investigation of the steel in- ] dust'ry. i Leib, a one-time New Dealer who ' broke with the Roosevelt Adminis- j trnllon on the Supreme Court is- ' ! sue, has been credited with writing ' much of the veterans' legislation I passed by Congress. "All Americans, including veterans, are suffering from the present steel shortage, yet during the war the United States was the arsenal or democracy and set amazing records In steel production," Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarrassed by loose false teeth Clipping, dropping or wabbling when you eat, l«llc or . . ,-,.„-.• i Iau S h - Ju st sprinkle a little FAS- tensively in the Nazi program of j TEETH on j-our plates. This pleas- plunder and spoliation in the oc- ; ant powder gives a remarkable cupicd territories. He also was ex- ; sense of added comfort »nd security _ ijsively implicated SV»Ve labor program." Dodd pointed out that the case involving officials of the Krupp the Nazi i t>y holding plates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Get PASTEETH at any drug store. the RAZORBACK Now Open All Day—9 a.m. 'til 1 a.m. / Breakfast Served 9 a.m. 'til Noon DELICIOUS , PIT BARBECUE Cooked With Hickory Charcoal Steaks-Fried Chicken-Seafood All Kinds Sandwiches Plenty of Parking Space Cell Us For Football Results Scores of High School Games at Hom« and out-of-town, available at the end of each quarter Phone 4341 276 So. Division St. * ***** • ** \ o r0 D( bs a °° KaWW A <&*£&<•" o\ *MI»|CANS USE FOUR TIMES AS MUCH COTTON AS All OTHER FIBERS COMBINED Xou Ust Mort Cotton Because Collon Givei Y o u M o i « THE FIRST NATIONAL. IN BLYTHE VI LLE TJw Only National Bank in Mississippi County New Numbers 4474 and 4475 But Same Reliable Service 'Tor Work Done Right" CALL NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners 220 North 2nd Street FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY r EXCAVATION r' -free Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. MINNNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of PIANO THEORY —HARMONY Special Classes for Prc-School Children and Beginners Phone 2004 807 Chlcknsnwhn BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 A rk.-illo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch Vi M. Pi. 7 Crown '. . ..„. 1.35 j.65 Calverr 1.35 2.65 Schcnlcy 1,35 2.65 Throe Feathers 1.35 2 65 Hill & Hill 1.40 275 Old Taylor . . . 4.35 Four Roses 2.85 ffr. 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% BEER---per Case $2.88 GAS - '<=9 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5c AH BrandsCigarei^ctn. $1.35 S T U D E B A K E R B TUDEBAKER CHAMBUN SALES CO. Sales STUDEBAKER * Service Lot our skilled mechanics take care of your cars and trucks. Complete line of parts. Prepare for winter now - let us install a heater on your truck or car. Complete line of accessories, radios, fogllphli. feat covers, batteries, dares, bumper guuds and a complete line of FIRESTONE TIRES. 2 speed axle. 1011 Chevrolet 825 llrc.v 1011 Chevrolet .34 toil truck 1040 Ford - | ton stake body 1917 New Ford 3 SpcM Axle 8-25 Tires 1047 New International X-J 1 Speed Axis 823 'Olrcs 1047 New Sturtebaker 1'i Ton Loner Wheel Base. 1941 Ford Coupo 1941 Dodge 2 Door A real Buy 1533 DoSOiA 4 Door—Clean 1939 Plymouth 2 Door—A leal Job Trade \Vllh Confidence with ChamMtn. Thes« Cats Carrf a 3« Day Guarantccl TUDEBAKER Si T U D E B A K E R S

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