The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT COUKIKR NKWS Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the Research Group ToObtaiiiCharler University Board To Pass on Directors Named by President FAYETTEVIL.LE, Ark.. Oct. 3 — Articles of incorporation lor the "University oi Arkansas Research Foundation, a non-profit corporation whose purposes and objects will be "the promotion and furtherance ,of scientific research general education and humnn knowledge," have been approved by the University's Board of Trustees and will be filed for record soon, it was announced today by President Lewis Webster Jones. The articles of incorporation set forth that "the business and purposes of the corporation shall be to -promote, encourage and :iid scientific research at the University of Arkansas by the faculty, staff, • alumni and students thereof, and tliose associated therewith, and to provide or assist in providing the means and machinery by which their scientific discoveries. Inventions nnd processes may be developed, applied and planted, and the public and commercial uses thereof nelermiiicrt." Headquarters o£ the corporation will be located on the university campus at Fayetteville. The corporation will be governed by a board of -directors of nine persons, three ol whom nve to lie selected by the University Board of. .Trustees, three selected by the University Senate' with approval of the Board of Trustees, and three to be alumni of the University appointed by the president of the University and approved by the Board of'Trustecs. The directors oi the corporation will be appointed for terms of five ' years, but their terms will be . staggered, it was stated. The board : of directors will select a president. : and a vice-president from their own membership, but the secir- tary-lrcnsury will be the clilcf financial officer of Ihc university. or a person appointed by him "Formation of the University of Arkansas Research Foundation is a preliminary step ill the University's program for the advancement of research, both in agriculture nnd industry." President. Jones said in making the announcement. "The organization will provide an instrument through which the maximum benefit of scientific discoveries and inventions will accrue to the .University, the research workers, imrj the geneva! public; and through the assistance which It can give. It will stimulate interest in the various fields of research at the University." FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1047 VRES Suggestons For Better Farming Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. Champion Corn Grower Of Cottonseed Jrrred b;y ^li ?$& Animal Husbandman Joins University Staff KAYK'iTKVHJ.K. Ail;,. Oil. It. r-rtu h Ir.u:, '.-hnv.u ih;ii. I<n' h ;:LI|I:; i-it inn.,feed 5'ioiiH h» tv^ •;!:-< a rnonl h b 1 ' mo it is j nrMjltn rnrlirr, I HOI;.; . C ' irk., Sept. 26. t. (i F| mso)i has been frn u\:>nri'Atn pi'r)k'.s.sur in ilr i ol ;iM!in:il imlus! ry ]IMI S. El'.r> of Uio Unv Ark;niF-;i<; College o! A-; I'HS annonnrprl. He br^a ir>. rcnnlmj; in Dr. V. n. Vnnnj-. path- t Dr. O.'IM ,<m tr:iclirs ironr.rPs ?t "i!fj:-i-:t v:uh the Arkansas Ayricm- 1 rhfcsc pi odiidfon, and ice cream rojn or.r :;r.',i:-;0n to tho ni'.xi. pro- iclrcl it us dry and is properly sloirrl n\ ft dry pi net 1 . OoUon:-;r.-efl is li'catnd in (toMi'oy U'l:^;- ar.d spores of .'•onilnsi lili^:r_ Lli:ic:iK("i v.'hu'U uvt 1 carried tm Uie ific.'dfOiit or the lintors. Thr cltcim- :it!s act .sJmvly on tlic:ie H'-i'iJis, TSicy profiling vapors or j.::\sc\; whir; 1 ) JJIM- -tr.uc tin- Jtix/y ILIHSM (if Jintrr.s and thus ;',i'i*(liirilly UisinfVri [lit- .SIT.I, Thar.-, v.iiy Millu:it'Lil time iuu:>i ot: juTii lo] 11n? (rrjilNUMil. to UiKC ulli-ct, Ur. Voting points oul, Work li;rc bren done on coll on- serd uratnil-Lit ;it, UK> Arkansas Ex- ptTimniL Siiiticm lor a number «>* yc;u\s. Ii lias shown th:U thriv :ir'.-; I'liL-inU:^). 1 ; u liich ;siv ufc^ui cnii :i 1; y ol 1 re t U o for t run I i n;.; Mi* eoUnniHci (I. Thoy :\rc .sold imrlrrliK trade n.'.nics of "2 Percent CCM':-:IH' Boft/encc/c NEW YODK, Oct. 3- <UP< — Tlin Railway E::pi - o:vs A;:ri!<:y' -sn ike is keeping women's skirts to the old i from Now York's gtiimcnt disiiic; fajnJliar level ,otll of town buyers | to dcjjailmcnl stores throughou reported today. Uie nation. The stnkc has lied up shipments ol the new longer length dresses Read Courier News Want Ads. Lhc U iir.rr:;ity in tncukcL milk, and b;r. ' :.'i' inanufuc-'tiU'in^, As iueinu;T of Uic K 1 ^crinicni Station .stall, tin will :0so conUnuc research work on iinproyiny the quality cf dairy jirofiiicLs. nr. ci.u'j'i^oii K a native of Illinois i'.uc't a i;nuluate of the Univfis-.- Ly oi TlhiMns, If(; recfiivcd a M»strr dojirc Iron] thc".Uni\Tr:iiiy , oi:ri ami a _Ph, D. duj?n?p from I>''.va Slate CoHosie with KJJO- L-i:dix*:tl liafninji in dairy toclntu!- o^y, Ksir I lie p:ist two \'oai.s, lip h;is l:ccii (.'inpliiyofl as supervisor n; ih.^ iT^,c;ucii division of the Goldf-n Stru-'* D;iiiy Products Company in .Snn Frannsi'o, Calif. Before that, he 1 hud -=)]i nt a number ot yem.s a'. tlu 1 Uni'.'i 1 !.•;;[>' ol Mir^ouri ;*s a.i- swltint prolcssor ot dairy niaiiutar. 1 - Mcgic ,=p,» " g ^. lift 6 511G 1'Of SiECZ . "> Carnival Lynian Hei Bilbicy tccnlcri int; r;u'M tj! cnru r.unvii in Uid.iii \v.i!!;cd off with lirM pl:ici; honin^ in Iht Aviuorcl -i-H Club pi'v kirnt nv i t com to th. 1 ;'.crc r H. % v.'iit rnuiisi-L' the HI iitc Fiiil 1 in UUlf Kork iif XI V-'.' Ciiunlv A - ;rnt Keith 1 ' i "i i y.-inct.- ( i nil N Honsun iri'. Yi'.'lcl Col It t 1 i 1 us tl bi".jliels uf hybrid kl c nu i ikivini tc.x'i- «lie:i If.'rii']} internally. VV;;en usins "II lini'e cliemicals. be on !!iia«l breatliing i" e/ -HI- aaicunt-s u' Lite du. 1 ;! :iM',1 al!u\Mi','^ tile du;it lo rcrr.nin nn tiu bliiii, Ui. Younu wauis. Suitable it;s]'iiatcrs .s'nnuld ahvays l>e ir-.eil anci ci-1 power-driven niaeJi'r.'.ery should be equipped with dust col- Iccuir.!. D.' -sure ;'.ls:j to «nsh thu- roughly v.itli SOLIJ) alter apijlyinc he ciutt. The MPillS. Trim.. Get 3. <UP> — I hemp of the 1!!<!8 cnltou car- r; Ccfil Miner Tips Off Rich Vein sr:uLLTON, m. ^iri ri-»- Plctclier. a ••:-lorr!-:rc"i:t. i r and lu:r'. ricTiler, is nn\v hi the biisim: Pl-lr-hcr c'rddrd to hunt \v«r" :1iuc1:R 0:1 his Inrnilnnd, He KM:!: one lo its den. Unlike rrtumu uronndi ^". d •;hT-s. ?mi?ll lunins of rn:il v/t , mixed with the cavxh. Plctc\:«v w a pick nnd shnvcl nnd found tliDt • the chuck bad burrowed his Mi'3- i terrrnean apartment in a nvc-and- ! foot vein of coal. j The vri;i 1;:-^ xrvlri' n ':•:>'- _ »l ] mere than five p.cri 1 :-; aiirl lUt ~',:t'i I plans to strip the area, of it, c , black 1 l(iEIHKlTKl.S. P..-.:stic Ccnr.el Deck'ss To Have SJt/ev/n/fcs CAKMF.L. C: ; l. h --Sc:;. \,:t;e"Li )— Carnc' b pri-. ; -!:r','e(l 1. ' I3i 1 ) niri 1-3J the U.S. i i O cd .'.n Livcra^u: 0; 101 c t n 41)0 J patcius a year. ro" of the realize r c ? p o n - f,-;y oi "Kiiii; Coltoti and hi-: Miiaie C;ir- pcl." Ihe ;un!if ule;i ,vas subiniftcri iiy McKay Van Fieri, nl Mempiiis. parade Rram! marshal of the 19 !7 eouon fc^'i T ,'al. "I'hirs rhrnic ^ivrr> us the u:r;U- e.s! lnli:ii:ie of any ever ured hy tii" c;ls•nl^•;jl," piT^irient .loe Da\'is ;<uri ; "There are nraeticaliv no bouiyl to our np!>l:-':n^ the 'nin::u: e:u-i]et idea ;o activities se.lutiny kui i eoi-ton.' 1 We can help you get lots of meat, milk and eggs. Come in for all farm and feed needs. .,...,..,. . f ? •* *^fv ! r' i /- „ /-.^< / !f you want TOP Egg Production — IT'S THE EGGS IN THE BAG PURINA WATER WARMER Th*rmo«totic control. For pan! and f' You're ahead when you ^ buy a feed with lots of |:j eggs "built in." Lots of |:| eggs mean plenty of |s| exira money for you at jp : today's high egg prices. |i| pWhen You Buy PURINA You Buy EGGS! Did you ih:it you siblo for ever dre M, C s^ --crt Former Agri Secretary To See Arkansas Show LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. 3. (UPI — Former Agriculture Sccre'.nry Claude R. Wickard will licart nil , Women r.T N. Y. State impressive lisl o! guest spsnkcrs /-,.. on- the Rural ElectvilicaUon Day;^-'" 1 ! program at the Arkansas show In j Little Rock Oct. ;0. j NEV Wickard is now national rural i nearly Other speakers on the program electrification administrator, will include Arkansas' senators M -ir.bcr:, oi Ihu'l planning i-';;rjv.1r^ '.on aii/cc'tl thrtl \in- nr^'rd. nin'rovv streets r.rc not a S"t;d Tcr l |:or,"o: s 011 loot. Cut tiioy .sl^iccl ri' tl:o xlv;l\- v.oi'd "R: 'c\v;;r-:.s," le eity f'lunrU lh:U i -:ii I:: 1 >'.! u iler., piu- eiiotl be Jiuide Lo re- anyone Icci'i inici irly on your premises? Public Liability ln:urance is lov/ In cosf b'jt high in protection viion on accident occurs. to V/r/r YORK (UP> Hvin in Tht? mn r ^ i Id vciuson NOBLE G l Ltcd '''."I :i ! ' trr tho wp.r v.'omcn \vo',i!d lc;\'-:- 1 Uicir office uml iP.clorv 1 jibr^, t'iie ! State Depnrtmi lit n!" Ij^hfJi' r<::.Kirt ^ Jolm L. McClcllan and J. W. Fill- ; it lias not h:v;ilMTfrl in Nc'.v Yurk. bright, members of Congress from Two years iii'trr V-.i cl:iv. thr ri,'- Arkansas, and C. C. Wine, chair-; pavlmeut Couwl la'S.c: 1 ! -.'.o!iic:i man of the Arkansas Public Ser- were employer! in f-o s'-ie. 27 per vice Commission. I rent or npprrxrv.ntfls' ^,n,r r :n ninr, 1 . i inins -it U uas i t htv v t ltd i la .su)l- 1 Pure tl'.cmspivos ami o'-licr.s ui their ' nimlir 1 . H OTtU BLDG. u c;n •,, mice is hist Aroirnd t':o Cnrii-^r •T.rl us rrniovo fhi: wiilrr frnni ' fur tirrrs :i'l'l fill thrni \V1 1 I| r-\l- rium (hlmirlc :inli-frr"LC sol'i- I'on. \Vc will lie to nuke •in ;:pnoin'.r.'.C'nt to c".rc f'*r all vouc tiActn:^ at your farm—thin "iivini: • nil ti:-ii'. itK7lP",""1 T 1! \V" S!'V,V1|'1 : . ALL B Feed a balanced groin ration riot just profein alone. Your cows get the feed they need when you buy — •\/8ig Litters Growth DRY CQWS Special Purina feed builds dry cows>for easy calving ar\d heavy milking after calving. Ask for ., . 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