The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 6, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH R nO\t I N A NVT JklLMtrt? II * lll_'li ,11.1 *.,m-*-,i,t.* * . ..... • ^^^^^ VOL. XLIV—NO. 232 BlythevlUe Courier Blylhevlll. Dally N«wi Mississippi Vallev Leader Blythevllle Herald THE DOM1NAN-I NKWSPAPBR OF NOHTHt.'AST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAB'l MISSOURI HLYTHKV11.I.K, AKKANSAS. SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 1948 RIGHT PACKS Alfalfa Research Plans Outlined in Osceola Meeting ' Grass root plans for an ali'alfa research program to be carried out in Mississippi County uuctei- the auspices of the University of Arkansas Agriculture Experiment Stations were, made at a joint meeting of the County Ka,rm Bureau representatives of the 22 alfalfa dehydrating units of the county and alfalfa planters of Osceola last night. The profirsin, lo be known a« the* --- ' Mississippi County Farm Bureau ' Alfalfa Hese-arch Project, will Include studies of different varieties, use of fertilizer in alfalfa cultivation, time of cutting, rates of seeding. increase in length of life, of stand, and general cultivation. The project will call for a 12-acre main experiment plot to be located in the vicinity of Osceola with five or six two-acre test plots to be scattered throughout the heavy alfalfa producing countries of tliu section. The project will be financi-il Jointly by the University of Arkansas and the county's 22 dehydrating units. However, it was pointed out ai the- meeting thai other persons interested In the research program nifty contribute. Project Sought for years County Agent D. V. Maloch of Osceola. stated this morning that j the South Mississippi County Agriculture Planning Committee had discussed the project for the past three years but that the University of Arkatuas had only recently a- grced to sponsor the idea. H-» stated that a representative of the Agriculture Experiment Stations will be stationed in Osceola to supervise the project. ^.Hiring of the personnel and the ^[(tual research work will be financed by the University of Arkansas but financing of the rental of the land must be lx>rne by the county, he .-said. It was, agreed at the meeting that the county's alfalfa dehydrating milts would each contribute $100 for this puriwse, ne stated. A 10-man committee headed by C. J. Lowrance "at Driver, to b-> known as the Farm Bureau Alfalfa Research Committee, to handle all 'details of the research program, WPS appointed at last night's meeting. Oilier members of tlie committee include E. M. Hegenold of Ar- Ed Teafotii of. f < uvora. 1 R Coleauui oC Little Rive* Larry Kneas to Seek City Office Accountant Files For Clerkship in Municipal Election Larry Kncas, public accountant and auditor with offices In the Isaacs Huildiiifi here, today formally announced that he will be a candidate for the office of city clerk in the municipal election April 6. A graduate of Benjamin Franklin University in Washington. D. C.. Mr. Kneas was for two years chief accountant and assistant professor there. He is a member of the First Methodist Church clioir and Is sec- I rctary of Ihe Blythevllle Junior ' Chamber of commerce. Mr Kneas won a key-man award this year for his work In the'Junior chamber of Commerce during 1947. Mr. Kneas also Is a member of the Young Democratic Club of Arkansas. Democrats Fight Military Pact AsPartofERP Opposition Voiced To Arrangement to Pull U.S. Into War ana Uoole 'QiH of EML Mr will serve as secretary to the committee with G. L. White of Osceola. secretary-treasurer of the County Farm Bureau, as tieasnrer. Committee Seeks funds Thus committee will have charge of the raising of the finances for Phe rental of the land anil all other details which must be furnished by the county. Mr. Maloch stated that it is hoped that the project will get underway by July 1 but "that'no starting date was set at the meeting. He. stated In announcing his candidacy. Mr. Knens said. "My work in public accountancy, plus four years as an allditor-in-charge for a government agency, has made me thoroughly familiar with taxation and various methods of municipal accounting. I feel I am well qualified for tlie job and. If elected, promise a smooth-running, efficient office." A property owner, he "is married to the former Miss Marion Slcmac of Blythevllle. They reside , at 128 West flavU. . - A School To Be Enlarged District Gets Lease On Officer Quarters At Old Army Air Base Tlie City of Blylhcvllle today | leased for 10 years the officers' that the University has yet to des- \ Quarters building at the air base ignate a man to assign to the county • p n d an adjoining 22 acres of land as supervisor and that actual research wont could not begin until one is assigned. However, he explained that South Mississippi County is going ahead! with previous plans for several al- ' falfa demonstrations. Two variety I demonstrations have been set up and approximately four fertilizer tests are being planned by indi- to the Gosnell school board for iise for school purposes. Mayor E. R. Jnckson signed the lease this morning nnd announced that the Gosnell school board will provide maintenance anct a $25.000 insurance policy on the building as rent. Clmlrman J. .sllunliun lodny or Democratic Nntlona Howard McGrath. . Even some of the President's closest friends arc known to be seriously worried about his chances of winning In November. This feeling has Riven rise lo speculation Hint siijns of detent Ism in the parlv might convince Mr. Truinnn he should step aside before the convention. He has not yet announced whelhor he will be- a candldnU-. but i "" • -it is conveded he can have the nom- th £..''resident's civil rights ination l[ he wauls It. Wounds Slow (o Heal One Southern Democrat In the Senate expressed the belief tlmt nn oiRiuilwd movement nmy dcvclti|> williln Hie purty soon to support ot/ifr randidiite. However, there wns no indication party lenders liere ycslerday tlmt the Democrats are In danger of los- WASHINGTON, March «. (UP) — The Semite Foreign notations committee's two ranking Democrats lined up today against a Republican move for nn anti-Communist military alliance within the Marshall plan, Sens. Tom Connally, Tex., and Waller P. George. Ga.. said In separate Interviews they would fight Ihc proposal because It could force the U. H. into war without the consent of Congress. Senate debate on the European recovery in-ogi-am was In recess for Ihe weekend. But Sen. Joseph !1. Ball, n., Minn., said he would press for a vote on his anti-Communist amendment next week. The proposal w-ould call on President Tinman to take the lead in forming a veto-proof bloc, outside the United Nations, lo stop aggression. George sniil such a O. S. commitment should not be marie nt the present time. He suggested thai If some type of political alignment against Communism Inter Is found necessary, a regional agrcemem similar lo that prevailing among Western Hemisphere states might be formed. This lype of compact he said, would give participating nations a final veto on the use of Its own military forces. Connally, former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, po>i ed out Hint under Ball's prop.. ,.1 for a veto-less "supreme council." seven nnlions could force use of U S. arms lo stop Connni nlsm. even without the consent o.'' .Is country. Tlie Texas Democrat also opposed a plan calling for a Uniled States of Europe. Such a slop. .Connally said, would be seized by Russia for "propaganda purposes" and would prompt charges Ihut the U. S. seeks lo dom- mnle Europe. The initiative for economic or political unification he said, must come from Europe rather than the U. S. • Meanwhile. Ihe Hcrler committee on foreign aid reported thai Ihc Russians probably will give up their "plunder" policies In satellite nations soon. In favor of a long-run 1 use or. 1 ^.European resources. '^ In ""-report to the House committee said: • ^ "Now lhat Ihe last remnants o rT abrar d the Ill-fntert Hatcher" anti-Communist Influence in the j crashed into n concrete bridge pier governments of Hungary and Ro- "''out 9 o'clock Thursday, lil-jht mania have been eliminated, it is' wllcn tllc towboats was caught in possible that the Soviet Union will i " n eddy while going through R encourage Industrial expansion as a I routine maneuver of returning lor barges tied up downstream. Reports from Memphis said that Mr. Powers liver! there until the (tenth of his wife about a year n{jo, wllcn he changed his a'ddrcss lo that o/ his stepd/iughler. Mrs. O. S. nolllson of Blythevllle said this morning that Mrs. Etig- tnon told her ollieri survivors Included three of the Blythevllle woman's brothers, one residing In New- York state and the other two in Alabama. Some Democrats Already Saying Truman Cannot Win Re-Election By Kayinund I ahr Illlllrd t'rrmm Sla'f <.\«T*tp<Mld<ll< , WASHINGTON, Mmvli 6. (U.l'.)_S(, me of 1' mimnii's Southern Democratic foes wore roiulv Indnv (o write off the 1918 eU-clitm as lost HIH! 1,, n\m for » reimilori iwrly in 19, r >2. Th«Be Dfinocrats :u'i> uiulcrslood to Tool Unit I lie rivil riKhts revolt and Henry A. Wnllnue's third parlv movi-meiit have practically killed the 1918 chances of Mr. Truman— or any oilier IVmocral. + ------------ ............. . The President. who relumed yes- , I»R New Voik'n 47 electoral votes lerday from his Florida vacation. ' He urged Unit the I'resldenl stand was lo get K nu-in on (he political I firm on his civil rights platfor """"" ..... •-'"•• SINGLE COPIM FIVE CENTS Monday from . 'tint lie act promptly (o support pur-' tllion of ['ajesllne. unit tlml ho nt lack Henry Wallace us a " 60Bii«" prcRrhlitK appeasement. Coiifrrriio Next Satunluy 'I'lic next bin move In (he Inlru- pnrly disimtc Is expected uexl SiH- urday when the Southern Bovernors assemble here for a report from n committee which coutenvil rccenllv with McUnith. Al that medliiB, the Drinucrntlt: chitlimun rejected <lf- m " llds ">»* tins party rcpuduUe Since then several Southern slntrs have taken preliminary slep.s u, wllhhold their electoral voles from Mr. Truman If he runs. A House judiciary subcommittee. . yesterday approved a proposed con- slitutioiiiil nmrmlmenl which would do away wlih (lie present olcctorul college system alloKclher. It. would .- .1 by :m slates. Simllur proposals have been defeated hi the pitst. Oscar L. Powers, Victim of Natchez Sinking, Was Resident of Blytheville One of me identified victims or the sinking or the lowbonl Nulche/, near Greenville, Miss.. Thursday night was the stepfather of . Filylhcvllle woman and had resided here, it was learned today. He is CteL'ar L. Powers. 51 who was first itienliiied as ol Memphis then later reported lo have been an Osceola resident. He hart llvd In both places but his last address was that of his stepdaughter Mrs 7 T Edgmon of Blythcvllle, it developed today. ' ' ' i>ir. and Mrs. EdBujon reside on» Carolyn Street in the Pride Acldl-' tlon. Mr. Edgmon is a dragliiM operator for S. J. Cohen Construo- Co. here. major factor in strengthening Soviet-type governments everywhere." Red Cross Gets $2,149 First Week of Drive Terms of the lease call for other rent except maintenance and vlduals in that section of the county, i insurance, R. L. Maxwell, member The variety demonstrations • -- •• or the Gosnell school are j "1 me uosnell school board, said being carried on by the R. C. Bryan I this morning that work was undcr- fnrms of Osceola and the Little Riv- *"».V towards conversion of the cr Co-operRtivc and that the fertilizer tests will be made by the C. J. Loivrance Farms at Driver, Fred Jacobs of Grider, Lloyd Godley of Osceola and possibly the Luxora Gin Company Farms of Luxora. Soils Management Discussed Alfalfa research projects, although relatively new to Arkansas, have long been discussed by planters dehydrating men of the county. Very ^•(tle is actually known about what contributes to better alfalfa yields in the county and opinions differ as to what variety of alfalfa is best suited for this locality. Prior to the discussion ol the alfalfa project, jvfr. Maloch reported to the. group on soils mannge- wsy building for classroom purposes. ,A portion of the building will be used as classroom space Immediately. Mr. Maxwell said, and I*-- remainder Is expected to be re- Vi oy thr beginning of the Fall :erm or before. Space for Nine Classrooms The bulldins; Is approximately 30 ndjby 300 feet and the Sl.OOO square ment work being carried South Mississippi County. out in Gathings Files Pledge Seeking Re-Election LITTLE ROCK, March 6. (UP)— , . --Five members of the congressional I nccomodated in the 10 feet of floor space in-ill be divided Into nine classrooms. Mr. Maxwell said A portion of the building also will be used for living nunrlers for j the school's superintendent. i The 32-t.cre plot will be used for I a playground and as sites for living quarters for olher facultv members. Mr. Maxwell said. 1 Use o; the former officers quar- Icrs will alleviate an existing overcrowded condition at the Gosnell school, he said. Describing the condition as "packed." Mr. Maxwell said there, are approximately 500 students to rooms . delegation from Arkansas lodas"fVlc'ci i nt Gosne " School. Tills Is nearly their parly loyalty pledges and paid' 1S slndenis per room over the their fees lo "secretary Harvevi °P tlmum number n , set by the Combs of the Stale Democntivi Ark:! " s:! -' Slate Department of KA- com-'ltlcc. ' I """on. They were Reps. Brooks Hays of' r-™ 0 , bllildl "K acquired by the Little Rock. W. F. N'orrcll of Mon- ' G . 05!1 ™ «hool today Is steam ticcllo. Orcn Harris of El Dorado.' E. C. (Took> Gathings of West Memphis and Walbur D. Mills O f Kensett. • They were expected to file their corrupt practices pledges with Secretary ot State C. G. Hall this afternoon. Rep. Fadjo Cravens of Fort Smith has announced that he will not seek Jjp-electton, and Rep. J. W, Trlin- ^J;o of Bcrryville had filed his pledge nnd p.-wid his fee earlier. i ed. There nrc l~vo boilers In the heating system and the structure : contains plumbing facilities. New York Stocks New York Cotton i;EW YORK, Close steady. Open AT&T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel ........ Chrysler .......... Coca Cola ....... ! Oen Electric ...... Gen Motors . Montgomery Ward (UP)-j nu^rves'tc'r ...... \ Nort]1 ' May .. July .. October March 6. Am AviatU}n ' High Lo w closc | R cpu b|j c stc( ,| 3444 ,3M4 3«5 3434 Radio . 3450 3372 3068 3005 3455 3374 306 S 3005 3437 335 < 3045 2937 S|»U close 3530, down 5. 3443 Studcbakcr 3364 Standard of N J 3055 Texas Corp 2996 Packard . I U s Steel ,'.'.' 150 3-« 62 3-4 31 5-8 .11 7-8 55 3-4 165 32 3-* 52 3-8 50 13 1-8 85 1-8 H 25 1-2 8 3-4 15 3-8 73 1-4 54 1-4 4 1-2 10 The first week of the annual Red Cross financial campaign in North Mississippi County has bioii°ht contributions totaling aboul one- fifth of the S11.04S set ns this year's quota, it WHS announced today. Contributions reported by drive leaders amounted to J2.J40.8o by noon today. Two communities exceeded their goals, reports today also showed. Working townrd a goal of $755, Manila residents contributed a total of JSOO. c. W. Ttplon is in charge of the drive there, assisted by Mrs. Madge Brown, Resident;; of the Forty and Eight community also exceeded their goal. The nuotn lor that community was $60 and a total of S76 received from there today. Drive chairman there Is w. A. l/wta, assisted by Orbrey Merrill. Unofficial reports from Leachville said today that contributions there had reached the S5CO mark and thatmorc were being collected. Dilly B. Steed is drive chairman for Leachville. Farley Says Wallace, Not Southerners, Threat To Democratic Victory NEW YORK, March 6. (UP' — James A. Farley doesn't believe the Democrats will drop President Truman in favor of another candidate. "I don't see how the Democratic Party can fail to nominate President Truman," the former Democratic national chairman said last night. Farley said that while the Southern Dcmorrnttc break with Die .id- ministration is serious, he believed the South ultimately would line up behind Mr. Truman. False Pretense Hearing Scheduled for Mar. JO A preliminary hearing for Claude Smithwick -of Senati», Mo., on a charge of obtaining'money under false pretense was set for Wednesday after he appeared in Municipal Court this morning. Hmirt for Smithwick was set at $2,000. He was arrested in Film. Mich., and returned here this week by Deputy Sheriff Holland Aiken and City Policeman Turner Kissell. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney H. G. Partlow said today lhat Smith- wicX is accused of selling a f 1,350 Iractor to Newt Dunigan.' of near here, while the vehicle had a mortgage against it. Smithwick went to Michigan after the sale, Mr. Fartlow said. co Stockmen Power Company Lineman Suffers Severe Injuries Co-Work«r'« Action Credited With Saving Lif« of Hayti Man Mnrvin Cli.-uii|iion. lltt.vti, iMo., 2(i, was HCi-iniisly Ini mod ' with yeslcrdiiy wlirn lie i-Miiio in a G.aOO-volt olcotrio line while woi'kin K three-mini Ark - i\lo Comiwiiy i'1-ow i-o|)ji l)iirn«j-oul,'oni,,.)-, wns t!i.''t:]().sc(i lodjiy. He h«K reKiilned cimsclonsness unit Is In the Wnlls llospii,,) \ Kn , Alertness cil mini her mi'iubri' of the crew. Kverett fVriilison, ul.v, 0 ( Huytl. was snl(t by power company rcjiic.'ioiilatlvcs loduy to Imvc ,suv- I'd Cluiinplon's life. ' ' FYrfm-son wns \vorkliiK i>u Hit 1 polo with Clinniplon when the live w| n . was conlacled «n<i iimncdintely knocked htm uivn.v lion. Hi,, whe 10 break cunliicl. He wns suvvd from InlllllR M [eel by tlio snlely bl-lt wlikh llnemun wear when \vorkinn off the ground. Feruuson, nmlsUM by nilly .ion Tlririle, Hayll :inollu>r linnnci brnuiiht the Injured uiiin io Hi,. Rround nnd he WHS Klvi-n (-im-rKenr-r IrcatmeiH In Dr. Sliln'v'.s Clinic In llnyll. Cliampton suffered severe burns 011 his fjicu hands. c |,oAt umi icit knee. He regained »:<mi:kmsm'.ss shortly before the imlvnl ol thu Jiuibulnnce nt (he liaspital here. The accident happened shortly bi:- /ore 4 p. in. yesterday :in<l the Injured iimn wns luhiiKtcd to Ihe hos- pllul nbout 5:30 |l. in, Consider ubk' improveiiiL'iil wns noted In his condition (his linn ulna. Ely theville Voters Face Important Decisions April 6'i-H in liJ.vlliovillc'x general city election April 6 today- iin-cil Llie Mi'osucct of rtecLdiiijr contests in the race for city fork- a thn'iMviiy nldc'riimiiie rra'e in the First Ward and also must, tlwi.lo whether lilythcville will have riarkmz iiuil.vrs nnnex outlying amis to more than double the land --— 'ILli":^' ""'' "PProvo or reject « one-mill tax for •' Lineman Injured ArkniJ.sns forecast: Clomiy willi rain lonl-rhl. Cooler in East portion tonight. Sunday, cloudy to partly cloudj- with rain in extreme Northeast portion. Little change in tcm- |>eraturc. ^finlmtlIn this morning -10. Maximum yesterday—50. Sunset todny—0:00. Sunrise tomorrow—6:22. Precipitation, 24 hours to 7 R.m. today—.59. Total since Jan. 1--I3.60. Mean temperature nniriway Iwcrni high ahd low)—4f>. Normal mean for March 51.2. Tliis Date Last Year Minimum this morning—35. Precipitation, Jan. I In this dale —3.84. bc- Rocket Shows Speed WASHINGTON, March 6. (DPI-A new Navy rocket has reached an altitude of 18 miles and a top sliced of 3,000 miles per hour—Iwth new Coast Guard ^ Investigate River Tragedy GREENVILLE. Miss.. Mnr. (].-(UPI — Representatives of Ihe Eighth Const dunnl District at .Ifcw Orlenhs were scheduled to nr- Jnday lo start nn Investigation .thy,, dlv^ing ot the. .Ill-rated _ .11 towbont Nntclicz, "Tlie Natchez \vn s smashed ngnlnst n concrete pier of the Greenville. Mississippi River bridge by a sudden eddy ' Thursrlny nlghi. Of 2<J men 11)10*1 (i, i;t were rescued, ihc bodies of two known dend weir, recovered, nnd 11 still missing are fcatcd dead. Cnpt. Lowell son-oils, usshlunt Marine supcilntundcnl of the Fed- em! Barge Lines, said diving operations would lie exlmerely difficult because of the swlllness of the current and the estimated 85 to 100 toot depth o[ Ihc hulk. The wreck hiis not (nlcrfcrcd with navigation, nnd Hori'ells said H may be weeks or months before the ,, , present high walcr drops 'suJll- Mr. pradiicburg was elected pies- clently lo permit attempts to ro- iclcnt of Ihc Breeders' Association cover the bodies nt the men believed at a meeting in Little Rock Thurs- to be trapped in I hi- sunken vessel day night. Mr. Florida was elected The sinking wns one of the worst vice president. , trundles In recent Mississippi Klv- Animnls entered by Mr. Florida 1 er history. The last modern costly won the following awards: bulls— | river dlsnsler wns ihc sinking of calved before Sept. 28. 1910. second i 'he -simmer Norman a few miles and third; calved Ijeforc Mnrch 18, . l>clow Memphis In 1925 wllh the Many Finns Shun Arms Alliance .support of the city library. f'ellllon foi Inclusion ot the H- brnry inx on the ballot was filed wllh municipal | authorities on, March I, It wns disclosed yesterday wllh offlcinl publication of the election notice and If approved by the clccloniie of l))C city will provide additional revenue of about J2000 annimlly for maintenance of lh« libiury, which In Hie past has received il.s support Irom the Community olii-sl and other sources The library tux petition calls a one-mill tnx levied on Ihe mscs Manila Man Heads Arkansas Shorthorn Breeders' Association Flo-R!d« Ruby, owned by G. H. Florid* »/ Osceola todny was (he grand champion fcmnle of the annual show of the Arkansas Short- liorn Breeders' Association. Mr. Florida's entries won a total of 11 prizes at the show Thursday at the Arkansas Livestock show Grounds In Little Fiock. Three animals entered by Stanley Fiadenburg of Manila were judged prize-winner. 1 ;. Leaders Agrer- To Discussion t " Of Pact With Soviet. to HIOI.SINKl, Miiroli (i. (UP)' •The Finnish Social Dcmo- I'lii-ly Una (It;Coaled I.he 1'ru-ly's nUcinpl l() m-Hl.C .-i^idi Kimii.-iri wovkoi-.s Kiiksiii, Hodal boin- lender.-) ,s;iid lo- rtcd dial ( ,,,| y a nieeliiiKs out ol' c-iillcd l>y the Imvc appi-ovcd rcsolu- mili'tiiry 1047, first: calved beiorc Mny 27. 1347. second- Females—calved before June 22. 1940, [Irsl and 'third; cnlvcd before Dec. .11, 1915, second and third; calved before Mny II, 1947, first, second ntld third. Mr. Fiadcnburg"! entries won the following nward.v bulls—caved before Mnr 18. 1947. third. Females —calved before, Oct. 'IT. I9IS. second; calved before June 22, 19-IG. fourth. loss of 2.1 Uvr.s. Chennault Flies Home SHANGHAI. Mnrch 6. (UPi — Mi\j. Gen. Claire I.. Chennault anil his Chinese wife left, here by air today for Washington where Chcn- nnult will testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Am- rccords for American-built rockets, ericnn aid to China. Plans Being Made to Evacuate Cities In Event of Attack on United States By Maureen Gnlhlin • highway lo prevent a repetition of l:iiilnl I'rcss Slaff Corrrsftdndftnl Ihe "mrsacrc of thousands and WASHINGTON. March fi. (U.P.> thousand* of people by bombing — Evacuation plans for 7S.OOO.OCO and straffing on European high. city dwellers in event of major; ways during Ihe last war." bombing attacks were revealed to- He pulnled out that European] from Jarksun day by Thomas H. MacDonald. U.S. refugees during Wcirlrt War H hadi M0 s ( 0 , )s between public roads commissioner, ( only one or two avenues of escape Peiyiiscot- County Offered Faster Bus Runs North CAHUTHKHKVILI.K, Mo.. March 0 The Missouri Public .Service Commission will conduct ,1 hearing In the courthouse in this 'city next, Thursday, to consider Ihe application of Hie Missouri Buss Lines. Inc. for a permit lo operate n new bus service from Cooter, In Ihe .south part of tills county, lo St. Louis, according to Lynn Green, of popular Bluff. Irnvc ling pns.sctiKer agent of the company, who is making headquarters In Mil* city nnlil Ihe hcniitiK date. The siarl of the new proposed route would be Cooler, and towns served would Include Holland, Slocle, Carulhersville. llayti. Porl- ageville, Marston. Lilbmun. New- Madrid. Matthews, nnd Slkeslon. From Cooler lo Sike.ston Ihe roulr- would follow Highway 61. nnd from Slkeston. over Highway 55 to .Jaik- son, over Highway 2.S to St. Louis. -sen-Ice would be offered to .SI. Louis, wllh MacDonald said in an interview lhat federal and slale engineers are surveying highways in Washington and Oregon to provide civilian escape routes Irom major West, Coast cities. \Vfst Coast evacuation systems, he said, will bf used as a pattern for other cities throughout the country. Mass hysteria undoubtedly would sweep maior American industrial cilii.s of an attack occurred. Mac- t)\>iKild said. But proper planning for civilian evacuation can greally minimize the effect, he added. To eliminate clogged traffic on one or two city strcet-s. MacDonald said, all main streets should lead to a route out of town. Expressways that eliminate cross traffic should be built through and around cities in a "wagor.whcel" design, he said. MacDanald said alternate routes i should IM l»id out for every major 1 from the bombed-out cilies ot Ihc continent, with the result that thousands of people crowded the j roads and died needlessly. MacDonald said Ihr commission's I plans are bcinp worked out with i the Army so lhat transportation i across the rouulry can be kept running even if main Iranseonll- ; nental railroads and highways are j knocked out. [ He said that in most case.s no j "cw rural highway* will be re\ quired. However, many of Ihp present ones m:iy need nmjor repair jobs. The evacuation program will be carried on In conjunction with the already-announced federal aid highway system, MacDonald said. Thai project calls for construction of four-lane artrics between Ihe na. tion's major clilcs Tt will be financed on a Jo!:it basis with the fetVrf*! goverivvfi matching the Hate's tpproprislions. According lo Mr. Green, the schedules nffnrd wnuld he one any other bus line, and 50 min- ule-s faster than any existing day hour and 35 minutes faster than mil service, between Cooler and St. Louis. Three busses will operate each way dally. Ihe northbound buses leaving Cooler at 10:05 a. in. and 3:25 p. m. The soiillibuiincl buses would leave St. Louis at 8:00 a. m., and 11:50 a. m. and 6:00 p. m. Mr. Green said the company would (>i»ratc modern, .streamlined buses. Snow in Tennessee GATI.1NI3URG, 'Venn. March 6. (UPi—There Is eight inches ot snow at Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains and the snow was still falling during ihc morning. Ski cntliuslasls In the area say lhat Ihe skiing will be good over Ihe weekend. uiTlil. (fay-. Tliey vt'ii few workers it (liix.on or ('oimmmi.sls Cr>mmiimKt-|>i-n|K>.scd liiHi.i to .sii|>|)ort « part \vilh UiiHsjfl. Five meetings were held yesterday. Only one of the meetings np- provcd n Communist resolution on the pact. Socliil Democratic. Morkers "t Ihe other mc(!tliii,» vo ted down the Communist resolutions. The Communists h.-ivc n majority In some ti-udc unions but In gi-nerril Ihe Social Democrats domliuile the iielif, Till- worki'is rencllon Is in line with the thinking in ihc '•'mulsh Piirllnmenl, which li.-is Instructed for -- je assessed valuation of ,,n rent nnd personal properly !„ Ihe city, :t w*., pointed out lodny lhat Ihe money Is needed lo pay for needed repairs (o the residential type building that not nnl v houses the city library but nlso serves us u brunch of the county library here, Thi! llncc-man rncc for Ihe city council post In (lie First, ward developed lodny wllh (he nnuonnco- mcnt by Hurry Taylor that, he will be H cjindldnle. lie will be opposed by Jesse' White, present alderman, who will be si'cklng election to a second Irrin, ,111.1 L. c. posey Jr.. running for thnl office for Ihe first time It |j nlso Mr. Taylor's first cnndl- dncry. Tw» In Clerks Race Tlie nice for the t>nl y f u ll-»lm» nmnlclpn! office nlso developed into n contest tndny when Larry Knras announced lhat he will be n i-aiulldiilfl- for city clerk, w t Mulln nlso has filed ns H candidate for this office, nntli are running for Ihe first, time. To dnle. Ihcso arc the only two conic-sis In Ihe election. Unopposed arc Percy A. Wright for city attorney. .1. i,. Nabors for Second Word uldcrmnn. Rupert oration for Third Ward alderman, and J. Grnhnm Sudbiiry for municipal Judge., All arr seeking re-election. The. deadline for filing petition*" jas candidates for any municipal i office is midnight Sunday, Mar. 3L I,f since election Inu-j .require not les« . j ( . | Ihan 15 full days between.: J^e VU^ ing-: ddtir.. and vthe'-.eloctiofir-' ' Ordimric* Rrferred Ordlnnnces cnlllnjf lor referendum volt's on i lie parking meter and city limits expansion Issues received full approval of the. City Council nnd the dual decisions rest with Ihe voters April 6. What public opinion -that ha« been expressed Indicates that the parking meter proposal will 'get n U'liriucr reception tlinn'II did flvs years ago, when the meters were Installed but later removed, v There Is same opposition, however, lo Iho city llmlLs expansion Issue. It comes principally (rom residents who live In Grcnlcr Bly- Ihevllle hul not within the city limits Their principal contention Is IJiiil the proposal offers them bciieflls but would mnke them pay city taxes. , Oppiwllioti has nlso been heard from representatives of some of tlie large- Industrial plants lying In the n mi tlml would be annexed President juhn K. Pnnslklvl lo : to the city If Ihe measure approved, agree to open friendship treaty ne- I Kotl/illons with Uuft.slci hut lo rc- lusc to discuss a mllltnry nlllaiic-e "The Finnish working clnsscs Jinr-c (ii.scovcrcfl that the Cominun- Ists nnd Popular Democrats (Com- munlst-cnntrmledi arc n little too," s.ild Vncnor' Lesfcl- nnn. .Social Drmocintlc Pally sec- roliir-y. "These IlisphTil mecl- Imts nre hull- likely lo Influence iMiblic opinions." Kcardrii, AgniiiKl Shilln Then- wns such strong reaction ;iK:iinsl (he Generalissimo Josef HMIIn's rrqiicf,! for t, treaty of [rii-ndshlp iimi mllilary nlllancc thnl communist spokesmen denied they were attempting lo . create public favor for the Russian pact. "There nre no atteni|Ks to In- flni-nce public opinion," said Itcrl- la Kuuslneii. Communist Party leader. "All Ihesc incellngs (ire sponianrous oxpiresslons of Ihe peoples opinion." Meanwhile the foreign affairs committee of Ihe Finnish cabinet me! with Paasiklvl presiding, reportedly to name the delegation which will open negotiations with the Hns-sians. The itovin-iinu'iil imposed silence on nflicinl sources ami nnlhmi; was revenlrd of Ihe committee's New Entry Files As Candidate for Alderman, Word 1 Harry Tnylor. retired Blytheville business mnn nnd former Mi.Missipp) County peace officer, todny tinnoun- l cecl his calildacy for Die nldermantc ' post In the Ward ill the Municipal Election April 6. , A resident of Blytheville since : lilrth Mr. Tiiylor served three lerms : ns constable of Chicknsawba Township from 1931-1336 and was a I member of the Blythcvllle Police j Department from 1927 to 1930. Fie • attended schools here and prior to I becoming a peace officer was en: gaged in farming. | ' Mr. Taylor slated that he has j been urged by several citizens residing In the Ward lo seek th« office. Motorist Appeals J250 'Fine for Drunk Driving •''« B. Cunninghnm ot Blythe- pro- i vllic today was lined jr^O In Mu*'< j nic-ipal Court on n charge of driv- Hovvi'M'i-. som-rrs rinse lo Ihe''"R while under Ihe influence ot government said Ihc president had i li( 5uor lhat wns filed against him ordered cabinet members to remain following a trnclc-traotor wreck In Helsinki over Ihe weekend. r " c ' ) - 2< In which a Yarbro man These sources c.\[>oclcd the com- wn s injured. mitlcc to propose a list of ne- Cunningham, through his lawyer, goliators to the cabinet, by Sunday appealed the fine, carrying the afternoon or Monday morning. case to circuit Court, An appeal The delegation will be imrter clear bond of $500 was set. orders from the Finnish parliament , A public drunkenness 0'iarge to nc-gotinte on n, friendship pact : agnlnsl Marie-craig of Blythcvlllc. w ho was with Cunningham in t'|i truck at the lime of the accident, was dismissed today on motion of the slate. Cunningham wns arrested by Inil nor to discuss the military alliance nlso requested by Stalin, New Orleans Gets Rain; Ten Inches in 30 Hours NKW ORLEANS. March 6. tl)P> — The heavler.l Mnrch rain on rec- sheriff's deputies after the accident, in which George Gilbert of Yarbro suffered head and shoulder Injuries. Mr. .Gilbert was dismissed j , . . , T rt , . I ...JH.ivu- 1.1,. XIIIU^ll, vs i»^ UI.VII old deluged New Orleans last night f rom Wa )l., Hospital March 1. and early today, Hooding at least j Both the tru<* and Ihe tractor 7M persons from their homes. ; Gilbert was- driving were headed North and c«nnineli«m apparently failed to see the tractor ii» time In 30 hours, ending at 6 a.m., 10.78 Inches of rain fell, mid it wns still raining, although In a heavy drizzle. The Weather Bureau said to avoid crashing Into it, ofilcen said. ,_ clouds might slnrt breaking about Cunningham plr<"1?d Innocent ta noon. [court, this morning.

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