The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
Page 7
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fWDAY, OCTOBER », 1947 BLYTHEVn.LE (AUK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE SEVEN •MliHUim HVHUWnUvU Palestine Jews Fight 'Partition' Leader Hurl* Charge Of Sabotage at Policies of Britain GETTING UP NIGHTS OFTEN A SIGN OF MIDDLE AGt eiMre«n. Md MxleW wi» Dr. I V*U~ if/tub.. tk« fM you up ni s h(.. I mmmf Uttt i« tovlr mtm.'t own w«y | to Mlirf. MWU« V,». Hkm H ler thr» For Dependable RADIO REPAIRS Phone 578 We Pfeko and Deliver LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. Ml W. Walnut St. LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. Oct. 1. (UP)—Palestine's Jras. threatening like the Arabs to "defend our rights to the utmost," yesterday accused Creat Britain of trying indirectly to ubatage any United Nations solution of the Palestine question. Dr. Abba Hlllcl Sliver, chairman ot the Amerlcaji section o( the Jew- Uh agency for Palestine, delivered the bitter indictment of British policy—p&st. present and future— to the UN's special Palestine coni- mlliee. He announced the Jewish agency's disapproval of the idea of partition but agreed to accept it as a "very heavy sacrifice" by the Jews in the Interest oj creation of a Jewish homeland provided all of Jerusalem except the "old clly" be included in the Jewlih state. Silver denounced the BritUh for withholding this approval of the ON special commission's suggestion for at Palestinian solution and charged that. Britain "offers in il* stead—nothing." But his major ci'lUcism was directed at Britain's threat U> refuse to participate with other nations i" enforcing any UN decision. He, like the UN special commission, Insisted that no solution of Palestine it possible without Imposing it on the Jews and Arabs by force ot Answerng the Arab Higher Committee'* threat last weclc "to drench Palestine" with the last drop of blood of the Arab people to prevent creation of a Jewish homeland. Silver said his people offered wac* and friendthip. II the Jews Palestine are not met with a spirit ot peace and friendship on ;he part of the Arabs, Silver said: Earlier Bulgaria charged that she was being made t h « victim of a 'monstrous blackmail" plot by the U. S. to "cover up" American penetration ol the Balkans and Middle East. '.o-fds Seeking Attention r ir»rf P/eoiant Situation At University of Arkansas PAYrTTTEVIliB, Ark., Oct. I. (ijp)—University of Arkunsit coeds today felt Justified in wearing those "pleased-as-puneh" erpr««- sions. The reason for the obviout utla- action was a set ol statistic* Tt- lea«ed yesterday by tlie unircnlty registrar. It ihowed that maJ« atu- dents outnumber the female* 4100 to 1200. That means that there ire four men waiting at each girl's doorstep. Theoretically, at least. Dictatorship in Russia Holds Dangers for Democracy in America, U.S. Senator Insists Army Report Absolves General Lee Body of British Sailor Found Off Florida Coast MIAMI, Pla., Oct. 3. (UP) Police today ordered an autopsy on the body of a young British sailor found floating In Biscaync Ba> lust night. He was identified 35 George Bird 19, stoker-machinist mat* first class from the Frigate HMS Porlock Bay, The ship docked here Monday and the sailor had been missing since Tuesday night. Police said, preliminary examlna. tion of the body showed no evidence of foul play. BY WIIXIAM r. MI-MENAMTN WASHINGTON. Oct. J. (UP) — (HFR)—The Army hlth command today acknowledged some mlstakea In the treatment of O. l.'i in the Meditevr&twan theater—u charged by Scripps-Howard Colunmlit Robert C. Ruark—but absolved U. O«n. John C. H. Lee of any "wrong Intent." Gen. Da'lght D. Eisenhower, in a statement endorsed by army secretary Kenneth C. Roy all, took no disciplinary action against Lee. for- ner Mediterranean commander *'ho has applied for retirement. Eisenhower's statement was bas- td on the findings of Maj. O«n. Ira r. Wyche, Army Inspector general. Wyche reported after an on-the- spot investigation that Ruark presented a "wholly false picture of conditions." But Wvche's 12,000- word report conceded that h« found evidence of «ome "minor" irregularities that partly supported some of Ruarlc'i charge!. Both praised Lee's "Jong and spotless record of service in tht army in peae* and war." Eisenhower declared that some of the conditions reported by Ruark were "the exception rather than thi rule." He said theae were mistake* of Judgment, not of "intent." »T LH KfCBMJ* mas Mart Om «•»»•<«« WASHINGTON, Oct. I. (.VTt Sen. Oven Brewster R. Me-. "1(1 today that u lorn a* Uwr* U dic- Utarthlp In Huisia Unit is danjtr of war "btcausc dictators have to foment troubli abroad t» «ui«t discontent at horn*." Brewster Mid in an Interrlew that he does net Ml*r* there is any Immediate danger of war wttn Kutala became "there to no desire for it in this country and no readl- n*M over there." But, he added, "u loot u they hav« a dictatorship there U danger." -N» MalUr what Statin »«*»«», h* h a craalve ef the rita*tl*«," •(•water talc. "lUlUr *H >*ewd IstU » »«M1*« when h* Iu4 to go U war. Tlu tut* f«t«M an at werfc «• ««•!•.The senator said h* did not consider war wKJi Russia Inevitable. •The moat hopeful thing," he said, -would b« the spread ef dem eeiaUc ideaU in Ruasls." This, he said, may eoene "u result of tht jeamlntt end desires of the people—through evolution rather than revolution." In the meanlimi, BrewsUr said "our course Is clear: he firm Nit fair; cut down on the Inflammatory statements all around; keep coo! and above all, keep ready." Brewster Is chairman ot a ipecla Senate-KouM ATtetton Policy Own mittee which has been holding losed nieetlnss (his week with top administration defense and avU- lon officials, He said "everything we have leard to date indicates concern us o our uvlntion sU^iUiou." Brewster said (lie officials— In- cludltig defend Secretary Jumps V, torreslal and Air Secretary W. Sluart Symington — explained this country's strategic air position. While lie would not divulge wlmt congressional j;roii|> was tolil. :he :he Maine Republican sairt, "we our plane procurement is down (o 1500 piano* this year and that is thought to be uclow the margin of safety." A radio tube no bigger than grain of rice has been Lullt by llic National Bureau ol Standards. Wanted to Buy Higheit Prices Paid for Used Tractors and Equipment Russell Phillips Tractor Co. So. Highwny 61 Phone 2171 Violence in ft Dorado Blamed on Bus Strikt El, DOKADO. Ark., Ofl. 3, IUP> — A ImirliiB lins been set Mnndtiy foi two nion on charges ot asstullt tol- !<»wli)(; n street llyht hero Wedues- lay nlBlil. 'Ilie Unlit \viis s.ild 10 have crown out of n strike ol drivers of the Southern llu.s Co. CScortw L), Klmball of Shreveporl-, L»., suffered minoi 1 cuts nnd bruises \s~hcn hi 1 wn.s utdu'ki'd during n fl^ht bcnvecu uew company drivers and strikers. Klmbiil] nnil Bldildgo Mitchell {nee clmrpcs of nssnuU. Police (jMotcd Kivjlball AS sajlns he mid two other drivers,. R. C. Alitfleh »nd 8. Ij. Terrell, were \vulklnK nlonR a downtowti street when they were Hlluckcd, We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More—Worth More Andent Rul>btr Be.ll All 800-year-old rubber Ball, used in play by American Itidlaru Ion; before the white man ever heard of rubber, win unearthed iu an Ai'lv/urn ruin. The ball, nit hough un. vulcnnlzcd, h still resilient below Us oxlill/.cd Mirfnce. kTo relieve miser- llei, rub ttroat, f cheat aad back with comforUof RECTAL DISEASES (All Types K MODINGER TIRE CO. 418 E. Main Phone 2ZOI B« ture Mom get* a tocxl tupply of Juicy ripe applet in time for Khooll Catlni and Cannlas Applw »2.«* 4* St.M Bo. Blytheville CURB MARKET ll» E. Mala Phone til RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RK- LIAI1LE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola. Kadia S»le» and Service 106 South First St. The first pisy-by-play broadcast of a football game was more than a quarter of a century' ago, O^t. 3, 1921, when Pltsburgh defeated West Virginia 31-13. Broadcast was made over Westinghouse station KDKA. Bloody Warning During World War I the Germans * made synthetic rubber from coal. BLADDER IRRITATION ThMtaMs Kara, Faand Relief in the Natural Mountain Valley Mineral Water trqm famoui Hot Springs, Arkansas. A pure, soothing at* in relieving irritation of these delicate organs, helpful In aUmulating kidney action and eliminating ayatemic watUi. Doctors have prescribed this pleasant water for over fifty years. Order a case today. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Uttm tmt DrrWa Jamal Husseini T nephew of Jeru- salgm's Grand Mufti and spokesman for the Arab Higher Committee, warned a special UN committee that Arabs in Palestine would drench th« Holj Land "with the last drop of our blood" to prevent partition and formation of a Jewish atal*. Attention Please! the People of Blytheville: For th» paat two ;eart ; as most ol you know. I have bctn holding auction aal« ot TtnncHt* WalklJif Horws. Some of thtie horsei aold are mine, but by far the majority of them are BoTMi consigned by horsemen Irom AH, OVER THE UNITED «T*-TE8. Buyera come h«r« to buy these horses Irom as far northwest a* Orejon. Wuhlnfton. mi CcUfomia, and u far touthtait at Florida, tnd from Nev Mexico to Hew York, and til point* In between. . MlACTICALIiY AL1U of thcs« people are high class, prominent, and »«H-to-iSo people and MANY PEOPLE who never even heard of Blytheville know our section now became they hart attended these sale*. MY NEXT SALE OF 250 HORSES WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, OCTOBER lOUi AND lltli. The prcicnt indications are that the biggest crowd that ever attended a walking horse sale will attend this sale, and it looks like I am going to be Ytry much In netd of rooms. rr YOU HAVE AN EXTRA ROOM that you can afford to let someone have for the »th, 10U> and llth. er any one of those nlgfcls, I would applecljte your contacting me, or the room clerk at the Noble Hotel. PLEASE, HOWEVER, DO NOT CONSTRUE THE FACT THAT YOU LIST YOUR ROOM TO BE A GUARANTEE ON MY PART THAT THE ROOM WILL BE USED. T believe, however, that every available room In Btythevlllc will be needed for this etcaalen. On Thur»day night. October 9th. the nljht before the ia!e opens, practically all horm In the sale will be worked in the bam. The sale win start promptly at nine o'clock en the morning of the 10th. and will probably run until 10:30 th.1t night, and we want to try to cloae around sin o'clock on Saturday, the Uth. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO ATTEND ANY OR ALL OF THESE SESSIONS. C. G. SMITH Telephone 576 or 4376 Don't 6e Penny -Wise Ounce I2 FULL OUNCES OF PEPSI -COLA- 5c keee On ounce your Best Buy ftf^CtU G**r*>t, Lt»t ItUni Cilt, N. Y. Franthivd BMtr: Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. Blyth«vill«, Ark. Free Estimate* on All Work Kranchisetl Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Botlllng Co. of Blytheville SPECIAL NOTICE! We sold $587.00 worth of Consigned Merchandise Saturday afternoon for residents of Blytheville. Thi following items were sold through our auction sale last Saturday: For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring •> Haute Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. Blylheville, Ark. Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Arroy Good* • Supplies • Shoes Ke« UK for the very beat In Army nurplni ahon. Nearly n«w—Ra- hul It—To Be Rebuilt. Kwtire* for Mle. Quantity Price* Anil- able. EAST END 112 Lilly Street '/ 2 Block South East Main Used Healing Sloven Used Dishes Used Clothing Misc. Merchandise Used Cooking Stoves Hot Water Heater* Used Furnitur* Used Rugs If you have anything you no km^er need, then let us auction it for yon. Our truck will pick it up and return it to free of charge if not sold. \Ve auction to the puhlic. Dealers can bid only wilh the public. That is the reason your merchandise will bring you morn at this auction. All we want to know is the very lowest dollar you will lake for merchandise you want sold. —Our Commission is 10'c — HAIRY VETCH Balboa and Common Rye, Oa(s, Wheat and Barley Seed . . . Heady for Fall Seeding New nnd Factory Reconditioned Soybean Sacks Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1880 W. Main, Phone 858-57 erery Msniiay »rnf m»H T"« * rticrk by Thursday, tf we f*ll to tt]\ Mim«- thtar T»« t>a« HsU«, Ihtn It will be for sale llic following Saturday. We are open fnr retail aafex ««M.T. S« »h» worry about wiling surplus rlnlhinc. Furniture. Mnvrs. shotguns, rlllcs. trailfrf, 4bh««, CMkinr Mtenails, blankeln, pots and ;i»ns, old donrs, liirjclcs. plnnos. Iron beds, •ewtnt machines, knivrt, forks, spoons, elr. Anj-lhhiK you m.iy have you don't need, fnm a xwlni IhlmMe to anylbtnn; that don't «al. rr you have somethlne you do not wtjh «*•• Win( It jovntlT. We will auction II and pay yon on the .spot. ^ Phone 951 for Information W« Will Get You More Money For Your Surplus Your Merchandise is Insured Against Fire With Farmers Insurance Auction Every Saturday Beginning at 2:30 p.m. -PUBLIC INVITED-WEST END AUCTION CO. Hifhway U W«it Blytheville, Ark. Formerly Lost Boy Garage F. E. ROSE, Manager FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Winter raim and , snow* call for *ho«s In good repair.. Good solei and heals prtvtnt celdf.. doctor bills. &• pr«par*d ... check all your iho«i today* HALFORD'S SHOE SHOP i 106 So. Second St. r /** *e*t fff not Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark. 112 Wahiut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL 2089 "Tl\c Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Vonr Source of Spendable Service PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Office RR at Cherry

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