The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
Page 5
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North Carolina Executes 5 Men Surly Mountaineer Delays His March To Gas Chamber RALEIGH. N. C.. Oct. 3. (UP) — A <mj]y mountaineer \vlio delayed hi^. execution brlelly by Jamininj; hi.s "<loi<lh row" c-ell lock riird with his miirrtrr compiitiioii In the sa* chamber today shortly aftri- two yonn? NV-.IIOPS hnd paid Ihp death pm.iltv first in the first fivr-nmn oxrrutinn day in history. E;ii'l O'Drar. 23, and his companion. Robert Mi-SFcr, 23, filed le.« than an hour after O'Dcar's last minute effort to thu'art the gassings by JflHiining his cell lock with a wooden chunk from an Ice cream spoon. - • The !.«> white men originally were scheduled to gn first. Bin O Dear's uk:k forced Wiu'dcu Hu^a Wilson to execute two yoini^ Nr- RI-O imurlenrs. Jelluo Lampkin, :M. and RK'hard McCain. 21. (irirt. O'Di'Hi', 5al!ov.'-complf.xio[i«l and .slightly-built, asked prison puurds ID inuh his lung hail back from Ins e.ycs as they snapped the leather mask over his face in the wooden ctCLith scat. Mrsser. tall and powerfully bum followed O'Dcar into the <UK chamber by two minutes at 10:42 a.m. ami Mosrr was p:onomr:er! dead nine minutes later at 10-6'J a.m. O'Dcar died at 10.50 a.m. his sob- binr parents out~:de tile prison wails, left after sending a bears;: in io claim bis body. The two mountain youths were seiurnced to death tor beating a Sylva taxi driver. Jack Hall, and his wife, to death with a hammer. O'Dear told Wilson lie jammed lus cell lock in a last minute spasm of fear because "I just didn't want, the uuards to {jet me out." Lampkin. 20. entered the death cell at 9:57 a.m. EST. He »'a.s followed bj'^ McCain two minutes later. The deadly cyanide fumes rose at 10:01 a.m. and M:Cain was pronounced dead at 10:03. Uimpkin- hmi". on until 10:11 a.m. Wilson said guards quickly lore ed the wooden chunk — a piece of an ice cream spoon—from O'Dear's cell and prepared him and Messer to die next. O'Dear, a 23-year-old mountain youth, said -i don't Know why I (ii.ri it. . . I'm sorry. I just didn't want Uic guards to get m c out.' 1 Never before had the slate killed more than three men in one day but Gov. Gregg Cherry, after studying the cases intc'ntly.-ycslc'- d:;y. refused to intervene. Cherry said he hoped the fates nf I'sie five youn™ men would serve as a deterrent to mounting -juve* ni.le crime. . . . . He refused tb grant ; reprieves to !!-c three Negroes a,i('d two, white men, whose scnlence.^ftad' been upheld ,by..tlie:<t:(teVtetij)j-£me court: '' ..-. ... .»,-;. -^:-.y.-y^>S ? ^3 k,v-f< !••&*; Engineers to 'Receive •••' Bids on Big VA Hospital LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Get 3 :UPi — Col. Gcrnld Galloway, dis- ;rict officer of Ihe u. S. Engineers las announced that bids on the proposed S8.000.0CO Veterans Ad- ninistration Hospital are scheduled -o lie i pceived by Feb. 15. Colonel Galloway said vesterftay n Little Rock that invitations to participate in the biddin» on the 500-bed facility will be sent out Dec. 15. 1/nnpet.s. like their relatives, oys- rrs. chanpc sexes during IKnime. isiialty from male to female as hey advance in age. Taylor and Sevens on Mound As Fourth Series Game Starts NEW YOHK. Orl. 3 (UPl —I Dun Shotton de.spome for tiitch- 1|IB. gambled on a .sore-armed "Slit hunder, handsome Ham- T-iv- lor. ladiiy to put His nutllii" Brooks, trailing two aames to one even with the New York Yankees in Hie 1947 World Series There wasn't „„„ |, ,,| S(> ,„, C01 , U| do. but he found cmisolaiio.i in ihe fact that hi.s rival mummer Ducky Han-is, was -join- to ink.- a chance, loo. on his fourth came hnrler. The Yankee skipper named floyd Hevens. whn seldom has been able lo K el coin.; (|,ls season to toe (he firing line for the Hronx Hotnhers. How long either of the stavleis will be in [here Is problematical but if this weird Series follows, ihe form of the first three games Ihi.s one. too, could develop into another pitching parade on Ihe olher hand. Taylor and Bevi-ns at their best, could stage quite a struggle. ' For before two bone t-hips. the fife of ball bcarins-s. In his elbow sidelined Taylor Aug. la. i u , was Ihe most effective pitcher the'ters had, sviniiini; Hi "aoies while loshiK only five. MI,,-? important. , Taylor's victories were over Ihe tough clubs in the National League. lie beal tile Cardinals and r;j all | s three s 'each wliile !h»' clubs still «-eii> very i much In Hie running f.jr the National League pet\l:ant. ] The ailment is tin old one with ' Taylor, rue of the handsomest ball players in Ihe minors. The same ] Ihing happened lo him at St Paul last year and put him out for the season. A: ,er hi is injurv this vear, Read Courier New? Want Ads. " See // In Act,on -SjjJSjj' ^Vasher Modil 200C 63.SO Do- ONF was lie r tliat can bi TWO. Washes clothes »n. rflchfs at It.n n^rl- of a rlial I SSasi Heath K: Home \Vcsl .Main SI." I'll one S2S gainst the Phillies in one of ihe final <:nnie.s But hi.s arm tightened ihc next, day and .^hoiton sa=<l then that Tavlor did not fi'-ure'ln hi.s series nitchinc iiHos because he did not want to t:4-.c a ch-nire on ruhiinc the promi-iiv.- hm-lcr t permanently. But the bonibardinent will) which the Yankees have i;in"ted all the ; Dodacr pitchers s a .» onD __ t | lc I mhhty Hn-;h Casey, u-ho finilly ' RO! (hem out yesterday — forretl Shotton to take a chniice. i Coins: against the enslom he i followed In the first tv.-o r> ainps ' when he refused to rcvcM Vnich ' pitcher he had in mind as starter 1 Shotton. reeling Ijclter after thill' n to 8 third came victory s-(id rle-' Imitcly thnt Taylor would i; 0 ", m . le« he tells me his arm is l>o;h- crini; him \vlien fie warms up " i Harris, not at all discouvased by ' yesterday's defeat, fiam-ccl Bevnns ' would have what it lakes In tur'i back the Dodgers for he bei-im showing flajhcs of hi., old tune form in his last two ontlncs- of t.'ic year. A IE-game winner in tgjd Sevens was expect -d to be one of the aces or the staff this ^c-i^an But he i;ot off to a bad s'art ' an-l ^vound up 'with a record of Sjj'^iV.seycn^ victories against 13 i -J e - f( * t1 ;: tike-Taylor, he is i right : ."SUflep'with a-tot >f stuff For' the fifth came Saturdav Harris saitl he would start Prank fSne.ei Shea. Ihc rnoile. '.vluj with 1 Hie help of Joe PIIBI-. won the first game for the Yankees. 5 to 3. -ShoUoi< didn't cnre lo no beyond his piichlng plans lot today. '•Tomorrow will take cnre of Itself," he said. Heroes of the Dodgers as they came up off the floor after losing the first two games In Yankee stadium were Casey and Gene lier- manski. the left lielder. That biK six-run lead was not cnniigh lor slarter Joe Hatten and he faded out. of the picture In the fifth innlns. !--ivitiR ivny to Ralph I3ranca. the first panic loser, nut Ihe Yankees continued their heavy hiittnit (iBiilnst lli-a.ica ami drove him out in ttie seventh when Yosl Ben a became Ihe first pinch hitter in series history to hit a home run. That four-baser brought the Yankees within one run of Hie Brooks, but Shotton culled on Casey then and he closed the door lo receive credit for the triumph and avenge his 19-11 world series tlcfeal at the hands of the Yankees when Mickey Owen dropped <i Ihii'd .si i ike. The Dotii;ers were a dil'tetem ball dub in viciory lhan In tho.-.e iwo Yankee jlatlhim defeats. I'hcy rattled base hits all over Kbbcls l-'icltl—so did the Yankees tor that matter and their Meldlllfi was sharp and ihcir b:i' ( . ninnliiK clever Each club t;ot 13 Mils. I '.vo of the Yankee blows beiny Liomc-r.; - that one b v lima and tine by Joe DimaKUio w-ith a m.'.n on. Di- ina^gio later had i cliaii-:e lo break up Ihc same in the eighth innitiR but with men on and .sectmti and nobody out lie banned into a double play. :;ootl in the field at tlu- st'uliimi. Played a key role In Vic Dodder attack, in thai big second he w r alk cci, in the 13otl(;er third he was hit by a pitched hall and eventually scored the seventh run and I- "ic fourth his single drove in f I proved lo be the winning iu Bciot-c this series winds up, It probably will set all k'ntls of pitch- ins records — in reverse. The chCMicc.s are Ihc two clubs will use tlic lar»csv number of pitchers in a .single, series. So far the Yankees have called on eight—the Dodgers 10. Only Allic Reynolds of the Yankees ha.s gone the route— he \\as the winning pitcher 111 the New York 10 to :t second game triumph The Yankees ;,iid Dodgers also were making some scric-s history when il came to consuming time. Yesterday it took them three hours and live minutes, the longest nine inning game in scries history. They held the record before that. too. luking two hours anu 54 minutes to play one of the games in the HJ-ll series, which the Yanks took. four games lo oiu-. V* 5' T ? l ?* lst * p * to Send Eisler Bock to Austria , , . Oct. 3. (UP)—j Hie House UiiAincrlcnu Activities! Committee todny lurncd over Its flic on Hiiniis Eisler lo the Uureaii of Immigration (or use In deporlii- llon proceedings against the Ocr- ' man-born Hollywood song writer and his wife. The bureitn htis Issued n warrant for Klsler's nrresl nnd [xisslble ( |e- ponatlon. The action was prompted by evidence of Bister's Communist eonnecilons, bronslit out u( the House coinmlttre's open hcarlne lierr last week. •T. H. Shoemaker. HctliiK cotninis- sioncr of the immlBration scryice snld llic nest slcp wns to "llnd oiii' whclher Eisler and his wile are. Altcr I hey nre taken Into aii - tody. i hey will be Riven H chance to e.\plain why Ihcy should not be sent back lo Austria where they ,,,e. niiturallwrl citizens, Shoemaker said ) Ihls. he added, will be done nl ,,' hearing i n ihc district where the couple are arrested. MPAA's First Screen Short To Be Released Oct. 11 NEW YORK, oct. 3. tun - TJ,,. Motion Picture Association ot America announced yesterday that its Irst screen slion. "Power nrhinrt the Nation," will be released simultaneously on Oct. || n i .,„„ movie (heaters throughout Ihe nn- The MPAA. formerly called "The ays Ofdce." said Ihe picture was Ihc first of a .scries based on id-as originated by Erie A. Johnsioii Ihc aisoelatlon's president. The films wen- (armed out to various studios. "i>ower Behind the Nation" Is a technicolor production by Warner Brothers. Political Pot In Crittenden Still is Boiling WKST MI:MPIIJS. Ark., on :i lUlo- -CrlKi'iuLen County "(i, ] |,,. dependents" were miikmt; plans today to cany their llfiht lo be in. eluded on ihc igm primmy liallot to tilt- Stall. n.-iiHH'inilc CViimmlle »ml to tin- emu is. j( ncre.ssary. Jiu-k Coiiuiiiin, editor ni ihe \v.-.i MeinpliLs News, -.aid ycMcrtliiy Mint. O. !. raiididalc lioyce Upsluiu nl Timcll win plrad fllr ruse h ••„,,Ilic Male ruiiuiHitec wlirn it in.-.-is In Utlle Hock Oc-l. II. Ai-coi-dliiK in Coniihlht. IJiNiaM- will tell tin. committee that In- has ueeii. >itill iiilniils ti> leiniihi. a IVm* omit. Dm i( tin- party's cumin ruiu- mUtcc tries i,, ))US ], j,),,, ,„[,' 1||tl|1 he Is expei-led to It'll I lie foniinii l-i- Him lie will Itphl the move , n th,. Keiilncliv SI rn IK!' '[pll HniirJion \V!iislu>> k§!J Old Faithful |i Sour Mash .feS PAGE FIVtf Firc Damages Home \ i'irn,K HOCK, Ark,, act. 3. | I''ire Department officers conns or run its mi ln<le|»'iidenl ; l-'arllrr In ihi- day Ci ill<>ndcn : Couiily Jiuli:r <'y H.'iiHl :,iil,| u,,. j county cumimlli-e w<iul<j "auhntiali- Ltlo jriilly" ellininaii' l!p-.|iiiw and otlt, r '^""nilc us "eollsl'tlemble"" th'e"da- Ui. l.'.s ii'oin tin- primary Iwlloi t,,,- """»• emised l)y nil atllc fire yes- liiivniK run as m,l,.|,p hls , ilsl I'-nlay :<l tile I'ulaskl Ilclulits liome t>i'iir. t'f A. W I'liiki;. |,It lie Rock btisl- "That l.s (lie Mile." JliilKf M,,, u | '"''• diM-lared, "nnd vim cuirt ch;mtv ttti- I'arko 1.x a former seen'taiy of Hie rules to Milt ihe luser ' ' Arkansas PICK A.ssot-lntlo'ii nnd However, rowhltn. ,,s MioH-sm-n PH!±' '" ""' l> "' lk ° " Ill "'"? c '' • for ihc C, i \ „.,„ ,,., .' ,.,,",, '""1'iK company which was ;•<•- JiiM as umsile. eemly consolidate,! with the. Demo-; DRY UP . 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