The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN | CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Un* tor oon**<JutlTe In Mo lie He Sc 7c 4c ••Or J»U •ertloo: Minimum ...... 1 tlm« p«r Un* 1 lime* per line p«r day 3 tlni« p«r line per day • tlm« p«r Hue per day il t tmw p«r ltn« per day Honih per Jin* ... ............. $0c Count five average words 10 the line Ad ordered for tlnce or clx. Hints and •topp«l before eiplrailon will be churn- td tor rhe number of tidies tde ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy cub- mined by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cnsli Ratw may b« **sll)- computed from Llie kbov* table. AdrerUslnj; order for irregular Inr-cr- llons lakes the' one time r&te. No responsibility will tx take for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. All »ds ar» res trie IK* to tlirlr proper «tas£lJlcatlon, style and t)'P* The Courier re«crre« th« right to edit os reject any axi. Apartments Wanted House or apartment, fiirnlsJir^l or unfurnished. Adults only. Cull o. W Bteelc, HaUl Noble. 3 s-jifc-G Apartment For Rent Two room furnished in. rnone ?062. Two room phon« 3565, furnished npnrimcut. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main fe Division Phono 2553 Don't entSunRcr your tn iiy with faulty tires— BUT LEE TIRES 1!MG CHRYSLER Industrial motor and assembly with a 1 1 accessories complete. Ready for operation. SOP T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO., 121 E- Main, phone 2122. 2-18-ck-U Floritt* AZAIJCA8— Finest rarltftlec ors, 75c oa:l); also larger al rop descriptive* rirler- Hut CiARDENS, 207 •. H»rksd«It. '' col- Food* Keneh for Hart'* Bread. J/l-ck-tl BIRTHDAY CAKESI SPECIAL CAXKS! We rimxc nny kind of sjierlRl cake* to order. Tomorrow tv<? lire IcaturlriK coeoamil ninrarocms. t].-vll food MIC] roi-oanut rnkes He 5 >irr (o drun hr DIXIE CIIKAM nuUQIINUT SHOP 211 a. flrsl Rl 3:s-ck-fi Household Goods VmeMnn blind* now In ftlrtrk RfUkrtT mtdr K M. Blinds Dral Paint store lea E Main fil phnn« «(»5 Insurance On FAIIM AND SUBURBAN Property Kpeclnl low rate premium*. Fire, windstorm, toriindo. All covr-raur- by Arkansas Irpa] reserve companies Safe and pay IOWIM quick Write, niythe- rllle ASfiiry. or PHONE KIKI.D Z.1W Protection against nil INSURABr.R HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J Pol'ard Aaency Planned Insurance Ol.ENOOK HOTEL DLDCI 124 W ASH ST /ncome Tax IF VQU NEKO ASSISTANCE on Mine your Incomo Tax. plpuse fpr me M ROOM Jl. LYNCH nU'l.DlNO ll.VTHKVILl.E.AriK nr telrnlinne 2MO nlier 6pm Several ycius rtpprln.-o with Inter- in? Hr-rrniic /^iiartineiit Foes will lull llnr with Inral arcnun'nnis r.hli Cnrfon. 12 ^(l-cV-5:l5 Laundry HOME LAUNDRY Frr 5 •ss. Hluliw.i)- 61 N. llehh an'.s tirocrry. lanrllr llur- id Hnrllnll- 2 10-pk-3!19 Jeep parts TIOW av:illal)lc af POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can llll nil rotlr needs fiel genuine, partfl Ironi our cnm- plrle line. KLLIS POOLF. OWNETi Jl: OPEHATOn South Hlcliva; «I nl stcele X(n Phona stitila (9 11112-ck-tf We gnnnintce RECAPPING WITH IIAWKINSON TREADS Let your next- tires be . GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. «« • MAtK PHONE JM1 Expe Re pa i rt Radiator ir for Less W« hire the b«t In radlaloi reoalr rgillpmcnt. L«t Q ,i r trmned men boll out anil rtoau- rour mdlntor [or rou Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LMVSON. Mgr. Phone 2171 S8 CV: U Building Material LUMBER For Sale If you own your lot, have » little money, will furnish i'OH lumber to build your home. At mill, Camp Moul- ti'ie Drive. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 . ' 2-18-ck-3-18 STIclAL Dn ynnr own work and save Rent a concrete mixin-, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any othnr tools you mar need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4-189 Kox G50 Blylheville, Ark. 3-:)-r)c-ti Loons PERSONAL LOANS Autnmnb.le-ftlK- mturp—rntnaker-f limit lire Quick. i>rl- rlT TVrintinll TI] nttcnllnn nr [p]cnhonp. ?028 12' W Ash SI Blytherllle Arlc Co Money to Loan r>o yon nrrrt n IORH to rciiftlr or te- undrl^ Kn dnwn onrmrnt nn mor- ncr 11 n rrrt t nn f FH A A PPff O VF.O Tf \ TE 5-V *?** pnn nF—'Mr.c Max Logan, Realtor Pluiiift 2034 Lynrh BuLlrtlna Ark 0-l3-c)r-tf Real Estate Loans f H A. I.OANS f. HOME LOANS F,\R,\f LOANS COMMERCIAL LOANS P H A -a I LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT AND RKAI.TY COMPANY BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS For Sail, City Property If yoa run dcprcw your btake pedal to wilhin «n inch or lew of your floor hoard, your brake* n«<l immediate aUcuUooj Bring Your Ford Home For Complete Broke Service • BRAKE ADJUSTMENT • NEW LINING INSTALLED All done reasonably l,y real Kor<[ mechanics . . . y<nir best bcl for precision Ford work! See the New Ford Truck 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Plumber " you tircil n licciiso.l plumlier nr """' " Ovc fc l"" r work ,lo IS 'call »»rfy Meyers ,« Kubbanl H!ii.iwJJ" Photography THE NAME Is Culllson'R for tllr h M t 1" Olioioerapnic work. Call 4T," lot a portrait nppolntmcnt. nr 2450 nil" I For Sale, Cars & Trucks CALL US TODAY FOR 'VJ wlnT 1(1D P 10NSTA RTION Of"',',', 1 !, '.'.' ?.'' C °L?" r '"•» model's"™, ..aj. Bt. Uachvllle Tftre* room noiiBe na " O S liompson, or phone ""ai 3jl-pk-7 ___ 'ew (our room house on HIv 81 South. 3d- Tom Bradford at ' _ Four room house, four lota ~ fnrni tine. cow» liogn and clllckcns. ApplV Howard .ml Pcabody. Pride Addltlb i SIX room house, 1925 Vf Srcmnari' Apply liowsrd nnd Penborty Pflde «d " Ulnn ____ New Ihrce room IIOIIM furilljiTcd^or unruniHhrd on Nortli Teiltli st North of Oohle'a Store. Jim Harry" 3:i-pk-ll cirorery store and meat market wltl. house and lot. J. W. Hoforlh. ]) c ]l ' '" like rent. New live room *nd bain, modern home. URTBRP nurt ien«ut house concrete drive ftm\ wnlk. Immediate noa- sc.-i.sion. I'rtre $6.000, Terms. J-'LVfi rooms and bi\ih anci lour rooms at)d batJ) on jsurne Jot, good condition I'rifu J55IK), terms. New four loom House on two lots pos-sctriloii with dcfirt. Prlci* J4 250' I'rrnr.t. ' Wr iinvr ottier hsttiiiix. Lint your pioprriy wllh «is [Or nulck Kale. HERT ROSS RKAI. ESTATE RROKRE Plionp nsifi or 42EH rK"H$ t f ?R *«»«£'"££ P^^CC h )K 3s£i IS..5- .. ' " 1 ' 051tl °" Wanted" ad -she founrt the one insertion resulted in > variety ol alien, call on Cl™il(l"<j! 213 Tcnnesseeans Cry 'Wolf!' Smithsonian Says 'Dog' KNOXVILLE. Tenn.. March 5 (UP;—East Tennessee farmers nnd I hunters reluctantly accepled Hie word ot the SinithsoiiIan'"liisUtuie loilay Hint a "red wolf they thought tlicy had discovered Is "a plain mongrel dog". '•They could at lenst have snlrl It a well-bred dog", sold Roy Stitnsberry. otic of UIOSR who had New live room and, hath, beauimn " convi » c «l Hie led wolf still harduoixr floors. KHA Loan, win tajte I r( >nnied Tennessee mountains Dr cur or mmll liouee as true-In. Renilnc(oi) fCellmr nr »!,„ c •', [ Nlre nine loom suburban home heii ' I '""^"" «->-"«K O! the Slllll llsoll- reslileiuinl district. Beautiful snado ' WOS cnsl "" i»')0ul the mallei'. shnibhrry. l.arKe lot 100x365 leet " c sili| l strange animals upnnlr* ^ 1 .::. t . (1 -' r ';..!'. ow . n .'-! nl "" ; '"» 1 « I'owoMio,,; discovered these days "Iflmost il- ways turn mil to be dogs " It was the second time natlolinl authority had disputed local opinion on wild animals, thnt have been rnfrtiiiB Tejincssce stock. A few weeks ago the U. s Wildlife Service sent an expert to middle Tennessee to investigate the wolJ-hke animals. His verdict 'they're dogs,,. The East Tennessee "wolf" was killed on the farm of Shields Hin- shcr in Grainger County I The Knoxvillc Journal quoted a local zoologist as saying lt was a r«^ ,volf that had not been since for So/c, Misc. Xlnrts. Oil ccok stoi-es /or s»l«, (.'all 4222 or 4675. 3;i-Dk-7 ARMY SURPLUS r~robirch.esl i!8x- Ixlfixi:) Inches IG.B5, TOOL cheat 011x17x16 mrhes $12,a5. 12x18 Hllltnllllini pliuter.s V5c. LEATHER helmets 43o IIE'I'KHS, cast aluminum. 1 quart 40c", IJiri'KEts. cast aUiiiilnniii, 2 quart' . 1'O'IS csist ahnnlnuni, tops iind InlM. 13 Knlluct 17.50, STEEL |)ots ck HJ Ballon $4.75. PLIERS new ...15, DUFFLE Dili,-, new 52.15. TENTS, turps, shoes, sncnrrs, raincoats. Jackets W. A. PICKAitU GROCERY— C.ENE- RAIj MERCHANDISE. ARMY SUniH.iJS Nc-w colciiiftn oil licntpr. Gone! baby inslnetlr. Cnll C7S. 3 ; 2-pk-9 TKR 801. CASH REGIS- Practically new, call For Sale 01.1) NKWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10:10 ti Services R. T,. FREEMAN t nnrt F«perhr>n B ln B . r | lol , _ Kelllrrt white Inrty a-lli v r< . mull Inmiij. K, B E Sycdi , lm nnre. 2,27-pk-3:5 Mot ami Mo. Company, ElYfs" r s. I.. Slcele nml onerntof "s* ' nfijYrw«y~«l Phone ' -- Poole owner ' n «l w sell, no L »ke St. ie'»r. ""s-pk-S tlnn" C "l !1 " ROI '5 T ~s7ciinr~A~l~oMI- ' or rar nri 1 "'"' hM1 "- Mj- personal «5i' J. i r<! « st »i»l>lP. A. H. Wnllncc 621 Wnlnilt. Phone 3560. S'l-pk-i Lavatories complete with trap ?:>2.f>n and up. New 30 tnllon automatic oil water loatcrs ?75. Two and four ncli soil pipes anil fiUiiiKs .ralvanized fittings, copper tubing and fittings. Call -Mrs ilyrtlo Orslnirn, 875. Berlin's Telephone Book Not As It Used To Be FRANKFURT. Germany _ TII-* BerJin ieJei>lione directory, cut :n !0 per cent of it's pre-war size is now only a 100-page liooklei rhc first number in lhc uook belonss lo a Berlin demolition firm. The directory shows no Ru.,.,i n!l telephone numbers, but tlirc- American and three British ™en- -sions arc listed. There is one Goer- two Honnnnns, both woman 'p'hy- A new alomic ray dclector is cap- auie of counting particles cast off by exploding nioms nt the rate ol 100.000 each second-so times more tllan the staiuiard G«igor counter can record. . 213 IV WALNUT PHONE KM I I 2B-CK-3 28 Money To Loan On f;irm ];>n<i or cily prop- !Viy. We also Imy notes. CONWAY & HOUCH1NS Glencoc Hotel Building. nostcss rrali7ctt only , betor,. l,^r RUC.U.; il<-llvcry oil ,° Uf " t[) E« l"|icr« for i, '"'""" ? ""O'Wll Ilio Cln 5l,c ron,,,l the nun.brr or, service who arrival vl:l-. I," Into R JO-U Ford Tudor, radio and heater, new paint job. Good Cemctcry Road. " 3 Lost and Found A man driving from Floruit Washington, lore his brlcl en ;e :n •i-pp. All kind., Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS • Decca Records • Sheet Music • Kstey Organs 100 MILES KH.KB DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Stove 315 S. Second — Phone 4^2i Blytheville, Ark. 12 12-cK-t! Notice of oil stovp.s rrp.ilTrrt nil tllrril. Phone 42Z2 or 407S. IHtle city m'here he stoppe.l to Wiring back to lUe local IHV.SII where & Want Ad wns Inscrtp^ cftse was qulcklv lountl an I fDnxj 10.II r'^r/-' 11 , to nlrn ' preventing th« loss „ , J.i-ii UAiLi three-quarter I work, cai ion ciassiticci- 13 c^n ton pickup truck. Cattle rack' " 2:13 'with it. Sewing nwelilne «"~ Sowing. nHcrruiom, Mrs n\^ frnnklln Formerly will! Jnc Typewriter M2 Mercury four door se-, IJU clan. New painl, good tires ' " l n radio and heater. Bargain ' s '" e LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 519 3-3-ck-tC Help Wanted, Female inn Portuble Smith, Corona and Rnmltu- DON EDWARDS Trade Ins on Kaiser-Frazer Automobiles Late Model Used Cars 1!H6 Model CJlCrtYSI.F.n Hoval rr,n, toor ,,c«an «.(!, nullo. Urntcr 3clro=t rtry C "c'ican VCr Yo"'" 1 ' '°" ""''"S 0 »"'' 1947 Knl.^cr. four door criinn with "'rm^V, N ,7'. ""'' E ""»" «"»n 7a n r" TFIK "01" MOTOR CO. Your Kniser-Fra/cr Dealer N. Highway 61. Phone 2142 s: ?25 weekly using your phui... le. Rush $1 for manual nn<i ...... today. Telephone Advertising yervlce. Dcpt, A., Monroe. N. c. 3.5-pk-G Political Announcements The courier News has been' authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the, general c,ty election, April 6: and; FOR ALDERMAN (Scrnnil Ward) iT. L. (Jortio Nabers (First Ward) !j. C. I Bud i Posei- Jr POR CITV CI.ERK' W. T. i Bill 1 Malin fOI/.VTV TREASf/RKR Frank Whitworth COUNTV fJOURT Ct.ERK Elizabeth Bl.vthfi FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen 221-ck-tr ----------- . , Cots, onrf Pets I I,H Pnminc two-rtoor. not a blemish In the finish, six ^tx>(] tlrps crwirl tlpholslrry. brnnd new I'onllRr mnt^r I/ill. Cnll W73. Ch,rl M foa 3? rk . 7 !i For Safe — City Property cnck-cr spnnlr! . Air R*st?. |ih onr Farmers Column Outdoor Supplies for] NR\V AN'O JfODKRN five J 1 . 5 , 7 ,- rooms and bath oiniippori with — (automatic hot water heater floor furnace, beautiful hardwood floors, .scrpoKHl-iii hnck porch. Located in ncv YOUNG LADIES We have several vacancies for neat and intelligent young women. Must be single, under 26. Guaraiitceci income; average earning ?Go weekly. For full information and nppoint- meiil SATURDAY ONM.V call TOM UPTON', .5-11 HOTEL NOBLE, 10 A. M. TO f, ?. M- 3-5-pk-7 Private Rooms Bpdroom, 314 N. Ninth Bedrooms. Blyth<:Tl!le~~H<>irl Plionr 2:(^R 2.17-pk-D ID Nice bfrfroom, close In nio W Walnut. Men only 2,20-ck-U 20 Bedroom, convenient tr> oath i icnl. Phone 3325. 611 \v'i ' PIANOS New and Used Cororortfibld bedroom To Room with Business Opportunit/ej BASEBALL TEAMS "~, N'inv is (he lime to order'™" vour uniforms and equipment tlpt our prices Before you buv! HLHBAItO HAKmvARKCO 'i 13 \V. Main price to ncy. phone ; dcntial subdivision, financed at 4%. NEIGHBORHOOD l>alh, showcr ARKAHAJl'S Personal Business Property For Rent Frozen Fond lockers. Frozen Foods, 21st and Main phone 2602. 2-6-ck-3-ii ^ror Rent: For fioo a month^^ould Garage, service station, R j x room house, all outbuildings one acre of ground. All mod ern. out of city Un,,- v r K on° I Hi 1eI hT»T No"" Robert Ward, Telephone 7F11 SouU 2, Paragould, Ark. SKI.T, WHAT YOU DON'T AM) KUY\nm' vm- nn i "JIAI ^ Olj DO r . X ^ANT Lour icv Ne\vs Classifieds iylhryllle, ,? " Jr>hn D( " 1 " «" >Hnmpiit on c. A. Hvde m Sarbro. at |0:00 Mai . 27. '' ttMhlncis, T.uxtirn. Ark '. AI»C j ro » I'OSI- *^'^' K*' '*»*.*• -•» i*ix/\ j i ,*Vii i ;*> I , bp I TOURIST COUHT. s. l!i K h- u ' a - v 61 - 3-2-ck-n 107 E. Main Music l Repairs A- Supplies Sheet .Music Records Kadio Repairs BROOKS MUSIC STORE G R 0- •^(r,T>vrt: Onr hr\nds hlah, 15 . h«'nr<l«r . nlrk In m«n.- 3443. J, rruon. Home 3. D ror Male-Front mounted two »ml inree Bottom bmim lor John Dctrr tractor s James w. Pcrj-. t mile En »i or aieele. Phone 67. 35-pk.|2 Kor SKlfTp^o F«rmmrir.cior. "ctiltl- v»tor and bviMer*. Al.-o 2-ro-*' Jotin i,, ° tractor planter. EubBnks liro. inprs, 3-l : 2 mile.? west of Joiner. Ark. You'll need no, Fortnno-lellpr to I Icll you Cla.wlfleds Sell I I . few steps off „ Street. Will sell fixtures, ,,.- vcntory stock. Building can lie leased at fair rental. A going business, A-1 proposition tor ambitious man. ROmus A.VD HATH in Rood condition nn Missouri Avenue. Can l, c financed. DUPLEX located in high clas.s neighborhood. Low tax and insurance rate. \Vj|l net will handle, ran finance bal- MODKRATIC - I'll 1C KD house on two large lots. Rent, al property on rear. S^fjOO cash. Can lie converted into good paying rental property. See or call: MAX LOGAN Realtor Phone 203-1 34-ck-tr n«rhi>;«nop lor sale, icnty 0 ( huiincM. Hollsnrt. Mo 3,4-pfc-U Phnoe 811 ' <:hrmirr,)ly rtclinlrcl rolton secrl R crmm»tr quirKrr ,>H,,l i anrl plow ,l,r s » mc «erk. Reduce choppiiiR evpe n , r an(! Brow mare rotlon. STATK CK.KIIKIf.I) \'AFttKTIKS AVAII.ARl.K 1>- * r. 1.. No. U. per SO Ih. ta K sllKofl .Stoncvillr 2-H, prr SO Ih. Kowdrn Il-B.'prr .V) Ih. bat Olhrr varlrllri Halt * Half (Hihrril) rwr SO Ih. Stonn-illc J-c 1 . prr sn Ih. has <-Ok<-rs inn Will Resistant, prr ."id Ih ... 10,(Kt ... 10.M ... ... io.(M flB Pauls, jx-r .10 II,. MR '..,.'.... n : n Vmnlrn, ^. -ft II 1 ' ' ' •••••<•.. M'.,>ll 10.SO Kmpiri-, rtcr ;>0 Ih. * C'orne in anr! place your order or E cl your supply lo.lay. BI.VTHKV11.T.K SOVREAX COK1*. , Thonr s:,fi Blytheville, Ark. I'lionc SS7 Branches: l.e.ichvillr, Ark. Cnrdwell. Mo irornersvillf, and Senalh, Mo. 12 PICK UPS »f you need a pickup — pick it up at Loy Eich's. We have the finest selection of pickups and 1 1-2 ton trucks in the city — lonq and short wheel base, 2 speed axles, stake bodies and also — 50 good late model cars — all makes and body fypes. 2—1946 Chevrolet </i ton Pick-up Truck* ,?° d9e 1/2 ton Panel ' 2 J o« color like new. Infcrnational Y 4 ton Pick-up Truck '" fernational ^ *o« Pick-up Truck 5£ evr °' Cf 3/4 ton Pi ck-u P Truck S hevrolct 1I/2 ton Trucks. Long WB. 5 Lhevrolet 11/2 *°" C -°- c - long W.B. ^ hc r: olct 1] /* »°" Shor^ Wheel Base. Ford Long Wheel Base. Easy GMAC Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. /Successor to Loy Eich Chevrolet Co.) We Never Close Sales DepK Open 'til 8 p.m. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 57g ATTENTION MR. C L. PERRY, formerly of (he Blythevilie Sales Company, is now with us as General Radio and Appliance Repairman For Hie best in Radio tenance call us at 3450. iwir „„,] Appliance Main- HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY WE GIVE YOUR CAR JTHE PERSONAL TOUCH THAT KEEPS ITS WHEELS TURNING/ •i Drive in Imlay nttd | t -( us give your car a fhnrou^li Kninrr-i, VC r. It's lime, loo, for j (s iuimiill spring (nne-up. • Motor • Brakes • Paint • Tires AH of these need our expert BUICK attention! Bring Your Buick to Us - *

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