The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK BfATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY;, OCTOBER 3, 194T cks "Title-Hungry Tigers Arrive !To Launch Attack on Chi Jji High School Game Tonight 5S With th«ir won »nd lost record standing »t one »nd two r«5i>?ctlvc- Ijr, the BIytheville Chicks, will for the second time this season, step lino thf 31* 1* Conference nmeneiil tonight when r.iey meet ll>« hiRh- /to»lt«l Llttie Rock Tigers, 1946 state champions, tu Haley Field. Oncn- jjlpg kkkolf u act (or 8 o'clock. And it will be fin injury-riddled bunch o( Chickasaws that lake the field against tin nlgniy-favored stale champions. Heart Condi Rrman "Nig" Bynum, his face longer than nn automoolle agency's wan; 4nr l'5t, announced last night that halfback Harold Traylor end quaricr- Tflck Jack Elliott, definitely would br. out of service loinglu and Cap•*<i|n Billy Wayne McF»r!arid probably wouldn't be ready to sun. , t ,ProbabU Starting Lineups: ; ~ Rlylheville • Elliott rpfiarner Doolin , . - : Berry . ! 'Huey" . .Simon 'benlry ; Allen 55 6). 5« 61 50 42 49 SI 47 no 16S 175 160 170 145 145 16:, no 160 Ten. L.E. L.T. : L,. G. C. R.G. R.T. R.E. Q.B. H.B. H.B. F.8. Wl. 180 190 1!)5 no 161 210 185 170 H6 m 115 No. 47 38 37 31 34 43 44 45 27 as 41 I.I I III- Hock I'Jaj-ff Wllklns Almond Dunaway 7-slmnions Oliver Williams Webb Wiighl FiKina Cariei Hunt 'Both Traylor aiu! Elliott missed* air of last week's practice due to Injuries Mid probably will be oui of action for .sometime. McFarland Is still nursing a sore les received during practice a couple of Xveeks Je" and the Big Chief indicated tlrsi be would see very little service tonight. his. tor" ahuobt to ' tile absence of three back- reguiars, Coach Bynum spent week trying to piece ujnelhcr nakeshift backfiolrt to carry oti jjpring . Iht'ir absence. He , .shifted »m! re-shifted the players Until tie [ finally came up with a combination ; 'jtttat, in the general opinion of the ^-.practice .session spectators, looked ; pretty good. • Gentry Shifted In Backficld i" Donald Huey, the 143-nound flce:- ! footed 'halfback who alternated } withTraylor on the, led side of tho J T formation, has been moved over : to Quarterback for tohlghl's game. j Huey did. most of the signal call- I ing'during'last week's pracitce'aivl t turned, iii a pretly fair job. Huey t did some quartet-backing while ai- I tending school in New Mexico ear; ly last Fall «nd look to the job just i as if it came nalurnl lo him. j Dennle Gentry, the regular right I end, will be shitted lo the b.-.ckfield i to replace McFarland at light haif. i Bynum has been tooling with this i shift off and on for several weeks, , and Gentry turned hi some good Razorbacks Face Test in T.C.U. Till Lid-Lifting Game in *Southwesr Promises To Be Grid Thriller LITI'LE HOCK. Ark,. Get, 3. 'UPi — The UnivmLty of Arkansas will face a i 1 (Hi Red but determined underdog Texas Christian University tenm In ititi Sout.iwpsL Conference r win In-raiser tomorrow. Unsroi-cd-ou Arkansas is a heavy prc-grimo favorite- on the basis of statistics K.S vvell as experience and speed, nut I he T .C U. Honied FIOUS arp blotter nnri have the pnssfni; punch that, is nece.s>;;iry If they arc to pull aa up-set out of the bag- And they will be looking for ro- venRC for n 34-14 UcklriR they received from Arkansas last year. Arkansas has run up 76 points so far Ihi.s season in winning two games uhik- T. C, IJ. has rro.tsul an opponents yon]-line once. However, the Frogs opened their season against mighty Kansas and Oklahoma A. and M, Arkansas' first two n|>|K>ncnl.s were inuon weaker. T. C. U.,s two top Inrkfl -• bit; fallback Pete Stout and passing Jhn Lucas — are fwlh In .shape for the contest, Arkansas probably will open its offensive with Clyde Srntt In the la Hijack spot., with Aubrey Fowler aud Kenny Holland seeing Big Grid Tilts Of Wee'-to Be Seen in South nV STAX Ol'TOWSKY United I'ress Spoils \Vrih-r NEW YORK. Oct. 3. (UPI—Il's, a little too early to buy your "rinji oiU-the-old" refreshments, but i sure looks like New Year's Day in L performances at the new post dur- Austin loctay as North Carolina and \ ing practice sessions. He lacks Me- Texas gear for a foo'.ball game any Joe Dildy was Ihe driver nf tin; bandwagon. That year ihp Tribe wont down under a 33 lo 21 defeat. In ID33. Dild.v's boys scared the pnnls off the Ciipital snug hy fiRhlhiK ihrm. , lo a 12 to B verdict That was Ihe 1'lcnly <>< year Ihe Chicks piled up more! Campbell, who earned than 400 yards through .iishme I str ' nR >' oM " n " ! ™ " Ls ' [year's T. C. U same, probable starter. The probable lineups •r. c. u. Bailey I.K ... Edwards . Oaffey , . . . liriRlllwcll haven I done as much as score on pj^ e the Tigers Bui they are determined to make this yenr an exception. and still losl Ihe game In 1040 me chicks began a three-year reign. They defeated Ihe Tigers 21 to 0 thai year. 30 to 13 'in 1.941 and Coach Arvil Green's clnn downed them 12 to B in 1842. But since then the Chichi antlon Fullback Lenn his firs'.irk in last is another Hrow n Boa! .. . Berry .. Bloxoin Bishop Sloul .. LT I.G C. no RT Rli QB LH Hll FB Arkansas . MI;Oaha .. Lively .. Roberts . Thomas . Franklin ... Minor ,. Canada ... Pipkin Fowler ... Scott Campbell Everybody But Shotton Is Happy Over Dodgers' Victory Yesterday By CARL LUNDQUI8T (United PreM SperU Writer) NEW YORK, Oct. J. (UP)—They were the ««me lovible wonderful 'Bums" of old, ilipplnz backs, whooping It up In under»taiid«ble Blee over their vital world wrleii victory over the Y«nk««, but txws man. Burl Shotton, iomewhikt less than cordial, looked » if he liad just iiwdlowed • very unripe persimmon. Thin wan the fellow they called Mie "nice old Buy." whom Branch Rickey plcki-d up at * "nice old buy" to run the Brooklyn ball club while Leo Dui other was doing official penance In Hollywood, But on Ihlx occasion, Shotton, Ihe pilot of the triumphant Brooks, wasn't trying to be & "nice old Buy." He seemed to be more than a little annoyed when his kidi tried to cut up over their eyelash 9 to 8 triumph over the Yankees In the do or die third game. A couptc of them were going through a few capers bare-footed In the drc.ssitiK room in celebration of the hard-won victory when Shotton admonished them sharply: "For Christ's sake be careful. Ixl's don't anyone get hurt. "We've got enough trouble* on thl« ball club." The Dodgers and Iheir elation Osceola Seminoles To Play West Memphis OSCEOLA. Oct. 3.—The Osceola High School Seminolcs left by bui loday for Wesl Memphis where lliey will meet the Wesl Mcinphis- Hiilbcrt eleven in a grid game lo- night. The Seniinole.s. smarting from n 13 to 13 lie with the Bald Knob (cam last week, arc raled as fuvor- iles over ihe Crittcnden Comuians and will be seeking their second I purchased by the Pirate* from tht, There are 30,000 »tre«t traders 01 nothing but tough sledding ahead of us. But this Is Ihe game that we needed to win to gain back our confidence. Now it we can win tomorrow, we'll lei our old boss. Larry MacPhall, do Ihe worrying over Ihe Yankees." Casey, who pitched (he victory in relief, after sad exhibitions by Joe Hatten and Ralph Branca, asked If he was the winning pitcher and . win of the season. was Informed lhal "he was the i In toni^lil'.s coniesl Coach Rube man." ! Hoyce will probablv start H. Gi'if- "Thal's swell." he said. "Maybe i fin, left end; Pontlersiust. lefl 11 tackle; Haihorne, left '.juiiid; Kersey, center; Lan^ston, right guard; Harber. i-lHht tackle: Walker, right end; Reid, quarterback; J. Shaney_ fell, left halfback; P. Stilhvc!], rigni have lo have some relief pitching halfback; and E. Shancy/elt, full- 1 Dcfroit Tigers In the biggest deal j of the off-season, batted only .251 the past season and hit 28 home runs. peddlers. In London. Of this number, 100 »re Mndwlch men. A broken,(orele* rux little effect on the speed of » Jack rabbit. ALL-AMERICAN * CANDIDATES * Dial evens up a little for that deal In 1941 when he had a ball (•nine won and lost it after Mickey Owen dropped the third strike. Anyway, that's what we needed and If we CMTMM (WO LWt TMNLt- WfKMt 2iS POUNW-COniS FflOfN TM *OWH SIPE OF CmCRCO-LAST -tfAR HE VMS oNftwnows OMKf m TACKLE rot *u-(WMftKn 1«M MOTMfM OH help again, I'll be ready. California Golfer Leads H ank Grcenberg Gets In Pennsylvania Tourney R e / e ose from Pirates HEADING, !'H., Out. 3. lUPi — Jimmy Demur el.' Ojai, Calif., led a pared field of 100 of the nation's top golfers Into the second round of the $10,000 Reading Open (;olf tournament today after shattering the Berkshire Country Club course record with a blistering us. it Farland's speed, bul is a < good alert defensive man and p}ays t heads-up football at all times. > At left halfback, Ihe Irlba! clylef- ^ tan will probably put.Mosc Simon, . J the 165-pound second string f'ull- ' back. Simon was tabbed as a No. j 1 backfield, prospect when he roam;• eel the gridiron; for" the Papooses • a ', couple'^of years ruep.tiut had a lii- 5 He trouble getting started with the 1 \ Chld£s % He is a hard-driving back J and !R fair broken field runner, i; R.': C.-Allen.'the Chicks' regular i; fullback will 'start at this slot. r. Aside, from his blocking deities/ H. V C. will probably handle the Tribe's '• puntingVtontghl In the absence of < Elliott. ; -' j' Cti&ngec Made In Line f t And there will be ilu-ee possible i' changes .In the Chicks forward wall. '! L. W. Piizhugh and Billy Brace) > tin regular guards, were not listed ;!on Byrium's probable starting line- i;«p. In their place the Big Chiel '.; listed Jimmy Garner and Bill Dou- f\ lin, & couple of second stringers. , i-However the two regulars will prob- ;ably. itt considerable service after «the game gets underway. • John Hoover, the re-converted j-center, drew the 'starting right end ?assignment 'replacing Gentry. Hoo- iver operated from the right flank jtthe greater part of the week and ^showed good prospect*. t •• Other members of the starting ; {line are Billy Bob Elliott at left ! fend, Lloyd Koontz. who drew loud ' • pplausc from MemphLs sporLs Armorel's Six-Man Team To Play Crawfordsville SPORT ARMORELS li-MAN—12 Mississippi County's only six man football team, thr ArmoreP liich Scl^ool Tigers, will go Into action this afternoon when they team In Crawfodiisville. meet the strong Crnwfordsullc This will lie Ihe 'risers' first game of the 1047 season and they are coached Ihis vcar by W. T Pillow. was virtually unbounded, didn't feel as unhappy over their triumph as did Shotton. They rallied around Ihe "old pros," Hugh Casey and Dixie Walker, who led them to triumph on the field anil who seemed to appreciate, the enthusiasm (hat was lacking in Shotton, the man who had been j called upon to rally them to victory on the bench. Dixie, who got two lilts and stole a base for which he was loud and proud and urged a photographer to "take a picture, way up high where my strawberry bruise will show," thought thai the Dodgers were "on their way. "Take R good look at lhal bruise, boys, because it probably represents the last time that Dixie will ever steal second in a world series," he said. Then in a mote serious vein, he contemplated the chances of the TCI I turned Johnson. Norrislnwn. Pa., thrcc-under par, 3335 — 6R to takr second place. i South Africa's nobby Locke. whose cash 'vinnings ciurinK the year are only S7IM less than De- marct's 423,630. was bunched with four other contcstanls in the third place spot. Arkansas Cage Coach To Tutor Professionals FAYfcTTEVIbLE. Ark.. Oct. :!. lUPl — Big Glen Rose will get a chance to prove thai he can turn out as good a basketball team in the professional circles as he did for the University of Arkansas. Rose reports to his new posilioti as coach of Ihe Oklahoma Cilv learn In Ihe American Basketball League on Oct. 16. It will be his first venture in the play-for-pay ranks. Tn his 22 vcats with the univer- NEW YOfJK, Oct. 3. <UP> Hank Gieonljcrg, once the most feared home-run hitter in the majors, had an unconditional Horn Ihe Pittsburgh pirates today and was reportedly in the market lo buy an interest, in some minor league ciub. Glrenbcr«. who asked for his release, had no comment on Ins future ijlaus. however. The 30-year-old veteran, who was Dodgers, which, still admittedly j sily, as player ant! coach, Rose heVo- up»»ll- ' ed brine eight Southwest Confer"We've never been down yet," he^ence championships lo Ihe school, said. "We fell all along thai we i And seldom has had a learn lhal would win, bill we knew we had wasn'l a threat. bowl committee would relish. Thf. tntcrsectiontil baltle between the Southern and Southwest con- ! ference powers tops the nation's . football card, which must look ! South this week-end for the bulk ] of its top games. j Carolina, fresh from paslinp .Georgia in return, for last. year's ; Sugar Bowl defeat at the hands of th'c Bulldogs, pits Its Jack-of-all- Sinkwich to Join Colts WASHINGTON. Oct. 3. lUPi Flashy Frankic sinkwich. who was reported IlirouRh with professional football after t|Uilling the Detroit Lions recently, was scheduled to rejK>rt to the Baltimore Colts of the AH-Amerlca. conference: today. trades. Choo-Choo Justice, against. ; Sinkwich, former Georgia All' Texas' renowned Bobby Layne In ihe struggle for a lofty national ranking, Al the same time, powerful Louisiana Stale mns up against Georgia. Tulnne tackles Georgia Tech. Alabama plays Vandcrbilt and Duku runs itp against Tennessee in the Southland's parade of name teams. LSU met its first test victoriously with a 21-U win over Rice, one ol the Southwest big boys, last week. Georgia was losing to Carolina al the time, but Ihe Bulldogs, even without Charley Trippl, have slopped Tiger championship drives before. Illinois' drive toward a second biff nine lille finds dark-horse Iowa in the way llns week-end in Ihe '• Mid-West, fnwa iosl last week io UCLA. Ihe team the Illini bounced off in the Rose Bowl. Ohio Stale faces Purdue in the [section's biggest toss-up, and Noire Dame runs up against Pittsburgh. In intcrseclional play. Michigan, rated as the lop big timer in Ihe pre-scason hemming, and hawing. Slflntord and Norlhweslcrn the. Ai.ierica. left the National League Lions after suffering a rccurrancc of a leg injury. , Heads Baschall Writers NEW YORK. Oct. 3. (UP) — Edward Burns of the Chicago Tribune today succeeded Tommy HoluH-s of the Brooklyn Eagles as president of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Feminine Tippler Says She Needs No Clothes TORONTO, Oct. 3. lUP) When Consiable Gordon F.nglish caught ft : nude woman runninc down I hi street he asked her the whereabouts of hei' clothes. ,1 "I'm invisible." the wnmati cx- ' plained. "I fiont' need any clothes." in police court Ihe woman admil- tcd she had been drinkinc and was ] given a suspended senlence. plas ' s •writen for hi» bang-up defensive .Vork in the Messick game last week, i « 1VM UCLA another taste of !*t left.tackle, R. B. Hodge at ccn- '"i'.^'f ibro . ! J, c ! ba , skc ;- 5er, ind Jim Berry at right tackle. ' Chick! Dtfll Under Light* ,, ., . ,. . , "w East's lop game. lor all the tnclr ltalk about the end of an era. Navy ls Stn1 unbeaten today, and !avo "t« over Colorado The Chicks tapered off •prt-gume drills with a light dum- ths under scrimmage session of Haley Field against the Chicks, using jthe Notre Dame shift; which is {reported used by the Bengals. Th« •phlcki'; defense looked consider- •bly' bVtter against the tricky yliyk last night M they covered ^.he pas« receivers well.. 1 Cotch Wilson Matthews and his of Tigers arrived' In Blythc- 1 plays Columbia. Princeton meets Brown, and Yale tackles Cornell in fht Trans-Atlantic Plane \ Overcomes Difficulties NBW YORK. Orl. 3. U]P> — A fonr-enginccl Trans-World Airlines plane landed safely at Gander. Nflri . today after sending oul an SOS when mechanical Irouble threatened its fuel lines while over the mid-Atlantic. cr lop games. j TWA officials here said crew The Southwest plU Texas Chris- j members corrected the trouble tian against Arkansas. Ihe Texas ! about a half hour after Ihe SOS Aggies agalnsl Oklahoma. Southern I was sent oul and the plane pro- Methodist against Missouri and ! cccded normally into Gander They Texas Tech against Wesl TCXM. ] snid the SOS was a precautionary , , i measure on the pan of the piloi, Vulcanization, the rubber proc- i Capt. F. G. ess. was named lor Vulcan, the Ro- «t noon tod*y. They spent afternoon resting at Hotel jvooit and will make their tirst Appearance al the game tonight. ; The Tigers boasl a lot of weigh; «nd a good amount t)f experience. Their starting line will aversse •pproximately 185 pounds per man with their entire starting lean 1 averaging 175 pounds, an advan-j Jtage ot almost 15 pounds to the hian over Ihe Chicks. I So far this season they have been undefealed and nnscorcd Dn. Jn the opening game engals laced the Fordyce Redbugs 19 lo j» and turned the heal on spring- Seld, Mo., High School to the time ft a 33 to 0 licking last week. The [first of the week they were rated I [four touchdowns better than tho JDhlcta and that rating has Jumped ttven higher since the Injury Jinx (itruck the Tribe's wigwam _L- T * T ' th I-RHS-BITS Contest But it is the general belief unong local fans that the Tigers rill have to be satisfied with a ;wo or thr« touchdown victory Hie Chicks' spirit .has been high Hll wert long, and when they r e.- }«ived Bynum's announcement thai )Tr»jr)or, Elliott and McFarland tould probably be out tonight, it •vereti very little. ..•Thta'wlll be Ihe : tenth game In he Little Rock scries not counting 1* "practice" game that they : itay«<l in 1931 which the Tigers ipn SI 'to 0. The Bengals lolncd , - 'ft* Chlcke schedule in 1938'when ' man god of fire. FARM MACHINERY, PROPERLY MAINTAINED, BRINGS PRIDE AND PROFIT TO THE OWNER! 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