The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH 1,1MI (AUK.) comma wewn 5ugge*toiw For Better Fanning ''emtured For This Section'! Pro- jrre««iv« Farmers. FARM -FEA 7 URES Published ETery Friday fa the Interest of Farm Fullta *f Agrieultural 8*cUe*. lientsofFHA oMeel Tuesday Nebraska Farmer Becomes a Chinese General And Directs UNRRA Battle of Rice Fields Farm Ownership Borrowers to Hear Report on Activities The annual businew and educa- y meeting of farm ownership I'T'f? .1 (hl> rafm «'''s Home ^ministration will be held Tues- I 'MJI .! noswnofl Community mining. It, was announced loday ,' David C Neal of Blylhevllle lunty supervisor nf (he. PHA Tuesday's meeting will Include a scu.wJon of Ihe previous year's jslness and pl;ins for the coming •ar. Mr. Dean will give a report (lie analysis or the 1947 (arm irt home records which will he wd throughout. Die cnmiiif year i an aid to.belter farm and home Other outstanding features of (lie eeting will he a soil conservation id management demons!ration by oimty Agent Keith J. Jiilbrey Blythovillo and an address by a ate field representative from the Itlle Rock office nf the FHA. Lunch will be served by Ihe wives '. 'he members followed by a so- al program. The Partners Home Admintslra- ou is an agency ot the Icderal overnment and is a consolidated Bencv or the Farm Security Ad- linistration and Farm credit Ad- linlslration. Tlie purpose of ihe rsanization is to make farm loans > low income families of this rea. loans arc made lo Ihose families >r the purpose of purchasing iive- •ock, /arm equipment, and other ecrasary expenses in farm and ome operations. ssiid (oat ol rice this year Chlna'j hungry millions. For a year now Horace C. Traul- wn of Paxton, Neb. «ncl Frederick S. Oulbran.sen of Oslo have led China's war against > tiny worm, no bigger than a cul-worm. which every season does enormous damage 111 the fertile tier fields of Kiangsl province. On the average these rice-borers ^ _ Ser»le« i destror 100.000 Ions of rice a year. -I—<NEA>—AH American I But every seventh year they get Urmer, who learned to fight bugs i e g| >eciall y bad. and 'do from Iwo In Nebraska, and a Norwegian agri- ! to five litnej Ihelr Bvernge rtatii« 8 e. cultural expert «re trying to save \ This U the sevenih year from Iwo to five hundred thoii- i The borer Is small, and ''e does for not live long. Bui he is hard lo fight because he crawl* Inside the hollow stem of the rich plant, where Insecticides can not reach him. When UNRRA agricultural rehabilitation experts tiled lo help Chinese farmers return their war- pocked farmlands lo top production, their first problem was how to gel at the borei-s. Two or three weeks after Hie first rice plaining, moths come oul of the stubble of last year's crop and lay eggs on Ihe leaves of the new seedlings. When these eggs hatch, there Is a brief Interval before they can eat their way Inside tlie new plants. For lhat short time they can lie reached with Insecticides. So the UNHKA men blended DIJT powder In ihe UNHRA-sponsored National Pesticides Manufaclurini; plant here. They persuaded KiftllK- sl farmers lo leave narrow rows implanted, through which men armed with spray guns could walk to spray the young planls and kill newly-hatched larvae. But this was nol enough. T>ey could nol gei them all. and they knew lhat those that escaped would be back next year, breeding again. I So they spent last winter per- I suadlng farmers to dispose of Ihe i old rice straw, which always had been saved, to net rid of larvae hiding in its .stems. Pi'ot'lnclnl legislation is now [lending to recuilre tint Ibis straw b* destroyed after each harvest. The program's success can nol be told until all of Klangnl'a llnee rice crops have been Imrvesled this year. Hut if the borer scourge can be held down tu this dmigcrous seventh year. UNRRA and local experts are convinced that, within a few seasons, the borer can be destroyed entirely. •arm Bureau Directors to *o!d Meeting In Ihe UNRRA-equlpued laboratory In Shanghai, Chinese chemists seek lien weajxnis In tirht Ihe rice Iwrer. WARNING OROFH In the I'h.iwfry i'wiri tnt Ihe <'Mrk«Mwb* OUIrlct of Mlululp- I>l County. Ark»nu». Bert K Ellison WalnllH. w No. 10,410 Sam Harnes. et at Defendants Nollre is hereby given that there has been filed In the office of the Clerk of Hi,- rjhniicety Court o( Mlsslsslpiil County. Chlckii.siuvbn District, Arkan.sus. a petition lo confirm and ijufet In the pliilnllft Beit K Klllson, the tllle to the \a\- lowliiR land |n || )(I chlclf.suWIM. District. Mlssl.wl|)|)l County, Arkxu- S«K lo nil: ' l-ot ten of the Sam Bnrnra Subdivision of the city of niytheville Arkansas, being carved out nf ihc Routli-west quarter. Section sixteen, township fifteen North, flanac- eleven Kasl." All persons claiming said lands or any Interest therein, are hereby notified ntid win tied lo appear lii «ald court on the nth d»y of April. 1948, at A iiinc and mil more than six weeki i,fter tills date, iitlrt show cause why the title of said land ,sh,-.iilit not be confirmed m said licit R. Klllson, the jilulnlllr In Ibis cause. Witness my liaiiii nlid soul as the clerk of .snid court, (lib the atilli day of Febriniiy. 1<14H. HARVEY MOnitlS, Clerk (SKAl.l lly Hetty Peterson, 1) C. O. W, Bnrhnui, Ally, for f'ltf. 2.27-3-,-12-in It is now possible to keep a port Icc-Irec by » new melhml nf luy- ink' lone lines .of peitorateri pjp'i"- unrler Ihe channel ,,, U 1 pumping alr thi-OHgh them. Horace O. Tr.utsen learned to filht ttut* In Nphr»ka, now lirllis lr»il Chhiji', f)»hl against crop klllen. Cooler nabbed Williams sliortlv , "(ter the shooting as the Negro I was walkhii; across a cotton field Get Delivery Now On These: 1 (!se<i Mollnr Ttftdor wllh nilllvndii, plniilpr and tntifillc 8 Used r'ord Tntclom with i-umpkle Plenty Of— l?<)(tiim 12 inch "Ulnck t.iuul" Hi'o;tk!n« IMnws, IVillom M iiii'h |{«((<ii« 12 inch Slut llvttom M Inch Slut Sprint; Toolh Iliirn C'nltivHloi's— iti K i(| sitiink niul SprinK Sltitnk. (These coniplelc with front. end attiii-hmi'nt) 'i'H 1'nrpos* I'luws. Itase I'linv.s. l!<is« |>l< lw .s, See Douglas Lawson, Manager Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Ph ont 2171 Home Agent Urges 4-H Club Girls Negro, Accused To Enter Annual Sewing Contests Miss Gertrude Bond, home dem- nnstralion agent for North Mississippi County, this week urged all I girl 4-H Club members to enter the 1 Clothing Awards Program sponsored annually by the National Committee on Boys »nd Girls Club Work and the Spool Cotton Company Education Bureau. "With the high price of clothing, piece goods and accessories. 4-H Club clothing demonstrations can s^juu ciuining Demonstrations can ; •-,•. n >,i*,.i un\, ^n.n >i UILI.IH pay more than ever this year," she bref " 1 «™l heavy drumsticks, en- stated. "Participation in the pro- lereri lhf tmal sta g« here today Members of the Board of Direc- irs of the Arkansas Fnrm Bureau 'edetation and members of the. ommodtty commitlees set up by ie state farm organization will leet in Little Rock on March 9, ). and 11, R. E. Short, state pres- ient, has announced. Mr. Short declared that this .,_,„,, ..- ,. , ,. , .. meeting i s in line with the new stated - Participation in the p oard policy or holding two day gram win tctlch you to make >' our oard meetings following the rec- own rIothln S' an R rt acquired by lar meetings of the community Vflr>1 few modf ™ d "V women." ommittee.s. " Vo11 cannot afford to make a Chr.rle.s Rose of Roseland, a mem- mls 'ake In purchases." she said, "so cr of Ihe boards of directors will il ls besl to think through all you ^present Mississippi County at the wi " neeti Defore spending any leeting money." Tlie commodity commitlees. au- The clothing awards program will lorizcd b v _the slalf Farm Bu- bc i continued In 1948 1 with Ihe same ;au membership at the annual "s'f of prizes thai were offered in onvention in Little Rock last No- I l»»t year's contest. The prizes ember, were elected in January, range from medals of honor for 'hese committees are Poultry, counly winners to $200 college ivcstock. Dairy. Field Crops, and scholarships to 12 selected state ^uits and Vegetables. Tlie com- winners. Eneh state winner will ^tces will act as advisory com-, also be awarded an all-expense •Htees to the board of dircV.ors trip to the National <-H Club Conn the commodities which Ihey gre?s in Chicago. 'Kf Se ^il •. ' Miss Bond si'Bgested that club The Prulla and Vegetables com- members participating In the pro- met In Little Rock on Feb- | gram make a list of all the occa- •"??* %' T^' ° th ' r commltt «« »•'» ' slons for which they will need out- I litl. n n °J** A v, mectln « I ««*. s ' lc h «s school, church, inform- le hoi rt H M ^, Ch S ' '"" Rl P« rti «' P'=nl«. swimming and ie board meeting will be held j <- H camps, and make their individual demonstiatlons accordingly. Search For Bird Of Tomorrow In Final Stages EASTON. Mrt.. March 5. (UPI — The search for (he chicken of tomorrow, a meat bird with a broad larch 10 and 11. A complete report on the pro- ress of the current membership nrollment campaign ot the Arkan- is Farm Bureau will be presented ) the board by Waldo Fta.ster, e.x- cutive secretary of the stntc group 'he meetings will be held at the tarion Hotel. Members of the board of riirec- 5rs. besides Mr. short and Mr. i .ose are: Joe C. Hardin. Grady; . C. Mack, Newport; W. R. Willis :lack Onk; Pay Wells, Proctor; w! '. Jones. Madison; R. L. JfcOilJ , larked Tree: R. E. Sallee. Poca- 1 ontas; Harry Gotorth. Fayette- ' lll«: Dick Harris, Berryvllle; Rex Lamsay. Nashville; Roy )zark; Leon Garot. DcWItt; Vcd Blanks, Parkdale. Clly Dwrllen Half of Australia's population of ^0.000 lives in capital cities and ^ther 15 per cent In provincial Mvns. The remaining 35 per cent rovidf more than one-half the roducr of Ihe Commonwealth, By doing this Ihe. contestant will make things useful lo her and even if she doesn't place In the ; program, then she slill has her • wardrobe. Miss Bond explained. | j Don't attempt to make complicated things unless you are an ex-! ! pert seamstress, she advised. If you are just a beginner, then plan to make a cotlon outfit or a school dress for Summer such as a gathered skirt with a separate blouse or halter. The older 4-H Club girl may want to plan and make a wardrobe. ... .„,„ . lm Solng away to schnol or for Wilson, [work or homemaking, she said. Tn 'any rase, work oul a real problem in clothing that will meet your ac- ] tual needs rather than' make an Isolated garment that, does not fit! In with your wardrobe needs. when 28.800 eggs from 40 breeders were placed in identical Incubators. From them it Is hoped will come a super-chicken thai will be worth $5,000 to some breeder. Tlie U. S. Department of Agriculture has long sponsored nn increased eKg proiUiclion program to encourage the breeding of better layers. The average hen ' iu tlie United Slates In 1938 laid 100 egss a yenr. The average hen in 1!M7 laid 153 eggs, an increase of 53 l>er rent. The chicken of tomorrow has a similar purpose. It is sponsored by poultry dealers to find a better meat-producing .chicken for American farms. The conlest began a year ago when elimination con- teats were held in all stales. 25 StatM Compel* The eggs that went Into the incubators today arrived on Feb. 20 from 25 states—Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Conneclicut. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Delaware. West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana. Texas, Missouri. Kansas, California, Oregon. Wnshthg- ton, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio. In Ihree weeks Ihe chicks will Of Killing Two, Held for Trial C, .1. Wllllnnu, 30-ycnr-oJrl Coot- ter, Mo., Negro, was bound over for Circuit Court action following a preliminary hearing before Magls- Irale G. W. Yates In Caruthersville yesterday on a dual murder charge stemming from the fatal nhoollng of two Negroes. Williams was held without, bond In the county Jail there today, ».c- cnsed of the murders of Lucille Cunningham. 28. «nd Willie Simmons. 22. her alleged Minor. Williams Is charged with slaying tlie couple with a double-barrel shotgun Feb. is during a fit of Jealousy at the Cunningham woman s home one mile of Cooler. Town Marshal Roy Jones and Deputy Sheriff Mrtvln Clark of 400 from each breeder will be selected for Ihe brooder house. At the end of 12 weeks, the growing pe- ! riod for fryers, the biros will be. ! taken to the butcher. There the final Judging will take I place on June 21-23. | Several Facto™ Count { While the goal Is a chicken with | bigger drumsticks, more while meat ' .inrl a minimum of bone, the judges will consider other factors In determining the winner. The birds will be rated for growth, hatchability—the percentage of the breeder's 720 rgg.s producing good stock—feathering and mortality. The parent flocks already have been checked for egg production. The 15.000 grand prl?.e will go to the breeder whose parent flock produced the best birds. Dewey H. Termohlen. chief of the Department of Agriculture's ! poultry branch, suld the conlcsl "will revolutionize the poultry In- f , * on7* e poury n- from Incubators. The best dnslry within the next five year." and First American steel plow made by screwing pieces of saw blade to the wooden frame. was steel ploiv' Does Your Tractor Need Paint Look Drab? Rusting? Going Sfowly to Ruin? Better let Our Paint Department catch it now - - In arfdilinn (o having; the best mecha^l r«p.irThi town, our shop is also headquarters f or a real tractor paint job. tome in today and X c( our price. \V« ,,M only the best implemenl puinl-Jhe kind In(«rnation H l ^Harvester gave your tractor wh«n it WM ffnc. 3/2 SOUTH 2"? ST. STEPS DRIVEWAYS For new homes and homt Improvements—Insures a good job ... saves muss ... savis money For an enduring, «conomic»I, gooil-looking joh it will pay you to build wilh concrete —ideal for driveways, walks, swpj, porchtj, terraces, basement walls, girifre floors —and firesife new homes. H»lp» ye»r Builder do hit 8*tt Ready-Mixerf Concrete enables your builder to do highest Duality work at actricfivc price*. Every truck load is carefully proportioned to the "mix" needed. Trucks dump concrete neatly into the forms without leaving a mejj to clean up. W« will b* (lad to r*cotnm»nd • bulldM- for your Joh. FOUNDATIONS HUGHES & COMPANY Ready Mixed Concrete (outh 10th at Railroad Building Materials Phone 3531 W BLAN HEATH ANNOUNCES REOPENING OF BUDGET DEPT. BETTER HOT-FOOT IT OVER HERE FOR TODAY'S HOTTEST DEAL! Get our ALL OUT ALLOWANCE! FOR YOUR PRESENT TIRES ON B. F. Goodrich Silvertowns Open T.yp« Tread It. F.l Tractor Tiros Look how yon javel You ftl (I ) longtr milenK* >>>•"' [>rrir*r (2) (trr.K-r iifciy lhu» jirrnur (3) heller value lh*n prtu-^r >nd TODAY we me offering « jpn.i',1 "All-Out" allowance for your u-cary tilil casing* am nr-w H. F. Gnoclricb Silverfnwni, fttit I'M iht li'iig run for mileage. >»(eiy «nd »nlue. 1.50 DOWN-1.25 A WEEK Pull • N.w 4.00.14 »ll..,,.„„ .„ r.tir C«r MM Mown •p to i« M..H,, t« r~r ' There are x°"(] reiisonH why B. K Gorxlricli .., typ« trarlor lirca nrt> preferred by farmorfl 2 to 1. i Doalilr Imrsjrivc eilruliito. Open tread allowx mini mill ilirt lo drop,ml HB tire rolls. .. No jKx-ket.i lo doit up with mwi and cniiikj «]ippitlg. POWER for Mw con MOKE STAYING POWER to, old Th« <;r«n« X«sw B. F. Coodrick • L, n ,., u,i,inJ tap.dtY The new B.K. 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