The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
Page 3
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OCTOBER 3, 104T BLYTHEVIU/E (AHK.T COUTUEK NTBWS New Theater Manila't Finest Showi F.VKRV NIGHT Bos Op«ns W«k »»>» I'.** P» Matinee Saturday * Sunday Sit.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cent Showlni PAGE Americans Held As Revolutionists Ten from U. S. Among 900 Who SaiUd to Overthrow Republic TODAY "HI, NEIGHBOR" with Roy AcuR Selected Shorts Saturday 'LONE STAR RIDERS" with Charki Slarrell Also Short Subjects Saturday Owl Show "UNTAMED FURY" with tia.vlord Fendlelon Also Shorts Sunday and Mondav "MICHIGAN KID" with Jon Hall, Victor McI.iiRlcn Selected Short Subjects •RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Saturday "BIG CALIBRE" with Bob Stecle Cartoon and 4th Chapter "Purple Monster Strikes" Saturday Owl Show "SUSIE STEPS OUT" with David Bruce and Clcalus Calcine Abo Cartoon Sunday and Monday Tuesday HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. I. (UP) -i 10 Cuban government was report- 1 authoritatively still to be hold- K eight or 10 Americans today In nnection with the aborted plot to vade the Dominican Republic and 'ei throw the regime of deneralls- mo Rafael I,. Trujlllo Molina. A spokesman for the United latcs embassy denied that pres- irc from Washington had collap- cd the plot, which was finally roken up last Monday with the tpture of tu'o transports and an xpeditioiiary force of 900 men by ic Cuban navy. By order ol me <Juo»n Supreme lourt, 376 rank-and-flle revolution- rie-'i were released last night from Camp Columbia near Havana. These vere the men the expeditionary orce had cast off as military mis- its before it sailed for Ciudad Tru- illo a' week Rgo. Among the ones turned loose were 2 who had been put Into stronicr cits after they started a hunger tiike. Tin 1 900 members of the expeditionary force were still in Camp Columbia, although the supreme ourt may issue an order today di- ccting the Cuban army to let the ank-nnd-iile of them go. Officials identified the following is Americans: Capt. Hollis B. Smith, ,laj. Daniel Martil. CapU. Dowell Sherwood. Ernest I. Stack, and Hu- icrt Waddle and Pvts. Thomas Mawyer. Samuel Stock. William Picketl nnd David Plaggatt. No charges had been placed Tgainst any of these men. The Cuban Army announced that 15 nationalities were represented n the SOO-'innn expeditionary force. They included eight generals, five lieutenant colonels (no colonels), 12 majors, 50 captains, about 150 first and second lieutenants and a liberal representation of sergeant- majors, sergeants and corporals. Gillian officers said that, despite the comparatively small size of the expeditionary force, it would have given Trujillo's U.S. Marine-trained army "plenty of trouble" because of the revolutionaries' training and militant spirit. The arms and ammunition they had with them were valued at $500.000. In denying that American pressure had been responsible for breaking up the plot, the U. S. embassy took cognizance of widespread reports, some of them printed here, that pressure from Washington was responsible. It was believed, however, that the embassy's denial was prompted less by what newspapers said than by the fact that the expeditionary force had done some derogatory shouting against the United States when it was brought to Camp Columbia. CHAMPION (Continued from P»»e 1) Twill* of Dyersburg, Twin., ti. Also winning $36 prlz*s were Max Hinchtj of Steele, who picked W pounds; John Plpiln of TrUimnn, M pounds; L. C. Tedford of Ken- nelt. W; C. H. Qculry of Scnath, Mo., M; Jnse Thonua of Burdctle, M; J»nic» Edward South of 'lYu- maim, SI; Howard Bishop of Trumann, M; Ralph Dye of Holcomb, Mo., M; Ralph O. Luwson o( Hoi Spring*, M; »r,rt Sum Miller of Carat ll, Mo., K. The fourth through MVenth place winners In the women's division, who received PS awards, were Mrs. M. O. McPatrldgc of Bassett, who picked It pounds; Miss Livern De»ther«ge of Walnut RMg«. 18 pound*; Miss Evelyn Rogcr» of Turrell, 78 pounds; and Sibney Joties, Negro of Clear Lake, 76 pounds. National Jaycee President Shepperd was the afternoon's principal | speaker and during his address took ' a stand In favor of food and cloth- Ing shipments to Europe to avert another war. H* abo warned against complacent, attitudes toward communism In the nation'* smaller towni. Wactnf War on Indifference Introducing Mr. Shcppnrd, Frank Plater, executive vice president of the U. S. Junior Chamber, told of the Jaycees' attempts to build better communities throughout the nation. He also said the Jnycers were fighting against the Indifference of many Americans toward national and world activities. This bnttle was being fought, he said, "to protect the nation from the Inroads of the -isms." | Brief welcome speeches and ac- ] knowledgements were made by E. R. ' Jackson, mayor of Blytheville; Jimmie Edwards, president of the Bly- thevllle Jaycees; Rosra Cralton, who originated- the cotton picking contest in 18W; and Llcutenant-Gov- ernor Gordon. , Naming of the winners was broadcast over radio stations KLCN, Blytheville, and WMC, Memphis. Both Anderson and Mrs. Poole were interviewed on programs conducted by the two stations. Working under a bright snn nnd a clear sky, the contest, entrants began picking at 10 a.m. yesterday and finished at noon. , At a luncheon at Hotel Noble, nearly 200 Jaycees and contest guests heard Col. Hendrlx lackey, executive director of the Arkansas Gandhi Grieves Because Masses Still Want to Kill NEW DKLRI. India. Oct. 3. CUP) —Molinmtus K, Giuulhl, who was 18 yp.slcvilay and onrc hoped lo reach 125. didn't want to live "much longer" today. He snld ho hud last llm dcslvt- lo live bci'.iusc of (lie hatred and kill- : Koinu on u n s i ( | CSi He S uid nc had "nsonv In his hear!." 'lime was, he said, that when he spoke, (he musses followed. Now, he ! snlct, lie was R lone voice; "nil tluu is lu'.trd fioin them (the masses) Is Unit lhi\v won't let the slay in India." SURPRISE (Continued from Pfige 1) said quietly. "I didn't think 1 would win Uu? first prize nguln but 1 thought 1 minht win one ol the smaller ones." Dressed In blue overalls nntl n bright red .shirl. Mrs. Poole ap- pe tired less excited about her repeat, victory than anyone around her. Buys Nc\v Suit uiul -A SI»U With her winnings last year, she bought a i\c\\- suit, n new sink, nnd household fixtures and Inml- ture. And this year, she plans to I continue to use her prize money i for practical household Improve- i ments. She said she planned to' buy a washing machine, new ru^s i nnd "something else for the house." Tlic house Is located xuld ycsterduy \viis tin; first lime he has picked cotton since 1912. urn. store os>etator, Mr. Kcnnett, 135. Us n retired KC»Both yotitiKbicis who won duplicate $50 pil/e.s as the best pickers 13 years old tuid uiulcr hud no rilirtculty rtt'elilhiK what (hey will use their wlnulnu.s for. Hobby ClmrK'.s Jiu'k.son of lit. 2. .Uytlu'v.Lle, n spvonUi-Rnulfr In the junior h\i;h school here, lui.s his c\c on L. new -suit and a leather Jnckel. I.iniuu 1 Ashley of Steele, Mo., U- yejir-old ninth-umde .sludcnt in the Holland. Mo., .school, said he will : ptil his $50 in Ye.stcrd»y \vn.s n bin day lor Southeast Mlxsoiiv,. Exactly halt of the yfl uionry-winners nve nrUtves Moslcm-s | "f *l>e Uootheel, It- was only n tiniiter of inlnute.s after Kdd 'Amtn'.son. 18-year-old entrnnt of Knmclt. Mo.. toUl this reporter that he didn't think he luicl a chance lo win, Conies! Chairman James Nebhut told an nnxlou.slv \valtlnv, crowd In Walker Park thiil younu Ander.son wu.s the new world's eham])lon cotton pirk- or and the owner ol 1,000 cil.sp one-dollui' bills, 11 wit s a h ;i ppy a tul sui'pri sed youtiK nirtu Unit t'ai'ftl to the stane. In front of the (-raiHlstatuI to clnim, aLont> with his title, the most money thut lie luul ever possessed In lils life. Yesterday's re.suUs pru- riuced it iniiuhei- of sidelights, Nol only did enlrnnt.s flock here from the "Show Me" stale and to show Arkmisiins hov; to pick cotton, but one nu'loucl of Mis- sourlnns 'nil went home win nets. ! Malcolm Grauillun. ID-yenr-old i Innn youth irom Kennplt who won | the $550 second place award, h».' i been a close friend of the ne\< White House Menu To Set Example In Saving Foods WASHINGTON, CVI. 3. (UP) — Mrs, Hurry S. Trtitmm is expected la lake u personal huml In nmkluv, Whitr House menus conform lit the ! PresitU'tU's wasle-lcss fowl cutn- | Willie House kpokesmen said they expected the first lady to have KOLIIO •• Melinite ideas of (ho subject when j slie returns from her Missouri visit, | In two or three weeks. Tor (lie lime being. Iheie's not Liuu'h activity In (he White Houso kitchen. With both Mrs. Tritnum ml dauvjliUT. Margaret, oul -if .iwn, tin- President I.s the only one iilhiK ul home. "And." said White House secretary ;ben Ayers, "he Is u very llpht e:it- r." 'o Select Rodeo Queen CUNTON, Ark., Oet. 3 (UP! — I'lie .selection of u ttoclt'o quj'en imd Miss Vnn Huren County" hiirh- iRhled loduy's program (U the unit till Vim Dill en County fulr. MONEY -FOB MATRIMONY OB MATEUnTY Milestones call for money. When you're getting married or expecting a new addition to tho family, get the money quickly from G. C. P, C. PHONE 2S28 122 W. ASH ST. BI.YTHEVH.LE CONTRACT PURCHASE soybeans. Mr. Poolc has never entered a cotton picking contest, but wns on hand vesterday to "root" for his wife. "Pretty proud of your wlie?" a rejjorlcr asked. "Sure urn," Mr. Poole ''(plied, Kilnnlnp broiidly. Mrs. Poole snld she has picked cotton all her life She stlH pick;; K lot. slie said, bill her family and household duties prevent, her from putting In t\ full day in (he fields. The Poolcs have nn old son, jerry, and two daughters, Norii.n, 11, nnd Carol. 3, Long Vac 11 lion Nn 11 ;i nillea |> Another winner. T. Z. Kennelt of Hornersvllle. Mo., who c.almert and Orunilliifi, To mukc the slov> complete, Miller went home winner ol a $25 nward. He Hauls the Winners "Yes sir, 1 brought three win tiers down here with me," proudl exclaimed K. O. O minting, fa the of tlie .second place winner, \vh accon.|>aided the triumphant col Hut the story doesn't end here. After Gramflnn had received h 1 prize money hut before the nc' the $50 special award given the Resources and Developments Com- I best plckrr 65 years old and over, mission, call lor more cotton re- - — search and manufacturing In Arkansas to combat loss of foreign markets and competitive synthetics. An open,house at the Jaycee club rooms honoring Mr. Shepperd anrt the annual Cotton Ball at Walker Park last night concluded the contest activities. Warner News and Comedy New York Stocks 2:30 p.m. stocks: A T and T 157 1-2 Amcr Tobacco . 74 Anaconda copper 353-8 Chrj'slci- 60 Gen Elcciric 3« 1-2 Gen Motors M 1-2 Montgomery Ward 57 3-4 N Y Central 15 Int Harvester 88 1-2 North Am Aviation 85-8 Republic Steel 275-8 Radio 81-* Socony Vacuum . 16 3-8 Stutlebakcr '.. 21 1-8 Standard of N J 7< 1-1 Texas Corp 56 1-4 Packard S. 1-8 NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law offices of Gene K. Bradlay have been moved to 411 W. Main. (Across street from Montgomery Wflrd.) Save a Little— Have Much! Liifi hisumnrc Is n fortune . . , and whether n policy Is modest or small, everybody buys It on <,hc Installment, plnn. E. H. (Eddie) Ford Lynch Hull.lint Phones Bus, 2811 Res. 3185 502 Limicnile SI Blydievlllc : General American Mfe Ins. Co. mploii wfts announced, llic nm- ior-ii]) inn do u (inn thai limit* very, very uue. While AnderKOu wa.s dlM-<:(''!nu iks chit i lees of whining. Gnmihtii; proclaimed fuilh In his friend :ind said "I think Kdd will win that thouMnd dolljirs," "Why sure." the elder Mr. Oram- lliiK suld. ncklins his supi'ort. "Kd Kot a nood cluuice. TJicy hnvt 1 tiouneed the thousand - dollni winner yet. He'.s still not R chance to win." Tlie Is history. • Uncoinfortiilile shoes nrc] .scientifically widened or | IlcnKll\enc<] here «ilti (lie •latest'of modern muvhincs.! • We do mil injure the] • shoe's construction — the] • >vork is done with exact-' Iinjr fare. • .H-HLTCRS QUflLtTY SMOG SHOP 121 W. M R I N ST. \ * -Weekend Special- INDIVIDUAL CHICKEN POT PIE With Appetizer 2 Vegetables Dessert and Drink Steaks-Chops-Chicken-Seafood NOW OPEN TIL 12 p.m. Week Nights 2 a.m. Sat Nights DELTA CAFE So. Highway 61 Phone 3685 THERE IS MORE COCA-COLA NOW Pride & Usrey General Contractor* DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 DREIFUS lOOfh Anniversary Pattern REMEMBRANCE '64" . USE YOUR CR801T C"UEN Vcri-Thin "MARIE" *49 75 by Gruen inlo on r>xquiu1« mnil*r- itca of waltJi c/a 111 mo nilil p. 17'iewel pr«loin movemenl. GRUEN Veri-Thin "BARCLAY" A worth d*>ign*d tor Ih man- 17-jcwel [ir«c1ilor\ movement In imart. madam cai». 6-DIAMOND PAIR 129" Haw i),e v.i!| ih'UI 1» i>.1i uniquely ityFed ding duo, craflod Tn moJern molEf. 3 Roming diamonc/i g'orify ,eacS laviihly d«iigf\«d 14k -v gold ring, TERMS! PLEASE nbu* 'or it cither way . . . both •-marks mean the same thing. , "" D mi F u s IO1UIO UHOU *UIHOHT( or KHt COCd.COU COHifMlY If COCA-COLA UOTTLINO COMPANY OK lilATHKYIU,K « 19*7 Th. C-C Co. , MEMPHIS AND DYERCBURG 9

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