The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 8
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EIGHT BLTTHETTLLB (ARK.) QOUltrCT Er«f7 Friday in th« (nt«r«t pf Farm Familial of Thi» Agricultural Section, \M Good Pastures Pay Dividends Returns Compare With Affentfon, Farm Agent Say* *ti 'ih* ° f " 1C " lost ™l>i"b!" crnns on the farm, accovdinc to fiounlv " ,u Koil1 ' J ' I'lhm- nitrt !K-» »nv other croo. H,e yields sre obtained In nroportlon to (he Iroat mwil and iiti«ntfon nlvcn Pastures will become one or the most morilable crons onlv wli«»i Rood methods and manaw-nenl practices are anplicd. he said. p.-n. n three-fourths to one acre of nrr- mancnl pasture should he provided for each head of work slock. raMIe and hrood sow with pics and Ihe pas'llre shou'd be located ns close to the farm house as niwsiMo. well Mr. nilb'-ev exnlained that earlv March is (lie nrnwr time in which tn seed pasture land. Tlie lrm-1 should be flat broken In about tli» same manner as any oilier cron and harrowed or disced as smooth as possible. The pasture mixttir" should be sown broadcast with a whirlwind feeder or bv hand. Se«ls Krrnmmeiirirrl He recommended rep lop. Korean lespedeza and \vhitc or hop citnv- ( as the seeds mast suitable lo Mils' county inasmuch as each of (he four types of seed fair well in ordinary, sandy or gumbo soils. Several oilier types of seed are suit, able lor at least one of Ihe ihreo soils of ihe county but do not grov satisfactorily in all three. Timothj- and white clover crow "ell in either ordinary or |»or)y drained soils but is not suilablc for the «andy soils ol the Big Lake area lie said. Blue grass and orrharii! grass fare well in ordinary soils but should not be planted in with sandy or gumbo noils. The new pasture should be mowed at least twice a year with tlie blade set high on the first mowing It may be dropped at Ihe second The pasture should be kept free ol weeds at all times, he said. New pasture should not be grazed until ihe growth is at least lour Inches high, Mr. Bilurey explained. and only when (lie ground Is dry Tlie paslure should be divided into two sections so that rotating n[ grazing can be permitted. The New Sleek Look FRIDAY, MARCH'S, 1948- For Better Farming Featured For Thin Section's irressive Farmer*. Ciirol Williams. El i. aso bo.uticlnn shows 13-yea,-o!d Bf; tly .,o Guislnnli of i^ rl llol|lw)f P.H the » ncw s,ee, „„„ „„ llrr t , l)f , „„, JackPt _' for ' P,,,> ,lvestoe k Sho, , rom ,,.,, M . 2B . Iieay JQ ]l;i( , „ in last year's show. ,NEA 'J-clrphoto.) in hair Light-Weight Hogs Pay Best Cash Returns -^horVnThUrTne, ^ po nled out by county Agent Keith Bllbrey ., . further argument i I * ' e &*wK nOfn tn heavier "Secretary of Agriculture Clinton p. Anderson recently appealsd (o feeders In the central stated lo save grain by marketing hog, at lighter weight!, he said. "HI, appeal was made after significant In- crense.s hi market weights were noted In hog market sales." He staled lhat the price spread between 180-240 pound top ll K ht wclBht hogs and 210-300 pound top Four Youths After Fraud Try Failt TRENTON, N. J., Mar. S. |TJP> — Police held Joseph A, Maj-tocello Jr. ed to find oni why he has averaged serving on a Jury once each year since he was 21. Tllsoji is now a member ol » Kiand Jury here." "I've never made any special of- Jr. 18. son °~r« VeaHVPhSr' ""'' Mor , F : to ,, leilr " "'»* "»* <*» Phla rerrlgeralor man U fa y cl urer da nd ! ^hf,?, ""i" 1 ', 1 e Mld " BlH r "> three companion* today after tn»v • i 5 B , ° "*' Hs 1)!OU 8" rre -ii--..,,.. ...... . J "ii-ci ^iney ( nad niy share of |urv duty" wa.s costing --- f'v ~ day lo serve on the grand Jury now. The jury commission was asked to tailgate. secretary lo ,lg n jom, money over L " e fi8L "' cti lhnt to the youth. ' " him more than JIO The four were arrestqd In a railroad station her* after they abandoned a bullet-riddle automobile at nearby Langhorne, pa. Police said that Martocello and Leland Gicen, 22, Edwin Ijtc Lea,- therwood. 27, and frtA Wilkey 24 all of Chattanooga. Tenn, forced Iheir way early today Inlo the home of Miss Marie Saccullo, 22 In Phil Rdelphla. They first pretended that It was a holdup, tlien demanded that Miss Saccullo slBii papers turning over WCIBJH nogs and 210-300 pound top o»M">"> s'B" papers turning over nonvy ho?s shows the penalty which I the son SOITie mon «y belonging na s developed for excess lard on to Jost 'l >tA A - Martocello. Sr. hoes, narlleulnrlv ai 0 tt n -.~ ...i— Miss SaccuHo said hv ie.\ ar ,h...*~ . . . Miss Saccullo said by telephone oe that the four became jittery when Is selling al a price per hun- en ronfrouled by her family, bolted " ,..„ ..*,,,,,. I,VTK,-> un urea which are now approaching weight condition when further "allis* are'^tRB Rufls in Favor "• <llC \Jf WASHINGTON. Mar. 5 <UP>_ The National Labor Relations Board ymeaan "Rain liie cost of finishing Is Ies.5 Farm Agents'Tips Remove troublesome stumps which hang the plow and slop the combine. Purchase grass and legume seeds for pastures, for quick temporary lawn's plant rye BJH.SS or Icspecleza. Ordinary Korean lespcde?.a mowed once a week will nmk-e « txjaiitifui lawn throughout tlie summer. Try it. Snails are'rcgarded by Frenchmen as the greatest of nil delicacies and appear on the inenii of every Parisian restaurant. Large Farm For Sale The lady thai owns this -farm is physically vinnhlt to supervise it any ]onjr Cr . This farm is located al Sfarkville, Miss., scven miles from a (own on a Rimtl road, school hus roulp and milk rout*. It has a IHTRC house, modern in every way, with halh, lights, and hcaf; also two nice tenant houses, three small lakes and some linihcr; 300 acres of black sand bottom land and the re^l slightly rolling. Also a larjrc b;irn; «-i|| house 60 cows. « $45 7 000 Will Buy This! $17,500 Down This is an unusually K00ll y. Writ*, call or see LYMAN GROSS PhoiM 251 ?,n*m Hotel Sikesion, Mo. Agricultural Council Plans Annual Session President Hurold YOUIIR of the ABnculliH-nl Council of Arkansas will preside at liir- council's nnnual incetins lo he hei ( i in Holcl Pca- IxKfy. in Memphis. Monday start- i"B at lo a.m. This is Ihe council* ninth annual meeting and will be nltended by about 300 farm and business leaders from Arkansas. Missouri and Mississippi. Tlip uroKi-nni calls lor (In- opening address by Mr. YOUIIK. follow- to by a motion picture entitled •Wcea No More" which deals \vi'h chemicals ccnlrolling weeds In corn production, chas li, Suyre. superintendent ol the Delta Branch Vx perimenl Station, sioncvillp Miss will talk on anhydrous ammonia and weed control. Of particular interest at this lime * farm mbov as it hns recently boon Paced back under control of the ^HiliP IJOpfl J't II1CJ1 1 Of Lnllrtr Pn vf ' i " '*'* 1 "' 1 ' ll ii'ii/mi.'i fny'Oill. administrator will 'discus ' CX ,' SU;ri "'"' lni> nped its lo. "iui, VMIL mtiui.^s i canon, uhi-r*. ,i xi,. c »,^ \ tlie 191B farm larx.r program Afler lunch. Ellis T. Woollolk l>reside:H of the Mississippi Delta Council, • will i c ii about the "Joint Area Advisory Committee" which Is composed ol repii'sentntives of Dci- | la Couiu-il. Mcinphls Cliiunbur of i Coniinurce, and Aericuliiirnl Conn- I ell ol Arkansn.s. Next on Hie prn B rnm is W M Shepherd, director of industrial tlc- • "-lopnirnl. Arkansas Power and ! LlRllt Company, who will explain j tne Arkansas Research and Survey I Program. . | The speaker of the afternoon j "'HI be Uarryi FraiK-Ls. agricultural economist with Ilie Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Mr. Francis Hill cover the.1948 agricultural program, ,* Dinner will be served at e-.aa ami Hie speaker will be Mayor Jimmie Arington of Collins. iMss., lawyer newspaper editor and liumonst. located Jicfore Wsforcry Tlie planet Neptune was located in Hie sky before it was discovered Due to iiTpRulnrifies in the motion of the planet Uranus, the astrono- mcr Leverriei suspected another Spring shows are arlvlsed to x-atch ~" -" -- - - standard weight"! If their decision of its kind under the Ijarrows are going to wei s h In the ',' cw ,, Iab . 0 .'' .'"*'• The act Provlde-s, heavier brnekcLs. Mr Bilbrev "Ue I st lime ' /or "Parate bar- Resled that they be sold whrn tliev snln '" K llnits (or Professional work- reach ti)o-'.>40 pounds rather than ' L V' S ancl scts forth detailed ijuali- !o hesyler weights just ' •_• • cation, where it was louiul later. _• • • be carried. to show. Czech Ministry Denies Ban On Newspapers PRAGUE. Mar. 5. (UP)—The Ministry of liilormation said yesterday thai no foreign newspaper or periodical was banned recently In Czechoslovakia, and previous announcements to the contrary were In error _ A Ministry spokesman exceptcd r four Czechoslovak language publl- calions printed In the United i States, which had been banned some time ago. but said many of tlie 27 others suspended 'a's a temporary measure" now are again valuable at government bookstores." lie said three visas were granted today to foreign correspondents, and clearances were being mnde In each case on its Individual merits. Tlie Communist organ Rude Pravo reported that a national socialist deputy, Bohuslav Decl, w,i> cap- lured by frontier guards Tuesday when he tried lo cross illegally into American-occupied Bavaria. Read Courier News wan:. Ads qua such flcallons tor determining workers. The ruling was handed down In a case Involving tlie Jersey Observer ol Houoken. N. J., and the Hudson County Newspaper Guild affiliated with the American Newspaper Guild (CIO). Alabama Man Has Served On Jury tor 23 Years BIRMINGHAM. Ala., Mar. 5._ (UPi—Raymond Tilson. 43, an electrician for TCI. yesterday attempt IT AWT ; IT K PeoPtE FAIf.-- SHOWS rueu <JPI Furniture, perhaps, or something tn wear? • MAXIMUM TBACTION — Un illp. mo,, pull wi (k ]„. •KOBE WOM, lESi'ntnCMSt —.av». Hi... I, ac4o , and — do., roor. work per" hour. •CONSTANT MUTATION-no pr .,. ur . !„„ th . yta , wound —in .(crag. OI u... Non-lr««iing. t • »MSSUIE BUILDS UP a. load,.. •WC1CASED DBAWBA. Hftl-up lo 500 lb.. »«,,. wilh no wheel weighl». • MOKE COMFOBT, LESS (OUNCE »r ride, leu laliqu*. —provid.i a ttnoolh- Husbands tn acree • LONGEB THE LIFE - lre ad wear I, much IM , b . coul . of minimum slip and conslanl pros.ut.. Arrange for our Goodyear Solution 100 Service now to get ahead in your world . I That money Is saved with TR VI)- ! J INC POST economy!" ' I i ' I PHOWS flW «o WEST «S« |BLvrHESVIl.l.E, ARKAH9A9 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE SAVE MONEY ON MEAT AND EGGS RAISE YOUR OWN FRYERS AND LAYERS All three of these Purina Chows-Chick Startena, Broiler Chow HiF' -»"'' 'f' - -^T S— und it can mean real savings this year! L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY "lork South of ON FROZEN F0 00 • ••FROM OUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZER *' ~ S : "'-^0% -.•-''•"' •-'•'• j >^ mete ^ ff/v^ INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZERS COMPACT 4.2 CUBIC-FOOT CAPACITY Such a convenient size! So handy you can ruck it almost anywhere! And it freezers and stores about 150 pounds of food. Yon can stock up on a delicious variety of c.isy-to-servc frozen foods and keep your ume free for fun and relaxation! See this food- saver, work-saver today! BIG, ROOMY IW CUBIC-FOOT CAPACITY Let this modern storehouse make living simpler and more pleasant! You save shopping and kitchen time hccanse this enormously roomy freezer stores about 385 pounds of food. It enables you to make meals months in advance, to store them safely and thus save lime on busy dayj! Slow away simply everything in it-ami pre- i«xv« flavor, fiuhacsi, vitamins and goodness safely .. . » n d surely! * FROST-LOK * VAC-U-SEAL * TIGHT-WAD and o host of other features 3/2 SOUTH 2"? ST. PHONES63 / '$£*'&*':•'-'• r ^'-.'-sW*wi>-%S'*'^"'-:'- ''.''{

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