The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1947
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 164 Blythcvlllc Courier Blythcvlllc Dally News filythcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader ^ MISSOURI - if' ' : J'~ '.-:'- :: *, -,';'• '~'<i: tfjV^.^'xt 1'i.y.H fyv;:#i# "V •'•'" , -•:•'•' \ ...'...; .• ,r c-,,i i "_•«. -v;>'»,'••' '•;>£•->•'• ; : iS'^:-''/: ;;: >:!iiP®ll : From Soviet Lips During UN Row • Ukranian Minister 11% Denounces Greeks, U.S., and the British LAKK SUCCESS, N. Y Ocl. 3. iU.P.) — Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitri j Manuilsky, directly confronting Greek Foreign Minister Oonstantin Tsaldaris, accused him today of being tlie "real Jtilprit" in the Greek crisis Manuilsky. the heavy-mustachioed i old-time Soviet revolutionist, linked Tsaldaris with a "plot" by the United States and Britain to place the blame for the civil war in Greece on Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece through "casuistry" and "lying testimony." ' Tsaldaris sal impassively as Man- uilsky, pointing to him. shouted "Mr. Tsnldarls is one of the real culprits of this situation and bears grc-nt responsibility for conditions in Greece." He followed the main theme of the Soviet attack, charging that the United States and Great Britain were trying to "cover up" their own •("illegal" intervention in Greece by '"blaming other countries. Referring to recent negotiations between American and British officials In Athens and Greek officials on charges in the Greek government, Manuilsky said: "The U. S. and British intervention in Greek affairs is becoming more flagrant. They are now creating puppet Greek governments in their embassies in Athens and the American press reports such activities." Manullsky's speech to the UN Assembly's Political and Security Committee bristled with denunciations of the United States and accused U. S. Delegate Her.schel V. Johnson of "conveniently ignorine" those! parts of the special investigating commission's report which Manuil- sky claimed refuted the American charges. Manuilsky resumed the UN debate on Greece as the assembly after three weeks was paralyzed by the Soviet-American deadlock and long lists of nations trying to make propaganda statements on nearly every issue. Delay in getting down to real work threatened » prolong this assembly meeting long past the estimated two months duration unless ,drastic measures are taken qulcWy to limit debate and break the ARKANSAS, KKilJAY, OCTOBKK 3, 1917 Camera Views of Eighth National Cotton Pi Yankees Favored To Win '47 Series ' -rH»-*ee» Tte powerful , ...„, _ Ity committee on which there are more than a dozen critical issues is ^completely swamped in sueech-mak- pn<r It Is still talking about its first ma (or Issue-Greece—and 21 na, tlons still are on the list to make general onening statements None of the other committees has made much more progress. Th s Pal- :'' mcnt. ' ; Secretary of State George C Mar shall's proposal for creation of a "Little Assembly" committee lo me-t throughout the year to act when the Security Council Is stymied by a veto never got more than a 1 nke-warm receotion. Even some of its most ardent supporter; wondered today—h, the light of the snail-like progress of this assembly —whether a committee ot 57 nations Is the kind of body to act expcditiou.sly. Tills assembly not only is suffering from a bad case of Ions-winded speechmaking and war jitters but also from the lack of a man or an Issue to capture the delegates' im- V^sm '"" and '° SUr thcir cnth "s- The assembly is overshadowed with a helpless feeling of depression and hopelessness created bv the dmlomatic war between the United S ntes and Rllssi!l . A|| c « sues appear Insignificant to dele sate, while that "war" continues ^islnnsk.T Grabs Spotli"ht Most UN delegates I,, 'p'nerir aoree basically with Marshall mid ; disagree with Soviet Delegate An ' > vi'hin\ Vi f hisky - Biit »«*?; Vtehiiwky has grabbed the spotlieht ^ **W «-most rrornSe 0 "^ i (Hrshall is only an historic name* to most dolcjatos. He Is not a sociable man and has not—as anHn j»i«I when he decider! to lead It . v - ,.:.„ . .. Garhe"Finds >fBums Trying Hard To Even the Score „. , —Courier New* Photos tdd Anderson .upper left,. !8 . Kcunett. Mo,, .shows, phqtograpnen • jow he picked 99 pounds of clean cotton In two hours yesterday „, he Lightli Nation.!, Cotton Picking Contest here to win Jl.coo anrt the title of -world's Champion Cotton Picker." At lop right is Mrs Helen Poole of Lcaclivillc, 1Q« winner who won again this year- in ,hc women's division. A guest of honor and star of the -o.oti.lng From Cotton Bags contest'; .style-shcjy was. .Miis.-Ja™ Camp of Little ttop center, "Miss Arkansas of ,„„_.. (Lowcr rigMj who modeled winning, entries In the cotton bags clothing co ,ues eluded cleft to right, Miss Dorothy ulscth, Mios Iva s-ay Miss M - Shivcly, Miss shirtey Bai'ham, Mi fs Kalherlne Marti,',' Miss A Humphrey. M iss Jant wilson . Miss M[u . v ^^ ^ ^ Sctiy, 1 Inn S.scora bv Tunings: -i ^ n Ice i?s ., inrv i A * i ---i«» ^ »» uuu», mni^ nodsers -.. '.":;:;." JjJJJ? Ml ' 5 - Jnn ' cs v «' »» d »Ulc Becky utley (In front). (Lower By LEO H. FETFSSEN Bcn S-icpperd licit,, president of the U s Junior Cliamhrr f r- N^ 1 ^^^^^^"^,, n;,::; 1 ::^ "^^ °*- »^*^. eme a :L^'i Harry, Taylor, who has two^e ^ ^^ ^™ '"<' D -e,opmenl.s C omm,ss,on. wllh . TcxM Bufter and Egg Prices Declining Meat on Hb'bf Costing More, But Buyers' Protests Bear Fruit By United Press Head of Jaycees Urges U.S. Help For Europeans National President Featured Speaker at Cotton Picking Event John Ben Bhcpperd of Gladewater. Texas, president of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, yesterday advocated sending foort Riui clolhlug to hungy Kmope "because (lint Is cheaper Minn another war. " Addressing approximately 5.000 spectators ovcrllnwliiK Walker Park grandstand rim-Ing I he afternoon program of , the Eighth National Cotton Picking Contest here yesterday, Mr. Sheppeid sale! that' U is hard to sell diMiiDcrncy to Kitropcnns when (heir minds arc on (heir empty Monuichs. The top Jaycee executive, who arrived by plane yesterday mornlnn on (he national Junior Chamber's "Fifth Freedom l-'lluhl," was the principal speaker of the afternoon program and al the conclusion of his address presented n Western- style Texas hat to Colonel Hcndrlx Lackey, executive dlreclor of the Arkansas liesmirrcs and Development Commlsslou. who accepted U on behnlf or Gov. !!i-n Laney. Mr. Shrpprrd »ho warned aeainst rompliicrilcy 1,111, mr smull lown rrsirirnls wlin lend to believe that rommijMuni In always snme- wherc rlsr hut never In their own I'onimunlllrs. As a means of coinuntlliiR communism niifl nl the snme time work- ins to prevent future wars Mr Sheppard pointed out Die purpose of Ihc nnlloniii Juycec- orminlza- llon's "Fifll, freedom l.-|l.,)H" which, he said, was to mobilize youns men for world pence He termed it a "great obligation " of young men which the .Junior Chamber of Commerce had undertaken. "We nil can. and must, work (or world peace and democracy l«ci\use everyone— men. women and children -will be -in the trenches' Jn t|, e next war." Exnliilnh.K tun the "Filth Freedom" WHS opportunity for mler- Prl«e, Ihe national J»y t c, president -raid he found it a ".llscimr- »elnir fpcl" nn hi* recent- trip (a England, France mil Belgium thai the "yonni: rwopl* In fvtarape Missco Woman Retains Crown / Won in '46 Event A. A. rXEDKICKION C«irt«r Ntwi SUM Writer money In tht open divU.on of ttit E*»hth 'o-ml Cotton Picking Contest h«r« yeiUd., while Mf Helen Pool* of LwchvHIe, 31-jre.r-ild mothtr of children, performed the hitherto U ni«comp!Uhed in th * womeii> divi "° n *» * Food Committee Members Differ Procurement Policy Discussion Bringi Eorly Show of Rift By GRANT till.I.MAN •• The annoiimc^nwnt of cllm«xed a Hay-Ion*. p which nearly «.c«o rM Sl.(( c»rrem»nd«,t WAHIIINOTON. Oct. 3. (UP)i resident Truman'* Cabinet Food Committee was split sharply today have , "II hone.-''.They h'nvc nn frMrtom of enter-, prise." he asserted. In urging added work towards world pence. Mr. Shcppcrd said: . "If n meeting of men around n conference table in I92fl was capable In the recent terrible all-out wnr was a sWong probability llmt Mr. Truman lilm.wl/ would be called U|K>II iKfore the week li out lo make a decision on the Rriiln purchase program and resolve differences between th« A«ri culture Depnrtrncnt on the on« Imtid and the Army and State D»- iwrtmcnt on Hie other. Meanwhile. Americans faced pros peels of being asked lo get along with less beer »nd whiskey as part of the grain conservation drive This poaslbly arosn when, reprwtn- tatlves of breweri and distiller* were .immnoned here fop talks W||h leaders of the food campctin. in the Inter-agency grain controversy. the Army and Bt»t« D*- partment were said to be {nitaU* ng that the government Mttriii Into. the grain market, lmmei]lat«l» f -regftrdless of the effect-on' prices .—and buy enough wheat to meet Wfstern Biiroiw's needs this wln- vii- . tors wltneAjed th«. annual ., liif from Cotton Bagi" itylt Oiow ie«rd miulc and «rit«rtainm«i£- *> the .Blythevl'l*' high' School bind antt the W«st«rrut»», and wen ai. drrntcTbj} ashost Wdl»nltirt««*CS cluOInk U. Oov. -Nathan Oorttoo »fid John B«n- Bh»pp«rd, ftttOUU of the UnitM States Junior Chant b«r of Commerct, ' - „,$' l,*0» milt rrCMntel U Ch»m, •"• -J»rne« N«bhut, cjialrman of >thi cont«»t commute*' for the Blyihgi vlll« Junior Chamber or Comm«re»i sponsors of th« event,t>r««nte<l L60| one-dollae bills Mi ypunj AiuleriS Mrs. Poole *** pr«wnt*d h*r aiari by Mia* >» m Camp of Llttl* hAt* "Miss AilmnsU of un."' •?)S ; Another K«nn«tt,- Mo., farmibii and /rlend «Inc* boyhood -of? tlfl new champion • picked only ''ant pound' lesi to *|ri aecond plac». -Kt Is Malcolm Oramllhi, II . who« pick sack held M pouridi of clM» cotton and netttt him the JM runner-up i pri» T^ Third prize Ot »ioo w.nt to Je'h ny Johnson, 3t-y«tr- Mlw He of clean cotton act nnn men. division wax 17- , Fnr New Trice But the AKilcullur Hlko Department ° f game of the world series at Field. The Yankees were 13 [o 10 favorites to take the fourth contest which win put the classic well over 'he $1.000.000 mark, and 14 to 5 choices to ta-!;c the serins. But die Rrimtis, wlin came up from Ii !( . floor yesterday when Uie.v returns t,, (heir home park M"' *=•'"""': 0" Taylor to ,,„( Cotton Picking Chamo's Hopes Dropped as the Hour Grew Late n.v A. A. FltKDItlCKSON Courier \cws Staff Writer A farm lad Irem the Boolheel of Missouri , w Yesterday's event wxs the sc-' ! L°." tl ._™ n:c -^ Anderson has entered. ^5 aw.ird in last year's lives with his father. Before hose hone chips put him put of action i,, mid-August Tav- J lor was rated the most effective H"" ™" ;CSl ' Annmc ' hurler on the Dod»cr staff lAvin* C W °" a - S25 !uv ' ird turned In 10 victories a""inst flv? , C ? nlcst - Hp Suoi'cSi?^''" 1 '^ «''K«"'clt r ' Ca ^ ''»''«'Somh Taylor said' His 'arm" Vu^'ruir'-' - '' l:ins S ' : ' rl °" "' s Ol and that he was ready atth" . 1, he has pitched but two iuiij n <r<s ^ir,r Al^ust 13. " ' c ,° cvcns ' s " six-foot, ihroc inch 215-poundcr, who won seven games m the Yankee American I.ea«u pennant triumph while losing 13 "H C. of c. Goodwill A^ove is A4ore Than a Gesture OSCEOLA. Oct. 3,-Maj-or Ben I", •utler. president of the O.iceola Chnnibcr of Commerce, yesterday ^r c ^h~° ^— "rF-^'^^^-r 3-t cents a pound on the wholesale market yesterday, would lull effect on the retail market. Butler wa.s Iwu cents a pound cheaper - sill: more. The decrease had Us !' resont|1 " Colonel Lack than last week. Meat on-tlie-hoof kept climbing. Hogs were up as much as 50 ccni-s a hundred pounds at Ch!ca"o Omaha and St. Paul. Cattle and sheep prices continued at a jiich peak. In California, however, homc- e — --r>. .-.....^i t I^CCHILIIH ,.„„, ,„ ,, ftnrs sucl1 nclin " »ould MI off i ur-nr,. rr,,, , ' , L worW " ew r° l ">" o' 8rn'» prlre lncre.-«« ?£^JSS$ ™ l by ™ eh ,g 1 r^-£ ^i'T-SS prices for • - •• products. These are Ihe food Items winch Charles Luckman, head of tne new Citizens Food Committee It urging Americans to eat i sparingly and efficiently in an -i- Tort to keep down price. ,nd mske Brain available for Kurope. SecreUry of Agriculture Clinton P. Amlonson wn.s snltl to fe c i ,0 -_,.... strongly on the Issue that he was In addition to the Texas hat. he rca ' ly to »*k the President to set the nation's big food markets Heavy selling at u )e Chicago! „ , "" 1 """ wciiuii DC reflected In hislier Board of Trade skidded grain prices- " c nlso " r «"l lhat politicians "Ret i Prices for meat, poultry and d»lr7 Jowe-r yMlerday. Egg and butler j lo ? clllcl ' n »<l work ll!t c .stnlesinen." "•-'"<••-'' pri-cs also were down. Esgs drop-] Pilrl S' llncs should not IK consid- pcd more than two cents a doz-n' l:rc<1 ' hc declared .because the prol>- anci butter more tlmn two cents :lcmof a pound " At New York Louis Chamiilln C! . SIllaln K his tn federal markets ' analyst preZied Sllc ' I " ertI ""'"I "Cotton must that butter prices, which dropp. d I™," M<f C ''° n '" tl>c '1-4 cciil s n iinihTi.) r,.. t\, n ...i. .i.. OIJL w t --„...„ Europe \vn.s bigger thnu a AlriQlc polULcnl pnrty Shfftlng his talk Lo cotton, Mr. must not RO back lo the owe-crop sy/ilCTii. We should diversify our crops." Two jounj»Ui< ton) p* tine In Uw ne* division for pkkem II >evi •• oW arid undar both (bmtd up wiUi •T pounds of cl«a n jx*\on and »«• ar/arded duptlcaU prlou 2. «M Tliey ar» Bob^^ehirlM J«i»lih H, of Rt 3 BJyOl«rllle, and" L* mar Ashley,. 11, ot.Bteele. Mo. ^ In another new dlvUloh opting this jear T Z KennettW Horn«r» '' with nn up • '".mi nji ii ^ i run Young Anderson said he "didn't ! nc mi!;ht .start farmin owji wilh it next year. on \ his best work toward the close of the year and thus won Buckv Harris' nod lo si art the fourth ! **T£; w-eatiier wa s ideal for base- radio^terview ban and a capacity crowd of 34,000 presentation ••' lhc cichth Rr'aric.""sa'id""he nas •:ccn picking cotton "ever since I old enough." He raised his T . . " "'"ft * «' n'" I L LCi; of lhc Dycss Methodist Church on behalf of the business men and merchants of Osccola on Ihe firsi stop of ti, c chamber's good will When first '«v~i , , " through South and West Mis"urn asked to speak on i sissippi County. that followed rue was anticipated. The receipts ,„„ , „., mark. The will Ande over the SI.000,000 greeting ass proceeds of "' " J, h l,*" K , wa - s rai . scd U "°W wives In Carlos were putting ,i,> s , Jc h sistance to high prices that Independent meat dealers and two honorary membership in the „,„„„, Chamber of Commerce for Oovcrnor Mney as well a.s it letter of greet- IOR from IJcauford Jester, governor of Texas. Tex.™., Pay Debt to Arfc:ii«as In his ncccpl.-ince of lhc hat for Governor Lancy. Colonel Lackey special food and Sin snld ' "' tnlllk "'e stnle of Texas owes our governor a hat. Last ycnr Governor Lauey sent a watermelon re- > * • -•-•• u ik n nnn iikciuii Ellin lirnu' ric '°'^.r""".; r T< ;— .co™-]"^;™^ agency if the Army »nd atite Department views prevail AltliouRh such Rctlofi would rot ~-'-r L!:c impact nr. pricos uf in agljrc.Ksive grain purchase program it would relieve the Agriculture Dep.irlmcnt of any responsibility. Wholesale rrk« Droj Meanwhile. Luckmau schednkd » scries of week-end conferences with representatives of the dlstllllni' and brewing industries. Informed " -he whiskey and beer chain stores slashed price's to en- l>"a tlvely "small" melon produced I Ciu'actHrerfnilKlu 5 ^' ?,""-' S5 r^S?^^' SS iVrp^S""'- """ «"«'"»•:.«*« '"" ~Si ^-"^ Matco and 55 cents in San Carlo."-. 'Governor Ijincy Invited Texas lo • I Just a tew miles away, choice uci-f P roll ucc n bigger watermelon and sold from 89 to OS cents a pound - vo " C 01 ' 1 ' 1 hear Texas straining nil m San Francisco and other Sun OVcr th e slalc trying to perform Matco Peninsula towns. some kind of magic and produce a Meanwhile, as the nation cam- whopper watermelon to comnote . ,1'iH, IU«_ ... . vu '"l'l-'-<- paigned to save 100.000,000 mo/c with this somewhat dwarfed mcton bushels of grain for export lo En- from Arkansas, rope, the government moved In "Texas couldn't do il So the cov Insure a wheat, crop even larger "nor of Texas wrole the KOvrrimr han the record crops of the P HSI : of Arkansas and jald' ' Tnrdner threp vp.irs ! un,. «.i i aroncr. to rri n .,,i ""'* ° f lhc D >' CM delegates of other countries To OJpst delegates here hc Is a man to - ',W remembered as the war ti me chief u ;'' R " ,"' hcr thlin . a .Civilian who nrst-o . another n r n .,, Charley Carlwrish who ,he nev r-hamp said, -lives 'just across ill- ' > . arso " a S c wi ''ch was destroyed by " rp tllrcc »'«fcs a 3 o. Roy D. Johnf','' ,".l?," ascr °' the ' ^ "chock I you win!' their output during the substitute more plentiful grains for .sorely-needed wlical. corn and' rve Meanwhile, there were these other developments: '• Thf Agriculture Department prediclcd that Americans will nit. near-record amoilnls of meat this! ever a ' ld PaV n "" e for " thin a little soon but beef and |»mb prices will remain hljh. »«V«™i ihe^U^%fwS'7h^C^o^; i ^ na ^- —- Stabler Cd farmers n xniv jrvtnArtr\ ^,.. r ™ *:(,!„*. —i , .. . c O'oKCSL- vllle. Mo., won V $59 ^ , for being the top plckor amonji «.- tr»nli eo yean old and'over. He 11 « and .picked 7J pound* net. ; Judges *h'o'determined the wiil- ner« were B, O. West oi aijth««lj» T. A. Staceyt of Dell, UM Ch«il« Rose of Roseland. •'.'. • , ' ' Four' former ch*mf<«u o«iri»«f t4 in the rontnt .wj Mm* On- I«h«l Im th* monty. :, - ;Eugene shliiault of D»trbit.-iljeh'. list year's chaniploh.-' picked 1 ») pounds yesterday, . to: *in »- fit avacd. This wu3hlhftUH'«jfxUiett;i' te»t »nd; h« m»lnt»iii»d hit -rect ord for flhlshlrig Kme«her( intent the money vlncert e«ch- time.'hii wife, Laura, alsd competed but.dl* not-finish a winner.'-' ' ... '-.•;' Harold Mason ,of SIat« Cqllegi near Jonesboro, if ho won th* Jlttl contest held ln-l»40 irhen he w«» a. 15-year-old 8en»th. Mo., ichob boy, finished as: one of the five W prize winners. He picked. II pound» Top the 1M3 i^fl.3 picklrig contest,' Wesley: 1 Hornersvllle, Mo., picked »7 r 3'esterdiy to claim a »35 nirar Also competing 'but -not » winner WM Bill Adams of LeiAl vllle,'winner of the 1»4& erent^X Other wiunera of»50 avwds »Xi the amount of cotLoh they.pic:;«i follow: Paul Dj'e of Holconib ifo, Negro ot Haytf. Mo., ,«••• B'" Se« CHAMTION, *n riilch from me." Gramiiii". too, was uncertain As50ctaUo » revenue. The linc-u])s: York New i arsliall has held only a very private conversations. He is con- nig the same policy followed bv nis predecessor. James F. Byrnes luring the last months hc was secretary — completely Ignoring the Russians. For a year now U. s Jelcgates and officials at Intcrna' i, -1 . co " fcr e'>ccs have deliberately nmdcd having any more than the nlnimum contncus wllh Soviet riclc- !!>'-> and officials. -lr ?,' K? "" Moscow earlier (his «r. in New York a year ago. and „.. \ e . Par '- 5 Peace conference in .f..\, c "° at '=n>Pt to try to ! r .".'"?5: : . s bi ' privat t W- < S.-So'"lcl Brooklyn Slauky. ^ that ii would cornc in "mi»htv handy in S0 mc way. This was his third contest and his first victory He and hi.s father both work- 11 - iir>adcrt bv Slsles ed farmer* in Jn""" I'mV/uiT 4 '""" '."'•""' '"" su " Rrow lric hlggest | ^""icr Bowles said the year f Tu>e l whr £K M ™1 Xg^™* the ^^11?^' •-" '^ ""' ' ' Uie h 'coumry's C 7ourth WO " W lns ". rc , 4hr . worl[| —*'• Blylhcvllle." lion-bushel wheat harvest. Shcppcrd told ^"'th" nrtllrc ^ s ' ^ lr ' Political reverberations of ih<- and work nr n> n r..,, "^aanirallon ann WUTK 01 inc Junior hieh-pricc situation . FS Robinson. Ib ff Walker, rf lb Hcrmanskl. r Edwards, c Furillo, cf Jorgenscn, 3b . Taylor, p Umpircs-Goetz (NL) plate: Mc- Gowa,, fAL1 nrs , basc . pji <NL> second: Rommel -AL. third: "u>er <AL» and Macorkurtli i WT . AS ° John.son. 31 Lindell, If Ri^zuto, ss Bcvcns, p Performance ; icadi11 ? the list of contest gts was the undupllcated J*" 1 - ncrformcd oy Mrs. Helen Poole of LeachvlDc, who won for the second ..jrry D. Paulus. 'he country. ..„ U>-1 m.inajcr of the Osceola Chamber i «' concern how vi of Commerce, left Osccola yesterday I acl lo lhe P rlc f afternoon on ih c good will lour with ' fal1 scheduled stops In South and West Mississippi County towns. _^ - «"-nvi vjimmucr O ^L : 'P™" .^. m " 1 " rc ,' Pointing out that one o next sciousncss Mercury Rises to 84 second consecutive year' the S2iri HI 8hMt temperature recorded first-place award in the women's "'• > tcistcrda y »'«^ «< dcgrcc.s. ac- d I vision of the contest coro'ng to Robert W. Blaylock. of- Mrs. Poole. the 31-vcar-nld mn- fii:i?l wcatll cr ofecrvcr. Low dur- Weother ARKAiVEAS-Partly clondv tod;.v tonight and Saturday. No m C h : ciiange in temperature. Mrs. Poole. the 31-.vcar-o]d mother of three children, is the onlv entrant in the chin-year hlsiorv of the contest who has ever 'repeated a first-place vlrtory And so far she doesn't know what it Is to lojr, for tills was "illy lhe srcond National Cotton PirRnn _ con lest she has <ti;crcd. '. thin 1 : I'm very hKkv." ,^hc Si-n I'liiy.l. on IVge 3. In? last nl?ht wa.s SO degrcc.s. N. Y. CoMon He Chamber of com National Cotton above personal said. "We have .• the riven the Stale of 31ythevllle Junior icrcc through Its Picking Contest. pcrous or be plunged Into depres- I slon. He said Inflatl •headed off to preven 3 Thc Bureau of L lies reported that who fell o/f 1 2 urr rrnl i lc U con y " 1K ""= f'^t flecreaL ... M weel£ . selfish-i ",iv,, lh<! ""^"i 1 dld nct r<n ^ 1 P rl « advances which followed a *lump ng the first of the week Republicans and Democrats pointed fingers at each other. The Democratic Parly staged a nationwide radio broadcast, with Chr.Hcr Dowels, former OPA dlreclor. New Nnn York's Mayor William o'Dyer. and And A. F. Whitney, national president bv oi the AfL Brotherhcod of nail- s 0 ,., h ;"•,. ,V; c "'"'• cr °P °- -- L — -»..,„„ IC v. uraea - » road Trainmen. blaming nigh tl1c cit y ° r Blythcvillc." "heavy earth tremor" todav• iboul prices on the GOP. " *"" •""-- • -- • —• """>" Thc three attacked llcans for "killing price — * wini.-.ii. MEXICO CITY. Oct 1 (UPl:^ •e seen the things done The Tacubaya Observatory'reported lhe great crop of the that Its seismograph recorded I fir nltu nf Jii- K "liAnirTi __ _iL j. *^. . ~"««^-'-t _ ' the Re-pub- *-fnsors Get BUSY ice controls ' prrmaturrly.- They callrd lor con-, LITTLE ROCK Ark CX-t trol - ' ' Open High txiw Close Irols lo be rc-lnstaled by the Re- pllhllcan-f.onlio.-lod Congress. 3 ; 200 miles from Meslco City. County Exhibits CONWAY, Ark.. Oct. 3. Soviets Snubbed £ At Army Showing |J Of New Weoponi ABERDEEN, Md.,-. Oct. ». tOTl'r Repre«ntatlre« o: .RustU thd'iei satellltai were conspicuously ; missing from the Armj Ordnance D«- partment'i annual dlmorutratk* of new ,ire»pons .»i .tht Aberd«i» Proving .(Bround. Art army • «po»» man sa 14 .they ittrt^not invltjed"]' Mllit.rr att«ch«i' from itveri other forelfn eountrtti looked-Voi M tht »rar displayed three he* bombs and •' n«v tank at th* VUi m«tti,j ef tht Army Ordnance-'Aj. *4V\*.t[fm T*B«amlBv ."- '" • '. • ' *~*1 Mar. May Jlllv o--. .109R 3 085 3012 3101 30ril 30DI 3013 301!) 3032 3101 3001 3002 307o 3091 3078 30 H 310! 3085 „ ...nrrssitjin] niitteef conlinucd to her sub-com- talc.s of from -Little Rock's newly »c<.ivaicn cen- ; I,U«WAV. Ark.. Oct 3 (UPI- sor board wa.s ready for action to-1 Judging ot da iry and'beer cattle 'Mrs. j. W. Walton .,, chairman.!;^' 1 feltS S.iS' *"* fleld ' n: ! Home »ocUtlon •«ovlet : repre»ent*Uv»i. RttcfMttd the iKtrlr last year, Th« AWny.spokesman. j«il the Stat«^ Deptrtnwnt tuperrlseil the Jendiac' of-, invltaUon* to lotr , «pre«nt»tive». ,'.-•'• Drunk Drfrcr ' Zd Rhode* ' .mi flrmt M '«« costs in Municipal Court ;c*U#9lt when he pleided rulltr to i charjk of driving Vhlle under the

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