The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH ». 1!M8 BUTHEVIU.K (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Soft-Spoken Communist Leader Lulls Czechs for Another Land' Grab to Extend the Iron Curtain Hy Hal I.rhnnan Written for NKA Service «r Me", i 1 !, 0 "". 11 double-cross a* flafinmt as Stalin's international botruvnl of his pledge to fecdi President Eduard Bones is laid bare today In the Wllc ^" h . u » t 110W ra «'"8 In Kremlin-dominated Czechoslovak™ Rudolf Slansky. ,he Communist strong-man now'presiding over nL .™.f,f\1r! a S '! cw Slnr Chamber 'or the purge of "reactionaries," is ine same totl-sppkeii Comimmist lender who lulled Czechs into believing uiac in men- nation, as nowhere else, civil liberties conlrt exist simiiH-ine ously with Soviet domination. + ! ' Slansky once certified nil the ', , u opposition parties and their chiefs I l) " sh - v ; t »<™ p ed ex-gucri-llla fighter. as ••reliable democrats with whom i " ow ','! , , <>nrly '°" les ' h " s lonK we Communists will faithfully i , e " """'nd-llie-scenes ninnln- coopcrale." |ulalor of high Czechoslovak Coin- In his heavily-guarded Prague '"»!! u!!'""/'? 5 '' « headquarters. tl,i s Mme strong- U1 of tne l.ttj" l^he'lame "bd of Job which was held eph Stalin—be. himself Premier ami OencraiKslmo. Slnnsky's Importance was briefly unveiled last Sepicnibcr when he represented the Czechoslovak Communist Party In Warsaw at the foundation O f Hie Coniinform— man told me solemnly that the Communists of Czechoslovakia stood | ,„ •„..„., , wholly dedicated to the "preserva- ," , rt ' y " tlon of democracy." t ' WC he ^""l He defined "licniot-raey," not ac corclitiR In the Moscow dictionary, hut as "Ihp democracy of I'resiilenl Kduard Benes unil of Thomas O. Masaryk, founders of Czechoslovak freedom." , ^i.,u.iinji m— He plrdKril llic ranvniunlsls fer- s Pon''l>end of the Kremlin's drive vcnlly to "the ilcrelojinient of i lo wr «ck the Mavslmll Plan nnd friendliest relations with the An- i c «P tl "e Prance and Italy for intcr- «lo-S:ixou powers." national Communism. He c.-Uegorieally denied Miere ^Vlicn Shinsky (old me. in mid was a single fascist in tlie leail- 1316. that Czechoslovakia''* Communists were inoilrl democrats, and therefore totally unlike their comrades In cnnnlriis farther to Ihe e:ist, I rtldn'i hellfve It. All the outward SIKHS denied it. , Parly headquarters in Prague's : former German Bank Building were plastered with the same red ership of oilier parties. And he- vouf-rt l!i:il irilhiug could break the patriotic- unity be- twcen the C'onnnuciis-ts and (iK-ir non-Communist cnlleaRm-.s iti the democratic coalition government. Listing them by name, he specifically acknowledged the dcmo- crane "iimjiipcaciiiibiluy" O t sueJi ; " revolutionary placards I men as Jan Sramek. licad of ihte \ lllul observed on Party he.-ido.nar- "—. . — . -. . - tcrs in otlier enquiries. The entrance was guarded by Slovak ! ; he snme kind ° r surly, musclc- i bound Party militiamen I had com People's Party; Slovak Democratic Party leader Joseph Let- i teric^, President of the Slovak ! National Council, and National So- ' ~ * J ""'.""im-n i n;«i come cialist Party leader Prokop Drtina ° kll<m- elsewhere, i No otlier party Minister of Justice. ' i lieadmiarters in Prague had any iste That was 19 months . the. Communists were nt tious start of Mieir "constltiitionnl" climb to power. Today the non-Cammunlst parties, despite (heir certified democratic reliability, are smashed. ^ Their leaders have been ric- - notmced as "conspirators" with the western powers. Sramek, who was war-time Premier of the Czechoslovak Govcrnment-ln-Exile, has resigned as deputy in Parliament. Dr. Lcltcrich's nrrest has been ordered on charges ol "crimes against the .security of the State." Dr. Drtina "jumped or fell" Irom his apartment window and was found with serious "head wounds" leaving behind him, a police an'- .nouncement said, a "suicide note." Purge in Full Swinp Meanwhile, a Communist purge is in full swing- agr.iinst "mireli- ab!e political elenients" in the civil service, schools and universities, journalism, industry, agriculture' anci all other phases of Czechoslovak life. And the head of the Purge Committee to "cleanse" the political parties of reaction "from top to bottom" is none other than my erstwhile guarantor of Czechoslovak liberties: Slansky, Hll-pow- crful Sedretary-Genera'l of the Czechoslovak Communist, Parly. Rudolf Slansky is no minor .small-shot Communist official •whose declarations can be disavowed as unauthorized or unimportant. Though virtually unknown to the Western world, this reddish-haired, man outside the portal o'f Hrad- cany Cnstlc.l More important, I had just come from a year and a half In Russia's Europe, f had just finished watching the Communist,? of Hungary Humanta and Bulgaria _ backstopped by Red Army bayonets at work enforcing an identical pattern of totalitarianism throughout the Sovict-"liberated" Balkans My interview ivitll Slansky. with his now astonishing guarantee of Czechoslovak integrity, was nevertheless not worth printing at that tune, because the non-Communist Czechoslovak parlies and people did not believe Sir promise. It wasn't news, not even in the United States. Created a Myth The Czechoslovak Communists had actually succeeded in creating the myth that they, somehow, were different from all other Communists—that in Chechoslovakia as nowhere else, civil liberties could exist simultaneously with domination by the Soviet Union. The myth did its work well Beguiled by Communist- -respectability." democratic; Czcrho- slriimcnts of power until the final coup last week. Thanks to Communist emergence as the largest single party alter the free 1946 elections, everythinc , was done "legally." I Even the legend of the "democratic coalition" was preserved in ] It's Always Derby Day Here Municipality Must Not Hide Public Affairs MTH.K HOCK, Mar. S. <U1>)._ A municipality cnn luwe no private books H-lilch ore not open for public In.spcclt.-m, Attorney neneial any K. Williams ruled today. In nn opinion to j, cltn Marlon of Fur'. Smith, Williams snld tluil records of committments lo the cltv lull me part of the public records and me not the private papers of the official who m»y Imi'e iheni in chaise. He sntd that arresting • person for a law violation Is purl of the crliulnnl procedure \ Williams lold O.' W. l,ook'i\r!on of Arkadlophla -that there ure no clusfc.s of persons exempt from payhiK (he three-mill road tax In Arkansas. lie told C B, Kenhansrn of Wesl Memphis that « director of n school board cannot write Insurance, on KhoDl properly. And Williams told Harold C. lialns. Jr., of Van Huron that Hie sportsmen of Crawford County onimoi hold ft .separulc election re- KlmltnR RHIUII nnd list) law*. TMM UAW Drop* Wallace; Will Form Own Party CHICAGO. Mar. (1. <UP>—Tli« e.vrcmlve IXKII-/I o( Die CIO United Auto Workers turned Its thumbs down twlny on Henry A. Wallncn nitd s»ld It would [onn Us own third pariy »tter the November election."!. The board, holding Its rpmrlerly meetliiK hcie this week, snld Will- lacn'i Ihlid.pnrly movement Is "A ConnmniLsllc parly tnnneincr de- slRned to advance the forc'lRn policy Inti'test of the Soviet Union." It iiri;ed all groups "lumeslly committed lo wlnnltiK economic, security nnd abundance" lo Join In fonnlnir "A^ cenulne pixvpiesslve l»rty" nfler tlilj ye«r'« clecllun. )>IIRK nn Clt>- I'Ayrull NK\V YORK (UP)- Ijitisle, 1 year old. and her sou. Teddy, i, are wnlch do«s «l the i-ity.owned Canarsie Cemetery nnd lake over fll nlRhl when the day-time em- ployes lenve. Horouith I'resUtenl John Ciislunore o( Drooklyn announced- he wns pulllii); iji.ulc H»d Teddy on liic city payroll at fft per month. Tlie money will u.scd t (l feed I hem. Read Courier News Wuni Ads This is one race truck where you'll ahvnys come out a-lica<l. The late/st m !ial fasliions, it is modeled by Mary Hose Nance at New Orleans' millinery pngcunl, "fete des Chapcaux." Shirley Oncss. left, and Betty Basliurj are fascinated by the cicalion, designed by Grace NuKcnt. It's a .white straw sailor with green Ullte Brass, :i brown felt starling sale, a piclnrc of Ihe clubhouse and four race horses. None, no tote ooard. swear in a new Communist-pup- ' for European Nations pet cabinet ostensibly composed of | . ,,,.,„„.,„,, , ., all Hie pmtles and therefore sup- JACKSONVILLE ported by a Parliamentary majority. Pla.. March .n I U!»>—Former Sccrctmy of State James F. Byrnes endorsed aid tor countries But tlie nev- Ministers "rcnre- hl "' n f'"" countries yesterday be- soming" the non-Communist, par- „ SC ll '» »»»«'>« «'«1 w»l sin- tics are mostly reneges from , b ' '"""""' ll "" s . «'„ »°^ <^<»»"«-le S those panics C<1 " rtplcllrt 't'elr liberties. Some ot them are men whom the Communists have lifted up from Byrnes told the Associated In- lusiries of Florida tli..' success or al Socialist Party for a premature sellout to munisU. Alois Petr. now Transport Minister, had beccn kicked out of the I ma !'r'age licenses yesterday In the i>lc's Party for alleged cmbc/.- °"' cc of Miss Elizabeth People's Party for allcg zlement of party funds. This is the calibre of Die new- Czechoslovak "People's Democracy," and how it was manufactured out of a myth created by Rudolf Sinn- sky, soft-spoken strong-man. Marriage T:-.C foUowliiR couples ohtalncd In the Blyllie, county clerk. Harold Allison nnd Miss Lillian EiiKlish o! M'nililn. Ray K need and Miss Ellen Elliott of Uiythcvillc. Bud Sprinijer nnd Miss Wnnria Wooiiall ot Mimiln. Six life-saving minutes, minutes of consciousness lor me death when oxygen Is gone while a man is flying or fighting in the sli-.itospliere, can be worn by previous acclimatization to oxvgen lack. BEN WHITE & SONS .GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- Delicious Freshness Fine flavor Get your car set wonderful days ahead H's lime (« rid your cur of winter-weiiriuess and restore it to clean, responsive running condition. Then the t' nice Spring ,|ay (hat comes uloiiK . . . you'll lie sef lo h»|> in mid Ko - . . set to «el the most in comfort rinrf pleasure from your cur. 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