The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lull? rite per line lot c«RM<utlTi lose rt Ion I Minimum Churl* ................ Me 1 lime per line ................. IV I limn ntr line p>r «ajr ....... Ur J limes per lln« per «ajr ....... >»• • I ran per lint l>»r <J»y ....... 'r I* Hmea per line per air ....... 5c Month per line ............... Mt Counl fUe avtrue word! to the line. Ad ordered for three or »li tlmei and •topped before eiplntlon wlllhech«rj- ed for the Blinker ol tlmcl Ihe >d >p- and mdlustmenl of bill made. '(ARK.y POUHTKH L«oiu Money to Loan *> .'""< ""T 1 • l»"n te repair or it- model! No down M,mtat, ne moi- e, ne led tape. All Claiillled Advertlllnr ropy fuh- llted by pettnnl residing oulilde nf __• rity niuit be arrompan.rd by cash TXtrt m*y be t*sUf eomputfrt Jrom the • bo»e tablp. AtUertlsinf ordtr for lrr«iular Inwr- ttons takfs the cnf tlm« ritr. N'n rfspomlblllt7 will fe* taken for More than on*. |ncerr*tl Iniertlon of • n.T rlAiMMrd _d. Apartments Wanted Reward (or information Icarti |, to • ptrtment or house, fu rhis lit. for *"°Upli, ptrmnnent rM.tltnu. Plione «M, 10,1-pk-ft fc'anieci to rent furnished or unfurnished hour.* or tpmmeiu. Mr. BlcKelt, phone 27S3. 3,20-nK-li) * fcoora or npirtmtnl vnnted for foui p«rtona. (urnlsh*d or unfurnished Box EMT % Courier Nem>. 'llVnlshert or unfurn|j:hpil 4 or S ra house or apartment. For iwo adults and 2 month old boy. phrmr 222.V in I nk 4 Business Service Directory Auction Safes and Services fc 1 you have anything Ui well let us auction U for yovi. Information phone 951. 9:tO-pk-10;il Auto Supplies and Services nu Arpriovn i«. * Max Logan, Realtor fhone J03< Bulldlru • Irtherllle. Ark. i-13-c.-lf MONEY TO LOAN We lojn monor <J B rarm Unif and !«r property. w« «lx) buy note*. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building »:J4 ek tf Musical Mtrchandit* SPINET FIAKO5 Piano tuner, C. B. Conrel.. Holland. Mo Notice IDT ML TOUT CASH IN COMFORT— Buy A clean uaed car from Foole Motor Company with ea*y monlhly Installment!. Pools Motoi- Company SOUTH HIQHWAT •! STEELE. MI3S.OUH1- PHONK STEBLB 4» »M-ck-10i7 Hlgheat TAlue. for uAed. turalua Iteraa In trade »t Xlbtrt Holfmana amp Shop. «01 X. Main, ph. IM. 11-ek-tf Heturnlnr to LOS ANGXLJCfl in few days, win take 2 or 3, new car. better. ecn R s.m. and 5 U m. CASH FOR WRECKED OR JTJNK AUTOMOBILES Wade Auto Salvage V, Highway 61 Phone 3735 8-5 ck tf Expert Radiator Repair for Less We have the best In radiator repair equipment. Lee our trained men boll fmt and repair your radiator for you. Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAWEON, Mgr. Phone 3171 8,9 ck tt Will trade 1942 OMsmohile for lighter car, preferrablj 1J>40 model Ford or 1941 Chevrolet. Telephone Phillips Robinson. 10 2 pk Instruction. Mile, Mechanically in cIlnM men Investigate REFRIGERATION and AIR CONDITIONING repair and inittUitlon profits. Practical apart ttm* home study anr resident courie, UEI ha^ helriec th0U4nndA set nturted. Write for FREE "Quftm.fntlcm Churl Tefil.' UtUltlM Insl. Box PGA •?„ cnurler 10 l ck J For scarce new and used auto ptirt« try Horoit'i Auto Parts, J?oute 1. Air Bi^e Road. Plione 733. lOil-pk-i Building Material .Just Arrived BEAUTIFUL"NE\V FLORAL AND WEAVE TRIMZ READY-PASTED WALL PAPER Planters Hardware Co, INULATION Consult us on the best kind to use Hnri thp cheapest way to apply It K. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO PAPER HANGING AND DECORATING Free Estimates Bill Davis Phone 4469 9.4 ck lo:« Do Tour own concrete work mnd MYB. Rent a concrete mixer by day or hour Phone 485. Box 659. B]ytheTlll». Ark. lIK-eK-tr Business Opportunities Tools—Local man as representative distributor for H. C- Tool Corp. Call on garage mechanics carry merchandise, quick, easy, cash sales, oig profits ^every day. Investment for /tools only. Protected territory H. C. Tool Corp. •K»W '.nravrlte Aye. St. louls 10. Mo. _^^___ Responsible person to become distributor and operator for the scnsn- tlonnl new coin-operated Red-Dull mncmne. Testimonial letterji show income of fM.OO »k. for single Kiime. Immcdlale Investment or 11.671 to J3.250 rer.nlrctl. jr ijnallllcd. ulvc phone nunibcr and address. Box D Courier New'3. g27-nV-in:4 Coal and Wood your ec«l beforx ten wmter ruin Homes Wanted 3 Foora houfe. Permanpnl Preacher Ward, phon* Sl^ Household Goods - and cooXIngr atorei e[ all . West Knd Anctlon. phone flsi !> 15-ck-in is Vserl Coleman nil hratpr. mediu Bedroom suite, dtnlrm set, llvlne room Rulle, ractlo. floor lamp, miscellaneous pieces, furniture and housp- nolrl pood*. calf 113 East Cliprrv Tmirsrlnir or Friday after 3pm or Saturday up Jo 3 p.m. 2-"r>k-4 Hsj» on hand now: Automatic Home Bendl« Wujrier. Oil novej. DUO J n " m . stove. Electric cook Move Turtle top hot water heater, Phllco rcrrUentor. Benrtlit Ironer. Tron- vM J ron "- ""^ of Phllco radloa. Kitchen c.blneK. Phllco dern free»- erl. Also Willys j, ra Dealer. TOrpr Appliance and Auto Co. I.uxorn. Arli. Plione S7 i 27-r> 13 B!rrl^ Tolrl A frw cfiiliiries ttgn. r. man's ran'.-, or statinn in life could bp (old hy thp kind of birrt he used In the jport of hawking. Kings tisrd the fryTfalcon. carts the peregrine ypo- men thr; goshawk, poor men the Icr- cel, and knive.s the kestrel. Attention Commercial Travelers — Modern Tourist Court, Missouri State Line. Highway «l. »:27 pk io|27 Persona/ "Old at 40. SO. «0?" MAN! You're crazy! Thousands peppy at Cvstrex Tonic TableU nep up bodies lacking Iron. For rundown teellne many men. women call "old." Ne< "get Rcau»ln«d" alEe oaly 50c. A all druKBlsU—In Blythevllle. at Kir by Drujt. 10 1 i>k 4 Plumbtr FOR FORD PARTS TRY US FIRST! There't no need to t«y your car up for lick of p*rti. As author- bed Ford dealers, w« «r« m«i»- ttinlng • w«U-bilanced itock of Gertui'n* Ford P«rU »o rejplicn- mentt can b« m«d« promptly. Try us first for part* and service. WHY GENUINE FORD PARTS ARE BEST FOR YOUR CAR When you intUll Genaint Ford P«rti, you get th« ••me high it«r>d»rd« of precision and quality us the pirts originally built into your car. They're engineered to fit properly, function *fncicntly and deliver maximum •ervice. And when installed by our skilled mechanics, they assure you of lasting service satisfaction. For Salt, Misc. myth,,ni.. VfU»||»n m5' l ', K 109 C. now In «tor-k. Rrnilv. """^ " Ml I'" 1 "' *<">" _ __ For Sale— Car, Truck^ 16<1 OldimobllK 15 Fully riiillnpril nrllMllr new. will Irndu lor -Ity fopfrlj, Cull aim »|i, r j p m. ' IDi'J-iik-s Hudson Eltlit four door Rfdnn. Ixioks «"rat, nilu tocrt. Sre n (,'ariKy Awii- _ "5 C0 - *" _ C " I[ ""• P;JT pit 1113 . C''«n W lutrrnxlonil 1 toil «tukr body Irtirk. Phone PRR. li).l-i>K-l Htfp Wanterf, Male Olrv Uhor. V«ll6yllrM Clli\. rlionr ets Mill wintrd lo »rll |.|(r Honllli nn,| rrtdfli! mid Ilntpli«liMtion Insur- ricp In NorlliriM Ark«n>»». For lull >mlcul«ls wrli, J. i). Ford. Southern l Iniiirtnrx Co., Little Hnvk Ark a-tiX- 1 ) Wonrerf, Female \\>1| experlpnrod rook for t-ourl*' Two mw*lB. Oood RiUry. ph. 3101 _____ 5 27 cfc t( Lndy oxporipin'od In luniso- linlrl mul hnnio fnniicliin MIIP. Gnotl siilnvy nnd bonus nrrnngcniPiil. \Vonflorful op- pnrt unity. Apply Mr. Koslor. MnniponiPry \>'nrd. 10 1 ck ' Lost & Found . hr "* 5 Vrv " ln l folder. Phnn ' in i-rk- 5th at Walnut oinpaiiy I'httne 445II Farmers' Column turAnteftd rre«h coimtry •CKI. Luthtr Thomrson. Dogwood glort. Rtw»r »l Sovith. >;j7 ck 15 For « licenced plumber or T»r *xp«rt RtOTij repair •work c»11 Htrry Me.- —s »t Hubburrt Hurtlwir*. »!2-rk- fJ. Private Rooms Trent bedroom, prlvnt* enl*flnc?, prl- rite hlth, oil h»»t. 833 Wiliut. • Sleeping room with heat. Phone 2920. lOil-ok-f Girl preferred for room. Phon* l Front bedroom. prtTtt* tntrance. «II heat, 2022 Chlekuawba, Ph, 3S3fl- Private Room Wonted Room and board or ilpeping rnom by hich school tencher. Call 4303 ffv-n- Services \VH1 8 )t with children d*r or nlcht. Reliable. 918 Cl»rk 3t. phone M3. HOUSE MOVING Thirteen year* experience, plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing. VIRGIL FOLEY Phone 2105 CUSTOM PLANING CABINETS MADE TO ORDER TRUCK AND TRAILER BEDS BUILT TO ORDER Bombalaski Cabinet Shop Sewing Slip oorera and draperlei Mr«. I. M. McHif'ey. Phona 143 • in pk It) in ttlnc.*. alteratlnna done on men er womcn» r.lothlnp. AI5O tallorurf *lln ro^erf. Edna H*rget(, nhonr WM3 !l>l W. Cherry Ft. B zs-plt-10,,1 Shot Repair Allen P-ickard's East End Shoe Repair WORKMANSHIP tnd MATEHIAL GUAKAMTTSTO 113 Lilly et. Bloet South M I Ualn •,6-cn-to;" Typewrittr TYPEWRITERS Royal. Smith. Oorfmn »n4 lUfnlnff- ton Port»bl«. DON EDWARDS ... 1 Tn« TTT»WTlt«T tt*E 110 H. Second eU. Phtn* (Ml Farmer's Column For Sale Cheap—Six good farm mules. Reason for selling: renting land. See H. L. Reynolds, State Line. _^ 929 pk 10 13 er. for Ml., tenth t\.~<j. A »rah.m HS-DC-tf ATTENTION Farmers- Truckers - Ginners We are In production On all Styles of Cuatom Built Truck Coven for H«Y - CoUonarrrJ - SojbrAn* CARNEY AWNING CO. 113 fi. First , Phone W71, Ark 'For Hire Tractor breaking- piov. vujwn. dlte, turrow. vlantir. eultlTktor. ellcrper nemblne. John C. BTlfht, 300 B. Se- oond fit. Phon* ITS. IIU-t»lc-l[14 For Rent New store building on Second St. 25' x 60'. Warehouse ncrou Irom Frl*- co *epot. 60' x 30' or more. Ph. 3S«. BiM-Dk-1017 For So/*— City Property ^^"ROOM RESIDENCE Corner lot Good neighborhood Quick Sale 13200.. «MO. c«Bh. balnu.-c I4M1 nerve' H. C. GAM1 3 15ELL Call 4446 or 2030 Private Rooms — 3(4 M. Blh. rimrtn S.11S. Wonted to Buy WntUrd: IIB*-(| Movrs; njj fcindu rintlilnv; truHorn; I at ml us: ri men I; mrp-ntrr tooln; ns«i f Lure; MiythhiR corvlccnlilt I P31, 9,10-ti^ Onnrt nsfirl furrilfiirp for ^ room n mrnt. Complete nr imrtlsl. r O _!! h :J t " 2 -__' ^ flnod milk ROHi, .lolln CnUl well, Lakr- rlionr ;I(IRII. jo Only nbonl 5!> ]>cr cml nf Hvp wpJghl. of a stew cnn he f *.* beef. Only 30 ppr of hog ta ,%old as Irr.sli mp;\t. 'liottc -io;u pitrt - B-I'J nn 3 For Safe, Farms 40 •*crM, 1 mile of Hoiland. Mo. On gravel, lights, ichoo] bui, icnini. house <nd barn. Quick sule. W.WO. Termi. 1M acre* Und located mUt and hair tenth nf HunteriTll.t. Mo. In S*od- dird County. Chen? price nf MO an acre. 33 ncres 5 tnllec north of H»ytl. Fmlr ImprOTcmcnta. 3 room hou*e. and barn, on gravel, school bu«. f»c- irlclty. Prlc« M.500. See or cull Luther Gray-Real tor. R**iden«* phone an Bert RoM--ftalft»m»n t Kt*l<ienr« phon* .tftl« Office with M«rlon Wl 131 tin Intni-Anr* Agency- 115 B. 3rd, phone 2751. 80 Her* level farm on food re*d. Electricity, «lfht room dwelling Urff b*rn, fenc*d and crow fenced. t*«r Pirarould. Price MMO. Part ruh. StTer*. other Jioed farm* prlred MODERN BKAUTT SHOP I NBW »qulpmeni. WflJ locaifrt In modern building up town. FIVE ROOMS AND HATH. on bu* line, coninlftiffly fiirnUTicrt Prlc« M.OOO, hnir down. LARGK RECONDITIONED HOUflE. alvmed Into two apartment*, HcnUl noil** on back of lot. CLosK to tniAlncM Qlstrici. Cheap tuxes and ln.i\trrtncn. Can b« rinfcncfrd, 8«« *r call: MAX LOGAN R«Alu>r K. T. HIIBBARD—S»lcBmin LTHCH »UILDTN3 Phont 2034 B:27-ck-lf),4 For Safe, Miscellaneous J petcw 12' Iron roonni, ni2'. Phonr «3». 1208 Holly. 9,30-pk-lin 1 Warm Morning- neater. 1 Small slo»e with hoi waler lank combined Cheap. D». c. •. Wllaoa. or unit Tn- Drugstore; fixtures. nil cludes w«II (Ixtiirr* c*»M — OM/netfc bar. etc. writ? or Bhoni Cits- Dru« Store. steele. Mo TOR SALF: M acre cotton farm, lo- near Gideon. Mlanourl. In fertile !fe» Madrid Count*, on *.FD. And *chool bus routes. eUctrlcllr. prosperous and friendly communltF- Writ* owner. Oren S. Liler. a Hobo* Terrace, Jefferaem City. 'Mueourl. APPLES By Biuhel or Trucfcload Wholesale or R«!«l] LEWIS POULTRY »XCLU8IV» 1.18TINOI! OK APPROXTMATltT.T 20 FARMS Ttcnttlnir in »l»* from 40 acn* *o Urg« tmct*. If you ar* Intemtrd In buylnK t>r •tiling, or In maltlnK •• toxn h* Hire »nd cn)I u* and w* will bf elud to show rw rtl«cn.wi these farm* wl;n ymi. CECIL EARLS Noble Gill Agency rhni« BlTtl t»llle—Phone 3131 S I tV tf &cr«« prlr«d to Mil by owner. 3 mllM town. LoectnJ In Atoddartf County. Mlwourt. On travel roafl. Khool hue. mall rente. Little River dralnaf« bond pftld off. o*ll at >0i« w«n Ch»rrr St. »iTth»»ill« »0 ac« farm. I rnlla north f»f O«- nell ar.hocl, gocxl land ror notion or corn. S« Royal Sanrters. ohonf 797. For Salt, City Prop. i IJO. Bin Orolfn 8t. Prtc» MJOO Ownw o. s. RolllMm. Phon* MOP. »'M Cll 10.9 »rirt «t«r». lot Main rtreet. BOW rentlni: fw tioo. iwr month. Mewl lo •ell. Tarraa S«* or oil: Lulhtr GraT--*faltor. B~M>-nc-r ohone 513 . Bert RoM'.SalmmRn. Rwildpnee nhonr Offlcf *lth Marlon William Inauranr* Atencj. 115 «. 3rd. Phone JfJl HOUM trailer IS' all-built In. o;l h^,t. »Ie«l>a 4. »«W. W. C. Slanlra. Rt. 2. M»nll«. 1011 r,< a A f»w -li»«d ihow CM»B and display table, for ul«. Call Brooks Music •tore, 107 »«»t Main: Telephone 111. »ll8-ck-lf I^waon aofa, two chalra. Weitlnirhniixr •lOTe. Norn* heater, kitchen lablr and chalrt. bedroom atllle, BprliiRK and mattre»«. Call 3««1 »lter 5 n m 020 pk 105 For Salt, Misc. Like New Office Equipment: 1 executive oak desk, chair to mutch ^secretarial dppk Rnd chair 8' service counter. Phone 2409 10 2 ck fi 1 Warm Mornlnn hf«T»r. jrxxl TOnill- tlon. HIM 4 amall »ioven. ,r. p. Hocott Route I. Air B..« Roott. ohonf 7^2 IOI-pk-4 L«rR» co»l clrciilAtor In »txxl oon- <1ltlon. MS. Phon« 42M. Hot Point M lallon eleclrln water healer and Hot Point talilr ton elec- trlf. range. Mr«. Jamr« B. Clnrk. telephone J4*>, 0 no pX 107 TOR SALI5. OR TRADE V 1M« rortl coupe, pood runnlnp condition, irood tires. Electric bathroom heater, practically new. electric 3 unit cnoklnr unit. Boys l»*ed knlcktr suit, alre K and 9. practically new Ifl^l Kr»rn. phone ?flM. ARMY SURPLUS TINTS KAKHT To MlentlaU the more thun eX) kinds of synthetic rubber »re knn»n. «s el»atorn«r«, "on tlMtlc, ruhb«r- HKe substance." ' ' . BOOTS COMFORTrnS. KCT 112 LII,Y f5T. '.i BLOCK SOUTH Or EASTMAN* ST «.S-ck-10,S For Dependable RADIO REPAIRS Phone 578 We I'ii'kii]) mid Deliver LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. 301 W. NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law offices of Gene E. Brrul- Icy have been movnrl to -111 \v. Main. fArrnss sLrcnt from Monl- gomcry Wnrd.) * COATS, if SUITS if DRESSES Sizes 2-6x All Va Price TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. Phone 2308 Wanted to Buy Highest Prices Paid for Used Tracl-or* and Equipment- Russell Phillips Tractor Co. So. Highway fil Phone 2175 ^''«<-• ' s nothiiiB ll'i>t will give your c«r that Mew Car appearance an much » a txautiful'' iitw pubic jo!,. Your car !• worth real money today aiul you will he proud to drive It after it lins hcen tlioron R !ily re[»inted In cmr well- cmuppctl paiiu B lioi>. You can have the choic* of latest modern color, and !» ju.ured O f a tirst class jol>. S|>ect«! now . . , COMPLETE TAINT JOB for the BEST D E R S * SEAT COVERS H your lenders nre. ill li^in x «l un . . . nnd nhnWiy lc-okiu K , our ho<ly mm will slrnifrlitcii Ilicin >U oul . . rcfmWi them like new. Wo nrf well <Niii!|iped to handle nil lypn of bod» \vork. ' WASH AND WAX U your car is well Wiixcd the ilirt aiul Riirnc will wanh of( wilh hirdly n»y effort tu all. S.ivo the HnUh S» letting us W«x yonr c«. !*'« nice to ikiv« » car. with' 'heW coyer!. nir(y..T»of.n.. 0 ut «aj cavcri •nrl . , ctolhw «» well.. WVIWf it im Motor work, ,Bo4/ work <H «nythln»- th'»t' your «r n«dn . ,*. w^'^jire strvlce heilrtqii»r- tem. Drir« la jof fru inipeeilon snd W« Us* Only F*ct«x-y LOY El CM CHEVROLET CO. All cli'phnnl would i-c.nsutnc ID Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota I.rircf Divirlrrul Suvlnijs I.uw Nrt Ctisl rrntrctldil For Snvvlrr W. L. TAMKE ins r. i):ivh si., r. (i. ni.\ ni rhmir 2WT rtlytfirv!llr\ Ark. Gin Supplies Don'l \rn\-n nivilipvlllc (o buy Oln .Su;>|il)cs, w/' »n> ci>i;i|irlt- llvr with any Micl-Kmilli linn on thosf .supjily ptkics, rjuy hrrc for li.'Hcr merchandise uml luw- c:r prices. if U. S. Belting + Detroit Belt Hook* if Cranes Volvos and Fittings if Pyrcne Fire Extinguishers Sue I'Janters Harriwnre Now! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gunrnn(cerl Hesl 1'riees Kirby Drug StoreS .lassssarssssssssssssrrzs • We Guarantee RECAPPING j with Hawkinson Treads * Let Your Next Tires Be i i GENERALS Cosl More —Wnrlh Morel 1 MODINGER TIRE CO. i 416 K. Main Phone MOI l tims of. rourl dnlly U it nte tlio Jitiinp rtinoinu urnporllnrmLely a.s a Daws 0. K. Garage 120 Lilly St. G'ciinnil. Anfr. Repairing nfoi- (!lpiinin[j& Rcpnir & li ( ,Hy Rcpnir Wi'ltlinjf. All Typos All Work Guaranteed Phone 805 mouse. The nc-.unl food consumption nf mi olciihnnt Is lod.'foiiijtlv Reconditionedj Motors for Sate Recently ' our »lH).pi';,.vsing ' -Jirtj fnctorv methods, (iofmifln .^' : '' '> motdr.s will, do^lthe jot)/ gee tiverri today .!• 'fit Medlin & Lane Electric C(>mp«ny • , IZfl So. First Phon« ; 2J!|0 SERVICE PLUS; That's our motto! Drivt in regularly for the finest auto service In town. Expert mechanics »[«•«.>•« rea^' and engcr lo serve you well!! 'Winterize jour^,' —if il's nlrt it nteA* gooA <ar« {o keep U on thte'^ rond. If it's new, il deserves every Rltcntion you t^| Jfive It! , ' '{^ W UNGSTON-WROTEN CO. Cerner Walnut and li*arfw«y Buick Service _•--•Phone 555 X $ '••• * * . *'ZM m? _ .,1 f;

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