Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1867 · Page 1
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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Reading, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1867
Page 1
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ujjiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiinmiini V'""""" - ' - iwiihii "r""'rl "'""'i"'"" ri f - - - r".r.' ' ILPMIW T 1 . . ; . . . . t - ! - ' - :r' I, VI :'a0 (H.i't.:i'l!;t( "'I' "i I : uT .1h - f;i lisifiuirioo j If! f - !!!! ft o!;!n j WMlf too Ja j. iVi(isiWtiB Sail li OnitLf s lXI 8 1 I HI. II; j if : ; ,U . - .11 XI. Al V jtujaa ,i,ai .4Wr,i 7 ; .,:fv,rn r'. - iiv. - . - , , r w , cvn RYfr - ionriiNC STATE HOUSE BUILDING, Cor. FUUMMJ&Penn Sts., lew mrrtK'iir . J Pcbiwheb and T.,.utWiH 'flyfdenreich. Esq. City 'tci'frw - Duel Ermantroui, Esq., No. 83 norm otumiw. - ,S'i'?dktJin' Aulnbaon, Wm. M. Goodman and Jolm A. Arthur. A - Mi&itt f'lrCwl - - F. Lauer. Krt fisken Owfl - B. F. Haus,Esq. Prnts of, Common Counetl M. Mc - Cullongb. a i ' CUr f Common Counei'i John Ralstoa, ' 'nUiip MUflU - Jonri !Maitzber - Hans, Esq . i JolntStrHifllWeM Councils j inon J - Mwsrs Jolin 8. Sehroeder, Daniel Miller and Peter Brojrifc, HA i (Wwn - Measrs.J.T Jnekson, Val - enflnVW11 Maltzberger.l JJiaLuaii and Having Messrs. iV - no tlrSrvSter, Jacob Schwenk, E. U.Htesteij, ScbttUz and Daniel B: B. , .rr .1 .81 rud. n..niriin rt.mlmrt and Enoa H. Reazor. w - iaeBBr. rimreiKx . 1 WtmafnrfcUBneia an I Hihry Hornan. i nfl - MessrsGeo'. W. Garst, Henry Bawmwint Pr Brownw; : i w IJiJUiM'. Qw J - Bckert,: Aaron l&y, M,q&llct y; - u 1 , .v,. , jullroad. .tiwtabw., .r j ftliH leaTe.VReadinjt dally as fob lows " Reading Accommodation " ' 1 6 80 a. m Uaij . 10.80 a. nij Mlnd Market; 11 - 80 m. ijU&cnrje.o.u .;:,.!. - .;.. r.i 4.20 p. m, WayPassr. a J,80 P - m - JSuaiajMt 9 - 50 a. m., - d 4.25 p. m. : t - jtv V Jhr Pottttilb: 7 - 1 1 Ml rl I ' ' W.85 a. m. Mall v . i" P - m - Way Paiari and Market, 6.10 p. m. '.I roit Accommodation Mail, .) ,.': - . .: ,raatHjie,, , 7.20 a. ni. 10.45 a. m. . 1.50 p. m. - 6.05 p. in. ' 11.40 P' m. ou ... .' - i.f:,, - Jb - Jfti Twh: ' ' ' FutUe, tJina'f 11.S8 . in. iMait iUi 4 20 p. ni. YrBnnday at 11.22 a. mi, and 11.15 p. m. To ColumbU an&.Laneatttr: AeooBlmodattoni - ."7.00 a. n. MaiU, ,..,.; - V - - - .' - 815 p.m. , ... . nn HOWtMtO. EXPRESS. w - ;,! . MfW. A, 14 A l.ut t i.P fit ' li Batarninil l ...Vtflii., tAdtf Rmullnv ut 10.30 A M For PotUTlll,blivtUet Wllk6ire,Wtllim. BOrt, liona Hhvbii, Elmlra,anaall potntaln tba Tar Wert at 10.n A U. For full partioalara to time, ratea, Cj. ar fly at our office Co.WhPena atreeU, Bm Ini, r ! Ciinntiiut lrtU l'lilillpllia. ; , , EAST PENNSTlVAmA RAI1RDAD. Wlaiter irraofemrnip, 1, ,(l f ? Oommmeino Monday, Not. 19M1866V 1 five trains dally to New Tork without cbaig. ,,.. - ,,.,! Of, .? .a - V.,,, I On and after Honday, Rov. 1, m. two Pa - senger Trains will leave Beadingdaily, (exeep aim.lH.vsl for Allnntownand wav 10 40 A. fct., and 4. P. H., stopping at all the wa station between Beading ami ne New York, mak Ingalao close connections tor Maitch Chunk an Philadelphia, via. Lehigh valley it. K.,anu at rive at New York at b.i ana iu.w r, m. Tbre(!l) through Express Trains will leav Beading daily, except Sundays, ror New Yor aud tbe East: leaving Beading at 4.4 and II.H a. m. and at 11 J p Bi. The 4.4 a. m expresi top only at Lyon on this toad. The 11. 't a in. Fast Line carrying the through U.S. MhII - wlll not stop on this road The 11 is, p. m.,alM' tarrvlng the tK rough U. . MaiN, slops at all stations on this Boad except Bower's, Mei 11 town and Alburtl. Those trains run through from Pitt burgh, MiNaw Tork, without change of "aW atoppiiig only at Allentown, flethlehen Baston, Hampton, So - nmervtlle, Plainfleld an. Elisabeth, and arrl' at New York at 10.10 A ., 4.40 P. M., and 1.00 A. M. The 4.4 a. m. tr im will not leave Reading on Monday. The II U a. m . and U.1S p. m. traln ran daily Sundajslnoluded. Tralac. t. re H.Y.fnot Liberty st,datly,(xcii Sunday) at (.00 A. at., la noon, S and 8 V ., and arrive at Real lag at 1.S0, 0.00 and ll.n p. in., and at I S" a. m. 1 Tbe a ao p.m. train from New Tork leaves daily Sundays included. . , , ' Passengers are requested to purchase ticket, before entering the oars, as 25 cent exi ra wl be charged B'ld coll - cted on ihe train Irom all wbo pay th far to the Conductor. C. 8TOLZ, Et.,. and Supt f H1LADELPHIA & REAOIHQ RMIROAD ' Winter Arrangement of Pai - enger Tran. 1 DECEMHER lit, 1866. , - F1VK TRAINS DOWN TO PHILADELPHIA Passing Kaaauif.att.00 10 10 and 11.80a. a., an. , . n 4.andS0r.M. tTP TO POTTS V1LLE, " At 10.15 a. ., and and .10 1. u. , 4bA1NS W8T TO LEBANON A HABR1SB' Western Express from New Tork, at l.SS A.s nrf 1 as p M. Harrlshurg Aooommodatlon Train at 7.80 A. a. . and mall Trains at i.s a. ana n.ui r. si On Sunday, the down trains pass Reading a n 8 1 A. D.M a. M. and 4.16 r. at., and up - tralns at 10.4S s ., and .07 r. H the 4.JJ p. M., down, and in 4S a. H. np trali run only between Pbiiaoeipuiaann neaaiug. Jloth A. si., and P. M., up trains coi aeot wltb trains for Tamauqua. William, nnrt. Elmira. Buffalo. Niagara and Canatla. The t.aoP. M. up train from Philadelphia Stop at principal siaiiuns viuy. nsWsiteni Kinress train oonnecta at Hai rlsborg with Express trains on tbe Penn'a R. U lor laivimic. inM, . w. and the I0.4A Hall train connect at Harrishuit for rlttannrc. utneaster, unamoersniirg, biii" Imry, Soranton, Plttston, Wllkslwrre.wl mil. liwk Hitaii. Elmira and the Cam Passenger trains leave Upper Depot for Eph rata, Lltia, commoiaann 1 s ta p 11 Thrnmrh rirMaClaa Counon Tickets and Em lgranta' Tickets at reduced Fares, to all tin nrinolpal polnU In the North, West and tb anaa. TICKETS. With M Coupons, at at nor cent, discount, ha ,wn any point dealiwa. MILAOE TICKETS. Uood for M0 mfles.hetween all Wl for families and ousinesa arms. BBAMIN TM1KETS. - 0 - 1boo4 for Mm bolder oly - for three month ti. tsf 80 .. aennor Beaton Ticket one - thlr" Paawnger will tak th Ezpreaa train West at lb v . UPPER DEPOT, aad all other train at tba , LOWER OB OLD BEPOT - 'a a finds Baaaaa allowed aaoh naaasmr. PssMnversare renuested to nurohasa the! tloketa before entering the oars, as blghar fare are charged 11 pain in inn cars. Up train leave Philadelphia for Beading, Hai rtshiira - and Pottsrlll at MO and H. IS A. M. 11.46 noon, and I.JU p. m., and at 4.80 p. m. foi Reading only. kiourslon 1 1 mt linWata wu nk aha 4k lia at A A. M Aooommodatlon Tram to Philadelphia ftaaaaa a ivanw, bovtas iajs vhw uoii j ww aad return at HMW cb ti. A. NICOLLS. Oen'l Sup'U PIVR DOLLARS REWARD! , As parsns are uwpre.ianuB n pnir.i of r the Her as teamy Agrienunrai I Snniety, th I'ommittM of Arranaementa offer a reward o Fire Dollar for the conviction of any one steal - at IMSarsnr in anv manner iraspassmg o gid oropwrtv. 'PHS EE EipruwtM DIW y pwisenK"! "' 1 tgukl from PhUndelpbta au1 IntennwJUi IoJntTxeaving Beadlns at apd "' tr. Btord"r of the rt,M AMANOCsf ENTt . - """' - ' . ; V.I!) "'""rr IV 1" - T? : , ., i 11 1 1' 'ina 8 MISHLER'S B ITT E R 8; IN BBAUINO. i WHAT IT HAS P0NF j' CiFT.8. 8. Bankk ays na was cured of a rnrnoaHii 6f Jaiinillm and Chrnnlo UlarrhmJ onntracted lu the the use of Mlanler1' Herb Bitter. j riraa awd Aooa io Chbobio DiAaBHoa CrBBD. The nnrterslcued, h fortuer resident i thu nit.v. nnw pnalitinir at. Port Wayne, Indiana iiavtns been afflicted with the abovecomplaii't while on a visit to KeadlnK, wan Induced to tir J MlHhler'o Herb Bittern, ana rav r,n - .. t lon to state that they bavo performed a radi cal oure. In gratltnde to tn msonverer them Blttera, f am Induced to give thloertia cat and for the btmeflt of other ''',!i' I Bhkumatibm Conn bv MiaaLia'a Btttbi4 - The undersigned certiflf that, be was roi a lonji time severely afflicted with HbeumatiopWinJ. which Incapacitated him from following hh - 'iimiiieHB. Not beinit able to obtain relief, he n nalJy roaorted to the use of Mlsliler's oeienne ted Herb Bitters, which effected a permanent cure In the course of ten days. o return ij anyf the symptoms have been experience"" srnoe and the oure is a radical. i . CM. DEEM, 8. B. cor. Dth and Bing'u sta. j BaAOiao, Dee. 6, 1Mb. 1 B. Mishlkb. Esq. : Dear r - The undeinmii d ha vlnji received great buneltt from the u ofyonr Herb Bitters, lakes thie opportunity 01 acknowledging the sabie, in order that othei ilmUarly afflloted, may learn the fact. Havlnn I men am Ic ted with sever rheumatic pauiam my left shoulder, contracted by exiiosiire. I ta, for a long time unable to sleep. I tried 1 our Herb Hitlers, and after taking one dose I tk'iuahlHtnsltwtii f wn hnnra. s 1 took anotbel dose ami I slept two honm mare, when I aguln awofeo. I then took another dose, went to sleei and from that time 1 have not been tronbleil with rheumatism, but 1 continue to use tne iu ters onoB In awhile as a precaution against t ;h return af the eoiuplaint. I think tne ttern ui ten the best medicine in exiatence tor rheuina tism. ' JOHN rKHK, ; - Reaaing, Nov. luta, j .J ' i JW IKH tlKn. ! Mishler't Bod.,) ' j j ; Gaii kb al Aoiht roa fit Salb o S MIHHLER 8 HEBB SITtKRS. D. D. MATJRBRi Real Estate AgntA Broker,1 No. 29 Worth Sixth street ! t Opp, tit4 the Pott Offlc.T READING. HEADING PBOPKBTT.'hoth house and buMnlua lots. PerMina ibtsirou' H sidlinir and th"se wishing to purchase are iuvlled to c.ill on biin. , - j The allowina Real estate l offered for sale : t boUM for rale In 3. 6th street, on jfld be empty in a few weeks. " One in n. 6111 St., 3 - story dwelling l ft. Trout by MOdeei), between Spru j ami Pin. One i'4 stories high, 44 ft. front by 1.4 deep, stable, i.utcher shop, tallow house, So., on the corner of Canal and Bfngaman sts. : Two UnlKiiug Lots, 4 it. front by lin deep, lu Pearl between St h and 61 b sts. three 8 - siory brick Houses 80 a. front by I'M deep In 8th street between Penn and Franklin streets. " i Two Bouse in Mverstown, Lebanon county Fa., TOteet Ii - ont by m .It. deep, fullol f.uil trees. - ) - 1 Two Honses in Blngamanf 'Street, t - slory brick, la ft. Innit, IS feci ; lot Km feet deep. Four Houses in Laurel street above Sib, Is ft. trout. Mtory urica un w leet uuep. l l st.i UREB. . j. H. HAFERABRO., V MERCHAKT TAILORS, A90 DEALERS IN 1 - - ' READY MADE - CLOTHING. I. - 7K1 l'eunlr - t. "" tll DOOB jULOW BISBTH. - ;i ANNOCNCK to the people of Readlagafulf lneoi Koaitywa'ie uioiningor tneir man ufacture. Their su k of Iplece can not xcelled in thlaoliy. Their to 1 are all mede nn bv exnerlenceil hands Oar nriee are right, less than other house can sen 1100.1 s we respecwuuy WMiciiacaii iroui urapauiic. 3 I . - Pennsylvania Farmer. HI8 old and popular Hotel has been refltted and refurnished from trsrret to Cellar, aud snow one of ih.Oiest Hotels In our city. Abe Mick, wuo Is the uuerinte.dant. is always oi nand to attend tocusinmurs, transient and reg ular, and a ll give mil satioracnoii. F riser. me 01 th bust hotels In that ci v. Ins best iC3miiiNi..tions are guaranteed. The travel - ng i.iildlo will And this one of th. beat place oswpaim tniscity. nov. - wiu Keystone Tobacco tore. v no. la sivai a biai u a i . iVui Reyttoni Building, Reading Penna, BaBD & LASH , - WhoUtale and Retail Dealer in AO. Kindt e 0BACC0. SJEGARS & S1JTJFF, V full assortment of the best quilltv of goods o Ibis iineconntaiiiiy on uanu, anu soni ai uie owest cuy pripea. - jj wi). G KOs F. W IN TKR, "Twja.ii! - do Ourrlen, ' Suocbssob to Wibtib A Oabbibl. kj LAUvtl l ft tl, ch.ic, vans - SLAUGHTER, Sole, CsllSnn. Kips, Upper. i nneepeain, iminrw, on..i.n. 1 I auk anil rfussett urldi - aiiii nening u'wner. Highest Cash prics paid for hinand rk. Cor. Second and Chestnut street, Resd ig, Pa. npBMi J. C. BUNTING'S REW . t HAT, ! CAP AN1) FUR STORE. iV.541 PJWN BTREBT, Near th Keystone Ilouss, READIN li, Pa., Is now offering to the neopleaspleadld aasori mem ui HATS, CAP8, LADIES' FURS, TRAVELLING BAGS, LADIES' RETICULES, UMBRELLAS, CANES, Ladles will And It to their advantage toeXaui ne ur stock of lur. All are fresh and lu jood order and selling at suiall proat. I - H'u4 v (RON RAILINO WORKS. tl ANY of my old onusuimeni having male ,1 ofmv Del ns loo rar away n u beclty, I hav now remnvud my Iron rallliis and Locksmith shon fi - om my old stand I ourtallev In'Iow Bth street, Immediately he inn tiia rarnmrs' National nana. 1 am no. prepared 10 attend to all mv friends and tin I'oiniuiinllv In aeneral. who tnav need BU' thing In my line, such as making Iron Railing LsNiks, Keys, banging Iwils, repairing lekr i All reiMirlug atutndml 10 at the sburtes uotiaa. LusrvMiu low it - aliv other. iliiLi M M slilii I Ho I" LW. MKUDORKFFKIt O'j ciiirntiANtJ, n.w, ci j li iion'r itnii actinia. I .w. ....... . tt!'i - ;vrtT4: fUE ONIY MUSIC STORE IN READING ,..t WbereeverythingintheMnsicUnecaii : ,.lo. yv.tntf D obtained, via t ..,. OTOLOI O PIANOB, VrOBounced by Uottschalk the best of the Square Pianos Intbe World. , of Besl Manufacture, 1 ' . ! ! 1 ( i 1 ; - , , i !. J - '' !, ' BlKuE'B CARHART NKEDIl AMS'S MELODBONS r OBQANS. UKNT FOR MAIOKHAUUNS CABIN KT, URUANS. Viollna, .Cultars, Flutes, Banjtat, Uerman an.! , Sheat . Mualo. Instructors, . Muslu , .. 'Li t itookx ! blank,) Tuning - j i i KorRa. Ac. Ac. Ac. 'varwibiitjp fi' Y maiiotaittoi'" i' ipExcifcoxirANY: LEAD oli a NEW 0RK.I II! J li act.6rv ITiict.on City, X.J. This Ooinpany In now fully jm - pared tofumlsl LEAD ' PENCILS. tlT Equal in Quality to tbe beat branda. ThlsComtmny nas taken great piilns and in vested a large capital in fining up their fa - Miry, and now ask the Ameriem Jltblia to giv. their pencils a fair t rial. AlXStyUtand tirade or Manufactured. '. i ' , - . ; Great care has been bestowed to the mllllllfH urlng of suierlor HKXAUD.N I'KAWl.Nb I'KNCII.H, especially prepared for Uie ne 01 ugl ei rs, Arcliitecis, Artists, Ae. fA complote Mssortincnt, cmistani " ly oil band, Is offered at filr term - to the trade at their Wboiusa.. Salesrooms. . ' 84 JOHN HT, : , , NEW TORK. The Pencils are to be had at ai tbausIIaRK. . the principal stationers an' uotiou dealers. tT Ask for the Amekican Lead Pencii JMim. ' i Bertolette Connard Leather Dealer & Currier, No. 12 and 14, South Fifth 8t., Reading. Manufactured and constantly on hand French ml Ain - ricnn Oail skins, Spanish and slangli - ered Kios. Oak lanne ' hii.I Bed xne leather Wax I'm or. Harness, skirting, lllacK and Kus - mii Uriille, !heep skmr, Belling lexther, a 0 general aasori went 01 Morocco auu lining. 1 10 A i I0 AUK NTS FOR . iipfrior oakTa ed irftclirrt am! fatvut ItivM.ed Lraiher Patrrit l.acins; Lialhr anil i5! BlakirV faieui' Itcli latfs. deoi - 'wt - tf 'C.V.Al.DAUTH. STOVEpEALKRS ANDT1N8MI TUS I TS1 Faaa Stbkkt, Rbadib, Pa., a a fc. i - - - A Choice and Select stock of stoves, Tin and Copper a are al a a s mi h ind. raiTieuiaraneiiiioB paiu to nonaiig. !pu tig, Ac, Ac, Ac. ' ap - 90'M Till) STATES 11 UTtL, orrosna tbb N. T. A NEW HAVEN WESTERN R. R. DEPOT - BEACH STREE', BOSTON. BY If. M. PKATTi FOttMERLT OF. THE AMERICAN. l - avt7.m.B. 11 Persnr s EiriiM ! Ti. $1064 EXTRA BOUNTY, AR WELL TO r.i IrcreaEcd IcEficEf, (Tr.der the recent Acts of Congress can Nrtslu tne (am uy applying to ' as.. ur up jt - a. ejh am g. - tm. SJd Conn street. FERDINAND WESHE, aauvaoroaxa oF IRON RAILINTG8. Bell - Hanger a. Looksmith, No. S4 SOUTH SIXTH ST., READING, Pa. Keys made and locks put Inonlerat shon notice, marltt I WOOD AND COAL. PURE WHITE A OR AT ASH COAL DauTxaao ' DRY AND FREE FROM DIRT, From under cover, BITUMINOUS COAL, HICKORT AND OAR WOOD Fuel delivered to any part of the eity free ol xiracnarg. h.. rsAsi, Jy.a.'w. IjsneasUir Bridge I f lour,Feed.Wood & Ccal A. 1. HAXtV A Co., r - . . - thtttnut Street, above 7A, Reading, Pa., IfOUl.D INFORM THEIR FRIENDS and th. f T public iu general, that they have a lot nl Uenneeee Valley Whit Amber Wheat fUur, Which cannot be excelled, and which may onl ' nad in Beading at their auire. t uey aisi aeeu a oonsiant suiipiy oi superior KM) WHEAT IU)i:a. FEED. Ac Tbev also Invite attention to their hitmen itoek of WtNiD A COAL Tbolr assortment ol ( oal oonslsta of ShamokiH they Aehand Tamaoua,Mahanoy and AtMan Wtole ana liea Which ihev will soil wbolmalenr retail. fllrnken, Egg and tove Coal at per ton anu s unr ions tor w. s B'. A. BOKO, PROF. OF MUSIC, 107 8 JUT II THIRD ST. PARTICULAR A I TaNTl'iN paid to giving inslruullon on tbe I'lauok Organ, Violin Music, An. Lsons givan at ul rvsidenoe, or lie o scholars. , , I'Mflll. rHMMMlullll.. . N. H. - PartKiuia. stie - '.lnn paid to the fur. .Ishti.a el loud FuuuJ Irou the dltf.reul utaaas . i . .. .is. u,uiH , .at.vaa ft REAl)lSCJlJRi6AY MORNING. MARCH j Ah A ... n A 'i ra. KAaa - I ,V 'a a. " a "T . SOLO 't READING BY S. S. STEVENSJ Pffyy STREET ABOVE SEVENTH, : Beading Jewelry Manufactory uory ENGRAVING AND R'PMRING ESTAB - LIShMENT, OLD STATE HOUSE, . ' i (?or. tith and Penn, entrance on N. Hth St. HANVFACTVRfNQ OP EVERT E - SUMPTION. Oolrt and ritverroin msdd jnto Jewelrj and iiK.nv' .1 i.i "mi tu.i.niio'n. n,'b mill in lib, mo. .d and other precious stone work, i.oi'l ami Mlver Can Heads or an kind" mude to onleiv REPAIRING OP ALL - KINDS. 1 neatlvand promptly executed. Engravinir O' ery ileaoiiptinti, Tea et s Knive - , Fork - . S.4KHI - neali Julteied or engraved In devise. liii - riplI'M.s on Kiims, on Csne lead - , Ae. Ilaviiix iiiei seei.i xpei le ce man h"se hiui.ehe - i and fur ill. nasi eiiriil mom lis laving been es aciished at 'he Union Jewelry - tore in lhl cuy. lu Ihl eii , here he . evei iiieilUMinoiiited s ensiomer. He w - llendeav. orbj iric. attention to buliiea, ins pronii - e - ai.'i ror "e.tnng. loweun ius pairon..g ui in. Isdiessml aenliemen 01 this city and coumy. Joliidi.g ofuvery description for ihetrHl l Feb. a, r - u tBAa;. 02 H ''a : h H K : O c C 0 H w 5 c s e 1 V sOg ui m Z ' 0aJ ' c. o e 0 D 6 O a H S. S ' r - P5 jl to vs6e r5 111 O M 2 - a - 3 w z K ss A' a 13 J - v tw 0 p. HAQY'S Eagle Jewelry Store i l Calls the attention of the pull) let sperlor assort meiit or WAICBE8, !? JEWELRY, , , SILVERWARE, rM Lntaftv ratinad' nrtces.' Uolf add 1 var Hunt Ing Case Ualehesol every mak and ei'inilon. FINE JKW ELRT of the latest pattern. HOLIAIW SILVERWARE rOB DRIOAU PRESENTS - Unsurpai - ed In quail and flnlsb. CLOCKS AND MANTEL ORNAMENTS, And many other article of Inter u All U(D WAIIRANTED A REPREBKftTEl A...1 n.k.l,iv...l. mi inlan.iireselltatlona IB ' e. Wa ell' s. CliN'ksaiiii Jewuliy ueatl)' rwiwired and warranted. . aoleagenny for J. Roanndalelbratd CnyaTAL 3PECTACLt3r - Olaasea adjusted to old framea.? h Remember - tbe Placo, B. F. UAUV'a K.Vtfl.K S1 AHLlaHHENf, ho. 87 North lib strset, opposlt the Eolsi - opaf t?4tf JIARDWARE IRON, AND 'ST 'It - DRUGS, PATNTS, AGRICULTURAL ttiiM ntrMitfrn . Tin Plates, Wire, Grind Stonea. Dye - stuffs, ' Tine Cutlery Guns DVPONTS ROCK & SPOST1NQ POWDER, f fi SuBdeiao" and atfpj:, CAST STEEL, METALS, NAILS & SPIKES. Sperm, Linseeif,' Lulirlcatlng and Best Bum ing OilBjpiasr,! Ine yffejsl; tc, For Sulc Wholesale and Retail at the Old j staud by 1 J. L. SrrCIITER; 505 and 509, Penn St. Jin.x7 - hVly HAfiDWAM STORE ;ot. Tlilrd I ran Mm. , ! .fliw.aict ' iiioi'l !. : I "i"" Opposite the Plow" nd' Harrow1 Hotel, READINu, PA. rr A ' i t T '.r ' ' WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 2 DIALS IB . ii D W ) K. steel; NXiLS, PAINTS, OIL, G J ASS. DYE STUFFS, &C, MERCHANT1 AND BaR I0RN, T HOLIOW 'WAKEKDAKWAitM. f J f l - ji 4 - v. - r - ill OE0BQE LEBCH. S I J. D. D. I.KBCH Geo. Lbrch & Co. WHOLESALE A. RETAIL' . DEALERS IN - HABDWARB, Iroiv ' " fiteel,' I Nails. r Paints, Oils, Cass, Sec. FllSMirS ST&SEAEB SCALES. 504 PENN SQUARE. STEPHENS. ifiim still tuiiE .mm DOINO SOMETHING, But A. J. HAIN A CO., Will do it. They are iff. ring, for a short time ontv. the celebrated - hamokin and Pine Grove Ooal, at reduced prl - Kgg and Stove sixes, ' hamokin Nut, .. Pine Grove " $ per toa &.H0 " . : 4.W , " , 4.00, " - it her SehuylklU Co. stove Coal Also Flour, Feed, and Wood on hand Don't rorget toe place, A.4.11AI.1SW., - mayl4 Chestnut st above Railroad. The undersigned thankful tor the many fa vms extended to hlta in bl lale ini - iorlun egs leave to si ale lb t he has rebuilt and Is fined his Boiler Work. Hcli are now treb heslsea d cupaclt the' lormer.y were, art i hat he bis piepared let Oi II kji.i t of o k .1 isiiaewnupromp.Beks siu iMitii.iy. si.i S , . , . : . Locomotive & Stationery 2 oiler a UASOM KTKBS, ' - SHEET - IRON, HMITHWORK, &c, a Work done In anv part of the ennnrry and srarranieo to give aaiiaiaoiioa. runciuai ai 'iitlon paid to reputrs. aus. t J.OBEET, JOSEPH S HOVER. (SOCtsSSOB TO Ik, UOSABOWtB.) aVo602,' PENN STREET atoM fA, i ' i . lr.SVClXS, PAts Haaoonstantiy on band a large assortment o " M Elf AND BOTH READY M ADR ' ' . ' cl o thin 6 t Clothing made to order In th jiot fashion ble st le, ou shnrt notice and st reasonable pi estorcasB. v. j, f. j i O' octaiy 102 Odd Fellows' Hall. QEOROE K. CLEAVER, (In replrnlrhed his stock of good, snoh as II as - Cariiat. r'lis.l Oil Clotr.s. Window Hhades au.T I'apvrw, etalr Ca pel and Oil Cloths, ai - i t niiioing. nMigsvMi nne ami eiamis nntn Co ton and Linen Tarn. A'gissl assortment "f tba alsive iniMsienlbl article forsah on th moat reaaoiiaiil Mi ms, casa paiu roi rnas or tnken In trwle. Cu - nnn Carpet mole to order, ot tb besl insiei ia. smisi snort not ce, ami cneap. gr Don't lorgut U. K.CLEAt KB," . I i i , - i - ' Odd r ellows' Hail, ll - tt.iia. Wo. ioomii Mlisirceu ; y , : FREDERICK W. UUtit. General Commission Merchant ' " AMD DEALER IN , BHEWER'fi.1 STORES. .I' - s i.i.tA 4. !'' f !? - ' X1VT VKU OXjO (TAXXji . ., N K. oor, Fifth and Washington Sta. i'aptAMf,.; i " 8. BUCH & SON. Neverslnlt 6 team Hour Mills, tReading, Vana. fUU!' mil rsmlllcs supplied with th 11 isi - t quality of Flour ma le iroui w inlet fVlleat. wholesal orders leilat I. MlshlerA Co's llaoor ior,Pau (treat, aartb, or at " nr. I . I : v..w - HssajatsJci!i'" f - tv.nt7:'.; - 4;.i7 Vi v ' taa Mill' taav". .1 i 1 .1 ti. ih.' - fl 1 ''!' - '', j t 21; . aw ':! J v THE FLOOD IN THE WEST, The funny man of the Cincinnati (O. Times, took a trip up the river a day or two ago to see what damage the flood had roogbt, and the following is his account: High Times ok the OnioCiNcraNATl to Louisville The Hiver Towns is a Bad Wat How vVatkb Affects them Howtiiet landPasskngmibat Loch - port Remarkable Revulsion amono Temperance Societies Theik Pre - , sent Motx o No Hour W ateb 1' ' Affairs at Louisville, etc. , , Steamer United States, ES, i'wi - March 11. 1867. Dear Times I never was mueU on ter, but I have been on a good deal of It during my trip from CincitinnH to Louis - ville. - - - - ": I You desire me to civo you some account Of the general aspect of the river during tile present high water, as observed on my trip. It is a little difficult to write on a steamboat, owing to the shaking of tbe boat, but I Will' do it as well as I can under the circumstaflr Cd8. The United States Is a pretty stcadv going crart for a steamboat, but will shako aome: I told Caut. Whitteh I wanted tb write a letter, and would like to have Mm ran hit boat as steadily' as he could until 2 had finished It; and with that spirit of accommodation which ul ways characterizes him,' he la Using his most strenuous efforts to do sc. i The captain is a large, strong man, aa you know; but with tbe utmost effort of bis strength, using both hands to it, he Can't keep the boat steady entirely. 1 j To begin with Cincinnati; when I went down to the landing, I found that the landing had Blld down into the river several leet. This is quite an accommodation to passengers, as the descent to the wharfs boat whs always too lar and too steep. The iive,r washes the foot of Vine street, and it would be a capital thing if it would wash the feet of several other streets in tbe city. ; Another phenomenon I observed. The towers of the suspension bridge have sunk alarmingly. The bridge isn't more than half aa far above tbe water as it was when it waa built. Several people weary of Hit, who had come a long distance for the purpose ol jumping off the bridge, because of its r poried height, have gone home dis gusted. They say they might as well stay borne and patronize their own bridges, The businesa of the ferry boats, which fell off wbeu the bridge waa first completed, is picking up aguin. They give people a longer ride than they did for the same money.; The hacks complain, though. They say if tbe town keeps slipping into the river tbe way it has been doing, their busiuess will be ruined. People will be enabled td step right out of the hotel doors into the boat.1 i Lawrenceburo The people don't come down to see tbe boat aa tbey used to. The boat goes up to see tbe people. The people1 have hard work to keep the boat from ruuJ iiing into their Iront parlors, sitting down at their tables,. &c. Haifa mile buck of where the landing used to be they have tenders suspended to their ch.mneys to keep Uie bouts off. ' - Aurora. Passengers landed on the roof of the hotel.' Good saleable land in this town. You can take a skiff and a all over it. Risiko Sun. We hailed a rmay ton of Ihe town Any water lots for sale ?" ;; "No, but lots of water." Patriot. Real estate near tho river has gone under completely,and much that is on high ground appears to be Coming down. Ladle make their afternoon calls on rufta whole raftt of them - They wear watered siiks, for the most part. Lots of offices un der water. Not offices enough for half the patriots in town. Warsaw. The landing is at a part of the town so high up that tbey never saw a steamboat before. They want to know what business tho United Statet has got tft Warsaw. N. B. They seem to labor under the de lusion that Warsaw la out of the jurisdiction of tbe Unite d Statet. Madison. Great demand for water. Some ol the citizens are completely out of it but not many. The most of them are completely in it. Rubber overshoes are worn, reaching as high aa the neck. Half of tbe citizens are under arrest for public bathing in the day time. Children have to be wrung out and dried before they are put to bed. A man with pocket full of money couldn't get a chance to treat no body d?y. Drinking men keep toaked all the time without any effort whatever. ' Wkstport. Passed completely over Ihe town without knowing It, Attention attracted finally by a furious bubbling of the water, when we put back. Found that the bubbling waa c - uscd by tbo efforts of tho submerged inhabitants to bail us. Found the a hurl bout by sounding with a lead Landed passengers in a diving bell, for a small extra charge. One man, wbo objected to tbe charge, w.s lowered down with a atone around his neck. Utica. Some poet haa asserted that there waa "no pent np Utica," but he would tuke it back it he could see tbia port now. It la pent up completely. ' There is water on every band, to any nothing of the feet tlmt are soaked with it, Lodisvillb Land is to valuable tha they build far out into tbo river now - The water cornea up to tho third stories In many places, which don't begin lu come up tosome of the stories I have hearillold about lu Tremendous revulsion among Temperance Societies. They are holding meetings all over the city to take Into consideration Ihe alarming increase of water in their midst. Their resolutions urge tho , Legtsla'urc to past a law supresslng It. At ' we reached the city, we saw a torch - light procession wading through the streets. They were the temperance men. . , . Tha lollowlng were among the Inscriptions upon their water - proof banners: "Down wltb Ibe water)" "We have had enough of the cloudy distillation;" "What i making many families homeless f Too much water;" "Wuter, it must be surpass ed;" "Use Schroedcr's BUtcrs," Ac, fec. Tbey bore Chinese lanicrnt,covered with oil sklna; torches protected by umbrellas; the emblematic cold water pitcher on a plot form, broken in fragments; and cffiglet of Father Matthew. The Marshal ol tbe Day tuonted hla o'ders to th procession through a Water - nfHiMt, ami the music waa furnished by a band with gutta percha instruments, piuylng r m a float I'm afloto, " 1 . ' Hnmldly yours, i .f( Fat Coutiibotor. mi v tioi) rat '.iijiiij ''ill wulsd wvjta iVi II V.' I '(ill ij it!) aa j(', - o ! VOL. 18 - a - NO.68. ; , . ii ..i i l'.uj...liii:.;j iu w.i - - 1.. ihb boa constrictor. A few years before our visit to Ca!ctMa,! the " cjiplaln of a coasting ship, while passing tbe ! jSunder1 - pusds, sent a boat into one of the creeks tp obtain some fresh fruits, which are (iultlya - ted by the few miserable' Inhabitants' of tiiis inhospitable region. ' Having reached the shore, the crew moored the boat indor a bank, and left one i of their party, to take care of it. ' During - their absence, "tlife Lascar who remained in charge"' of ihe ;boat, overcome by heat,' lay" down under ! tli seats and fell' ftsleep. WWl'' ile rak 'in this happy state of uhcon8cIciusness,',,aji enormous boa - constrictor emerged from tbe jungle, reached the boat, and had already coilad its huge body round the sleeper, Uhd was in the very act of crushing him lb death, when his companions fortunately returned at this 'auspicuous moment, and attacking the monster, severed a ponlon of its tall, which so disabled it that it no longer retiiiued the power of doing mischief.' The snake was then easily despatched, and found to measure sixty .two feet and (ime Inches in length.'1 1 ; '" ..". j' ' The boa - constrictor is believed to be tbb largest of land serpents. Hols found in the East Indies and in Africa, and a' serpent differing but little from him is found lu some 1 parts 1 of 8outh America. ;' - His length varies from twenty to sixt feet; and ho will destroy an ok or a buffalo by winding his enormous folds' ' around them and crushing theni to death.'" ! " "ri j It is supposed that an individual of this' species' once diffused terror and dismay in a whole Roman army, a fact alluded to by Livy in one of the books that : have ' not come to us, but which is quoted by Valcrij - ous Tasimus, in words to the following ef fect: '"Since we are upon the subject of uncommon pbenomina, we may here men tion the serpent so eloquently recorded by Livy, wbo says that near the river Begra - da, In Africa, a snako was seen of so enormous a magnitude, as to prevent tbe army Attilus Regulus from the use of the river; and after snatching1 up ' several soldiers with its enormous mouth,1' and devouring them, and killing several more by striking and squeezing them with the spires of its tail, was at length destroyed,1 by assailing it with all the force of military engines and showers of stones, after it had with stood the attack of their spears and darts; that it was regarded by the wbole army as a more formidable enemy than even Car thage itself; " and that tbe whole adjacent region being 1 tainted '' with the pestilential effluvia proceeding from its remains, and the waters with its blood,' the Roman army was obliged to remove to its sta tion. The akin of the monster was 120 feet long, and was sent to Rome as a trophy.'V' ' ' ' ' Another account says, that "it caused so much trouble to Regulus, that be found it necessary to contest the possession of the river with it, during which a considerable number of soldiers were lost, whilo the serpent could 1 neither be vanquished nor wounded, tho strong armor of. its scales easily repelling tbe force of all the weapons directed against it; upon which resourco was had to battering engines; with which the animal was attacked in the manner of a fortified tower, and was thus at length overpowered, i Several tlischar Sts were made against it without success, till its back being broken by aa immense atone, tho monster began to, loose its pow ers, and waa with difficulty destroyed, af - ter having diffused such a horror . among the army, that they confessed that they would rather.' attack Carthago itself than such another monster.", ,;.v . ci.:';,.;.u Deatb of Hiram WooDRUFF.T - This veteran of the turf and the very Nestor of American sporting meu, died this morning ot an attack of congestion of tho lungs and liver. It was only a short, time ago the 22d of February that we penned a con gratulatory paragraph of Mr. Woodruff's SOth birthday, which fell on the same day as that of Washington. , Mr. Woodruff bad been in poor health for a long time, but hit death will, notwithstanding, cause a pain ful surprise to hundreds and thousands to whom his uame and fame were familiar. n is fame as a turfite begau with the celebrated trotting horse Dutchman, in l&il), when ho rode a three mile, beat fot (luOO against time, in 7 minutes 33 J secouds( which time lias never been beaten or equal led since. Another celebrated content in which Hiram figured,, waa tbo trottiug mutch between the celebrated Ripton and Lady - fiutton, two mile heats, over Centre ville Course, for two thousand dollars a side Hiram drove Ripton, and having lost the first heat, all kinds of odds were offered that he would lnse tbe race. When Hiram ap peared In the sulky for tbe second beat, be reminded us of Marshal Ney, just before making one of bis grand charges with tho Old Guard.. .And sow commenced one ot Iho greatest displays of generalship that ev er was witnessed on tbe turf. The result was that the old Field Marshal came out the winner on the second and third hcats.amld the thundering plaudits of the crowd win ni rs sad losers alike for all confessed that it was quite as much owing to Hiram's ad' uiirable management as to tho real merits of the horse, that Rlpton's success was owing This race took place on November 28th 1847. Time made was 5.15 1st heat; second same; third 5.18. But it waa not merely bis skill as a turfman which niado Mr, Woodruff so many friends. Ills honesty in racing matters was proverbial. He never sold a race. Socially he was a great favor lie and was esteemed ss a pleasant convive. Ho was a kind husband and a warm friend, and If he had , his faults, they were .Ibose of a warm and generous, nature, which are easily forgotten and forgiven, rK7yn Timet, March 18. . ,. Put and Ike Superseded bt Machine by. Mr. Oliver T. Eddy, of Baltimore, Md., has invented a machlno somewhat resembling a very small piano, by touching the springs of which, printed letters are Instantly produced upon paper placed for the purpose. There is a koy for each letter of the alphsbot, tbe marks of punctuation, figures, Ac, and on the depression of a key with the finger, a corresponding letter is printed on tho fiapcr. It may be useful as a medium m tin lea tlon for tha blind! The instrument will print with almost the perfection of an ordinary printing tingle copy of any document, and with almost the same rapidity aa the docaoiani caa bo transcribed by a good poumaa the copying done by the mac bio, being of course more plain and more easily res d. t LABS FEB ANNUM, payable ir advance! r M'l 1 V ' l - ll il!T IRBDTO SrjBSCtIBBBSjyixgiS THE LIMITS OF THE CITY AT 12 GTS. A WEEK. GEN, 'V AMBITS FOR MRCULATION, 813 Penn Street An Incident at the Bombardment of FoRTisnEBj A person who was In Fort FisheftdRrlttgilo bombflrnient.tels the following story In an Euglish magazino: On! the agony of despair to see ball and "hell falling harmless from those turrets of iron, or rolling like pellets along the low decks,' whilst the gallant defenders of Fort Fisher were Hilling in' Sheaves within fort - ideation which would four short ' years bc - iwre, nave oencu tne enoris oi any. .navy "ft work,',as Porter snysuVstronger than anything Sebasi opool could boast - of. One day a happy str in finding its way Into a weak spot pf at wo - turreted:monitor;(a ph - ee oliroajsviflenlly was turned up and jammed the' turret. Hurrah I one at least disabled thought the pagor Confederate t By JToyq! aeo two sail - ors quietly walkout, nd; kW, - themselves down,,. the oneholdipg a jjcUiseljiand the other , striking with banimur, They were cutting away tlwiobstruotion;, and so. secure was. the monitor against, any y, vital Injury being Inflicted, ou .Jier, 4liati .although silenced, she would not.; retire; from, her po - sUion. ,A swarn of Southern riflemen were thrown out to slay ibe two i bold Federals; but none hit them,' I and . tbey; worked on calmly until General. Whiting generously Interfered, and said v WSuch gallant follows deserve to live; cease firing sat ithem, niy lads.;' So the iron was cut awav, hiuhn t."1 tt 'i ni" i.ui - t:' jiii 1 1 Anecdote Of Mr. Web8Ter, - t - A lady of Washington, op a, tour, ( a lew ..days ago to the New Hampshire . mountains, in compa' ny with a party of Jadies and eluding Mr. and Mrs, , Webster, relates, in a letter to a friend, . the following character istic anecdote of. the 'd'gtinguishod stales. ttU' " u " I:,,,!,!,. . ill.. "In descending a hill ..this morning, we met a large ox, cart heavily, goaded; two horses had been added to the team to assist in drawing It up tbo . hill, and tho diivers were beating tho poor ,beasts in vuin, for hey made no progress, and our coach! eould not pass down until the cart got up.. Seeing this state of affairs, - jMr. , Webster jumped trom the stage, took , tlie . reins, and made the men go behind and, push,, while he, by ins swiiiui management, ,.drove up the hill with ease, his clear, ringing voice cheering ' and encouraging thu animals, as. they put forth their utmost strength. ., As he roturn. ed to Ihe stage, his face glowing with sat. isfaction, and radiant with expression, I never saw him so handsome., , One would have supposed from lib) countenance, thai be had just triumphed in somq great intellectual coutest.instcad of triumph of skill in the fanner's avocation., Tho drivers little suspected to whom ; they were indebted for assistance, and he seemed, truly happy with the excitement of his , successful ef fort... . ... .' ,. t. . I rf ; ii : " ' '."i i'i i ! i ' l ji! . , Light in Dark Places. A motion was lately made in tho British ' House of Com mons to establish Church rates ; then a. motion to exempt dissenters from these rates. The motion was lost by it small majority. On tho next day, a bill alowiug clergymen of tbe EstublisliedCburch to turn dissenters without incurring the penaltiet prener tied by law, was read the second time, .Tjiese, are the beginning) of the end of that illigilimaie union, Church and State.' Some will tell us that religious persecution 1 unknown in England, Yet a clergyman of liie Suite Church cannot resign without penalties! And people of all other churches,' or"m church, must lie taxed for the Stale Church: Tue jliitute book , of : England contains u multitude of rtUgiovt . laws, still extant, of most pcrsccutinjf character. And while liberality is striving to gain ground by inches against this rapacious and iutoleraut isuite Church, Catholic - Austria has uiutV religion free by couailutiou, aud Rome has abolished political religion, uud established uni versal toloratiou. Kuglish opinion is .hind the age, but is slowly silvaiicin;.'. Female Criminals. Why is ' It ' tliav there are so ninny munler' jicrpetratnil in this country n .wadaya' y" - 'vttonrn? ' li is not a greut while simo Mr. Rurronha was killed in WashiugtoiiMiy Mary Hurris. It is only a few weeks siuce Mollie Truie!l shot to death the mint whose nnmt she liore in . Chicago.' A fortnight Sine - , the srfvant wotmin, Brlget Diirgiin,' sfalilwd and killed her mistress at Newmarket, N. ,t., On Friday last EniniaTIownr'd alabbeil to the heart a young" nilm named Stnrr, In ChiMsfn. And beside these actual inurdi'rs.tlierf hate Within a few months been hall a down attempts at murder by woman, which ' have been frustrated by one circumstance or a - notber. It might be worth; y of thought whether the Impunity which women enjoy In this country of doing men to death has not something todo with this shocking ttatc of affairs. It Is tme that Mrs. Grinder whs executed for her butcheries In Pittsburg a couple of yean ogo, but this was an exceptional case. As a rule, murdere are acquitted In triumph. N. Y. Timet.' A Lady Buried Alive. Iu the early part of October last there died at Rnuio,wltli choleraic symptoms. Hignora A malm lir - bieri, wife of Count Ilcniitrilli. ; After the funeral solemnities the body wasdepotited lu the Campo Santo, until it could be transferred to the Church of the Mudelena.when the tomb which was : being prepared had been completed. Thu lomb being Anishod a few days siuce,lho corpse wa uncovered, when the fact became evident that the unfortunate lady hud been placed in her coffin while she was yet living. The bauds were bitten, the face was laouratcd, tho hair disordered and torn. Tho lid of the Collin , had been forced up, and tbe muscles were contracted by the violent : effort that had been made. Tim unhappy , lady, . whom health had been delicate, was overtaken by a suddeu attack, and as she evinced no sign of life it waa presumed sho whs dnad. The rumors of the cholera led to her, being hast - . Ily placed within tha tomb. .,,,;,.,' , b , - ..11 ! ' " '' Save tub Waste Bonka There - , la In almost every family a daily waste of bones, Hint If aaVed and applied to the roiots of the pear free and grapovlue wln the gulden, Would supply yearly sufficient nianurc for one hundred plants. . ' " , , We have seen the roots of poar tree! turn from k t WQ - Uilrus or the clrcjo to embraoe and feed Upon a few bones that were bur - led on one aide of the tree.' - ' Hoarc, lu his "Treatise bn the .Vine',' gives an account cfthe roots of the vino pusairig through dry Clay to reach a bins, giving no lateral or fl - J broas root until It reached tho' 't; but When there set out suincroii1 flrwrg, per. fectly cm'raclng and covering It.'" '.fit FtJBNK

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