The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1947
Page 14
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ifftV., 'FOURTEEN BIA'THEVILLE' (ARK;) COURIER NEWS Buying Power of Factory Workers On Decline, Despite Pay Increases in to lurop«an» » *T ,JVUAN GftANGOl . O*., Oct. 1. (UP)—, '. .a«rt«~, 6.. '<3*-. pr*- I m °r>th. Eight earnings of Hie worker hjive more than In the pist ;eUrit years .' '•;:- "."'1 reC9ASt»uct!on, Labor' P^paftrnent figures ''irjowed today, Trie deplrinient-'released final litres for 'last July thowlnt thit avefaje weekly factory earnings :Mi( dcpm-lmnil said buy only »29.86. worth of goods' in terms of 19.19 dollars for a worker with three dependent*, By contrast., hL< weekly earning of Ml.39 In IMS bouchl »33.0J In goods m 1938 prices. His 13(1.65 average weekly income in 1012 bought 130.92 'In goods at 19.19 price levels. The Labor DepArtment'S chart . . i showed that the decline In the «•" vl ! Purchasing power of wages w»» ifcWittonal • aid (or Europe: Mi4f'-«'ill' hot'tffect "our intlaticin- •rytprte* 'spiral" If -American ex- per)* to.stricken area* In Europe ariSBrawn only f rom* surplus'corrr- l.!»3». The Labor Department computed Hw ri*e In earnlrifs at 1OT.4 per Increases won by organized labor since Ihe end of (he war In August, 1045, hove barely kept p»ep c«rk In Ine same'pe'rl6d, ritail prj. j *' lth lhp rlsl "8 P»' lc '* in ' th > »»nv cej of cost of living essentials rose h * li42 ar^rtcent-tehi**,. tr^ off ] «M U^ fi>«;-thrtufch 'M.woru i ,.„„„„ , nowea „, ^ , lre , not earnings period. The buying power Of.JulJ't wages yiF, slightly less than the buying power of 1!)45 weekly e»rn- In'gs In terms-of 1939 prices. Th« soft cO al a fid telephone wig* agreements of May'and July cort USS Cor al Sta, Navy Carrier, Commissioned PC*.TftMpUTH,.Vi., Oct,.'j. (UP) — •Ito«-4WW<t»rt*e4lTl*r Coral Set I — .third" Ntvil: vttMl «v b**r' that I n»mt---*Ai. comMlMlftnM yeiter- I dty "U'taerelMii fiatSirtnf a.' spe*eh j b.T 'Navy: S*cret*ry Jfthri' U Sullivan. >•':";'•-:• . I The 'escort-: fcarri*r' Anrto : oYlfrl- f n»lly was cali«d' the Coral 'Sea but ; | 'h>. name; later -WM .aAfened M> a i larger : (l»l-t6p under 'construction »t- Brooklyn! irhierV .i»li« re-namefl (he Fririklln • D, R66**«It after the- late pre«ideht rllM, Vic* Artm. Thomas C. Kincald Introduced Sullivan. Kincald eom- rn*rided » task . fore* durtn» the , C«al s#* buttle, f|m nitjnr K4y*l : eritiWmerU. liY'-,htM/>r7 in -wrtith fi«11tlng -.wa.<- intlrtly ..lir. ci'rrfer plane* with, surfae* shijS! never ; eji- THURSDAY, pCTOBER 2 1947 , he h»<i net favor*d ^JlK^^ii^^Tt'fivirirt^ivin^ I ft !»"ld *»rtlme price , control* ore'-i trlbuted to higher'earnings In thttt ^SSTthrtSh Z wSSS I *"« •*"'»*:• th <*« >'*•" «"* ! >nO«W« Average hourly eirtlntl • trie K»p6rt-Imporf,B«nk. », hcrrtrer, he ad«ed,;these (wrj eoi^jtrlea Jhav« all but exhausted thijr credit with the lhlerri»llon«! [ . U«i£»'ana some provision must; IK i mai to carry: them throi'iuri-the ', j •j I i '• ' • ' * for • rtd vacations, shift, other "fringe" ,."-h«i'-»fl'd, -is In-! "no 3hap> er'-') to:ask for further loans he .banks.-. '.-.. , ', "t;h"»d hoped lo avoid 'a special •oibn." George, said, "but .it .a s»e- ettit»«iss!oh"ls called—ind I think tfc'will bi called—and If the (con- committees approve the Increased differentials adjustments. IVG/7 jt/.S: ; '£cpf?omyr; CITY, N. J..- Oct. J. the of soft coal miners Jumped from $l.«n to »1.732 but the work week was down from 42 lo S2.5 hours. Vand^nberg Joins U.S. UN Group at Observer UNITED NATIONS HALU Flush-, tne. N. Y., Oct. •).. (OPi — senile Prcslticnt Arthur H. Vandonbenf. R., MSch.. a veteran,; of UN and peace conference meeting!, 'lolned the u. S. dehgallon at the Unlt'd Mitlons 'AEs;mhly yesterday *r "»n observer for a .few days." . acconipanlpd 'by John rosier millra. whom the So'-. ,. The cort 1 s*a, will • be commanded J by Capt., 'A.. P. Sttrrj 'of OBW^BO, IN.iV. Gomdr. fritU D.',Bule;«f ! Nashville, o»,. is her opcratlAns ) officer and Oorfidr.'E.c. Outlaw-of ! Cloldj.Boro, N.' G-, 'commands -her < air (rrotip. '. ,:-.•.' Tofcif T7 ^- ; -'" t«* however., hat Mr/ ; ^. could count .on full ro- . lnolr /Mrom the •n:publicnn mn- , th , , Congress for any. pros",'»m '..,1, aid; pa'rMeuUrly an::.; fo \ fur- j ,™' and- price in=r=i s :s. ' - j f,. 3 the:n«w.rpi-3i?n.?.td pro-i V...., .- George f?.!d he thought that : could b*r,duced."re-i- , hf , !«' ^IJAP-S .I've got Ihe wfuyg apiftmenl. 1 ^-SE* look- tor; Miss-- -Brandon." said the aCthifiirj or,..;/.' on in." invited brace -~. —^ ..- "'She's • sbmc\ *Bout,| r She turned "anH y iSbdlj. VHi. ' Happy, you've' eotnpany."- •-.",, .. 'TSurpri*!-J ihoughl'I was all •lone." •'Happy ..laughed.' and. Irien K» saw.-George in the, doorway <Bd -Va^; in^tantlj disln q^iscious^.otiher heat-flush hfa* resiralnlnc Ihosr who pbrc . f"/ 1 " 1 . 1 ?"" llsclalmcd any ofi- wn ImmetilMi- profit, above clal -^ l!; i llrl «"<:<- " his sudrirn an- tlonul tnfxi " pcnriincr snd snid he would takt . h . ' i no official pnrt In the prrtfccdinas \ rnr lermnwimn or con- pi ( ], r| . pt UN nr l( .iii,in (lie U. ft. n co-:r'.im~r n-T 1 '* Nov. 1." H'-lrc^linn . rlo'j^ IT--—'^-"'-'I'tv for Mi^ firforc Mi" inr-piine hr rencw(-ti th"v uih-mr " actnialntarces and ,-toppfrl for * ..^ V-'-i "•'- ^/•iivi.1,,1,,,. n,-. brlrf chnt with Soviet IJCIctc-f! ,Jor economic p--ol,'cni r.rl'i- Andrei. A, Grop U -kp, '"• n-i'-n "'-.R to "mnke lh" rtollpr slsc of Hip econo-ny chnsina power has outrun .i^r'ortuc- •""' '"""' •"'"• " ' lion. Prices have c"»c mi nl'l .lion? I he line. The mist fundani prior,-, ot 'nil — tlitisr pnlri 'hy ron- p-r r-nl slnrr- IKin." he conficled. "She's qlntn sure thai you aiul I are abniil lo siart a high "Id battle royal about the attentions of Ihe clcxjuit Mr. Harrell—' :uitl slie couldn't be more wrong, . could .she''". .... . '. .. Hiippy rarvcd away al the, nmsl lurkcy .Tiul Stf've watched her for ' 'Thanks: that's very kind ol you. bui' I cbMldnT think-ol -ui' Iruding. lt : s been nice, meeting S'on all.'' .Ueo.rgr! was smoqlli and polite, ami. in. a Ic-.v- momenls he . "Hi.", said. L'llcn sntlly «.-lici duCr iia-J closed-beluntl him s'he aiitt Happy, .w.ere . once, in llW klU'henetle. assuring tliein- selvef thai the. apple pics wcrt healing properly. '"Who- the Duke? •• You've- .been holding on mr. Hap: [ didn'i kno-A- knew. anybody like thai." ; "OAKRLDGE, Teih:. Oct. 5 '.'(UPi :— Brig: o«n'. Tulmer A. Kmi, re- tirtd. «»» name^ y««tertay as gen i>ral rnanaifer of .the F^lrehilS Alr- " craft; Cbmptny'a "^N,aclea,r- -Energy for Propfjlslon '(if .Aircraft." project at,(he Clinton. Atomic..Laboratories here, ' ^ : $ : V''; ; ! G^neraln-urner recerttlj was executive, officer t« 'the .AsslStj'nl ' aecretar^ Of.War for AJr. -. . ] -NOTtck "(f>f i On Scptembs'r, SOlJi. 1M7, ItUtrn o('>dmlni.-tration upon Ihe estate I of Harry t>restbn wells.. IVceiwed, I j were iraiited to. the. undersigned. : 1C: C."Wells. frhAi* address is co- i Marcus'i trvrnrfi. 'Attorney. Ingram Blilldlng. filjthevllle, ArkAnses. All pcr.'.oiis having cltirrtt'Against i r.aid cslat.6 Art required to exhibit the s*me to th* J.eJnlin.tMrator. properly authenticate, within six months from the Ante of the first of tins notice, or' tliP.v will t>( Mrtvfr birred arid precluded from -arty benefits inlaid estate. Date'd. IhU JOth rt»y of Septem- i Wr, 1«9T. C. G. WtLL$. Administrator. m _CO»1t.J»4T BV tffA &my\CE. t*C. r. M. «fl 10-2 KKKCKLES & HIS I'HllCNUS % .MEKHILL KLOSSEfi "Psst! Mother, may ! use your eyelashes?" T 1 WACW T'CU 10 STAY AWAY FfCM SOW" JO'-oiNJi My mo , | "; .-.r^;f> .' TINVS BEHIND YOU.' I fe -'«' ^ J - f '. .'O'-.':-: 'RISCILLA'S I'OP want By AL VEKMEER "I 'JL'MT'bi'iicb , milted. •>!. last ,nij>ht. gol Maybe Lester will tell you the secret f< NOW '££e£t\* i ft? of P°'i kid in \J' ke Y°" to , my c/3ss/J-(T^ have! ^ N of his third grade / . I?y AllfMA^l, O'MALLKY and RALPH LANK WHERE 15 -^» JAMU5 WADHflW REIEMT5' ANITA WACWM ^ IMPOsjlBLE.' 1HAT ROCK.' NOW, CURTAIN ? I THAT STOIIB.' HER WTHERWAUT5 F THAT WORSE HER BACK. ^THA»SEN5E- 1ESS — WAIT RIGHT M£RE. CKOO-CHOO. 1 THIS WON'T IAKE LO:!S.' / YE5, MISS AK6US Administrator. 102-fl-U CCurier NeW Wint Ads. OOHT IHTtRRUPT. YOU'VE HEARD OF JElill A"GU5, AMERICA'S FI^ST LADY OF 1HC DRAY-MA. . "Yon like. . ll.urcll,' dun\\ you, Hii|Jliy?" Ill- naked al lar.t. Tile carving knllc slipped an'il y Itiuked up at him. "Of course. 1. do. . I trunk . lie's. MM'.V nice. I hud a grand time lasl ingln. llr laid me ,,i lot al«iul his place and Gualc. the island!" "I-ara'.Img his possessions' bis ancient history,- eh?" There war s taitit. not too ple'asanl edge' lo hif lor/c, and Happy's eyej ' btaxcd. - - . "Thiir? s hateful thing to say," she Faicl holly. "I a:kcd him." . -• "O( course," said Stevf mildly. Kor a moment she regarded him almost sternly. And then .Steve AVAKH TUIll's ;T SEE \ £-:r ,\«WT COME IN NET. WISHE..» ( i \We TO SOTHEEL T WWT.>..,PHH IP .'SKI \ r'.'i S-'CK ivsoiran \VJO-HEVI M siJUiu^chM-wiiciKiii luuiFfii? SGI', WWMV-VjjLKIlSKI, «WE C&^VO MSWE BUT I'M Ih MSRE6HE /WTHE'THEWRE HEED OF Stil'R HELP' /MET?W? WEV1., ^EW ME WHEN HE CO WE 1 . HE5- W. IF SOU V':'il_!_tE CR.!.V.RCOI = S CW TKE PHONE, WHILE L CHftKSE, I WIL EXPtW.M TO HIW ' il'J." 1 H'appj 'acl- al n cwh- :ail party and had dinner reached inlo his pocket, pullerl out a folded while handkerchief, shook out the folds,' and waved it-th silent lokcn n( ^urrciuicr. Happy al him and said 'helplessly, ^oh. ' Ellen, he's— '.'Thai , I. can .see \viili half an eye." F,llen assurecl her. "Only I'm ising both eyes. : What docs .Stevo think' aboul him? 'At .'Cow*sl Rate of .Ihtefest . Quick Service bristled Indignantly. in January, the buzzer aliove Happy's door -iunirnoned lici Irr llie 'tple'iiliohe downstairs, "What .difT.c( c.m'<\ noes liy FRED HARMAN . . what Stcvr thinks abolil hi'rri? (and Ihe voice ihai spoke in her voice said '. ears was George Han-ell's Sh'e "cED pYOE.'v -' BUFF WA? AT ClASS WHErS &,SOr€ RUSTUN' JVJrrt, WE ARE IE V04.5 All N WAT'S P-. 1 ;' J From the doorway A. F. Dietrich Jn*tiranc» Afeen 166 S; l*t St. Ir^grim 6'rlfe. quietly. "did. I He&rmy nam? jne ' let voice shook a littlf as he idehtinsd himself needlessly. e joing home lo r " ' ' never forgotten the old saying — ' Eavesdropperi .seJdom. hear, an business trjp." he explained. I thought possibly you might hav me' nji^s. '.trre tarly plane.? ' an evening free and «-e could do Steve came Ln. his arms laden Concrete Culvert-til^ «nd -r>ii) -them do\vn "I'd like. tKal_" "Then tonight? I.tried to gel JQU on. trje .telephone, C, unable' lb,,s«; r t: took the '' ."l.miet.Lhe rlcgam. Mr. Harrell u mighi be'lret'for' din- S)ID laughed breathlessJj. "Oh, I'm nnt. that populir; 1 ., . "1 insisted ,that he «om«.back »nd look '«bput ri* groijp was ' quite often have an evening fre« r*ck.*n'd.'(*t ( mor,e beer if he witlioul previous ,Vquld, but he; didn't seem. inclined he said heartily; so her color, deepened. than »nr Attar. tlrMi* MatetiaL CoJierel* -nnl'ta fAr SaAllary 1 Prlty— Csnctete Septic' TanXs. toward partyinK. Ker che*ks hot, avoided "In an hour, then?" . his eyes'. . Ellth. glancirij first at by V. T, HAM LIN raced upstairs and into her own A. H. WEBB Hirj. , *1 at State Llr.e tttmt BlrtfterrtJe 11* ; d<! stliy," urged tht - ... v. ofe«ts pAUtelj, -but apartment, so excited that Timrriy room and leave them together. ' stirred from his contented and eyed her suspiciously. <To Be Con tinned 1 . plainly tfiit .they'd *nj6y rt-» lot >etter il he didn't Stevi 'grinned.' "Subtle as anything. EDen is," THW NICE LI'L crei. \ hoarding House wifrh Ma|, Hoopl By J. R. Wililoms ..... OWE OF THEM FAMOUS BOT.&fc. . we.ALL ' \ s«j R3C*,.' . I'M J05T ft OUT BEFORE SOU RUB "M&.S!im\E0 Gi?ATtR ON THE . HIM i t.6T rr HOLD n- / CO TT5 .•*>' ALL \ (ioJCT AW HAVE HE SHOT yS'PUKP? SOUIRKEL RIFLE5-- Hi l \'E XX LICENSE ear NOT HOSK HOC.'.; AM) III;.!! lirUDlES (bO liy EDGAR 31AKTI? ^9<»•7 '. Tftt ^S.Cv.r O D\'=v\t < b ., . dfshiyeled curjs. rj«r,.?recn "'"' (KUtic apron. h— Mr. 'Hzrrell.r 1 '' i . aetrt, «5ia e'im'e tpwif 3' Kan. wasn't .;, expecting— I;-, rn'e an thought you" dfcy. Dp torrie irii" ; •:J*1 h»d Jin .' ipp ' said George.

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