The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 4
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, JtWl ift, INCIDI THB RIPUILICAK PARTY. 1 'Make-or-Break Campaign of '52 Probably Most Critical in Republican Party History By JOHN GUNTHER _^__^__^__ ' By JOHN GUNTHER Written for NBA Service n f fv, -a fir ^. thin « l ° Ba > r , looking into the exposed viscera of the Republican Party, is that this make-or-break cam paign , s probably the most critical in its history. And for several reasons it differs strikingly from any other pre£ dential cajnpaijfn i n recent years. As to wit; P first time since 1928—one could even say 'ntions, not just one, are as open as a sword •6 gullet. For more than 20 years, the American people have watched the campaigns go into the home stretch -\vitn the candidate of at least one party unmistakably visible. Rut not today. Its a fight at both conventions .LL° r J!!!j^ 1 ,"7 n '' nnc "mS' T'' ° fflC "- Fow much ito yon know tboat wh»t'i h»p- ffnlng liulde the two major partfM .1 eonrention Hm« »ppro.chM? Here'i the penelr.tln, rtory on 1h« strut,!,; for political power, detailed bj John Guiilher, ont of thl, jr.npr.llon'i b«l-known »port«.. This I, the flrsl of hb live «rlicl«» on (hf Republican Parly, wriilfn eiclu«lv«lj f or SEA Service und Th< Courier New.. They follow his four "Inside" reports on the Democratic Parly. ^r^f?* 5 **^! saia i* ^i'4^' •< !',-• T*" S , I u-"& |f J / •. < v *••*«•* ,J«L 3 LI •£» r K£ th Ihey will be up against. When FDR and Truman were running the opposition knew exactly whom It, had to attack. 4. This nlll be the ffrsl election fought umler the full. plt|| css . | m . partial, and eye of television. 5. Not since, the McAcloo-Smllh /lent In I9M has there been such Intra-pnrly bitterness on either •rrupted ami 20 years Is a long. Ions "tin;.. The I.:SIIP pops beyond such obvious. Items as that the GOP is a vid for power or that the Democratic administration is frayir.z at the edges It is not merely, the Republicans say, that Wa.shitigton imperatively' needs a change of face, new direction, and frc.shcr Wood. What counts, on a high level, is the survival of the American f'.vo-nariv convention jobs show that they lake I ^u^sonneeucctiipontheelec-ltistics. It is that the OOP. which has a military man become president, and T.R, was not. a regular complexion of this country from Remibltcan to Democratic. INTKA-I'AKTV BATTLE: The slugging at each nlher fully The OOP elephant (until the middle 30's» was axiomatically considered to be very much bigger than the Democratic donkey. But the Plephiint hns shrivelled, and the donkey has cardinally grown. A recent Gallup poll, working on the basis of an estimated electorate of 55 million, 'puts the Democrats at 21.5 million, the Republicans at 16.5 million, and independents at 15 million. Tf a candidate, to win, must get something over 2V'-j million voles. I his mentis that the Democrats need pick up only 6 million independents, whereas the Republicans must pick up 9 million. Daring Test Pilot Saves Film As 'Flying Triangle' Crashes ' only plane of its type in operation — crashed in flames yesterday but officials said r.noihcr of the supersonic Jets will be completed within a few rlays. Test pilot Bill Waterloo, 36, leaped safely from the plane after V he crash-landed It at Boscome •Sown Air Station. The Canadian^Pirn squadron leader lumped carrying vital movies recording the accident. Seconds later the plane burst into flames. Fire squads moved in quickly and saved it from complete destruction. The Air Ministry three weeks ago accepted the delta-shaped Glostcr OA5 for mass production. The strength of Its triangular winir con- when It hit the runway. Its two Sapphire jet engine: have been considered lhe world':most powerful. Yesterday, however. Britain released figures on a newer and even more' powerful engine. The new Jet engine, (he Bristol Olympus, has maximum static thrust of rj.150 poun[ts a compared lo the Sapphire's 8.300 pounds. This means it has some 9.7SO horsepower at 300 miles per hour and 17.000 horsepower at ROD miles. The Olympus was first developed here by the Bristol Aeroplane Company but also is being worked on in the United States by the Wright Aeronautical Corp, under license from Bristol. 35,000 Youngsters to Get Shots In Mass Move to Prevent Polio HOUSTON «>i—Experimental In- noculation of 35.000 young children vnil begin this veek In a mass test ot a drug to prevent paralysis from poUo. MedlcaJ scientists, financed by lie National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis, will begin giving shots of gamma globulin Wednesday. Half the children will get the harmless blood fraction and the other half wilt get a neutral Innoculation. Only the University of Pittshurg re- Eesrrh men wiU knov,' which children ?et the gamma globulin, J^CThe tests were planned after Wrmiston and Harris County passed I I the national foundation. ' By last week. Houston had reported 149 city cases and six deaths. 98 county cases and four deaths, and 96 non-resident casee snrl six deaths. * Meanwhile. Nina Warren, 18 daughter ol Gov. Ear] Warren of California, came to Houston with a messase of hope for polio sufferer*, The pretty blonde looked as if she hart never been ill. Yet only 18 months ago "Honeynesr" Warren was paralyzed from the waist down. "The most important thinp to remember is that people do recover from polio," she said. "People don't hear so much about complete recovery. That's one reason why they ..,........,^_ -->>>> ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Humphrey Hits Move to Drop 'Civil Rights 7 OKI.,AHO\yi CITY (JTi-Sen. Hubert Humohrey 'D-.Minni .vester- day criticized members of the Democratic party who would, drop the civil right* planfc In the party's platform for harmony. The .Minnesota senator 8poke to the closing session of the National Association 1 for the Advancement of Colored People here. He could not come in person as he orininHiy planned and delivered his address by telephone. Humphrey told the delegates he would fight for a civil rights plank in the Democratic platform this year similar to the one voted at the 1948 convention. Taft an] Eisenhower forces are as much as at any Democrat. I Moreover, in the past five elec- } tions, the Independent vote has been prevailingly Democratic No Republican can possibly u In unless he mnfcc.s enormous inroads on ei- j ther the Democratic or the independent vote. This is not a matter. i of opinion, but of basic fact. ! This, incidentally, serves to make somewhat ridiculous the recent outcries by Taft and others lhat Democrats have been vonng for Eisen- bower in Republican primaries, and that this Is "immoral" and an "out- j" I If a lot of Democrats don't vote Republican in November, Eisenhower will be back at Columbia, and Taft's address will still be c'o the Senate, not Pennsylvania Avenue. Tomorrow: Th* main issues be- Tore lhe GOP. State Spreads Welcome Mat For President Truman to Arrive Tomorrow for Bull Shools Dedication LITTLE ROCK W - Arkansas is spreading out the welcoming mat i for President Truman, who BH-IVPS! here tomorrow to dedicate null Shoals and Norfork Dams People m the moimtiuneous re- Rion surrounding lhe twin lakes ! area near Mountain Home, Flippin I and Colter are pulling the finish- in? touches on a 3-day celebration i m the President's honor. : ., M , r ;,7i r " m '' n is * > h«liil«i to arrive' at Little Hock 6:30 p m Tuesday where he will he driven ,„ a •,.„,(! road station lo board a special, train for Morlork. i The train, scheduled lo arrive about 2 a.m. Wednesday at Norfolk, will lav over on a • id' !•>' track near the .station mini the! President starts on his auto lour of '• the 2-dani area about s : 4S n m i A welcoming addrei.s at the derti-' cation ceremony, which slart.s at I 10:30 a.m. will be delivered bv{ pov. McMaih. He will be followed I - ~ ;de T. Ellis, former Arkansas i istrict conpre.ssman and now ' executive manager of the National Rural Electrict Co-operative Asso- I elation. The dedication ceremony will be \ held at a stand overlooking Bull Shoals Dam and Lake, which is located on the White River Mr Truman's speech, billed as a major i address, will be broadcast naliona). , The President will leave the area about 1:15 p.m. - aboard a special Ham — and deliver short speeches at Balp.sviJJe and Newport. The Balesville address will be made from the rear platform of his mil- ' road car and lhe Newport speech ' delivered nt lhe Newport air field i where the President's plane will l>c> [ waiting, it is scheduled to lake off about 4:30 p.m. i Want Try Ordering A Canned One WASHINGTON HP}— You may he writing your favorite haberdasher one of these days for a can of doll- easted blue flannel coat n-iih ' ns of trousers to match. j Air PVirce already has i;one I canned clothing. ] Air Material Command an- nle-b two c Th In fo Th rii yesterday Hint S.148 vnrl- I eties and sizes of uniforms, under- ! wenr, shoes and other H^ms >voni by airmen are helne packed in drums for shipment overseas. Later clothing may he canned for ship- j Off taln< in the U. S. cials said lhe fiir-ttcht s are cheaper and offer more i tioji tlian an> p other type of IE packages. Penitent Youth Sloys Self After Stealing Present TOLEDO. O. MV-A IS-year-old boy. -arrested recently becauss he, tried to steal a gift, (or j« alhc: .. 5 Day, killed himself to make amends the sheriff's office said. A motorist found the body of Pred Oreenhiirg yesterday not far from hi» home. The boy had shot himself in the head with his dad's 22- cnliher pistol. J>r>,,t v Coro.ier Irvin McConnell sairl The boy had loft a nole to his paront.s saying he n-ns "payinR for '• my mistake." Juvenile Court officials harl released him lo his parents' custody after civinc him ,1 lecture. Read Courier News Classified Ads.' The motto on the first penny authorized by the U.S. Congre.w vra« inspired by Benjamin Franklin and sfurt, "Mind, your business" Most ancient Greek hippodromes, constructed for horse and chariot races, were placed on a hill slope so lhat ex-avateil material from, 1 one side could serve as an embank- I ment fnr the other. i AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TONITE Tues., July 1 "STAGE COACH John \Vavne Wed.-Thurs. July 2-3 The mDDEb and th.mflflRIBCE BROKER Twins, 4, Die As Flames Hit Second Floor EASTON, Mats' //P) -Fouc-,eu- old twins - Priscuu sn d Edward Oreenleaf-perished In each others arms last night as they huddled in an attic closet to escape the flame* that swept the upper part of their two-family home. Mrs. David Regan, their mother, said she had put them to bed in !h«r .second Moor apartment a short time earlier. Slip said the twin» had talked about B loy iraln that was stored in the unMghted attic and "they must have gone up to the nltic to play with their train." 'Firemen said a mattress had c.iURht fire in the attic and then spread to two cans of paint, cam- Ine them lo explode. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 LAST TIMES TONITE "ROSE OF CIMARRON" Jack Bnet*l & Mala Powers TUESDAY 'THE SELLOUT" Walter Pidgeon Audrey Totter WRD.-THURs! THE DALTON'S WOMEN" Tom Nea, Pamela Blak* fear the disease BO mvirh." Dr. William Hnmnion of the University of Pittsburgh will direct the ifiooulnfton of the children here. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. MONDAY & TUESDAY "A GIRL IN EVERY PORT 7 ' Grouclio Marx, Marie M'iJson & iVm. Bendix Plume 4R21 Show Starts Weekdays |HS 7:00 p.m. j Sat. & S;m. 1:00 p.m. REFRIGERATION \VEI).-THUi{S. "WACO" TVilrl Rill Eliioff Pamela Blake Lost Times Tonite—2 Hits 1 Goddess Of Lov« In A City Of Sin! Also Cartoon & Shorts •"•••••••••«.,.,,,.,,,,, TUES.-WED. DOUBLE FEATURE BUDDY NITES - i For Price Open ri:30 p.m. Show Start? af Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nite LAST TIMES TONITE Firs! Shoving in Blyfhevillr i/A^ni LtellHI Also Selected Shorts Two Cartoons & Cornedv TCBS.-WED. Hollar a Car Nitcs! Also Cartoon •«•••••».«•••».»,,.,,,.,j Starts tomorrow-Tuesday -al exactly 8:30 A.M.! Zellner's Semi-Annual Shoe Event nee SHOE Regularly $5.98 to $10.93 $• 2.99 ^ '5.99 T GROUP OF 175 PAIRS OF SHOES REGULAR VALUES TO 5.99 __ $1.99 ZELLNER^ SUPPER SHOP IN BLYTHEVILLE m . r -' n i S Pair nf ?pHn!? or s meanl for you in /diner's larj;<> collection of stvles. Air-Steps. .M fnf Orchids. Rockfllfs. Gold Room Shoes hy JfDs ... both dress shoes and rasnals. All si/.cs hut not In every style—sn do come early. Nn refunds or excharvws al these exccplionally low priccs . of c(lllrso _ ^-^ he ing for you 1 uosrlay— so plan now to drop in!

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