The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 3
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, MARCW s, I Stormy Strips and Trips Into Tempest of Resentment at LSU By K. W. Star* Unlim I'n-ss Staff rurnti|M>n4en( BATON ROlKiE. La., M»,cl, 5. .U.P.^lormy ,he , lrl p, w m , r , c<l ^r of """"'" *"•>• n " d '™ ri <°'"»'«™^a,.;:™,™ beJlv'lT/' ""'rT' Of * a! " " iBl " l '' U " " k ° " W ' W " "> c blaclumnoi, twauty lakes cm off. They applaud alld yell tor mor( , out y«?c B Z" 1 IXH " S ' a " !l B "" Un ' VmUy a '' e d " f0 """' S>OT '">' '"""« Bui when HIP si ;1 , u . rt l!(kj . luff, .students started )nii"iiuV 'em on. On Stonny. " Given Impromptu H;itli She came away ivilh a .srraprd fool, four loo.,,, teeth, R p,,f[ 0 <l-up lower lip. im ominously black cv 3 and no ctotjicw. Wet, 100. She not clunked in the campus lake. Al least one co-ed socked her, Stormy suirt, liut male smclnils di:l most of tiie damage. That's hot hers her. -Boys will be bo.vs," is the only explanation she can muster. It all started when Stormy, whose name i.s Stacic Laueoiica, said she intended to campaign on the campus for Put Mcliityre. who was running for president of the student body. I.SU officials warned her. "Uon t come," they said. Pat wasn't enthusiastic, either. He almost got cx- pellcd when, as editor of the campus magazine, he put om an issue carrying a hot interview with the stripper and then brought Slormy to tile Field House to ailto- prnph copies and boost circulation. Bill Stonny came to LSU anywav. On a big truck carrying a si:>n "Perry loves Stormy." (Perry Ls Maj. J. Perry Cole, dean of student affairs, who told Stormy to stay away.) She wore sun glasses, a demure white Gibson girl blouse and a long black skirt. The bauti .started playing and Stormy went into lier blimps and grinds. Her Stun. Backfires Tiie glasses, blouse and skirt ^'ame off. in that order. Stormy ,^«oori there in a brief two-piece bathing suit. Stormy wriggled and slipped two fingers into the back of her trunks to let them drop. But thev never did. The crowd of boisterous students that had gathered round closed in, grabbed her. carried her off to the lake and tossed her in. Other students broke the windows out ot her truck, turned it over and let the air out of the tires. The band scrambled for safety as Slornly's discarded clolhes went for souvenirs. One of the wheels of the trirjk was found 400 yards away, on top of Die football s'taditmi. tn ihc melee. Stormy Millerccl her bruises and loosened teeth. She/ said one co-ed socked her. yelling, "She's our competition." The shivering stripper climbed dripping out of the lake into Ihe arms of campus police, who hustled her off to a sub-station lor protection. When students surrounded the fc'limsy building yelling "We waul "stormy," police saw that they had better take her to H saler place. They rushed her into a police car. with LSU football players clearing a path through the crowd, and U'hisked her away. Downtown they got her a dress, some shoes and stockings, and she caught a plane back to New Orleans. In New Orleans she surveyed thi- damage. Besides her physical woes, Story saiti she had lost a 5200 sport.s coat. S53 worth of other clothe 1 : and a S1.500 ring, which she said she dropped in the lake. She believed her $500 wTist watch was ruined by immersion. That, wasn't all. Three ol her six musicians weren't back in Hex Orleans yet, and nobody llad heard from them. "My college career Is over.' Korean Political Leader Accused Head of Rightist Party Implicated in Death of Opponent Rich Korea. Mnr. 5 <(JP> — Korean rightist, lender Kim Koo was implicated today in r ™,, of another ri K hllst po- 'lieal leader last net-ember and u. S. Army authorities said his eralioi/ 0 '" '""' W " S "" <U ' r consl<1 " Koo's ,1,-ime was mentioned In sworn statements Introduced as evidence In the military trial o f 10 rtcfentianls charged with partici- PalioiMn Ihe slaying 0 , Dl , <,,„„„ Chang, leader of Ihe modcrale rightist Democratic. Party, was kill«l In his home on the cvcnlnp. of ""- " 1347. Two of Koo's top (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Explosion Aboard Destroyer One man wa west o[ Sail lo port at l. killed and six seriously injured m au ..xpioslr.n auii.ud tin- u. K. destroyer nu.iran '-no miles i'cciro. calilorma. "1 lie Duncan was en route, to IVarl Harbor, ami is .shown hi-r,. ,,s ii returned us Angeles. iNKA Tclephoto.i Dec. 2, I aides said in the slntcmwiis thai they received direct, orders from Koo to carry out the assasxlnr.tion. Ihe highest Army quarters said they might order ROD'S arrest for trial, "but only H the present defendants confirm their written statements in direct testimony before the tribunal." The defendants were scheduled to give oral testimony Tuesday "•hen the next session "of the trial' is held. Military defense counsel said Koo would be subpcnaed lo appear before the tribunal probably on Wednesday. Tup Poliiirhn Koo is one of the top figures of Korean politics. He Is tile former president of the Korean Provisional Government which sat In Chungking during the war and now is chairman of the National Con- Riess Party. Tile statements Impliratinf: him were made by Kim Snte-Wliang. M. eliief of tiie mobilization section of the National Congress Parly, and Shin ll-.looii, 56. chief of the party's training .section. However, two oilier defendants, anesteo 3-1 horns after- the crime, have confessed they committed ihc actual murder. They are Park KwaiiB-Ok, 21, n police sei'KCJinl, anri Pal Hl-Iium. student. Kim Silk-Whang testified that Clnm» was ordered killed of his close association with Dr. Syneman Rlice. head of the riuln- ist Peoples Representative Assembly Party, an organisation opposing Koo'.s National Conyrcs.s Parly. Koo and Rhec have been at odds ever since the occupation over who would be chairman of the so-called Korean Provisional Government. Hhee was chairman in Chungking until 1943. when he went to the United tales and Koo took over. Slormy observed, "at least for the time being." j -It was not believed tiie tfnivcrsl- ! ty would take any action against, | Stormy, in view of the ducking or against the students who ducked her. It was regarded as a spontaneous demonstration. Butchers Face Arrest on Fcod Law Violation NASHVILLE. Tclln.. March 5. • UP1 -Warrants will lie sworn olil soon aaainst several "East Teiine.i- sec blilchcrs who have been found nsine n sulphite chemical, a "slow- poison," lo give spoiled meat n healthy, rosy color. Slate V. I,, Fiupia said today. lir. said also mi investigation is now unrlci wny In other sections of the state lo dclermine if there have been any additional violations of the stale pure food laws. The clK-micnl. lie sujd. is fustelvi-s mid ordorless itself but destroy.; jlhc odor ol spoiled meat. It. m.iy rested eight years ago for mixing movie monies from a news- \ said. Use of the ^micaF in S sand, lo have something lo K o : is pimWiablr- with a $50 fine for along with the readmit, he stuffed ; a first offense and u maximum pen- his pockets with four pipes, four j ally of SI .CM fine and six months packages of imts and handfuils i in jail for a second offense he of penny candy. ! -• HIIM, Wage-Hour Rule visions Cited n,™""' fl> T at< ' 151 2 - QnI) ' MD >™»R There are 31 soil consc, vatlo'i men of America come of shaving •• • «i>,um.i age annually. districts, covering R,7.%,579 acres of land in MnmuMjIa. pioycrs In nny industry in Arkansas whose employees arc covered l>y Ihc l-'air Lnbor Stiindards Act i Federal wage mid hour law) and who pay Iheir workers liolh In casli and by providing bmircl and lodclngs, or other faclllllcs. were advised today In eimsidcr tliel,- operations In ; (he light of a new bulletin Inlcv- pieting the nppllcallou <i[ (he wage und hour law In such situation*. ; This udvlce was given by .lolin H. Ciirlwrlslil, who Hie Wiigc lilld Hour and Pu|)Hc (,'mi- tracls Divisions, U.K. Dcpai Imcnt of Labor. In this, stale, lie said copies ot this new bulletin can lie obtained nt Ills linukinnrtrrs, 2()a i' U st Office lluildlng. ; Revised and relsxiird beciiu.s,. ol Ihc I'oilal-lo-Portal Act. Ihc new bulletin ccinstilulcs (he general interpretation or (he Ailmlnlslralor of i Wtice and Hour I,aw, to piovlilc a ! pracllcnl guide to rjiiplnyi'r.s and employees, he said. H contains lUe Administrator's view wllh u-spcct ; Id compliance wllh the basic pro| visions of the Wage und Hour Law, requires Unit payment of nt Jens! [ 41) cents an hour, all in cash, or In jcnsh facililics furnished without pmfll, !je paid lo all cinployees ell- gaged in Interslalc commerce or In Inter-State Check On Cars Urged Mem phisCommlss loner Proposes 'inspection Stations' on Borders MKMPIIIS. Tni,!.. M ;llv h 5. ,i||» I -I'uluv CoininisMoncr j,,,, ]|. u .;,, • .irMci'iliiy im.jxiM.,1 , M i, { .,. »|,ism'v. • Mon Millions" nt lili!luvu.v» lenilln" into the M:,I,. in view of 'n,,. ,,.,.,.,.; crime wave. ll'iylf .salt! th:,! SM,.II i, system 'will feilllce liolllnju jiml cniiWe ,,f •• I llci'i-s lo apprehend erimlnul.s niul will practically put u stop I,, \vlmlc- I •Mile (lielt of aiilomubiles." 1 Ito.vlc pointed in (wo \\v\t 'iVn- in'vitv ernne.s this week l|,,. ],),,),_ wny robbery ,.| |,iis pii.sseiiisers on Hie Memphis to Nuslivllle nm und I ho linliiiimpnll!, nlr.lii c|,ih !i,,|,t- up -in which criminals, lloyl,. Sil i,| mlislil Imvo been llppichcmleil nt sliue lines. The tun Imiullls cscillinl Into \r- kiiii<a.s M-iuierhH! empi.v ««||,.|« m their fllijht. •I'wo 17-yi'nr-nlil ymiths Jnhiinie Haven of Knn Anlonin. T,. x , mi | William |, ( >iimy of Nnshvllle Tenn licit inin Tennessee niter the ]„. illiin.iiiiili;, lobllrry. I'lilleo me t;,-nivliin« lor a v<,,,lh who kilJeil flinri'i'S O.-rlier Alem- pili. socialite and his Nenr.i'haiidy- mun. Murk n,. nr ueV- lUiiHln. Mis^s., Insl week, lillnij; llien- pockets of \-itlnablr.s. »»Me <!l.srlii.siMl llml 111/' To'jlie- eo lioad sluylni! o! u (uoi, : ia oflt- i'or involviMl u slulen Memphis im- Kuiuihili' iwned by W. It. Tlinilii n .silli'Mnnn. The ear was (niton ' n | Cullmiin, Ala,, two we<-ks into. "In the neur fiilnre, iinil I dmrt think H will be very fin. I he lini-' will conir \vhrn slnlt- Jau.s uln lie pawed which will sel up shilioas at the various highway rntriineos into Tennes.sre w'her<' all <'ars kolnv and eiimini: will lx' slnpiiecl und searched." lloyle snld. "l-'v<'ll cars with Tennessee tnss will In- senrchod Drivers will Imve to prove otvncr.shtp." l''allHT TlilnUs 1'iisl EVANSVILI.K. In.l. itii'i When Tuylru I'atltc, Jr.. '2(1, sn\v un uuto- IIKilllle bearhlR down on him us he jwtiikcd uloui! a liiithway. lie lussed Ills ltircc-wcol;s-old sun Inlo n I ni-iirby Held. The cur siruck Tuy( Inr und lie Vvas lukeii ti> » liosplinl wllh head mid shuulder culs. The buby escupeil wllh u lew scrulehes. whlc'h clllto ti OI ' lrY UB «ARY TAX whlch pclllton ret|iiestei) un anmial lax to he levied on real and personal property within tile oily of Hlylhevllle nt- the rule of one mill oh the clollnr on the awesscd v»l- iintlon of suld property, lor the of iimlnttilnjiig * public I'lly library. in acctu-duiice wllh Ainnidineiit. 'M to Ihe ConMltullon ol Ai'kan.»ai, I have Informeit the Weetlon Com- TAX Kor » one mill t»M on rral inA iwrsonal property • to b« med tot maintenance of > public city H- AKBlnut , one mill Ux on ml and ixrsoiiBl property to b« lued for nnlntcnsnce of t public' city library. E. R JACKSON, Mayor 3:5-12 DIXIE gives add*d flavor, extra to Golden Brown %A/^ff I^C Crlip deliciout *Mn wiN VW Cll IIC9 • hli (ofbreaK»,i or Sunday rn^ht injcis, ttpfc'iaUy \f you »rv» 'cm with lotl ol JUvor-rick DIXIE. Aid DIXIE ii rich in nourliMng food values, loo. An «conomic<l tourc* of proteclive Vllamin A. Till YOU* CHOCK VOU WAN! DIXIE MARGARINE RUPTURED 1 Ihe prudnctlim nf «ii[,ds for Inler- stule I'ominerce. Sw 'I'll is New I'a I out t'd Dnhh's Truss No Uulhs No lU-lls Ni» Sirups A Kaelnry Krprc Hljlhi-vlllr. Ark. Wllhiuil \VOUI.1> YOU OAHK TO IMPHOVF V»l)'l CONhlTlON? \V«,r III. UOBBS ,(,,i,^ '""' J '"" "'"' '"• «I""-«I *<• Hi. uOMHmr ,vj sucuiiiTY n »:iorrt» n«! only truce on lUc market ll,nl lioliln IIKp your hnuit. ihilil glvlnu jm- imn n rimnci- 10 net. lx> not overlook llu« ii|i|ioriinnty in not the "WOULD I'AMOUH U01MI8 THUBS." A CO 1- inr>ii-wn» inciiind or UoUlliin Hie mn- luro ui> nml in, (levnlotinl by a mm wlsn miiTorpii. nil you. (Auk 'inn I'duon Tlml w™ r ji one) .srnt»llv« Will l»eiiiiiiis|riit» This TruM !• Vull Mi.y S« Thin I1KMONKI RATION Saturday, March 6th, 1948 Auk fur \V. I'. Clark friim Km ll.inir Offtrt at the Coff lintel. DOBBS TRUSS CO., INC. N«illrVM, At.A. LEADING THE WAY INTO A NEW GOLDEN ERA...iflS Oldfiomliilc. A mrricn"« olilrs, riuiinr cnr manufacturer, is nnu 1 llir lir^t ^^ to ,,,.,rk it*<;»Mm An,,iv, !r »ar>. tn ", K1 1 nn ctilirttly n t -w :i n rl ^rrnlly \A 1 -'-~ nmjKAAi'ii! uujsMU[nu- n We Have Them! Just Received a Shipment of the New Florence Table Top OIL RANGE Five exclusive Wicklcss- Type Oil liurner.s ijivc do- pcndahle. focused hciil. Allover while porcelain finish. Hacked !>y 70 years of stove manufarltiring experience. Hubbard & Son Furniture [U1UPAMIC Ck,S $.,)„„ for 11 III . . . The It;,; N,.,n Is TIw Km (>/,h! A l)nin<l new " 9R " is ''ere toilav! It's (lie /irsl of . ,1 V . • . Hie l-nliirannc car* ... mtniiliirin" tlir first of tlic eagerly awailc.l new "postwar" D.xlirs l.v Fialier. It's Oldi.moliilc's Golden Anniversary mexTi-l-aiHl carric* to a new Iiigli the Olrlsnml.ilc Iratlilion of smartness! Vi'lie.ii you «ee this Fiilnrarnic Ol.lliimWIe, you'll realise inl|mrUiiI news it brings. 4'licrc'» style limy i'n i( a dean, llowiii" I-'uturainic lines—ils modern <iiiii|>lii-iiy in«;,|c an d ,>„(. Tjierc's .vi/e(y (irna in tile greater vNihilily prnvirieil liy tile II.MV low Iiood design curved wimlsliicld, and ex Ira'sizc windows Tli Mirrr, irr/mrap ,,,.,«/,,r /•.(wnp.-r.., !,„,. i,, |l, r | m , rr M i,l Pr nnmicr Kutur.uiuV |MM|V. Ami time's .,.„,„; „,.„,, „„.,„,',„„,, ,/,„ /„«,/-« new InglLcomiirr-i,,,, lirnd which ,,1,1, CI | r » hor«- |K»,cr to OMsiiioMle's f, „„ fl.rj|,',,,| cr engine. Nalurally, llus l.ranrl new 1<J|S model ofTcrs OldsnmliilrV fully proved Kntnramic feature -CM 11 y.lra-Matic Drive' Merc's driving .11 i, s ulira.,,,,, ( |crn l,c,l. \',, c|,,,cl, p,,.,|,i,^_,, o ^ir sliiftmfr—j,,st "sir/, „„ ,l,r f ,, f , m ,lfn!" You -o Biiio<,llilv . . . w j,|, ,|, ri f |,crformai,cc . . . t|« KiUn'rainici Hydra-!Malic way. Srr lllr '•' ramie (>!d,,,,ol.ilr "W -ll,c colorful ,,rw Uvnainic Ol<la»l«l,,lc "W" an.l "70"-- nn ,fispl»y io our showroom. FUIUAAMIC 4-Dow Ss<Jon SEE YOUR NEAREST OLDSMOBILE DEALER LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 519 307 East Main Street FINES T REFRIGERATOR EVER BUIIT ! THE SENSMIONAl 1948 — .^*. . >. a ftl PHILCO W ,TH HUOI tuur-it^ FREEZER LOCKER thaf holds ov.r 50 p.unds of Frozen Foods! ' J ' ,.hiU-o rl . lrlB c».,.r » WB . big in f«.»rc»-t >* •||,c lines. " r K"* • . c««.r<»l l- VII. :s:.--« r ilg c; I !>.*<= vcgcuMe h.»- $35250 Cuts Food Bills ! AMAZING NEW J948 PHILCO FREEZER ''"twcV:'"^''; 1 ',^''^;, 1 : 0 i>nv " Hubbard & Son, Furniture Blytheville Phone 4409

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