The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1947
Page 13
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OCTOBER 2, Youth Confesses Murder, Assault Chicago Officers Nab Lao 1 Who Admit*. Sjayinj Paster's Wife CHICAGO. Oct. 2. (tf*>—A 15- yejir-oM bay ftlled ir, U>.e detilU fer poUce't«day en heir'he stabbed t rrJ-isUrt t*tt to d*ath In ir. at- ter.pted jobbery asd us«d s ic-jf* to fare* another houseirtfe'to sub- Kit ta auual nurin to pollie lait nltht BLYTmVILLE (ARK.) Cubans Fear Mutiny by 900 Foiled 'Invaders' of Dominican Republic HAVANA. Oiibi. O:' ' SSf., ,r ur ' <ir * d "wumr revomtler.inft, who £i»«d to !n- vidf the Dern!»lc*ii Jlepublic on'i'v to be cspUrEd by the Cubin Navy ippeired near mutiny i n Cimp Co»' sa s -*»5- -^^r? t>»r Cabui Bupreiat Court hid ordered the risk-and-Jile .'reed crithin ?. matter of hourf Three hundred Cubit! =c!d!s-i Mth !u!l f[,!d «oulp.T.tnt juardtd fts jaunt, bearded men it Camp an Army rejt.-vitian oa the outikirtt, of Havana *here m!!- Itarj- prli«Rer£ are kjpt. Anr.o^ed ears. uiLh jnachlneeuni'cn the r, , - -. . "volutlonartet". xere •»i;tn B«t«tl\'£ Leo Crolty a»d ath- srouns ths enclosure er ejftctrs arrived at h!i home Ir. a I These T«'S t.^j -v.«n ..-hn —"-- efc«ck « lensn-n luvenlle I 'heir plot to -pbe'r-'-e" be up . .. pa--)ced in tr.e tree att4«!t£. • His ceaf«««J(5ft ended «n* o/ chj- oato't .meet iatanitve efjmuui hunts slB«« WUIUJR G. Helrsrj «'».«, a-- ttitM for tfc* mutiutjaiuiiayiju itjsper.iJir.goJ'rr.eVe f SUU.-.M tStgst.-.. They were ctptu.-6d off • tt»JMtte»a»*har. !{,••£. Gr«t r Ua.lday, broutht into taWU »-'a uiji, S2.year-S!d »'jie of - S 6V . breuEht he« by tr*Jn T!|Sy ajiv- Djy Adwr-Uat prt*efier, »•«. « ibuiinc tht OaXw trMpe -i'ho dMd beet* tur c»r la a «.-e ruardi.1* them v,d WWUt'-t " * Dr. A.-K! Mftralsj. J3, !orri»r vie* pr«*!dt-.t of the Uarue of Nati«ns and chiirmtn of thf. "<5«ntr»l Com- mitt*« of the Dominican *«vo!u- tiOS," Dr. LeoMfildo Cu*llo, Dr. Ju»n Juninei-Crullon, Juin RM- Garcit a,nd Garcii and Esish the 9W men uho arrived at cawp Columbij i»«t night. Carlos Warden, Guards FaceUeS.Charges 1 0. s. Scirlett « eftatat !ater4»d ta «8ly .fteut tj* h«r wKj her ! the bttvT- tpp«-«.«tiy kid • tended to hytaen out the rJnt but 4 ji»g!e j. ; '-If yeu did it. ta, sou J^ 1 . ^,, «J2J »nd SSV (reutie," Grotty se!d of Mn. BUJ»». the . -i Hartnunn's she* kisi to the aawaer. • "?tou look liut iiif the SU5>! 16 e». c» It »« ?&i«d it 6t-js c*!u~bii tfttt th»y SMfht siutiny !f they «re hsia jftush-ieseer. Thire aiio Tere a^sut Va 'other revs!'4t':««^ei a*, the- cisip, but they n-sre <Jia<- a-d -Jifits The h rV i iujri"- (Jsrad bsfers the ezwditier. put to i« «US thelj- -?.o6d presumibly was aot so UE!J. . The crtrajrjj breach ej the 9j- prsrse court list nirht ordered •>!! fink.wid-fUe jaasr.berj. of ths ibo'- th-« revolution freea. At the sic-.e tide, the. court sild tt hid sst»b- iiihed i cttt. ar.»i>ut Oubia Minls- t«r of teternMLtton Jos* AJanue! Alsi»in ir.d others for "cpmes the stability of the etite" . on !a».ve as tfcetne* " frors the ««•- ient. On Sepumlwr 30, Lh« Ou- Arny. iJui up 13 truelcloadi «' , including 300-peund bomhs en his ranch. !e«der£ the Bupr«jr.e Court estabiiihed . irrtter a-4 r>>. confess! " P rJ*ht-!aaj Jtafl-W . 5*rtjB*Bfl told httr ha hid te it-E. Suih.'s Jot iatvju-g to la I t rtickup," t ,i- told 1 e. I dldnt ICSOT it p u i astt <5h<a«o IM, bo»ti-* an the diy wti to be.eUaiiasd a* tt ,^ Abmaem V The live men Ch«pt«r U , of the yniw attt*. o rljhU, prhHetes "«' PoPUUfly know, «t i rlsht* ol civil ijbertlM Metiati. Antulli rlftt <n!*urr*d in ot the. b «tU hi. TVOHf. hi* BUn* e*Mh«e tad Death of Negroes In Georgia Brings Federal Indictment CHIROPRACTOR Thus. Ale-nan rc.sijr.ed !ait r..-c!>t Ramon Grau San Marti -i hli resignation bjit laune- y ."'-PP 0 " 1 '-^ him. « a min- without portfolio. Warden H. ther and guard* Guy Me- tiie hud bttn H. L. ; 4j , n TV, , rff! W ' L U * ler- i ttll < °'«erM lh» Tht mdlctmtnts were «i»;-t«d le, »nd the 9 th St . Dr. Torsttn Lindquist " "^ ' ' BhtJu*!!*, AA A«»uUt etnip «4W lt- tTHLNKHrt Hart's, Taystee, Wonder 2 l^ves WGIJ; WAfjp 8w«f CONDENSEB MILK PWEIPPU DOMWO PUlf CAJrT SUOM 25' c.,17- 10 3 Tall or 6 Small PET MILK MMSHMULOW* FANCT POL1SHBP 1LU« RICE IB UM. 99. ...-.» 27- Dime Brand • Condensed Milk 22c Try Our Boneless Rolled Roasts Fresh, lean and meaty ~ a M tfBEVA Ib. B«st Grade Pure PORK ROASTS - B«st Grade Pure GROUND BEEF - Good Grade CHUCK ROAST SLICED Dairy Fresh 73c COTTAGE CHEESE - ib 32c ALL _ ... CIGftRETTES BUSH'S MO. » CAJf GtBXK LIMA BEANS PURE WHITt LARO ,,,«. TJS3C8UN 4« OZ CAK GRAPEFRUIT JOKE 17i A9AMS SWSBTENEP U Of, CAM ORAHGEJUKE 27 WELCH'S TOMATO JHKE COFFEE SHOP COFFEE ARMOUR'S PORK & BEAMS DROMEDARY 4 OZ CjtJT PIMENTOES DU2 OR OXYDOL LAEGE SIZE HORYSOAP JACKSON'S NO. 2'A CAK KRAUT ; PSANCO ASC51OCAK SPAGHETTI HALVES IK HEATT I Lit. 1 Cu Sfc* 15' ir ir ir GREENBEAK If EASLT JCMS JTO. 1 CAN ............ EKQLISH PEAS WITTS CM AM STTLE NO. s bwr ROYAL GEM CORK , „ 25 u oj .................. SPRY KITCMEITOWEU I5 e IflflO SHUT BOLL TOtLHTISSK 4 l*y»« of tut to St. GTUM eop Sift tofttW Sour, baUni.eew.Ur, % t «n<i wit. Ml».to|*har? milk, M«« maA «Jiett«ilng. ' * «vw, •» R«jr mUtmri wlx Pour into ' p $»rinltU »-ith 'mlnum- H cup lugu- md W l»w but 10 m!n., or until firm to Much. Uft cut earefuljf; Mp«r at bu>. Dscr~'- « »*th iK.IW w»lnut .. or cold. Maiiat a Vou Witt Pet Milk, Flour, 10 !b b^q 85c; Calumet Baking ' Powder, can . 31c COFFEE.:. §j With Flavor pi ISovo^j fc.47c v -;.-yJ ™*^"'f n Budwetser Ossc Griesedieck U"s : Alpen Brcu . ,*: : ! Golderest 51 : f - " f'o *S Cose $2J* Idleweiss Van Wyck CGSC niS iw Liberty Cash Grocery as.

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