The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1947
Page 12
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(ARK.)' COURIER 'NEWS Jewish Refugees for Haifa • Ru»«, '•"Of. AdmiMion That ' Sfrtttli Control Shipi _. Oct. 9. . (U.U.) — two refugee shir* ap- j' Palestine with 3,596 I'JBdloed today that "we shall -r-M''" Haifa tonight," Indlcatinir •b-Mwndonmtnt of hope of nm- •*<'th« British blockade. ;Tb«j;ahl|ia reported they »-erc ttn&snita by British warships. W* the report of expecting to h-H«lfa tonight was some sort H apparently meant the lavy wax Ulclng the refu- t*ff to that port. .'The radio report wan io Ihe Ka*ani organisation of the Jewish widerground. Hagana set up Joud- Weaken along Allenby Street in Tel Ayiv to relay broadcasts from MM Y*Mels. 'The shins were arriving from the ••<£.•*•' On« of them wa« named »ed*mption. the other Jewish •Utc. ^Previou* report* hsri Indl- •fctcd they hoped to steal through •M blockade. and put the refugees •phoft'aomewhere along the North ••Mt of Paleatin*; ,In laU broadcasts, however a •»*ak«r, ming Englijh. said that •dertreyers are all around us. \Vf. •»••<• Paleitlne Jewry. We shall f~ch :Haifa tonight." Wh!l« P»l«tlne- WM keyed up «*»r tha Immigrant sltuntion. a *o«nb waa thrown Into., a Greek C*ri»$l«n grocery in Jerusalem. Officers aald it wu a warning by •w Arab underground, boycotters Interested in Arkansas Line-, HARRISON, Ark., Ocl) 2. (UJ>.) —Receivers of the Missouri and Arkansas Railroad today received Dire* propo-wls by the. cl'icfiRO, Rock Island . and Pacific to put the strikebound shorHlne ro'ad back into operation. J. D. Farrington. chief executive officer, wrote receiver tt'. s. Wriliicr from Chicago that: ' . . . 1. The Rock Island would purchase "certain specified" parts of tlie line; or 3. The. Rock Island would lease and. operate. Ihc line, the receivers to guarantee Rock Island against an> lost? .or,.'.. . .'•.'.., ',!£* ~*\-'S,l* 3. The Rock Island would operate (he line for tile account of the receivers as « ••fiei'rfrate- mll= road acting- in a • Kiincrvkory -capacity in rehabilitating" thf ' .road anri thereafter handling actual operation of the properly, Under (lie Hiirrt nrnpmaf, Rock Island- would be paid for its actual expenses. Farrlngton Mid Hie proposals were made from Hie' slandpfmil. of a "friendly relatloiis'h'ip and (.lie desire to keep in operation a line which contributes traffic to' the Rock Island, .." > Baby's Orange Juice'. Delays Holdup '•• ..NEW YORK of Jewish .Roods, against the , sale of such material. • , / who slro'de into a Central Park' Forrester/ Stryt Soviet's Charge Business Wants, War Is Utter Nonsense NEW YORK,'Ocl. 2. ,(UP>—floe- 1 , roTnry of Defeiisc James Forrcstal lerme'd-.a-s "irtter 'nonsense" (lie charge, recently made bv Soviet Deputy Foreign ,Minister Andrei Y. Vjshlnsky, that American "big business" wanted n third world war. Speakjii!! at n>l[nncr mec'tliig of the Ariny Ordnance Association last »W> l i, .Fori'ostal snid, 'lAmcrlcan business does 'not want, war and neither .docs American labor." Woman Wrangler Bosses Dude Ranch Cowhands LAS VEGAS, N'cv. I UP)-Rodeo queen Norine Scnifcgri.shriisecfl off •tllv soutljcrjv Nevada •flo»'pofr«r'to'take on n ••man-steed Job bossing the corrals at a resort hotel hero. " v 'Stie"rMsos a liardbitlen crcw'of cowhands, bi]t.. doesn't, trj; to slrtc.- -npni-lmrnl. aiid'held up tip: occupants"-looked perplexed whe.n. an H-months-old baby began to cry. "What's the matter with her?" one .of the bandits asked,'gesturing with his -pistol at the baby. "It's ((mo .for her or'nnse Juice.," 'her mother, Mrs. Markeeta Fitvic. exHlaiiicd^vXby'.t.^ct •«,, for licY?" "No,"'the bandit said. He -con- ; tcvred with his companion, then j went Into'lhe. kitchen and squeezed I », Klass of the Juice. FJe carefully I fed It to the baby.while Mrs. Fayle. -her-Jiusharul. .and. inotli«r-Jii»la.w •tyoked on. i Then.', the bandits took Je.wcli-.r, a'nd ,1125 in cash from the. Fayles, j Tocktxt them in a closet and left. You Can Eat Well' at Low Cost When You Shop at Kroger >r Serve This Dinner ;""•• to a family of 4 for I | 271^ apiece irOUR 4-OZl GLASSES CHILI/El) - : TOMATO JUICE 7 ^DRESSED , WHITING FISH : . 24 HQME FilED POTATOES L 8 GREEN BEANS 7 C ROLLS & MARGARINE 12 •FRUIT, SUGAR AND PASTRY FRESH APPLE PIE 35 SMTLIGHT COFFEE 6 \COBT FOR BACH.PERSON 'TOTAL COST FOR 4 27 Serve This Dinner to a family of 4'fijr 381^ apiece M6iLE S SOiJPr ^ AIBAT STUIiTKl)—Reef;'.Rice,. I'ciViicr * ' GREEN PEPPERS 54 SLICED BEETS N J 12i DICED CARROTS ^ 10 . . CCfTJAGE CHEESE s alil( ,23 ROILS & MARGARINE 12 STEWED PRUNES If SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 6 COST FOR EACH PERSON TOTAL COST FOR •( . . . All these items are as low or lower than in December, 1946, at Kroger fiHERRIFt No - 2 Can 97 C • ^''""• | c Whip—Wns l.-ic * y&'JS^L^ Sr Ll SALAD DRESSING S 35 PFJLDx ^"°' ^' //2 ^' an ^Q c Knipcr Slrawhcrvy—«' CVl , =;!lr 6REEN MAB"--S K RtfES '"-" 39? Standard Cut—Were 1<lc I^!D5CAA ClinV •? 11« «-«(ii TOMATOES 2 No 2 c ns W CRISGO; SPRY 3 £ 1' fl'TP 11 *'.*"-* * Now tO Wojrncr—Was 20c E»(r«-JSt«ndard—Were-Ittc • nni f ABii««r M v •> " **» »-8 COCKTAIL' s --• 25' APPLE SflUCE 2 -»""' 35 '' f u33 * ttTRUSIP 27' „,„, „. 32 Now PI. • Kre««r WESSON OIL S for 3i)c Now I-. 39 C CIGARETTES Was 35c Now Kg*. Pkjj. Cln. .No\v Now- IV « 32 C COD FILLETS vwriLLCio Were Lb ' 39c Swcc| WereSBc Now : HADDOCK '"• 10c 25 C IvPriet Rtataliw the Same . SELECT OYSTERS AM ^••irii fm Now Lb. 29° Sclcctc d "ashed, Waxed'Sweet I HiTtv W Ptyiiuls JVfuv M e New Ci-np I'rcsli ','. ; Vv CQCONIIT^ Wcrc i;ii-1 fk* CBBM* ' ' W V if U I W " ' NOW 1 11 mr same ?-— M«^«_ i ;""-'•„. , --.Were Lli. 25c -IP " ' Now T J). I v I. Green South Missco Grid Rivalry At High Pitch 'South Mississippi County's five football teams «[]] go Into ncllon "Rnln tills wci-k. thD majoj-iiy of HiciJ) aiialnst old ilvals hut. n'cou- ple of them ;v ii| t, c mcf , tl , 1( , n! , v IOCS. TpPl'I'iR Ui<. list of panics In tnnt end of thr county this wnrk will bo thf. Wilson nini ' nyr M clash . at DJT.S.S IOJIIOITOW afccr- noon, ' Coac.h Hoy .SIobiillKh's nullrlo»s of Wilson will be seeking thflr sr- cond victory ot thp new frn-on fl'PSll from Ihr-il- 14 to 1 vlr'lory over the Mixorn f';int.hors 'lust week. The KUKIM, nndei' tin- tu- loi-slil|) of Coaih Tom Pi.rk.s-. had to he satisfied with a 13-K( tie In heir oprnrr with the Kctscr Yellowjackrls last week. The .innln frntiirp of this contest Is the fact that ]),,|,, |,..., ms linve InstsilUvl irKular 11-man football this y,.,,,. and-will be moctiiiK each olhcr mi nlmut even Ijasts Tile BulldoBs nnd tlif- Baulcs have licm rivals for yraw and ivlir>n Iliese two teams clash. It ( s usually very Inlere.sthip io \v:ilt:h. A little further South thr> Ynll.nv- jnckel.v of icei«. r and Die Indians of fjhawnpe will ,srr.i|) It out tomorrow niqju in what may prove to> he a decisive n affair Tliis will •„. MIR first mcetliiK of these two teams in a number of years Inn.'itniifh ns flip Indians ,. c - talned H-man tootball diiriii-; ihr war years while the Yellowiackets ! were playlnt: six-man. This also ! will'be Ihc Kei.ser's first panic mi- ' <ler JlRhis In f|wlt<> .s-oiiic time. The o.wrula Reininolcs will journey to .Wcsl Memphis for a i;ame with thn West Mcmpllls-Hiilberl clan. This will be the two (earns first, iiipellnu and almost anv tiiini; c.mild happen. The Somlnolcs battled the Balrt Knob eleven io n 7-7 tic last week and are favored to take this week's scrap. And Coach Tyc Artnrns' I.u\ora PantlVfrs will (ravel Io Tinman for a game with old rivals. Trumann last year rniniied over llin Panthers by a laiRc score but Ihe Panthers an- oxrrccted to give thorn a ROCK) battle this year. This Bear Likes Fish But Has to Catch It MILWAUKEE (Up)— Keepers at !ho Washington Park zoo here recently were ima.'.m by a new Alaskan In-own bear cub which refused a fish tin-own into Its den. Fish Is Hie principal diet of the brown bear, and officials were at a loss to explain the cub's action. Soon afterward a tank or i-mi- nitiK water was put in the cage, and a fish was tossed in the water. The cub quickly ran to the edge nl the tank and honked the Jlsh with a paw. 7.00 authorities explained it was the boar's instinct for catching his own fish. Thereafter its meals wen- thrown into the water. Garage Solves Problem Of Blocked Driveway ST. LOUIS iUf'1 Another parking problem has appeared to harass St. l/iuis motorists. A brief wainim; painted on the door of a midtoujj Karfige tells of the problem confronting an automobile owner when he I lies to drive from the Rara;-e only to find a siraujjer's car at the curb blockin;; his pnlh.' The sic-n states simply, "n anyone blocks this driveway, the a'lr will bo let from his tires." • A neighbor added. "They do it too." Dog Gone But Not Long Because He Came Back -Mrs. William Wasncr decided "i Kivc their dos to the Wisconsi. Himiuno society several month'; ago. The doc subsequently found ,1 home with a south side family. miles from his original location.' Almost two months 10 the day a tier he. wn.s turned out by til" Wagners. he wandered "home' with a "yoii-can't - get-rid-of-me" look. THURSDAY, t OCTOBER 1 1947 Comparison Test Given German Helicopter WALLINGFORD, r a ,, .(UP) — A German helicopter is being tho- Voughly tested by Prewitl Aircralt Co. engineers hero to see iion- it compares with ours. The craft, a Flettncr 282, has In- ler-mcsblng contra-rotating motors each mounted so that its axis makes an angle of 24 degrees with the axis of the other. It has a climbing speed of .100 feet per minute, a hovering ceil- hiR of l.OCO feet and a maximum speed of 90 miles an hour. Choosy Kitton Cucumbers to Milk . wit. tup) —KU- 15 in n cat that prefen eueumbem to milk. Kitty'» owner, Delorli Brown, <wy, the cat learned to drirffc milk orUj lt«r being deprived of water, but till "will only drink a llttl* «ne« « while.'.' But the flrnt tlmt Kitty >a> f*d cucumber, »he went wild and now ats them all th« tinw. No itrlct Kitty MmMimRt «6n- <»me« beef and lean pork. Tht Mt ia dMeribM u an J«it "m«w*r," but KIM aay« <h< nev«r trouble, u, ev , her prey. Shfd r»th«r ha v . . _.*« cumber. .'; ste'|> any ot Ihe hard work. * Her daily routine Includes saddling -horses for the dudes, hitching tea-ins to old-time rigs for Kastcrner.s to ride about in, and Teaching local riders how to ropts calves. . Surprisingly enough, she stattc'S ricllns only two years 1150 and ad- ipitfi .that .she fell and was thrown "iji every -dfrection possible" before slie applied- lor the wrangling job. Unruly Zoo Denizens Sent to 'Alcatraz' MILWAUKEE <Ur>>—Officials al I IIP Washington Park zoo here have established a virtual Alcatraz Island. Il slatted when some resident geese objected to the presence of some flamingos and attacked the new ai rivals until they were separated and put on an island. Then a donkey Mined up a fuss by attacking a white peacock. H" loo, was banished to tile island witii the '^ccse. The third to be evicted was it peacock who renewed the geese 1 ,) attack on the flamingos. Officials said there's plenty of room on the island for any more offenders. BLADDER IRS15TATION TlumsiiiKls H:ivr Found Kclli-f in the N'atlirul fi'om famous Hoi Springs, Arkansas. A .jnirc, loothlng airt in relieving irritnlinn of thrsc delicate organs, helpful in stlmulnling kidney action and eliminating systemic wastes. Doctors have prescribed this pleasant water for over fifty years. Order a rase today. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Hitln and Dlrl»l»« Tax Collector Sotvagn Short-Snorter Dollar PHILADELPHIA (UP) ._ Thinp* like death tnd tuua art certain and ex-OI Jot Thuraton h haonr for tht latUr. "^ Ht lott hi» ihort-anorttr dollat Mil bearlnr th< »lffntturw of 4« , formtr air corp« buddlat who flcw : with him o»*r tht e4uator. .! -BUSINESS ITUNITY Small, interesting and profitable business for sale on Main Street. Fall business just starting. $27,50 for stock and fixtures if sold now. Terms. .Reason for selling, other interests. For particulars, write XLX '/• Courier News. .BRUCE CLEANS AND POLISHES IN ONE £ASY Scoping, scrubbing, rinsing, and Ihan woxmg Ihs kitchen floor is doing il Iho "hard way." Swilch to Broco Roor Cleaner and do Ihs complela job (,.««• In ono-lhird loss timo ond work, at proved in acluol h, s |,. Dirt, even h ao | mnrk«, wipe off rocdily. Wox ba»» pr<> - locVl and booutiflei . . . producei a !„,_ frout Hnish tfiot is nol ilippory. N 0 wonder 9 out of 10 uiert p, e f,, r the Ihrifly Bruce way over all otheri! SOAP AND WATER DANGEROUS ON WOOD FLOORS! Cnn rfluoiw „„<! „.„, OWO) , „„;,,,„ .v.n <rou., I),, woorf I, wo,,,. F ,,<M, b f ou t). ly. wood fl oor , wllh 8, ut ,_,„„,„,„, no wol«. look {or rh. ScoPth ptaU lob«H EAL'S PAINT STORE Main Phone •! KH) Prices Good at *^l Both Stores ^' -We Deliver- Mot ill Whole No. 2 1 /; Can Onlyl9c Van Camp's No. 2 Can 2 for 35c BulJiiirtl's Ev No. 2 Can 19c 15' 1 for 25 95 C 10 C SCHOOLDAY NO. 2 CAN ENGLISH PEAS WOODBURY •'.'"•' TOILET SOAP LARGE $1.00 SIZE (TAX INCLUDED) JERGEN'S LOTION FRESH NO. a CAN TOMATO JUICE NO. 200 KLEENEX TISSUES 17 OSCAR MAYER 14 OZ. CAN WtllibHS With B*r-B-Qut Sauct 50 4S OZ. CAN SWEETENED ORANGE JUICE 29 BALLARD'S BISCUITS 15 KRESH .••••.••:;. PULLET EGGS ^ 59 Liffle Super Market Air Bat* Air Bait City Super Market 109-111 W. Main r»hon« 2668 ENJOY AN EVENING OF At The IN ING Rustic Inn Now Under New Management Now under tht management «f J.',V8<*TWwwin:.Jr. and J«wd Bmith — N«w Owners — *K.C. STEAKS Tenderloin or T-ffone * BEEF or BAR-B-QUE PLATES AI», Dchciou, FRIED CHICKEN If vn,, .„ panning . 9tMA . fo^Qft ^^ faftfo party, c«ll on »« for ««rTi«» in « Home Made Pies our private dining room. Sparin enough to Mat a", your g««e<». Bring th« Fdmily to RUSTIC INN "Where People Meet and Eat"

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