The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1948
Page 2
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PA04 TWO Cover-Up Charge Hurled by Solon Says Scientist Protected ly Cabinet Member *T rrt4 Mullta J Pnx Steff C*fT«|KHMi«ll) WASHINGTON, Mar. S. (UP)H«p. J. Parnell Thomas, R., N. J Predicted today that forthcoming hearings on Dr. Edward U. Condon will expose other government official* who allegedly have been friendly with Communists. Thomas, the chairman of the House UnAmerlcan Activities com- .mlttee, accused the Commerce Department of trying lo cover up for Coodon, the famed atomic scientist *ho heads Its Bureau of Standards. He made the charge after Commerce secretary w. Averell Har- rlman refused his request for the "coruldentlal reports and documents" used by the department In clearing Condon of disloyalty charges. Thomas said the refusal wax "definite proof that there ls something they don't wont Congress and the people to see." "Secretary Harrlmsn hasn't got the'Courage to produce these records at this time." ho said "But he will produce them before we are through. "And I mlj-ht add that before the Condon hearings are over, there .will be other nunt* of rov- enumnt -officials whose records of Communist afflliitlon and ax- i HKlalion will be brourht to public attention." Thomas rejected Hanimim's statement thst release of the confidential documents on Condon would be "prejudicial to the public Interest." The commerce secretary said he had discussed the matter at an informal meeting with other cabinet members yesterday. Attorney G«nersl Tom Clati assured h!m, ' he said, that ., he was within his legal rights in withholding the Information from Congress at this time. Harrlman said he pinna to'put the Condon case before the President'] Loyalty Review Board. A board member Indicated that the 22-member court of last appeal in the federal government's loyally program was ready to consider the charges against Condon. Condon has been accused by a House UnAmerlcan Activities Subcommittee, headed by Thomas, of associating' with alleged Soviet spies. He has denied the charges and has been cleared by the Commerce Department's own loyalty board Ito ' Summon Karrlman While concurring with that board. • HarrlmarT said that because of the pubUp interest In Condon, he leves~'lt would be desirable to BLTTHirTLLB (ARK.) COURIER JO5W» Which Way Will"the Red Tide Flow Next? J'MH in mutual aid oocl. Nor.oyand USSt it* mikt of common border fit Ptriamoarto, USSR foot < Finlc*d after 1939 40 wo,. that works to Interest. On that Ixnil, Finland hat been onJts good btka»io/. Stalin's tr to Film "play ball" o Kuiso- Hnislipoct would force Sweden ro rKOr»idcr"»erdelli<K preparations. enond Denmark control entrance lo lolticSeo. tilth fear thai USSR would like lo guard that enhance. Danish nut Party grew from 2500 before Ike «arlo40,000f» 1947. know what "or ef« nnoru and th«y olio lu«w thol Citchoilo- wkio tried to "ploy • ' Russia s occupation rone fncfudM trie rich oil areas. With "joft"p«oce terms and through four-power negotiations, get control of Austrian economy. Formation or s veit by Britain and U.S., some fear Russia moy try fa make her lone a separate, satellite entity Jong-range 0.00! is coa|.and-lron-rich Ruhr Both nations forestalled Communist coups,su as victimized oThci countries, by excluding Communist* from the •nmc/il. But Iroly has tlie t Communist Party outside Russia. Added to thescare lell-wing Socialilteand some minor parties. Italy expects Rcd-fomentad trouble April elections near. France, too, more trouble—strikes and riots as Marshall Plan deadline nears Observers Greece an early spot in Rulsia's "action" program) Communist-led guerrillas, supported by nearby satellite , have declared a "people's republic." Nationalist Greek forces, aided by U. S. arms and money, o/e fighting them. Neither Mie Turks nor Joscl Stalin forget that control of Dardanelles has been Russia's dream since th« days of trie ancient ciars. Edition, Russia seeks Turkey's strategic Kors-Ardahan plotcou. War Goods Sales Probe Is Sought Banking Committee Head Asks Inquiry Involving Officer By Warren DnfYe* Wnll«l Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March s. (UP)— A prominent Republican Senator called yesterday for an Investigation of a Well Army of/lcer whom alleged 'IrreKUlariflfe" i n surpl8« property selling reportedly cost U, S. taxpayers millions of dollars. Chairman Charles W. Tobey, R, N. H., of Uie Senate Banking committee said he wants to find out why former Brig. Gen. Bernhard A. Johnson has not been court mar- tlaled for hLs conduct a* head of the Foreign Liquidation Commission In China In 1D46. Tobey's demand for a Congressional Inquiry was promptly seconded by Sen, John J. Sparkman of Alabama, a Democratic members of the Banking Committee. Sparkman said he favors bringing, Johnson back /ro;n Tokyo, where h« is seri'lng a.s a colonel, 'if it is necessary for a complete investigation." The charges against Johnson were died during committee hearings Tuesday on confirming President Truman's appointment of Thomas B. McCabe of Philadelphia to head the Federal Reserve Board. Tobcy cited findings of the Senate War Investigating Commiittee which criticized McCabe's management of trie Foreign liquidation Commission. The committee chairman also accused McCabe of repeatedly ignoring complaints about Johnson's performance. • Despite the criticism, McCabe's confirmation to the federal reserve post Is considered almost certain. Tolwy set next Wednesday for McCabe to reply to the charges. Mexican Suggests 'Land Canal To Supplement Panama Route believes e'case reviewed by tli ally review board of the Civil Scrv- have the'case reviewed by the loyalty review boarc Ice ComBalsslon. The files stibpenaed by the Thomas committee Included confidential reports received from other government agencies together with the names .of the Informants. If such files were release. Hnrrimftn said, It would be difficult If the future to obtain Information regarding employe*' loyalty. However, this explanation was scorned • by Thomas. The committee chairman, longtime critic ot Condon, said it was proof that the department was trying to hide aomethingr,. "Considering the vital position Dr. Condon holds In respect to our security," Thomas snld, "there should be nothing about his background or associations which should be kept confidential from the public." Thomas said he will summon Harrlman. Condon and Attorney Genera!' Clark before Ills committee at the public hearings. It Took Time MI8HAWAKA, Ind. (UP)—Melvln W. Mix, the citys second mayor lost a cap -while In office from 1002 to 1906. It was found when Mayoi E. Spencer Walton cleaned his city hall office after taking over the administration. Nearly two-thirds of all »lr mal! is made up of social correspondence. Read Courier^ Newa Want Ads. MEXICO CITY (UP)— A gray- Tehuantcjiec. He talked of the ilav when drydocks-on-wheels will whiz 25,000-ton vessels across southern Mexico from ocean to ocean in twelve hours. That day Is not far off, according to Modesto Holland, the civil engineer commissioned by Prosl- .clent Miguel Alemnn lo 'survey th<; possibilltiles ot the t240,COD,(X» scheme. Holland, who is due to submit the results of his year - long study to the president shortly, revealed some of the details in an exclusive Interview with tlie United Press. Holland Is no amalure at converting large-scale projects Into realities. He Is the man who introduced, reinforced - concrete construction to Mexico. He also !s responsible for some of this country's best buildings, ranging irom luxury hotels for tourist, one ot the continent's most lavish gain- tence). the Jalapa Stadium, port instalatkms and Mexico City's recently completed "Sports City." Dream Is Hlif But he readily admits the Tchuantciicc project dwarfs anything he has dreamed up In a lifetime of massive engineering. Roughly, the Idea runs like this: Ocean-going ships would pull into one of two ports to bo constructed on the Gulf of Mexico nt the mouth of the Coatz.icoalcos River and at the edge of Lagima Superior on the Pacific. They'then would be floated in Diesel-motored super-trams which would speed them over 150 miles of 20-ralliui tract to the other side of the continent. of the advances , of the Telmnlepec railroad over such competition a.s the Panama Canai, Holland grows loquacious. "As a matter of fact," he pro- rlaimcd, waving a hand to cmplia- isze the point, "iho Pimanm Canal Is. already inadequate. It, would be new vnr. And you must remember iliflicult to defend in the event of a that a railroad can be much more rapidly repaired after a bombuii attact than a cannl. •_!. ; "Telniantepec Is much closer , to United States production centers and markets than Panama. Its cll- I mate Is more favorable. Ships could be moved over a railroad such as I , have in mind five times as fast as in the Panama canal. Safely Important "Safety is another Important Tudor. In one part of the Panama Canal, ships frequently smash Into the cliff. There has been an average of 60 accident.'; a year since the cauul has been in use—some thing which lias not always been reported in the newspapers." Holland smTflarly dismisses the proposed Nicaragua,, Caiuil under consideration by Congress as"dlf- ficuit and expensive and build" and "slow to imvigate." But the biggest advantage of the Teluiantepec railroad, us lie sees it. Is its "low cost." While the Nicaraguan cut would require an investment of at least $3.1500,003.000. he cahiljvtes his project could ue completed for $240,COO,000. Under the plan to be presenter! by to Mexico's president i (lie United States would be granted no "zone" in Mexico as in Panama. Instead. Mexico would retain full | sovereignty over both tho railroad 1 anil the surrounding territory. with its use open to nil friendly Oh the Spot k^. . Lt.-Gen. G. H. A. MacMillan, commander of British forces in Palestine, has ^.twjcf escaped death at the bands of assassins. In the latest attempt, his automobile WHS demolished by a land-mine, but he was not in it Th« blast occurred on th€ Jaffa-Jerusalem road. An electrical robot ha* been ere- at«d to warn loading dock crane operators of loads that might cause the craln to tip over. BRAZIL, Ind. (UP)—Orval Stevens got hlmwlf Into jail without, any prodding by the police While patrolmen were hunting Stevens to arrest him on a drunken driving; charge, they heard K>unds of a wreck near the Jail. Police issfsted Stevens from his damaged cnr, which had bumped Into the jail, and led him Into a cell. R*ad Courier New? Want Ads. _FRTDAY, MARCH 8, 1949 There art «fl,000 professional *om«n hair dressers In England. WOMEN HERVOUS SSisSssSssSS Draughon's College of Mechanics Post Office Box 835, Memphis, Tenn. *' v<n y?U ,' SP * cialized training on motors, motor wo dutch T if Ut °, electricil - v - *»*y »"* '«*« repair ' transmissioB a "d deferential A complele training approved for VKTERANS. Call or write for free information. Employes Get $14,363 in Back Salaries LITTLE ROCK, March 5—A total of 62 employers In Arkansas I agreed to pay back wages in the amount of SH.363 to 321 employees as a result, of inspections made un- ] der the Federal wage and hour laws during (l,e last six months of 1941 .according to John R. Cartwright'' who "represents the Wage'and Hour! and Public' Contracts Divisions V • S. Department, of Labor, in 'this! state." " " " • The payments were restitutlon'for failure to comply with Hie minimum i wage and overtime provisions of 1 Ihe Pair Labor Standards Act,' which apply to employees engaged' In interstate commerce or iu the production of goods for interstate commerce, and the Walsh-Henley (public contracts) Act, which apply ; (o Government contracts for more ' than $10,000. Most violations disclosed were tlie result-of improper computation of overtime pay, which the wage and hour law requires to b« paid to all but specifically exempt employees nt tlie rate of at leasf time and a ' half for nil hours over 40 In any workweek. However, thiTgovcrnmen; official said, some violations involved failure to pay at least the j minimum wnge of 40 cents an hour as required by the law. i family's passage from Belgium to the United States. Rcicher, a war relugee now in this country, has colectcd thousand. 1 ; of coin.s. They range from a Julius Ccascr "denarius" to a Roosevelt dime. Many were given to him as a boy by couslomcrs in his father's resturant in Antwerp. Rcicher says his family settled !n Belgiuih alter fleeing Russia during the pogrom o f 1<!05. After Tsarist guards, the Reichers went to Bienna and then lo Brussels. Twice again they were forced to leave their home. During the German invasion of Belgium in WorUI War 1. they fled to Holland. In 1940 they escaped to England. With the proceeds from the sale of his collection, Rcicher plans to bring to this country his sister Hitida, her two daughters, a niece and a son, all living in Antwerp IS EPILEPSY INHERITED? WHAT CAUSES IT? on It,,', rM.c.ilin B Iuh i. War Victim's Coins Key fo Happiness NEW YORK (UP)—Abraham Reicher hopes that the coins he has gathered during years of wandering through Europe will pay his per cent of the stock on the opc;i . ninrket, retaining 51 per cent. — Stays Fresh Longer! Dept. C-123 Try Dixieland for Party Luncheons And Business Treats "IT PAYS TO EAT AT DIXIELAND!" Wholesome, delicious food just like you get at home, that's what you'll find at Dixieland Cafe. Our treats are full of that homey goodness just likt Mom's. Maybe that'g why Mom approves of Dixieland as the family plac« to "eat out"! DIXIELAND CAFE North Highway 61 at Holland, Mo. Phone Steel* T7F22 BRIGHT! COLORFUL! PRACTICAL! THAT'S UR SPRING SPECIAL Complete 9«Piece Living Room Ensemble Just look at this marvelous outfit and you'll realize that only with hours of shopping could you get such a beautiful living room together • . . and even then, at « cost tar exceeding our moderate prlcel We include: ALL FOR: $147.35 * Lovely Velour Sofa Bed * Matching Chair * Sturdy End Table * Smoker & Trays *•Cocktail Table * Lamp Table * Table Lamp *2 Parisian Pictures SEE OUR FINE SELECTION OF PICTURES Alvin Hardy Furniture 113 EAST MAIN STREET 'The Store of Better Buys' PHONE 2302

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