Daily News from New York, New York on October 7, 1953 · 17
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Daily News from New York, New York · 17

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1953
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TUG GUMPS BETTER... LIKE OLD TIMES. 7 w7:, aaV ISN'T IT. JANET iX UNDERSTANDING. u r- I J W1. MM - Ojieaaaa. CA la IP YDU FELT THE WAV MXI SAV MXI DID BER3QE GOIN0 TO WAR, WHT WIMfc "YOU SO INDIFPECENT APTER yOU RETURNED? X-ER..SOCT Or FELT J WAS WASMEO UP AS PAR AS YDU WERE CONCERNED. -7 VOUR LETTERS. ..TWEV WERE SO COOL... AND SO PEW... APT ER A WWILE THEV STOPPED AL.T05ETWER. X Pi&UCED TMERE MUST BE SOME OTWER MAN. way 'Little Fugitive' Brings Prodigy To the Screen By DOROTHY MASTERS In addition to being infinitely Knowledgeable about the inner and outer mechanic of small boys on the loose, "Little Fugitive" has a Ken i us for sharing this affinity. The adventure of younjr joey, mho seeks refuge at Coney Island for 24 hours, are engrossinKly recorded with an appealing blend of comedy and pathos. Throujrh some sort of mafic, which is the secret of success in this production, the 7-year-old is rendered oblivious of or indifferent to the camera which invades his privacy. No Glory, No Stars. The film, much too simple a project for Hollywood, is an amateur venture with no story and no stars, although young Richie Andrusro, a red-haired, freckle-face kid from Brooklyn, is certain to become famous forthwith. Production is by Morris EnpeL photographer, and Ray Ashley, a writer who collaborated with Jtuth Orkin (Mrs. Entrel) on script fRaS!3B ji i L i 'Mainly About1 Theatre: Europe Outbids U. 5. for Singers l By JOHN CHAPMAN When .Rudolph IJinjr gts around to lifting the comriany roller acd the repertoire of the Metronlitan OjK-ra, we're sure that the Biir Season is unn us. A few mere r.laya like Tea and Sympathy," plu the imminent peninjr of the Philharmonic-Symphony series, and we'll ljrin to look lik Bmjr's announcement lits the Kirhie A ad raw ia Littie Fegi live." "Little FaKitite, a JoM-ph Burst yn rt-h-ase, directed and written by Ray Ashley, Morris Knfrel and Ruth Orkin. Produced by Morris IZnfrel and Ray Ashley. Presented at the Normandie Theatre. Running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes. Jorv lfllil. 1 r MHhV-- -t,ur Hut. Mia. fltuirailir Hrr t.liarll THE CAT ..toismilt.,! fl udiibf J-r Wtllmm. ffi.rlt. and direction. Miss Orkia also makes a career of lensina. The trio did riirht well as neophytes in the movie industty. Their picture comes to Normandie Theatre with the Silver Ltn Award from this it outclassed all Hollywood entries, j Photoirraphy is an impressive i contribution to the document: the cameras tell so much so eloquently that there is little need for dialogue. There is al.o excellent mood music and a tricky background featuring the harmonica. Kddy Manson has composed for Joey's various antics with skill and fascinating ag-iUty. Youthfel Prank. Joey's runaway to Coney fs prompted by a youthful prank which convince him that he has killed his elder brother. His frijrht is largely overshadowed by the wonders he finds in Steeplechase lark t he carou-I. distortion mir. rors, the pitching booths, the batter-up rages and the live pony rides. Along with Joey, Normandie audiences will get a riotously Tunny and candid view of human' ity disporting itself on the beaches. who will sing for the Met and by implication those who wonx. Mot publicity-m-ie of those who wont is Helen Trauhel. mho prefers being a Red Hot Mamma in the night clubs. But other losses point up something interesting that Europe, and particularly Italy, is offering opera stars more money than the Met can afford. This is indeed a switch from the golden years when foreign singers would have been glad to swim the Atlantic if Gait! so much as waggled a finger. Two of thoxe who have left the Met because they can make nioie abroad or at least live tietter "i what they make are Mario drl EDOwVntOwVn 'Murder on Monday' By KATE CAMERON H "Murder on Monday" Is an Interesting mystery film. The device used to create suspense-amnesia is an old one, but aa the story' unfolds on the screen, the interest of the audience is captured by Daid Preston's predicament, and held throughout, while he, a Londoner whose life is regulated by habit, tires to recall the events of a lost day. ' The picture was made for London-Films in England by Maurice Cowan and was directed by Ralph Richardson with himself in the leading role. It is being released at the Plata Theatre by Arthur Mayer and Edward Kingsley and is based on a successful play by R. C Sheriff. Fiada Wife ia Tears. When Preston walks into his suburban bom at precisely 7 o'clock on a Tuesday evening, be finds his wife in tears. When Janet explains to David that he hadn't been home the night before, be insists that be was, but she shows him proof that the day ia Tuesday, Dot Monday, as be believes. He is flabbergasted, and Janet ia deeply worried. Janet calls a doctor who tells David to stay away from the office for a few days rest. The next morning, the neighborhood is aroused over the finding of a local man s body in a nearby pond and it is whiicpered about that David was the last person to have seen him alive. Both David and Janet are questioned by the police and the former worries so much over his loss of memory that he begins to believe that he might have killed the stew ard of a local club, a man he was known to have disliked. The doctor works on David in-an effort to bring back the lost hours of his life and so clear up the case. He also tries to convince the police that it is not in David a character to commit murder. Fiae Perforata aces. Richardson plays the bewildered hank clerk with conviction and be has obtained fine performances from Margaret Lcightoa aa Janet, Jack Hawkins ia the role of the doctor, Campbell Singer as the police inspector, Michael Shepley as a curious neighbor, Mjiriel Forbes in the role of a surprise witness and Frederick Piper as Davids solicitor. THE CAST Dsti4 TWina leu artia JaM ri Mini HiiiiiiI LnehtMi tw r ' NntiM lwn w Hrmuma r, hi n .. Swr -m mT--tr-M-l Wlr Mil Vnw ai.iM Wmwn -- - ti ' - A MIRIAM KRESS YN is featured opposite Edmund Zayenda and Irving Jacobson in "Second Marriage." Yiddish-American play-wiih-cnufttc. opening the nes seaon at the Second Ave. Theatre, Saturday night. Monaco and Giutefpe di Stcfano. Monaco is taking "a year's leave tif atwefwe." IN Stefano may r may not return. I've lues told, incidentally, that Ring encountered minora c i-ietan cm his reretit European bopping tour for sing-' ers, even though he did bar a few. S-aking of Red Hot Mamas, didn't sonw'bctdy pump the gun by staging Suphie Tucker's 6th anniversary in show business last week? According to her official biography in "Who's Who in the Theatie." the great Sophie made her singing d-but in her father's cafe in llsrtfotd in IV05. That would make this her 4tsj anniversary, not her SOi h. Sadden opiatcta: OMaplaials that early -afleraooa and evening TV Jia are bod for the kiddies strike me as imhimm. All a little bellMMi can eel from them is a rae of athlete's fead. I was up to my ears in Kerrs at the "Tra and Sympathy" op njrtg. ihat with Waller F. Kerr, Jean Kerr, D borah Kerr and John Kerr, son of Ge.ff rey Kerr. S. in the confusion, early editions of my notice called that moi-t ex- llent young actor. John. Robert Kerr pruliably because the author's' name was Robert Anderson. If you don't follow me. not her do 1, and psychoanalysis is indicated. However, I have trained myself to pronounce the name of the delicious Deborah correeUy by ratling her A Sweet Kerr Named I eire. taterestiag news that Paal . nL loag abkcat froes the Mage, has been bagged to play the lead In K. C SherritTs roasedy-asetatdrama. "Ilosse at Sevea." whir h Sir Ralph RirhardMMi stlayed ia Laadaa two years ago. The aewa tless say a that Ike producers are rastfag about for a atere 9tHimt thle. WeU, what's the matter with "M order mm Monday." Ike title of tbe Ralph ftarh- ardmia SMnie which tM-aed veMer-day at the llara? It's tSe uar Ps J- IVieig an tuIv1 I liner sit-I eoncur tb ihr aul hoi's note ia tiro, re Jean jitliat.V i look, "7 he IhtaUe in the FiftK (Alfred A. iHff. fTt. Says Gewrge. "And if . . , w may complain that the firvdingii are lawxl m a to inMiit'titJy m rrial v- , let theni recall the late Edpar W. soa Nye's retmt to a similar protest: There are jus" two tieople etilillid to lefer to tht'tnotlves mm we ; one is a iM paer editr and the tlier is ihe fellow with a tanewoi in.' The Little Hut" Opening Tonight The LitUe Jlut." a riedy y Andre Iioui-m adapted from lf Frenrh by Nancy Milford. .(enc at 9 tonight at the Ceionet Tiieatre. The import, which bad long i-uns in tendon and Prik, ian. i:.lj,nl Culver. Anne emon atid thn (rftrdon. Ihe f lay i prodtved I y John C. Wils and II. M. T ntient and is under direct km of Peter Brook. I7Y(ia... FI1GT GIGCJOC DI Choice of Shrimp W lobttof a la Hodquortrt or ten onSer. appetizers or soups. Then your Filet Mianon . .af&ic9llMMlkof Teoderloio Sseok SHOP FOR RCSTAUIIAIT VALUE AS SMARTLY AS YOU SHOP FOR CVERYTNIHO ELSE YOU OUT TNESE EIFERSIVE DAYS ... WE OEFY YOU TO MATCH THIS OIRRER ARTWHERE IR TOWR AT THE FRICE1 THE HEADOUAtTfjtS COMSlETE OlO-FASHlONED Chorcool-8roled ond served with Mushrooms. Vegetoble, Potatoes, Cheft Solod. Choice of CHERRY JUBILEE, our famous CHEESE CAKE or other tomptma, oessartt; coffee, too or sa4k. ICS WeOflM ST. lot. Ota) A Tit) Noaw Km auzn satvRsaomr eiau assatas raas) szaa tx araf aa aau fsoa etas ctesco avaaav Cacittl Laan S-47V9 Oty.a CKXfLt. ITwtILK 3 A ' . f A V ... Af IE ULKKO S s t m at 1 ci .M . mt u:;m. l.t .H - ... 2 SHOW'S I VI RY wltv f SWl IttS t I ISI I4H Ml Mill Vf UYS & DC) I I S isr aw. c. -.771 ctes ae(ctrii- i inr ww.i.i.. ItniHIIIIIMII a M w L mMH MIT iVl n AND JUI II T . m.ril v if I 111 ua. a ih. iw im in in - - A M Ma. , i aa. im. i.-i w. as4Sic. at m 00 m MY j an r; 1 l s a ai j w & WAl.Tf-R bl l AK l ana r Ait hi IliDIV ITHI I'-MIXX. -i. 1 1. "9 Amw ,. 1 r fflK saesco -. w. . m m. a 1 SUNDAY ET. IERFS.. 8:30 UKIQ IT "tJRITTON OOUTH PACIFIC IWiHlllna m III - l 4 . w4 mm 'iiwiam cm mm .m.t m. I . f M Tm l-H 1 . M. . mmm -c e ihmiiiu ins 'tmn. S If hatm mwm D .L'f 11 fc llf t t u i,w IMF FIFTH SEASON f WWT IMS. Wf. W. mt tn-tf -! I. tmt W.SM . t f. I Wm W IIm Yul Brynncr " r j ij . mrioofrn at lunmrrum IMF KING AND I taw. aifa eaowrsi v iil tw. im. m. 4 m 1 44. j m. 1 44. a. (a4M.M.;ia m. t ia in m HtW T. J4MIX 4 M. fS.aS a aa. TOM tUHL THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH rsiraa voa. as at. w a mm a. s-amrl mt m-mm. MM.Sa.l r mt :m ml M-ffMf m mmm Si 4 q M t Beat Musical of The Season ", WISH YOU WERE HERE V V a mtmmt t nmlw lOevSISL ttmm W. mt St. aaOl Wmt. SaL BEST UUyCALl9f$ sam s cvrrsrw sava aw aa ROSALIND RUSSELL" WoNDFRFUI. TOVK area aaaec a va a a ss at ci -a aafB4,as e:aa. MMsisai. asr t-j XT. 3 o 70 I

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