The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 5, 1948
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 291 Blylhevllle Courier Blylhevllle Dally Ne*» ffiVILLE COURIER NE . UIB °0-V'NANT NEWSPAFKK OK NORTHKAS'l ARKANSAS A(en unm-u^e, ...,.,.., Mississippi Valley Lender Blythevills Herald ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ERP ists Near Agreement ... ir L r\ T t-»» Skipper of Towboat Sacrifices His Life Heloina Tniman'c Ri Jn»t On Economy Plan Others to Sumye Mississippi River Dieter [""^ * M< & Bv John I. Steel* GREKNVlI.,I.iE. Miss.. Man-h .1 Mini n...,t «r..n_.. .. , ' I III \ «ll I 1 Q <ffl By John I, Steel* United Vrcm Stall Correspondent „ WASHINGTON, Marcli 5. (U.)'.)—Senate Republican revisionists" neared agreement today mi an attempt to cut about §1.300,000,000 from the $5,300,000,000 proposed for the European recovery program. Tlie $5,300,000,000 figure, which carries the administration blessing was contained in the pending ERP bill approved uiiammpiisly by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee H would cover the first year of ERP operations The Senate resumed debate on*— U___^ the bill with sen. George w. Mulone, R., Nev., ready to continue the attack which he begun yesterday. He called ERP a "fantastic scheme" and proposed thai, the United States extend the Mi" 'octrine to all areas of the ». -^uied vital to national This country should be prepared to fight, he said, to protect those areas. Malone said he wanted to show that the United States without ERP could "iced hungry people, stop Communism and make (reconstruction) loans on a business basis." . The GOP revisionist, bloc was said to /eel thai any move to cut the total below $ would race certain defeat. However, they were not optimistic about their chances of cutting the amount even to thai figure. They were even more pessimistic about the outlook for their other restrictive amendments. Senate President Arthur H. Van- dcnbei-g, R., Mich., who has been goading the Senate to step up de- bato on the ERP bill, hoped for action today on some of the pending jMpicndments. He wants to bring the f^ill to a final vote late next week. While the Senate debated ERP, the State Department handed Congress a supplementary report 10 justify its request for an additional $275,000,000 in military aid for Greece and Turkey. The report said that improvements in the Greek military establishment, should be shown in more .successful operations against guerrilla forces during the Spring and Summer. Truman Returns To Face Issues Mes* of Political Troubles Await Chief Executive City Attorney Asks Re- By I.yle C. Wilson United Press Staff Corresponaenl WASHINGTON, March 5. (U.P.I —President Truman today returned from H vacation to a mass of po litical trouble. The President arrived from Florida snd is due lo begin getting the bad when he meets with his cabinet later today. Palestine is high on the Irouble list. New York Democratic leaders have bolted Mr. Truman's Palestine policy. They have put on tlie pressure for change to appease angry voters. Stale Chairman Paul Pitzpatrick announced this week that Mr. Truman had approved In principle a New York State Democratic Committee pledge that our arms embargo against Palestine would be lifted. That is one of the issue which Is hurting Democrats and helping Henry A. Wallace's third Party In big Jewish centers of th United,stales. But Mr. Truman's cabinet advis ers probably will &. compelled t rt that lifting the embargo l not still the clamor of protest l«n V J.Ji r0 - r ~.- a " d . other b 'B Jcwisl" 3rd Word Ard.rm.* Also is Candidate To Succeed Himself j Civil "rights %nd the Sv^favrB re- belhon make an eren toucher problem for the Presideiit". within II week or his return to Washlngto there was aggressive and signiflct _B1,VTHKV11,LK. ARKANSAS. KKIDAV, JIAKQH 5, l'J,|R TWKIA'K PACKS .^^ • — — ""':•; MNULE COPIES FIVE CENTS Towboat^Sinks With Loss oflSLives iw., Mwi-h ft. 'U.r.)-OH|)f. Walter llnss. fears flowing down his Umt the Natche, skipper ".stuck with his ship lo the Him said. "He weul "It looked like he. wanted lo uphold the tradition of the soa« " down with his ship." ' Hass trying to recall all (hat had happened in the heard (,,o Jimm ie his crew members to jump overboard. than to * minute xiiirl lie Hit! lasl— Hass, from his hospital bed 'I want to lalk much. "I know that I was Ihe lasl one lo see Ihosvlnski alive." Hass said weakly. "Say good things about him. The men loved him and he showed the kind of guy he wus." Hass Is suffering from an Injured leg. shock »nd exposure. Despite severe pain in his leij Hais bucked llic currents and swam to safely. Smashes Into Bridge Pier Hass tl that he was olf duty. and was gating ready to retire when the sudden Jerk of the Natchez got him off-balance. Hass, a veteran rlveroout pilot .said that a strong current was run- niiiK. (or the Big Muddy Is carrying otf extra tons of water from Ihe heavy rains nnd snows of the North ami MiclSouth. Hass said that the Natchez dropped off three barges a short rtis- lance below the bridge and started North with the others—a routine ranted by river conditions. "Jnsl a.s we reached the brldRe," Him said "we were caught in .,\ sudden eddy. This cross-current made the pllol lose control. Almost before we knew It the Natchez was smashed broadside against a bridge pier." Jlass said (lie Jan inn force ripped a chunk of concrete from the span's underpinning, snapped the tow lines ami senl Ihe Ihree baiw; spinning diz/.lly. "The crash crime with such suddenness lhal no one had a chunce to bruce for 11," Hiiss said. "Some men were hurled over the side oy the .Impact, others Jumped In. Those below decks hnd almost :u> chance as she sank almost Insliint- ly—yes, within M seconds I'd sny." Hass said he probably hurt his leg trying to get to tlie mil. "The men In Hie water were .splashing mound." Hass snid. "Sonu j . ... . , , 'I !1 "imulu, {1!\3.~> .MIIU. Online doubling back' maneuver war- of them had a chance to grab life preservers. Some of (hem snatched Rt driftwood." Uncut Workrri l'r«l«it The iilum was dnrk ami cold HHS.S continued, but the skipper ami crew of I lie Sohfo-Lalonln Immediately sncil (n the rescue. Hass said that Die nviciie l»il moved rlglit Into action coming up nlnncslrtc us us fust us they could, ihey seemed to be fishing men out o( tlie water all over the place. "I stiirlcd lo swim for I lie shore. It was lough going In that current, and i wns cohl." Huss wns luiuliMl iitxmrd the. Iji- lonin with the others and mud,, a to safety. Hass was rich In his praise ol the rescuers. "II it hadn't been for thoir quick work most of us wouldn't uc here." Of Cnulaln liiowlnski Hass said: "I'll always remember him struid- hig there shoiilins to the men lo cct overboard." Jewish Leaders Insist on UN Plan Cleveland Rabbi Tells Security Council of Planj to Use Force B.v Robert Manning (United I'rfss Staff Correspundenl) Lake Success. N. Y.. Mar. 5. (UP1 Ki^'^JiS^ ii?» SKcu^— WASHINGTON, March 5. (UP) The House Appropriations committee loilny pruned HO.ns) 319 from funds iwinc.slrd by lYirslrti'tu Triinmii tor lliu labor ili-purlnienv and five oilier ffilwal ui;nti:li<s:. In so tloliiK, II proimsfd i u p>it out of business on July | uiu i/ibo,. DepurtiiienlV.- INIIVIIII of vi'U>i-iiii- rvemployinciU riuhi.s, nn n K mt-y wt ii]> to help n>liinilii|| scrvlmnrii net llii'lr old Jobs back: This service Is no longer neivs- snry, the committee .said In ivrns- mif lo Include a reiiiif.sted $5M),t)ix) for the bureau In Ihe Labor purtnicnl-Federiil Smutty nppro- prlntlon bill fur the 10-19 fiscal ycnr. The approiirliillons bill nirrlcd u total ol $903,4(16,250 Im the Labor Department. Ihc FVdcrul Srairliv Agency, Ihc Nallonal Ijibor Hel.i- tlons Board, the Niillniuil Mi'dln- lion Hoard, Railroad Retirement Hoard, nud Pedetiil Mi'dliillun and Conciliation Service. In addition Four members of » Board of Directors were elected last night at the UlC nlcflsl "'<> Provided contract mind monthly meethiB of the Rlvi)ii-viu» n.-i...i. «.,•_„ .. . i thovlty ol *112,44S,750 lor hosnltnl Blytheville Airmen Elect Directors, Plan Mass Flights to Other Cities Eddy Hurls Cut $30 r 119,379 Natchez Against Pier At Greenville Houi* Committee Slashes Funds for Six Federal -Agencies By .Sumloi- s, Kit-In llnHwl ITrs. surf C'om-sp,,,,,!,.,,! WASHINGTON, M»rch & Ull') — The GOP iMMlrulleil ll,,u^ A m n- o - prlutlmii CmnniKtrii loihiy tnwtl all antl-fafe ill»rrjjnhi:itliin ctuusf Inmi Hi, Labor l>r|>*rlmrnl-l-Y<|. iriil Srnirlly A|>|iro|>rlatl<m Ijlu cil today the Jews would set up their independent state in the Holy by force if the UN tries to „*..,. L. t i,Li:u uu-> L IHKtll RV UlC second monthly meeting p f the Blylhcvllle Private Pliers Association In the Fly-inn airport, restaurant and tentative plan:, were made for the group's first mass flight. +Elected directors of the newly organized pilots club are L. S Harl- zog. Russell Hays. Percy A. Wright | and Watle O. Reeves. W. 1. Osbornc Jr. was elected chairman of lh» board at u meeting last month Plan Flight to Martin, Tenn. Initial plans were made for a -venklnst flight later Ihts monlli lo Gill Dove Airport al Martin, fenii. it was announced that the Arkansas Private Fliers Association ,.„, -..— — his Palestine policy. Land hat those voters want Is aifirmn- chan. «ve un,ted States action to make tltlori "plan r,, u , ,,i ,, , V J ""'" ' ""'"- «abj Abb, Hillel silver o, c.eve- KvlS «und ". oT'l'l'ie' fotfow- move lo fulfill It alone if the >n against his nomination for President in Tennessee, Mississippi, nongre'ss r ° Arkansas and in In the sajne period Virginia Dcni- '""'- leaders backed down some- ocratic but did not abandon their | Percy A. Wright loday filed a per tiiion placing his name on the ballot for re-election as city attorney in the Municipal election April 6. Rupert Cralton, alderman from the Third Ward, said today lie also had filled'his petition lor re-election. This leaves only one office not yet filed for by at least one candidate, that of municipal judge. The Courier News was told earlier that the deadline for filing i inMonians ar. for the April general election was i fascination -u^ Ihi. M am aze. Saturday but this was found to be : Crumn snc.'il ia<t ^"1 wratf ^correct today. <llc ^^".t''^!''^^''^ he UN "Is unable to carry out Its own decisions... " 1 nf! Silver delivered to the council n Plan lo withhold theTu\7e% elec" rt 1 ™ tD < r ° m Mr- Truman if n e I sticks by his civil rights program Bo^Vw ° f Temies *> Democratic I BOSS E. H. Crump's Monday coin- rSied",!^- — n . ian has just Election laws state that then- must be 15 full days between the filing deadline and the day of the election. This places the deadline lh« year at midnight Sunday, Mar. Nurses' Training Plan Enlarged After Start Here and returned would vote for .nVLcm^nhh year except Mr. Truman ," In . his scheming, cold blooded effort lo outdo Henry Wallace and of he has en South to a K. G. Lewis, adult training direc- | M « . , at Blytheville High Uic Negro vote, deavored lo reduce tt country of ciawlii Crump said. :^He has offered every insult. &he°S e «~£5 The South has had enough of Eleanor Roosevelt. Attorney In Little Hock" t'oday-issisUnT 1 the :' and'pauS^Mrf °^ n E ', Ha " TO « il " iraacs and Industries Division of : around with i, R ° oscvcl1 frogging nc state Departmen't of Educa-I n»i"" d ^"l 1 her Communist nation in setting up a statewide program of in-service training for nurses. The slate agency has emploved » "urse-trnining s[«cialist to work with school systems throughout the state and iir- will assist her for three days in organization of subject material and course planning. • Mr. Lewis said yesterday lhat, Superintendent of Schools vv B Nicholson was asked by the ' department lo send him to L Hock on the basis of experience here in achieving co-operation between school and hospital In the nurse training program. been -r^, Am , mca "«s practically has c^l ? * mmtor - Th<¥ time South * showdown in the First Repo^tTMade In Red Cross Roll Call plea for strong and speedy approva, of the partition program In the face of Arab resistance and a growing movement In the UN to try altering tiic Holy Lnnd plan. Silver attacked tte United Stales proposal for the Big Five lo consult on the growing trouble in Palestine, saying that it would "be seized upon by the opponents of the United Nations decision ns another opportunity to reopen tlie whole question. . ." Talk at this late hour of Arab- Jewish conciliation or a new Palestine settlement, the Cleveland rabbi said, offers "neither hope nor promise " "That road." be,.warned, "leads to a quagmire of Indecision and inaction. There l s but a brief time left, and time is fast running out to chaos and anarchy." Silver reminded the council that Great Britain had re-cmphasizcd Its termination to lay down the Holy Land mandate May 13. turn- Ing over to UN all responsibility for the strife torn territory. "We fell under obligation to make our position unmistakably clear," Silver said. "As far as the Jewish people are concerned, it has accepted the decision of the United Nations." i depending on date of the Rock group's trip. Gale Hanson of Little Hock, non- .scheduled nlr carrier inspector for the Civil Aeronautics Administra- tlon, was present nnd lold association members that Ihcy represented approximately W!0.0,"X) In air- cra(t ownership nnd salaries bastd on Hie number of plnnes at the Municipal Airport and avcrngc annual income . Mr. Hanson said that few other Arkansas cities of similar sl7« were represented In aviation to that extent. The Association voted lo mnke Mr. Hanson an honorary innibcr Afflll»tr With N»tlon»l Group Tho a.ssoclatlon voted to show CAA aviation films, available through Mr. Hanson at alternate meetings. The group also voted In become affiliated with the Aircraft Owners * : >>Sj^>' : iSm.^~" " Work" on'T^f piirtfid '£._„„„_ erection of highway signs showing directions to Ihe airport and nn air-marker sign showing the city'i lliune visible from the air— n'cre discussed. Seven new members were pre.fpji!, al the meeting. Jews Assemble [McGrath Faces War Materials Tough Issue For Big Battle In Party Row .cS^^sS^^^ ^ sHi ^r Marc " s - iw> —Democratic Chairman J. Howard been Vermonters Get Royal Welcome in Clarksyille To Establish Farm Home CLARKSVILLE. Ar |c.. Mar ._ (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. Arthur La mear. their 11 goats, two horses and one dog were ready to begin life anew in Arkansas today alter » tedious exodus or 40 days from their Bethel. Vt. home. The Lnmears arrived In Clarks- •lle. In the Ozark Mountains, last •Ridnight with police escort car sirens screaming and red lights I blinking:. They were met a few "I"" ,'rom town by 15 carloads of Clarksvllle citizens who welcomed them to their new home More than 1,500 persons gathered around the Court House steps' toda* 1 - 1 ™ Chaptcr headquar- mirii^K a I )ar tial report of S188.35 i.toe by a four-man soliritatinii fe"-S!S, to lhe *« « Thm E Au 1 '", is com Posed of Jack current Red Cross drive in "Hie is aimed at a quota of County this yea/ is »i'| S I Weather their • floral spray, » night's odgng the local hotel and $560 in mC r- ihjndtse certificate, from clartl- n»« m«rch»at4, rah, rka ," SaS fm '«»»t: Cloudy with coiri, -M 110 *' tt>nignL Saturday tate > «w»V« n - Nol . niuchch "« e Minimum this morning—33 Maximum yesterday—« Suaset, today—5:59. Sunrise tomorrow—6:23 todaT^one 011 ' '* h °" rs to ' " m ' Total siuee Jan. 1—13.01. tw'er I " lpCr!Uure ""Wway bc- .. n *»n for March_51.2. \ fm , ™ s ?*'" ljut Y <" ""'", this mornlng-42. ion. Jan. l u> thU date Ten Blythevilie Bond Members To Attend Clinic day the Jews are nuissliii; arms nud ammunition In European Mediterranean ports for war Bijninst llic Arabs. The spokesman said the agency owns 50 ships "under one guise or the other," and would begin pouring the hoarded arms anil ammunition inlo Pnlcstinc as soon as the British mandate expires on May 15 "There is no use kidding ourselves." he said. "Only n miracle can save us from all-oul war." The spokesman snsijcslcd that the time for talking was running p»t fast, and the .lews would hike their chances on armed force ntier Ihc mandate ends. The agency had no trouble buying McGrath has been conferring In- ( formally with Southern Democrats | without finding a basis [or ending the conflict over President Truman s civil rights program, it was understood today. As head of the National Committee, McGrath is in the middle of construction by the Federal Security Agency. One provision In llic bill was sure lo arouse the ire of Soutlivrn ! members beciuisc of Us icliUlonsbl|> to President Truman's conlroverslnl civil rights program. It provided that no |mit nf any ol the PSA's appropriation be pnlil ns grants to any slate or cilncu- tlonal Insltlulloii In which "bccau.ic of race, color or creed, discriminatory practices deny 1'ciimlily of educational opportunity or employment." This provision was written Inlo Ihe bill at the behest of itcp. Prank H. Keefc. R., WIs. While Ihe loinl wus »30,11!U1D h«lm»j-budee(. estimates, the com"* Iso-deferrou 1 a.cllon On olh- ,-„—sis'/Dialling j'o&S.SM.lXK) for tb»'!.Labor Department nnd Ihi- Of the defi»rrcd requests. JftlU,- ' 453,000 would Imve been for lliu I KSA. ' Tlie cainiinlli!!! explained that it deleireti action pending conyrc;;- stonal disposition ol the pit-.sltlcnrs • reorganization plnn to shift permanently Into the Labor Ut'imrl- I incut Ihe U. S. Kmployincol Service • and the Unemployment Conipensil- tion Bonrd. -- -- CM.'WIIJCII who worn asleep In UiHi bunks Tho tVilernl Burtn lAnra, (,[i,T- «tiii-5 of <hn Ul-tun vessel, nn- iMunreil iifllrliilly Iha-u Ihcrr wrrr. Z« men Hlmaril. Thrre arc 1,1 VllllWIl MlVvlvnlJ Ki|,| two iHKllfS ' wri-e rei-ovi-ird. t A rescue vossul ])lc-ked ii|) Ihe uih survivor this morning. Ho wus Idcn- Ifli-il ns Uxile KTOllny, of c,nni- vllli'. Miss., nn oiler, who previously WHS rcpnrlcii mlxsliiK. lie wnx , s ,,id 1" he In critical condition, Kepurls .snl<l ICti-llii,, wns. in Ihe Icy wnleis for JIHH-B limn 10 liours. " w The |)III-HI> lines snlil Hint the Niil- „. ,<:lRv. nil Ixitliini In deep water nnd •WHS not luiiiiperlnx any river truffle. A sllnki'sninn KU|<| that tin- cur- ivnl wns ruiuilng Uio swiftly lo pur- mll divliiK npcrnlluns. t'upt. C. «. Smith, Ihe Mrniiilil* l)l:ui:i(tfr of Ihr Kedfral Barie's K-IIII hurried here to :.ld .,ur- vlvnrK. s;ild Ihul 11,,. W nl«r "In ninnl, IB s,, f, ls | ||, ;1 , )( ihrre wprr any lirn.w )NH||«I, Iliry'rl jirolmbly IK- In New Drh-uiiN by now." Ihowlnskl hnd relieved llic regiilnr pilot anil wns nl the helm when the ship lurched nnd crashed against Ihr bridge, WijUei- llnss, ol si. 1/iuls. pilot »f the shl]i Hint wns familiar to evoiy ilveriiinn fmm Ihe null to St. Louis, swam ashore, altliouiih pnhifully Injured. A Kiulilcn (rcachrrous rnrrrnl in Ihe river ciuiseil Hip uiTlilfill. 11 threw Ihc lx>:it nut of rnntrol anii slummed U U> bll, .jnlnsl the hrlilRn pii-r. Haw said tlmt In Iho contusion nfter |,he shntteiliig crash he saw his skipper—a home-town friend— IOM> his life. "My cnpliiln was beyond my roiich." linsw said. ••[ saw hip, In the last moment vvlu-ii he went, under wllh his jhlp." •riie crush nt I) last night occurred dnriiiK a routine jlvcr mn- ""»wi' the periodic transfer of n number at Hie ton-bout's I Imrgcs bc'cnuse of unusunl currents. Sonu: or the men were asleep preparing for llielr mlchilglil, shift when Ihe Niilclicx, h.uillug n,,™ of Its six nil bni-Ki'H ii|i Ihc river .suddenly wns losscd Into Ihe wall of , Miss., March 5. (U.I'.)—The dead and . llio Hinkinjf of the Towhoat Natchez was reported ill U crew members Including Capt. Jimmie Browinski '.wis lit llic Mm ,,f (| 10 veasei wj)en it crashcd jtlto o simmiinK the river helween Mississippi and Arkansas Th« Niilclirx smile completely out*— u rn i^iiads. of slxlu iii j^.p ..vnlcr, nppareiilly ' ShippentoMake Assessor's Race Deputy in Csccolo Offict Announces Hit Candidacy Herbert shlppon of Osceola today nmioimccd hi, candidacy for th, ""Ice of Mississippi coiintv K\- W'ssor, subject lo the action of tlie voters In Ihc Democratic n r i- maiy lo be held this Summer. Experienced h, I RX work| M|1 _ Snlpiwn Ims served as deputy »s- wssor In the Osceola office for th» past throe years and prior lo that lime he was employed bv the /»•- knnsas Revenue Department a« * lax adiillor. Mr..Shlppen has hecn * resident of Mississippi County since 1918 He Is 4.5, mnrrled, mid Is the father of llnce children. He completed ht.i cdiicnllon nt the University of til* Soulh in Scwance, Tcnnfl and entered the lumbar business at Reiner nud O.weola with his father Frank Shlppen, mid lib uncle, m Shippcn. Mr. 'Shlppen b i leader In UM Boy scout organization In North- cnsl Arkansas and last year senred 115 president of the Osceola Kiwantg Club. "During the past three yean I have devolort all my time lo the duties of the a.«essor's office ft art If elected T will continue to put the business affairs of the coilfily first unit foremost," Mr. Shlppen said. Angry Sea Delays 5-Nation Parley To Halt Red Tide UnOSSEI.5. Mnrch 5. (UP)— Po« | 111 the North Sen urea has delayed Ihc second session of the (ive-milton ,.„,.,»„ „, , , Western Kuropenn Conference tie- "ol' r' nS Kiiiio ti,. vr.,.,,,-,i „.,„, i. ...i,i..i • eieic, oolllns spite the record speed with which Britain and Frnnce have prepnied their answers to original proposals. It wns disclosed today. A conference announcement .said today's scheduled meeting has been Haw snld the bunt 'went under In i seconds—unslde down." Hlvrrjiicn ihwrritxKl Ihr »wlf( ciirreiit is lli^ severest In many years. A* the Nnkhci ippriMchril Ihn hrhlRi', Ihr nltly—a swift clr^ mhir million of Ihe water— .simislu'il thr Nutchcx aiiufiisl the coiK'rctr. Seaimin clem Collins, who was on duly nt Ihe time, salt! Hint current had "caught hold of the loiv nird Jerked It around straight i across the river." In n (lush the Natchez swiinif crnzlly jrlclcward iiiul hit Ihe >con- > Id. The site of the 12 . . ec RIVfiB TKtUiKIIV on —, ...x. v ,ui.j, j.-, AJ i Lm . [iiLucnc 01 i«^(i^y .1 .M-uftiiiEco meeting lias uoeii Ihe North-Soulh split over M:-, Tru- i postponed imlil tomorrow became Ten of the Blytheville Band members, together with their director. Karl Wadenpfuhl. left loday for Searcy. Ark., to participate in Ihe man's proposals to outlaw poll tax en, lynching and Job discrinilnalio:i. At Ihe same time, he must worry about the loss of voles to Henry A. Wallace's third party in Northern industrial states. - . - ,.„ ^ .„,,„, s According to one Southerner, Mc- quniititics of arms in Euro-! <J"'-" th apparently Is hunting a for_ cities, the spokesman said. :muln to restore party peace in tils on cnn buy arms almost any-| tmks witn .-0111,10111 Democrats. But rinolliLT Informnnt said the discussions merely involved the pros nnd cons of Mr. Truman's civil righls program. "... niujs miiLuni »]iy- where If you have the money to pay for them," he added. U.S. Internal Revenue Office Open Saturdays The Blytheville office of the In- lernal Revenue Department will rtprescntullvrs of Britain and Trance, on Iheir wny to Brussels' wllh Instructions from their governments, have bren hr'd up In the North Sea by heavy tog. The original proposals were suli- mitlcd yesterday by (lie Benelux tBclKium-Nclhcrland.s-Luxembouig) countries. It was reported thny en lied for a brond five-nation pact, including mllllary claiisns. lo hah the Westward march of Comnumlsni. Slayer Suspects Pe!d in Denth of Officer South's g • — t'rti •i'jijjiuc in me -- fc\,.tui,c Lfjiarirnom will A ~ ... J* Northeast Arkansas Regional Band :rcnlal » OP™ <>" Saturdays Mar elfu ,"L c ' Clinic which will be held Friday I nll(l MOT. 13 | o aid rC5 j (lcnLs o , t j, Ls , ,"• th<!1 civil and Saturday. They were Jack iir< ' a '" < h e filing of Income tax re- i , ra j" °'" "•"' "" ports, it wns announced todiv Th- ! 1 ' ll< " alctl by the Democratic -•-- J "- • -••• -' ' ! tional Convention „„,. ,. . „ , j Cotton Trade Journal foi me record. Southern cover- .11 c *i non, have given McGralh th, : *<'?" ^Ot/tAerners to •""""••• Help fleet Mac Arthur (or party peace. Hands arc proposals rights program be . Horncr. Nathan Wade. Billy "ed- wards. Bobby Edwards, Bob Blogett, Bcrmie Johnson. Howard Bailey. Jim Lancashire, Bobby McDanlel and Frank Wagner. Approsimalely 300 students from Carlisle. Conway. corning, Forrest City. Helena, Jonesboro. Marion, Mountain View. Newport, para- gould. West Memphis. Wynne Searcy and Blytheville will altend. Tryciits and rehearsals win be held bolh Friday and Saturday deadline for filing returns U'Mar!, "• I More realistic Southerners con- onl'roSr'nf 5 •h»'? CatC , <i S"-, lh<v SCC " I CC(iC therc is Rlmost 110 c " anc « «« una i.oor or the Lynch Building. I such action. . MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Mar. S- <UP) .-'-^—T5'e Cotton Trade Journal today Na- 1 called on Southern Democrats to ("propose and support" Gen. Donglas MacArtliur as |)residcnt even If he should run ns a Republican. --- -. On.. Mar. 5. (DPI f!ov M. K. Thompson Uxiay ordered the liansfer or two alleged slayers of a state detective from the Gcor- glrt Ponllcnliiry here lo the Jail In Kiminne] County, scene of the killing. The governor said he took this nctinji lo prove tn.lhe world that. Cicnrftluns are liiw-nblding nnd • tlii'i-i: Is no danger of mob violence | against the youthful Tenuesscnns and two women captured with them in Tob.icco Hond country 'Ilie desperado brothers. Spence nnd Alfred Edwards, will bo char- | ged willi nuirileiing Clnrlancl i Fields, n recent recruit of the Gcor gin niirenu of 'Investigation.' in Missco In River Tragedy Osceola Man Listed As Member of Crew Of Towboat Natchez An Osceola man whos* Identity j could not be confirmed "by early this afternoon was listed air| itg tlie 12 crewmen sllll missing in tlie sinking of the towboat Natchez lust niuhl near Qreenville, Mbs. He Is Oscar L. Powers, Attempts I lo obtain further Information about the ! him brought no results as he appeared mile known In Osotoln^ Dcpulles In Ihc sheriff's office there snlri Powers wns not known to them nnd Osceola Postal authorities said he' was not listed on their records either as a box holder or n Rcncral delivery patron. Both the Mississippi County Bank nnd tlie planters Bank In Osceola reported that they had no account In Ihnt nnme. Power's race was not given In, the United Press listing but ft wa.s assumed he wns a white man or Federal Bnrgo Lines officials would hiwc told the news service otherwise. It wns possible Hint Powers was one of a number of men who make their living at various river Jobs and who often live out of contact with olhcr groups. I Ark-Mo Obtains Lease from City Of Power Rights The City Council met yesXerday in special .session In city Hall and „ t .,,, „, ,,.,i.n, K ,n, u ,,. n, voted to lease all outside overhead Suninsboro Wednesday nlulil when Power lines at the air base to the Business Girls' Sorority Sponsors "Beta Baby Review" for Blytheville he -sought to question one ol them nbont possession of n rifle, Sprncc hnd delivered Alfred front ..„._ „w.,.. i i mnj rtiitj OHLUrCISiy morning and Vlll be climaxed by a public conrrrt In the high school, auditorium Saturday. William B" 1 Lass, scarcy High School band director, will have charge of th e two- day program. Other events include a dinner for all directors Friday night, after which a students' dance In the Armory will be held. ments and committee appoinl- werc announced today by oers of the Alpha Alpha Chap- of Beta Sigma Phi. business girls' sororily, for the first annual •;Beta Baby Review" to be held tlie lii?h Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. Mayor E. R. Jackson said the lines 'We are not "certain"""whether s '"'" cc '""I delivered Alfred from | were leased to the power company MacArilmr would accept Hie litun " lc f'therford county Jail In Mur- j In return for a small rental and 1 — •--- - . " frcesboro, Tenn., Ihe iilght of f!b. I maintenance of them. 24 by locking ( tho Jailer nnd his; wife in a top floor cell. The brothers are wanlrd for questioning In connection with a series of Tennessee robberies. Winners will be selected by a | secret committee ot local business- I men and women. ! Registration by parents of eligible ! children may be made by mailing | «|i|liications to P. O. Box' «1. Illy- I Three Forfeit Bonds E. W. Nail forfeited a bond of S35.2S in Municipal Court this morning wh?n he failed to appear lo answer a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor Charles Stromire and William smith each forfeited U5 bonds on olwrgei of »p«edin». Rcgistralion of babies, (or the Review will begin March 15 and continue through the March 31. An entry fee will be charged and children from "w»lking Bg e" to four Soars of age may be entered Divisions Judged will be "prettiest boy"; "prettiest girl"; and "most talented child", prizes of loving cups will be presented to these group winners, presentation wing made by Miss Alice Saliba whA «.- i « . c "" lua - MI« i/Minle Jo Hargett: Sla monl« ,nH f " 1IS v CM °' CCre ' ""'mlltee «'» be headed by M niomes and whn 1.5 Vma^ ni ti^rt i T«,..._ *..,. . .. J . , monies and who is head of IProgrum commitlM. Commitlcc.s announced loday are as follows: Rcgislration. Mrs. Fred Stcadman. Miss Josephine Shlb- le.v and Mrs. Richard Ojiborn-: Ticket sales, Miss Dorothy Jean Kigginson, Miss Jane Cnstllo and Miss rva Seay: Publicity. Mrs E M. Terry Jr.. .Mi fs Veia Goodrich. Miss lla Rogers. Hulii Scay: Prgjirnin booklcls. Mi?s Kloise Yate.i, Miss Mavlha Frances Stevens, and Miss Lonnle Jo Hargett: Stage ination us president." the journal said In an editorial. "Tills is Ihc South's opportunity <o nchfcvc leadership In the vitn'l I task or unifying this nation lo meet J the grave tests ahead," the editorial said. l The editorial observed lhat MacArthur Is n "Native of Arkansas who mnrrlcd a Tcnncssean." AddIng: "He Is above attempting lo make a polillcnl football of any section of (lie country l n order' to woo uiitvi; <Ji 1,11 Lit i. - i Thee council also discussed rental of gaKoltivc stornge tanks at the fltr base but no action was taken, the mayor sMd^ New York Stocks Leftist political support." A grovmdhoK slops breathing during hibernation, hut the blood circulation continue?. New York Gotten the j Jettye Huffman and ,\frs. "Janus I Crifton u sponsor ot the group. Mar, . May . July . Oci. . Dec. . open 3403 3413 3333 3032 3431 3443 33 £0 3P62 2904, lo;v 3383 339(1 3320 3022 »75 1:30 Postal Receipts Show Substantial Increase Postal receipts here during Jai\- u.iiy jind February totaled $16,533.37. an increase of 17 per cent over over Ihf same period last year. Pastniastcr Ross S. Stevens announced today. SUtnp cancellations (or the,two months showed a 30 per cent' in- oen Motor rivasp over (he same period (n 19*7. ! Montgomery Ward" he .said. ; N y Cc ],tral Receipts at the jxal of/ice here : i,,t Harvester last.-month were *7,719.65 while ; North Am Aviation lor January totaled J3.813.-2. i Republic Steel ' "• : Radio t r. M. STOCKS AT&T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric t jSoybeans ! (Trices f, o. '-. ojxm Mar 376 i May 3«« b. Chicago) high Ion 1.-.10 316'i 37* 314a 369 3«t 3«4» | Socony Vacuum i Sturtebaker . I Standard of N J i Tc.xas Corp .. -.. Packard . ....*. 'U S steel .150 1-4 . 62 l-i . 31 i-2 . 31 1-2 . *5 . 32 3,-S' . 52 1-8 . 49 ; 3-4 . 13 . 84 7-8 . 10 1-2 . 25 3-3 . 8 5-8 . 15 1-4 . 1~ . 12 . M 1-S . 4 3-8

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