The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 22, 1995 · 25
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 25

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1995
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THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN Friday, September 22, 1995 25 Outdoors Colorado Is Hard On Out-of-Staters For many Oklahomans, the Colorado big game season is the outdoors event of the year, but the Division of Wildlife is not making it any easier for out-of-state sportsmen to enjoy that annual hunt in the Rockies. The latest rub is a new regulation allowing non-resident hunters to purchase over-the-counter deer licenses for only the first two seasons, which begin Oct. 14 and Oct. 21. Non-residents will not be able to purchase an over-the-counter deer license for the third season, Nov. 4-12, but that doesn't mean they can't hunt. It will just be more troublesome. All third-season deer licenses were originally to be issued by drawing, but 9.60O licenses remained. The leftovers are being sold only at Division of Wildlife offices. Leftover rifle cow elk and rifle doe, either-sex and first- and second-season buck licenses from the drawing are also on sale now. Non-residents can obtain a leftover License by visiting a Division of Wildlife office or by having another person purchase it. To purchase a license for another person, the person's hunter safety certification number and either a Colorado Conservation Certificate or all the information from his or her driver's license is needed. Buck deer hunters may participate in the first five days of only one of the three seasons. They may hunt both deer and elk in the same season. "We changed third-season deer hunting because hunters and outfitters were concerned that there weren't enough older bucks," said Len Carpenter, terrestrial wildlife Colorado Hunting Licenses Incorrect The Colorado Division of Wildlife continues to have problems with its new computerized, licensing system. The agency last week warned big game hunters to check their licenses carefully because general season deer licenses for the second season were printed with incorrect season dates. The correct dates are Oct. 21-25. There's also a problem with some third season deer licenses, which read Units 3 or 4m leading people to believe they can only hunt in those units when actually they can hunt statewide west of 1-25, except in the 12 totally limited units. Also, some limited drawing applicants received licenses with conflicting combined season dates and some applicants were given the wrong information concerning their success or lack of success in the drawing. The division is attempting to explain matters to license holders by mail, but anyone who thinks there may be a mistake on his license may call 303-297-1192. manager. "As a result, we decreased hunting pressure. "We're looking forward to another strong hunting season," Carpenter said. Colorado big game hunters harvested 45,000 elk last year, down 2,000 from 1993. Choctaw Angler Wins State BBWC Title Ricky Patterson of Choctaw caught a 13.63-pound large-mouth bass from Mountain Lake last spring to win the Oklahoma state title in the 1995 Quaker State Big Bass World Championship, which entitles him to compete in the BBWC Finals for a $100,000 top prize. An Oklahoman won the champion-' ship last year. The BBWC Finals will be held Nov. 10-11 on Lake Marion near Haines City, Fla. A field of 50 weekend anglers will compete in the event, including 49 big bass champions from each state (excluding Alaska, which has no largemouth bass) and the 1994 BBWC World Champion, Malvin Moyer of Lawton. Moyer won last year's event by catching a 3.5-pound bass from Lake Marion. At the BBWC Finals, the angler who catches the heaviest bass in two days of competition will receive $50,000 cash, a new truck and fully rigged Astro boat with Mercury outboard and Lowrance electronics. Highlights from the BBWC Finals will air as a 30-minute broadcast on The Nashville Network ir November and December. To earn the title of BBWC State Champion and to advance to the BBWC Finals, each state winner caught and certified the biggest bass in his state from Jan. 1, 1995 to Aug. 15, 1995. In this unique fishing competition, anglers fish on their own time and in their favorite bass waters, State championship prizes for 1S95 include a Zebco Quantum baltcastlng rod-and-reel, a MotorGutde jacket, a Oatco knife-sharpening system, a Piano tackle box, and a host of other prizes from BBWC sponsors, Fishing Report Arbuckle: Elevation normal, water 82 degrees and clear. i i,Q I Q,Qe Channel catfisn oood on stink- Hi LdKc LCVClb bait, cut bait, IS test. - Arcadia: Elevallon normal, water 75 degrees and clear. Lak. Normal Current Black bass (air on topwater r?."" i 69 no 1 SS7 so lures, plastic worms, 5-10 feet, V&Ssi 'afsm ill is points; channel catfish fair on "'a Vooeoo 1 0O6SS livers, cut bait, 10-15 feet; crap- ola 'reS'So tSI'II Pie fair on minnows, 5-10 feet. kZlti Birch: Elevation normal, water g5 V IlI"5o 1 6?6 27 clear. Black bass good on spin- gnn ''oils ners, salt craws, creeks; crappie sss oo 585 28 fair on minnows, llgs, 10 feet, gZZlZvSttM 1.343J7 darn. port Gibson 554.00 5S3.96 Canton: Elevation normal, wa- rFon Suppiy 2,004.00 2,003.59 ter clear. Sand bass oood on fms.... 1,642.00 1,641.84 slabs, crankballs. llgs, points; Grand 745.00 741.05 walleye fair on slabs, crankballs, Hhum 761.50 761.41 Mas, drift fishing with minnows, JS'TZ" Zlstioo 619.10 worms. Huoo 406.50 402.96 Co pan: Elevallon normal, wa- Hufth 733.00 732.99 ter clear. Black boss oood on sa t . 1,010.00 1,009.94 craws, plastic worrns, creek Keystone 723.00 724.26 channels; channel catfish oood oolooah 63S.OO 638.25 on cut shad, below dam; crappie pme Creek 438.00 439.22 Bood on minnows, 10-12 feet, Robert S. Kerr 460.0O 460.11 creek channels; Hothead cattish SallPlalns 1.125.0O 1,125.07 oood on worms, live balf, below sardls 599.00 598.50 dam. Sklotook 714.00 712.91 Ellsworth: Elevation normal, unklller. 632.00 632.17 water 78 degrees and murky. Texoma 617.75 616.42 Sand bass fair on spoons, crank- Thunderblrd 1 ,039.00 1 .03B.44 balls. Tom Steed 1,411.00 1.411.67 Eufaula North-. Elevation 1 V? waurlka 951.40 949.77 feet above normal, water clear. Webbers Falls 490.00 469.82 Black bass fair on crankballs, wister 476.00 475.91 4-10 feet, rip rap; sand bass . . good on spoons, 10-20 feet, off ahShSSwx oHflat? Kwilon! Elevation normal, SSbSsjsus- 86 SSnff cs; ,Krt norm.,, murkv. Black bass oood on spin- water 76 degrees' and dear, ners, crankballs; channel catfish Black bass fair on plastic good on earthworms, cut shad; worms, 5-10 feet, moss beds, crappie good on minnows, 10-20 McSea Creek: Elevation two feel, feel below normal, water 78 de-Port Cobb: Elevation normal, grces and clear. Black bass good water 74 degrees and clear. All on minnows, brush structures; fishing good on Imitation mln- channel catfish good on worms, nows, shad, early, Murrtv: Elevation normal, 8fi!tr iS..".!! 'J? "LSSSl bass excellent on all baits; chan-Black bass good on spinners, , ca,ii,h 000d on cut ba I; b."goodUon i'oTmS.; 5owM side! SSSSSCcS: '"oemouth oood on flih good on cut shad, drifting, ,o;wa,2r$, ... ., flats; crappie good on minnows. SH Wlni Elevallon nwrnal, Has, brush. water 7' degrees and murky. OrMitleaft Elevation normal, Channel catfish good, lakewlde. water 78 degrees and clear. Sooner: Sand bass fair on Black bass fair on plastic slabs, deep water; channel cat-worms, spinners, crankballs, fish good to fair on cut balls, shorelines. channels; crappie fair on mln- Hefnw: Elevallon normal, wa- nows, llgs; hybrid striped bass ter 7a degrees and murkv, Chan- fair on slabs, deep water, nel catfish fair on shad; crappie Ttxoren Elevallon one fool far on minnows, llgs. Mm normal, water 80 degrees Hudson: Elevation 1 ft leel. be- and CMr, Blsc( bail good on 2I5nBk22i r-ViA00 crankballs, 5-10 feet, Burns Run; Kl2P.?r.,h'.Jf.hhi?ifSSSn striped bass good on live shad, on cut shad; blue cat oood on cut ,0.,5 fost( rBnroaa bridges; SSi.i.. ei..,.n.. .-.., channel catfish good on worms, Hulahi Elevation normal, wa- r h.t.. 15.20 feel, Wash la ter clear. Channel catfish fair on 2L? StSow.', tffSSPSSt Sood SR T.nMll.r. Elevallon normal, SWt 'Snnfln)Mlat. rJ'i $ heads good on ve bad dam. bass good on crankballs, 10-20 Hugo: Elevallon T1 'inches be- foot) und bass good on spinners, low normal, waler 71 1 degrees shallows, windy points, early. TQir On Idle, bMWHIPi woman hwm mm worms, reer. Wiurlkai Elevation normal, water 75 degrees, Channel catfish good on stinkballs,' crappie good on minnows, list. Wibbtrt falli: Elevation normal, water 78 degrees and murky, Channel catfish fair on worms, cult shad, bottom. All fishing was reported slow at flu Wlewliw laksti Alius, Atoka, Broken Bow, Carl Blackwe I, Draper, Eucha. Foit, Overhol-ser, Pine Creek, Spavlnaw, Thunderblrd, Tom Staed, and murkv. Black bm lair on plastic worms, crankballs; channel catfish fair on cut shad, liver. Kawi Elevation normal, water 70 degrees and murky, Channel catfish far on cut shad, upper end of lake; blue catfish good on cut shad, below dam, Karri Elevation normal, water 75 degrees and murky. Black bais good lo fair on spinners, crankballs, 5-10 feet, rip rap; and ban oood on minnows, II011 channel catfish good on Ireth (had, 10-20 test, edge of old river channels; crappie good on minnows, Has, Qualification for the 1996 BBWC begins Jan. l, 1996, To enter the 1996 competition, call toll-free: 1-800-348-2642, weekdays from 8 a.m. to fi p.m. Complete rules are supplied. The Oklahoma Big Bass Junior Championship sponsored by Piano was won by Ryan Watson of Baton Rouge, La., for an 8,44-pounder caught in a private pond, He has a shot at a $10,000 scholarship. The Junior winner in the state of the eventual adult champion receives the scholarship, Ex-Sooner Bradley Counsels Cowboys By Mike Baldwin Staff Writer AUSTIN, Texas After years of trying to elude players on the football field, former University of Oklahoma quarterback Danny Bradley is hitting Dallas Cowboys players head on. Bradley was named the Cowboys director of player programs in March. He essentially is an educational counselor, a financial advisor and a community service director who believes Christian principals can benefit not only NFL players, but the lives they touch. "Let's face it," Bradley said. "For most of these guys, it's a short-lived game. Seventy percent of them won't play but just a couple of years. What are you going to do after football?" All 30 NFL teams have someone like Bradley to Serves as Director of Player Programs assist players, a program NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue implemented a few years ago. The job interested Bradley because he saw too many athletes who had nothing to fall back on. "There's an awful lot of money made with these guys and there's an awful lot of money these guys spend. Most of it is not fox the right reasons," Bradley said. "It saddened me for years that guys were broke when their careers were over. "Guys like your Troy Aikmans and your Michael Irvins and Emmitt Smiths may not need the player program as much as your rookies who don't last but two or three years. That's who the program is really geared to." Bradley, 32, was an option quarterback at OU from 1981-84. After playing two seasons as a wide receiver and kick returner with the Los Angeles Rams, he spent one month with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL and then played one season with the Detroit Lions. Once his playing days ended, he became involved in the health and fitness industry and later owned several health clubs in the Dallas area. He made a tidy profit and sold his businesses to work for the Cowboys. "Players can relate to me. I was in the same position they were 10 years ago," Bradley said. "I've had success in business. I'm very excited about this because I feel I'm the type of person who can reach them." Bradley encourages players to become in volved in the community and firmly believes pro athletes are role models, whether they want to be or not. "I've always believed to whom much is given, much is required," Bradley said, quoting scripture. "There's a tremendous responsibility for these guys to be held accountable for their actions on and off the field. Kids look up to these guys. They need to realize that." The job was a perfect fit for Bradley, who played for Barry Switzer at OU, followed Larry Lacewell's Arkansas State teams when Bradley was in high school in Pine Bluff, Ark., and also knew Stephen Jones, the Cowboys vice president and director of personneL "I grew up in the same neck of the woods as the Joneses, played for the Switzers and watched the Lacewells," Bradley said. "This makes me feel at home to be part of the Dallas Cowboys, because of the Arkansas connection." Bradley estimates 80-90 percent of the Cowboys have earned their college degree, but he says that's the exception, not the rule. He stresses it goes beyond that, stating players must investigate other opportunities before then-playing days are over. "That's the message we give to younger players. We're not telling them to give up on their dream of playing pro football, but it's smart to get involved in internships with major corporations," Bradley said. "We try to get them to realize they will need a career after football." Jenks Standout Center to Sign With Sooners By Berry Tramel Staff Writer Renzi Stone, a 6-foot-9 center from Jenks considered one of the state's top basketball prospects, announced Thursday he would sign a letter of intent with Oklahoma. Larry Stone, Renzi's father, said his son had canceled visits to Arizona and Oklahoma State and would make no more. He also said Renzi had contacted the other coaches and informed them of his decision. "I think it was a combination of things," Larry Stone said. "His visit went very, very well particularly with (head) coach (Kelvin) Sampson and (assistant) Ja son Rabedeaux. "The whole academic support system they have in place, that just blew us away. We also were impressed with the whole school, with what's happening with Sen. (David) Bor-en (OU's new president)." Earlier, OU got a commitment from Tim Heskett, a point guard from South Carolina. Recruits can sign letters of intent Nov. 8-14. A second signing period is in April. Money Talks According to coach Barry Switzer, players are not distracted by off-the-field problems, such as owner Jerry Jones being sued for $300 million. "Players don't care. They just laugh about it as long as they get paid," Switzer said. "Their personal affairs, their girlfriend or their wife, (when) they come in here, they hang that stuff up." Aikmart Fan Arizona coach Buddy Ryan has been known to criticize quarterbacks, but he's always liked Troy Alkman. "I was a fan of his even when he was a rook(ie). You could tell he had the great arm, the poise, the winning attitude, the leadership, all the things that you need in a quarterback," Ryan said. Ryan said he's studied NFL quarterbacks for 30 years and he believes Aikman is among the elite signal callers. DALLAS NOTES "I've seen all the great ones from John Unltas to Roger Staubach, right on down," Ryan said. "You have to put (Aikman) right at the top. I know a lot of people like (Steve) Young. "I don't know how those quarterback grades go, but when you look at (Aikman) as a football player, guiding his team, doing what he has to do to win, he's got to be right there just like Joe Namath." Williams Won't Play Offensive tackle Erik Williams (strained calf) was limited during Thursday's practice and will not play Sunday against Arizona. "He tried to run and couldn't do it. He's not ready yet," said Switzer. "We expect Ron Stone to play the entire game (in Williams' spot), but if some thing were to happen, we'd move Larry Allen there and use (Derek) Kennard at guard." Briefly. . . It appears holdout linebacker Darrin Smith will not play until the 11th game, the week after the Cowboys play the 49ers. Smith, an exclusive rights free agent, wants a one-year contract worth $500,000. The Cowboys offered $425,000 weeks ago and have reduced that to $350,000, subtracting $25,000 for every game Smith misses. . . Safety Greg Briggs, who was waived when the Cowboys reduced their roster before the season opener, has been resigned. . . The NFL confirmed that Minnesota running back Charlie Evans, who Switzer felt took a cheap shot at kicker Jon Baker ; in last week's game, will be fined. ! Mike Baldwin GIORGIO BRUTIMI Woven Insert Genuine Leather SAO90 toISs Hi Black, Brown, Black and Burgundy 2100 N. PENH 32M4S1 . 8.W. 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