The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1947
Page 8
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EIGHT *HE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER • NEWS ,._/.. TKB COUKUCX N«WB CO. •. W. MAlNCe, Mblliher JAMBB L: VKKKOtTl', Editor D. HUMAN, A«»ertUln» M*n*|er , Adv*ril«lnt Wallic* WKiMr Co., N»» York, Chicago. Detroit, r . Afternoon **«pt , JQtitcrid a s**6nd elt*« rhitler »l the r offttt »t glytheUlle ArkinMl, under act of Con» •**•* October » 191T. Ser\*l l# the United Press •UMGRIPTION RATES: 9f >mriet In thi city ol Blythevills or «ny Mkurtka tevrt »htr« carrier Mfvlcc U mttn- UMM. ate >tr »e»k, »r »5e per month. Bjr nail, .within » rieUus dr M mllti, 14.00 per y*»r. P.orj for ilx months, $1.00 for thre» months; kf. M4ll oUt.-id« M mile MMie, 110.00 per yenr in liJvAhe*. Meditation 1» tht tiy of prosperity b« Joyful, but In th* o*t of WV«rslty 'consider: God hath AIM »H thi en* over against the other, to the end tiut m»n ihotilrl find nothini niter him.— titcl«ii«t»B 7,14. ':•':'". ' - • » ' * ' .• If H iMTt net fir cloudy day* how could the teri «< MtAihlJie b* full? H6rse Trading The .. United Nations' two-world lineup has resulted in '» very exclusive t*ntl*rriefi'g club In place of the universal brotherhood oi'lfchiHlly proposed. Any,rm» of five nations can blwckball •Jiy applicant for membership. Admission has become frankly n matter of rtciprOcal l)»ck-*cratching. If- w*' tttrl the British would agree / t» udmit trencherous Albaniit, we could yet iti some protege now burred by Moscow. Becsiiise \v« hiive no serious Objection to pro-Soviet Fitilanrl, prob- *bly pro-western Italy will be admitted. : " GrftdiiAlly we'nidkc progress toward » I'eal world orgiinizaliun. But anybody left out in the beginning now must Wilt his turn in the current horse trading. Special Session Everybody is discussing the very high cost of living and wondering how it gfot that way snd wlidt can be done fbout it. H*s been suggested we ought W> Jr*t Cortrress back to Washington M it could pass a law. \V\\\\t we wait for the special ses- •ioi», left ploy around with a few figures' taken from a special National Industrial Conference Board study and from Department of Agriculture records. Let's translate index numbers and percentages into family terms. the figures are * bit old— last M«reh'«. They would be bigger now, but th4 changes would merely emphasize the conclmiohs. In August, 193R, y ol | paid $2.50 for t ffroe«ry order. The farmer got. si, tht wholesaler 90 cents and the njtail- « 80 cents. Thfe wholesaler paid for WMi^ortaHon; he »nd the retailer «*i(W for costs of handling, storage »poila*e, wastage, selling. .'; ; L«t March -the identical grocery «>ni*r cost J'OU |6.08. The farmer got fflt, the wheltulcr $1.61, the retail- or 86 enits. The retailer handled a $5.08 order for IMI than h*lf what he got „ 1!)30 for a |2.50 order. The wholesaler's 80 per cent increase is less than the boost in hi« wage co*U, The farmer's 218 per cent, increase is much more than the »<W«d eoit to him of producing tht iood. Meanwhile \vRg»» have gone up. They .constitute an important clement ; |n every coat of raising, manufacturing, transporting, handling and selling |B.V commodity. The farm worker gets 2.»8 times « s much Hs he did in 1!K1!) the factory worker 1..08 times as much! Both of these greatly exceed the 58 per eent ( increase in the cost of ]ivi, 1K at th« time these other figures were compiled. That U why living costs have gone up, There are 1 two obvious ways that th? cost of living could be brought down atam, One could easily evolve through depression, if the upward spiral con- **, °/ jt c6uld be ^tempted by of Congress. That is to impose - . • c «t,back the farmer'* income. Take »way his bath tub, his electricity ills wife's refrigerator and washing" machine. Do the same, \vlth appropriate vanation, to city workers, That will cut cost* so that we can legislate lower prices all along the line, Th« ethtr alteniatlve is f or every . body — farmer*, Iftdustritilists, mr ',- chanU and their «m|»k>ye3— to ^et tu work increasing production per man- d*J' »r)rl overall production. If anybody has the nerve lo i>ro- post the first Alternative, now Is us gtod a time as any to ask CoiiRrcss to drnft « nice tolaliUrijui bill. Military intelligence ought to have some good model! from its experience In Gemmjiy and Italy. Otherwise, it's up to us, as individuals. The bid American way, I hut made our standard of living envied by All other people, will take, more lime, during which we shall suffer from unduly' high prices. But if we adopt It, there won't be any need for a special gession. Congress can't legislate common sense. VIEWS OF OTHERS Remedy for High Food Prices A young business extcuttvt Is quoted t& layIng: "I earn ovtr &5.000 a year. When i hivt to worry U I cen afford efgs Tor breaklast, eomfthing's wrtmj." Similar rfinnrks are heard In Little nock from people whose earnings gave ttiom a comfortable living just a, few ytars afu. The jxiorer- p«ld ftct a heart-breaking problem in getting enough to eat. Something is wrong—very much so. It can bt Mmply ptatpd: n nnllonnl Income Inr »Hove any previous lolol, phis a droillh-Ehnrlencd rooa production j'car, plus n Inifc food demand Iroin Europe and elsewhere. What lo do about It IB the puzzle. Cut down food rttporU? Them would then be misery in Europe, and RU open totid lor communism, nntioii foods Bhrt control prices? Black markets would Infest the land. Let prices (jo where, they will? Thnl woulrt mean hardship tor many, and probably an eventual "bust." One plan win work: no c-Mmvnftaia oatins liy those who can alford it; no waste ol finy fooa, not, even a crusl. ol bread; mnklng the utmost use of the cheaper, more jilentitu] luotis; ann all-o\tt cffoi'ls to product; food, bcizumln? wli». anirle fall-grain jiiantings lor livestock feed Irns winter. If thrive tilings wne tionr, we cionltt pult through this food crisis without, Mopping ex- portA, »hd conricmninR Europn to hunger and commtmlsm. It. Isn't any easy way, There arc no easy solutions lor problems :w> tough as this one. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS By !t,Vl, COC1IHAN Tlu only saUlarllou \ n huvmg an old car bunged np Is in being thankful It, wasn't the new car you should have had long ago. * * * «»vf you ever noticed how many fanner* plant fowl ,.lil sweet rorn ii s ht alnns Dip roadside? Tho nptlmlsl;,: • • « Many bathing suils this year were made ol cotton—and most of those we've seen were nice pickln'. * + * An illlnuh library is training |ta$f 3 . How nice lo Just sll and read while they turn nv«r for you. • • • A Michigan bachelor married his cook. That's one way lo acquire a tireless cooker. SO THEY SAY TIM'TirEVIU/E (AUK.) COURIER NFAVS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 Thr natiohftliration of the Enchsh mines demonstrates that you cannot have qovtrn- menl nn-i^rship •without compul.'lon and force. —Harold E. atnssrn. tiO THEY SAY SO THEY silUMUdailfulUan Sonit of e-Ur business lf,9drr?. arr endinesr- ine product ion and mvitlnj depression ny ciwrj- hip- too Inch prices. Yon don't need io increase prices. All Ihnt is ncfdfd is lor bu.'m<--.s to m- crMSe production,- Sen. Joseph C. O.Mahoilcy IDi ol Wyolnini. * * • If you misquote m?. I'll couif bsck and blow you tip.— Lady N'nncy Aslor. 10 ncwsnien while Hie UN. .!«p*n has become one nf Ihe few places In a diilraiishl. world wline. despur an economy of rrliicaliy short supply, ihrrr is a minimum of fear, of confusion, and of unrcr-l. ..... Orncral MacArthur. This drihhllnr surressmn of aerkly cut* and Vexlnc covernmenl fermons is exasperating and fiept-essing lh« British peoplf. It is thP ' rr , M down hill and if the covprnmem ran do no better it. should quit.--Anthony British FVlrPiliri Secretary. Western Hospitality Ottoman Leaves Political Lund Hungry and a Bit D/ssat/sflec OTNMAN (•CatQe £\Vitta>.. V W nUrJff,!- Experts Will Demand More Than Dollar Data Before Releasing Cold Cash to Save Europeans RY PETER KOSO.V NI'.A \ViJsliin^lnn ('orrcspniidrnl WASIIINOTON, Ocl. 2, (NEAI — Members of Conines:;, U. S. Stale Department experts and Heerelnry 1 ol Commerce Averell H'liTiinnn'K siiahlc amount for the bookR to be out. of balance, KYKU VltOIll ON i:rrn:it Bi-]l,i!,h offlciiils in Washinclon rrc 'iminDn« Committee of in ore all set to view ! sn - v " latl '-'' <-'OtirscJ.hOy have better lleures. but nothlns c-in bp slveti out nr.til they are reported to "Parliament at Ihr end of Ocleber. U. S. State, Treasury, and Commerce offiei.ils say that of course, they have teller fieuies. bill they were received conlidentinlty i ro 'm the Hri- llsli.. xMitl it wouldn't be cricket tn put Ilinrn ou! ahcp.d of London. The good oil! Aniri-lrnn laXiintcr will Just have to wail, if lie wants to ; money was sprnt on In the mcat'.lime. Ihe siispkion grows that a lot of these millions nisyJiBve gone down the drain, as ;jBhurcl\ili -chftj ced. i 'r Ih^t)Ke r filire7(ereise:ol.t]ieu- hindsight,-American officials now see some of ihcir mistakes—a lot or little one,'!; hilt two bltt ones: First. the money \vas turned Over to the i .- British on rteni^nrl, v.;tij no con- explain how they arrived at their ! irol.s, either British or Anieriran on totals and to ju.stify_ them. i How it was lo be spent Second 'th- For out of the M.7S lii.iion loan.; Urltisli Had no advance plan for its to Britain, some valuable though j sprndin? -50 main dollars for thu cosily lessons on postwar aid have , n nd 6O mom . fol . ,' ha . with an extremely fishy eye the !!)• to-22-billion-dollar Marshall Plan estimates dreamed up by the 10 we.s- tern European nations' financial planners at their Paris conference. The official summary cabled to Washington told nothing except, the dollar totals on the estimated balance of trade deficits for Ihe next four years. These dollar totals tlon'i mean a ihinc, and u i,s unfair lo try lo judue how the. Milrshall Plan will work out on ilus basis alone. What's needed is a specific breakdown by commodities and by countries. Full text of tl)<j-parjs. ; ;retxirt-,.with all its supplements,*" gives tnoi'e of this detail. BuL'bfefore this biisinc.-is Is over. It. may be necessary lo brine to Washington JED me. of these teams of European luel. nianllfacturiiv-I, transportalinn aiitt food experts td Dcnn learned. Strange as il m:vy seem, it is iod;iy imposjib'ie to get. from either British or Anirriciiti sources, any aci-urate breakdown on how S3. ,Vi billion of that loan. . , . withdrawn thus far. lias been spoil',. Most complete -report to date was in Hiigh Dfilton's speech to Parlia- incut "on Ana. 7. but even that ciidn't add up by $185 million, a rathi'r The whole $3 simply dumped Treasury, with norinnt receipts [rain taxes or othe> sources of revenue. And it was drawn on, as needed, for arose. WIIETtK, Oft WHERK. HAS OUR CA1MTAI, OONK? .As a result, it is possible to .«aV thal the Amei-Jenn laxpn.vcrs' loan to Britain went to pay for tilings like thcie: To the American authoress ol "Forever Amber." (or royalties on the sale of her book in England; lo U, S. movie moguls in Hollywood, for pi-ofils on films shown iii British theaters; to American tobacco growers, for cisarcts thai went up In smoke in England; lo the Argentine government, which profiteered on ihe sale of foodstuffs needed to keep the British people from starv- hiq; to the Germans, who pot the benefit, from American food shipped lo the British zone of occupation in Germany. And so on. Nol all of tile loan was wasted in this way. Only a small part of it. But what It demonstrate,*; is that in Brnntlna new credits io Europe under the Marshall Plan, it will not be enough lo ci-ant the 1(1 western European countries loans to finance their estimated 510 billion trade deticlls in the United Stales as they .see fit. There should be flr.iL a cienr un- bilhon plus was I demanding of why every dollar is into the British Wanted and for what-. And. second, there will have to be some liard- headfcd supervision of expenditures lo make sure the. hioticy does good people who need help. If the Harrlman Committee of 1» recommends anything else, it will be ralhne down on its Job. THS DOCTOR SAYS BV WILMAM A. O'fcKlKS. M h. Written fnr NBA Service 'Hie commonest cause of complications, when operations ari performed on chronically ill persons, i* » lack of red coloring matter IhetiiOBlobln) In ihe blood. Champ Lyons. M. D., and H. S. Mtijei'soh. Ph. D.. New Orleans. writ- Ing in Ihe Journal of th* American Medical Association, report that battle casualties in World War II often had too little circulating blood when sent bank for operations. They showed weight loss «nd developed shock from small hemorrhages'dur- ing the operation. They had delayed or faulty healing of wound* and sloiv convalescence. Ordinary laboratory examinations may sunncst that the blood is in qoort condition In chronic ilhiens, hut if the total amount is measured It I* learned that it if. reduced in quantity. Insufficient blood volume is caused by chronic infection, herri- orrhaecf, inability to eat, burns, growths, ulcers and liver disease,. The condition has been called "chronic" shock. A count ol the red cells Jives the relative proportion of blood cell* of pl»tm«, but doe* not tell whether there are enough blood cells lot the body's needs. If a count ifc made just after a hemorrhage, the result may be normal, while, a short time later, th* count will fall because of dilution. About one-eleventh of th« body weight is blood. Tn an average mail's body, there is about silt quarts of blood. Men lend to have more blood (lian women, and children have more In proportion to their six than adulw, ti.SE TRANSFUSION'S To overcome blood lack In chronic Illness. Drs. Lyons and xiayer- son gave large daily transfusions of whole blood before When the blood was brought back to normal or slightly above, they considered it safe to operate. Altempl.s to feed chronically il! p.iMcnf* b»e,k lo nnrnttl, before, an operation, may take tno much lime. Some of those suffering *ith ehroti- + »».v Th« fjfH politic*! iii'ricii , Autumn season was not an Swiss MMk Wltfi th* lift v out to m*k« It chewible inT^j)! dessert, lw o sorry-looklhi niurf straight from th* c.h. II » HI The scene; thi w»»hlh»Miri Ml tional Press Club. The occfcla«7|l debate between that distlngu'- democm. Sen. Joseph ft. M noney of wyo,, *no inn M notable nepublicin, eWn. Ol«j J. Brown of Ohio. They botH fresh-hair cuts. * Sen. O'MKhoney dofftd hil en plncf neti (lute* »nd let dangle from their W»ck «i)k bon. He blamed thi food , lion, that Swiss steak Includf Ihe Republicans. Rep. Brown ed his glistening s£«ct«cle« his ears. He pl.eed «•&»,,,,„„, for the problem of fe««tln«, nrti f«I ftettlng ihose plums, on th« craLs, And pretty soon they »*r» •»•! mg their arms »nd shoutini e*ch other. The neniM- »«j baritone; the fe»rtsentitlv« 4 j,_ The dlttagu* |te* hMUc I'l . the nfators the Mffcc ef>\A«r. e.fh' other *>» fhfl first n a riles, go j. too. A fine thin?, Joe crie<l. «rhen #1 cops of cleveu«d trtest tht, er of i 0. s, mall It I* » menace te, . brake*. no fender*. "ThM'j what this BepublieVl economy drive I; flolng." hi »»l'r - ic infections can riestroy protein faster than il can be given, or ft serious disease may progress to inoperable state. --- o.-.i. f*vefntrteftt , menu, fixing It 53 the post department. !M#lf, eunt t Rood trucks." This caused OUfence Ml eh hi* second chin to he .boomed. "I Just <v»nt. Id remind Jo» hei4| '-list thi* truck driver didn't » out those fender* m the lint , months," he added. -"rti»t.'i M*,. the trouble (vitti thin D*hio«»i I administration. TOO many " f«ur$ letting fender*. •"* *• pieces all over the )».„.„,. Tlie drjtument continued „,, same hiph level and exeittrtjr fl, ' too. Just like in Congress. «»« that, the audlenne .there *<* free and doefn'l, h»v» Ml e«<t. aleak and plums. Joe siid he didn't kno* next, j-ear's presidential issues would bt until he „. whether .the OOP elephint *d to follow il« tnini. e>r ltd QUESTION: I am a woman in . " We W ' M "» ve ' h ' *» m * my forties. My pul.-e becomes weak ! ,T"V »" """fOW'd the P*oMi \ at times, and'the volume seems lo j 1 fl« s .~ hen ««>' "» overwhelmliHt; diminish. I., this condition due t» £"""«* -'-« - HepuWi«in Conjr*t< heart failure? I p la . re »« rumbled. "Take the >wj AXSWKR: While weak pulse may ; w™" M°^"y yMt^d." in"*!? one sign o e. i ai ire, lere [ morrlin(|[ j w>s 1^,,,^ 1^, (j n ^ D what the White House thought * bout An extra s*tilon fit r>i>nr'*'' on European relief, »nd 1 Mi don't know." j Jfic **ld hr dirirt't. notle* C(t4 encc voting ugainst iirty apw'rtft'ii' atlon* to fight the «'ir. And tti was the nftermath of w»r. "Yes." snappW C1»rene«, '"rt Republicans Mil pny for thl» »t They Always h»ve. I t\iti« thet't ways will." * „: Joe charceri the Republican* irlii wrecking the OPA; Oi»r*ne« Mil • '" , mii.;iw b^ •••••••••••••••••••••• ; • 15 Years Ago » : In Blytlievillc— \ ,, \fr. and Mrs. A. P. Carney eels- braled their 55 wedding aniversary yesterday afternoon at their home M ' v (Whatever was required al the time. [ oiilv to That's Why it l.v-so hard io any accurate idea of hoiv the Joan was spent: It was simply iisert to pay balance of trade deficits a.s they ........ * I INI • it » ......... ••»'• .............. » las well as gooti men players. rt W4a the national women's pair firi?n, inrmrr We must be so ,-(10115 "ha! u.i asgrc 6 ;nr, However rasfi. can pemiadf hmi^li thai we arf open to conquest.—President Truman. Let's slop lAlkinc about Die ni-xt .,,.;„• and trv to stress a way to attain a pic-'nt peace-Mrs. Eleanor Kooscvrli, * » « We invent machines, bit) <t-c [,,,] t<) ^^,,1, People to ItVe with them.--Dr. H. n. Dan lord, educational fiircclor of the Nation,,] consctVa-' tiuii Bureau. I Hy KHSK1NK JOHNSON' NBA Sl.iff Cm respondent HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 2. (NEAi Tile panic if OH. . Hollywood is iribblng at straws There's talk m movietown about putting paid rommcrcla) pints in motion plelures. ror a price. Die liners will be shown and lalked a- hotit on the screen if the pl.ih ROCS through. It's frlnhlrnine , ^ i Here's uhal niay h.ippen ulirn ' • ,v«n en In your nrichlmrhood ] Ibfalcr for your weekly double- j feature hriularbe. , Von buy a llrkcl anri then stop ' by the neon-lishiert snack-bar for; - , „ , a Biant-sizrrl has of popcorn hf/tfi her dnnshter. Diana lauaranlecd lo vntlle 'hronqh tile '"" entire double-bill i. three Cioocy- Nnl eaiidy bars ithe kind the sl.Yr? Mil. Slid a package ol long-lasting bubble num. I.ANA I.OVKS IT Vou lake ynui- seal. Jmt as Hie llrsl pirlure siarls. Laiia Turner Is Just stepping out o! hrr Alomle nubble Path. Yon know jr., ,\tn- mic because the box is sitting riRlit there in sishl on Ihe end of tile tub, I,ana (ells hrr maid .ill a limit Imw unmlrrful »tie frrl, nn ac- collht ,,r Alnniir nuhl.le Italh. ; Then c.iry drain comes raslihu r in to tell Her he" can't wait fnr, | breakfast much lonper he can > i already lasle the 'crisp, enmcllv t i flavor of the Delight Waffle, made , on that shiny new Dchclit Waffle Iron, with the new h.indle tvijt i won't burn your fincers. He alf" says that if she doesn't get one (\f those Ripper-Dripper coffee makers, he's ffoint to divorce her. ~" <• Mrs if ) lr .doesn't l>ilv rule nf llm^p Id^ciou^ ,(et-Su- llnrkel r.ijhl riinverliblf'. I divorrr him firM. iprt Hip plot. df\-plnp ? aroutM salesman who comes to thr with « .<fiisalifinal Nn-sne.-jc J ! championship lhat loday's hnnd l-B- _ * ) came up. You mlsht consider that • •••••e«««.»»B, r )East ari(l Wcst yd optimistically, Jet Super-Rocket, Kipht convwtl-I bul fcmemtaer that South had op- ble anrl she pets the flipper-Drip- ; <lllrrl »-it^ i "<-~ ^.,,,><;,.„ v,;^ r...... DCr coffee maker and they H VP ila|iptly ev«r aflcr. ' | 'lilt; UlttAlirAfiT (11 BLASTS The second feature last food, and shows Tar/an swinc- iii« thronaii the'trees with a box of Tii:rr Muscle under his a:m. always rc.idy to eive him the si length to dare all danger. 1 cnn heaj- RifiE Cvoshv sincins: ''Krurrhy-Wnnrliies are rii:lll nc.1t, Iltllhl.i jmir miiMlrs anil volir fort." JVo, thatit: yriu. I'll ,-tay homo. Joan BpivneU. has brn n trvltl' to 'IS. EC- rarfer fnr herfelf. Each morning, at bi-e,Tk[a-.'. ,-he has been siji-eesniiE v,-i.-,-oi ls iirofen- .--IOIIR which she hoped would Interest hrr. Diana, who .111-t aiariuntcd from an easlern tirls' nni=litnc school nnd has a mine- of her own, lis- ter.cri atteniively to all she ideas but said very little. Finally. Joall pot. Diana's aiu-^-er, Rrposinc neal-, her place at the breakfast table was the ci:t of n bnrik from riniitlilef. Tile title r<[ Die hook wa.'i: "Dnift Annoy Your cllil- dicn." McKENNEY ON BRIDGE encrt with a pre-emptive bid. such a bid, A pair will sometimes make an optimijMc bid because they ar<= afriici of belli: talked out of fomethlng. A pie-empt-ive bid usually inriicafes (lip lack or hi|h card values in the bidder's hand, and each opponent, natm-allv starts to place those values in his own partner's hand. T- - .. -,v r ,^ : ^.,,i f , )^.^ f j u .^ s u - nn ,, ... ..,. .they tfied to cdrtiniie ._, .von llvind children ( sjdent Truman vetoed it. their jmndChildren | .. ln fact, JOe. I think you ' ww i «vim them. Tlieil- ( one O f n,o*e tXrnoctils *ho eh»rr' | pioned taking th« meat." OUrence said. him. I glared HI th steak and i .,,,i >h. went the . sons and daughters are ; Mrs. J. p. Bark^ale Mr,. Antonia .Thompson. Mrs. Minnie Thompson, Will ' , Mrs. Little Rock of Morriltor Ine here, iniesU «t the reunion were: The Rev.. , nt l Mrs. P. Q, Rorlc. Mrs. J. O. Sudbury, Miss Ada Donoho. Mrs, jMnnnie Clemmons and Mr. und Mrs. B. A. Bugs. Jack Chamblin son of Mr. and Mr.s. Li D. Chamblin was eisht. years old yesterday so he invited several of his friends to celebrate his birthday with him. In the contests. Dick while and Margaret Holland were presented prize*. tor declared the winner. Pr«3l<r*y; was neutral, Me. loo. I shook hirtfj with .toe nnd Clarence botft '»ry' went, downstair* to 8crmlt«'i i" fountain for a non-political chi nandwlnh. Nothinf m«ke« • fellrtL so hungry «5 « polUickl lunch. -|| * A A K-l 2 V AK875 • 54 2 « 986 + QJ98 S N W E S Dealer V J64 » AKQJ .1 * A 10 3 Soillh .1 4 Pass 4QJ109765 VQ » 107 *K75 rjinnient— iCellher \~u1. West North Eask Pa?S Pass •! » S » Pass Pass Opening— tj NBC and CBS Broadcast 'Voice' Programs Abroad WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. (UPl .! Two privately-owned radio • com- p.imes yesterday began broariosst- rica. and the Par East. In approving a sharply-reduceij int three-fourths of the State ~ ttirii ictivltiei. CoOKT««s '(hiiit mahdjlory th»t » (BiJCr Rert'.el programs IX shift**] to pflV»'j companies. ' : \ Beslnnln^t loday. the 1f»ti«i'._ Broadcastln* Company »nd - tr)|" Columbia Broadcasting Syst-em .w! I transmit programs in ins threc-fiwrtlis of "the State De- \ man7''lUlia'n!'''span'ish7' e porM/iSi partmenfs "Voice ef America," ra • | Malas. Dutch. »nd »i' dio proarains to Europe. Latin-Ame- , mese. ' > , ! hr the vacuum cleaner. Lana falls salesman and runs nway la atoiind Ihe \vovlrl on thr Trcisuie Touv Osrenn Lines, Ihrr" meals a day Guaranteed, seasick or not. f'ary flr.inf fnllous Iliem nil the Skv-Terrler Airline In a. l>rrs«iire rabin, ralrhrs dp with '"em ami iiMnrlir.s (lie salrsinali Hie i AL tin, M ,' i the clnn-l Re CarefiH . Prc-Kmptir nv wi 1,1.1 AM E MCKINM;Y Anir r |r»> t'.irtl Authority WrIHcn fnr NT,A Service , One ol !^:e fii,<i riiir.sllniiii thj; a for the | ne«spppevm!ui a.'ks a wnniall brldj-' • a trlii i expert is. ( ;n wnaien play as sood brioc,e as men? | i, a , r often asked lhat quest inn m.VFelf. and surpris- iiiRly, the ,vo;non alwa.Vs answer Hint, turn play better brlrice ih.v.i women. With all of the fine women | ptyaers roiiiu-.i! alone throushoiit. I ihe I'ouiiiry. I dmibi if that is a Irui-stiiiemeiit. lu m\ iipinion. RIKH! Ji'o play cejilall.v , , . • lie buyi Jier the , women biidgc in dummy, and declarer realized that in older to nliik.- thr rontrart. she would have to find (he kinc of clubs iiEh',. So she led the queen of riubs from dummy, took the finesse and it- lost, to Eolith's kine. South now nlayed t!i?> o.nrcn of hParts. North might have put the richi-spot on the queen, askin: for a continuation of (he heart suit. But South would Have been unable to ronllhii with a heart, and de- r.arer would have nude Hie five diamond coniiF.ct. N'orth correctly overtook !h« quren with thr. kini and cishrrl th* arf of hearts, mak- inc nirf of delcalins ihr contract. Bhr then led thr thud heart. Soi^h trumped, ind the contract WAS down two trick*. Sideline CaMlally OCTONTO. Wis. iuri~tiie fir^i. rOsualt-y In openins fall football practice for the Oeonto hiph school team was the student rhaha£fr, Otsie Aronson. 17, Engrossed in watching tlie workout, Aronson fell bench, Iraclurinu hi.i rigtit Screen Star HORIZONTAL 58 She plays the 1,5 Pictured part of* 99 Social inwcls VERTICAL 1 Scoffed 2 Integral part 3 Numbers (ab.) actress 10 Spanish courtesy title 12 Lidded 14 Hawaiian \vrealhs 15 Darling It Weight deduction 18. Morsel 19 Grieves 21 Meadow 22 Hebrew leller 23 Symbol for Felenium 24 Behold! 28 Afllcl* 27 Dropsy 4 Symbol for erbium 19 Wander 3fi'igi* aimle.'siy 6Averajte (ab.)2(13lim 7 Veidran (coll.) 23 Acute 8 Verbal 25 Manifest R Breakfast food 28 Age 10 Slant 3f> Hawaiian bird 11 Bustle .1,1 Poplar 12 Sedan 3-1 Rivers 13 College 36 Classifies officials 37 Fabric IS Good (prefix) 43 Ajlinst 45 Ardor 48 Writing tt 4" Rough lavl 4« Indtani (» 49 She is in l Georgt _^. pieturt SI Drone b*« . S3 Is abl» - S5 French ST Buhyli deity off thnbei ami. 7 31 Sped 32 She is 3 star 33 Prize for merit 35 Pulls after 38 Musical nole 39 Symbol for tcllui turn 40 And (Latin) 41 Sun SOT! 42 Indonesian of Mindanao 44 Fix « Rodent 00 Repair 52 Incline 53 Mohammedan mlgislrale 54 ElM'orjean tmnllrig SBfJeprKc Of IpTr U" ITT rv §r 8" FT: SI, m R P-

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