Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 18, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1896
Page 8
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GteaTRemnant Clearing Sale. Commences Monday July aoth. ^^^r rn T I i^ Has prepared the greatest Rem- THE GOLDEN RULE n ant Clearing Sale pn record SEE OUR LARGE POSTER^. on first and second floors. ; THE BOLT CONTINUES. Well Read Editors Cannot Stay With Bryan and Sewall. There are but few papers supporting tlic Chicago ticket,.'All the -lai-fluoatial Democratic paper* pf the country have refused to m-doivse the platform or the candidate. The Jour-aa! published a list of Democratic- newspapers bolting the ticket a few days iigo; The list is still growing and-'hhs nearly doubled, amounting to;.«oyeiv.&»c hundred and thirty. r ••; Marshal'tcwn, Iowa, Statesman.- Sheboygaffl, Wisconsin, Xation.nl Democrat (German), y* ' Sljrourney, Iowa', Tleview. Waterloo, Iowa, Tribuac. Dubwiiic. lojtva, Jlerald. Austin, & HEINLY. Boston Globe. Boston Herald. Boston Po.?t. Baliiuiore Sou. Baltimore News. Buffalo 'Courier. To The Ladies 'This ,s the season of the ynar when itho unpleasant but necessary work of fc'ouse-cleaiilng claims the attention of the housr.'Uuuper aud not a little depends OH the appearance o£ your lace <:ui-talus ns poorly donc-up curtain* spoil the effect of a well-furnished borne •quicker than anything else. We have •experienced help In this class of work Tvbo do nothing else ana we K'JOW we can givo you perfect satisfaction. We are also malting a specialty tills year of laundering shirt -waists, being the , .-only firm In the city using machinery •exclusively for the purpose. We will •-appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. CAPTURED A SEINE, Su who Is Billy To enrn ! this 0 ud<'}ntloii PU1 ho"vo? Skier rnustol, in vc No lie's s?ra]'"y l wstili' 1 'V "«•"»= tor sab roiniHstlc gall. nnO what. , people 0. Sav, wlio is BUly liry.-in, has ho to stand As the champion oL' t'.ie . Tllltn-Lii nCStcrou IiLu . Has ho ' o" e •aU-.i.if.- but tulk rinoo ha i-arld wair his silvoi- tonsil"- 1 •' Well, ^ can't rocall jurt what M£» done, but .then, you know, ho a young. 'Suy, who is Billy Bryan, ar.,1 Is the story T'ia.'t lf°' father spoiled his "Brlo'n" with thVM Who h» lH.cn Brookly-ii Eiigli 1 . B'-'iiuiaglon Vt.. Reformer. .Chicago Chronicle. Clilcagn Al)d.wijjost.. Chlciiiio Suiat.s-5!iiitun.i,'. Clia.rlrsvo-n Sews and Courier. •Vo,, an.,, on thorn to S ivc our Donkey's tall a twls,t. Say, who Is Billy Bryan. a,ul did ho ever •V workmen's protection such as Bill -Uhmo accent not so tod a, what Oh' y ebuthe' he used to be. \nd how okl Is Billy To r Bryan? Has ho The Deputy Fish Commissioner Makes a'Good Haul. lilopii fisli-ermm will Und truubk' (•aitfi-oii.ting Iliiem ill. every, turn from iiuw luHM-fn.rth mid i'oivv-oa 1 . Shuvo the «'ii,id mudo by Sum: Fis!'. Commls*iou.oi' r. IT. K'ilrseli Hiiid a uuiii'lior of Uio members oil the Loj.'iiu.-spnrt.'Ftehliig club fwnm weeks staoe. "w which there was. destroyed a. big en.'.ir.-e owjied by camping i'islieriii.c-11, ihori! h!i< i>ueii no com- ]il;i!.nr. inaiile as to iilie'irrMnnCT of tisKiiig in tiris county. Hut there'are other iiud t'lS. 1 St'i'te F-lsh Couimis- mv liis wlien-hc appdl'iitcd a local jmslev to look n-ft«r -matters per- t.ai.!i!l.n« to The lanforeeinw'it of tile law in this district. W'lui-t tlic • bounds- of the dfctriict are i's not known; and there is JIG very prcssin? iifrfd' to 1 know, so P.MllMS, Tex.. News. Duinoc.ni I: AVorcliester. Dimmiiorr, Town, Democrat. l>!i.vi'.an, 0.; Tiniii«. D(.-ti'oit 1-^i-eo Pi-ess. OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively toe our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75. Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-- 2.25. Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds 75. Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK A Stolen Bicycle ileans a great deal to the one that Is a 5oseT. Why run any risk when you can fcave your wheel Insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get its vftl- we when stolen? Insure at once and be on the safe side. . . Punctured Tires Repaired Prom this date on for 25 cents at the BurgmanCycle Co We,,, if Democrat, h.u on hi, last year's 'stamping ground. t s. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. in 30-lb. lolo, Oc greatest Discovery or the 19th Century, Dr. league's . : N1CW KKMEPV : H«Hltcato<l Air For the Cure of Catarrh, A»thm» and all pnlmonarj plaeases,. tt has no eaunl lar Sick and Nervous Head- Sche, 1,000.000 people die annually trom the Sbove named •••"«•• It li the best remedy OD earth for Lft ^».j»pe. It will give immediate relief mt will effect a cure where all other •MMlleB fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Choice conn-try lard per lb.—Traut's. 1 Be«t indigo prints ic; 30-inch sheeting 4V.c; Sc muslhi, 5%c; best lawns, Se!" Go" today to the big sulo.-The Bee Hive. Tlic Irfrp.vrt handsomest line ol ban- qiiet and library lamps ever brought tn Lnsansport. An. inspection solicited.--. The Infant (laughter of Mr, and Mrs. Judwn Dunham died, yesterday morn- ins, and was burled in the afternoon in Mt. Hope cemetery. •Mrs. Sarah Benner, who was gored by a cow Wednesday night, is still in a serious condltfion, her age and delicate constitution beln'g against'her. ."'The funeral of the late Ashcr Crocket, nivho d'lod at Galveston Thursday afternoon, will be held tomorrajv. The de- •ccased was seventy years ot age, -and 'was well known about Galveston. Crowds attended Uic Bee Hive's groat upbuilding and Dene-lit sale. 'Everyone was delighted with bargains they so- ciu-cd. Wash poods tliat were 20c now 10c;'45c outs, 24c, and so on. .Go.today. The upbuilding and boaeiit sale at the Bee Hive drew the crowds yesterday. •All -were astonished and grabbed the 'wonderful bargains.' Bigger ones tomorrow. Don't fail to go. Read their We ad. In this dssuc. Citizens of Logan-sport win be pleased to learn that 1flie -Military band will give n. sortes of open-air concerts at Spencer park beginning -next Monday night.- Two'concerts will be held each week, on. Monday and Tlmrsdny nights. The Infant daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Mmu-it-e O'Connor died yesterday at noon at tlidr residence In Harrison township. The funeral will bo held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Interment in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. The newly elected officers of the Whcatland street Epwovtii League will l,o publicly installed Sunday evening. This will be followed by a program on "The Sunday League ot America" under the auspices of the Epworth League. A welcome to alt' Mrs. Rhodie Noah, of-this .place, was fish to ei.. - . -- -It is s-itilkiiieint to know-that the dcpu- ly, whoso •name Is withheld for ; bbvious reasons, lias since been -'doVuK some »ood-wovl:. -Iirfonrnvtilou. re-ached the di-inity !,liat Mva-e^vei-o constant vfola- t,icw,5 of Mie nslt law''do.wii the Wataish river, find, he stnrtcd out on n tour of lnvwr.tga.tiOM early this week. He stopped, near A'Miitea 1 first, and searclicd two farm liouses w.liich had-becii n:u6ci3 as suspiciLous; • NotuLng wns'uncovered lnwv so lie wont'on until within 'tlii-ue. mi-les and a hialt' °£ Williamsport, wlwre IK- foimid'-'a party of campers. He "• sti-uc-k it rich there, for wi'Miii a -rcsry few minutes aftier lib airr.lv-al : he tad' uocovered three set nets aud after looking through lie camp closely, uncM-erea'a; w&ne three Imndrod feet long aua-tweHe' feet high. There was one hundred pounds ot' load on. Hie setae mid-it to'listed-lii'the'cata- logues at $90 wltolesale.'- Tnc'Talue of tlxe sel-nc dad not derer'tAe 'deputy from conilscatlme the nut, and -litf brought it, together wuitih the throe set-lists, to this city where they w«rc .destroyed-.. The slwrJff erf Warren county was with the deputy, n.ud they entered'-' one farm house where It was -Ituown that seines were, owned and sea-rclwfl tlie'premises at the point of a revolver,-.; being opposed by tlic wonwn 'of the iKxuse'hold w.h'o pot up a determilft'ed resistance to their entrance. • ' This iff the flist trip out on tlic-river for tJie deputy, and tt-hns-proved a most successful one. He 'was' -gone eight days aid succeeded in' uiicoveriaig two w three hu-uidred dalla.rs'-'worth of Illegal tislili'up apparatus. If all the couu- tiios in tlic State would t-Ute as stringent measures to ovcrtianl tte illegal fishers as htis Cass couuly, tlicre- would not now so muclicomplalnt ftaftae flslilng is poor. KI.!y.aliL'i.!i, N. .T.. Herald. Kaston. Pa., Expn-s.-- FitclibnJ'g, Muss., Mail. Giilves-ton, 'I'ex.. XOWR. rio-lyoko, Mass., Free Pres.?. Hartford. Conn.. Times. Jersey City. X. -T.. Times. •IvaiiSii-s City Sr,-ir. Key Wiwt, Fla.. Equator. Key Wo.*r., Fla.. Democrat. Lansinff Daily Journal. La Cross Wj«.,, Chronicle. LL'wUton,..Me., Sun. I»xlngtoai,,Ky., Herald. Louisville, Courier-Journal. Louisville-Times. • Louisville Tost. Louis-vllle. Aaiwiger. i Ixiwoll, Mass.. Tiuies. Ma-nchestei'. X-.-H., Union.- Jlompiiis Scimebir. Milwaukee Journal. Montgomery, A-la., Advertiser. Mobile nos'sh.'!-. .. Mac-Mas, Me., Union. New York Evening Post. •..>'«w York Herald. Nc,w York Irisli-Ainerican. JCi-w York World. Xew Orleans States. Now Ot'leaiiis riftiyano. New 1'o-i'k Stasils Zeit.nug. Now York Sun. - New .York.'-TJmes.. NaslivHle..;Tenu., Banner. .New Hav.cn, Goun., News. New I-Iavffli,..Cono.. Rcfiistor. Pliiladelphla- Record. Pnllnrtolphia/JMmos. FroTiidcnce; R.'L, Journal. rctersburg. Vib, Index-Appeal. . Rl<:limond,-,,-Vn.,. Times. Salem,, -Mass.-, News. SIo"ns'.'Falls,..S. D., Argus-Leader.. Staiinton,; \"a., .;News. St. Paul, Globe, . St Louis A-H7,ei.gcr. Spi'ljigfield, .Mass., Republican. Syracuse Courier, Syracuse Herald.-. Sioux City, Iowa, Tribune. Troy, N. Y., Tress. • •Trenton, N. «T., Times, peoria. Dejuocmt (German 1 .) Alexander., Va., Times. 'Cedar Kanids Gazette. Pcoria Hm-ald. • :• wi.namuc Democi'at. ..jlc.Kecspoirt, Pa., News. . Lowell, Mas?.. Star. ..DenisoJi, Texas, Heca-ld, Burliiigteiui, Iowa, - Volk-Gfifreuiio. Mfunltowoc, WJfe., ritot. Yoi-k Haudefc-Zeiitung. 313 Fourth Street.; BUT THREE PLAYED. Cleveland Won -From the Bean Eaters—League Talk. An un.forum:i:ie wJifciko. by wliich two re]irft!cnt.-iiivc.s of clubs wliich will. be in the now Suite laisue were called 10 Uiis city for .a conference yescrday, occunml llirough flic fact that tiic notice was scut outtothiese representatives ii«t named last evening as the time for the preliminary meeting. Postal cards were .sfiirt out Uiter aanounciug the change of date to next Monday ulglw, but Rushvllle :md ^Uidcrso-n did uot receive the notice and in 1 coa*c- qui'iiee botli tliosc citios were represented last night in a meeting composed ot Ixjgamsiiort, Anderson and RushviUe ; Notilmug could be done so -W was a-r- ninged'tha't the oi-ig'.wil iirtcntJon of holding the- mooting Monday- nijrlit should "be 1 adhered to. Both the towns Mimed are ready for the league., and will be in line at the nwetins Monday niglit, Donald L. Smitsh, representfflg ilic Biishville club, was present and «.>ys tliat tiaA dub «m be counted m on anythtas Uiat is right and fair. Mr. SmltJi will be here Monday night at the telg uc incctlajt. Xlck-Ivwy o£ the Anderson club, was also pi-eaeut, aud indicates -that that club Is ready to enter the league, provided Andei-son is given mo piwktaici'. ™» fe perfectly. -^ e ; .»Wc to all the cluibs projvwed, provided sonic- other nrau ttan. Sick hiouself is proposed (or the, place. Thci-e is a healthy sentlracjit.Jor Uasoball iiv Aader son, if it is given the right sorf o£ a ?2.0S For Choice ol' the Store. $2.0S Except Men's Cordovan. Two dollars and ninety-eight cents takes choice ol our finest shoes $5, $6, and 57 footwear. Tlus sale is strictly cash and will last just a few days. We expect to remodel our store and have made these extremely *ow prices to reduce the stock. $2.4S for choice ol all shoes that retailed at ?3 to $3.23. S1.9S for choice of all shoes that retailed at $2.50 and $2.75. J1.-1S takes choice of all $2 and $2,25 shoes. $1.24 take choice of all $1.50 and $1.75 fine shoes. 98 ceats will buy a-very good shoe that others will charge you $1.25 to $1.00 for. 22c for men's or women's carpet 6lip ; pers. 33c for women's fine serge slippers. Just the thing for liot "weatlier. PILLING', the shoe man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. BTJILDING AND...LOAN. DIREC- •' ; lOc a dozen.at Traut's. Boys' $2 tan shoes for ,fl.23.—Elias •Winter. •Go get a pair of tine tati.shocs at cost <&t Elias Winter. A fom-toen-quart dish pan .for 13c at "41 p. m- today.—The Fair, -New goods for fall trade constantly arriving—Fox & DtinKelbcrg. iPIenty.of sprl-nff chickens at 1^. G. \ Tblrd, street market. rs o, token In the night with cramping pains ••The Home Bullfllne and'Loan- 1 association elected the. following Iwa'rd-of directors at the,-third :' : a.im-ual- meeting, Tluvvsday u3-ghf for,the ensuing year: .T. C'. Nelson, C. H. Starr, O.B; 'Sargent, T R Sewcll, W.-D. Pratt, N. A, Irwin -md T. A. McGovernji The. board or- pnnlaetl by clectlus J.-:C/NelBon, president 1 O. H. Starr,'vice-president; N. A. irwita, secretary, nnd-T. A: McGovcrn, t-reasurt-r. -' v Thc reports for the year of the secretary aid treasurer showed the wsoda to be i-na. LJ1KCU ill- iitv iitf^ — - • and the nest day diarrhoea-set in; She took half a bottle of blackberry cordial bat got no relief. She then sent to me to see it I had .anything that would ^ ^^ _ _ help her. I sent her a bottle of Cham-1 cydlst (, n a knocked down,.;but wasjwt bcrlaln's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea " Remedy and the first dose relieved lier Lafayeitte, lad-' (Tournai. - Wsibiislv, tod,, Times. St. Louis i-Ainerika, • San Anto,Bto,,Texas, Express.- Meiiden, Goam, .Toumad. HornoUsvillci N:,-Y,, Tribune. FisuUHl, N. Y., 'News. Co-hoes,.N."Y.i D.ispatch.. \vatert6wiWW- WolCbuerger. foibtwille, Ea,;; Glironicle. .Jackson^, MJSB.,--News. Erie, Pa., Herald. WON FROM THE BOSTONS. Cleveland .Takes tlio Last of the Series From tile Beaneaters. , Clevehuwl wo-nlrom Boston yesterday It was tte inst game of the, present sec- ies and' the Spiders took it by a good score. Following are «)e scores- of the jjfa>mos yesterday. At Cleveland--Boston T, At Pittsbni'g-Ph-iladelphia burn S. At St. T^ouis—New York Louis 7. STVNDIKG"QF"THE.OLUBS: Clubs Won Lost PerOt. 1- Pitts, 10, St. Cincinnati- . , r >3 . Baltimore -4" Cleveland 47 Boston '. 41 Chicago •• •; •• 4 ^ PItlsbuirg 30 j Brooklyn, 30 j| PliUadxdpMa ...'. ..35 ; Washington .-31 Now York 30 St. Louis .- 20 Louisville 17 24 24 24 32 30 37 41 r.c ; . J5i .CSS .002 .062 .502 .514 .534 .473 .4G7 ,450 ..423 .203 .2150 Thursday evening,..wWle Edgar Pow- 11, the music dealer, was-walking, on street, he was;struck by a bl- opc-nlng Jcnch. Iwlllvuj aii« wj^ "*"Another of our neighbors had been side for about a week and -had tried different remedies for diarrhoea but kept getting worse'. I sent him this same remedy. Only four doses of !t were re- quiired to cure him. He says he owet his recovery to this wonderful remedy. -\Irg f Mary Slblcy, Sidno f sale by B. F. Keesling, aruggls . Mr. Powell riding on the sidewalk. The man's name wa« not •learned.. A soap box orator, spoke:at the corner of Broadway'and Fifth strept.last night, rwlvoeatfmg 1'ree sUver.'iiv.tlie calm and logical mirancr of .the street polltlcia-n. •Fitteoo men and several .boys listened atid prouted by what the -wanderer ga.ve (out. ., - . . '." :• .'• . .''-.'.• Lockhaven, Pa., Democrat. CTiamberebwrg, Pa., Spirit. Doyla9ton r -Pa.,-Democrat. ; «chub"-M«rPltt; tire fourteen-year-old son erf Mr. .and : Mrs. Al Merrltt, wbo disappeared-Boveratwoeks ago, turned up. all right last'Tuesday morning.; He says that lie was-is far East as BalU- more, but says -that he-has seen enough of this, wild.aoid wicked world, and will locate nere until ho: Is wealthy enough to pay his : way. - - . • ' ' Tlie'Hom. B-. F-; ; .Sh-i'vely,is adverOsed to be here at tflie Democratic.county convention which -will be.held, here ™ on . DIDN'T DO A THING. •Whenever postVS T.. PA. gets left out in the. cold,'it must be a. very cold day The ball team of Pot* F playUd the Lafayette T. P. A's. yesterday at Lafayette nnd Oie way thiey wiped .the .spots off ttie Latoyette feHows was a cautlofft The score stood 2G to 15 in favor of Logansport at.th<>, end of gevon iiunin'gs and they' Qnlt ft* tliat.The T. P. A. column will have on luterestiag write up of the battle in the morning. Tlic-Indies' auxiiltiftry to tlic B. of L. K. wiiil Itold a social bhls evening at the residence of B. V. Pitman, 1322 Hign ''stveot Ice cream nnd cake will be servedat lOc awl an excellout program given.- All are invited. r - •',*».•••"„*''U" , • Watermelon on ice at Ronhermel's. New potatoes 25c a bushel.—Traut's. Tau shoos go at cost for cash at Elias Winter's. Choice sugar cured haws at 9%c per lb.—Traut's. All tan shoos at cost.—Ellafe Winter, 510 Broadway-' Last call ou parasols Don't miss it today—Trade Palace/ , s ~ Bom, to Mr. and Mrs..EU Morchead of the Soutbfiide, a sou. • Born to Mr. and- Mrs. Frank Sclra- bcch of the Westsi'de, a. daughter. Upbuilding and benefit sale now ou and a groat success at the Bee Hive. Plenty imtmcff melons, Michigan poaches and wliite plume celery alt Rjottei'mcl's. Having purchased ben dozen waists of Mr t .T. Grohte.of Philadelphia at 25 cents . on the dollar, we place them on sale today. 4Sc waists, 25c; OSc waists,' 4Sc; $1.0S aud 92.50 waists, OSc. Don't wait, as they won't last long.-Trade Palace. The funeral of Henry Pettinot, whose death occurred, on Thursdaiy .morning at tire St. Joseph hospital, will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at St. Bridg- ' efs church, conducted by the Rev. Father Kroeger. Inteimeut wJJl be made in Mt St. Vincent cemetery. Martin' V. Carney • died Thursday r-vuing at 11 o'clock, at the home of his son, S. J. Carney, in Noble townsu'p. of paralysfe, aged eighty-fire years. .He •loaves five daughters and four sous, .,11 crown. The funeral will, be lield Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the residence, conducted by «». Rev. Mr. Leason. Interment will be made In Mt Hope cemetery. . ~ ,., Last summer one of our grandchildren was sick with a severe bowel trouble .Our doctor's remedies bad failed, then we fried Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, V"l>^) V-'WViV.— which gave very speedy relief. We re- 'gard'lt as the best medicine ever put on the market for bowel complaints-Mrs. E. G. Gregory, Frederlckstown, -Mo. .This certainly is the best medicine ever put^on the market for dysentery, sum• U) or complaint, colic and cholera infan- 'tum in children. It never fails to give prompt relief when used In reasonable time and' the plain printed, directions are followed. Many mothers .have expressed their sincere gratitude. for the cures It has effected. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. !?IsS;lii^

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