The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1948 UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplc BLYTHflVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NFAVS PAGE AM Ot-P STONE WALL. ALWAYS MAKES METHIMK DP HEROES AN' ' LAST STAND* AN' POWDER SMOKE AN' KAMROO6. WELL, IT PROVES \ PEOPLE MEVER \ CAM »C TH' SAME-- ) I JUftT THiKlK. OF < 'CM teiN'A GOOD ) PLACE TO SIT J POWTsl.' THIMK OF MISEE'S HIDPEW GOLD-AMD OF ...' J, THE P>V/>PlN6 LIME b// Tax Status Questioned In Little Rock LITTLE HOCK, ArX. March 4 'UP)—The Arkansaa Democrat 5311! yesterday that Gov. Ben I/iney may have unwittingly repealed Arkan' poll tax as a voting requirement. The paper said thit In abolishing the Arkansas property tax—as requested by Laney—the 1947 leg- Wature repealed an enabling art which alto applies to Constitutional Amendment 11. Amendment 11 aeis up the one dollar per capita ttx on Individuals which hai been termed the poll tax by the Arlcan- us Supreme Court. The newspaper said the discovery was made by an Arkansas attorney while Governor Laney was in Washington voicing his protests to President Truman's civil rigtiU sram which includes abolition Plhe poll 'ax as one of its principal planks. The same 1947 legislature which the paper says unknowingly may have abolished the state's popular Poll tax took a pre cautionary step however. Realizing that the federal Congress would probably pass an anti- poll tax law the General Assembly placed on 'the .November general •lection ballot a proposed constitutional amendment which would allow the Arkansas legislature to Aet up a voting registration system in the atate. . . c ju CL L ® BY 1ONE SAM »>• lone ^andberg bhnber DISTRIBUTED BY N SHRIBER. O SERVICE. INC Till: STOUVf Ann Itfmrru IM brrf with • >lck hrad Arirr liu.h krr hu»l>nn«. b ap hi-r • ii|i|<rr *»d | ..... ip.<r« bill *•• rirrjilrft ah* *MUB| kern rriiAr rurllrr ihnl dci hNv<- ciHiviNi'r^ bi.iHrlr Aiiiucu fcrr tt»i* fci'Utvkulil **MNtr rw nhn nnd ch* H( • vrr Ihr r Ihr • M'lnjditc brldK* vinr IK thr cnrdtn hn* rol]HP*td. kllU»£ J.uVr the jenr- dmrr . . . b»cn*«e hrr ljr|irwf llrr hud crMNkrd fruwt • cluatt «hrlt. nnrrawljr Mlmlnir l*rr , . . An* fend »|it-ni thr • rt*r*oim nddlric II all • |i In itiountltiir Irtrnr. NoOT. mv- rurr ajlnin. »hr rrHrrli thai »hr had di»ral»«*d RH»h and l.atrle. ply h i-lt bHI Hrr - rnu vr rllhrr ol IMF iv/iy: l.iiy. ItiiHli-H ultrm-llvr III). r*i.uli.iniii. nnu t Tummy. l.nuri*-'* Iliiwrr. brrnnftr «br mulil find no Minlvr. Shr hnd Idlullcnlly fltc- urrd Ihni Klndn. her old Crlrnd nnrt •unKrKnvBt. wnnlrd to kill hrp mrrrlr bcrnunr nhr I Ann I »TM« Ihr nnljr prmuv nhn kHri« nhiiul M» Bill rnllrur HrhndAl Hlndft hud hern InrBlvrd In. UT Ann wasn't the only one discovered. Soniohnw all of trial made it more daring, more exeit- ng. The two men (who really weren't men >1 all but boys twenly-one yt:;us uhl) were showing o£f; there wat a [OIK! bonsl of swimming prowess, a laughing dare, a swift dive into the water. Nothing so far on which to base tragedy. The shore was fairly close. Bob wus an excellent swimmer, the two left in the boat laughed, shouted «iicouragement. • • • r r*HE squall came swiflly and -*• ruthJessly. Rinda and Kelly had their hands full with Ihe sail, they had to KO out and tack back. When Ihcy were able to look for nob they couldn't see him. Mie waves were already churning into whitecaps. A boy drowned. Kelly Winion managed to get Rinda back ;o her dorm belorc the police cauie. Al Ihe moment it sccrned the wise thing to do But then witnesses began turning who shared that knowledge "P " wtt ° sa 'd there had been three with Hindi. There was the other in "i e boa' aid Kelly was finally Truck Fir* Extinguished Before Flames Reached Incendiary Bomb Cargo LITTLE ROCK, Arlc., March *. (UP)—Traffic along U". S. Highway 10 between Little Rock and Lonoke *'ns stalled for two hours yesterday while firemen extinguished a fire In an Alabama Freight Com~ ny truck loaded with incendiary mbs Ifhe blaze, which started from an overheated punctured tire, was put out before it could penetratj [he •teel-encased explosives. No one wa Injured. * Driver C. E. Smith, who works for the Malone Freight Uny of Birmingham, said he left his large trailer-type van on the highway after a second tire on a dua! wheel blew out, and went lor help A pa*ser-by noticed flajnel •preadlngr along the bed of the truck and summoned the State Patrol and the North Little Rock ( Fire Department. The truck was headed West. In the direction of Little Rock. boy—what was his name?—Kelly something—Winter? Kelly Winter? No, Winton. That was it, Winion. And when you came rlghl down to it that so-called scandai was such a simple tragic story. A Sunday afternoon, a sailboat, two men and a lovely girl. All of them on 3 lake that had the well-carnecl reputation of being treacherous. The college had banned iif use to the students: there was no rule on-Rinda's campus stricter than the one forbidding the lake. The boys' school, on the other side of the \valcr. wns a little more lenient; they aUowcd sailboat* and some swimming. But the two men were breaking rules by taking Hinda (iust as she was breaking the rule by going) because they knew the ban as well as she did. They knew she might face expulsion if she were forced to admit there had been a girl along. That was when the talk started It there was nouiinjj wrong, why hadn't the girl stayed there and talked wilh the police? If there was nothing to hide, why did Kcll> Winton steadfastly refuse to tel who she was? Rinda wanted to go to the police but Ann and Kelly agreed lha identifying RinJo would serve n purpose. Bob had died, his deal was tragic, but .splashing mud o Hindi wouldn't help anything wouldn't change anything. Wha Rind;) must do was. in all acluaj ity. V.'.c hardest thiug ol all: ncth ing. She must sit tipht. sooner r> later the story would peter out. It did. too. Ann eurled up smiled sleepily to in the herself bet SI certainly owed Rinda an apolo:r> From that old story she had th [(cmrxm built a beautiful ens* ;u(mt Itinda. Oarllni Rinda . . . Ann drilled oft to sleep. • • • T wns dark when she awakened. The breeze was blowing the urlnms inward: llu-y Hulled ncross carpet w;l)> ,1 soft sibilant •hisrjer. Downstairc she could ear music. Sht could h«tr oices, too, low and nulled, pur- oscly. she had no doubt, so her leep would not be disturbed. They were all so kind to tier, io thoughtful. So considerate. They came upstairs, one by ore, nd slopped at her door to see ow she was feeling. Laurie was itsl; she came in and stood at he fool of Ann's bed. "It wai a sliame yon had to mist lunch." the laid. "How ar» ou feelinjT" "I'm much better." Ann told ier. "I'll be fine in ihc morning.' Laurie stilled a yuwn. "Want nylhing?" Ann said no and Laurie left her Rinda came In but the had letters 0 write. "Those peopJe In Cl*v«and Don asked me to look up," he said. "An aunt ol his. I think 1 is. I'm lo make a duty call. 1 hl 1 might go in tomorrow or he next day." Finally Ann wai alon* with Rush. I'm going to sleep across the iall." he said. "And don't argue. You'll rest better witlioul my inof Irjg." He got his pajamas and dresa- ng gown, brushed nit teeth and Drought her a glass of watei and 3 sleeping tablet set a thcrmot on the table beside tier bed. "Now you're all set." he said. "I'm going to close thii window H you won't be in a draft. The other two are open, you'll have olenty ot air Have you got everything you want?" "Yep. And Rush—1 love you very much." "The feeling, my good woman, is mutual.' He kissed htr soundly. "Pleasant drcami." bt uld. He went acroit the room, turned at the door. "I'm going to read tor att'hiJe." he said. "I'll leave ooth doors open. Call me if you wani anything " (To Be Continued) A device has been invented that \ measure.'; the relative amounts of I oxyjen In mixture of gasscs by utll- J izine attraction of oxygen to a mag- i net. Political Announcements The Courier News has been Authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the general city election, April 8: nnd the Democratic Primary, July 20th • nd August 3rd: FOR ALDERMAN (Second Ward) J. L. (Jodie) Nabers COlfNTV TREASURER ^ Frank Whltworth W COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR CITY CLERK W. I. (Bill) Malin (Fln« Ward | L. C. (Bud) Pos«y Jr. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY *23 MISSOURI ST. PH. J«27 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has atktd for that amount-it is the answer to higher and higher food pricei. MERCHANTS—We have complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! HELP CONSERVE FOR OTHERS—WITH 4 GARDEN OF YOUR OWN! Pnul Byrtim Seed Store h«s the most complete slock of garden and field seed between Memphis and St. Louis, as well as >ll kinds of plants In season. Make thl» jour headquarter! whenever you buy high-germination seed I SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM "The Seed Store" 114-120 East Main St. Blytheville, Arkansas [M ALONE f Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and free from all seed borne diseases. Quicker germination, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense. Use any bean, coin or pea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed In attractive SO Ib. bM5. Come In and book your requirement* today, we will hold until planting time. BLYTHEVILUE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytherille, Ark. Branches: Lcachville, ArV., Cardwell, Hornersville A Sermth.Mo. Spring Planting Oats Wt hsvi Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Paaturt Mixture* and T-esperleza. T>«wn Mixtures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come to See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. Phones B57 jj«J fj, /r\ h^ $•£ m? ^tO*o<^ corn in i ft NC« M"^vjfi "-<r_T. M^ ftrf. j 3-4 "Do you suppose il you'd bring uii* of your iecr<tar!os home to dinner, tlie'ci know how to do thi* homework?" FKKCKLKS * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOfHBB Low HEY i WHE-oe's TWT 1 oo«T M PU*W : vou SAID meuMOfoWM- YOU'D PS1MO- wiwl I WITH YOU/ Wot • Mtlb HAVC setH v*4*r L Mr\v» MIN I -••'BACKWARDi TtJgil BACKWARD, O, Tine IN HOUR PUCHT 'i MAKI M* A CHILD MAM tM)V THAT5 6LOWN ABOUT ML I A FOSe SOU CAN SAY FOB. KIM I I'KISCIU.A'S I'OP Speedy Solution By AL VERMEER It depresses me when ttey quarrel Hazft. I hate Co tie them all (/it time. A Korired Nnme Bv MICHAKL O MALLRY and RALPH LANS rVf KIN IN 1M« T rr» A CINCH. FATS 1 f" I'M STI^KIHfi 1O A OAFS f THAT'S MCKtTS TUKN1Y 1M<*»HOH Will BACK (WCKIT. START A MIW \THI LAST IK Wmt TMI CA&M OWAHO VOU MCI TKXWK \T1WI 1 J CAX I 1RUST HI/H ANV MO«t. FOS6OTTEN HOWMAMY HONEST MIN TWHKMI, FIGHTING GUVS HKf US WHO 1.IVE 6V CXJB ^ % (WAIMS. THIS CONTRACT NECDS S4AMATUV.I. Ml HIM. f«OM WS»#&. FROM OCW, THIS 15 A 6000 ONf. TO Gf T 60IN6. Vtt NOW vou WANT us KAxoerwmiit CVERV TO tWTT OJT All / JOIMT IN 1OWN SO wta ASAIW. y THIY*»»« » KBIT ATiLtVISKW SET WASH TUBBS By LESMR TURN KB You (,'»n Sit 'I'hnl TH' *H 1»* WW.WK6H, «OU WMsNvwriR *H»f r!,. 1 HMEN'I *vrr MISS IEIS wt con»>sior TKM\GRUOER- ms.SISTER! . MIK.TUMS. HktM'T »KM HM5CLF FOK «OM TME! KKU RYDER Shwl By FRED HARMAJM . , STUFF CABLED WOO<0>3PAt.EF*CB. LIKE ALLEY OOP Bad Takeoff By V. T. HAMLIN Here's Looking At Youf ... for a more Immacu- !a(e, «((rac(ive appearance (his spring , . . bring wiled suits to u» for rapid, fresh-as-new cleaning and pressing 1 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 I500TS AND IIKK lilJDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN u .—

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