The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 2, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1947 ".hicks Put Through Gruelling Voct/ce Session as Date Wears or Game With Powerful Tigers RLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COH.'RIER NEWS B> I.EO H. rUTERSKN _ (United Fress Sporls Editor) It «•.. M k < i., . ... NEW YORK. Oct. 2. <UP> —Tlie n wu block, Uckk, block *t the Country Club yesterday afternoon Brooklyn Dodgers,- two down with th« Blytheville Hi»h School Chiclmiwi wound up their pre-game i °" ls .' l *'° l p s ° unlr -" 'hey pull hll* with t iruellinr «erimm»»e «ession in preparation for their same }th the 6(.t« Champion Little Rock Tiger. »t Haley Field tomorrow ,ght. Coatlics Nig Bynum and Waller Davis acnt their charges Uuougli • of the toughest head bumping scrimmage sessions ol me season 1 TU! Uper off with t lifht workout under the arcs of Haley Field Vit and then settle back to ,reet the Tigeri when tlicy arrive by *cial bus tomorrow noon. lln yesterday's practice drill Pop*— •osley ran a group of his Papooses Series Shifts to Sacred Soil; Yankees Move to Ebbets Field Hogs Meet Frogs In First SWC Tilt lainst, the two squads of Chicks ling some of the plays that the Igers are expected lo use In Frl- y night's contest. And a number . these plays, all run from the pie Dame system, had the Chicks uessing for awhile but in final Joments of this dummy scrimmage ley began to catch on. [And It was after this part of piac- te that the tribal chieftains really lit (he Chicks through ihe mill, approximately half an hour jembers of the Tribe "butted *adj" In blocking and tackling fills that ended only when it be- ton dark. Many FJa.rera Shifted ..« .two mentors mixed Ihe usds in several combinations luing rst and second stiinRerj on the e team and then shifted them L give each man a taste of pth offense and defense. And when drills ended, ihe Chick s(|iiad hew thai they had been through a al practice session. • ' I "Witerday's hard session was den- ; Sltfj- In order, for the Chicks will meeting the state's No. 1 team' his week, a team that would like' knliins better than to lesve Blythe}Ut with a sizeable victory tucked rider its belt. -.Chicks will take thr flfld hted as underdoes by a large mar- In. They will be outweighed al- |ost 16 pounds to the man in every Vpartment. But these facts don't hemto bother them as far as their pirtt i« concerned. Trajlnr on Sidelines I Their morale received a big boost (esterday when their injured co; Harold Traylor made his ppcnrancr at the training camp owcver, Traylor didn't work with m team, he Jogged around the nsld 'nd toot it t*iy but Ms presence «-bir help. And he' will not ! service in the Uttle Rock same. [Another of the Chiefs' iriiured hates.- quarterback Jack Elliott, hade his appearance during prac- !Ct yesterday but he wasn't dress-d ut. Jack is suffering from a head p.iury and he. too. will be out of 'i week'? same. The extent of injury has not completely been etermin'-d and he has been ad- •iscd to take it easy for awhile. T Coach Wilson Matthews will bring I squad of 30 men to Blytheville PI- tomorrow night's ?amr. He and '• squad will arrive In Blytheville Tickets On Sale Advance lickels lor Ihe Chicks- Tigers gamr have been placed on sale in downtown Blythevillc at Kirby's and Owen's Drug Stores, w. B. Nicholson, superintendent of schools, announced today. Price of these tickets is SI for adults and SO <-enls for students, and fans RIP urged lo buy Ihrh llcketi before the game In order to avoid the same-lime rush al the Haley Field ticket booths. Poplar Bluff Next On Caruthcrsvillc Tigers' Schedule CARUTHEHSVILLE. Mo.. Oct. 2. —Caruthercville High School's Tigers, smarting under the 0-0 "moral loss" lo the wily Hayti Indians hero la-,t Friday night in the opening grid tilt of thr 1!H7 season. Jounit} to Poplar Bluff this weekend, where they will meet HIE mighty Mule; under the lights Prldaj night for one of their toughest battles of the present season. Poplar Bluff i.? doped at least three touchdowns belter than the Timers, and the Mules will be, seeking sweet revenge for their defeat at the hands of the Ticcrs in 1948. Added to the woes ol Coach Dutch Boepple of the Tigers this week was the announcement bv phy.-.icians that B'ackin Tarplcy, swivel-hipped IfttT Tiger back and cap;ain. would probably be out for the rest of this season, bccr.usc of a knee in- Jury received, in, ihe Iraca; wlt'.i Ksvti. Capt. Tarpley had a ligament torn loo.-- In one knee, had to be t?.kcn from the game, and immediate attention Eiven to lib knee. Crawford, triple threat star. <u!h in educated p:?.c« kicking toe lor 1 rood measure, is expected to s'.a-t i r.jcimt the Mule;. He waj sidelined from the starting lineup lasi FYi- : ,1"° day, became of a shoulder injury ; ,, ' received in sciimmage a day or so • ,,, „ before the Hayti game. He got into ' the same with Hayti for brief periods, and on onp. occasion, pepped the Tigers down to the one- themselves together, ho|»d to come up from Ihe floor as Ihev have done so often In Ihe pasl as (hey mcl ihe N'rvv York Ya-.ilcecs today in the third game of ;hr world scries. With Hie scene shifting to EUbcts Field, home of the National League pennant winners, and where they always have been rough and tough. Ihe Dodgers hoped to co'A back and slay In the running for the championship sports has to ciltcr. To do it they had to beat one of the Greatest "chips down" pitchers in baseball. 40-yenr-old Douo Newsom, Ihe diamond wayfarer whom Manager Bucky Harris or thr Yankees named In the hope of making It three in a row for the bronx bombers. Newsom. who figured to be In his element, was expected lo face Lefty Joe ll.itlcn. a 17—pame svin- j nei Cm the Dnrigrrs, but pilot Burl I Shntlon. jiticry. nervous and ex- j cited, refused to say definitely who I was to pilch. Bui. it Inoked like Hatten or a big pamblc and Shotton wasn't In a position lo Ramble. While he hoped thai his players would set- lle down before the home folks and play the gallic of which they were capable, he realized II was now or n-j\er .<.n far as 1P47 wns concerned. So Patten, who is very, very cootl ayainn duly; he can hrrU nnd just as bad ayahiM those he can't, figured to be his bcsl and only bet. Tile Dodscr pilot was hopiiu, loo. that his outfielders in genera! and Pislol pelr RciFcr in particular no lonsci 1 voulf! rla>' a.^ if they michl be pcn2llzcd for a man in motion. Hr ftpurpt] — and pvayrd — that — ,, . , c)l , j^.,^^,^,^^, aml ? numucr ot inc his beloved Brooks cot all the bad T. C. U. pass play.-, had the 'Irst Razorbacks and TCU To Tangle Saturday In Conference Opener ".'• MORT STERN ll'iilled |> r «., Sports Writer) LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Oct 2 fUP) — The University of Arkansas and Texas Christian University are bracing themselves for the opening p , im e O f Ihe 1017 Smiihwest Con'erenee season thd comliiK Saturday. As far as pre-game ubservatioiLs ean determine the emphasis In Ihh same will he on passing. And It look* as thoiiRh the Homed Proits of T c. U. will l>e on ibe throwing end, In spile or n newly developed Arkansas pa.vuns offensive. Unbeaten and miccorcrt - upon Arkansas naturally has been established as the prc-cmilcsl favorite. However. PI-OR coach Dutch Meyer warns "don't count ihe Horned Fines mil yel." And assistant coach Hub 'McQuillan — wlien he was In Lillle Rock lasl week spoiling ihe Raxorbacks as they tripped up N'orih Texas Slale — said he brlrcvr.s tile winner will be T. C. U. by one touchdown. L^st year an uuheialded Avk- anr-a* team romped over tlic Tcx- ans almost at nlll, in the luiir of 3^-M. T. C. U. hasn't gotten over that one. At FayeUfvillr. Arkansas' rhlet spotter George Cole ran ? ties'i- man squad against Ihe Porker var- 5ltJ ' yesterday, anil a number o[ the - " • -' ' •'"'•'•'v.r:':;>i r :,;';..-</T : ^.: . ' '."'." ''.PAGBi-ifcviilt-''-'.'••?.•' Army Asks Newsmen to Make Tour; Congressman Cancels the Invitation baseball out oT thrlr system yesterday when they riropjjed the SP- coml game to thr Yanks. 10 to n. For old Bobo. "romoctnnt. confident nncl cocky" 'to Vise his own lamuner. figured to tw mighty touch. Hr. lovcis the roar o[ the crov;d. the icnscne^.j and drama of a world srries seUinr. and inually is al his best when that rid dollar :-hn is j'ifl:u7 -on rvrry pitcli. fT rv , 7 nni, «-]ir> h^.s hccn witll more nu'j'v: lci:?vic tluV. tliL'.a an>' other plaver active todav'. has a srason's r5C-?rd ?1 11 victofics and M rie- fe?.L^. He ran^e to th£ Yankc-cs from thr Senators a I Ihr S1C.OOO M'aivrr price in July and has paid off that investment many tl'iies over. For he ivon seven and lost fi\ r 'or (lie Yank3. anrE hb de- fe?'.5 in Yankee flaiui.cls did not come iiiitll the Bronx bomber:- lt 'erc special bus al noon lomorrow i J' ar d line and in almost immediate ! nd will go immediately to thr ho- •="«'-i"~ ,,«,.;,*—, TI... .,._ .. ... '• n.^urod of tli n Amrrican pennant, \\0iich is iuU an- wa.v of sayino tllat <l-rsoitc . Nc" p som sl'll has «hat. 11 takes when lie needs it. As for the D^circrs thev hoped to snnp out of one of thru 1 «nrst, streaks of the season. Tnry could- stringers guessing. However, for the most part, head coach John Harn- hlll is depending on the results of rugged workouts and slrenuous blocking drills to krrp the Red and White ponl line unci-osscd throush- oul. Saturday. In the T. C. U. camp nl Foi-l Worth. Ihr return nf tailback ,1im Lucas to competition Is ihr bis ncw.s. Lucas was rated by Corc'h Meyer a.-, hl.> number one offensive Ihrcal before the ,5C-> nncncd. but a had arm kept him .-Udclincd during the first two" T. C. U. g.imcs. Tlie absence of Lucas Is considered a bit factor In the Trot's Inability so far this season to enter the win rc-lumn. Other Southwest Conference leanij arr <ine to meet Intersection*! rivals this weekend. Texas A. and M. plays Oklahoma University at Morman. Rice tourneys lo L"5 Anrelcs to lake on Southern California. S. M. U. clashes with Missouri at Dallas, and Texas IJnl- ••eisit.y tackles North Carolina al Austin. TOKYO. 0.1.2. <UPi.~All KiBh'h Army Invltntion in roiTesiioiuleni.s of tl^rre American Prrs- Auoriatlon.-, to accompany six roi^iesMiien on » tour of Asl3 was cniuelled yoslcr- tiay when th<; group leached Yok- ohoma. Rep. Walter Norblnrt. R.. oic.. ono of Ihe Rionp. l:itrr tcleplinnod liead- nunrteis of the •«•<•*•. ns-iiK'lnllon .n 'I'ofc.vo nncl wiid \lr\\ w. Slerlini: Cole., n.. N. Y . leiulrr n[ thr tour, had changed Ills mind; "il was all a mistake." Hf asked the roi-re = |Kindeiils to rejoin Ihe ronpn'sr.mni inicr nl Mi- ynnosluln, bin Ihey drrlined. Tlir (:OL I'c.spondcnis wore Mile. 1 * \V. Vaughn ol I he Untied Press. Ditnm- Hennes.-,y of ihe A'-MX'l;ited Press and Frank Finery nl the IniiM-nn- tinnal News Sri'vlee, Thev werr in- Mled a week «co. Today tliey joined ihr consre.s'i- mcn and moloied from Tokyo Hi Yokohama with them. TDry'npiT prcpniins lo oilier the Kishlh Army tii'lefini! I'onm with I ho roni;iT;ismr-n, when Ihe Army told llicm the invl- lation was not ROO<| niiy lonuci. The Army said lh(> uuiup can- eclled Ihc tnvilahon i>rc,uisc the\' lloped to cet "secret mformnlion," which I hey did not believe should be prinletl. Cole said Ihe cancel!;.![on nr Ihe invllatlon hnri been l.iken solely on his initiative, bernuse he did not think the public would be srrvcd by Ihr rorrrv,inndcnl.<, RO- liiE alone. lle:ause of liiinlrd traiw- porlatlon in Jnpan. coveia-c ot sun nclbvilie.s is u.-ually limlletl 1r> Ihr lircsi aworinlinns. and n>i respondents lor iiulivithn] jif\v:.imprrs d ) not so .^Inn';. Rep. Edward Hebert. I)..' L:i.. Is a member ol t.;r H-nr-r ininmilirr. said estate are requiiTd to exlii'Mt. tlie same in the athiliu>iralnx. pioprrh authcniit;>teri. within SIN month.- from the dale nf the fir;i puhlieaticn of Urn none", or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in said es- lale. Dated Hits 23rd dny nf SoplembT Ifl47. MAUD nUNN. Aflminis'.ralnx Marcir. Evraj-d, altornry for ad- minislratrlx. New Parking Plan Speeds Traffic After Grid Games Chief ,,f p.ilir, Charles Short »n- III>IIIHT<I itxlny thai the sy.-lon iivrt ill last week's Rfiine would be used again tomor- i 1 ""' nlsht din-Ins the niyllievllle Clilrk-.-uttl* Roek Tiger* 'eame. riili-f short stilled Mini thr new syMc-rn proved very aiilsdivlnry In- nMiiurli ns U relieved the e l !,^?.^ lio " lh u; ?"*i* llsf "^i '»*'«^y*"«-'*; : filln High School dur-1 *>fii ELIOW5TONE BOTTLED IN BON^D ,^l:-> ;t-., i.abrl-^-tiu t'riiul Barrett Hamilton, Inc. lllilrlhntorv Little Rnek heavy. Chief Short suggested thit RECTAL DISEASES * SriOXEtY (AH Typti Klrcpt DRS. NIES t, MIES tlnir 514 Mmln. BI 7 th*TUIe-. Art,; ' Apples U.V (IH- i Ann I-DAY: ANY. UAKR OK • HON1 \V« t»l| for- «nd FRED CALUHAN Kk<-tric*l Sale* anil »**l«4 ; , 1»* Flr«t It, - He sure Mom nets » jixxf aupply nf Juicy rlp» apple* in tlm« fof lehool! inri Applex i:,N * |].M »•. Blytheville CURB MARKET n* r,. M fhtne 111 to spend the afternoon resting. fewsfon Wins Game c* } ixie Series LHOUBTON, Tex.. Oct. j. IUPI — : Houston Buffs returned home '.y needing Just, one more win take the Dixie series crown a(- r they shul. out Mobile's South- n League Champs in Nubile last light. 7 to n. I Last night'; victory gave tlie scoring position. But the threat I I was short-lived when Coach Bocp- ; . pie jerked him from the game, and the Tiger slab through the right. side of.Hayti's line lor the hoped- for touchdown bogged dov,Ti. rlo an>Mhing rieh! ysterday ser let three fly tolls droi> 'o'- triples and onr double which HB Texas League team a 3-2 ed<;E In the best four-out-of-Eeven aeries The series will be completed in Houston *ith the jlxth 'game set for tonight. Houston's Jack Creel set the Mobile club down with five hits last night while his mates were pound- Ing three • bear pitchers Jor IS safeties. .John Hall, the loser for Mobile, stayed until the eighth inning when he was lifted in favor of Roy Bolec. Lefty Roy Whilakcr relieved Boles in the same frame. Tractors Suffer From The Cold r Too! Don't, leave your tractor out this winter. You know from past experience that the weather is exceedingly hard on all farm machinery. Play safe! Have your tractor winterized in our modern shop. We use the blest factory approved methods. Then provide adequate shelter for your tractor against the elements. Remember—"A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned!" FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL REPAIR WORK! ff/w. INTERNATIONAL ' HARVESTER should h?vc been ovils. HF also bootrd a single for s t^.'o hnsc rr- ror for 'he worst t\?.y he ever !ha* had in Insrball — ?n r J they : ;v c |i - r •> -11 c v n \viUi Mic B rrxiV .1 * n 19*1. won the National Lcatuc :—•••--- ch?-iT)plt;nsli!n R.nd was a vit~I f?"tor In the Brooklyn o«n- n?nt triumph thai same GC 1 HctECr pM^n't the on\y t:v>'" t t^ crack defensively in thr Y--»ktt*- second pam<? rout. E"d Slanhy n-~ second. Jachi" p obi "son at fir^-i and Hcrmanskl in left aho Hifi , iiothitiEi to iirln oui \'ir. Lombard' thp starting nnci Insine nitchf ?ir' f he t li YOP- hi j rlcrs whn folio • him nn His tirinr line for " t Brc?kj. None ol those Eraak 1 / P pltcliErs uere good — but nclthsi v'25 '^T'.r support. "T f'^.nk v? eot aH of ths bad h?.Ec':~ll out of our system." Shotton fiid. T^n Yanfepp.s on t-hp other hanrt wr: - c mt\\'incrrl. t\ow that they worn off .•»nM vin^tn™. Dint, they ^'onlrl m?kF short shift of the National L"-'J"l-5. "CM Bc^n rt-ill r.5akE U three !n a ro'.v Mid Floyd Beven5 ^'111 close it out for Ui tomorrow," Harris "/otton u"p,jn't feeling so good, or' hp couldn't agree. '" ct.'s «*?.it and, =;PR." <rap his [inl comment TTiainlnc historrM hopr of n'innin?. 'he '"17 ?nrlci f.TKs anncarcd 'o he the fact lh?.b the New York Yankees are the only learn ever to svln tiie first two cames of a Errrjirs a-ill lo. c p the final ri^cblnn. Thfi Yanks blew thR 1921 scriM '•-' ^pother. M"tronnUtan rival MIP, New YovrGi?.!!'-. ,->ftcr they won thr AniTicaii I r.?-i]" p'nn?i>t a.nd then tcck t h? Ti ~ rt t wo ram c 5 of I he ?.«-rks. Thr only joker \& that the jerie'i thru wn?. ?. ninc-r^mt?, In- £tr*^d of ? srvrn-tamc. affair. I After dvopring thp f, t^n ; came', the Oi^n's ramc h^ck to i "-In thr nrxt fvo. Ihr tifth. and then win three straight games. NOTICE OF A'JMINTSTRATION Oil Scj>'cn^b:r 23rd 1947 Letter of Administratinii upon the csialr i of EJma ArcliilUnn. Deceased, wcrr granted to tlis undnrsigncd. 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Ash St. Phone 2371 l»TMF-5«fl TAILORED OF THE It a a uinnizg combination in dolhhiE valus ...crisp, I'ltrdy fabric by Botany Mills, and handsome, made-lo-Ct tailoring by Daroff. "Botany" Hriiiul .iOO «uil« anrl Inproalf gi\« \IMI rxlra \.iltic.e\lra long la-ting =crv ice, at co exlra coil. R. D. HUGHES & CO. Phont 3371 Night Phono 252^. iitf 2903 WALPOLE ELECTPC Compltt* Electrical Start; ,. Vf'iring - Fixtures -Appliances 117 So. Stcond St: -' •,'•• Wrrtiirlh*, Arti.,> Fret EiUmatf i on All W»rk For Electric Work Coll 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • HOUJ« Wiring • Motor Repair* • Appliance Installation S()0 N. Fifth S(. niythevllle, Ark. Allen Pickard'i JHOI RlPAtll tERVICt Go6r).« S|i(5*s s« >. k«m— Ti tic' r<«r .«• ftock, SoiitH'.Eaii |v..v:i' 61 ii4 HAIRY VET Balboa anrt Common Ry«, Oati,. -^'KSti ' S««d . . . Reftdy for F!»H. Ntn- »nd Ftetorj-. Rceonditlon'»d • ••. .. :.-.;' -;: Blythevilk Soybean w. 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