The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 14
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»TM,.- _,, •• •• CLASSIFIED ADVtKi.jiNG INFORMATION 12 tiuiy i»r ituv (iit:V« pt-j »jjj« tluieo pf I im« yet Jiiiv uu> t vj^y a ay it . Uqam pcx (me ................ Uuuui live nvoi.tye uorus to lh« nuv Au unK'ieU lui unco ui *ii Unius HIHJ f IOpp«-tl DfJOl*? fApJtuDUlJ WiU Ut> CUMH- *d ior me numDti u( utut'£ tnv au ay- pfjreii tmu aujuaunutii oi DIM umoe. AH ClrltrfillltM nUS fl llSiUH COpy *UE>- muiefl uy yL-rwjLis ivAiuiiiy, u-.ii.AitK' 01 ine cJiy nitui Dt'tj uy cubii K*L«. nny IK e.ian} uuaitJLUtfu iluui nu- *DOV« i-aUie. * i f-o recpomimmr win b mm* ciinii uuc uiuoricei •ay uitLMiiiea v.U. • Ail *us nr« lesmctra cu (•186511 iCMt ion. scj'ie MJIU Courier reserves ui* nyiii reject *ny ud iyp«. ' vu «ni Apartment /-'or Kent Two roam furnished Rparthinn Call Two room (urnl in. Phone 2062. R|n\rtinciiL. close 'I'wo ph<m« room furiilshpct upset me til. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main & Division Photic W63 Don l endanger jour la ily wlih ffculiy tire*—BUY LEE TIRES 1346 CHRYSLER . industrial motor and assembly with a 11 accessories . complete. Ready for . operation. See T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO., 121 E- Main, phone 2122. 2-18-ck-tf WhiTe~iliey~fasl! ~ I 9SOI1S FIRESTONE ^ Pl.T TIJIES J15.W I 700x15 F1RESTONK 4 Pl.Y TIRES JIB 50 KXlxlS FIRESTONE < Pl.Y TIIiES 516.M I 850x16 FIRESTONE 4 Pl.Y TIRES $17 M j Still-YounIT Motor Co. WAIA'UT «nfl FIHST ST. /-/OfJSti % ' BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , lor tiesiTlyuve UAHUKNS, Kit Jj •' na col- * tn-nu Foods Rcnch for Halt's Bread. Jil-ck-ti Household Goods •'en-man Blums n ni«de K$^. rtlm ll)a K. Main 3L v In muck Hendv :, UL-;I| i-Miii Bum phalli 446'J. . /nsurance On J-ARM ^Ni> .SUHUliilAN IVo[>fr[>- |>eclA] low rm« picinlurn.s. Klrc. wlnu- slortn, tornado. All covoru^o uy Ai- kan.iR3 Itgdl rciervc fOniiiuiucs, «a(c p«y Jones qlllcK. \Wllo Jllyltic- Vllle AKtnc)', or THONE FIELD 1>»4 * 2 2ti-pH-J,26 ProlccUou iignlnst all 1NSUKABLK JlAXAHDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GLilN(JOE HuVKL 11LLKJ n* w ASH si tncome Tax r VUU NKE1J ASHIS'l'ANCE on III. y*>ur luconx* 1'ak. [llense bee me HUOM Jl. LVNUII nUllJMKU lH.vrHtvvll.Lb-.AKK. or lercpiKino Mtu incr t> p rn aevcraj years expend. 9 wilii intri. -la] Hevcmlr Ucii:iltincill i-'iH-K wlil DC HI Mile with local accoumaius. Kfjn H. Carson. ' J2 30-cK-J.15 Laundry HOME LAUNDRY. Hoc: Miuidll! Bur- Ai. llinuway 61 N. Behind FJuchan- »h'i Grocery. . 2,19-plt-3ilD Loans it you nc<i R loan lor rcimirs or t uy or build, no reel tnpr, see OaCAR AI.KXANDKll. I'Koiu- 8^6 Kcal Estate nnd lusutRncp J^4 N. Second St. Cooper I) ui Idler if Jeep parts no\v available at POOLE MOTOR CO. WB on fill tlllrour ined» Get penulne jjKrts Irom our com- blrtr hfie. *U,1S POOLE. OWNER ,t OPERATOR South Hlshwny 81 M SteHe. Mo Phone 8tB»Ie « MllJ-clt-tj We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. 41« X MAIN PHONE 2JOI llU-ck-tl Expert Radiator Repair for Less.. out »nj repMr jour ndl.wr lor TOU Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Rdssell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAW50N. MRr Plione 2ni ^_- _ 88 ck: M Building Material LUMBER~Fo7Sole If you own your lot, have a little money, will furnish rou lumber to build your home. At mill, Camp Moultrie Drive. •' 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 ' 2-lS-tk.3-18 % Do your o\vn work find save. Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you may need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 y ox 659 Blytheville, Ark. _ __ 3-3-clc-tl Business Opportunities Btnuh. ph ( ," c " l Ji, V ''- M " McF ;", rl ."C d « Business Property For Rent (Frozen Food lockers. - lst antl ^^ Rent: For fioo . .. „ , service station, six K»m house, all outbuildings >. acre of ground. All mod — -•*• HlRfcway No 1 ~-,.~r-. — T T«*»^»t Telephone 7^11 - Bpfttt 2, BsKjcouId, Ark. I'EEWONAL 1.UAN9 Aiiuimohlle-Al?- ialvire--con\H,itcr-lnr]^!LiirL' QnlcX. prl- ie service Pcraonn1i7ori nucnilon orns in or t Ho i> hone. 1 2;»2H ' GENERAL CONTRAC-I I'UHCHASM COEirORATlON 121 W Ash IU, SlylherlDe ArJc If you r.u ric|)fcM your jwdal lo within an inch ix leo of your floor board, your brake* n«d imnvdiite attentioB. Bring Your Ford Home For Complete Brake Service • BRAKE ADJUSTMENT • NEW LINING INSTALLED All done reasonably | )v rel il Ford mechanics . . . yo ,, r best hel for precision Ford work! See.the New Ford Truck •ith at Walnui i'hone 445JJ Money to Loan I>o you need A loan to rcpMr ot re* nnrt*]? No Uown payment. nr> mor- "Be. no rtd inpt FRA APrROtp;D RATE jr/, ASK FOR DRTAllS Max Logan, Realtor ITrnch BulldLnB Ark Real Estate Loans T. H. A. 'LOANS 67- HOME LOANS FARM LOANS COMMERCIAL LOANS 7 H A -Q. I LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY Jll W WAI MITT T>II^».^- ..., n . W. WALNUT PHONE 13X1 Money To Loan On fnrin land or city property. We also l>uy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Huilding. 2-IU-ck-lf Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS • Dccca Records • Sheet Music 0 Kstcy Organs ' 100 MILES FREE DKUVEKT MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — I'hone 4222 Blythcvillc, Ark. 12,12-ck-ll Notice Personal last! for Sa/e, City Property Nice 3 Bedroom Residence Ideal location, servant house, storage room, garage. Concrete driveway. lAv'mg room with fireplace 14x28. iVrcola lieat. weather strip- lied and window guards. Owner leaviiiK city, price reduced to ?11^)00, fGOOO cash, balance FHA. Will also sell all furniture for ?1,000.1 CJuick jiossession. ' 'i II. ('. CAAIPKFA \j ' Office 120 S. Second ' J'bone.s -M'JIi—29JO "I have no sidelines" 3-2-ck-S _> Privet* Rooms -Room with THURSDAY, MARCH 4. 1949 and garage. „„„„ TOUHJST COUKT. S. way 61. Potition Wanted l>«th, shower ABRAHAJf'S Hixh- -2-ck-ft «£!?'«','', "'"•"' ESTATES p.,»u upon which ° r ° f Now live room am) both hf*utir lf i llariKvuod floois. FHA Imn ' will MSI <:r«r or smlUI house n« trafle.i,, Klre nine room suburban hotiie bent balance lite reni. !<"««« nnni" <j»r» '™°an<l IP"* *""''• nl<X ereie drive and walk! Immedliiie ' session. Price is.cioo. Terms ... f j v j '9°"'" * nd h ? Iri "'"1 '°»r ro . loom house on two lot. ith deed. p rlc(! ' While the ' FIRESTONE ^ I Farmers Column 4 Pl.Y T1RFS S17SQ ' *IS KIIIRSTOKE Still-, oi)ji e WALNUT unil FIRST ST." Plumber Photography omtincin. or 2«o ,r Serr/ce* K. L. FKKEMAN l-ami und Pnperlwnglng. phone 2533 ' ___ . "r l>»" tlnlc~hookkci-|>lng service cnlljlowinnn. 210i or 3396. 3.1-,*i" nste""'"" traclor - "mi- mes west of Joiner. Ark. New [our KOssesslon Tcrrm. We h.vp, -oltisr llitlngn. I.lsl your liropcrtj- wlili us (or oulck .«!. ' BERT ROSS HIM I, ESTATE BROKER Phone 3618 or 1791 .-M-pk-7 NF.W AND MODERN five rooms ;iiid bath equipped with nutomnlic hot water heater, floor furnace, Ijc.iutiful hardwood .flours, screened-jn hack poi-ch. Located in new residential subdivision. Can be financed at <1". NISlCMIiJOHHOOb G R 0- 'OliV, low steps off iMain Street. Will sell fixtures, in- stock. Building <; a n lie leased at fair rental. A go-] injf business, A-t proposition for ambitious man. FIVK ROOMS AND BATH Hie name mid address of the «"- cntor or administrator <l-™sert* 2 Lf^V' *' y-. Moo(1 y? I ArkSnsM on' FH, "°"' "B 1 "'^'''"" »• I Witness my tantlVi suc;h cl( , rjc ELIZABETH BLYTHE County & probate ri.rv <SEALI B y SUuTcX dep^ NOTICE OK ACCOUNTS OF in trood condition on Missouri For Sa/e, Cars & Trucks FOR SALE: 111 perfect nil; p.m. One A-niodeJ Foul Cull 733 alter 4.-ft) CALL US TODAY FOR~ A JEEP DEMONSTART10N . rat'e postwur Ame f lc an family. POO" Mo or company , Ellis Poole owner ncl optrntor s. Higher 51 »t strelc .\IO. Pnone Steele «. 2,S7°clc-3;5 tlon Medium Avemip. Can be financed. ( DUf'l.KX located in high neighborhood. Low tax rate. Will net lowu payment will handle, can finance balance at 4"°<' MODERATE '- I> R 1C'K 1) house on two large lots. Rent al property on rear. SfoOO cash. Can be converted into paying rental See or call: <« H fi rty g1ven tha t- <iur- n K the month of February. 1948 the following accounts of Executors and Administrators Have been led lor settlement and confirmation in the Probate Court for the Chlckasau-ta District of Missis sippl County. Arkansas and such account., with their respective filing dales arc as follows- No. n'M, Estate of j p Mlllro- rip cea-wd. final report of o W Barham, Administrator filed Feb. 5 1348- ' ' No. 1802. Estate of Betty McMullin. Husband, deceased. Fin-,1 report or Mrs. M.vra T. McMuliin, administi-alrlx liletl Feh 6 1D-I8 No. 1801. Estate of j'. B. Husband. Sd.. deceased. Final report o Mrs. Ertna Y. Husband, Artmin- isiiainx filed Feb.. 27, 1948. All persons intrfesten In the settlements of any of the above estates are Vv.irned lo file exceptions there o. If .. ], avc thcy on before the sixtieth day following the fil ing of the respective accounts, falling which they will b e barren forever from excepting to Hie accounts. Witness my hand as Clerk ami the seal of said court this the 3rd nay of March. 1943. ELIZABETH BLYTHF County and Probate Clerk By Stella Cain (DCl 12 PICK UPS \ * If you need a pickup — pick it up at Loy Eich's. We have the finest selection of pickups and 1 1-2 ton trucks in the city — long and short wheel base, 2 speed axles, stake bodies and also — 50 good late model cars — all makes and body x types. 2—^1946 Chevrolet V 2 ton Pick-up Trucks 1 ~L 941 ,?° d9e ' /2 ton Panel ' 2 t»n« color. Runs like new. 1—1940 International Y 4 ton Pick-up Truck 1—1940 International Y 2 ton Pick-up Truck i~io1° 5 hcvro ' et 3/ * ton P'ek-up Truck i f— l'f.6 Chevrolet V/ 2 ton Trucks. Long WB. 1 1 ,«« 5 hcvrolcr 1l/2 ton C -°- C - ] <>"9 W.I. i i X5 ^ hcjyrole * 1 y * f » Short Wheel Bas.. 1—1942 Ford Long Wheel Base. i Easy GMAC Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. (Successor to Loy Eich Chevrolet Co.) ^j We Never Close Sales Deph Open 'til 8 p.m. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 578 (SEAL) JN' THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWRA DISTRtCT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AKK In the M.tier ot the Estate of "seriougly" about seeking delegates in the Sdulli. where forces supporting; Sen. Rolicrt A. Taft of Ohio iinci Harold Stusscn of Minnc.sot'-i icfin busy during months. Thwc also radio »nd heater Mr d , r T<"""" <v A " lnut.; Phone 3560. A Hostess or renllzrd only e hcr K "" ts rew mo'«« ™« to 1!P ' "P" 1 " lor Irr ? ll '">"SH inc GlMsl- ""'"" lhc "'"1"'" ol » Outdoor Supplies BASEBALL TEAMS Now is the time to onlcr your uniforms and equipment. Get our prices before you l>uv HUBBAH1) HARDWARE CO 213 \V. Main Sewing Scwlnc. ITnl'l'nn HK anrl OJH^ : Ford Tmloi-. radio alirl heater, new paint job. Good rubber. 1041 CMC Uircc-quai-teY fon |>ick-|i]i truck. Cattle rack with it. LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 519 3-3-ck-tf Trade Jn s on Kaiser-Fvazcr Automobiles Late Model Used Cars 1917 Model DODGE, [our floor' «»on, ««„„ w ,th r^dlo. hcMcr. dfirosjir !.°flti»" "" M>1 cov " 5 - v ">- low SarntOE". 1941 Mortfl CHRYSLER mur floor Custom Spdnn. t^n HC.IRB. MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building Phone 2034 for Sa/e, For Silt af^e Console Kxccllciit Coiitlltio 561) Cash See rani Human At Courier JX'DW.S Oil cook stoves' tor CHI 4222. or «75. K. M. Holt. EKcntor ' !Vo. 1842. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION! Notice is hereby given that letter. ' testamentary were grantee! to the ; undersigned upon the estate of A. ' Y. Moody, deceased, on the 23rrl day of February. A. D. 1948, by the Probate Court for the Chick- 1 •^l-ck-lf, asawba District of Mississippi ' County. Arkansas. , All persons having; claims or de- ' mands against said estate must present them, duly authenticated, to. th« undersigned (or allowance l before the end of six months Irom ! the date of the first publication' of this notice, which i s March 4th. i A. p. 19*8. II not so presented within such time, tliev will be for- | ever barred. The address of the . ; that he may travel West. a possibility Yellowstone lake, In Yellowstone I par,;, freezes to a depth sufficient! to yield 180,000,000 tons of' Ice or enough to furnish every man woman, and child in the United States I 1 \vith one and one-h'alf tons. - • "'«. «» kinaa. defroster ami plastic scat cov- nuCKt.ES. Covered Vuuims. ol<-s mart* to order. Map Mli- N pm^'SV Crowct " """I" ^ Filth Rt. 220-nlt-^5n i 0 !ir 4fi ,,J!° <1 ' :l ,,S Bn J. SLER ^«i with radio, heat "" '"' . drtrost- ^ """ lln. Formerly wltti Jnr Typewriter T. 400 DON EDWARDS ?" T IP">tll«[ Second St PhinA 3332 I* rk II Dogs, Cats, and Pets Farmers Column W:i9 model Fora. i» o rt oor THE "6i" MOTOR' co. Vour Kaiser-Fra/er Healer N. Highway 61. Phone 2142 221-cK-tf While they last! B5U.XI5 FIRESTONE 4 PLY TIRFS J.ISW 700x15 FIRESTONE 4 PLY TIRES I RW 600X16 FIRESTONE 1 PLY T >E3 | s M 650X16 FIRESTONE 4 pty T !RE! {!?» Still-Idling Alotor Co WALNUT «nO FIRST ST. 3.3-ck-S ARMY SURPLUS: TOOL Chpst 'Hi :!llx!6xl3 Inches tr,,85. Tool, cnesl 66J17X1H inches'JI2.95. 12«la Rlvmumim plutlers 75c. LEATHER l>elmel> 49c U1PPKRS. rasl uliunlnum. I quart 49c' DIPPERS, cnsl nhimlniim a niiart TOr. POTS cnst alumlniini! lops and handles. 13 gallon X7.50. STEEL nots Blark 111 pnllon J4.7J PLIERS new J1.45. DUFFLE has. npw S2.75. TENTS tftrps. shtK-5. sIK-xrrs. raincoats. lac>:ela 11 W. A. PICKAtlD aROCEreY--GENE- RAL MERCHANDISE. ARMY SURPLUS. undersigned is E. M Koit, Box 449 j Blytheville. Arkansas < Dated this 3rd day o / Marclj i A. D. 1948. .. | E. M. HOLT i H. G. PartloH-. G. E. fccck. I Attorneys for Administrator. i 3J4-H-18-25 REFINISHES FOR YOUR CAR ... Inside and Out • WE USE THE FI.OCK TREATMENT • BRINGS KNAP BACK I.IKE NEW Give Your Car the Lustra It Had When Newf FLOWERS BODY SHOP "It's Our Guarantee (hat Counts" . Location — 118 South Lilly Slrecl For Sale, Farms H O. CAMPBEU. OFFICE 120 s. SECOND PHONE M46 Oil 3.2-ck-5 Fcr Sale^—City Prrsirty lot With n nonse. p.rtli fiirnhhril. Jlvn sued. 2 12-pk-j u oni house KI 4H E nnsr hompson. or phone 3.191. Personal SKI.L \VH7\T~Y"o WANT AND liUY WHAT VOU UO WANT Courrcr News Classifieds. Personal "(I Main _ "rsonoi 2-6-ck-3-G ^ A u L ,^, t ^, ,„ ™°'™>«^^W^i;-^ l.n:\- (if : ' fi^t i on JJr-rrr PI, ntid ihrcr- nivtli^vlll-. iv -H. W. Jf~To7 need aim H\ : B Mam ' ti .MUM n--— ,- nn C A Hvrlr- : ftl ]fl:0i% .t m M., . fil (our ro Into JoincT!nn= vun «n,, , ' f*n't »:ot TKI o: i,y P M J Swap Shnp . p,,n n VVw %,?t I 5-rX Tl I 3,3-ck-fi I r<-h « H-Vk-t ,, — •• j< >• * om umi <"-"!> Uln. Hlsriwsy Ifl Ulllr Imp. r, Howard . Irom _ \ Highway Tom rir^tltord, at w 3.1-nk-C im honsr, f 0 i;r lot*, rurnl- >. ttoq, , nrt rhlckrni. Apply ^ r -f,"X'^™ pa #£i$SZ: -- " ( ^'"" r "^' P 5'^; 0 Dewey Plons Fosr Drive for GOP Presidential Spot ALBANY, March *. (Upi — Go''. Thoma.s E. De«-e.v Is "preparing to make known his vie\vs on national and international affairs in a whirlwind campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, it was reported reliably yesterday. Bill-rough's CASH REGIS- The S° Trrnor made "known his TER. Practically new call! l' Ia ". s . f T a 'l a , cllv<1 cam P al Kn when <j nc«, Lrtii. J)e disclosed he "prob.-ibiy" would New Colcmnn oil hm t r. Goort Into baslnctte. can 673. 32-pt-9 801. 2-27-ck-tf For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFKICI lOilO II Lavatories complete with trap $22.50 and up. New 30 gallon automatic oil water heaters, $75. Two and four inch soil pipes and fittings galvanized fittings, copper tubing and fittings. Call Mrs. accept one of the many invitations lo speak on controversial issues, outside the stale. The drivp will start as soon as the 1945 legislative sr-W sion ends. Dewey, it Ous said, is thinking Myrtle Orsburn, 875. JM-pk-7 Sllvi-r Klne Rlrl'.i blcyclf. Sec y C«tnctcry Kosd. 3 4-p)c-7 Lost and Found A man driving rrom Florid-* to Wa.iiunKton, leu tm brlrl cmc :n n nutr city «l^rp ftp 5Iopi>c.l to TRT. Wiring bnt'k to tlir local i>c\v.sp»m-i. i-ncrc n \VnlH Atl was Insprlcd. ITir asp was qi;u-kl.v [ountl itn I lorwarurd ,o nlm. prcvrntln? thr lovi ol rtays or uorlt. Cal Ion cl»Kllltd«. J 13 Help Wanted, Male tflrt « RawlelEh Biislnoss. ReAl op- porumlty now tor R pcrmivnent. pro- ritBhH' wort. Wrllc RawlclcK'K Dtot AKC-2HI-K. Memphis. Trim. 3 1-pX-5 Private Rooms MlOM MU t'.VO-rIoor. hrnnrt . Si* IMnti ntcr. rui>-nk.i Urnih- :st or Jor.ior. Ark, A htnn- TfK, COfKl ic motor, :i 4-rk-7 I S7.V». (Mu 4P73."rhV r) V, FO-I '' «n;imn' ti -V- rr1r T^" 1 *£".'* fr "rn1*l»rtl . Norm or "(iobil. iSJori. Jtrn'^Hm Bedroom. 314 N. Ninth, riione. 2W J.17-pk-3 19 »ertrooins. Blvthcrlllt Nlf ",\ 10 \V. bfflrooni. w.ilnui. In. Men onlr 1 TQ.c);-} 20 Hr<Jroom. ronvrntcut to oath. st»m hrat. Phone 332.1. fill W Main 3 3.c*-3* C'omrorubte r>*droom for rtni. Cull l ^*7*. t;i8-ck-3tn I PIANOS New and Used Music Instruments Repairs & Supplies Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 K. Main Phnoe 811 h GIVE YOUR CAR CHE PERSONAL TOUCH THAT KEEPS ITS WHEELS TURNING/ llrive in today and let us giv« ' vour car a thorough Roing-ovcr. H's time, too, f,, r its annual spring tune-up. h • Moror • Brakes • Paint • Tires All of these need our expert BUICX attenrio^! Bring Your Buick to Us - 11 / ^ ^-J^Jjy.C O * r> o ft A, T » r. * *^ ^—*-^« WALNUT AT ^0^^^^%^ —

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