The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 13
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(THURSDAY, MARCH 4.1948 (AfiK.) COURIER NEWS irabs Wipe Out ewish Patrol 17 Men Killed When British Soldiers Appear on Scene By Kllav Simon lulled Prrss Staff Correspondent) JERUSALEM, Marcll 4. (UP)— •wish officials reported lhat Ihc •aus cut off a 23-man Haganah itrol North of •Jerusalem today, iptured 17 of Its men. ami killed iciti ivlicn Brilisli forces aj>- •oachcd to Intervene In a running ittlc. § survivors of the Hatanan patrol Into Arab territory Ataroth along Die Nablus oail reported Iliat all of their >mrades were slain by Arabs Wen- licet as Iraqi volunteers who sur- Hmcietl and overwhelmed them. Arab lie.tdQunrtcrs at liainallali, report on the battle, said 15 cws were killed In a four-hour Bht, Police sources in Jerusalem te- orted that about 800 Iraqi volun- ;crs had infiltrated the Ramal- ill area in the last "week, with rders to cut the Jerusalem-Tel ivlv highway, the Jewish lifeline For three days the Arabs have lade repented attacks along the ighway. They already had rolled p a «core of nbout » dozen Jews lain In. ambushes o! Jewish con- eys. The Haganah survivors reportec: hat the 23 "hish" or field unit len ^ left their at Atarolh lear' the Kalandiya Air Fielrt o tie Royal Air Force, before dawn or a check on Intelligence re- «rts that strong Iraqi volunteer orce.s were concentrated around lamallah. The Haganah squad was spotted y Arab scouts roaming the envi-. onn of Ramallah, according to llic ccount by the Jews. They sounded in alarm. Alter two hours of marching, (he taganah force found Itself deep in Vrab territory facing some 100 Iraqi 'olunteers dispatched from Ram- illah to cut off the Jewish retreat. Paced with far superior forces, Let Youngsters Make Their Own Fackaced ImUnt frosllnr mike* a p»riy tor joun«iten By Gayiior Maddux NF.A Stiff Wrllw It's good hospitality training to cater to the youngster's longing for a party to lift March spirits, especially IJ you let thrin help prepare the refreshments. After an hour of game playing, cake and cocoa will add up to a red letter occasion lor the school-age set. Even first graders can help frost the cakes if you provide them with store cake and a package of a new Instant frosting that conies In chocolate, vanilla or strawrJerry flavors. Even « six-year-old can take charge ol adding hot tap water and stirring. One *!i-ouncc package of this sure-fire frosting svill cover 12 large cup cakes or tops and sides of a 9-inch cake larcr. Chopped nuts or moist shredded- coconut add even more excitement. Chocolate Nut yrostinj; , slant chocolate frosting into i small mixing bo»-l. Add one tablespoon hot tap water Stir with spoon until thoroughly' Wended Add another tablespoon of hot i water and stir until smooth. Stli ; In chopped nut, meats. Spread on cool cake, or cup cokes with n i knife. ThU packaged frosting cm be . used a* e*sy making* for "candy" i fondant, too. Chocolate and vanll- la pinwheels—there's a thrill for 1 youngsters, particularly If they help i make them. I rlnwhctlx One 4'.3-mmce package Instant vanilla frosting and Hi teaspoons hot lap water; 1 4!i.-ounce puck- age Instant chocolate frosting and 2 teaspoons hot tap water. Mix each flavor of the Instant frosting with hot tap water separately. Knead well and roll out about li-lnch In thickness. Dace Butting Goat It Cause Of Suit Seeking $5,650 WILMINGTON, N. C.. March 4. <UP)—L, W. Wowles yesterday said a neighbor's goat »»s of a "dangerous, vicious, mischievous or ferocious nnlurc and one jxul'ssrd of a vicious propensity" and nvfill- rd court action after asking »5,660 damajjM to soottie lib battered body. Uowles named H. U Uvtls In the suit as owner nt the goat, with which he he-Id (f spirited but losing skirmish last October IXwles charged In 'the complaint lhae. lie was bcrntlng over to fix Ills tvfltrr pump when lie was "suddenly and without warning whatsoever struck sharply..." In (lie rear and slapped to (he ground, lie said he did combeit with the "maddened nnlinnl" but, "fcarliiB defeat in the unequal struggle" went Into a hasty retreat which Involved three quirk Inps around the house before he was able to dive Into his car. The vanquished Dowlcs said ihr "goat .smashed against (he door of Ihe car soveral times until wearied and stood guard Ihcrcon for 10 or 15 minutes until captured...." Furthermore, he charged, I he butting he received rendered him unlit for work for six weeks. PAGE One 4',5-ounce package Instant i the chocolate layer on top of the chocolate frosting. 2 tablespoons" white layer. Press gently with roll- hot tap water, chopped nuts. ing 'pin and roll up 'into a roll. Empty contents of package ol in- I Cut In slice. 1 ; alwut ',; Inch thick. Scraps of Bread Much Too Good For Garbage Pail Bread Is still one of the best nutritional buys today. Therefore, use more of it in the family diet by wasting not even a crumb. The cost of food has risen 96.S per ceilt over the 1935-1939 average. However, the over-all price of a lojf ol white bread has increased only 56.8 per cent even though the ingredients used by bakers have gone up 150 per cent, according to Kathrine Wellingbrook, authority on us~e.ot bread in Amcriran homes. Get the habit of making "baked toast," Whenever you use the oven, simply take any leftover slises of bread from the breadbox. spre.irl on the middle rail -In the oven, and let them bake at very low heat, to a crisp pale gold. Store slices of baked toast where your family can easily find them. Or put baked toast on the table a. delicacy to accompany soups or salads. No butter needed. Vanilla Baked Toast Leftover bread slices, 1-2 cup Arkansu Rlee Growers Co-op. Aasn. Stntttxrt, Arfmtuu peaches, rc.idy-lo-rat cereal, orange French toast, coffee, milk. LUNCHEON; Crrnm of tomato soul), baked toast (from staler brenrtl. cottajo cheese, grapefruit sections, sliced npjilo and jctlucc snlae! with sour cream dressing, ucnrml cookies, tea, milk. DINNER: Spanish oeiiclct. parsley potatoes, bnked tosst. raw carrot sticks, apple pie, cheese, coffee, milk. milk. 1 tablespoon sugar, 1-2 teaspoon vanilla. Cut slices of leftover bread Into , thirds. Combine milk, sugar am! vanilla. Brush surface of bread with ' mixture. Toast in slow ovtm C30D degrees P.) uiifi: br;ad !.-, crisp, dry and golden. j Orange French Toast \ Two-thirds cup orange Juice. 1 ! teaspoon grated orange rind, 1 ta- I Wcspoon sugar, 1-4 teaspoon cin- ' namon. 2 cgrs. 5-6 slices bread ' (dry), butter or fortified margarine. I Combine orange Juice, rind and I sugar. Add cinnamon to cpgs anil I beat untill ight and frothy. Whip j sweetened fruit juice into beaten i eggs with fork. Dip each slice of bread into eggs and fruit mixture and fry slices slowly in fat on moderately hot griddle or in frying pan over low flame. Turn to brown lightly on both sides. Bcrve with honey If desired. Meatless Tuesday Menu BREAKFAST: Stewed prunes anil Serve Ev«r-Gooct Pure Pork Ssuiage for breakfdit, lunch, or dinner. Ejjy to {'IK, t«nqy, «nd ie<Hul ,— it «ddi much to any meal. For trie winter day« ahead, plan TO have Ever-Good , Pure Pork Sautaqe. Your Ever-Gaod dealer featurei Pure Pork Siusagt.Gct torn* today in tri« modern cellophane package. MIMPH1S PACKING CO. Memphis, Tcnnvsie* the Haganah unit started to back out. fighting a rear . guard action and trying to break through the encirclement. In the running battle, the survivors reported, tile Jews lost all] but six of (heir men. They said I their comrades were captured, and only when the Arabs SDW British forces approaching did they kill their prisoners. * In other attacks, * British officer and a Jew were shot to death by Arub snipers near the Armon Theater in Haifa. Take These Pretty pishes Home with You! 1 ^tfV^'^V^ r^~y |T-?'- Tjtl K^"J S^^^fFt.ftvj :> — ^-^Mflj^ Every Time Yo« C« f Mother's ' ^^ Oats (premium package) You Get Another Piece! .w Enjoy America's bisi-lov«il, most ™ popular ctrtal in two sptcial ways! Lovely lableware for you ... ind so many fimouj, rctosnizcd benefits for (he whole family. Just count off the "cxtra.s" wtch ttclicious Mother's I O.ils—lop growth protection for your children, \i r :lity.iml energy boosicrs for you and Did—acid a^); jourxclf what other cereal brings you so much ,it "j Unit cwf/Gct Mother's Oats, with premium for srtrc today! Mtihtr'i O*Hwith Alfminam Win Ktw Ai-<ril»klf,TetJ Mother's Oats (PREMIUM PACKAGI) B/scv/fs (pwrrvsh, cookiti, cakei one/ posfr/e;, ,ooj are £ven Beffe/* r WHEN BAKED WITH iroqer v ) THIS COUPON WORTH on the purchase of any size package KROGER SODA CRACKERS Clip coupon, present at «ny Krogfr Store. Suvc 5c on «ny purchase of Kroger Soda Crackers ONE COUCON fE« PACKACI. Of FIR ENDS iAI. MKHT, MAI. 11, 1»4I New Kroger Crackers ww 2 to 1 in actual taste test against the Uodiag soda crackers! 5* T»tt* the finer flavor ol th«*t —„.- emnf-rich cricken "Btnd-Oven Bcked" to trickling critp goodness. Salted, tsste - tempting, ovea froh i . snd unmare/Mcf far value. Hurry) Clip the coupon and get a -• ' at once. 2 Ib. Box 45c QGR HEAD 2 - Pound m m t* Loaves M^ M f^ GRAHAM CRACKERS £ 23< if f * j^ , * . v' Twisted white dough for finer texture. Kroger. Famous 13-«gg recipe. BAR CAKES Assorted Varieties. Get these Glamorous Princess Pattern Tea Spoons for Only 50c Get a complete set of this Silverplate 38-Piecf Service $ tor 6 (See details at your Kroger Store) Kroger Hot-Dated, Roasted Frosh. SPOTLIGHT COFFEE £ % FLOUR Avondale. 43c TOMATOES APPLE SAUCEcJ^p,., 2 ^29* CORN 2 c:33c Krog«r. Cr«om Stylt Country Gentleman. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE DIME BRAND Cm £,r Peaches 2 H c. 49c » from MATROSE TEST KITCHEN Orange Biscuits tfiUi 12 Iwnch blKuili Vt cup Miyrose Pure L»rd 2 cupi sifted flour 3 teaspoons doub!«-iciinf; biking powder Vj <"Jpoon salt Vs — 3 /i cup milk 3 table5poons sugar 1 tablespoon of^ngc juice 2 tablespoons grated orange rind Sift Hour, biting powder and lilc together. Cut in the lard uolil the mixture is the consiic- eacypf coirltcorntiKil. Klatc > TS ell lathe center of the minute and add milk. Stir just until rnix- tute sticki together. Turn onto a lightly floured board. Knead sir times. Roll or |>ac to J^-inch . Cut with biscuit cut- tr alid place on a baking sheet. lace^ teaspoon sugar, y t teaspoon onngc juice and Yi teaspoon OTsnr,e rinj on each hii- cuit. nakcinhotovcn for 15 minutes. MACKEREL S 23 Standard SARDINES :;, 21 Standard UBBY N £ wa 35 Corn Reef Hash BRAINS »£,; 29 Libby's I SPAGHETTI N c an2 20 Llbbv. Wilh Alcjil JJiills VEAL LOAF r 25 Ubbv's CIGARETTES un F I'opular Brands DOG FOOD 4 ,35 Stronghcai-l KLEENEX 2 2 1?33 facial Tissues IVORY 2 Soap liar 37' Kroger Sliced or Halves. 25-/b. Bag 2.03 PURE LARD c<£ 1.05 Firm Whit«. MEAL '°.£ White Cream Corn. SUGAR "£ Pure Cane Granulated. 4-lb. Ctn. HUMKO Dainty Cooking Fat. SWIFTNING Swift Bland Lard. CRiSCO Creamy Digestible 3-lb. Can 3-lb. Can M.29 M.23 '1.23 CHEESE Daisy Hoop CHEESE Wisconsin Windsor Club MARGARINE 2 59- 9T 3T Lb. 2-lb Loaf MARGRAINE ,, All Swee^ CftftC U. S. (iv't Graded W"W Dot. Ctn. Kroner «rad« "A" Lar^e P'NUT BUTTER,, Kroger Mafic Mix SALAD DRESS. ,29' Embassy SALAD DRESS. ,35 Kroger COFFEE 'c£ Kroger Vacuum I'ack MACARONI 2 Krog-tr Pk , Cauliflower - ib.10c Tub* Pound 50 H ST IOUIS INDEPEN&FNT PACKING COMPANY Fresh Fancy California. TOMATOES Red Ripe. Slicing Qimlifj LETTUCE New Spring Crop POTATOES „« Mcsh B,, Selected Washed Red Triumphs SEED POTATOES State Ccrlificd Reds ORANGES 2 S '** 8 Juicy Valenciss CARROTS Fancy Golden Koofs 25' 10 1 49 Per Bsg Hunches 15' Sirloin Steak - ID. 69c Pound Full Drawn—Table Ready Pound U.S. Graded Good or Choice. RIB ROAST U. S. Graded Good or Choice FRYERS We Also Feature Cut-Up Frjen SLICED BACON Wicklow Brand DRY SALT MEAT Fat Backs SKINLESS FRANKS Armour'* Star DRESSED WHITINC FRESH CARP sr Pound . 1-lb Olk> 1'kff. Pound 4925' 49 ir

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