The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 12
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PAGI''TWIiLVl Mulligan Stew Holds Popularity Leftovers .Con Go Into Another Food Delicacy, Irish Pie SI. Patrick's Day season if a KIXK! one to brush up on slews, especially lamb stew which is often called "Irish" or "Mulligan" stew. Keba Stages, home economist, suggests limiting a generous sieiv dim can be served on two occasions. first us * slew and the second lime as nil "Irish P V with- a mushed potato topping. Lamb contains few of the po- called "less-tender" cuts, as most of the meat Is extremely tender However, there arc /our nits generally considered suitable for Mew and all are rich in the - distinct-' Ively rteltcntQ lamb flavor. They me the bicast,, neck, shoulder," a v \ When used In a stow, Ihrse cuts should he divided jn W!>e cubes' about 1 inch square. In thn case of breast, however, the merit may be cut into rcccaiiRiiiar pieces cnn- talnliiK one or two ribs each, This Is culled "riblct" stew. Lnmb is ortcn cooked as s stew without browning, thouph nmliy prefer »o brown the cubes of meal for additional flavor, If it Is to be browned, it limy first be floured (hen browned over low heal In a heavy utensil all sides of the cubes are brown. K . is then covered with liquid, the container Is covered, und the mm i cooked slowly until lender. Because lamb is so delicately flavored It is a cood companion lo several other IntereMinc flavors ?or example., R bit of K ariic Is good with lamb. Add It during the browning period, or during the cookmg. Many herbs, such as marjoram, thyme, celery seed and others can be added singly or (n groups during cooking to perk up the stew. A dash or two of Worcestershire sauce is another idea For that bit of m-ceii add pars- ey or chopped jrrec-ii pepper lo the stew. Vegetables, such as "Irish" potatoes, onions and carrots aro nn important prut ,,f any .such slew and should be added just long enough before (lie end of ccx.fciiiB time lo b« tender. French Chefs Have No Leftovers, Only Basis for Meals for Next Day To R Vrench chef there ar« no leftovers-only, fine food for the next day's delicious mc:ils, according to Maurice Haviol. of New York's C.-ife dcs Nations. ' Mr. Ravlnl. born in .France, thinks all Ameiiam schc.ols should have a course in Hie artful life of leftovers. Then \'S Aiuerl- eau hoiM-wifp's food lull., would be far lower nnd her mculs more appetizing "For example, take boiled beef made of short loin or the Hat ribs. Yc.ll have .soup, a lu.iiii dish meal and something lelt over from it. Next day you can use that .leftover boiled beef to brini! a chel's salad to perfection," Ruvlol says. Here's.hoiv: slice Itie boiled beef Into.lone lliin,strips silre n green pepper _and some leftover stalks of celery-into strips Hie sumo size. Cube a lew leftover bpiloil jwlatoe.s and slice an onion, Mix these in a bowl with lettuce and watercress, using Prcnrh iltes- in:. Garnish 1 tile (jowl with quar- ri'it linrd-<-ookcd CERS and anchovies. If desired. 'Thai's':» inaln (tish do luxe—largely of delicious ieHpvflrs. , item's iinolhor (op-notch. left- over hint-from the Cafe^dei Nations. Cliop leftover beef,- veal or country pork sausage, using one pound for four people. Add one or two eggs, a little larlic and • minced onion. Mix thoroughly In » bowl. Parboil * cabbage for a few ihln- iitcs then push open the large leaves leaving a pocket. Cut out, (he center leave*, chop fine and j add lo the meat mixture. Then .stufl the cabbage with the meat mix- Hire, place In cheese-cloth bag or tie lip carefully. Doll for 20 minutes In a large Pol of bouillon or other meal «onp stock, or boiling water with boull- lion cubes added. Place on platter and slice. Serve with crusty bread. It's wonderful, promise] RaTlol. Weather Gels Hlamr MUSKOttKK, OWa. (UP)—Police Warned the weather for a burglars at (he I, B. Pate home here. Two overcoats were taken. The thcfl occurred during an extreme cold spell. Ills Hnnnr'i Move 'AUHUEN, Hid. (UP)—Mayor Hal Hohnin Is looking for another A dhtinctiv* flavor oil ll« own...rlth In • n»r8y-aivinad»xtroi.lh«"bodyiugor" IN CANS IN BOTHES • AIL SIZES Newsmen Freed After Sentencing for Refusal To Disclose Sources WHITE PLAINS, N. y. M nr( .i, «• <UP>-Two Newburg ' N Y ne.-spapcrmeii, jailed last, week [or «fusln» to disclose » conflrtcntlal 0 ra,eTr Ur atto™ev Sf.v" CU * tO " y "ouglas V. Clarke, 33! 'news editor of the Newbiirgh News, and reporter Charles L. Leonard •>? „,, reared before court Jusilcc Frank H. Coyne j-cstcrdoy on an appeal ,}or R writ O f habeas cormis. 1-hD.v were relented pending rf final rtecisjmj, of their No ,date was s « for a further hearing • Clarke and Leonard were sentenced last Friday to in rfnvs Imprisonment and fined 4100 each for refusing to tell a grand Jury where they obtained lottery tickets reproduced In their paper as part of t gambling expose MONEY-SAVING TOO BUD WAFFLE. SYRUP • A PRODUCT or ANHEUSER-BUSCH • Re»d Courier News Want. Ads ,,By Proctor & Gamble Ige. box 35t Handy Kifchen Tool Free PEftKiST BUTTER ,,,,,,19 (;;il JM lion us 25ibs.$2.29 Special—5 Unxes" " ""— DIAMOND MATCHES 29 I-'rcsh »onie Killed FRYERS , ll6 9< I lump and 'fender HENS „, 59 CHEES • • ib.79c SLICED BACON f CREAMERY BUTTER 89 ; . . SMOKE3 JOWLS Use Our Free Delivery Service Phone 2668 Any Time! CITY SUPER MARKET Phone 10* West Main Menu Planning Core Eases Some Of Budget Strain The .supply or quick-frozen dtickv "" '"".'d '•< ( ? r)llble '"t W""» «'>i [lie retail ]>rlc<? per |x>und Is very low. TJiey are best roastctl or bials- «. scmxl with applcsHuce, pan- fried apples or Jellies. Htrn nre some more low-cost menus that will please both appetite and fmiiijy butlBct. They were tested l>y Mrs. Frances Poley Gan- Jioii, New York City's nationally Known consumers' adviser Breakfast: Sliced oranges, hot house. He lives mi a Jog l t , . hlRli- w«y. Within two months a car crashed into his imrch and a truck rammed Into the hmis«. furiim, (ousted rubln broad, for ti. (led maruarine, coffey, milk. Minclieoii: Vesptablc soii|> chcm- IMd celery and chicken Biblct »and- wlch, irtsh gripes, milk, Dinner: Roavl siioiiWer of J am b or baked whole AlterU whlicflsh baked yams, panned escarok' Iwci a»i<i onion relish, bread, fortlfie-i margarine, old-fashioned rice uiid- dldg. coffee, milk. ' This dinner will eo .st alwut lor » family ol five. * • • Bi'paklnst: Grapefruit juice nenc,, to, sl with «,„,, «„«; Luncliron: Spinach au jjratin carrot and (in nip sticks, chocolate pudding milk. Dinner.- aruiled »iHcker«I l™i on wodBcs, mashed potatoes', scalloped tomatoo.'i, lettuce wedges with French dressing, brwart, fcitirii>d inar B arine, open-face pear ,mi prune pl n , coffee or t«, milk. I his dijnior will cost about $28* /or a fnmily of five. Breakfast: Steived amiles. .scrambled egg.5, hot muffins, fortified margarine, coffee or tea. milk. Luncheon: Scotch broth (using Icmb bone), hot lamb sandwich raw relish salad, fresh pears milk,' l>iinicr: Chicken pie or broiled Jiorgie.s, cole slaw, radish roses bread, fortified margarine, apple-' sauce caJce, colfce. or lea. milk This dinner will cost about $3 45 lor a family of five. THURSDAY, MARCH 4, Traffic I'eiultlM Soar CHICAGO tUPj—inflation has hit municipal traffic court lines Drivers now pay $2 to $10 for a parking ticket which used to cost $1. Speeding offenders pay S10 for j their first and second offence They used to pay ?3. )fTto1*TmA I&ZJ*** 1 ^ * .mir ^^^^JrJ *AD| FRESH OAIIY IN Oil* KITCHENS MOM COAST TO COAST Read Courier News Want Ads Big Three in Heavy Syrup Peaches - STORE No. 2ic m |9c fe?fle Juice Ea.19c Applesauce 2for29c 46-oz. Can V Grapefruit Juice ---Ea.15c .23c 42c PefMiik FRUIT D9INK „, 35 Pure Cane—5 U )S . .I5 C SUGAR No. 2 Can SLICED APPLES Ret] Sour I'iKcd PIE CHERRIES .. Ka. 22 25 REX JELLY Ea5 9 No. 2 Can 5 I.h. .Jar Medium Size Jl»0 lto JV SHORTENING . 3 ,.,,„„ r Royal PUDDING 2f ,, r |5 Seedless, 11 ()/,. n<>x RAISINS E , 10 "It's (.'up Testcd"—Pound .Tar ADMIRATION COFFE 49 III I,I>S. 1'ure While—.", i,| )s . . l()c; ,„ U)s _ 7 - c — •' I(H.T. 'i"L CREAM MEAL ^5 Mi. r 25 ,.„, sz . 03; 50 ,„,, Vidor v FLOUR Campbell's No. 1 Tall Can PORKS BEAMS ....... 16 I'rince AlJjcrl TOBACCO All Popular Kntnds CIGARETTES WOOL A Choice Kvaponited Cln I C(n 1 15 Monte ,,, 25 DRIED APRICOTS ,.„, 33 Pkg. FREE SAMPLE! GRAPE-NUTS WHEAT MEAL Ask For Yours Today — Try This Delicious Break- 2Biinclii>s Each 15 C Crisp, Fresh CARROTS Iceberg Heads LETTUCE .lumbo Stalks Pascal '^11 CELERY M 1( fl Red Ripe and Delicious TOMATOES..:., .,,,,,25' U. S. i\o. 2 POTATOES ,„„,,,, r Sno-while Heads CAULIFLOWER Ih 15 \Vashiiig(oii j)eliciot!s APPLES S I.b. Mesh Bait ORANOES Larjje (Joldcn Fruit BANANAS Ib 15' Wakcfield 5 Ll>. i!ag 59 .. ::. Each 45*" 11 «*rvv j icm CABBAGE PUNTS Hermwlu ONSON PLANTS ,„,„„„„ 2 Hunches fcD lien or Yellow ONIONSETS (;;11 55 C Uhie Tai; Certified Triumph SEED POTATOES Green Heads TEXAS CABBAGE Plenty Fresh Frozen Foods for Lent. Delicious Seafoods from Everywhere SLAB BACON Ib. 50c SLICED BACON - - Ib. 59c Oven Ready BALLARD BISCUITS - 2 cans 25c * — -— - ^ ^mt+ M^ B W^*l^ — Thick fast Cercol. So Nourishing R|B RQAST - - - - | u . 49c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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