The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Kor Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris L'rinlinjf Co, Porto Rico ' KILN' DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered lo Your Door Phones .1677—2U86 Buck Meharg Produce «! r,. Main St. ATTENTION MR. C L. PERKY, formerly of Ihe Hl.vlheviDe S;tles Company, is now wilh us as General Radio and Appliance Repairman For (he bosl in Radio Kepair ami Apnli Maintenance call us ;it :tir.n. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLKTK PROTECTION Phono 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES UI'lTNEK BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Soy Beans Cleaned ^' u i^^^^^&^xx- v r %i ^^^^^^^^L^^^-'^ Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airporf Phone 2S(iO fo* tut fterw* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. IF YOU SUFFER WITH DIABETES Try this natural :IM| : Mountain . Valley Mineral Water from lint Spring. ArU. llnctors have pro- sorilicd it Tor .MOHK THAN SO VI.AIts. Ask for Free Booklet Mountain Valley Mineral Water Co. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP .Main nnd Division iilythcvillc, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURICT NEWS Georgia Officers Hunt Two Killers Pair Escape in Hail Of Bullets Following State Agent's Slayinq HHPMZiBAH, 0,1.. March 4. (UP) —Two (ir.spprnte killers wanted for Ihe rtenth of a Georgia Bureau of Invcsliijalion ii«cnl, escaped a hail Second Youth famous Tobacco HoiicI today ant] [|«l In a stolen car will) n. woman companion. Every available state patrolman and county policeman In East Georgia was thrown into a great manhunt Hint extended over five counties in (hi.? Jcelw Ixj.sicr wt- liiiR. The search was dlreclcd by patrol riirtio at floidsvillp, Ga., where S-t J. w. Robert* said a steel rlnn 'oir 25 patrol cnrs nnri scorns of policemen hat] been thrown around a 100-sf|ume mile urea. The search centered in Burke and Jenerson counties from Louisville, Ga., to Wayne/ilwro and Augusta to Hie South Carolina line and Ihe Savannah River. The two unidentified men, according lo the slate jrolicc, shot and killed Gni Agent Garland Fields near Swainsboro. Ga., alwut 10 p.m. EST last night, Ihen uominandeercd a 147 Fnrd scclnfln at gunpoint and made a Ketaway. State Trooper Adam Popped at ReWsville said that a woman companion seen with the Uvo killers and bellora! the bride of one of them, was in Ihe stolen car when it met an alerted patrol car one mile south of Waynesboro about three hours after the men emptied their revolvers into Fields' body. The patrol cur had headed South from Waynesboro to Join in the search for the killers and the fleeing car was recognized by the license plates. Corp. w. C. Matthews said he and Trooper R, C. Cnlnertson signaled /or (he car to stop but in- NASHVILLE, Tenn,, March « (UP)— Authorities moved tod»y ID' commute the death sentence of the second of two convicted murderers one of whom was saved by the pie* of his sweetheart. The trial Judge who sentenced 5' C ,i <. Re " ly ' "• » nd D*"'*! iiudzynski. 19, to death in the electric chair apparently wu to b* the savior of Rcllly.' Budzynskl's sentence wan com- muled to 99 years In prison after Ills sweetheart. Jeane Lucas * Pittsburgh Sunday School teacher came here to beg to m»rry htm on' THURSDAT, MARCH 4. liire over th of the City Arkan- . one-quarter (',;) Section llon line thence JST.X? ,sj»r,;a j sj; ,-£ K? S S &£aS£S£s£ &='•«•"••» i first of December. y " PASSED AND APPROVED: Mar. 1, 194*. Attwt: *• R. JACKSON, Mayor. FRANK WHITWORTH, the eve of his executio McCord, touched by the girl's , e grs plea, studied the case again ard commuted sentence because there was a possibility, McCord laid that Ihe youth did not know a robbery- holdup had been planned. Snelby County District Attorney Will Berber yesterday Informed McCord that the trial Judge had recommended that Reilly's life also be spared. A Irial Juror said "fairness requires lhat the sentence also ije commuted." Clerk ORDINANCE NO. U1 AN ORDINANCE SUBMITTING . TO THB VOTERS OF THE CITY ;OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS •I-'K QUESTION OF ANNEXATION TO SAJD CITY, CERTAIN CONTIGUOUS TERRITORY WHEREAS, it appears lo the council of the City of Blytheville, Ar- allel to the east one-quarter <U) section line of Section ». T15N, RUE. to a point thirty <30) feet north of the one-half <>,.;> section Jirte of Section ». T15N, RUE- thence west along a line thirty (30) feet north of and parallel lo said one-half <i,4> section line to a l»lnt thirty feet (30) west of the north and jouth one-half c,j) section line of Section 9, T15 N~ RUE; thence south along a fine thirty (30) feet west of and parallel to said one-half <'/,) section line, to a point at the intersection , of said one-half section line , son ne with the north right-of-way line of the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad; thence west along the right- of-way line of said railroad to a thence con- kansas, that certainhereinafter ol -™ y , line ° r «"<» ' described territory contiguous to H'"" ' ra " r ° ad: ' the said city ol Blythevllie If nee- t mm " A the c "''ve on the o«ar y for the expansion growth ^ u"" "'f^ r'^t-of-way Wne': and development of said Cltv ?, d ' allr °a<i: thence con- i therefore: y ' llnue south a!on 8 the west right-of- ! RF TT ORnAJNs-r. nv -™™. way " ne of sald "UrORd to a point ' = commuted." | CQUNCrl AND MAYOR OT ^ T *""*"'* "<*» a " d (lfly (50) Mecord granted the reprieve only C?TY SF B^YT™.^? ™* of^^ ! ° 8f 'Si,""'*'?""? "" e 12 hours before Rclllj was to hav» KANSAS. SECTION ONE' That wes"t ton Imnrtr^' ,ni, " 1CnCC Bone to l, is death at dawn today, there shall be submitted to he feet ^ „ o ano^ DaralM V ^ He did not R lvc a lull commuta- legal voters of the City of Blythe- action line to the f lion because hs hnri nm i,»,,r,i HI viiin ArVnnuc i,. ^ .,-t«j .._._ sect . lon llne ' «> the center of a Ihe . Prison officials said Reilly took „ k of hi., reprieve calmW 1«8. the nue.slion of th.Button ine of , Vi.r±" K "nil ^ UmnkuiK them from behind the of certain herin described terrl- ohUaf he In erection nf bars in his death row roll 1 torv. coni[»iinn« In s*irf r-ii,. -«^ '.._.. . '"'"section of his death row cell. "I can get. some sleep tonleht " he said. — I - LI " pome, ai ine intersection nf thp toi-y, conusuoi,., to said City and 'nprth and south one-half (u) wllliin the wmc Comity; and that .section line of Section 7 T 5N nflirinj.'H nf I h*» fit it n.r m..4i. A ^.._ ,. «-n-\.nwii 11, i iai\. Senator Requests Salary Earners Be Given Break WASHINGTON. March 4. (UP) — j the officials of the city of Blythe- j ville, Arkansas, take all other steps ! necessary to complete the annexa- , ,_...^.^ t ^ t .,i, rtilJ1CAtt _ poiiii live luncireci and fiftepn a "SJ^H 1 *"'^ ±. ta »— ! , reetd^e north of ?he Center I is described as follows: "Begin thirty (30) feet due south •anrf forty (10) teet due east of Hie southeast corner of Section IS, T15N, RUE; thence proceed due north along a line forty (W) stead the occupants oncncd'lir* sen Jan esP K;,^'? M ' UP '~ ' Section' line i =; .n g the , M tro, car with three £«£«& S^, 1 ^ ' ^ V^ _ _ . V1V6 tllfl "Parnnrl 1n/>n»i« ,>^-.jii^i .^ 1MM UI Vdll , ^,- st ,^ a---si,l^ .^^-T^'»«!i l S , RUE; thence south along the said one-half c.O) section line to a point five hundred and fifteen (515) feet due north of the center of Section 17, T15N, RUE; thence west along a line live hundred and fifteen (515) feet north of and parallel to the east and west one- half (4) section line of Section 17. T15N. RUE, to a point at the vive the "earned income credit give, wage and salary earners break. Ihe proposal before the Senate Finance Committee. Earned Income credits were dropped five years ago. Millikln, R.. Colo., commented that Kemp had sound arguments for be considered Inter when Con- reviews tile entire tax struc tu re v equities. Indiana Night Club Robbery Suspects Held bullcl.v Bnltel-i dome Close T\vo iHillel.s tore through the windshield of tlin .state patrol car, narrowly missing the two patrolmen, Matthews said. Matthews nnd Culbertson began reluming the !r.-id volleys and * wild 30-inllc chase waf on. Matthews snici the killers sped pnst Ihe patrol car headed North and he and Culbertson jjave chasp, firliiir iLi they sped nc.irly 90 miles an houi 1 . Richmond County Police to the North (hreiv up hasty roadblocks wlicn the pnirohucn radioed they Imd .spoiled Hie killers headed 111 this direction. Matthews snid he and Culbert- .soji e.xlwu.wd llrcir nciuiHinition and had to turn buck to Waynesboro lor a fresh supply. He said when last seen the killers were headed North over the Tobacco Road made famous in the Er.skkie Caldwell novel and play. Fields, who was stationed at of his murderers outside a roadsidf. a roadside eating S]>ol called Ihe "Lighthouse." Patrolmen said they understood the man whom Fields stopped for questioning said he was on his honeymoon. A woman \va.s outside in a car with the other killer. When Fields approached tile couple in the cor, patrolmen said, both men drew pistols and fired several shots into Fields' body. Fields fell against Ihe steps of tin- roadhousn, pulled his pistol and fired five shots as he died. , The two abandoned the first car and stole a .second from R. J. Pag- ! BE IT ORDA Ipr. who left it, in his driveway. I CITY COUNCIL C about 100 yards from the home of ' OP BLYTHEVILLE Sheriff P. L. Youmans. | SECTION ONE. That f Whereabouts of the woman was j enteen (17) of orriinan nn| Cn t «?"<»»", west one-quarter-Uir'secUoiV line s Second A e ddT»on-I ° f - SaitlMCli °" : thence south al °"8 tsr n « ijwsi ftHn/oT V ^! 5 VS3X oriLb^rstS Sfconrt Addition to the southeast' in the West Fnri «,i HI,^ „• Kemp, „„„ ,ou,d per,,,it tax- ; S'' ..tX ^T^ ' cV^S ' l!UnS ^ ' ton « th « " "™ B t e sout. ','£ n f , ^ ?' *'^?'? S'™' «». '"e or»-hMf P.yers to make small deduction, on • Td iioV „ t south I in of Ah , - , , ' r " " "~ " what part or their income coming striTca "ed ont o Vail', ThYrd TKN *£ ',°F h" C ° f Secti °" 17 ' rom earnings a., distinguished from i Addllioi,; thence east along the n , - Thn ; • f conlimie cast ncome o.i investments. He made somh line of Ash Street to a nolnt ?' ,K n° " e '° a polnt °" " IP nrniv\t;cil l lrt r rt ,.~ .K« o . ., ?. . ' ^LitLL tu a point l lnp with the \vr>t:t pnrl nf Oo-,li« hnlf feet cast of the ^el ^n^^^p^o?',^ I 1 " 6 ,.°L? hCl ^ "J !»«?. 0»te,..y. Sub'-DUta?" ffi^S^S-^ ^^^r^-s « r^vSK-'S s or ..uu- iu a pomi unrty 1301 [ee i. tbt, proposal. But he suggested that north of the section line between Hf DC COtlSltlPl'^ri Iflfhr U'limi />,.,„ <Qnn»!r.ii* 11 -«.J ii ..,.-». to said one-half section point thirty (301 feet i^rt •; SZL *™ *"5 - nV « H-M «™ e i™,,' - ,^^«. feet \vesl of the west line of Harrison Street in said sub-division; thence south on a line three hundred (SCO) feet west of and parallel to the west a point reviews the entire tax struc- thence west along a line h ny 30) , rt ' . ^"tlT ,h f .h" <= P ° [I V -h . view of correct,,, in- foet nort, of a,K, parrene, i sa^ Sn^Une^f^,^ ^ ^ PARIS. Tfmn., March 3. (UP) - "[wo Indianapolis youths were un- ^,. <M . ) .'.S t "S^ °1. »- °.-"«'/ southeaV section line of Section 10. T15N. RUE; thence west along a line thirty (30) feet north of and ,„ ,. - .. ..- i parallel to said one half [",) spc- "|ii n the Indiana city. i tlon llne to a. point thirty (30) liim °i mP " ^' C kicntiric<1 "s Wi;- feet cast of the north and south «'thn i V ' ' capuilcti yesterday 1 one-half iv.) section line of Sec- llR^m -« r<>M "^' " n " " is com - "°" 10 - T15E ' RllE ' thc "« north ™V^:, .J'* Hr d " arokl R n>'"""» alt >"S a "ne thirty (30> feel, east • ^° jv-ni um rturoic Kav nun a ons? a line th rtv (lot feet rt*t . u ^ i^vj^u.icn captured this mornins by a'larp, of and parnHcl to aidone-, If '"'» , * mln ^7 " n « ,f»" constitute the powe after an all-night search. *' I section line for a distance ol three i- b Si 1 - Ill) ? rIe -' °' .»">. CUy of Blythe- Hollce snid tliat Rayburn was ' hundred and thirty ipund hiding in a barn at a farm ' thence west alon^ .S1Y milnc nut nt n L_ i... ,___ . ..... a _ -six miles out of Pari ORDINANCE No. e | ville from and after "the comple- tcet, j tion of the proposed annexation . ^ I SECTION TWO. The ballots used «;r vs s:K±j« ""& I p^«s VSSSL^ i^ a mystery. Matthews said the patrolmen did not sec a wotnun in she car they chased. .7, „, .,,„ • of s ' THE along a line, four hundred (400) feet east of and parallel to .said section line to n point thirty 130) Ion sev- feet north of the section line be- number tween Sections 10 and 3. T15N :he Cil.y RUE; Thence west along a line >e. and thirty (30) feet, north of and par- the simi. i h.r i ' na ln '" v " ul Icet north o! a " rt Parine same Is hereby amended t» allel to the said Action line and Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any IMiicc Buck Meharg 401 E. 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WEBB Hwj. «] at suit Un« Ptton* BlTtheTlll* 11* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guarantied Best 1'rices Kirby Drug Storef RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLWAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Ridl* Sain »n* Service I«t Sooth First St. CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call Sll Brooks Music Store 107 E. Main • Take a ffmnl Lnnk. Do 5nnr 2 f»mily'i shoes iwed mending, j • new heeh, soles? Let oar «I ftrit it the >ob! H-fl LT€RS OUflLITY SHOC SHOP 111 W M n I N ST. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phon« 2013 1011 Chickasawba .... «... „„,. R , vl; n ,„,, commuia- ".-BUI vmci.s or me Ully of B ythe- scrllon llne tn »h« i r lion because he had not heard di- ville, Arkansas, to be voted upon dAin' E e c'nal known IT °, 1 retjlly froin the Judge. .1 U?e Municipal annual eiecSon Bayou'oich Number "-"S nee in sa.d city to be held April 6th. south and west along "the c-n er I. the nuestion nf tho annovoH^.. n__ _, ... , . ttl v"R llle c^ntei i a i the i S ™CiKS ; H? "« »su-X"...: r east corner of Section 15 ' T15N, RUE, which Is the point oi beginning." The territory proposed for annexation a.s aforesaid shall com- i prise nil of the territory between ! the present boundary line of said City and the proposed boundary ', line a s aforesaid and said proposed RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Type. Except Cancer) DRS.NIES AMIES Clink 514 Mabi, Blytbevllle. Arfc., Phone ZS21 FARM * LOANS ***• nut RATB B«, Newark, N. 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