The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1947
Page 12
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I»AGE TWELVB BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY,-SEPTEMBER'SO; 194? Miss America's Fiance How Less Fearful of Competition By KOBC&T RICHARDS M* SUM CwTWpoad«n() MEMPHIS, Term., Sept. 30. (UP) *- How does a man feel when.his fiancee , has b*en chosen as the most beautiful girl in the United -States? Dr. John Vernon Hummel considered tlie Question for a moment and sighed. He said, "well, any- ho»- I'm not afraid anymore." The doctor has been Mr. America for almost a month now and lie finds Jt n "nerve- wrack ing Job. Hummel, 23, blond and soft- spoken, is' the fiancee of Barbara Jo Walker, tlie Memphis girl who won the Miss America title at Atlantic City, N. J. "I'm used to the idea now." he said, "but it. was rugged for a while.' That Sunday night at the hospital, when the staff tlrst heard about Barbara Jo winning. I really caught fits. They called me 'Dr. America' or 'Mr. America' but it was all in fun. I didn't . mind. "There was something else bothering me. I had a hole in my stom- . ach as deep as your arm. I was • afraid that maybe Barbara Jo • wouldn't be coming home." | Dr. Hujnmel (he was graduated ". from the university of Tennessee Medical School last week) walked over and stored through the win' dow. '. "I had the same feeling when • she entered the contest." he snid. • "I wns afraid she might win-and. '. by golly, she did." I John said, however, that he was . always certain the title would not I • turn the pretty head of Barbara ' Jo. ' ''It was just all those people, n. round her that worried me" he • pxplained. "Waving contracts, ' snapping flashbulbs and asking her ', to do a thousand different things. ' I .was afraid they would get her • all 'tied up and then maybe I " wouldn't see her for anolher year." • But Miss America will be back , in. Memphis permanently on Oct. • 3. • "I don't exactly know when we'll be. married^" Hummel said, "buli . I feel a lot easier now. All I had • to do,-as a matter of (act, was to • talk to her once and then I knew I there was no reason to be afraid." " mHuriiiiiel, from Charleston, Mo.. , - will ,interne one year at a Mfcm- ' Wife' Hospital and then a second ypUrMiV'JtKc' 1 Enst : — perhaps at , Jolins.:Hopkins, in Baltimore or at Columbia University in New York. Miss America, as Mis. Hummel, will go along and complete her education. "Barbara Is not only beautiful," Hummel said, "but she's a fine cook too. She has just learned to turn out porkchops the way my grandmother does." With such a girl, Dr. Hummel indicated, naturally a man can't relax for a minute. Until he gets her safely married, he's got lo be afraid. It's Never Too Cote to Learn " The DOCTOR SAYS BY WILLIAM A. O'BIUEN, M. ». Written for NEA Service Inability to sleep soundly (Insomnia) can be caused by li'iir ol being ui1:ibli> to sleep. Staying invoke upsets (he Insomnia victim no much that lie fxpcct.s the worst. Insomnia is rarely a iind is .seldom cuusccl. by ncgulni- sloping habits an' i preventive of insomnia, whenever ixissible, go to bed ciicii ni^ht ut nn hour whleli will permit netting U|) the next inornini; completely rested, without being called. Even though you nmy stny luvako l>url of the night, it will not harm your health. An adult sleeps .sonndc'st clurlni; the Mist hour, and .sleeps progressively lighter as the wnkin^ sUi^e is approached, la children there are two periods of deep sleep, one nfter Botni; to bed and the other Just before waking. Those who enjoy deep sleep do not dream. Excessive dreaming in- dicutes light sleep. although this ' One of Itic brighter students In this Pittsburgh) Pa., evening liigh school Spanish class Is llarlow 13. KirUpatrick, light, president of. the city's hoard of education. The 08-ycar-olcl civic leader has wanted to study the language over since he was in the Philippines in IfllO. may be Just us restlul as deep sleep. Mothers develop the habit of light sleep, listening for their youn;j children. This should not be called insomnia unless they lail to go b:\cK to .sleep after they hal'e been reassured that everything is all rinhL. Sleeping pills, to induce sleep and overcome the patient's fears, may be used, if prescribed by a physl- ciiin. Greatest danger in their use is the possibility of overdosage or habit formation. To protect the patient, some member of the family should have charge of the bottle and give the patient the exact number of tablets or capsules prescribed by the physician. WA1JI MAY HEI.r Few persons suffer from insom- nia after a hard day's work. A walk in thu evening may provide the nee- e.ssary relit?! of tension to induce sleep. A glass of warm milk or u warm bath, but not a hot bath, also helps lo promote sleep. Most of the special bedtime chinks which are recommended for Insomnia depend mainly on the warmth of ', tile drink and not on Its content. A comfortable oen, a quiet room, tit Vied clothing and freedom from noise and distraction arc essential lor restful sleep. Single beds are (referred to double because there is ,i tendency lor one sleeper to uwa- the other as he moves about. Everyone changes his position constantly during sleep, and it is rare lor two individuals to feel the desire lo move at the: same time. • • • QUESTION: What causes my 5- ycnv-old daughter to have sties? ANSWER: Sties are an infectloi of the eye lashes, caused by germs present on the skin. Children usually develop them from rubbing their eyes. In older children, eye strain Is u common cause. Attlee Appoints Stafford Cripps To New Position LONDON. Sept. 30. (UP) — Sir Stafford Cripps was named minister of' economic affairs yesterday to take charge of Britain's overall fight for economic survival and recovery. The apjxjinlment of Cripps. prc.;- ideiH of the Board of Trade, \va;; announced by Prime Minister Clement R. Attlee. "Other government changes arc to conic toward the end of this week." the announcement from No. 10 Downing Street said. The changes were believed to be the first installment of the biggest shakeup in the labor government since It took office two years ago | last July. Head Courier News Want Ads. Undcr-infhited tires give more traction than fully inflated ones because more surface is exposed to the road. THF. STORYi Ilnppr nraiiilun ha* just frotten c Jr.!i UN Nt'vrvliiry to Stevr Lander*, harrf-liIHcn wur —JT respondent ntid prophet of . 4«am. SCrvr prrf«r* ivtirlUnjr IK • > I lip pr'n one-room" atinrlmrtit tn 111* O\TH otfU-r. DM ihc atirniinni < Ki* itittilinhrr I* In trlvr n cix-kliil! '. I»ar«y for Mm, hr proea fc»m«- rnrly to drc»». KelUTulnK latt-r lo nick JI»T wp, Uf *>tlnR« n.ton»c otcfcld* • nMd n mink ronl, llnitpy at Mra! rrtnmvK the ront hul «vhrM Strvr hccutnfA iinc;rv. liiMlntlriK lie tin* MO Hltcrlur wmlivej*. nUc mcci-i'ls It. stepped from the clcvaloi x on the top floor of the luxuri- .ous hotel, and instantly their ears .were assailed by a clamor of sounc Tnat could only be made by a •least a hundred people, all appar- lently talking at once. Knucou 'laughter mingled with the tinkle : of ice in tall glasses; waiters hur :ried through the crowd; the ,was thick with smoke and a him dred different perfumes Cough with the scent of food and liquor Happy and Steve stood in th doorway for a moment, before :Ttiddy-faced man saw them and .came hurrying toward them— [Steve's publisher, who was giving •this party to introduce Steve to 'some of the "more representative :peop!e who can do your book a •lot of good, m'boy," • ' A few minutes later Happy ' jfound hersclE with a cocktail in , [one. hand and a minute sandwich tin the other, standing a lillle to ' 'one side of the crowd, watching \ [happily, while Steve was being • 'guided-about" through the various • .groups by his publisher. . \ A man who stood near Happy • -watched her for a moment, and 'then came toward her, smiling a ' Jlittlc. "Hello," he said tentatively. "S i ace we are bot h ob v i ous ly ". jStrangers at the parly, could we • sort of get together? I'm George iHarrell." Happy said, smiling, "How do • you do? I'm Happy Brandon." ' i "Happy, eh? Going wound with ! p name like that is rather Kk.e inging defiance into the face of world, isn't it?" uskcd George liirrell. She studied him gravely. He vas not so tall as Steve, though he broad shoulders arid the lean HiiUl of a man who takes pride keeping InmseK physically 1U le was very blond and liis oycs vci c blue. "Are you n writer?" she nslccc irtlessly. "Heaven forbid!" he protested piously shocked. "Are you?" ss r no! I'm a secretary. IS • eyes took in, with a s\v.. flnsh, the beauty o£ Ihc nun' coal, the orchids. "Oh?" "I'm Mr. Landers' secretary she explained. George's cyebrcws rose a Utllc. "That must be quite a slrcnuous occupation. He's a bit on the violent side, I know." "That's because he's seen so much of the horror of war—hunger and suffering and despair—" She broke oft because George looked frankly bored. "Oh, sure; he's cyuile a prophet oC doom," he said almost grimly. "Of course, f can't lay claim to being an expert on world affairs myself," he went on more; lightly. "I'm only a farmer, watching the turn of the seasons, seeing winter conic and lay waste lo the things I've worked hard lo plant, but knowing all along Dint spring W1 H come and the world will smile again." "Where is your farm?" asked Happy, sincerely interested. "On an island ofl the coast of Georgia," answered George. "ITs been in the family since the days ull. He's been telling me about farm he has on an island—" The two men nodded at each thev, using the excuse of a cock-i \i\ in their bunds lo avoid shnk- hands. Their dislike of each Iher was as swift, as instinctive, s that. "A farm, eh?" Steve's voice was Iry. "How nice. Come on, Happy, ct's get going." George stood bnclc, bowing po- itely, his eyes on Happy. 'It's been very nice knowing •on, Miss Brandon. I hope we Yieet again," he said pleasantly. Tf/IIATEVER Steve had been about to say, and Happy knew Hint il would not have been pleasant, was checked by the publisher's sudden appearance at Steve's clbo\v. "Just a minute, Landers; there's a fellow here you must meet. II will only take a moment," he said importantly. George smiled a lillle as Steve was borne unwillingly oft, and said quietly, "Do ymi suppose he would blow up in Wtlc pieces it I asked you for a date?" Happy's checks burned. "Mr. Landers is my employer, not my owner!" "And not your fiance?" "For goodness sake — no!" Obviously she found the thought startling, a fact which George noticed with frauk relief. '•Then what about dinner tomorrow night?" he suggested. "I have to return to the island at the end of Hie week." "I'd like Ilial," Happy assured him sincerely. "Good!" George was pleased. "I'll call for you at 7?" She nodded and gave him her address. A moment later Steve returned, tucked his hand beneath her tlbovv and, wilh the curtcst possible nod to George, drew her away and out of the room. Steve kept his word afler that, and Ihc evening was gay, almost too gay. Lonr; after he liad taken her home, Happy lay awake, thinking Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 10J-1 Chickasawba of Oglethorpe and his colonists." Steve had conic up. though neither of them liad heard him. Happy saw him standing just behind George, and, noticing the expression in his eyes, she said hurriedly, "Sieve-, this is Mr. Har- , about him, worrying, wishing that there were some way she could help him. But when nt last she fell asleep, it was George Harrcll of whom she dreamed. ,._. (To Be Continued) A"*? FARM LOANS At Lowest IJalc Long Term Quick Service A. F. Dietrich United Insurance Agency 106 S. 1st. St. Ingram Bldg Concrete Cuivert-tUe Blzes 10" to 36" (Reinforced or Non-Reinforced) Cheaper and Longer Lasting than any oilier Bridge Material. Concrete units for SanSiary Privy-—Concrete Septic Tanks. A.H.Webb HW7. 61 N. at State Line Phone Dljthrvlllc 114 Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams AVOPF/? POLSE.' T_ LOOK/ t-fi'f CATTYCORNERED IS THE OML.Y -../ \VA-Y IT CAM BE PARKED WITH I WILL MOT/ SHE'S Ji:A\-OUS OP US HAVIM& S : l THESE NAf?RO\V ALLEV5.'15 XXJP /A ASK THE LADY NEXT DOOR TO RFMOVE .MER FLOWER BOXE ANT WATER FAUCET, WS COJLD FUT IN A PR1VE FROM VOD I 17O.M'T WANT WHOSE is TfAKT SOPPING ,.,r^~&CKH THIRTV YEARS TOO SOON) By MERRIM, B!.0?3EU FRECKLES 4 HIS FRIENDS i DOMT CARE VWAT S\Z.S THIS DRIP TINY IS.' IF US WAMTS TO STAY WEALTHY,HE BETTER. LAY OFF MYRTLE I WHY WARM HIM? HIS PHOMEf NUMBER IS--- YeAH—-YOU KNOW, FOR. A LITTLE? GUY, HE'S GOT KIND OF A BIG VOICE. AMD WHWS MORE, rvW FBIfiND, L DON'T CATCH YOU EVEN LOOKING / AT tWKn-E AGAlM,' YOU SURE DROPPED THE BOOM CM HIM.' "It's bad enough 1o sit through a mushy picture, but two nitwits have to neck right in front of us so we can't see it!" Gy AL VERMEET PRIOILLA'S POP i That's a good one! I was kidding you and you were h•/doing me! It makes me think of my first flame. Dark... h3ndsome...and what a rascal he mas! Tie of my ft, sweetheart. She W3S cute./i BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE £}eimwhile, I called on at heater critic friend of mine fora li'ttlc information. Janus Wadham's 51,000 looked lihe easy money, but there were complications. HEY ASK YOU ABOUT THAT. tUCRETIA, TEU1HEM TOU HftVE RATS. Ill WAIF HERE CASE JANUS CAllS AHA.'GOOD CUD HINT J WHAT VILE KIILER ARE YOU RUNNING TO EARTH NOW? AND 15 THIS A CIUE ? BDV A SMALL QUANTITY OF FRESH LIVER AT THE BUKHERS. AND HERE I51HEN&MEOF A PREPARATION YOU WILL PURCHASE AT 3? TOE DRUG STORE. IT'S A PICTURE OF A GIRL I'M LOOKING FOR, CURTAIN. ANITA WADHAM... PtAYS BIT PARTS ON THE STAGE.DO YOU KNOW HER? WASH TUBES V" VJHWl! TftKE \ Oil, Wl QUITE Pv SEWING. MID HW> I (AUSt'UE GOT THE TO BE-Ht PROPEEW CHOKED!) PASES WUEOVllTK M1P TUt HEMIUESS WJN / ONE I WROTE TOU'P DISPOS&P OFOTHEeS / PfiOUT SEL.UN& THAT HM) GROWN OLDER / Ml OW ' - ftSD SETT1H& Pi BEW ITS QUVVE OBWUS FROM SOUR REPW TO kV( REQUEST, DR. MIDDLE, THKT SOL) HAVE COMFUSED ME WTH SOME TOR MEP •ER-IMIMNTE, ES" WE JMIOW^ SUBSTIXWTOTEP gV KOYJ POSOL) EXPLA\H THE PICTURES SOU ENCLOSED OFftSOUUS LW4 W DWJCIN& /HEW TRhCTO* UNBftlftNCEP MNP WOULD HME CONFESSED THE ffllNSS NOUDI01MTHW LETTER-... . if IMECONE SOU WJ IH JUSTICE i 1'IL GLMVS COeRECT MOD'COILO NO LOHC-EE By FKED ITARMAN GOOV BOY, PAPOOSE." YOU 1\'5 RJW FAST, LEAA'E-UfN RUSTLER FAR P V'AIN'T SURE OF WIJE. FACTS. YA B=TTEE STAV - HID OUT.' i MIGHT B= / iVTl^ATiNG I SCJE ABOUT •OUR.TEUJN'\ TnS FACTS; EVERYBODY \ HE. BLACKED j *=*^> OLVN HIM HAD YEAP N=ETAH By EDGAR MARTIN WOOTO AND HKIi BUDDIES <3o COMt.lrtW HOME THtV TOR. SO TO f\SK TFfc STW SOU OO, TWE.

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