The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 19)8 General Urges ing of Reds (ARK.) COURIER NRWS Wedemeyer Says This Nation Must 'Pay in Blood' for Inaction WASHINGTON. March 4. (UP) — U. CJcii. Albert Wedemcyer foim^r commander of American troops ni China, said today the United States "will payiu Wood" unless steps are taken now to halt the march of Communism. Wedemcyer said il, ;u American economic assistance in other nations mast Iw backed by military aid if the "vast movement'" of Com- r muDLsm is tn bo sto'pped. Specifically, he ui-RCd congress io give military as well as economic assistance to the sirifo-ricldeii Chinese nation. Tc.stif.vinn iiplnre tlir. HOIIMS Foreign Affairs Committee on the art- minLslratioti request for $570.000,000 for economic r.iri to China Wcrtcnieyer broke sharply with Secretary of State Georce C. Marshall over the question of military aid. He said that he was a personal admirer of Secretary of Suite George C. Marshall but thai "we apparently have an honest difference of opinion" over military assistance. Miniey ,\\unr. Won't Help "I don't think dollars alone will fftop the spread of Communism anywhere in the world," ho .said. ". . .1 predict that if we don't take appropriate steps to stop this Communist conflagration we are pning to pay in blood. "We must calculate the cost in blood." Wcdenieycr told the Commilic-e that he did not consider American military participation in the Chinese struggle necessary at this time. But. he added, the VS. should supply the Nationalist government of , Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek [ with military airt. j R^p. Waller H. Jiidrt. R. Minn., wanted to know whether American officers could work .successfully with the Wedemcyer replied that it sometimes was difficult. He sairt the. Chi- often wont through ricvisious routes in arriving at a given goal bnl that their ultimate aims were fevhat, the Americans also wanted. * "Then yon think the Chinese- lenders arc trying to achieve desirable ends for their iwople?" Jndd asked. "I definitely do." he replied. Must Listen to Former Secretary $1,600 Found in Mud After Wallet it Lost LKW1SVILLE, Ark., March 4. Ul.l'.i-Jew.s willmd arlffln of I.ewisville wns happy todny orer Ihei recovery of $i,BOO even tiioush llie money was slltjlilly the worse for wear. Slate Police SBt. Hurolil Porter- ticM siild Hint tirllfin losl his bill- told containing $1,750 near Gimlon last Saturday while retmninj; from the raci-s nt not Springs. Tile empty wallet was found by a piissinj; motorist and It wns tinned over to the state police. A <|tllrk trip to llii- spot when- the wallet wiis located, and n sean-li lit mud mid water, turned up $1.000 of me cash, 1'ollre said the rest oil the imuiey prolwljly blew «w«y. 'Motorized Mountain Goof FA« FIT* KI:I,ITU »,. : j. t,en. Ujvuietl K. Meyers, iriKllti former Air Force procurement officer, today faced the prospect or listening to hts former secretary, who hits a slander suit pending him, ns she IcMities for the government in a subornation of jx>rjnry (rial, with Meyers is his attorney, Robert T. nushnell. (N'EA Telcphoto.) Greek-Letter Groups Banned at El Dorado Kl, DORADO. Ark., Mar. <. mpi • An immediate ban on high school fraternity and sorority membership was in effect here today. In a surprise move yesterday, tlie ' whool bonrd 'refused- Io permit j members of Greek letter societies to take part In extra-curricular ilc- livilics. The secret, organizations were not banned. A spokesman for the board siild the notion came from demands of "an overwhelming majority" of Itie parents of school students. Proves a 'Thriller' in Classrooms Course on American Civilization NEW YORK Few Fires at Oak Ridge OAK RIDCiE, Tcm>., Mm: 4_ <UPi--Fire damage reached an all- lime Inw at Oak Ridge lust week, officials reported today. The total damage for tile week was $•!'.! The fire trucks made only runs. other kinds o( trees. IUPI— American approach pre-war nroir-linns, PSC Contidw For Subsidiary by APL LITTLE HOOK. Arlc,, Mure)) 4. Ul'»—The Arl(»n»«s Public Service comnii.s.11011 look under advise- iiient <|sy an application of 111* Arkansas Power and LlRhl Co. to cre ; ate a * 1,000,000.000 subsidiary firm. The parent company proposed 'o set up lhc Lake Calheilne Corp. which would buy the Incompleted steam electric Kt'neriUliiK plant *t Lake Calheilne Irom the War A.i- sels Adiiilnlslrntlon. The WAA lias set »9M,000 as (he price of tht; 'flu- new corporation would be financed by .wlllnt! 1CO.OOO »1 litre* of strikes oak and elm j Tlip dim trees much more frequently than: composed Is pure carl mil Is thf. only gem single eli'inenl —it hie revival oJ Japanese competi- L eX °" neltl tor Trying ,„ ,,...,„„ , ui . ,„,. , mlll j, „,„,,. w . lion which hurt them so much in T O Defraud Bank of $600 '" K oonvll ' ll 'd by n Jefferson Comi- the 1930's. fwv ty iui . y h( , r( , -j.p^p^.jj, I)c Kla aralsctl of lhc lntai stabblnit of Mcn ° nr>l11 - nnother Ne a io, at Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. March 4. i UP) (USDAI — Livestock: Hog.s 11.000, salnWc 10.000 11.000 yesterday. Market uneven, 50c to SI lower thnn Wednesday's average. Good and choice !80 to 230 Ibs. 23-23,50: top 23.50: 230 to 210 Ibs. 21.50-23: few to 23.25; 270 to .100 Ibs. 20.50-21.50; 300 to 350 Ibs 10-30.75; ICO to 170 Ibs. 22.50-23' 130 to ISO Ibs. 19.75-22,25: few 22.50; 1011 to 120 Ih. pips 15.25-18.50. Sows 450 Ibs. down 17-75-18.25; few 18.50- over 450 Ibs. 17.35-17.75. Cattle 2,000. salable 2,500: calves 000, all salable. Supply of cattle light including about is loads of steers, mostly medium fleshed kinds, i A few early sales medium to good 'steers at 24-28.50; heifers and mixed yearlings steady. Few early cows sales fully steady, but General undertone easier on later rounds. Medium to good heifers and mixed yearlings 21-25-50; Rood cows 2122: common and medium beef cows 18-20; a few canners and cutters 14.40-17.50. They do not share the view of UNION CITY Tenii March 4 some dealers that there Is plenty 'UPi A man who said he wis Wil- of market room here for both U.S. | burn K. Westou of Abilene Tex and Japanese production. ... - • James K. Love, president of the United States Potters Association, dissented sharply from the idea that Japanese and American offering to chinaware users are on divergent and non-competilive lines. Love Is vice president and Divorce Act Nullified MONTGOMERY, Ala.. March 4. «r_ipi—AJabnmn's Supreme Cotir: today ruled unconstitutional a 1045 legislative act which allowed "quickie" divorces in the state. Read Courier News Want Arts. (reasmer of (he Shenango iPa.) Pottery Co. He told the United Press. I.ahor Costs Differ "Our best Information is that the cost of labor hi Japan is approximately one-ninth of the cost of the same labor in the United States. American labor constitutes from 60 to 65 per cent of the factory selling price of American china. "Thus it Is easy to understand why Japan ran manufacture ware, pay the tariff, and land it in the United States at a price to the dealer which is considered less than the American cost of production. "Japanese china was accepted In large quantities before the war by the American housewife. There is no reason to doubt that it will not be accepted now. When Imported in quantities comparable to those imported before the war, ft wijf constitute a serious threat to the American chinaware industry. Tariff Cut Heavy 'The Geneva tariff cut will increase this competition. The cuts arc substantial on a large proportion of the chinaware and earthenware imported to this country. "Naturally, because so far the imparts have not nearly reached the size of those before Hie war, it is impossible to tell how heavy will be the blow to American industry. "Since Japanese china was imported in immense quantities at the old rates, it would be illogical to content that any smaller quantity would be imported under the greatly reduced rates. "When American china and earthenware manufacture becomes normal, and the imports from Japan was held by police here today on j charges of attempting to defraud n local bank of $COO. Police said Weston ndmittcd workinq swindles on banks in San Angelo and Wichita Falls, Tex a n't Hope, Ark. Westou opened an account here yesierday with a check drawn a Vicksburg, Miss., bank. He deposited a sealed envelope in the bnuX vault. A bank officer became suspicious and contacted the Mississip- '. pi bank which reported no such account, on record. Police ctiiet Doliis Hobeits sai,l that Weston opened the account and used the bank's vault to convey tiie impression that he was ft permanent resident. Suspect in Highway Slaying Is Arrested HELENA. Ark.. March 4. fU.P.I — A suspect in the Chnrlcs Gerber hitchhike slaying near Memphis was arrested in West Helena. Ark. late yesterday and returned to Jackson. Miss., today nflor signing an extradition waiver. Sheriff Edgar p. Mickey of Helena refused to reveal he man's identity, but said he arrived in Helena yesterday by bus from Mississippi. The suspect was arrested by the sheriffs deputies, but Mickey dp (•lined to say if the arrest was at the request of Mississippi authorities. Frederick A. Franklin. plti sophomore at Worcester, Mass., Classical High School, Is _ i lne new assistant curator ol „. astronomy at the Worcester The year 104C had nix eclipses, Natural History Society Here lour of the .sun two of lhc moon. Kranldin. the youngcsl man on No year can have more than a record to be given ;im [los i in . lota! of seven eclipses. j spccis one of society's lc.icsc.upes Get your car set for wonderful days ahead It's time (o rid your car of winter-weariness and restore it to clean, responsive running condition. Then the firs! nice Spring day that comes along . . . you'll be set Io hop in and go ... set Io gc( (he most in comfort and pleasure from your car. Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone 519 LEE MOTOR SALES CMC TRUCKS — OLDSMOBILE 307 Eost Main Str*«t To Make a Long Story Short. . . uw. CLEANERS Phone 3747 We'd like to tell you a ll the reasons why so ninny people are convinced tliat C. & \\'. is the best cleanor in town, Inil it's quicker to get - A diMnonstration. Send your next, cleaning job to us—and you'll si:o that complete satisfaction tells the story bet- lev than words. Get the C. & W. babit of cleanliness! Pick Up and Delivery Service 300 SioHth Division When you win a jar of Manhattan coffee, dial 814 and let us deliver it to you and pick up your coupon. Use our F r « • Delivery Service. Women MJtar MELBOURNE Ark., MM. C — Mr«. Kttheru* I+wrtat* been turned editor of UM bourne Timei The »•» mode by W. K. Melbourne who bought U» from i» E. 8hl»Uj common stock to A. P. u4 t •* f 10 a share. C. Hamilton Mocen, prwldcnt «t lhc firm, said the government (pent »1 800.000 on the pltnl »hleh WM to serve Ihe Jonen Mlir Aluminum Co. Uurlng the war, but bcetuM «t shoi lages ol iiikterliU, the pUnt was nol completed. H APPY you R Grocery & fj Market DIAL 814 One or three pound jars i»f AlHnlmtlmt (irotinrt, Drip, Ro K . ( ,r I'tilvi'i iy.crl. FRCf DEL/VERY SERVICE Tlic mox! .itnsafumal value io KM rjilio reception tod»y. 'Hie lu'^lily efficient Phi loo model -(72 receives even low- powered I'M nations ... with xinarinn tone «ml clirfty. Yes, you get I'M >nd rcgulur (AM) broadcisiinji, ' otl Huilt-in dull aertil lyitem Tor hotli 1 : M >nd AM. Gleaming hrovrtt plaitic cihfnet. Also Available in ivory plastic* Hubbard & Son, Furniture Phone 4409 Blythevill* For What You Get What You Pay For Our Fifteen Years at Main and Second Streets Testify for Our Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity — The Public Trust! Don't Be "Taken-In" By Free Offers flood, sound business is snmclhinj; Iniill by K(HI( | work, cfficicnl strvitrc and quality of ivorknian.sliip. It is nol built on false claims and "free" offers. By this «'« mean fdaf our establishment has never, anil will nol commence at this lime, to mislead Ibe public on srnsalionnl offers not actually subslantintcd by fact, merchandise—service. We pride ourselves in Ihe fact (hat we do nol offer sonielhinjf for nothing. Thai k a brush ivay of jr e (. ling-the public "in" for a cleaning of a watch or anything else. You've heard lhc old .saying: "You don't net something for nolhing." (hat saying is more true today during short;iH'cs and hifjh prices than ever before! We will continue to give our services at « fair price. The Best Watch Repairs-7 Day Service Pat O'Bryant JEWELER Main at Second Stt, Phont 3261 J,'

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