The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, SEPTKMBBIl 30, 19.17 BLYT1IEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN BETIER HOMES YOU PUT YOUR HEART AND SOUL Into making your house a home and it deserves the- best, SO- VANK-CALVEUT'S WHITEST PAINT We will Jiladly give you a free estimate. Pay by the month if you desire. E. 0. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "Kriciully Building Service" E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 INSURED Check-Up on Fire Hazards Advised Householders Urged To Clean and Inspect Wiring, Heating Units With the sl:u-L of the hontmj; .season bringing added fire danger, Firo Prevention Week, Oct. 5-11, provides householders with un opportunity to give their homes an nutlnin check-up. isl yciir more thau -lOOftOO homes wore danmuod or destroyed by fire, a majority of them in the full tind winter months, according ! to the National Bo;ird of Fire un- ! (let-writers, which issues this advice to cautious householders: Start your autumn check-up in the basement, \viih the furnace and other heating equipment. Furnaces should, be cleaned out. once n year, and in the case of oil burners, this should be done by an expeiiencecl repairman. Chimneys. Hues and smokepipes should ho inspected for cracks and holes which will spread (ire. All rub bus Vt accumulated during the summer should be cleaved out of the basement, as well as from attics, closets and other places. Inspect the fuse box. Sec that only 15-ajnp fuses are installed, I and get a supply of extra Iuse.s to keep on hand, Inspect the wiring of all electric appliances, particularly thane poit- nble heat-ers you will use this u - ln- UT. Have all defective wiring repaired or replaced. Oil and clean the motors of all electric appliances you will use this winter, so they won't overheat, ami start fires. If your refrigerator motor isn't the "sealed-in" tysw, be sure to oil this, too, Gei out your metal screen for the fireplace and set it in place 'or your first open fire. Inspect your chimney to see that it is clear of all obstructions. Equip your home with plenty of j ash-trays, to keep careless smokers ' from throwing their ashes on carpets or into wastcbaskets. Inspect your kitchen .stove to be | sure Uiat it Ls Junctioning properly. | Have a supply of soda or sail on hand to .stop, grease fires in broilers or cooking vessels. HOW TO DO IT Glass Block Modernises the Kitchen Each savings or investment account, in the BLYTHEVI'LLE FBDKHAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION is fully insured by an agency of the U. S. Government, up to ?5000.nn. Call or see us now to learn how your savings will he secure, and still earn money for you. A modern kitchen, is one* of the home's most valuable assets. It increases the property's value and makes everyday chores easier. Because it is the working core of family life, the kitchen should bo bvitht. cheerful and scientifically arranged to saro • steps and labor. Abundant cup- bonrds and v.'ork - counter space are indispensable. Most of these factors arc em- nre now being built. A the old homes. To achieve belter dn y lighting in a dingy kitchen n panel of glass block is set into the wall to form n splash board nbovo (he sink and work counter. This w o r k s equally well in an outside wall or in interior partitions lo hoi-row daylight from an adjoining room. Insulux glass block has insulating effect which reduces lie at loss or condensa lion phasi7.ed in the new homes that that forms .on ordinary windows. Being non-transparent, it trans- ing job also makes their advan- mits daylight without sacrifice o£ tages available tt> owners of privacy. Oak Combines All Qualities Desired In Good Flooring Building experts point out thnt good flooring Is one of the most important requisites of sound construction, whether in a home, apartment house, office buHdtnR, factory or any other type of build- i"B. While .selection of a specific kind of flooring, such us oak or other hardwood, depends lo»lcnlly on the use to which it will be .subjected, there are a few fundamental requirements that apply in general. Emphasis on certain requirement varies, of course, according to the use for which the Eloor is intended. Oak [loor.-i. for example, combine all the de.stred qualities for flooring in residences as well as other buildings whore beauty and case of maintenance are major factors along with strength, durability ami other features. Two Building Permits Issued in Past Week The basic requirements that apply to practically all floors are listed by building authorities as foljlows: •(!) suitable struct urn I strength; (21 high resistance '.n wear: i3i resistance to such natura Two building permits for resi-, elements as aging and sunligh!; dential construction and four sier- M) comfort; (5) pleasing appear- mits for the moving of building.; mice; <6> economy; (7) capacity were issued last week from the of- being restored lo its original "con- fice of City Engineer Joe Carney, dition at moderate cost. The four permits to move build- Hardwood floors rate exception ' BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL 124 W. ASH ST. PHONE 3545 inps were istied to Mrs. W. T. JGaker. ' ally well on all counts, which ex- why they are virtually the universal choice for homes and apartments. They also are widely used in schools, churches, office buildings, and numerous other lype.s of structures. While .still in shorl supply they are more readily available than at any time in recent years. Building permits were issued io ) plains J. R. Shanks for a five-room frame residence at 528 North Sixth, to ho built at an estimated cost of $1.000. and Chester Lewis lor a four-room j frame residence at 421 East Ash; estimated cost. Sl.COO. iifts Build Home For 73-Year-Old Memphis Couple Memphis. Tenn.. Sept. 30. (UP) —This i.s the story of tho ".Sun.set Ionic."—a typical four-rooms-aiid- A-bath frame house. But It's nlso a nream and a iv- 'leclion of a community'. 1 , rcsixmsi 1 to the enduring love of a man and a woman lor each other In lime af trouble. It nil started when Air. and Mrs. Frank Ward, both 73 and 4:> yearn married, were burned out of their home two year.s auo. Ralph Milieu, associate editor »: the Memphis wrote story and (.lie public (licked It up. The women of the Kudora Missionaries Union of the Endora lla\)- tlst Church decided lo help. That wns some time ago. The public, touched by Ihe love slory of an old couple trying lo remain together in the twilight o[ their lives, responded. Money, materials and offers of help poured in. The fund and the house crew and now the "Sunset Home" Ls fln- Lshcd. Tomorrow Frank 'Ward and his bride o( 45 years will take posses; slon. assured they'll never have to buck Ihe economic iidvcisklcs of life's own sunset. "We're so grateful for all that has been done," Ward said. "We Just don't know what lo say." Lath Has Part In Maintaining Home's Beauty Tlie basic mntcrluls H.wd In construction will ultltiKiU'ly piny mi Important pnrt In (tetrnnltiliiK tlic liviliiH; brauly of llu> stiiiL'tm-e, >ui- lliorllles on bnlldliiK Hssorl. Kve\\ Mich unset-it Iti'iu.s us Irilli unit Insulation lu'lp lo nmlnluln Hie yood looks of ;i home Interior, l'Y\v things <li>lrnct more from lliu Interior npiicnrunce of u homo Ih.ui nuslHlitly luth nunks on walls niul rrllinus. llulUlini: CXIIITIS rc|>orl tliin. IhrM' oyi'.snir-s nin foi« HlmlmiU'd by the of In.MiliituiK bourd lull) us a phistpi 1 In uclitltlim (o provldnii; a .solid fkinn lo whU'li plu.stcr acllu'iv.s smoothly uiul I'vcnly. in.suliitiivt Imnnl bill) (Inul)U's us Insulation. U in nmnuraclurrd ILI hall-Inch ant) oiu'-tm'h UiH'kiU'vsrs tn im't'l a vuil- cly of mMihitiny iYqulmiit'nt?>. Tl«i> continuous MirlniY ol tills l.ypc 1 lath prinilln list 1 moli.liirt 1 In llu» plu.sli'r to dry onlwiml Into llic room wllc're vmtlllillon will carry it uw:iy. In onllimry lulli much of the tuoislmr nmke.s ilr. wily In'twi'on the walls ttlierc It ci'cutr.s excessive dampness. Inasmuch ns phi.stur lu- trocliHT.s from 200 lo iiOn gallons of wuU-r ItUo n hunso, Ihl.s is a very Important factor, Workmen can a\ip;y Insulating board quickly becimsc of ll.s convont- ntit .si7i>. This Is n factor It) cutting labor costs hi construction. 1017. Claiulc W. Bavlr, Adinliilstrntor of the Estate of Mury Itavls. Decnvscil Holland nncl Tiiylor, attorneys lor AdmUiislnUor, 1)M-10,7-H St. Jiilm's. Ncwfoumllnnd. Is much irarer Africa limn It. Is lo Finlami, Alaska, or the North Pole. Japiin exported 13,000,000 pounds of raw silk in 1935. root ot colds, nub VapoKub on thront...clieal. Melt wmo In mouth, tool DIAL IN TUB riton,vri: COIIKT von T1IK OIllCKASAWHA IHSTUICT OK iMississirn COUNTV, AUKANSAS IN THK MATTKIl Ol' THE KSTATK OF niAitv DAVIS. DKCI:AHL:I) NOTICE TO CHHDITOKS Notice Is hereby uiveit lhal the mulerslgncd was on this dny ap 4 - pc-inted Administrator of Die ICs- tate of Mary Davis. Deceased. All pL'i.^on.s having eliiini:; uKalus) .said estate are hereby notified lo exhibit them to I he undersigned Administrator, properly authcnlleiilcd. within six months from the dittc ol the first publication of thl.s notice or they will IK forever barred and precluded from uny Ijcnctit in said eslalc. The address of Ihe un- dnr.ilKncd AdiululsliaUir Is HFD 1. >'.Unette, Arkansas. This the 2t'.ih day of September. BE PROUD OF YOUR FLOORS! Efficient Hardware important in Home 'IJobr.s open, windows glide, drawers and cupboards .sv:ing open only because of efficient* hardware'. It is so important an item in a home, .says Practical 'Builder, Chicago 3. that it should never be Fkimped ou in cost, because "elieap" hardware may mean continual costly replacements. Doorknobs, liinges, handles arc no longer awkward unimaginative bits of purely functional iron. The new "hardware" of chronic, brass, wrought iron, plastic,, wood nnd glass is extremely decorative and in such a variety of design and style that any lypc house can wear it proudly and in best taste. tcinbcr, 10-17. Byron Morse | Admlnlstrntor of the Estate J. A. Bishop. Deceased. Holiuml ft Taylor. Attorneys for Administrator. of FOR All Electrical REPAIRS! ^ We Handle Any Type Work -^- Complete Line of Fixtures •^f Quality Workmanship CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Phone 2993 Built-in Convectors Help Conserve Floor Space" : '' Vcrsatnity of the modem convcc- tor radiator for home heating, or lor business c-stab'.ish,nenUs. Is lllu- .strated by recent installations ol built-in convenors in bcnchcj, lounges, window .scats and other furniture and room accessories. In lounges, for example, the convector radiator is built right into the back of Ihe lounge, \vith the grilled opening at the top as the outlet for heat. Wherever such installations arc made, it i.s essential that the enclosure be fitted snugly around the unit to assure lull heating capacity. IN TIIE PKOHATi; COURT FOK THE CHICK/VSAWHA DISTKICT OM MISSISSIPPI COUN'l'Y, ARKANSAS. n the mattrr <>f the estate of A. Bishop Deceased Notice to Creditors Notice is hereby given that the ndcKilgned was on the ISth day f September, 1947. Appointed Ad- Inlstrulor of the Estate of J. A. Jlshop, Deceased. All persons hnvins laims against said estate are hcrc- y notified to exhibit them to the nriersl^ncd Administrator, properly nthcnticated. within six months rom the clnlc of the first puhllca- ion of this notice or they will be orevcr barred and precluded from ny benefit in said estate. The address ol (he imder.siRix'd idmlnisrratlon is clo Morse and Klrschncr. Blylhevillc, Arkansas. Dated this the IS clay of Bep- SHERWIN-V/JLIMMS PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL, -^—• s*"*"- J $1.65 . jjlntcrior and exterior floors get extra- rtouph protection v.'ith this fresh-, /'looking enamel. One easily-applied' / of this lustrous finish resists the f beatings of weather and time, covers [ solidly and rcitorcs good looks., WE SELL MIRACLE WALL FINISH fc [49 ^^ GAL. n tait tfct Amn* t««iT HARDWARE CO.Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS B ft AMDS 126 W. MAIN ST.- PHONE 515 Benjamin Moore HOUSE PAINT Moisture resistant Benjamin Moore I'ainl i.s as good as any outside paint ever sold! Get an estimate on the cost of painting your homo at our store. * Painters Kcconimcnclcd for Your Convenience DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wa/lpopcr Style Center" 109 East Main St. Phone 4469 Out ol the service and into civilian lile? Protect your now, and prized posses- lions against loss. Insure through this agency and be certain your needs are ettecu'vely covered! NOBLE GILL Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; T. L MABRY us mssovKi BT. rn. mi Hard wo re Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Baringi Low Net Cost Protection Fttr Berrts* W. L. TAMKE I IM C. Davis SL, r. O. Boi 431 ] I I4IT Ark.! Prepare For Winter Now Just a few months until cold weather sets in for the winter. Now's the time to have your plumbing system checked and repaired -«BMl' and to order oil to meet your requirements. Act now for con- venience then! Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Haatf er "Water Is Your Cheapest

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