The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 3
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THURSDAY. MARCH 4, l94i BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Georgia Official Criticizes KKK Klan Called Hooded Hoodlums Threatening Bloodshed in South By KA Kridses (United I'ress Staff CorrcsiHmdfnll | ATLANTA, Oa., March 4 <UP-, —Georgia Attorney General Eugene Cook today denounced Hie Ku Klux Klan as "organized hooded hoodlums .siH>uting devotion In the constitution while thi-CAtoulne Wood in the streets o! the South." Cook, whose office had (ought ihe Klan through the courts until •vs chnrler was revoked, charged "(lint Klan parades hi Georgia were "scaring a section of oiu' citizens from the polls." I Cook's charges were ni'ade In an I address to students at the Emory University Law School, | The attorney general did not mention the incident. In his home (own of Wriglilsvllle where 2SO hooded and robed Klallsnien paraded and burned a cross Tuesday iiiphl on Ihe eve of a county pri- mnry. Negroes, who had cast scattered votes in tile county In recent elections, slaved away from the polls ihe next day. . The Klan tins put on .similar rte- ! monstrations recently at swains- \ horo and Gordon, Ga. At Lakevtew, , Ga.. a high school athletic coach i was [ired Tuesday after opposing a croup said to be members of the Klan. Scorns Mob Itiilc Cook said thai, ill his opinion ', no crime could be ns heinous or black as mob rule which, he lull- j mated, wa.s Ihe way the Klan oper- | ated. He also deplored lynching.*. Bui Ihe attorney general said'at the same time that he Is opposed to federal a.ntl-lynch legislation which has been'ajiprovcd by a House committee and is headed for action ' by congress i "I am against it because ft Itr- i liores and pushes aside the fuilda- j mental concept of the sovereignty : of a state within Its own bordc *." Cook said. "To carry the principle of this bill to It.s ultimate conclusion Is ^» destroy the right of the state ™i exercise Its own police power." ' Cook said that all the nnti-lynch bill introduced in Congress so fnr operate on the same basic theory j of "punishing the officials from ! whase custody the Ivnchee was Ui- ken." He cited the 1946 lynching of four Negroes In Walton County, Ga . which the. federal government Investigated for a year. No one has ever been arrested in the case. "The federal government with all its power and panoply Is as Ineffective as state government in dealing with such occurrences and the Walton County affair i s a good witness to the condtion," Cook said. Far East-Bound Fo/som Says Paternity Suit Won't Halt Trip NEW YORK, Mulch «. (UP) — "KlMln 1 Jim" Folsotn Isn't solng to let the patoniKy suit against him upsd his scheduled visit to Now York In meet the SOO models bete who recently voted him "America's Number One I^aji Year Bachelor. " In n telephone coiu'rr.sallon wllli Mlw Helen Krn.ser. director of (he Bnrbiwm Studio ol Piisliloil model- lug, he told lier that he plnnned ID be here today to meet the Rills, some, of wliom linvp planned to conduct him on a lour ot the city. "I'm still H bachelor, and I liojw I'm siui Die number one lo.i|i j-enr bachelor us far as tile girls me concernc-d." Miss F'rrcspi- quoted Folsom us snylnc In Ills rail Irom Washington. He then told her, she snirt, Dint the Mill aRtiinst him wns "Just dirty politics." Miss Frn.ser said -she assured the Alabama Rovenjor tliat the fcclinps or her models regarding him hadn't chanced, ami IliaL he would be welcome. PACT George p. Kcnnan, above, ^feretory of Slnlc Marshall's No. 1 planning oflicer m the Slate Uc- partir.ent. lias been ordered to the far Kasl in a move which apparently forecasts increased cinplia.Tjs 011 such problems as drafting a peace treaty. Japan's reconstruction, Korea's future and aid to China. So little power Is cnnied by air waves of human speech thai If' 5.000,000 persons all talked at once : the power created would hnrrtlv! llBlit a small Imlb, Gertrude Si-holiz-KlInk, former r.i Irarier of all Oermaii women, who was reported killed with Hitler in Ills .Berlin bomb shelter. wnj> arrested In Stuttgart, Germany, ending a IW-montli search. She hud been living under an assumed name I with her husband,' former Klite Guard Genera! Werner Helimeicr. 1 • NBA Trlenllntn) ' WAKNINO ORDKR In the Cluiierry Court. C'likk- UMIK|I» District, Ml*sl»l|>|>l County, ArkurisjiA. Celcslliie arejne ......... Plulntlfl, vs. No. 10,387 Mauil Dunn, et nl ...... Defcndnnt. '1'he delcndnitts Muitri Dtitin, Mn- l)l<- A, U.isc nnd Vlrlorla Woodfonl ivu' hereby wnrnnl to aii|)rHi' within thlity days In. tint conn named In the cnptlon herool rtnd Riiswer the niinplnlnt of the plnlntlft Celo.itlnc DiUcd this II tiny o[ l-Vb., Ilim'c-y Morris, Clerk, . Hy Hetty Pclfrson, 1). c. I Attorney (of I'laiulUt, Frank C. Dougln.i. WAKNINT. In (In- (')iunrrry I'nurl, Chick- aMiwh.1 District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Dnnlel Ouymnn .......... riivlntlff, vs. No. HUM Mnry niivinnu .......... Dcfoiidiinl, Tlip dcfeiuliint. Mnry (itlyninn Is hereby warned to nppear wlthhi thirty days In Ihe court, named 111 the cupiion hereof and nnswer tlvii consplalnl, of HIB plnliilltt Dnnle (lu>'i] D.ited tills 19 <!ny of r'ohnmiy, ID-Ill. Harvey Moivts. Clerk. Glnnde r. (hooper, Atty. [or I'Hf, Ed II. cook, Altv. ml lltem. Quachita College Gets Hew $20,000 Organ ARKAUKLPHIA. Ark., Mar. -Oiiiiehltu College has benim I Hiesenled to the sfliinl by Mr. \l' S 'i I', 1 °' ''''''KU.son. fonui'rlv •M«rsiinll, Arkansas. Mr. 1'ei Rii wna former SlnL« CommUsloner of Minos mid MninifutHurc* in Arkan- .w*. Tlie orxcin WM presented to Oimcliltii In iat4 but sliorUgw of niiilci-Inls ilolnyrd conslrucMoii until rci'i'iilly, Mr. II. If. Hullnrd, oiniiii arclil- Iccl nnd .U-alKiiPi- «f the ornnn, ii««!n n bi-lcl In.slrnclloii (;il uwmbly here »d lUtta 1 H would k* two week* telore p»« orr»n !• to- KUIIed. He >'«ld there were «Mtt electrlcaa cor.n«tkm» In ttw ervM Hint had to b» ehectod. . 'Hie ».iie org»n If purrhaaail tn day would cost »30,00>.i ' Read Courier Hew« W«* . Intentions Are Laudable But Marksmanship is Bad TEXAHKANA, March 3. (UP) — Mrs. H. Rush of Texnrknria w^s proud of her hus'jand's vigilance today bill not so proud of his aim. Tcxnrkana Desk Sergeant Dick Runnels reported that Rush tlrctt five shots at a prowler early v*>s- tcrday. Jie missed the prowler but one of ihe shots went wild and struck his wife in the thigh. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help IS Milt, of Kidn.y Tub«« Flu»h Out I'oisonoui Wiite ^Vtientlisorilcr of kiihicy function ix-rtmt-s noiinnoii. matter lo remain i,, yuur litood. It may cnusr napsmE liacltochc. rh ne(im« ghows there is something wrunff vruh 3'our kidneys or b!,i,Mfr rilK'.S^teiti'i™ 8 ^ 1 fnr D """'' AT KIRBY'S THIS WEEK Stationery Merton's Silver Polish New sliiinnent, new designs for all wen- I'nMcclled cli'»iuT—Iravi-s n MI I in finish siuns—largest selection we Imve ever had. "'hit' 1 retards lurnisli. The jiiusl beautiful sfnfionprv evor shown 8 01. Bottle 50c in Hlylhevillt!. ' 16 oz. Bottle 85c Pinkham Vegetable Compound - - - Vicks Vaporub - - - 25f Peruna - - Doan's Pills - - - 690 Syrup Pepsin Swamp Root - - 490 BalmBengay - Ice Cream-Homemade-Posteurized-12% Butter Fat Pint25c PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY. WE FILL ALL PRESCRIPTIONS FROM ALL DOCTORS AT GUARANTEED BEST PRICES WITH FRESHEST DRUGS. SAVE WITH SAFETY. SEE YOUR DOCTOR THEN SEE US Aii Appeal to Congress from 2,300,000 American Farm Families We are farmers—the producers of soybeans and cotton —ond we are taking Hirs' means of asking you to do •omethirtg we believe to be right ond fair. We are asking you to repeal the Federal anti-margarine laws. CLASS LEGISLATION Trip anti.margarine legislation is CLASS legislation. If ii unfair •nd if is un-Americ'an. It singles out for special taxation a product which is made almost entirely from the crops we grow—41.5% of all fat used in margarine is soybean oil and 47.4% it cottonseed oil. Msrgarina i» th« ONLY domestic product which is singled out end faxed for fhe benefit of * competitive product—buffer. We «r« the ONLY farmers discriminated against for the benefit of another group of farmers. MARGARINE—A HEALTHFUL AMERICAN FOOD When Federal anti-margarine legislation was First passed years ago, the claim was made that the laws were necessary to protect public health and to prevent the fraudulent sale of margarine as butter. Today, there is no dispute about the fact that margarine is a tine, nutrihous product — «i wholesome and nutritious as butter, hurlhermore. the Federal Food and Drug Laws guarantee the propor labeling and standard of purity of ALL food product., including margarinex * THERE IS NO RIGHT TO COLOR Some enemies of margarinsxsay th» reel issue it color. They • rgue that buHer has a RIGHT to prevent margarine from being colored yellow by the manufacturer. How then car, they explain the fact lhat most BUTTER is artificially colored yello^ without penalty? Moreover, buttor is colored VARIOUS SHADES of yellow to meet consumer tastes ?n particular areas. Because of the 10-cerf per pound tai on colored margarine, most margarine must be bleached. The oils used in making it are naturally yellow. This color has to be talcen out. We have then a situation in which the color must be REMOVED rom one food product to avoid the payment of a heavy federal tax. Its competitor can—and DOES—use artificial color freely. Buffer is )h e ONLY food product which lays claim to a par- t.cular color. If it has a preemptive right to yellow, does not lard have the same right f 0 white? Does not cotton have the same right «m. ,? ? • ii""; 1 M ,° re r ^ on " nd °* er »Vn«ie«c competitors e»m» along? Buffer, color argument doe« not mate DAIRY FARMER HOODWINKED -^ We fiove no quarrel with Ihe doiry formers. Many of us ore dairymen M our own right, and we do not feel thnf repeal of the anti-margarine lows wJII hurl the dairy Industry, When the dairyman sells hli mllfc as butter, he gels the lowest price for it. Ac a result, over Ihe year*, Ihe production of butter has been declining steadily. Here Is what a dairyman, Merrir Nash, writing in the Western Dairy Journal for January, says: "Butter li as antiquated as a price stabilizer »n Ihe dairy industry as Is the 'surrey with the fringe on top' in the automobile industry . . . We cannot get results by plodding along with butter, which as a price stabilizer Is o sinking ,sMp If ever there wax one, 1 .' THE GROWING SOYBEAN INDUSTRY We feel that Congress is well informed about cotton and the 1,600,000 farms m 18 states which produce it. Wo are not so certain that you know about the rising importance of the soybean industry particularly in the Middle West. Approximately 700,000 farmers raise soybeans. In 1938. the soybean crop was valued at ONLY 40 MILLION DOLLARS Last year, it amounted to over 700 MILLION DOLLARS. The principal soybean states are OHIO, IOWA, INDIANA. ILLINOIS, MINNE«?J£i^ ND MISSOU RI- IN ILLINOIS, THE SOYBEAN CROP WAS WORTH MORE THAN ALL THE STATE'S DAIRY PRODUCTS. ANTI-MARGARINE LAWS INFLATIONARY We know that you are well aware of the consumers' interest in the repeal of these laws. .. T 1 " anti-margarine laws are inflationary. They increase th« cost of living. They force millions of housewives to t«lt» time and trouble in coloring margarine. In 1947, it is estimated lhat housewives wasted about 14,000,000 pounds of margarine which stuck to the sides of the mixing bowl. There is not one single valid reason for the continuance of this legislation. Bills for Hi* ropsa! of the antr.maraarino laws are pending in MM House and Senate. We urae an eorly hearing on Hw measures and that the House and Senate be given an opportunity to vote on the issue. If this opportunity Is given and if the issue Is under- J!," " r " tonfide ' lt ""»» «•«*• Iniquitous lawt will be THE FIRST NATIONAL, IN BLYTHEVILLE The Only National Bank In Mississippi County ^.CCOOH^J Menl llrnifiis . . . Wear Diamonds STORES IN MEMPHIS, BLYTHEVILLE AND DTERSIURC

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