The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1948
Page 2
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PAG1 TWO Dixie States Plan Regional Schools Educator* Discuss Financing Mcthodi; Govtman Stay Away Butan c V*H»4 rrtm CUrt Carrecpondwit GAINFSVOUE, Fla., March 4. (UP)— RepreaentaliveB of 11 Southern itita* m«t h«r« today to plan jointly-financed regional schools for the South, but Dixie governors slay. ni away from , the conference "to avoid Inferanc* that the pl»n U Jinked with either racial or polltl- c*l questions. Oov. Millard p. Caldwell of FJor- ld», aa but to th« education conference, WM the only Southern thief executive present. Caldwell uid til the other governors had Hired him their "regrets" and added that the decision waa necessary "In view of the state pf national politic*" and the uproar over President Truman's civil righti propoaals. The governors wera all repre*ent- *d by (ducatlonal leaders from their respective states. Presidents of » universities and a number of aUiU school »uper!ntendenu were preunt. Southern governors, meeting it Wakulla Springs, Pia., list month, scheduled toclny's conferenc lo plan th e«tibluihmenl of regional pro- fe&sional schools to raise the level of hi(her education in the South. Caldwell laid the study group would prepare a program for immediate action to be taken afler the joint financing scheme b approved by Congress and the legislatures of at least six states. No Specific Considerations H« said he thought it "unlikely that w< will reach any consideration of specific Negro or white colleges," and added he did not believe the council would discuss Meharry College at Nashville, Tpnn.. which has been offered to the states as the first regional Negro medical school. The governors have already agreed to tike over Meharry If nnil •when the overall project Is npprov- ed. Th* regional school plan first proposed by Oov. Jim McCord of Tenneseee after the U. s. Supreme Court ordered Oklahoma to provide "equal" professional educational facilities for Negroes. At the time,. McCord said that 10 admit Negroes to white Southern colleges "would so effectively de•troy their efficiency of operation that we might as well close them up." Caldwell would not comment on other specific projects, but there 1« a. possibility that the University of North Carolina might be considered at a regional engineering college. Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn has been mentioned as a powible ait« for the South's regional college* of veterinary medicine and architecture. , The topic expected to absorb most of the session today is that of financing Die system. Initial casts would txi borne by the slates on « Population basis, but several philanthropic foundations arc understood to have made tentative oi- lers ol aid. Kissing Governor Woos Solitude After Being Smacked With Lawsuit WASHINGTON, Mar. 4. («») — Big Jim Folsom, fretting over a paUmlty suit, filed against hire, probably will hav» to stand up OIK date today—either a congressional committee or 500 New York models KoUom, Alabama's "klwln 1 governor," wu secluded in his hotel room here. He refused to answer his telephone and he definitely did not want to aee more newsman Inquiring into his pciwnal life. TJie six-foot eight-Inch, governor has a date to go before a congressional committee today to testify about submerged costal lands. The governor alao waa voted "America's No. Otic Leap Year Bachelor" by the 500 models of M!FA Helen Fni.sei''& Baibizon Fash- Ion studio in New York. He WM supposed to look them over today. Tliere were also reports (hit Folsom- might, leave quietly for the South and return to Montgomery, Alabamns' capital. A 30-yenr-old Alabama divorcee. Christine Putnam Johnson, filed a suit In Cullman, Ala., njaln.u Kolsom Tuesday, she sought to have the widower governor declared her common-law husband, she claimed he Is the father of her 22-months- okl son, Folsom refused yesterday to talk about either the suit or Mrs. Johnson. All ho would say was: "I'm In a political campaign In Alabama and I have had to face these tactics in other political campaigns. That's all I have to say on the subject." He was patently Irritated by reporters' Insistence In asking him about the suit, once he snapped. "I'll talk about other things, but I'll have nothing to say about that." Folsom Is an avowed candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination and a "rebel" against. President Truman's civil rights program. Miss Fraser said that she assured the big governor that should he come to New York the feelings of her models toward him had not changed. He was still welcome. And the governor has 30 days In which to answer Mrs. Johnson's suit. The suit charged that the baby \vns born in Nashville, Tcnn., April 11, 1946- Her confinement, there, she said was arranged st the Insistence of Folsom. House of Lords Told World War III Near LONDON, March «. (UP)-The Marqumi of BalUbury told the House of Lords amid shouts of approval yesterday that "little time" remains to avoid a new world war. Salisbury, opposition leader and former foreign undersecretary, opened debate on the government's foreign policy with a blunt warning 1039 may be repealed unless Soviet policy Is reversed. "Th« sands ara running out," hi said. "Tim« U running very ahort If further conflict In Europe Is to be avoided." Salisbury said It was urgent Umt Western European nations—possibly Scandinavia Included—work mor<! closely economically and mlll- larlly. "It Is not a question." ha said, of dividing Europe Into East and West. H Is a question of preventing the swallowing up ot Western Europe by the East and we must act. swiftly If «-e are to avoid Ihls." Bartender Faces Murder Charge In Death of Girl ' Story by Cabbie Brinqs Suits Totaling $400,000 WASHINGTON, March 4. (UP) — Thai Washington cab driver who never gives a passenger an even break may have to tell the Judge and jury all about It. Damage suits totaling 1400,000 have been llled against James J. Brerman, taxi driver-author of an article In last week's Saturday Evening Post entitled "Never Olvc the Passenger an Even Break." The Curtis Publishing Co.. publisher of the Post, also was named defendant in suits (lied Jointly by Thomas W. Fowler, owner of the Columbia Cab Co., and DO Columbia drivers. Accompanying the magazine article was a picture pi Brennan posed with k Columbia"'cato. In his article. Drcnnan related his experiences as a Washington cab- bie. He tolrt how he was able to pick and choose among the passengers he wanted, Ignoring those who would yield, small revenue. Two Killed in Wreck Tenn - M " r 4 "' »'ere killed and , Crltlcall y n ««r "^e ln * »*en their au- Ruth Knight. 17, and trom Naahvllle. critically. All wera Moonshine Still Found In Swank Atlanta Suburb ATLANTA. Qa.. Mar. 4. (UP)— I A moonshine whiskey still in one I of Atlanta's most exclusive residential sections WRJ smashed by police today. The elaborate apparatus had a capacity of from 300 to 400 gallons. Police found tt In servants' quarters on Howell Mill Road and selied 125 gallons of whiskey and 8,000 gallons of mas! WEST PALM BEACH. Fla.. Mar. 4. (UP)—Palm Beach County Solicitor W E. Roebuck today plan: ned to file murder charges ngalnsl I bartender John Burke for the death | of » pretty night club clgarei girl week. Roebuck said he would seek an Indictment for .second degree mm-- (ler, hut refused to reveal . details of the state's evidence. Burke was found lying naked and unconscious beside the body of Mrs. Grace Heany, wife of an Army prisoner, when flrcin. n answered a call lo extinguish a blare in the girl's nunrlmenl. Burke told authorities he remembered nothing [rom the lime that he and Mrs. Heany went to the cabaret where he worked «s a bartender. Ho said they had n few drinks. Later, he Mild, he woke up as firemen revived him. Mrs. Heany. who sold clgarcts In Leon and Etltlle'j swanky palm Beach cnsino, had ugl;> bruLses on her face but an autopsy revealed she died from carbon monoxide poisoning, The nutoixiy report led officers to Investigate the theory that she died away [rom the aimlment, poa- sfbly In a closed car with the motor running. Roebuck said Burke had not changed his story. Gets VMI Appointment C. G. Redman Jr., son of Mr. and' Mrs. C. O. Redman Sr. of Blythe- vilte. has received an appointment to Virginia Military Institute, hU tattler disclosed yesterday. C. G. Jr.. who will graduate from Blythevllle High School this Spring, will enter Ihe military actidemy next Fall. BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW! Doctor Says H«oit Surgery, Vacation Did f u f, cc . s$f " lj °" ce ' Tr,,«,«« r*~~j Foil$ ln 2nd Co§« I lUman \JOOU OKARUBBTON, •. a, March 4 '**'*• (OP)-r-llcate heart surgery which j^T^n«.,\ I T *""-'"- M f -'7a£ «i.Mdi s rr ds o,rhC n a .i? s."*• ll WM "" h « re t °- J£.' lo<: £ r ..! > » Jd »«t«r<toy. A .econd patient op«rat4d on by Or. Horace Smithy died Tuaaday In a hospital here. Th* Identity of the pallent, a woman, wu not made public. Betty [.ee Woolridge of Canton, O.. Dr. Smithy's first patient lo undergo the operation, appeared on a "We the people" broadcast Tuaa- day nlfht and told of her r*eor «ry. Illnew kepi Dr. Smithy from appearing on the aame program. He hlmaelf auftera (rom a mild form of tha disease. Tht operation by which h» at- tempta to correct the effect* of the malady In other* Involvea opening the heart valves and scraping away scar tissue left by rheumatic fever. It was understood the second patient had an unusually heavy depoalt of acar tlwue. t>f. Srnlthv. awlBt^nt of aur^ery at the Medical College of South Carolina, has warned that the mortality rate In such delicate surgery might be high. Nonetheless, he said, he hu been flooded by requests to perform the operation since the apparent success In Ml*.* Woolrldge's caj« waa made public. A third pntlent, Paul Rorri- or Allenlown, Pa., waa understood to be en route here today for a aim liar operation. Kiwanis president here last year. at the u'eejtly meeting of the club In the Hotel Noble. •L. E Oltt Jr. told the club of the annual Red Cross drive now un> clerway. Arthur s. (Todd) Harrison, member of the Kiivnnis Club's Pnrlc Improvement Committee, described the Kiwani.s-spotisored plan for dividing Walker park into plots, each of which would be beautified and maintained by a civic club here. Other guests nt the meeting were Russell Harham, formerly of Bly- thcvllle ami now of Colorado Springs, Colo., George C. Hummock of Osucola mid Thomaa C. Bran- I num of Blythevtllo. phyalclan, aaid Mr rruman had cut hij weight by three pound, to a trim 173 alnce h« left WaahlngUm l"»b. JO The f h «f «*«cutlv«', physical condition excellant," Oraham said. Th« r»r«ald«nt. loafing htra after a Caribbean tour, had planned to go fishing today but a choppy sea prevented. So he lolled on the enllated men's beach at rort Taylor near hi* quartera. Mr. Truman will takt off for Washington from the Boca Ohlca N»val Air Station at I a.m. CST FrWay. H e U scheduled to arrive at the Military Air Transport Terminal In the capital at about 1'JO p.m. CST. Mother Held After Beaten Son Succumbs NEWARK, N. J., March 4. (OP) —A 26-year-old mother, who told a doctor she had beaten her 15- month-old son shortly before he tiled "becaus* h« wouldn't eat his dinner," was held on suspicion of murder today, pending an autopsy by the county medical examiner Dr. Joseph Fortunator. the family doctor was called by Mrs. Anita Barthell yesterday. She said her son, Anton Jr., had become violently 111. Portunator said h* found the boy dead—his body covered with bruises. The doctor called police after Mrs. Barthell told him she slapped Hie boy on the face and body a few hours before "because he wouldn't eat his dinner." I The boy's father. Anton Sr., 27. a truck' driven, knew nothing of J the Incident until he came home I from work. 1 When Mrs. Barthell saw her husband, she cowered back against the wall. "I didn't do anything, Tony," she sobbed. "I didn't do anything-. Don't look at me like that, Tony> Barlhell took their :wo other children. Anita. S-months, and Ma- j rle, 2'.» years, to the home ol his parents. ^~^~"^^^""MI McCab* C*fi CrHlcltiH For War Surplus Deo/< WASHINGTON, March 4. <UP)_ 8»n. CharJa* W. Tobey, K N H yesterday charted that Thomaa •'. McCabe made "very poor bargalna" as foreign liquidation commlsalon- er that deserve "grave consideration" before the Senate confirms his nomination to be chairman of ins Fader a I Raaerva Board. _Tob«y la chairman of th. Senate Banking Commltt»« which took up McCabe's nomination. He said he would produce evidence that M~- Cabe't policies In disposing of surplus property abroad cost the Unit- ad States hundreds of millions of dollars. Ha charged also that Mc- THURSDAY, MARCH How To Relieve Bronchitis OraomuMon relletea- promotlr ba-> eaujj U pea right to tha aeal oi the trouble to help looacn -~.a laden phjWm. and aid nature to Moth* and heal raw. Under in- flamad bronchial mucouiSiS- brwiaa, T«ll your dniKM to atU you • botU* ot Onomulatonwith the un- SS&^J??™* "t« ">• »»y I' trM »o »ov«r up a erltleia»d deal by a subordinate In China lo "foreatall bad publicity at home." The banking chairman made his charges in a 28-page statement. McCab*. a Philadelphia. bank«r, waa nominated by Preald«nt Truman to haad tha> red«ral Reserve wh*n Mirrlner o. Xccle< waa "busted" to vice-chairman. When the nomination was announced, Tobey blasted the Pr«»i- dant for demoting Ccclaa, To clean and remove stain* ftn— tnamel. rub well with rough »alt moistened with vinegar. HEADACHE 4;» wui« 4 til .< CAPUDINE CfMPPCD MM.* a job for 'Ca^'ond m*f " MfimiOUTUMTlVli.! .mate^ ohc CREOMULSION hrCou.*i,CriMtCoM»,|ronehiH» • Wb»tt biting raw wioda cut Up*. Ua»« Iham dry and cracked «nd to painful tt even hurta to amile—quickl «U tat M«nlhcfctun>, contain! nfoora- Jortlag Camphor and minty Menthol. Th««» tamoua Mantholatum ingrad- boU g»ntly Mp «x>th» Uftdtr Hg •km, quickly nviv« drtad out "Uiurty" •kin cells, n«lp tham rtUin ntidtj moiatiire. Soon smarting pain leaver, your lip* fe*l sotivr, Hn»x>ther—you •mil* again. Oat Maatholatum today* «LU lEiintt ttui-tei* sTurrwut. , CHCiT-COtt TlinNCU, I L?IN-MORMS 1AKI |2)« TOW TABIUS SPECIAL! AH Wood Full Panel Bed Heavy Coil Spring With Angle Iron Base Resilient Innerspring Mattress with ACA Ticking ALL FOR ONLY $ 39 95 Hubbard & Son Furniture Kiwanis Pretident Receives Award J, L. Hague, of Jonesboro, lieutenant-governor of Kiwanis Division 16, yesterday presented a plaque In recognition of leadership and a successful term to Junmie Banders, GIRLS!! after entering Are you troubled by distress of fe- njaJe function*! monthly dUturb- ance*? Doe§ tlili make you «uffer Irom pain, Iee| so nervotw tired we»k— At aucli tltne«? Then DO try Lydu , * pinklitm-. VM«Ubl« compound tfj r*llcv» »uch srmptom* IVDIALPINKKtM'S PRETTY PRINT! HALF SIZES! IN A DRESS YOU'll IOVE The labiic is MolUsorM exquisite lOQ.o'eniei rayon c,ep« . . . ,lee1<, | ove | yr sofe | y wasno b!e. The cho.m- mg style is prethly s»iil-i u c(<ed on bod.ce and sfciit. The slcnderiiing beouly of fit. the exccplionolly fine volu. are unminokobly "Mynette". Bluerle. cocoa, lea! green or navy wilh frost while; tiies \4\<i (a ?4)/$ M4' 5 Feinberg's This Easter... BE SMART... SAVE AT PENNEY'S Tor Easier Pnriiifing! BOYS' 2-TONE SUITS 10.90 Virnalile gabardine (00% rayon, 40% wool) front and slacks. All-wool back and sleeves. Assnrted novelty brown or blue check, Sue* 4-10 4 High Fashion Kanlerl GIRLS' COATS 14.75 fty« new TabliMici Raster for 7 l» 14'era, loo! Kil- letl, »horli> of swing hack »tylr« with hix*ls, warh and embroidery! Wool paKlcls in plaiilsnr solids. Marntlitm* Mrnn* Sl\le! MEN'S HATS 4.98 Quality mid Slyl« it A Truly Uw Pri«e! Tli« Performer'* iW •nappy pre-§h«peJ fur Wt yi« want this Easterl Save* you enough money lobuy that new shirt and tie too! •n»«. U. J. r.i. (w. Soft Frillt, Smooth Fit In Nea and BLOUSES Hustling rayon b«ngalin« skirts ro wide they swing 'way out when you walk— or dance! Zipper placket. Black, brown, green. 24-30. Fresh, white, long sleeved blousts o* smooth rayon crepe. Ruffled yokea edged with dainty lace. Per- feet with new swing skirts or tailored classics. 32-38. 4.98 2.98 Sparkling Easter Outfits i\<-vd CYNTHIA* SHOES 5.90 olliers 6.90 • Snndalt »it<i • Snifirt Detailing • Fin Tmi'll feel supfrbly u«i«,l, well-groomed lru j w ,. fortnhle on Easter and every day in these excellent Penury shoes. Capfiiioun bov%s, jxaLs, perforations anil lattice work. Smooth leather, patent or Reptile THIS EASTER ... BE SMART . . . SAVE AT FENNEVS

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