The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 4, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NE TOL. XLHT—NO. 290 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily No*i Mississippi Vallev Leader Blytheville Herald Move for Alliance Against Russians Meets Opposition * By John I.. Sle* le r- United Preu Staff Correspondtnl , ..WASHINGTON. March 4. (U.P.)-Scnate President Arthur H. Vamtcnbei-g loday fought off efforts of a Republican bloc to saddle the Kuropcan recovery- program with an outright militm-y alliance ajraiust Russia." There were indications tlie proposal would nol mnsler enough votes to pass but it nevertheless promised to enliven Senate debate on the ?5,300,000,000 RRP bill. ~~- * Republican Whip Kenneth S. Wherry told reporter the military I iMMAfAf \Jllll\J\C\ rl^ •* Mil;*™, AH:*..** Military Alliance Translation Error May Hefp NaHon Out of Tight Spot MATS MJNDQUIST 3 », '*" C orresiwnricnt} allla »«! was necessary. Through ma Ulc Sovict ' s veto power, he said, " lhc United Nations isn't working EBP amendment backed by Wherry. Sen. Joseph H. Ball, R", Minn., and several other GOP "revision- ist.s." It was described by its authors as an effort to stop', by military iorce if necessary, "the Russian timetable of aggression," Under the proposal, the U. S. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKU <jy NORTHEAST AKXANSAS AND SOUTHBAS'l MISSOUH1 Bl.YTllEVII.LK, AKKANRAS, THURSDAY, MARCH -1, 1<)I8 Education Plan Receives Attention SIATKKN PAflKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Five Nations in Western Europe May Quickly Okay Bevin Plan for Security 4. rection of an error in tr may provide the loophole rimaiia «• •»•.- nsauist -a»"rc.ssion of sub aaftJt?, e n CSPC si3 , r ""K a military version" on the majority vole of » ed tnrta ' obsm ' c '' 5 rp l' or t- I supreme council. No one big nation eti_ today. would , lave a m The error was found in tiie translation of Premier Josef staliii's personal letter to President Juno K. Paasikivi requesting Finland to enter into a treaty of friendship and military alliance. A revised translation of the letter indicated the Soviet Union is seeking a similar, but not an identical, pact with Finland as was, ~ •Jtgned with Romania and Hungary.! s °urcc of maximum embarrassment A majorify of the Finnish par- ! lo at lca5 ' a few of the most ex- liamtnt was reported opposed to ! P°sed Western Europeans." Some signing a I real)- containing clause nations, he added, might find it t«u of [he Romanj.-in am! Hun- ' •• garian pacts. This clause provides that all mutual assistance should be provided to Ml aaainsl .. a Vandcnbcrg uas known ID believe that such a step would be fatal to the self-help economic recovery program for Western Kuropc, and iwrhaps jeopardize | the future uf the UN as well. He told the Senate yesterday thai I Inclusion of military or political I provisions in ERP would be , , g n it necessary lo pull out from the Mar- Noble H. Hill ilcfll of Hlythevillc is show,, here Ix-inn congralulnlrd bv liniph n .'(m'es'.cemer(7" Ultlc Rock, slate commissioner „[ education, on ihe enlliuslruin shown over il,r educational plan presented Tuesday nlght^lo members of the Mississippi County Farm nureau in a meeting in tile court house here, l, n Nash "f^islrfeiit of I*. 1 ? form bureau presided over Hie meeting ntid lht> burcnu Ins -itm • i i • i Mississippi County schools offering inreniive pny for teachers based on progress shown by then- 31 to Get Names i hi i dren , Forced By Parents to School Ballot Live Like Pu pp ies ATLANTA. On.. March t. (UP> --The parents of 10 children were jailed today for "wanton neglect" of four of I heir brood. Police answered neighbors' com• plnhll.s last night and found four ^iiuuiyr six nnmes were added ''b'tdrt'il. fmir-yeiir-uld twin boy.:. ;lo the ballot for the counlywirte " nd B h ' ts lwo and three years old ,, ""' "'.',•''' '"' ""' municipal eler. school election Mar 20 from ncli- ; "^"Pi'Lsoncd" and living in filth ""','}'"''' ° »'"' < !lo!w Suturday am in— „,_., ,._. _ , , ... "... u.hii,. s j x oilier children were In 01 " y tm ' c » candidates havi County Supervisor Announces List for March 20 Election | Deadline Nears For Cily Election Candidates Must File By Saturday to Get Names on Ballots Another . - tions filed here be/ore the deadline hall plan under such circumstances. _ ^,, uu , u ,^. ^ 1V , JMC - U Tiie alliance brought out a para In case of war. Finnish leaders in- i doxical situation. Some of i ta ,«^ o»i u ,ua>-, uouiuy supervisor eouid m» l , \v t0 . " ean Russia ! Congest backers are not noted for . of Schools John Maycs disclosed I Sgt. I. A. Thomas, juvenile otfl- where e " "r"'^ 1 ^,. * rmy " ny - ?" . """nationalist" outlook on , today. 1 cer, said it ivas "the most flagrant wheie n, case of hostilities. .foreign policy. As Vandc.ibevg | This raises the lotal of candl- tio, o n ooenmr' e e Tr™ ob J cc - |> oi '' te<1 °"ut. the proposal placed its dales lo 31 and " 10.1 to opening negotiations on a backers m the position of advoca'.- school districts reon trCHtv Of frieilffK?! n u-ifh D,, CP ; n Lm ...-^ ..f IT c* ^-^j, ,_. . ... u ^ ll "'is IL]>ri Some of ita 'late Saturday, County Supervisor : co1 "" Ttablc snrroundliiBS. LUC ioiai 01 candl- , *-' Lot - v " LUHU IK'(;IL-CI in uic nisiory mvinintr r,n««t4 ^•~~ ----- ( • -•—. -•— i.."t. u ^^, jj.u^tu m, u«i^ LW 01 and the number of i °* Atlanta." He said the four chll- treatv of Wnnrt^i Hh nS r, C " •" ' " '" P° sitlol > «f advoca'.- ! school districts represented on the ' drc » w^c kept hi „ single room and' the revved traMlaUon^rTri "lw Td " f S ' ^^ ""'^ °" i ljallot lo «-»»lf "'" number o? ""? ™e ^^ W eat their food 5! i- • , ,, usca translation of ihe order of other nations, and : districts in the coimtv I "like puppies." Xity^p^ j^ScJiool board membi can be \ Two of the children Leaders of tlie Swedish People's Party joined the Communist-led DeindcrmUc Unfed -to«* Id of th<- ,T;- formally announced their lla[lle^ i will be on the ballot. ; Six municipal olflces are lo be filled In Hie April election. Three enVn of -l Irl ii i ., ","»'• lined in Hie April election. Three OI ' S Atla,"" " ' V "E..» 1 '. l<lcl '"'™-. « '»V"««ll»l J...I8C. a city clerk and a city attorney will lie named. To dale, announcements or can riidacy Include .]. L. Nabcrs tor Second Ward aUlorman, L. C. Pasi'i | ocnooi Donrd members can be; 'wo of the children were «d- Second Ward alderman L C Prisei williiij elected by write-in, votes in districts- milted to a hospital for maliiu- .Jr. for First Ward and'w I' Miilli Iv. be- which do not have candidnlns nn I tritiou. r m . ,.||.. ,,|.,.v today'to reach their decisions, w practically all reported opuosid u military provisions being included. The decisions will be hammered out in private meetings of each in «meudt tin " ' which do not have candidates on the official ballot tritiou. The father, Edward party's parliamentary group. W Paasikivi held direct telephone f? Carson Lake First to Reach Red Cross Goal for city clerk. Carney. ! Municipal Judge Qraham Aud conversations with party heads nnd instructed them to have their replies ready by tonight. It was understood most leaders Lakc was lllc n , sl co[nmlmUj »'ill oppose T. Lem Stanford for the post vacated by the expired term of Abe Liverant. H. G. Ejldicott and Hulan Fuulk- ncr of Milligan Ridge, opposed in a four-way race by Vcrnon Church and Jess Rcagon for the post vacated by H. W. Holt, whose term expires. OSCEOLA. Ark., Mar 4 Carson ' „ E " Mc E ' sll! >»"°'' "ml J- Lee Beardcii. ajiposed by Jeff Hauls for a single vacancy. J. u. Poe's lerm A,t^f J— -""."^. j jjic uiiin:i, E.OWUKI u- uarney. n - Added lo the list of candidates said "I'll be willing lo do any- bury ano oily Attorney Percy-'A, ere the following: i thing" as he was placed behind Wright early last month said lh» Champ Meadows of Lurora. who ' ... . . . reach Us quota in the current Red Cross financial campaign In South ; Mississippi County, it was announced today. demurred and said they would have their attitudes defined by early tomorrow morning. The Finnish cabinet met at government palace al noon. The People.; Party was scheduled to meet at 2 p.m., the Agrarians and Conservatives at 4 p.m. and the Social Democrats at 6 p.m. Blocked Street Dispute Leads To Court Action A temporary restraining order has ! Community chairman named been issued against the City of Mr. Taylor follow. Blytheville, prohibiting police from; wilsnn nwi^hi \ n a» r «m. v-,. rJouStne^^sJd'e SS I ?«' A f""?'*' J " ,„ SM^I^fEo^^ Cleaners. Chancery Court records'? : Dcnwood - °- l ' D "" ton showed today rl -™™ s iJr.; Wllitton. Prank Dean; Maria, ! The order,' a continuation of a , Hudson Wrclv . Driver. Mrs. c. J. disagreement that began late last, „ WI " lcc Jr - Gridcr, Bill McGrath; j STEELE, Mo March 4-1' '• - - - liSl'Jf^.^ool.-^O.shcltonjWcrt i ke Southirn. ». M «i7^ Jt thing" as he was placed behind bars. '- - •/ , Miss Purtle Not to Seek Re-e!ectkn n.^M <l.1 l\ cillKIKlllte ]Or (MUlILl Miss Delia Pintle of Blytbevillc, treasurer and will not run for re Wright early last month sa... . plannrd to run j for. rc-cleu(l«i. Third Wid-d Alderman Hupeil Craflon, whose lerm expires ibis ye;ir. has made no lunuumccnicnt or plans, A contest may shape up in the First Ward as Jesse While, incumbent aide, man, also said cuilv last i month that he planned lo seek re | election lo a second term. ^Frank. Whilworth. city clerk, ha.. Jts a candidate for county 1 G. G. Neal. unopposed for re- ' a candidate for re-election ii" V liie jClcctlon^lli Jhc Stillman District. Democratic primary this Hummer, u.i, , ,._- .. ... . M|w P[|1 . t | c js S( , rv j,,g | lcr 5C1 . 01)( | usurer. i r-Liiui: ui mj inevtne, iieasiner and w 1 not run for re- >L t, . , . — »^-::M I nounced loday Ibnl she will not n'e CandidiHes 1 pelilinns must be The quota reached was $200. Al- i Joe !i - Milliard has withdrawn Miss Pint! Icn Ecgraves was community chair- • rr ?"> u 'c race in the Reiser dis- term as trcr man for the drive at Carson Lake. I tl ' ict . Mr. Maycs announced. This I "May i re Goal for South Mississippi Coun- ! leaves H. G. Girdlcy unopposed for: thLs niorninc " mv fre nf ti i ty has been set at SO.ST.), of which ; re-clcctlon, •; , - 1)rl vilc<>p' thi'i i™ HL,, , ,,,1, ] S3.5CO is (o be raised by Osccoln. ! There arc no candidates in the : serv g \s com t tre^u p ' f. red _ D - ^» « '«"«• chairman for following district.,, where write-in I two e " I hav a'deep fc , g ^ the South hall of the county and : voles only will be cast: Black Wat- obligation to my Wends u th'. I Dane Fergus and Steve Bowker are j er, Rocky. Rosa. Huffman, Armorel, counLvwio helped uiakc Uu pii co-chairmen for Osccola. Joe Ap- j Carson. Boynton, Lone Oak Prom- j ilc-c possible plebaum was named newspaper ad-. iscd Land. Number Nine. Shady! °, „,.,.,, ,.'. , , , ., vcrusi,l g manager. | Grove. Hickman. Brown and Brink* I ^ ^^° ™ ^™ 5ys , C|n " by lev «: Retired Farmer, |> • • ! L/ICS IFl submitted to the County Election the'r' flood d Commission, conslsllng ,,r ,,,, )y we'te 7':- es Carter of 1,-nchvllle, D. s. Laney or W<M "" sl ""- s - Os7cola and Oliver Clark ol I-tench, man's Bayou. Piling fees are paid at lhc city clerk's office here. Winners Named In Americanism Essay Contest In ttic "Amcricanisti vhen, a, the'end V^XTl \ wS'^USL "^^ J ^^^ ™^^ ^ '^ ^^ finish foitr vcnrc nt incr f ' H,,. r,i...i. "... . . ;> '' v '"'^ u ' *-" "> "' >1P|K.| MJCIH^ni). , _. ,, ,_ ,. __, jf ,, . . — ~ ' ---••• i - •• i.v. n crn^it > I.IHILC-SI SIKJI l.SuI't'tl IJV »i.«h four years of just what i the Blytheville Junior Chamber ot piomLscd -- honest, cliiciciu an.l | Commerce were announced ycslei- cou.slructive service. There is ths ] day aiicmoon conviction in our hearts that UK I first place and a prize of $5 wa< good point.-; m our record will on.- i won by B;nny Johnson C C. Hcd- lowan Accepts Pastorate Here R«v. L. D. Strubhcir Succeeds R. S. Baird At First Christian 'I'he Rev. lister ». Ktrulihar ar- rlveil hi lilytheville yc.slerday Iroin Moultou, luwii, to accepl ilje ji:is- lornge of Ihe l.'irs! Christian Church, lie succeeds Ihe lies U s llnlid who resigned Jan. I to iim'pi n pastorate in Shuwnee. Okln. The new pastor was lucdmpjunc,! here by his will- au.l their ino MIIIS lllrliarrl and Uurtciii. TJiey me Uv- In the parsonage at 413 Norili | Broadwiiy. The lie\'. Mr. Slruliiiar ri'rclvj ' his llnchelor of Divinity degree i Iroin ColBale-Hofhesier' l.iivlmiy School III Kochcsler. N'. V,, and his Hachclor of Arls deitice Iroin Druk" i Universlly. He is 37. Ills puslornle wns In Clinton. Iowa, and In IS130 he went abroad lo make a tour ol tin- Holy Lands but the declaration ol war in Europe Interfered n(iei he had made i» ICO-mlle bicycle luiir ul parls of Knglnnd and inui visited Holland, Hamburg In Geriminy nnd Lyons In France. The Kcv. Mr. Strubluir snveil elglll years as pastor of the Moiiilon Olirltllaii Church m Moultou, Iowa, nnd during his pnslunde iu Hint city assisted in nuiil church ]„•„_ [ umtiiMi for thu [leiHiminallou in ' ilmt men. ', ; Mis. slrubhar Is u Kraduale of John Fletcher Colleiu.'. University i'nrk, Iowa, tuid a [ormer si'hool I earlier. Their oldest son. nichitrd, is seven ,and tlie Umloji is four. During Ihe past month, the Uev. J. W. Frjv, regional evniiBcllsl. tor Itie church, lias been couducllni! services in the First Christian Church here. His hcad<]iiai ters are In Little Rock. 'Delegates in Accord on Need For Prompt, Decisive Action Pastor Arrives iMiircli .1. (UP)— Delegates of five nations )iiO(!tJiiK htTi. 1,1 ,|jvtw iifj H We.slcni Ktiropean union found » gi-ciit similarity of views" on first cxamiimtiott of a proposed livitly limit, it VVHH iiniKuinced today. •* Meeting nmlil »n atmosphere of urgency, delcRates spent BS minutes listening lo a keynote speech by HelKlnn Premier Pnnl-Hcnrl S|ia:i'c and examlnliiK a draft agreement submitted by Ihe Benelux (BelRlum- Nclherhinds - Luxembourg) countries, Sunn- rrportfi uld ll lr agrrc- mriil, Klileli will bind Britain, France >nd the Benelux count- rlrs lORdhrr In opp<»lllon afnlnsl tlir IVrxIward march of Cnmmun- hm, would rrtiil.ihi mlllUry eUtis- « in xdillllnn to cultural, racial and crontimlti provisions, A communique Issued after Ihe mcetlg said examination of the Menelux dralt "revealed a great similarity among the views of ths live nations on the question of principles the accord Is lo realize." 'f'he bulletin said Ihc next meeting win set for tomorrow afternoon, Riving the British and French delegations lime to make » mor« profound study of lhc tc.xt. Some reliable .sources believed Unit un agreement In effect might be readied by Saturday night, [f so, it. was expected lhat British Foreign Secretary Bevln and French Foreign Minister Georges IJtdault might come lo Brussels next week to sign Hie draft Ireaty. II wns understood lhat Spaak, In opening the conference, stressed llm urgent need of obtaining quick result*. It was believed the flv. powen were anxious to present the approved accord to (lie IB-nation Mal- sluill plan meeting opening In Paris on March 15. Although there WHS no official confirmation that military Intelll- Romanian King Breaks Silence Blood Bath Threats Forced Abdication, Michael Tells Newsmen I»V 1\ Ill'llin H. IIIK£lllhotll;llll -•>••! mnv umimiy IIIICILI- (llnlleii i-,,.ss stuff Corrcspmideiit) Kl '" cc so >'rces said the Benelux A ',ew church buildini! w,s eon, ,.. I '? NI , )ON ' M '"' c " «• iUPi-V<iiin B ' ," le1 *""" - Nelhcrlniifl., - Ltlxem- etuHere I r B • Uev M" Mm ' 1 "' " <1 "'"" 1 « Proclaimed to- ! '"'"'B' eountrles would nol objed inn.iiK uu Hf\. M.. finj, Vnal lhe coiiimiiiilsls fon-e<l ilf "'«> w <"'« Included. • l-;hlm to "abillciite" under stern; These amircm said France here durliiB (lie llov. Mr. puloniLe. It replaced llly '' c/mrcti structure. ern U.S. In Throes of New Cold Wave By Vllllrd Pn's:! Tempeiutuies dropped below normal over the northern portion of I --•- r>"-h his country Into j "'"hiclant" lo Include mllllary pro- a bloo ijinih. n ml that he still ! visions In whnl was described otfl- ] eonaldei «)'•- himself to b« king In ' dn! ly «« merely nn enoiiomte, soclnK- and culturitl Ireaty. t)rj;fiic.v Is However. It considered » iHCf. Mlctmrl broke the silence he ha imilntiilncd since he gave up his t llJ'Oj)/ 1 oil lh(! I fist ilrn- nf inj'j n ' * ' "" "•""""-* y>* • few hnurs alter he left Ihe roiiii i ? l ' l ' B "" c co " cl " siml «hat military 'nent fo, II," i rs tm, . ,," „„"' I i ctnv!ics w <""" >'» Included .as th. . ev^of ,, ls rto^^SX "^ ;™^,: >( ^"i.,^^ ^"^ Thr- 2l>-year-old deposed .,„„,- ri'h served Implicit notice that IK; slovafcla and Finland, Dclisliim. Holland and Luxcm- i his throne whim | m ' . - boui B urn determined tci push the (lirnngli on a -blitz basis the lime is right. Under the clr- i'" ' K '" l ' r lllnl ' allllre ''ere would be ,he ,lam,i,;e Iu the Middle- or his abdication he llrl in. did not consider himself omul In any way li v II. Also |,y crystal clear Implicatldn llflli «'l I'Kcd thai Hu.wlii iwiclc- 1 the Romanian govci inneiit—"n i ] ' rf ; sc " LL '' Insl.iilled and main a bad omen for the 16-nntlon Mnr- shiill iilnn conference In Paris on March 15. it Ihe pad l.i agreed upon be March 15, It undoubtedly ' will presented lo other Marshall pi nations at Paris with an invltat The cliiniKci Weather uurca'l • nl " { 0hB »^«!li,,n =11I \\T ( «™ lI i^,r!f 0 , v ' l1 , 1 T ei11 l " sli " le(l """ '""">- ir",T " l Par!s * H in in Central Canada." M " C lfnined in power by a foreign com,- I l» Join. said lhc slow rotation of the M ,! v . lcl ' "° snl<l f o™cd him oul. I Approval by the Scandinavian system caused norlheaslcrlv winds 1 mention Russia by | «niintrles and Italy would extend ove, much nf Ihe nnilgii ' i name, nnd did mil. need to do So. I'he union from the Arctic to the Ciiand Korks. N. I)., was the cold- .,, ''. V " s "' l """«'<"»> ! 'Vlcditcrraiican and bring its mcm- ' A '. llT n's arrival from Paris anrt ! '""'» hard up against lhc Western border of the Iron Curtain. The idea of a Western European union was conceived by Bevln as » third step In the Western nations' efforts to contain t) lc spread of Communism. As a result. It Is know'l also as the Bevln plan, Tlie first step was the Truman est spot In the nation lodny. The ,, A , ' ...... temperature dropped lo M decrees! » ' ,,'J,„,"„, ""^"'Bharii Palnce, below zero, it wns -10 at Faruo I Mlclmcl '««lvcri n .•Fimill s ,oiip of N. a. -i, at pemwna. N D ami "™* m *«- O''«v c and unsmiling, he -•> at Keinoss In Ihe eastern mirllrm I 01 '";" lypcwi'ltteil slatcmenl glv- abdicaUm, ...,, i,,, 1°'' ( hc [list time. Then he refused lhc cold wciilhcr eased the main to discuss the subject fnrlt cr reat to t - - "inner, a threat to the flooded regions In tin MlddlcWest — that of flowing Into flooded rhers. Prc'inler Pelru Oro?.a and George good noli,,, I,, our record will o,,;- wo,, by B nny Jo,,,,^ c <; Me - ""n e" w ll °,," nortrcd rllef "' reiary geuernK o I R weigh the mistakes we have made. man Jr. won the second place awa -I hr \ „ ,,H 1 ," , """" ,","! "'" ^»'""»»"«'- r'arly. delivered "I would not want my iriemls 10 i of M. Third „;„„• «,,rt 5> «•>,"«i X, \L t ,\ " "' LS "°"' "'"V' Ml "» "»i"..-ilum m, 11,,. ,„„, feel that I am letting them do*;,. I by rsilhc Hod s ers. All ^e Iv.He r" ,',"., " ^..™ t *.™! i . »"*>"*™ »ee. m. Michael said. ^ - ; • • "•'• • "'• •• jf.nLr ^.^ WHS w ill] - am letting Ihem dow;i. 1 by L'ilhe itod-vrs All lire lilyilic- [ They have lived in my heart these 1 villc Hii;h School studculs | last few weeks, as they always will. | Tnc essays were wniten 01, Ihe • My thanks lo all. and my sinccrcst j subject of "What Americanism | best wishes for Mississippi Cc.uuty 1 Means to Me." They wrre judfi-d that it m:iy rcal.ze the full rxtcnl j ol its pa^siliiMties." by L. s. Wood and Mrs. M. c. Cooke jr.. owners of The C and W Cleaners on South Division. It al- Icses that rep:cs<.nlativcs of the CKV have thrcntened io remove a fence slin-muiding a parking lot adjoining tile cleaning establishment. The diiiigiccmcut bewail when the City Council adopted a resolution asking Chief of Police Cluirles Short, lo re-open a road blocked by the cleaning firm. About two months iater the Council (railed for further action """ Truman Signs Deficiency BUI for $736,368,385 WASHINGTON. March 4. <(JPI — .'resident Truman today signed an i -j ••••• -••-.. urgent deficiency bill providing an !' ' lc B ** l cr Southern, and 1915. _ t overseer for Pemiscot Count.,. Mr. Southern had been in [ailing health for several mouths and it the time of his death he and his wife were vacationing in the Flor: ida resort cily. Services for C. H. Palmer . by Col. Ivy Crawford. Tllythcvilto attorney. Hotli the essays niul rt-inniiiK en- Iries in the Jaycce-sprm.sorcd "Ame| rlcaiilsin Week" |>ostcr contest will be exhibited tomorrow in the win- Services for Carney II. Palmer. IS. of Martin and Boydston's clothing stoic, Railroad nnd Main. from Ihe Central !(o<-ky Mountain regions lo the Atlantic Const. Hlylhrvillr lias nf :il Tn Illyllicville the temperalun- v drojipcd 24 f mm vfslcnlav's Jil"li l of 55 degreos lo :u ibis mornini; " H~£BS oi'itlng of i second step was the Marshall plan •I 1,,-y handed mm'":,,, art of ab- I '" rebulld Ell ""« ! - rllcatlnn, in-Red him to sl|.i, it. at mice, am) loid him they wdi'il'd 'hoi'd" I Addiffnnn I him responsible for the bloodshed l " IIU ' : ?lt, w .ffl,, 'he 0 u,^ !l m ,r cd ; Purchased for He said they told him Hint thev r Male rrmS\"[h%ht!y l ;wer' t ;e'mpc n ,'a".? 1 T'mJ ^ S " rr0 ""< lpd ^ l ">°'« New School Site (iircji tonight. governmental agencie , „ 35,000.000 for tiie school lunch program. - - — ..^L, ... 'I he measure also apropriates when it found the road was still S101.COO.OGO lo the Social Security c ' 05Cci - j Administration for grants to stales 00 i, YYV J~n j I !or oltt a 8 e as-sislance. aid to de- of more Alleged KetiS [ pendent children and to the blind, bv Greeks ! Tilc p » blic Health Service was ' "•••••"• , given S15,OCO,000 for grants for hos- ATHENS. March 4. (U.P.>— Gov.' pital construction. Smaller sums ernmeiit agents arrested 89 more were included for the A«ricullure alirgcd Communists in prr-dawi. and Commerce OcparlmeiKs and raids today and War Minister tor Ihe lc°islalivc branch Ocoiee Stralos snid they unearthed All of the money is for use in Communist sabotage plans which current fecal year, ending next included attacks on the Russian July 1. and Yugoslav legation buildings ' ^ orCl ! f* iiage ai (he legations, he C*ecr> Minister Resigns were designed as "provoea- j live" acis to stir up reaction against THE HAGUE. March 4 (UPl — of Tomato, who died Tne-idav at j - _ : '-" '.'-' ^'". j vn. m- ?.;iii.i. /\s soon ft-n'r.? CaSrsVnre '^c i Bond S *< '<>' Blytheyille f°<™' Blythevillc Man ^"^L^'^^ ^?%^'£SS i,^ j l^^ed b, his wi,e : Mrs. - %»««,« ^ --- « \ ^^ «-. U.S. CHarae ^^•^ic^', : -« -^-^ ^r^ fonnerlv ot niytheville. ii bein,' ^.^^ '^™ Imc 1 ' rll »'Ollicd in -•uncial Home chapel by lhc I Albert I^e Payne. .13' of Biythe- _ — * . .u...,. ^j,, n!/[.j *j, MM- jn.ui.j i JJRP rM VliC" 11 nl 13' Vtn'' additional SlS^M^a'VcV'^n^ if "-'Charles'B.^uthern oV'steclr: caL^y "napthf church" Bu^i Cn.^T* I™'"* '"'"'' l " ^""^ 'four brothers. W. c. and R. J w-,s h) Siiidv RldBe Burial Cm,,, m. a hearing yc.,lerda.v bc- aonlhern of Sikcston. Mo.. Boo v r U'!"' """ Clnril n " m '^- "'•'"••' Southern of Maiden Mo and Oor Carney «as born In Tciines- Slates commissioner ;it Joneslioro. don Southern of Stcele-'one sister if "'"' movcd lo To "'""> ^ i " lrl> Ht "" 1 «' ils s "t ai. 410:10. Mrs. Viola Blackwclder'of sikrstnn ! i 1 ^ 1* s °" Bn R cd '» farmhiB. He Layne wis a,rested ;<:, ihe leMili, and three "randchi dren h '^ bM " "', for 5cvc '' al wr '- v ° f ' l lc;:c " 1 ie(i "^ » r -"'" ™» '»' Mr. Souther, s bo v will be re v, ' £ S - 111 ' Vl ' vtd b - v lhrcc ch "" rc "' rii «" : " lt rl..,^,,,; urn, w,t,, f,,r<- li'^r^rWV""- "-p^'^^ss.---"??.-. z,ji<:^ mm • «""»'^ Hr^^'r^'r.'r" S"''chc^"^i^ 110 * *""" >n .«" 1 }ir ^ "-'« •-»»- "•'"'» rangcmcnts. Corps bas( ? held i;v I-'nnt autiim [ties on n warrant nsurd heie charging him wuh "lil.i.nm.: mnney imdiT ]irc- li-n.n: .Sneriff William HeriMniii disclosed loday. tthrrilf IScnyman stated {hat Sinithwic-k js wanted here for ihe alleged ili^-al sale ol [aim machinery and that Deputy Sheriff Hoi- Two more plots of ground, totiilinf: about an acre in all. have b:en purchased by the Citizens School Building Association. Inc.. from Ihe slle selected last year for a new high school, it was announced to- dav. One plot, of approximately one " ll " arrp . was purchased from~Harback hotnc af- ''J' Hcar:i. ft is located sligiitly t.r-ii. IHM \\itiit- ^""K ont-K notnc at- 'J tn.-Aiit. it is [ocatcd sligl'tly ter tlu-y both altenrted !he wedding North of the Southwest corner of ol Prim-ess Kli/.ilii'lh In London. *, . York Mar. laud Aikrn and City Policeman Tnr- !\«li v Greece in tries, Tlie roundup of alleged Communists netted 80 in Piraeus, the |»i I for Athens, and nine at Patras who were accused of being liaison agents for Greek guerrillas. More than 400 persons have been arrested during the past three days, but police said thev released almost 100 */ter questioning. Georgia Posse Captures wno is stationed al He wns arrr.ited here nnd lelmn- m " a Aixcll and City Policeman Tnr- May 'int. N. C., Marine crt lo Joncsbnro by Deputy U S. ! ncr K '- vrl ' hiuc gone to Flint ii> July Marshal Bert Fiazier of .loiiesliorn I "' ll| rn him hern to answer the Got • charges. , D ,. r 1:3(1 low p.m. .1:16!) 3U> A , £ ,r r . r - . k ! . TWO Suspected siayer s Altaljro Experiment tor South Missco Mew York Stocks HEPIIZtBAH. Ga.. March 4. rUPi • •••_ W? - T*.' i . f^ .... .. . --A posse of Georgia State Police, aroused over the slaying of a com- - ------ *~ -~~f*-*., piikN.ii> i vi WUUKC ITtla^uU To Pe Discussed at Osceclo Meeting 2 p.m. , . Amer Tolxic co Plans for an alfalfa experiment, of alfalfa dchydialiii B mills of tlie' Bclirstc'cl " W " ~ •' i' ""•"•"ii "tictjiu^ . t.r. nnout. Aiarcn 4. (UP,— swamp loaay. Airplanes Soviet-dominated coun- pen. Serge Ingr. Czechoslovak min-|"ccrs spot the fugitives. Islcr to the Netherlands, resigned The hunt ended in the swamp rade. hunted down and captured - .-- — •-• ......,,« um.>iiikumg mms 01 uic «t-tn DLI the two killers and Ihcir women to lxi " cld '" Soiltl1 Misslrsippi county also have bren invited to Chrvsler companions in a Tobacco Road comllv "^ th(1 Agriculture Kxten- attend, he said swamp loday. Airplanes helped of- •" on S'ry" "' U'e University of 1 Dptai , s , College of Hie alfalfa res.-arrh progiam wrrc nol learned here lo- Coca Cola i Ofn Electric Oen Motors today. Soybeans Mar. May (Prices f. o. b. Chicago) open high low 1:30 377 369', 317 369 li 378 36S 366l after the foursome broke away from a farm house where Ihe posse had encircled them temporarily. All the fight had gone out of the four bc- •,i n ,,,™ii,,,, ,,r >""«""» wrie noi learned here to- 1 '"" •>""••<> » r«i, h S^l **>• <?<"'"^ Agent D. V. Maloch ol: ^'"'^"^V. W».',1 llrr;l " "' Oscco1 by t, o! N-aM^of Bl'ytheville'! comiuent!' - -' • "ftv-i n u. v . HI.IIULI1 <M . , O.scrola. when asked for Informa-!" v the piograin declined " n "^'vestci Representatives of tlie stale and Ml '- Nas '' Mated that preceding out"of"the°swaniD'witirhanrt"''nn" lCOm " y f" 1 '' 11 ™'' E - rvi( :c will be the dl-cus-slcn on the allalfa pro- raised One of the i in had h^Tn P,''" 0 " 1 ^ thc mc6li " K to I'scussl gram a check-up meclmg on the mjcn.u. v^jie ui uie men naa ocen thp m-rtivicoH ^v» n ^i,i, n ..i -.4.1. <*?* — . ^,...._.. raised. One of the men had been shot in thc arm during the See lh ™J >r °' x> * cd i ^Pcrimcnt with Farm Bureau membership drive In _..,_. ... -, .t.. „ _ _..... County will be ' " , Nash staled. Owners and operators held. North Am Aviation Radio Socotiy Vacuum Sludebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard :i-2 1-4 :K 1-8 SO 1-8 13 1-8 8.1 ;i-4 10 5-8 8 1-2 1.5 1 17 3-4 73 54 4 3-8 the site. Tiie oilier, comprising six 2j- lo<>; lols facing on Park Street was purchased from Craves Perkins. Tluvc purchases leave oniy about three acres of the nearly 19-ac;e site to be acquired by the association. TIM S w- '' II "'"•' lnriical cti today that nn inji oion i«i i "" tuillll «ment of resumption of the ™- ™JQ S schao1 sltc " md <*"« ma >' ^ ex- ZKI, 3949 2D73 pected i,, about two weeks. TTie i (l 'iie was suspended temporarily laui last year alter comriiution's j reached slightly over Die S3a.0» 1'ui^is roreiiist- (•] i' -'il i 111111 ^- A total of $53.003 lo purcha.v! vim-i'l !->in i,, <;,,nil! L. ^ "'• ' lllc sito ' las bcen sct as tlie 8 0 - 1 ' ot ..MIL.II ..Mil KI oouin ano ram i ,ii(, tji-iyf, .'.now North |x>rtloa tonight j '_ a,in Friday, slightly colder tonight. r , ... Minimum this morning_3i : teaeral Conc/i.'ofors pm^rtod^ST 55 ' ! Seek to *™<l Strike Eimrijc tomorrow—0:25. I CHICAGO. Mar. 4. (UP,—Fcd- Preclpiiation. 24 hours lo 7 a.m. cral conciliators today scheduled Ion.iv --none. further attempts to head off » 'lotal since Jan, 1—13.01. strike against large meal packing or 1 U S Steel 695-8 —3.30. • ^, i—i.>.ui MiiNe ajiamst large meat pacKiu 2 Mean lemperature nnlcUay be- : plants scheduled for March 16. •2 tuccn high and lowi—43. ' The strike date was set yesterday Normal m?an for March—51.2. : by the CIO United Packlnghous* This Dale Last Year j Workers. It would be the first bis Minimum this morning—32. ( industry-wide walkout of IMS. »nd Precipitation, Jan. 1 to this dale i would cut off much of th« anUon'i .1 in i ... I meat supply.

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