The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1948
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 1948 UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BI,YTI]KVIJ,I,K (ARK.) COIW1KR NKWS PAGE THIRTSKN THANKS, 010 \ PORALLTH' STICKS AM' ( SHOTS, CANES \ AKI' SHADE.' I USED J TO HATE YOU PER TH' \ SWITCHES--'COURSF I 1 KM6W YOU COJLPN'T / HELP IT, BUT, WELL. / OL 1 COME ON AND STOP THAT SILL YOU'LL GET THE CAMARV CHILLED.' » \ OP ^ INESS--> m, Cr.C7vviLl.lWV, BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON , 0 '.,".^,'-.".',.';,'."',. 1 WI6H VOU HftDhi'T ASKCO Me,SMUF-r-Y I ¥>'A,<5 PR6PARIWG TlAlS DiSH AS A 60RPR\Sef--IT D'OSSOLA.THE FA\ORne REPAST ot= SIR A8ERCROM,8l6,TlA6 GE^eR/VL..' IT GMELL& LIKIi TtAS AR^Y ALL RISV«.'- EEMISJD5 M6OP' rar Bride's Parents allow Her Over •CULLISON, jcnruup> — This Itle Kniras town, population 2-12, Vs a touch of Britain mid the Euu- Ih village of Chorley, Ill Liinca- lir, lias lost tliree at its residents. •The population switch resulted Jnm Hie war. (Charles GrlRsby, Jr.. of Culll- was stationed near Chorley |r part of lits 3-12 years In En&- 1ml. (He wooed the daughter of Mr. lid Mrs. Charley Handley. •Coming to Kansas after her war- Ine wedding, the young Mrs Qri- |by wrote her parents in glow- terms of her new home. ISo the Handleys— he's a retired Iteran of 22 years In His Majes- I's Army— packed up and fol- Ift'ed their daughter to make their lime in the South Kansas wheat luntry. © BY IONE 5ANOOERG SHKIBtR. By lone Sandberg bhriber DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC I'ilK Ann IU tn ht-r r< I Monkeys once were used in lime parts or the far East to pluck P leaves of the tea plant. 'oltical announcements I The Courier News has been Ilthorl7.ed to announce tile foliow- I',' candidates, subject to tlic eneral city election. April 6: and (le Democratic Primary. July joth (.id August 3rd: FOR AI.DKRMAN (Second Ward) J. L. fJodiel Nabers COUNTY TREASURER Frank Whitworth FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR CITV CI.ERK w. i. i nun Maim (First Ward) L. C. (Bud) posey Jr. Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) h«* Cui-kcd kmrll Sh* f« convlnrt-d Ihnl er •*«• bu«*chulri U I r» h»ji l» muriirr tirr. <*nitir<ni«- him iiaird i*r -*ulr» til fa, r «tw brniv it |i ii HI im. •• * l*Jcn< Ly kii|>t UK »bc vtuuttl «.ll|* nnd lull dmvH thr «lrr|» *lMlr.-a»e •' -r.-nklH. The run uff wax VTBM Irfl I* her rluart. Tkr vwlnKlH^ hrldfte over the t«- rlmr I* ikr K*mpw «Tfi» In prrfrrl eonilJIInii »« Hmy 'i3. •rcoTdlr.B t» n letter from •> Mr. »)»rU who ha* rkri k< d It. ) e-« il oolln|im-d UH Jttnv Tt(l. tll((nt f.ufcr fkr mirtlnifr. Ann I* I'uiivliirri* I be "HvrlUi-iil" nmm nirftiil in kill, not l.iiki-, Iml Ann. . . Tb*» ihcrr v,»n Ihr iype«Tli*r lh*l cra«hrd (row • elotri «fc*lf. nnrrowly mining her. Th# cr«»h ihwl wn« rn»lHr«-rci by iwn ir»H bull* |>l*rrd Mnder the nmchlnr. Ann hci4 irfuwrd in KO I., ihr «-<»tintry rlnl. wllb in«others. |iUn«linic s hrmlwche. >«w >hr «bu<tarTn TIB «hp h«-«r« ihrm reiuriiinu: ltit«h. hrr fcunhnnil. • lrnricri*i1o^Ut: l.niirir. hrr 1ft- yrnr-old ninicrx 'I'onimT. l.nnrir'K ft.ini-n IllKd.n. hrr hiiune^nrnlt ami liny. K»-b f » ntUncllve jnnniE lab a«»l»I»**i* * * IX S HE had to move. She knew that. It was nnperaUve tha she unlock the door before anyone should come upslairs nnd find i locked. They would think it sus picious and she didn't dare risl suspicion. She Corccd herselt to her (eel Moving was painful. It hurl- Bu she made herself go to the door put out her hand to the key. Sn could hear their voices in th downstairs hall. They were com ing toward ihd stairs. She turne the key noiselessly in the lock then turned, ran almost, to th bed. Th*-)l was where they won! expect to find her, lying down trying to mm her headache. She lugged the covers aw crumpled them slightly, Jerke one pillow sideways. Then lay down. She closed her eye tried to relax her tensed muscle And then Rush was there, stand ing beside the bed, looking dow at her. "Hello, darling," he said. "How the headache? Any better?" "A Little, I think>" she said. He stooped to kiss her forehcac iglUCJied up, looked around room. The heat in here is enough to vc you another." he said. She had nad chills and must , jvc absonlly liinicd on The gas e sonic Li me (Km rig the long Lernoon. Hush went to .he lire- lace, turned it ofl. went to the indows. threw them open wide. I you're cold v/c'll get you un- Ecd and under the covers," he lid. "Hut thai ga» ... I It inks." "1 think I—had a chill," she lid and her voice wavered a lit- e. "And you didn't eat," he said, till watching tier. "I'll fix you tray." Hi left (lie room and her only eeling wa* one 3f overwhelming clieJ that she hadn't shown the ear. [3INDA came In but only for -*-*• minute. She seemed lo under- itand that Ann wanted to be alone. Gay didn't come in, just stood .her? in the doorway. "They picked me up at the station," Gay said. "I'm so sorry ibout your head, Ann. Laurie's ixing supper, she said you wcren :o worry about a thing. And I'L iclp her." She smiled at Ann, her slow smile, and, as cjuieUy as sh :iad come. Gay wont away. Rush came back with a tray. A tureen of thick steaming vege table soup, buttered toast, (ragran hot tea. He helped her undress got out a nightgown and be jacket, propped her on pillow watched tier eat. Amazingly tasted wonderful. She ale greedily "Better now?" Rush asked, lak ing the' tray- She sighed a little, -tretched he toes down in the bed. She did fee better. Could she have been • little b crE^y this afternoon? It could all be so easily plained. One of the maids mu have left the can of wax In closet Rush had probably carried the golf bolls upstairs, unthinking As for the bridge—-well regard less of what The man trotn * Wyoming sajd. the rope* had frayed. They must nave. Thai's all there wns to any of It- She Inured softly, "Darling, you're a wonderful doctor.' she said to Hush. "The soup was wonderful and you'r* wonder I ill— evcryUiint{'s wonderful!" She felt liglilhcndod with reliel. She told in she even thought she might : ;iblc to sleep now. "And leave the windows wide >en," she said. "That fresh air 'en tastes good." • • • IE left her alone and she settled deeper into the pillows, nulled ie covers up around her shoul- en. It realty was amazing the way er mind had worke<i this nller- oon. Imagine sitting down in our bedroom, trying to figure oul hy one of five people would r ant you to Jie. And since she could think of no once iv able reason why either ommy or Gay would want to Kill cr, and because, subconsciously r otherwise, she wanted so much j absolve Laurie and Rush, she ad taken the devious rout* to linda. How could she have thought Rinda capahle of such a thing? low could her sense of fairness ave been so distorted, her loyal- ies so completely blotted out? Even if she'd thought Rinda able to plot such a thing and carry it out, now had she been able to convince herself thai that old col- oge scandal was a strong enough motive for murder? Poor Rinda. She'd suffered agonies over thai old affair. She still did. The casual relerence to il the other evening had made her turn white. Probably more than anything else in the world she wnnted to forget It And how idiotic of Ann to think that because nine years ago Rindi had 5^en someone die, had been perhaps the =ause of his dying, she should now w«im lo murder Ann simply because Ann shared that knowledge. (To Be Continued) I STATE CERTIFIED CHEMI- 1 CALbY DELINTED COTTON | SEED cost less to plant. These I pure all seed are treated and I free from aU seed borne diseases. J Quicker gernimnllon, plant and I plow the same week. Reduce I chopping expense. Use any bean. I corn or pea planter. I STATE CERTIFIED VARIE 1 TIES packed In attractive 50 Ib bags. e In and book your require- it-i toclny, we will hold until I planting time. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blylhcville, Ark. Branches: Leachville, Ark., Cardwell, Horncnvilte & Senath.Mo. Lincoln-Grant Message Brings $440 at Sale NEW YORK (UP)—A telegram Mnt by President Abraham LJn- coln to Gen. Ulysses 5. Grant 84 years ago was sold Jor $440 during ' an autlon of books, mnnuscrlps and letters at (he Parke-Bernet j Galleries, Inc. I Mary A. Benjamin bought the telegram, tn which Lincoln told Grant. "You will .mcceed. God bless you all." Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Size T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. fH 3«27 MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has asked for that amount — it is the answer to higher and higher food pricM. MERCHANTS— We have complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! IIKI.P CONSK.RVK FOR OTHF.RS-WITH A G*RI)FN OF YOUR OWN; T^" « B M UI " ! C l d , Sl ° re hM the most '"'"Plcle "ock of garden t^H ,"*, f CtWCC " Mcm "' nls »"<» St. Louis, as well as all kmds of p nnfcs in season. Mske this your headquarters whenever you buy high-germination Medl 1 1 SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM " The Seed Store" 114-120 Kasl. Main SI. Hl.vlhcville, Arkansas BAKY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Feed We Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry •i]<> R- Main Phone 91.9 Perfect Service We pride ourMlves on our rourt*ouj, prompt Mrvlce. Perfect food plus perfect service :<;u»li the perfect me*l. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe '103 West Main Phone 3900 Spring Planting Oats We have Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures and I.espcdcza. t.awn Mixtures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come to See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 85S KRKCKLES * HIS FRIRNDS By MERRILL BLO68EB Nohk Word* "Oil, I don't think good-looking people ;ire conceited—! know I try not to jnil on nny iiirs!" ! HURRY! HUBBY! BG PfP MEenMC IM *UCH- AFPfR. SCHCX3L' COM« TbOT YOtlR, s THE WE'RE GONk/4 " A.OO; A-OOl"' YEA! SHADYSIOC KINGSTON MUST PERISH.'!.' AND NOW. THAT STRATEGIST Or THE STRATOSPHERE . (-flic E SHALL . TO GIVF SATISFACTION 'UISCII.I.A'S I'OI> Tito Compromise Ky AI, VERMEER VIC FLINT Rocky Micks Out By MICHAKL O'M ALLEY and RALI'H LANK 8n the gambling room of the swank Ace Mi'gtt Club, Rocky Slone end his partner, Mcrk Ar- b«ll, watched the suckers. WE WOUIDMT HAVtT/'Ytxj TALKING ABOUrN ID WORRY ABOUT LITTlf \M*T TELEVISION RACKET I THIN6S1IKEMD WEATHER \A6AIN? WE60HUE BEST CUTTtHG DOWH OUR CROWDS |«T-Ut> HERE A MAN (OHIO IF VDU'D GO IN WITH WE OH j AW. WUV IOOK FOE THIS NCW MAL, ROCKY. yV TROUBLE 1 WHY DON T YOU Wl TELEVISION OfFEHS U5 A CUANCE TO 01511 IK BIG. EVERY TWO-BIV SPOT IN TOWN Will WANT \O RtNV A SET. ( HKf THE STEADY W I'M A/YIBITKXJ*. INCOMi FROM THIS 7 NOTHING'S GONNA JOINT, you OWM M/UF \ SHND IN MY WAY. Of 1T.THAIOU6HTTOM ENOUGH TO KEEP M3U IN CHAMPAGNE AND FISH EGOS.' WASH Tl/BBS Outwit I in); Jamajti By LESLIE: TURNKR' AW VOU OWW, POPNW.? By FRED HARMAN CAwrsAr FORA FEW DATS ,RE IOA51Y 6ULLLT WOUMD 1 CAM PUT V lE'l- HIM WOV V WE_NOT KlJOW PALEFACE f PR1K5CESS\ Hlr\ UP W \ TO WORRY ABOUT 1 CU61OM5. BOILING rWD-'V FIREFLY SAY w SPARE I HIS time GIRI, L THEY ARE SW.«QE' / YD SHOK) RED RYDER ALLEY OOP Klfly I'otmcls of Tc? By V. T. HAMLIN Here's Looking At You! ... for a more immaculate, attractive appearance this spring . . . hring soiled suits lo us for rapid, fresh-as-new cleaning and pressing! NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 HOOTS AND HKIl HUDUIKS l. It's a Hit By EDGAR MARTIN

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