The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1947 BLYTHBVILLE (AIIK.) COURIER NEWS Worker in Blytheville'Y Finds Slow and Easy Life in Lebanon On Visit to Parents' Birthplace Blytheville Negro Booth Awarded First Place "If you Ihink lilc In Blylheville+ is 'slow ond easy' you should lake a (rip lo Beirut. I/ebanon." according to Miss Alice 3alib:i, who with her parents and brothers has returned frcm a trip to the Near East. Miss Saliba is director of women's and girls' -Activities in tiie ulythcvlllc Y"People in Lebanon really believe in taking life easy." she said in relating incidents during the trip which to her father and j moV?r. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Sallba, was a return lo the country of their birth. Most of Die stores m the mountain resorts close each afternoon in order that the proprietors' nap misht not be interrupted. "If one Happens to walk clown lhe descried sirects of one of lhe resorts, he can't help wondering if the Icwn is really inhabited. However, if he were to return after 4 o'clock in the afternoon the scene would be- entirely changed. From late in the afternoon until the wee horn"; of ths mciT.iti" people crcwil the ''coffees" to talk, play cards, and danc-j awayj the hears. 'Their dance music sisls cf tnii£os, rhunlbas. waltzes, and even, a few swing selections. When I mention "coffees." I'm vc- fe'.iint; to the outdoor cafes, which are dominant in that part of the country. Jlaiiy Maintain Two Homes "All "who are financially able maintain two homes—one in Beirut and a Summer home in the mountains, u takes only about, an hour and u half to go from the heat of Beirut to the highest mountain re-, scrl. ether resorts arc located as, near as u 2C-;«lnute drive from the city. -The majority of the people speak at least three languages— French, English, and Arabic—in fact, all three nre taught in the schools. There are two universities in Beirut— the American University with ill! private beach and beautiful campus overlooks I'-.e Mediterranean £ca, and the French University. "Biabcratc hotels each with its own crowded beach can be found a!o:ig the shore. Night life is at its peak in Beirut during the Fall and Winter months, while the mountain resorts furnish ample rrcreation throughout the Summer. "Perhaps the most beautiful scenery seen during the entire trip was to be. found in the mountains of Lebanon. The climate and the scenery are lhe two major assets of tile country. Visit "City of God". "While in Lf:'janon 'we visited | the ruins of Baalbcok—a temple | which was unit in 270 A.D. The] of i Russians Agree To Discuss Itaiy Future of Colonies To Go Before Big 4 in London Friday LONDON, Sept. 30. (DPI — foreign office spokesman announced today that Russia had acc.ep- lod a proposal for Big Four talks nboul lhe future of the Italian colonies and indicated that the discussions would begin here Friday. Meanwhile unofficial sources here hinted that Russia's reply lo a suggestion that the nexl meeting of lhe foreign ministers council be held here in late November wculd be made known later loday. The Soviet reply on the Italian con-jcolony talks was brought to London bv Ambassador George Zaru- biii. who returned last night after consultations in Moscow. A foreign office spokesman said the initial task o r . the Big Four representatives would ta= to e-stab- lish a commission lo ascertain the political views of the inhabitants of the colonies — Libya. Eritrea and Italian .Somalibnd. The American State Department sent two representatives for this , proposed commission to London i last June. They estimate the job I of hearing the wishes of the vari- [ oils tribes and political groups of colonies will take three or four : months. The four po.vcr conference here also will have to decide vrhut other nations fall under the heading "interested ptwers" and as such are entitled to be heard on the future cf the colonies under lhe terms of the Italian Peace Treaty. France and Russia may press for return of the colonies to Italian administration under United Nations trusteeship agreement. The United states at one time suggested that joint United Nations trusteeship be set up for the colonies. 1 —Courier Ntws I'liulo in tiie community booth exhibit was iho display iHcluivii above which was sot up by the Elythevillc grcup at the Nirlhcast Arkansas District Kalr here. At exltrine rlgm is Ootsvia Shivers, teacher at Harrison Negro School, which took part in setting up the lilylliBVille display. British Cabinet Shake-up Starts Sir Stafford Cripps Tokos Over Now Job In Labor Government LONDON, Sept. L'D. I HIM — Kir .Stafford Orlns took "vrr (he supreme i-eononili- command r:f nearly bankrupt, llrlluln today In the blrgosl shaki'tip to hit the labor cabinet sinco It was .sworn In two yoav.s HUO last July. I'riine Minister Clnncnt Atllee told Arthur Circcmvood, minister without portfolio, thai -lie , would have to step downward to ' mako room [or n youm:ci- lulmrlte. Greenwood icsliiiied. Orlpps. a closer follower of Ihe .Socialist doctrine, bmune minister of economic nffulrs In Ihnl oliiir, he look over from Ilei'ot'rl Morrison the ,lol> ol dlrivtlnv, ISrllnln's I'luhl for .survival. The l)'nisi'st pa it of tin' shaki'- vip wits >H to cnmi\ Wo. 10 ISowu- luu street Mild: "olhei 1 tinvcrnini'iit chun^C'i arc (o cnine toward lhe end ol tills week. Heports .said thiit unions mln- IsU'i:; win' would be IrnnsleiTed to , casl'T Jiib.i. "hlckr:! up-ittilrs" t" ilv HiniM- or i/jids in- dismissed I wen- Defense Minister A. V. Alexander, l T uel * Minister * Kmanucl iicc-lo-hoiLw rubljlsh cleanup will l:e stHRed for private dwellings. Sixty per cent of the 115.003,000 inlltH of telephone v/lrc In llie United Slates Is iiiulersrouiid cablo. Navajo bridge In .'northern Arl-. '•• zona Is Ihe only highway bridge ; crossing the turbulent Colorado rlv.' | cr for approximately' IjCOO — from 'Boulder jDam> to Utah/ ' •; • ••,. :,•;*.. Head Courier News Want Adi. lie sure Mom nets » good supply of Juicy flpo tipples In time for school! I'ulliiK and Canning Apples $2.00 & *3.«0 »u> Blytheville CURB MARKET ISO K. Mai" J'hone 81 Boy Is Amazed fro Learn His 'Buddy' In Looting Taveirrs lls o Boston Girl Dakotan Fears Another War In the Making meaning of "Bualba=k" is City ol ( KEW C'^I-EANS, Sept. S3. (UP) — God. It truly must IVAVO b=en »j Sen . chan Gurncy, R., S. D., in New city. In one of the four divisions | O| . lc[uls for tllc a nm , 0 i meeting of alone the temple of Jupiter—: the Mississippi Valley P.ood Control there were 55 pillars, each bcma Afs( . c i a ii on today, siid the world IE 03 feet high. 1 feet m diameter: - m dangcl . of ailot f,er war. and weighing 123 tens. "Head the headlines—'Destroyer ••C:i another of our excursions Hit b Mmc off Tric . slc .. u j ust we '.vent to the Cedars of Lebanon ta ,. cs alj incident (o , ci lno W orld —a resort high in the mountains, j Qff The s j tlIiUion Ls tense," he ,-aid. It is considered 'the favorite hon^ Tn e chairman of the. Senate Arm- eymoon spnt. The cedar trees there; c[| Servicos committee said he has are centuries old, and it is from b alarmist, but he these trees that the symbol on • the Lebanese fins was taken. i . t, naVi - s what's ooin ••We also visited Damascus, Syria i ol *•* ,, n °\y J™,,? ° _ R n old city noted for its mo-1 ^ouiumversrt military trainln? I the solon said he has been for i' ' for 20 years. "If we had had tint reece'l vcrsal mil 'tary training, ive could ATLANTIC, la.. S?pt. 30. (UP)-- £obby Wiggs, 12, was thoroughly disgusted today after learning that the "fellow" who helped him rob a tavern recently WKS really a ^irl. Marjorie Marryfield. 17. of Boston. Mass. "A girl?" he asked. "How can John be a girl? Why he uas a real swell guy." •Mlirjoric readily admitted her identity when site was alone with a physlciun in the jail physical examination room. She hud been held In the Audubon County jail at Auduban, la.. T three weeks under the iintnc John Marryfield. aged 1-1. The doctor, who asked that his line be withheld, announced that. larjorie was a girl ycsterdav uvenile Court Jiidge R. Kent lartln bep,an trial of Bobby and if bogus boy on charges of slcjl- ig SS and H cartons of cigarettes rom a tavern last. Labor Day. Marjorie is a slight, boyish-ioDk- ]g girl. She appeared in couvt esterday in the same yellow sweat- r and dark blue trousers she wor. vhcn she was arrested on Kept . Her hair was clipped to a crew rut. The manager of an Audubon res- i •Frankly. I don't think any to happai saic work. "Returning hcme the ship pcd at Haifa. Palestine; A dria. Egypt; Pircaus, Or I4nr.!?s and Genoa, Italy; and Lisbon, Portugal. "In each port the ship \vas inet have told the belligerent boys t | take n back seat and simmer down : I think we could have stopped th 1 in the ports—lhe after effects of l tor war could be seen crumpled buildings, sunken ships, etc. I "Alexandria seemed to be a very clean city, anil its people quitJ Genoa proved of great interest to us. The carvings on the buildings were truly a work cf art. It was disheartening to see thai so many of the fine structures had been destroyed by bombs. "We also saw the home in which Christopher Cclumbus was born, and where he sr/uit his early chilrihccd." Miss Caliba said. taurant, whore she worked for a time as a busboy agreed with Hobby ihnt it. hardly seemed possible that "John" was a girl. "There certainly were no obvious^ pus," he said. I Tlie girl and bny were arrested at 1 \itdi]bon when authorities learned hey were selling cigarettes for SI i caiion. Hobby, who was remanded to his rarents' custody beeatise of Ills age, idmlUed he and "John" had robbed the tavern. Marjorie's pockets were crammed with nickels and pennies when she was arrested. She told Sheriff Tom Finnercy thitl she won the money "shooting craps." Finnercy said that lie began to suspect, thai his prisoner w'fts nol "John" during the three weeks she uas held In the Audubon jail, but he couldn't get her examined. Pinncrey .said there was no problem while she was in jail there since she was the only r:v!3c:ic:' *u the juvenile cell. The pair was brought lo Atlant'.c, where the crime was committed, to be booked last Saturday. Marloi-le was placcrl in the Cass County Jail. County Sheriff Harry Jor- dan said ho had suspected since Saturday that she was u girl. lie placed her In tllc Juvenile Kill's cell wlu'ic again she was liie only prisoner. Jordan askctl that she be examined by a physlciun. She protested uKiilnsl tile examination, but confessed her sax when the cx- ctmlnnllon appeared Inevilablc. Tiie ooclor said Marjorie claimed to hftvc iviftvrlcd H Texas m;xu named llllllard. She said she only lived with him six ihonlhs and left | . — ? him In Nashville, Tcnn. ' . . . Mnrlln continued the lieailn B In- \FlfC Prevention Week .fi,,UnH. wl.tln nelicr- ^'^^^Ol iscrvcincc Planned Marjorie was sent buck lo the girl's cell until Ihe case Is resumed. RADIO REPAIR I AND 2 DAY fcEUVlCJ! ON ANY MAKE 1 On MODEL. RE-i LIABLE WORKMANBR'.P. PHONE 2642 We call lor and Deliver FRED CALLIHAM Electrical Appliance Co Atthnrlted Motorola K) Hale* ind Btrrtc* 196 South First 8L ,,,,,.,. A(1 . KPerelary Uultcr and \Viit 1 ^ct-r lek lldlh'imi'V. yhln.M'll. wilt) Ir.i.s been wldelj nccnseil of Uimhllnn last Wlnler's etuil crisis, miiy br transferred lo Ihe commonwealth relnllons nfflci 1 wheitf he will MUTCIH! Viscount Addlson. There was no liumedhue hidi- cnllon whether Crlppn, In his new job, woukl try to net the- negotiation:; with Uus.sla started unaSh. There huve been recent reports that he still bellevd Uriluln euuld I do business with Rusniu. AUcn Pickard's EAST END SHOE REPAIR SERVICE Surplus Supplies Army Goods • Shoes Srv us (or tlie tery best In Army surplus slioes. Nearly iirw— Rebuilt—To lie Rebuilt. Hundred!! for sale, <}uunllly Prices Available. 112 Lilly lilk South Street Bast Mnir For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House V/iring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation GOO N. Fifth St. • BlyUvoyillc, Ark, New Bus Purchased for Osceola School CSCEOLA, Sept. :iC.—A. new Chevrolet bus has been purchased to transport students to Oscaolti schools. The two buses now In use will transport more than ICO children lo Oxceolu schools. • One of the buses will be used by thn Booster Club Friday night ivhcn members go to West Memphis for ihc Osceola-Wcst Memphis football game. Before the game, on, Thursday afternoon, the or.ccohi Illyh School and will accompany Chamber of Commerce members on a goodwill I'-'ur, LITTLE HOCK. Alk., Kn]ll 30. UJi'i — Tom Hardinc.. chairman ol the Litlh: Hock Chamber of Commerce fire prcvi'iillon cmniult- lee. said -spat insiiecllnn. 1 ; will 1)^ made of ctumncrrliU mid Industrial I'r-ilaUlshmenls iKginuiiiiJ Hunday Iti connection with National Fire 1'ro- vcnlton Wci'I;. Orl. r.-ll. Harding :iald (lint in addition, -t nt40,50 7 6Q?" , You're Crazy .i:.iilfl.>r».Vli, '!*iv^ HAIRY VETCH liallxm ami Common Hyc, 0;tts, Wlicnt and Uiitlcy Seed . . . Iteaiiy for Fall 9ec(liug New and Factory Reconditioned Soybean. Sucks; Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1880 W. Main I'honc 856-57 ni.vtliiivlllc al Kh-Uy DniR Slure Genuine Ford Parts are precision-tooled to fit your Ford. Just like the pnrts that went into your Ford at the factory, Genuine Ford Paris arc made right to fit right and last longer. And you'll be saving money '1 ways when you bring your Ford ''back home" to your Dealer because only Ford service gives you these 4 advantages: I3rig.-Gcn. William Dean, above, is being considered for appointment as military governor ol lhe U. S. zone in Korea. Now assistant commandant of lhe Com- riiand and General Slaff College at Tort Leavcmvorth, Kan., Dean would succeed the late Maj.- Gcn. Archer L. Lerch. 2. Factory-Approved Methods 3. Ford-Trained Mechanics 4. Special Ford Equipment Telephones 453 —Blytheville, Ark.— DIRT FOR SALE Pride Phone 517 SALE Youth Sentenced LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 30. (UP) — A Californui boy was sentenced in federal district court here yesterday to serve two years in a training school. Daiiglas Charles Underwood. 17 of Sprccklcs. Calif., pleaded guilty to transporting a stolen automobile from ;umn3, Calif., to Lonokc Ark., lasl Sept. 3. Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12 -48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'hon* 69 Winter rains and snows call for slices in good repair. Good soles and heels prevent colds ... save doclor bills. Be prepared ... chock all your shoes today., '' HAIFORD'S SHOE SHOP 106 So. Second St. The V-2 missiles shot into ihc upper air at White Sands. N. M.. are powered by enough iuel to drive p.u auto from New York lo Sail Francisco and hack seven times. fOK KfAt MttCUW $£RV1C£ ALWAYS Fish are not inclined to bite Him- j inous lures. They are likely to be repelled by their strange appearance. Read Courier Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Blylhcville Ark. 112 Walnut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ PETROLEUM PRODUCTS mm. mi OMIT*

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