The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1948
Page 12
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iia« ............. > tin* iw d»7 ...... Jjc tlm*. p*r lln< txt £*> ...... »c tlmN p«r ltn« p*r d»r ...... 1C M times per lliu Mr <Ur ...... »c Haatb prr lla« ........... we Count five *T«IU« word* to Ih. lint Ad ordered (or tbrw or »li lluiei >nj Mopped b*for« «p)r»tlon will b* chlrg. •d for tb« number of time* the ad ftp- (•trad tad MJujtmtnt o( bill m»d«. All Clu*lfl«d Advertising copr iub- Kitted by p«r«onj rxldtog ouulde ol the rlty mutt be Accompanied by cft*h B*l« may be eullr computed from the •bove (Able. ' Adr«rtlctu« order for IrregufAr taMr- Moof like* the on* time rat« Mo rMoomlbllltir will be lake, (or More thAD one Incorrect UtMrtlon of MiT elMUfled ail: i»~ruoi> or All ad< are re<trlct*d to their prone, eUaalflcatlon. ilyle and Up. Th« Courier rMerrea the rl*ot to edit or njeet tar ad. Apartment For Rent Two room furnished Apartment lor »nt_7«_J»ml«o,,, _ 3;l-plt-« 2 room furalahed •flurtment. Cull * 63> ' S.Z-plc-9 Apartment* Wanted WANTED TO RENT" Nicely furnished three-, room apartment wauled by two gentlemen. Permanent residents. Call A. A. Fral- rickson, at 4461. 2-18-ck-tf Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CRAPUAK BIRV1O* STATION M«m * Dlruion Phone 35«3 Don't endanger your ra Ur with eaully «re«—BUY LEE TIRES llllB-ck-tl 1946 CHRYSLER Industrial motor and assembly with »11 accessories complete. Ready for operation. See T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO., 121 E- Main, phone 2122. 2-18-ck-tf While they kst! •MllS FIRESTONE 4 P[,T TIRES >1S50 100x15 FIRESTONE 4 PLY TIIIES IlB.W «WJX16 FIRESTONE 4 PLY TIRES HI) 51) •50x18 FIRESTONE 4 PL.Y TIIiES S17 50 Still-Yoinijt Moid- Co. WALNUT and FIRST «T Business Property For Rent Frozen Food locker*. Frozen Foods, 21st and Main PJione 2«02. 2-6-ek-3-6 >\)rRent: J'or fioo a motitb or woiiin service station, »i* room house, all outbuildings one acre ol ground. All modern. UooU rniclciefis lor 13 All tool* «urmsli«l. w»wnig %•,! ,";.„,. 'JSlj oui ot city limits or, Illitliway No. 1 Kobert Ward, Telephone 7Fll', Koiit* 2, PimiKOiilfl, Ark. Florist* AZAI.CA.1— KIIICII vnrli-ue, »„,] ,. o '|. "!"• " c '«'<: »l«o larger «lze«. Send ?IolSfJ. Crl|> " V ' P il ce "'<• AZALEA OARbENB. J07 •. J*rkEclalt. MonuhU? 1 *™ ; I:l8-pk-4!l8 Food* Reach for Hart's Broad. J.l-ck-ll Household Goods Venetian blind, now In .lock Read*, made KM. Blinds Df HI I'ulrrt Store iw X Main 81 phnn* «« 8iI4-ek-tl Insurance Or. J-'ARM ANO SUIIUIIIIAN Property brwclnl taw rate premiums. Hrc. VMIIII- rm, ;or;m(lo. At] covci-ft^e by Ar. ---i pay IOMCS uulck. \Vrltc ! |i|yt!ic- vllle Agency, or PHONK FIKI.D U394 226-1)11-^26 Protection nprnlnst nil INSURABLR HAZARDS Phone 3545 "" W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance CILENUOB HOTEL ULlXi m w. ABU «T Income Tax U 1UU NfcEU ASblSTANUK UH fll. uiK your iacome I'm. pi eabB FeB m , mA""l""l,L J iABK. V *o?'ie'e B ,Vmne l '2!li Sevcrul years ejperliM. . vmn inte nftl Kcvcmje Department Fees wl" m line will] loom acc-o'umiun » It. Larsoti. 12. <n-i-k Laundry HOME 1AUNUHV. Sec Mniulln Hu rcM, Hmliu-.iv 61-N. ilchliul lluclini «n» grocery. 2; Wanted: Wreckec or Burned 7««p Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage *•**••• ** Phone 37» 1114-ck-t part* now available a POOLE MOTOR CO. W» c«n fill ill jour nMdi pl«" Sn""" 1 * """. fr ° m ° Ut mn " ^? EOfi 1 *- OWNER * OPERATOR •with Hljhw.y ei .t st«l.. MO Phone 8tMle w ll!U-ck-tf ' We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORR Modinger Tire Co. *• I. MAIK PHONE 3JOI Expe Repa rt Radiator ir for Less »e«t la radiator r»p«lr • our Indued men boll Tour radUtoi for YOU Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co POUCHES I^WSON. M Kr Pt, ono 3,,,' >» cv: u Building Material LUMBER For Sale If you own your lor, have • little money, will furnish J-OU lumber to build your home. At mill, Camp Moultrie Driv«. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 2-18-ck-3-18 Do your own work and save. Kent a concrete mixer, •wheelbarrow and shovels '•Any other tools you may Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phon« 4489 Box 659 Elytheville, Ark. I 3-3-ck-l rt rM^t ^*' " T »"»o'e ,r WRritec 'JS 1 ' »IS2, n10 rS 10 S: lll S^ Loans Jf you nerl » loan for ronnim or v my or imllil. no red Innp M. OSCAR ALEXANDER, phono S3« Renl Estntc B ntl Iiiniir»nce 124 N. Scconrt St.. Cooper -' 312-CX- ____ PKRSONAL LOANS Automobll^t nature— comiMter-tiirnluir« Quick or •me nertlce Personalized (ttentlon* In or telephone. 2&2R GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 1ZJ W A«h Bl BlytherllH Art. _ I5j24-ck- Money to Loan , fv, r <" nixltl? No down twment. no mn lagc. nn ret] tune PBA APPROVED RATI »«, ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor y Phone 3031 Lynch Bullrtlnn Blythrvlllr. Ar* Real Estate Loan; ». H A. I.OAN3 «':,- IIOMK LOANS f'AUM LOANS COMMERCIAL I.O^MS * H A.-O I LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 113 W. WALNUT PHONE 2JB Money To Loan On farm land or cily prop erty. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glftiicoe JJotel Building. Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS 100 M1LM Decca Records Sheet Music Estey Organi' DILJVIRT MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phone 42 BIytheville, Ark. u ia-ck-it Why Bpcnd Notice Outdoor Supplies • . BASEBALL TEAMS !ow is the time to orciei •our uniforms and eql before; M-i, ore . v ° 11 ""'. UiBBAKD HARDWARE CO 213 W. 2-28-ck-3-6 Personal SELL WHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classified*. V you CM> depfM. your hralre ptdal to within an inch or lew of your ROOT hoard, yo«K br«kc« need immediate Attcniiocu Bring Your Ford Home For Complete Broke Service • BRAKE ADJUSTMENT • NEW LINING INSTALLED All done l,. v re;il best tret f« r precision Kord work! niucliiinirs . . . your See the New Ford Truck 5th at Walnut I'hone 4-153 Personal for So/e, City Property I <1 • s house, Bedroom Residenc* location, servant iffi room, garage Concrete driveway. Livinj i-ooni with fii-uplfiee 1-1x28 Airola heiit. weather strip' lied- ami window Owner leavint' city, price reduced to $11,000, ' $6,000 ca.sli, fia/ance FilA. Will also sell all furniture for ? 1,000. Quick possession. H. 0. CAMPBELL Office 120 S. Second Phones <M4G—2030 "I liavs no sidelines" 3-2-ck-S for Hale l.arKe Consola ?:KNITH KAOIO In Excellent Conaition 460 Cash Bee J'aiil H>im»n At Courier Ni?w* 3:25-ok-if \Vliilc Hiey Inst! 6511X15 FinKSTONK 4 PLY TlnVs ill 5n 70(1X15 KIRESTONK 4 Pl.Y TlllFS s «M BUOXI6 KIHKSTONE 4 1'LY T HES *l«1o C.WMO I-VHESTONE 4 PLY TJRES M? 'so Slill-Voiniir A(tit(;V Cu. WALNUT itna l-'MST ST. _______________________ _ W-ck-5 Allan' SURPLUS: TOOL~ChPst -lUr :wxllixi:i .nchei, 10.85, TOOL chest WixlVxlS inches $12.9i. 12x10 "lunuVium linK-rl • "^ I - EA ' r ! IEB "«>»" " W l>ll j l'fj:.s, aitt alniiL nutn 1 oiiart it),. Help Wanted, Male Pltu iuu« • ption*. »t«rt a Kawlelgh BntlneM Real nn portmiliy now (or a perm."™" orom- KO ^n 0 ^- J' rUe R ««"^Bn" Stpt, KC-ilO-Jt.. Mtinphl., Tenn. 3|l-p|[.4 Opportunity /or~J5~y'ouni ; ~riMrr~to tee Denver. Heno. Mexico city Ho][»: wood salt l^ke city. 8e.ul«; Ontario C.inoan, Duroll. New York Boston ' York ylo ., . Washington, O. o. ."' "? e r Orlc ""' ny o u or Intiresl and return If vnn »re between the agea of l« 14 rx pcnseo ailvnnced. averagt) monlhl J"l!"dSll,*T 3" "' 0 " th ApnVy'f i.Jll Oetalls L. H. RainaKe Hotel Olen coe between 3-» p.m. WednesdB, _ __ Position Wanted .. yonns lady who had unsnecetl- lully hvrnlfd (or A Job ror w«-u (ook »", '»«. aol'w to th, Olaultui rte- pnrtment of a large mntronnlltan' newspaper Stilt I nit her 'UlMlIlc.Hlons In » brief "Position Wnnt.rt- ,rl -she ?£ , "".*; lna " tl °n resulted In a. cty of offer.. Call on /Loir and Found A man driving from Florida to WMhluston. left hi. brief c.s. in a little city wl.e.B he mopped to «dt er," "w* ,'° H" '<>«' "e»-Mia"i. ere a Want Ad was Inserted t>]c cnsc was inackly (oMna and forwarded to nun, preveiitlriK the Joss n[ aai-s of work. Cal Ion Clnssllleds z 13 o<WA model o* UM old Wyotnln. town of s»« to«« H K wu in 1M» hu b» Q pr«»»nt«d to ah. Curbon County ss. ** lh * 1!m * °* "* aoroM th » lon « f" Private Rooms Beflroom. 314 N. Ninth". Plioiie JJ38. llcdroonn, Blylhevlll, Hotel Phone Nlre IU W. lirdroon Wfllnvil close In. Men only. n,i U • l L' e " UM «ln Bdtllon to "KB. Him 1-onni clenns naliiitHI sur nee perfectly. Ue.vl l-;,h u , ml w "n •«jper Store. JOB f. AMU, strert! J'hS, e h ' II you iced mm hnve soiuothliic you ,|,n 1 can't K cl rl.l ol. try rilirt aw«p Shop, phono usS w\ : i|«-ck-n "OLD You're AT 40. cra^y( M. r,o? MAN I i poppy at rkn=| r|) "" "« "* v 1B . lro "- ' or "imlown fcellni; "")• men, women cull "oM" New nt ncqimlritccr 1 sire ON1.V Joe At I flruRBIMs-ln Bly.hevllle. at K.rby r " g ' Wliile tfiey Inst! Formers Column i B ".'" : MMMV l J«ntl»ry_ 27. Harris 101 Sr I!H7. Wltlimit now cillltviitors ' »].«. IHim.K linir. new S2.V5. TENTS inriis. snocs. sllcm-ri. rnmcoats, Jackcls' W. A. P1CK/.II!) GROOEKV-OENB-' BAI, MKIICIIANIHSE. ARMY SUKPL-JS 'Ml E. .Mini!. ___ 2.28-ck-J;6 Electric chicken hrooder. three" Tec* BOOO ns new. Holds 75 ehlcks rach cleck hell «t » OIUBnlii. Phone 4K76. w* A.sll 6t. 3-2-i)it-4 llaby bed, $1250. Cull 26ia~ 3;2-ck~H BKlrootn. convenient to rmth. iteam neat, pnono 3MJ. ell w. Main. rs*- folpjiian oil hi Uit-tl^. CiUl 67a. . CJootl haby 3 2-pk-9 TKK. 801. Practicall CASH KKGIS- ly new, call 2-27-ck-tC For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFflCU: s n t! w. 1-or rule nt n, ni-s. lM*ur». Ari:. For Krilr: F-20 KiirmMl trnclor, ri.l- t v.itor nn,| hi.stns. Also 2 row Jnlin llrarc trnclor planter. E,,l llulkB I!rol ," er«, J!a miles wrAt or Joiner. Ark 2.28-lik-3;(i For Hal vnior "hcYs" thers. j nil l-\ on UK Motor Co. WALNUT «nd KinST ST Plumber If you need « licensed nlilmner ^ r •*(•=« store repair work" ' '„" ™"' C S iarry Meyer. »t Ilnhbarrt H»ri'lw!>°" ___ _ Photography THK NAME Is "cTlTu7o",7r!or~Tn ( rb " |.hcitoern,,], lc wo.k. CM « "lot 'Ortr.iH anpolntmeiu. or 2«0 ,r "J >.tn. tor "on tho .pot" co""™.-, .k-ncoe Moiei. Services H. L. «nrt P«p rhan B lii K . pnrt limp hookkocwlnc ovvn, n ,, J10J or 3300. candies «t once lino s soclnl MI F-20 Fnnnall tractor, cultl- busters. Also 2-roiv John ; 101 -, Pl»»ler. EubnnX, Hro" t nines west of Joiner. Ark. Wf Model nlnnter Mi " totro tr mlorlaol. bearoom for rent. Call Room with hath, shower and parade. ABKAHAJI'S TOURIST COURT. S. Highway 61. 3-2-ck-9 I I'olin Ihila Sought ~ NEW YORK (UP) _ Debates from 60 nations have been invited to exchange information about in- faiKile' pan-lysis at a polimylliis conference to be held liere July 12- n. First meeting ol its kind, the conference is sponsored by the National Foundation tor Infantie Paralvsis. Nebraskan Says Automatic Roll Call Would Add to Efficiency of Congress For Sale. Cars & Trucks FOR SALE: — In perfect ehnpa p.m. One A-iii Call 793 dol Ford after 4:00 CALL US TODAY FOR \ JEKP DKMONSTARTION \VO WiHit to show YOU Ulc rnm'fnrt »,• rwmg in one of 6,,r S °ncw ,U.S- , "c of ttie n.any rpnsnns whv it has ,,™. on Itself to be ,l,e r,-.,! r»r for ,'•» average iiosttrnr Ain.-rk-r.u liinllv p»r ^ Motor Company. Ellis Pool ' owm't ? 0 . D . crator S. 'II'Blrany 61 ; it swlp . I'lioilc Stcclc «. 221 ck-:] 5 1941 Ford Turtov- radio and Imater, new pain I juli. Good rubher. Ht.II CMC lhi-ee-(,uarlcr ton pickup I ruck, fatllt- ,-iu-k with it. LHK MOTOK SALKS Ily DOUGLAS I.ARHEX XI:A Slufr Corresponrtcnt WASHINGTON—(NBA > - Last Vfar they .streamlined Cong- ro.w. NOW they've talking about atiding Jet propulsion. The latest suggestion for squeezing more legislation out of already overworked U. S. senators and congressmen is to giva I hem an electric voting machine. But mart legislntoi's seem to fe*l that they aren't any more reatiy for push-button Inw-mak- ing tlian (he army and navy Is for push-button warelate. Rep. Arthur Lewis Miller (R.- Ne\j I however i out wno thinks the tiixiiaycrs deserve; more for hi.s Jog is to live dollar "1 ,.„ ^ Trade Ins on ,o. i Kaiser-Frazer Auloinobilcs I/ato Model I'sotl C(, Vs 1947 Model DODGE, tnur door I-M< torn sc<lai, with rntllo hrntrr rt?rn«.r" 10 S ln,n,,j inn ,i .-„. ',„..„„• ',',?.' ns '"- All m n ,l5 or ^paircd nil R,i»ranl,e<l. Phone 4322 or <673 . 1!HV Mo.lcl , Cimv.SI. lour door custotn K.-il-ui •.nnr. uctrosu-r antl pl a 11H7 Model PONTIAC. ith r.iiilo. liratcr. dot.n Sewing halt or Die 80th Session, The Thompson InternationBl Roll-Call Corp.. whicli holcfa th« patents on most of such equip- I mem, reports it lias installed electric voting machines in as per cent of tlie state legislatures. Each vole is recorded on cards automatically, giving s permanent, record of the totals and showing how each member voted. I Any number or cards can be run orf after a vote. Cards could also be duplicated ror the press and radio galleries. Large electric indicator boards would show i the vote o! ench member during ' and after a vote. I The machine can be kept open ' Jor a specified length of time i after the start of a vole is announced by tile c'liair. This (jives ! members time to get from their I offices to the chamber. A mem- > ber can change Iii.s vole nny time ! during the voting merely by re- • versing the switch. At the end ' of (lie titne allotted for the vote the clerk locks the machine and the results are instantly recorded Estimated cost of such an installation i.s 5200.000. Floors ot both chambers would have to be torn up and the wires run to each scat. In the House, it would also Involve assigning each member a specific scat. The price is one of Ihe objections among congrcsmcn some of whom think the present method of voting U , satisfactory. Rep. Miller says they would practically ail be for it if they just understood ho«- it would east their work. nF.r.TK. BUCKLES. Covwrd'^u ".llton holes maclr to order. Mnp ,„ J? 1 ^ BHS.«. Elena Croirrirr I i.,5. f06 H. Firth St. 22H. n 7-IHC-3.7 Typewriter TYPFWR[TPt?S DON EDWARDS 110 The Trpcwrli* r K 6<cond at. and Pets rr. scat covers, with W mtirnt./ V,i, very clM.j y 0 ,,-j| hnvi , , ^ r j" 1 ' cnr TO apprcclntp It l ?.« '!i od '' 1 Fnrd ' twc ' door . 1HE "f,|" MOTOR CO. ^ our K;iispi'-T*rnxor Dealer •V- 'l-Iifrlnvay 61. f'hnnp 2M' For Sale, Farms . I Of MCK nil K SF<YVVI> niONK j« s oil so, Srte— _ Property Farmers Column KARMS WAS I ED 111 any M/P in Noitli F. t • «nrt South mat M ,,,1^;, Oltion lar '' FUU| I'Mbodr. TrWt AtU Automatic Hnll-rnll machine: Miller tliinks it would Kct more work out l>f Congress-. than lie Is tion- Retting. That Is why be ha* introduced a bill which would provide Tor such a machine in Congress. Miller says .' all you have to rio is to look ul ' the record ot the first session of ' the 80th Congress lo lind perfect justification lor his measure During the first half of the 801h last year the House of Representatives met in formal session on the floor H4 days, a tolal of 686 hours. But 102 of those hours the equivalent of 31 legislative. dnys were devoted exclusively to the voice procedure of answering roll cnlls and voting on bills There was H total of 163 of these roll calls and yea and nea voles, averaging « minutes apiece. In the Senate there were 143 mcclinjt days for a tolnl of 807 hours of formal session. Because there are only 96 members or the Senate, compared to 435 members in the house, roll calls and voice votes lookup only a total of 63,f* hours, or the equivalent of 11 days. That procedure In the Senale averages between jcven and 11 mimur.s. Simple mathematics shows that MQ7 jf \l a ;.. .\f;iler's machine would have i .....'I'd the House 15\ days and the Senate 6' 4 days a\ the first PIANOS New and Used Music Instruments Repairs & Supplies Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs BROOKS MUSIC STORE Phno« 81J ATTENTION FARMERS PLO RR1NG YOUR Expertly Sharpened ^^ ^.^ F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Pll0!le 2l92 ' 215 N. Second St. _ __^ »il-ck-l:« Uf . in the o ,d p« 12 PICK UPS If you need a pickup — pick it up at Loy Eich's. We have the finest selection of pickups and 1 1-2 ton trucks in the city •— long and shortf wheel base, 2 speed axles, stake bodies and also — 50 good late model cars — all makes and body types. i — 1946 CrievroUr !/ ± ton Pick-up Trucks 1—1941 Dodg. i/ 2 ton Panel, 2 ton. « o |<,, Runt like new. !~] 940 International % ton Pick-up Truck 1—1940 International Vz ton Pick-up Truck I ,«!? Chevrolet % ton Pick-up Truck T~l«« S heYf ° le * 11/2 ton Trucki - Long WB. £ hevrol «* TI /* ^n C.O.C. long W.B. C ^vrolet 1 1/ 2 ton Short Wheel Base. Ford Long Wheel Base. Easy GMAC Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. ('Successor to toy £icn Chevrolet Co.) We Never Close Sales Dept. Open 'til 8 p.m. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 578 BRING IT BACK TO CHEVROLET FOR SERVICI • PARTS • ACCKSORIK REFINISHES FOR YOUR CAR - . . Inside and Out • WE USE THE F!,OCK TREATMENT • BRINGS KNAP BACK LIKE NEW Giy« Your Car the Lusrr* It Had When N«w! FLOWERS BODY SHOP "It's Our Guarantee that Counts* Location — IIS South Lilly Street Wt GIVE VOUR CAR I THE PERSONAL TOUCH THAT KEEPS ITS WHEELS' TURNING/ Drive In today and l«t «* giv« your car a thornugh going-over. It's timt, loo, for its annual iun«-up. Motor Brakes Paint Tires AH of th« M » ur .xp«rt BUICK att.nHon! Bring Your Buick to Us -

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