The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1947
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1947 Societu Cmilv Wixson, Society Editor 9 t " Bmily ___ Homecoming Day Plans Made' at WMS Meeting * Pnsl p!»"S for the Homecoming DP j oteervance Sunday at Ci vaiy Baptist Church were made by mom Iws of the Woman s Missionaiy Society at a ircetmg jesterdaj afternoon at tl.c chwxh Plars slso were discussed for tnc monthly business meeting and mis- s'onary pro b ra'n which will be held Mondaj at the church. Mrs.' Mabel Lunsfcrd, president. conduced 1 the session and prayers \ ere led b\ Mis R. L. Sanders and Mr" Dee Webster •Mrs. P. H. Jcr- iu»an gate l lic Pible Study, taken Irom Fsalms 13!>. Mrs.iH. J- Fcndren was a visitor at the' faceting. " Vhone 4401 Bonnie Jean Fisher Wed to Ernest Porter Mrs. Tea ford Of Ancestors Visits Home Probably topping the list of interesting summer vacations was that of Mrs. E. A. Tcaford of Os- ceoln In the Cape Cod area and Martha's Vinyard, Boston, which was settled by one of her ancestors, Thr-uas Mayhew, when he came from England to the Colonies in 1032 in th elnterest of the Massaehusots Bay company. He was given a yrnnt of land consisting of Manilla's Vinyard. Nantucket and Elizabeth Isle nnil appointed colonial governor. His son. the Kcv. Thonm Mnyhew Jr., founded the first church of 'Mar- Bits of News Many Entries in Farm and Home Exhibit at Fair We the Women Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Fields will leave Monday for Oalnsbaro, where Ihcy will make their home. Mr. Fields will manage the All-field there. He i.s now in charge of tlii! Manila airport, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rhodes lire the parcnls ol a son own Sunday .uorn- in[j. Tnelr fifth child, he hns been . named Louie Van. Mrs. Rhodes is the former Miss Evelyn Ledljclter, daughter of Mrs. Vera Lcdoclter. ' tha's Vinyard in 1642, where Mrs. Albert Sallba will leave tonluht .'or Teaford attended service.'! during Jhk'MC, II.. whu'C he will rcsumo her vacation his work with General Elelnc ^om- Mrs. Teaford also visited the j l-'ny- He recently ™^""<*\ from ^a ••Place by I'.ie Wayside", a mom,- iM-.c-monUis trip to Syria »Hs menl to Thomas Mnyhew Jr..' r.-arenls. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. oniiot. ^- L — -, to Ern- where he preached his last sermon [ ami fimiiiy. •ter son cf-Mr. and Mrs.i to the Indians before ictuniini; lot Mrs. Irn.z Faust will leave ta- poilei all of Blytlievillc. I Ingland lor tencViors and more: morrow to rituru to hev home m wadding wi-s solsmnlzcd (supplies. His ship was lost at soa.i- L xnrl:an-' atlcr spending UUCP ironshaw. Miss..| Another minister in the family, j uccks lu.i' as guest of her S.S..M, ir'day night in at tho r>cm-> of Rev. M, G. Ihc Rev. Experience Mayhcw, trans- ! M.S. latcd the hook cf Psalms Into the - Uaker. n irtv n<"tor cf the Baptist latcd the hook cf Psalms Into the j Mrs. E. n. Jackson, Mrs: Myrtle riiiireH i"i Crenshaw Indtnn language. Cotton MalheH F OX mid Mrs. F.oyd Simpson vlsiicd Tlirii c-ilv Btterdants were Mr. of (hot day said "Scholars who I f.^nds in Muuourl today. In Chaf- Thrli cnw BHCI.U.I_i_=. » Uc mas ( crc d Hebrew, Grctk. and Latin lcC| thcy we rc guests of Mrs. Ion - '' wcve completely hatflcd . by this p Miller p.nd Mrs. Simpson and Mis language." ! Jackson later -.vent io Benlon to 1)3 Mrs. Teaford was a guest in the the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alden and Mr H Smith .. _ . Mrs Pert"! v.oro si winter while wccl suit with black accessories. Folowins the wedding trip they the r home in New.;.home Thomas Mayhcw built when Pinnty. will .. — Orleans ^vneit he has been transferred; from Ke is connected' with a construction com- .pany. . , . . t • * Mis. ; Hutson Hostess To Hachahoma Members liachahoma Bridge Club members were entaitiiinKl yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. H. Hutson. Guests other than members were Mrs. Frank Grigsby and Mrs; Audreanel' Freeinan. ' ' Mrs Grigsbv won high score in the games played find Mrs. Harry Brarilsy Jr., received second high. The hostess served chili with a beverage for refreshments. * e * First" Lecture of Year Will bK Given tor Class appointed governor of the islands Ihres hundred years ago, where fcr len succeeding generations, the family hns lived. Its present owner. however, is considering making the or. W. S. McCall of St. Louis, '•}.. was the weekend guest of .Dr. A. Hobinson and daughter, Miss ::ny Ada Robinson. . and Mrs. John Nicholson were , liome and Us nnUoucs n memorial 1(> Mirlin, Tenn., yesterday. to Governor Mayhcw. , ., j L.UUII tiean is spending the week . En route home. Mrs. Teaford at- j j n Memphis as euest of her cousin. tended, a Mayhcw reunion nenr : oonna Jo Hill. Franklin. Ki'., anil visited several relatives, including Dr. George Mayhew, teacher of religious literature in Vnndcrbllt University. Nashville and Dr.< and M^s. Alfred Lcland Crabb, also of NabTivlllc. where Dr. Crnbb is n teacher at George Penuody college. Mrs. w. C. Phelan of Memphis is the guest this wcel: of her brother, R. A. Copclttiul. and Mrs. Copcland. Home on North Franklin i/%i' ' t «,<!~i BY KDTH MILLETT NBA Stafl Writer James F. O'Neill, newly elcstcd n-ilioinl commander of the American Legion, says that juvenile delinquency is America's Public Enemy Number One. His statement was made mime-, 1 diately following Iwo particularly horrifying examples of the juve-i nile dehquent at. ' work. Item: one 14 year-old boy, to prove himself not 1 a sinsy, deliberately setting out on Katli Mlllett H plan to kill another youth. Hem: a wild gang fight on (> streets of New York, in whicl many of the participants walked away with black eyes and othe marks of damage. This would no I be unusual, except all the brawler were girls, participating in a stree fight to determine which of t.v, factions should have prior claim ove a group of boys as dates. The only trouble with Command er O'Ncil's statement Is that ther is no such thing as a "juvenile do lir.qucnt any more. Juvenile in year; | possloly. Juvenile in stature, pel haps. But there is no more juvenil mind. ClIJCUS, NOT CKJME ' A decade ago, a 14-year-nlcl bo i to establish his masculinity, woul have run away from home and join ed a circus, or something of th; sort. But it wouldn't have occurre to him to kill. A dL':atle ago, a group of girls, to establish their dating claims, : would have primped a bit more, or j dressed more carefully. But they wouldn't have slugged it out. The Number One Puttie Enemy. Commander, is the civilization which creates an adult too young. Zuban Forces : oi/ Move to Oust Dictator HAVANA, Sept, 30. <UP>—Twd ivasion ships loaded with 830 revo- itionary shocktroops bent on ovcr- hrowing the Trujillo dictatorship of he Dominican Republic put into he port of Antilla today under cs- ort by Uie Cuoiui Navy, the mis- ion a failure. Telephone reports from Antltta, 00 miles east of Havana on the lorth shore of Cuba, said the two apturcd Dominican amphibious anding ships nrrlvccl under convoy if two Cuban frigates. - loo Lurtt to for Rent New store MiildUr-: on Second St. 25' x Of)'. Warehouse- acioss no:n Frisco Uepot. Gir x :so v or more. 1'J'. ^5QtJ. y 3d-nk-fi),7 For Sale, Farm £0 acre level farm on :;oo-J i'oad Electricity, el^ht room tlwi'HLm,' huf;o burn, fenced and cross ii'iii:(KI. Near F.inu'ould. Prlct; $6500. Part cash. Several otlii'r uoocl funns priced rlghv. J. C. cluipln . Art:. —Courier News rhoto Shown above Ere Mrs. Freeman Robinson (left), Mrs. Max Uscry (center) and Mrs. T. R. Watson, all of Blythevillc, inspecting one of the numerous individual entries in the Farm and Home Department exhibit nl the Northeast Arkansas District Fair Hero. The -Adult Sib'.e Clrts of First Luth=ian Cuion will meet for the first lemurs of the 14D7 4 s;r>sw toni™hi 7 43 o'clo:k, Immediately afler fie do e ol the Surdr.y "ciiool \ Tcic v 'ers. v _me tint;, tha R:bcit Jao- ijcr p3 tor has announ'-d, » 1,101 cunh study oi the entire Ne,i fo, th',s .... \r\o-9 Interested In B'.J.s study is . in i c' to ader.d, the Rev. Mr. Jac- ', Wifson News The Rev. A. P. Muncy, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Wilson, left yesterday for Pllppcn. where he will conduct a 10-day revival at the Baptist Church there. Mrs. J. II. Whitaker has been re-elected president of the Wilson Parent-Teacher Association and others who will serve with her are. Mrs. Raymond Cotner, vice-president; Mrs. Maurice Lynch, secre- l.tu-y; and Mrs. Charley l-cflwich, ' Mrs. E II. Liuichshire, Mrs. H. H. Houchlns, Mrs. lln'Ty W. Haincs and Mrs. E. B. Use arc in Memphis for H brief time. Mrs. E;l Williams and Mrs. Robert •Hiomr.son were in Memphis yesU-r- | Temperance Board is Critical Of Admiral's 'Placing of Trust' dav. Mrs. M. Eiucie, Miss Uicille Russell and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sykcs spent Sunday iu Doniphan, WASHINGTON, Sept. 33. (UP)—- , Adm. William F. (Bull) Hsvaey was j i roundly criticized by the Methodist Board of Temperance todny for saying Unit, "as a general rule. I never trust a fighting man who doesn't smoke or drink." . - treasurer. The project'for the year's Tcs areen'. has been plannedi, work 1s to p urc hase a record-player, h.s yeai s .coune of Ipcturcr.. I or t j. s equivalent for the school. .. Mls.s Dorothy McAfee, student at Mo., us guests of Mr. and Mrs. E 1'. Russell. En route they v;ere guests ol Troop E ot Missouri S.iue Highway Headquarters. Mrs. Henderson Hull is nt horn:: this week nllvr going to Detroit. Mich., two months ago because of, ------- . . the serious illness oi her sister.', con.s in an unsigned art cie in i« Mrs. Kltabclit Staplrton. who died Ipublicali™, ' Chpsheet^ ine pnpe. The board said the statement by the wartime commander of the Third Fleet was not only "shocking" but was seriously "injurious to"the Nnvy" iUelf. The board raked Halsey over the little and the civil war leaders, Jei) Stuart and Stonewall Jackson. ••perhaps the admiral would not •trust' these men," it commented. , is edited by Deets Picketl. '''Mr""iind ,Mrs. Paul ,Norman..oi '• 1 ;csid2iit,.or } the ^oard i^. : Memphis spent the "" Tnc ger said T e c!a'S .mi at 7 43 oclo k. >. Memphis School of Commerce, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. . .- ,, % eekend with WilViur "I. Hainmr.kcr. • ' ets every Tuesday Coming Events Social Calendar Memphis, spent the week-end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McAfca and family. She was ac- I compahied home bv her room-mate, Miss Doris Pinkcrton, of Trenton, Tenn. I Buford Boyles. son of Mr. nnd Mrs. B. F. Boyles, has been elected captain of the Wilson High School football team. John LaRite. son of Mr. ami Mrs. John LaRue, was elecl- Norman and family. 79 4 Win District Fair Awards ' WEDNESDAY Women's Foreign Missionary Society of First Church of the Naza- C{ , co . cnptalll . i p rE . limms VVC1 - C nwnr( |cd 19 girls rene 2 pm i. tne church. j Mrs j N Jeromc and daughter, I vho s ,, bmlUc d winning entries in Fonta, motored to Memphis Sat-. tl , c 4 _ H c!nb division of the P.u-m urday. | nn d Home Dep.-.rtment of the North- Miss Elizabeth Boyles Of Luxora. ca5l Aikarsas District Pair here THURSDAY Octette Cluh — Mrs. J. C. Ellis Sr. Mid Week. Bridge club — Mrs. J Louis Cherry I PI iD<yy - Esecu'no Board of the Woman's M-Ssomuy Society. oE. First Bap- t s' C'iurch^-2:30 p.m.,- with Mrs. .J. T. WestbroBfr. Mr A'\lti i^ardy will b? hoslesr> to n "mbi-rs of the CBC Club: Mrs. J; W. Adams hostess to Chapter N,*P. B. O. Sisterhood, at her home,'Division nnd Hearn Streets, afternoon meeting. . spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Boyles. Miss Boyles is teaching school at Victoria. Charles Kelly, student at Memphis Stats College, spent Sunday as guest of Miss Bettye Nolle Lear. Civic Calendar 1UE3DAY Anittican L;gion—3 p.m. WEDNESDAY Ki.vanis Club—12:10 pm. Sales Lecture—8 p.m. High School nccordma to a list ol awards announced yesterday. The winners in the various divisions follow: Lun.-hfon sets—1st. Mnrj^rlc Davis of Hickory Ridge, Ark.; 2nd. The Methodist complaint w;v touched off by an article in the Sat-' urday Evening Post written by ;y in collaboration with Lt. Cmdv. J. Bryan, HI. Tiie article said of Halsev: "Occasionally he takes a beer or a Martini, but his staple drink is Scotch whiskey and plain water. He has said, 'there are exceptions o[ coins?, but as a general ru'.e, 1 never trust n fighting man who doesn't smoke or drink. 1 Of this, the Methodist board had the following to say: man tight; it docs it in thousands of saloons every day. but we have never known it to make anyone fight well." Tho publication then reminded Halsev that .some of the best fight, in Amerlca.n.i history. > ore Blemib'us." Among these, It listed . Alvin York. Gen. James Don- Livestock 30 c KI'.LSl KILLS! KILLS! Koachcs and iVntcrbugs Slate Distributors GarcailG Bldg. Little UocU 30c Dies in Memphis Funeral services for Herbcrl Browning, of Blytheville who died Sunday at the Kennedy General Hospital in Memphis, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m. at Gobi) Funeral Home Chapel. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Sept. 30. (UP) (USDA) — Livestock: Hogs 9.800; salable 9,500; fairly active. Weights 180 Ibs. and up including sows. 25 to 50c higher, pots up more on sows. Under 180 Ihs. steady to 25c higher. Gocd and choice 180 to 210 Ibs. 28.15-29; extreme top 29.25 for aboijt a load choice around 220 Ibs.* weights. Heavier weights scarcer*Most ICO to 170 Ibs. S1.50-28; 130 to 150 Ibs. 25-27; 100 to 120 Ibs. 22-24; good and choice 270 to 450 Ib. sows 2G-27.25; few 27.50; heavier weights 23.50-20. Most stags 15.5019. Burial will he at Maple Qrovc Cemetery. Pallbearers will be S. E. Webb _. ., . . . ... Fred Boyette, Arch Lindsey, Eel [ and butcher yearlings with spots Cattle fi,700; salable 6.000; calves 2,800. all salable. General undertone of strength shown in steers Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN 8:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m 1:30 p Rice. J. O. Barnes, and Joe McClure. The cornerstone of U. of Notre iDame's new Laboratory for Germ- unevenly higher. A few loads of good to low good steers about steady tit 27.I5-30-, good heifers and mix, ed yearlings 25-27; medium kinds Tuesday Wednesday Free Life contains a copper box in 16.50-23. Cows opened 25c or more which arc sealed labeled glass tubes higher. Good cows around 16.50- of .1U ing -organisms—viruses; vitf-:lil7:50; common and medium beef arains etc.—io be opened in the CQWS 13.50-1G; canners and cutters year 2147. I largely H-13. Pajam.cs—1st, Mariedna Swain. Miscellaneous- 1st. Margery Pi3- mon; 2nd. Marjorie Davis; 3rd. Hutu E.eanor Ashby. * Margery Flsnton of Cnruthcrsville, Wilsonians attending the Mid- , Jlo . 3r(l Rlttl , Eicancr Ashby of South Pair in Memphis last week I Blythevillc. were the Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Mun- j pnicw cases 1st. Margery Vv\cy, the Rev. and Mrs. E. G. Kaetzel, t ]nnn . 2]lri M " nr j Dr i e Davis; 3rd, Ruih Mr. and Mrs. Maury Upton and £i c!mor Ashby. daughthcr, Vickie; Mrs. Baker. Bedspreads and curtains—1st and Springfield nnd son. Bill; Eugene ;, K i, Margery Pigmon; 3rd, Marjorie Nixon and Mary Martha Wads- rjnvis. worth. i Arrons—1st and 2nd. Ruth Elea- Mrs. N. B. Hns Jr.. and daughter.' ncr Ashby. Patricia, have returned home after Dresres and sl-.iris—1st. Ci?raldine a two-weeks visit with her parcnls. stc'.varl if Hickory Ridge; 2nd. Peg- AudUorluhi. THURSDAY Rotary Club—12:10 p.m. FRIDAY Senior High — Chicks vs. Little Hock—here. Mr..and Mrs. Ross Stewart, in Jas- Jo Haa'si-v ni Hickory Tlidgc'. per, Ala. .3rd. Mariedna Swain of Blvthcville. Mrs. J. L. Cumniings Jr.. aiX Housjcoats—Is'. Mariedna Swain. Miss Betty Ncllc Lear were M,em- - — - phis visitors Saturday. B. F. Boyles and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Boyles and Charles Gentry of Memphis spent Junior Hi»h' Paps vs. M»lvcrn— 1 daughter. Ann of Marked Tree were the weekend with his parents, Mr. t j. ere •> i- - | Hlc Surl< ] n y guests of Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. C. F. Gentry. OsceoJo Events TTJESDAY I Junior Chamber of Commerce meeting at the grace school with Superintendent Frank Sanders as guest speaker. i WEDNESDAY \ Ivlrs/ \V. %V. Watson Jr.. hostess to two-table bridge club with 1 o'clock luncheon. • ; THURSDAY • Mrs.- John V/: Edrlngton entertaining four-table bridge cluh. At The Hospitals BLYTHEV1LLE HOSPITAL Admitted: Martin Jones. Manila. Marshall Gentry, city .Dismissed; Betty Jean Minyard, Dell. Johnny "Hollifield, city. Mrs. Earl Brownlce. Dell. Mrs. LeRoy Barber, city John Hughes, city. A. E. Harper, city. John Snider, Osceo'la Susy Mitchell. Armorcl: Births ^ Born to Mr and Mrs Marvin Hall Luvora a son last night. 1 WAILS HObPITAL Virginia Conncll Luxoid Ijory Flagg Manila HOSPITAL, Memphis S'j,", Lfni Wlneberg Osceola r HOSPITAL, Memphis :Oa>ktiiix Edrington, Osceola. WITH A HOST OF STARS "You'd think a guy who iiaics to lose a fish THAT much would buy all his equipment from ULJHI'AKl) HARDWARE COMPANY!" ALL IN PE&SOM 'Caiton Ball' Fairgrounds Kxliibil Building Get 2, 1947 A Feature of NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST Tickets On Sale At Kirby Drug Store lUythcville COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture oi your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home ... by appointment only • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate inferior and extericr photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE 461--ASK FOR MRS. OENNSNG The Courier Hews Co. Selected Short Snbjects Continuous Showing Everyday COMING SOON TO THE RITZ THEATRE THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER with Lorctta Younff and Joseph Collcn 3IY FAVOKITE BRUNETTE with Boh Hope ami Ilorothy Lainour SINBAi> THE SAILOR with Dons- 1ns Fairbanks, Jr., anil Slaurcen O'Hara I!i>N Office Opens 0:30; Show St.uls G:1S Opens Sunday 1:00; Start- 1:1S Continuous Shows Sat. and Biro. Bargain Night Everj Night Except Saturday N-> passes honored on Snnday Bt the noxr Tuesday Wednesday DOROTHY RAY (VilLLAND Selected Short Subjects Coming to the GEM THEATRE Biyrheville, Ark. Saturday and Sunday California Gold Rush BUI T.llioll

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